American McGee

Is there any other individual who had his shit fucked up as much as American McGee and lived to tell the tale?

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Did his mother fuck up his birth certificate and put his nationality where his first name should go? Is he listed under the country "John" or something?

Remember when he did a Q&A here and wasn't retarded? That was fun.

Didn't his sister go missing?

His greatest accomplishment.

Prove me wrong.

His mother heard another hippie who named her daughter "America".

She then thought it a good idea to change something that can pass as a name for someone and changed it to "American".

she die

They found her?

never heard of it, is it good?


Did they ever find his sister?

cool story bro

but the alice games are pretty mediocre

Not to mention

He was id's best level designer.

And here I was thinking I had a shitty life growing up

I think he said she was ded.

Damn straight faggot

I just finished watching a trailer for it.
That games looks hellafun.
For a teen

I can't prove you wrong if you're not wrong, user.

On his twitter, he says:

What the fuck.

didn't the cops where she lived at said "fuck it" after 2 days of searching?

Honestly thought they would have found something more, holy shit.

Something like that from what I remember. Think at one point they might of implied that she intentionally disappeared for some retarded reason.

Was pretty fucked up how they didn't give a shit or even try that hard, the first 48 hours in a missing person or murder case is pretty critical. After the first 48 hours the chances of solving shit like this drop off a cliff.

Someone threatened Mr America over some GG thing, and within the week his sister had dissappeared. Apparently the chief of police in his area is buddy buddy with the person who made the threat too.

She's still missing?

I heard about that too but couldn't it just be a coincident? That sounds incredibly petty and retarded.

So something an SJW would do to those that threaten their power?

Would you an Alice?

source please

The porn coming took longer than expected.

Post more please?

this is the best thing ever made with SFM

Just got the game today. So fucking awesome. Can't believe I've never heard of it.



Mother of fucking mercy, have you ever had a moment where you can physically feel a fetish manifest itself in your brain?

This is one of those moments.

Thank you kindly user.

Agreed. This one's damn good. Only gripe, which is the same for nearly all SFM, is that it's too short.

why did you have to post it user

Wow, I never knew that about him. I think I'll give Alice a pirate and buy it if it's good. I'm a sucker for the underdog. Glad to see he's got it together somewhat.

I just got this in the mail today

what a coincidence!

I can't find where I read it, so disregard it for the time being. Apparently they straight up stopped the case because he was upset they weren't treating it properly however: please use

just send him some beer or something in the mail.

Well fuck, that explains why he thinks SJW's are insane

What's his stance on transexual ppl?

Good call. Fuck EA.

The only thing I don't like about McGee is that he is pretty sympathetic to EA since they took a chance on him to make Alice.

Yeah, pretty sure he isn't getting any money now from the game.

Where do be send him beer and a mailbomb to EA?

Alice 2 had shit gameplay.
That's all there is to it.

And I fucking missed the Q&A despite bugging the shit out of Mark. It was even worse because I found out only a couple hours it was done after asking when Mark would set it up.

Hold up buddies, would you drink a beer from the mail with that kind of backstory? Just send him a gift card with some line like "I would have had a beer with you".

Good point, we'll just bomb EA.

Surprised it hasn't happened yet with how many autists EA has pissed off over the years.

Lucky bastard, I might get a copy for myself, seeing as it is £20, but currently I am funneling all of my funds into a new PC.

That's by far the best idea

How would you describe the Alice games? Part autobiographical?

WHAT? Source please.


This is not that surprising or unheard of, look at Gary Caradori's death. If you dare mess with those at power, they might just move you out of the way.

Well, he's fairly wealthy, has been part of making some of the most memorable games in gaming history so I guess it evens out in the end. Broken families suck though.

We should ask him to do another AMA here some day. I missed the last one, so many questions to ask.

Hello, FBI.

Nigga, did you read OP's story. EA is about the only thing that treated the dude halfway decently, and even let him make his ideal work. Of course he's going to be sympathetic

Fuck off gook.

I remember in the Q&A talking about all the cut concepts in the game wasn't due to EA's fuckery that we're all used to, but due to the amount of it.

I'm not korean.


I can't find the source anymore, and without it just assume I was wrong. They still massively fucked up the case, though.

