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I swear those two faggots are always on the verge of not being faggots but they just don't want to make the plunge.



What does the left niggas shirt say?

I'm saving myself for my waifu
Not sure for the bottom line, looks like nonsense

I'm saving myself for my waifu.

honestly that describes them perfectly.

Looks like waifucharizard to me.
kill them all

It also looks like waifuchristmas


Ketchup is shit. Condiments are shit in general, though, so I will agree that it is the best.

If you need to add ketchup to a burger, that burger is too dry, and is therefor a shit burg.


no it's definitely looks like "CHA" not "CHR"

Missing the point.

It's because one's incredibly shy and the other's a complete faggot.

Ketchup is fucking shit as a condiment and is especially shit as a sauce.

Mustard=BBQ=Ranch=Rance>>>>>>Ketchup>>>>>>Shite>>>>>>Goblin Cum

Ketchup is alright, but try making your own instead of the processed crap they sell.

It basically seasoned tomatoe paste, with vinegar, making it amazing for cooking with.

I thought the point was she was average.

Stop talking and post Erin porn.


What are you, gay?

with today's women slowly sliding their way into size 30 dresses and tumblr saying its misogynistic if you don't like it, anything with a normal waistline is now considered attractive

What are you, a woman?

What are you, fat?

You leave now

I had no idea people did this but alright.

Hot mustard and hot chilli sauce

Is hating Ketchup a meme?

This is why brazilian and USA food suck.

People only do that with homemade burgers at outdoor barbecues

Restaurant burgers typically have Thousand Island Dressing in their burgers as the main sauce. So if you want to make a burger that tastes like your local diner or In N Out then that's how they get that taste. Fun cooking fact for y'all

like what kind of shit sauce is named ketchup? fucking retards

now tomato sauce is pretty good imo, it gives a bit of sweetness and cools the burger down too

Fucking weakling normalfags talking up ketchup.

Bet you faggots never tasted a drop of hot sauce in your life.

I bet you still wear whitey tighties.

Keep drinking that processed garbage and die of cancer.


That's the stuff, lad.



Utterly abominable

i bet you like ketchup, faggot

go to bed, nerd

honey barbacue sauce is objectively the best sauce

Only on steak

don't forget popcorn tacos, user

it literally only works with fries or pizza you fucking doughnut
steaks should only have spices n shit, not fucking ketchup/mayo

Now this is advanced autism

what the fuck

well i only eat pizza with mayo, but you get what i mean

Mayo on pizza? Is this a euro thing?

In the states it's usually ranch or hot sauce.

I'm going to try that next time I eat pizza.

i'm in bulgaria and the standard here is ketchup/mayo/mustard
i usually pick mayo

I don't like ketchup, mayo, or Erin porn.

are you gay?

That's a new one.

i don't prefer it to mayo, but have you seriously never had ketchup on pizza?
i mean the original pizzas had tomato sauce or something, right?

hello my carioca friend

There are people in this thread right now who don't refrigerate their ketchup.

Pizza's tomato sauce doesn't taste anything like ketchup.

i don't think anyone's that much of a madman

it's still similar enough for people to consider putting ketchup on pizza
i really don't get how it's such an alien concept

Funny thing about my grandparents. I went and visited them last summer and when they buy soda they never refrigerate it and actually prefer it at room temperature like a bunch of degenerates.

i bought a coke once and forgot it in my car, during the hot summer
i nearly threw up when i tried to drink it later

Well in which case it sounds sort of redundant.

It's like making chili and dumping hot sauce in there.

What were you thinking you madman.





Step up your game niggas.

Are you comparing the tomato sauce that goes on pizza to fucking ketchup?

They should have gotten Eltonel to draw the guest comics instead of the tumblrfag.


nigger get the fuck out of here

homemade tomato sauce with ground up hot peppers>mustard=mayo>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>garbage>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>storebought ketchup

The only good nigger is a dead nigger Satan.


you fucking nigger



ALSO forgot this gem

Kill yourself.

Implying that is not the reason for all of the people who overuse salt, spice, sugar, sauces and extra ingredients of various kinds.
I had a friend who would put 12 packs of sugar into his coffee and would spend 5 minutes before every meal putting all sorts of extras on his food before a meal.
He probably couldn't feel the taste of normal food at that point.

I'm so sorry



did anyone even see what the judge said yesterday.

so apparently the cops could understand that the people out side of the van were upset with them so they drove off with out putting the man it a seat belt "something that non cops would be pulled over and charged forin maryland" but some how couldn't understand that the man as having a seizure in the van, less than a foot away from them.

they could see stuff out side of the van but some how not in it. nigger this nigger that, they didn't do their job right people most likely die like this all the time of all races we are just seeing what really happens on the news