Kind of ironic how someone named "American" looks slav as fuck

You know, I think EA fucked him over as much as they fuck everyone over. The difference with American McGee is that he had been so thoroughly fucked over by life beforehand that EA's fuckery was a welcome asylum from the horrible shit he'd had to deal with up to that point.

the deal with EA is that once upon a time they used to actually make good video games the terrible business practices came later but even then they were publishing good games

once the boom of the video game market reached critical mass and the demand of casuals just drowning out all the care that people put into their work did EA become pure cancer

Nah, he looks pretty American.

extremely repetitive,predictable, easily forgettable. Acceptable robot porn.

Had absolute blast whit it!

If you get chance try it out, it's look fun and light heart but has dark heart inside it.

He looks like Jude Law

If you think that's bad, you're quite sheltered.

What do those Alice games play like? Platformers?

I hate this industry


Who is the man responsible for this, and does he have more?

Man of fine taste.

I do too user, I do too.

howlsfm on tumblr

Howlsfm. He's one of the more talented SFM animators. Also one of the few who convincingly animate cum.

thank you brothers.

From my experience with police that sounds about right.

I really love the atmosphere of the first Alice, but DAAAAMN is the gameplay shit.

And the worst thing is, that I can see a lot of love put into that game, but fuck me, the jumping is absolutely horrible, the fighting is awkward at best, and only the level design seems any good Although the levels seems far too short. Is the second Alice any better? I want to see more of the game but I have trouble with enjoying it at all because of the shit jumping foremost. I even thought about watching a walkthrough of the first game instead, and just playing the second one

This makes me incredibly sad and massively pissed off.

Just fucking play it, fucking casual.

But it's not even fun

It takes a while before the wild ride starts, I give you that.

Holy shit you're right

ITT: horseshit from a copypasta and some retards falling for it

Told you. It's a blessing considering everyone else uses that shitty effect that clips through everything.

What happened to the mother? Stories where a parent abandons or betrays the child make my blood boil

It's done by howlsfm, basically the best sfm fag out there.

Never played this game, is it worth playing ?

Looks amazing, has a pretty solid soundtrack and the story is interesting.

Has moment's where it can feel clunky though, so you'll have to bite through that.

I actually nabbed an archive of the thread a few minutes after McGee said he was done with questions.

I bought it on kikieteam few month ago, and did not touch yet. Will give it a shoot today.

It's directly out of Masters of Doom, faggot.

So he got chewed up by crazy, digested by degeneracy and then shit out by greedy corporations.

this is the american dream, i shed a tear.
from my penis.

*the part about his early family life at least

They milked his suffering for their own gain then when his creative teats dried up they sold him to the butcher.

I remember reading an interview where he sounded like a total doushbag.
His twitter like most twitters makes him out to be a complete prick.
After fact checking this information though my opinion of him is a little different in the same way as when you find out the school bully lives in a shotgun shack, it makes his attitude and personality very understandable.

Didn't he confirm some of that when he was here a couple of months ago? I remember him saying something about his mom.

So, what's your reason for being a faggot then?

Glad somebody else also found some Alice SFM.

Biopic when

looking at his twitter recently. Yeah, he and I would make for great allies, we hate the same people (he knows a lot of people I know). This guys lived one of the harshest careers in the industry and I have to respect the fuck out of him for that.

Its out? i never seen it posted anywhere, i wanna see it.

It's fun. VERY fun.



…o-oh boy.

Kinda reminds me of mdotstrange's stuff.

Think of them as the Halo: Legends of the Alice series.

I guess that could have been better, but at least it's some new Alice stuff.
I would have preferred a video in the paper cutout style from Madness Returns.

American is a pretty radical first name, all things considered.

Loved the Alice games. I really do hope we see a third one. I never knew American had such a fucked up life though, damn, poor dude.

They're shit alright, but they spent fuck all time and money on making 'em. They were only thrown in as a lil' bonus for the backers.

wait wft?? [proceeds to investigate] him mom really is crazy, you'll get bullied to death in school with a name like that

Oh, now that is nice.

tbh the guy should give up on Alice already.

Trying to make sequels out of American McGee's Alice to me was a bad idea. It was a game that had a near-perfect ending and accomplished everything it set out to do. I think he shouldn't have tried to kickstart his Oz game and that he should've tried to make that instead of Madness Returns.

I think at this point he should return back to the States and try working with Romero on his game, try to make Id 2.0. But then again according to Master's of Doom the two weren't exactly friends but after 20 years I think that sort of thing would eventually fizzle away.

more feet?

Whatever happened to that episodic series he was developing? Was it any good?

It's these

This is all they could get production for, looking it up it's this, and an artbook

Is this the film?

No the first has the best gameplay and most cohesive story.
The Second has the worst gameplay it was made for consoles/controllers first not keyboard and a more convoluted/crappier story.

If you like newer platformers you might like the second.

The gameplay of first Alice could be fun, if the controls weren't horribly shit.

No, these are just shorts made from concepts for Otherlands, the true film will be proper CGI.

the second one would be equal to the first but repetitive… andand I mean repetitive gameplay really stopped me from enjoying it.

I really liked Alice's facial traits in that trailer, mostly because she really resembles my former oneitis, shame they gave her a more generic look in the game.

Fuck, why can't it just be 2D?

That would've been perfect, not a bad one still though.

Got more user?


He was a really nice guy when he came here

He said so himself in the AMA he did here, said the PI found a lot of blood in the hotel room, there's very little chance she's alive.


Poor guy, his life really must be hell.



Keanu Reeves

That image reminded me that the guy who made that died.He was pretty good.

You killed my dick user.

holy fucking shit


Out. Now.

Don't bully newfags its mean

Yes, it is a gif

Newfags must be bullied so they can understand their failures.


That is pretty fucking scummy.

If McGee were to start a kikestarter or some similar shit, I don't keep up with you youngsters, would you back it?

Could be for Alice or could be for any other idea.

A demo is a demo.
It's called a "vertical slice", it's not meant to be the full game, just something you can show off to the shareholders and managers. You're not even aiming for quality, just to be a showoff.

He said in a reply that no crowdfunding was allowed.

Does he have a reason? Personal or professional?

EA won't allow it, has to use his own goybux.


He said that he proposed the idea to EA about crowd funding to them. They said they had to do it out of pocket.
I think EA is trying to buy them out like they do to all the other companies. They go into dept developing a game EA invest in them and the cycle continues till they become another dev in the hole.

Probably something more like this. Not like a demo to usual consumers.

Video is from Platinum Games' channel.

Boy I am fucking up hard today.
this for you.
And you

Completely on his own, funded directly out of his pocket, that may still be difficult.

Thanks for this OP.
This is my favorite game, and I never knew he suffered so much. Makes me love the game more.

Does Madness Returns have a physical copy.

>mfw the other night I managed to beat my friends that have been playing Quake twice as long as I have by a couple frags on Claustrophobopolis

That Q&A must've given me the Ave Maria blessing I needed.


Dude, that is one of the best parts of it.

Well enjoy being a homo.

American was a damn good level designer, yet many people forget him.

Guy by the handle of Doctor Lalve makes stuff similar to kitty0706's, definitely inspired by him at the very least

its just not the same ;~;

Intriguing read.
Source/citations would be great.

I remember playing that back when I had a gametap account, that place was oddly full of lesser known games like that. Yes, that was some good shit.

Gameplay-wise its just mediocre but audiovisually its great.

So slightly worse than the first game which also had fun gameplay.

His exact words on the matter were this:

Wait. Bigger update on the situation:

social security should remove children from single mothers raising a child

I think both of them are at a level where it's pointless to argue about whose shit is more fucked up.

What ? Why ? I never heard anything wrong about his life.

He had a baby that was stillborn and then his girlfriend died in a car crash.

That was in 1999 though.

you are in for a ride. read up about him somewhere

And anons had the autism to ask him about his sister when he got hete.

Cool guy though

Damn dude.

That is beyond fucked up.

Keanu Reeve's life makes that of Brendan Fraser look like a walk in the park.

If you wanna feel bad look it up.

I've only played the first one, but it was a behind-the-character third person shooter with some platforming elements–enough that I rigged up a gamepad scheme for it

Fuck man now I feel awful about being a procrastinator and lazy. reading about his life made me want to work harder for the stuff I want in life.

A lot of people assume he's an asshole because he plays serious characters in movies, but he's such a fucking nice guy. So nice in fact, that he used his money from The Matrix trilogy to pay the crew who worked on the film, because he had that suspicion that like is often the case that the studio wasn't going to pay the crew. And despite the fact that he's a fullgrown man, his mother still lives with him, not because he's broke but because she wants to and he's cool with that.

Despite the shit that goes wrong with his life, he doesn't stop being a nice guy. What really fucking gets me is that Marilyn Manson was related to TWO fatalities where drugs were a factor, and no one felt that what he did was criminal enough to put him up on charges for possession or intent to distribute (charges with serious repercussions). And despite losing his friend River Phoenix or the love of his life, Keanu still doesn't hate the guy. The fucking patience of a saint.

Plus he used to call himself Paul Mounet once upon a time.

McGee is an amazing guy.
He's doing a game jam for game devs if anybody here wants to meet him.



Always gotta be one person to complain if you link fucking anything these days. I'm sorry that you feel this way, user, but eat a dick.

I am sorry but

I'm sure that the 3 clicks that everyone give them for that video link are totally going to pay out big money and make them a bunch of money, user. This was long before they drank the kool aid and took off.

What? Their videos are generally very SJW. Are you just calling anything you don't like SJW?



So rad, holy shit.

No, but I do dislike their support of Bernie.

But Bernie will actually make America great unlike that racist bigoted misogynistic egoistical racist hitler ugly bad goy bald sexist Trump!

Then why don't you call them Cultural Marxists, Socialists, Commies, Pinkos, Reds, or something similar?

I doubt they're pinkos, people had other reasons to be with Bernie. Hence why 1 out of 3 bernie supporters has said to vote Trump.

Can't be that fucked up if he managed to get a game made through EA without getting completely fucked.

>Either disappears off the face of the Earth Shinichi Shimomura , Director of the Kirby Dark Matter Trilogy
>Disappears into a Japanese Forest after constant financial failures and at one point the failing company makes a final plea for anyone who knows his whereabouts Ryoei Mikage, founder of Imagepooch
>Or is just made to experience living hell American McGee

Why does it keep happening?


Didnt you get the memo? Life isnt fair at all and those who dont deserve it have it good.

Man, this guys life is just rough. It has led him to create some beautiful games, but he seems like a genuinely good guy who was dealt a shit hand. I feel sorry for him.

This is probably just a europoor thing, the american version is pretty common with a complete copy on ebay right now for 18-20 bucks.

That's how hippies are, man.
I know a college professor who was raised by hippies. Her name is Magic.

Please stop watering down the word SJW. It's pathetic and the fact that you get so butthurt someone doesn't like your Husbando is even more pathetic.

idk supporting Gary Johnson is just about as pathetic : ^ )

Did he take a one way trip to Aokigahara or something?

It's assumed he left the country and took up a new identity, saying he went into a forest is speculation on user's part.


his life fucked him so hard he turned gay and is dating a tranny

He also manages to be on of the nicest people in hollywood

he's also immortal

He's also a pretty good at 3 gun.

Muh freedom.


The orphanage Alice got dumped in was a front for child prostitution so I'm guessing she's already fucked. Not to mention the insane asylum in Alice 1.

Not something the history books talk about much but child sex was very fashionable in Victorian times. Lots of poor people with kids.

Nah if you beat the game then she only almost gets fucked, she's fairly pure

It was very fashionable during weimar times too.

Not really. Do you know how many Slavs have immigrated to the US in the last 200 years?

There have been close calls, but considering in the insane asylum she severely fucked up some orderlies with only a spoon, which she proceeded to slit her wrists with, and at the end of the game Bumby makes a point saying she would've been a "nice bit", if only she had broken, it is generally accepted that she is pure.

Unless it's a minor or you have direct evidence that the person got kidnapped the police isn't going to do shit. Tens of thousands of people are missing RIGHT NOW.

Yes. If you can find one.

He looks dead inside

That sound seems like its from some effects board or something.

No president will make America better, it's the American people that have to do that.

You can't put one guy in a big painted white mansion and expect everything to become great.

That would be too easy.

I'd give away my soul to eat cake with Keanu once
give him a big, fat hug

The writing in the first pic hurt to read.

The ps3/360 versions do, PC does too, but it's probably just a steam/origin code in a box like most other modern PC games.



mcgee knows

I don't know what the rest of the thread is smoking, McGee seems pretty fucking cool to me.

On topic of fucked up lives.

It would have been a kindness to just put a bullet in her head really.

And then roast both her parents alive.

God fucking damn


EA treated this guy well far as i can tell, seems like they produced more than enough copies of the game and from the sounds of things, didn't really fuck with him during development like they did with the oddworld guys.

googled it to find if it was true and apparently he denied ever saying that in some leddit AMA.


That's comforting, but still, what a shit life.

What has he to be happy about?


Dunno, on the AMA he said he had a fairly happy life.
Even if it's just a comforting lie I think I'll just believe him.

Does this sound like someone living a fulfilling life?

Sounds like a guy just going through the motions because he has can't think of anything better to do.

he used to ride motorbikes and if I remember right he had a crazy accident too, but he's still alive
maybe he reflected on his life in a way like "I'm still here" iunno

Maybe he's just happy with that.

I'm 20 and I never had a girlfriend, how about that.

Doesn't mean he is not currently somewhat happy with some of his achievements or even just having a relaxing life now.

You're on a site with people over 30 who've never had a gf m8.

By the way is there an archive of when he came here?

You've been on the same board as people who have died virgins. Think about how many Holla Forumsirgins have died in the past year.

I didn`t even know about the drug related stuff with Marilyn Manson,I knew the guy was a huge dick but I didn`t know shit was this fucked up.

Everyone involved in controlling her life deserves death.

Please tell me the country you apperantly have experience with where these things are not true, particularly buying guns without background checks which you can do legally with a face to face purchase.

I had nearly forgotten how recent our suffering was

We should get him back here for more fun times.

He might even be reading this thread right now.

Next you'll tell me that he is the OP.

Never has a little girl been in more dire need of headpats and pancakes.

Nah, if I understand correctly the researched did whatever they could, but it was too late. Then that bitch who first adopted her (because she wanted to be famous) started spreading rumours and generally fucking around, also telling Genie's mother to sue the researchers and whatnot. Of course everybody tried to stay away from her after that.
Besides, it was mainly her father's fault, and he an heroed. Maybe the mother should've been punish for not marrying better. Lastly, everybody deserves death, we might actually evolved death so that a new generation (that is better adopted to our environment) might replace us.

Are you drunk or something because you sound like a retard

I've just came back from the gym and fuck you. You can't even use commas and periods, retard.

*I or come

Loneliness, a love never had, a bad childhood, the marks of a true artisan.


I wish Alice would read to me at night. That voice is pure sex for the ears.

I really wish there were more good sfm Alice

Considering his stance on everything else, he would probably make a dead hookers joke.

there is not a lot of it for everything

Come on, be more original this time, Kaczynski!

I can't relate to this.

Think of it as paedophilia.

Think of it as her being a pedophile? That doesn't help.

The proportions of that alice face are all wrong.
Eyes too big.
Mouth too big.
Face too pointy.
Nose too small.
She looks like an ayy.

Shit, that's how I'd name my kid, if I had kids when I was 12

Fuck off, realismfag

Yeeeeah, I think I'm gonna reinstall this. I remember having a blast with it.

I remember considering getting it but never going through with it.

Narcissism is unbecoming of a nerd from a broken home.

Not really, "American McGee's Alice" came from EA wanting to copyright the property while they can't copyright Alice in Wonderland, then the extension stuck.


Is that the same situation as Sid Meiers everything? It's an interesting way to get around copyright law.

Not like anyone gives Kojima shit for it.

Top kek
t. Tom clancys post

just because you're fat, it doesn't mean everything you do is. slut

Why go into that forest to commit suicide instead of doing it in the traditional way?

The traditional way is used when they do something dishonourable. Having enough of their lives is a sign of weakness, but not a failure in itself. So they have no reason to kill themselves.

Besides, Mishima and co were the last to do it, and they did it for a good reason. I guess no one wants to stain their memory by not outdoing them.

I'd imagine so, like you can't copyright "Pirates".

What is this madness?


Someone in this thread made a thread about the game and it died because this one is alive and it lost it's steam.


I would love it if American McGee made another AMA.

I absolutely do not like any of his game American McGee has created, his work at id software is almost insignificant. All of his games are not original and are only liked for atmosphere and art style.

Hideo Kojima makes better games, I am excited for the enticing game that is Death Stranding.

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Japanese people are very polite.

Westerners just fuck up everyone's day and jump in front of a train or a bridge.

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I meant via seppuku

Last bump, I don't see why not.

RIP thread.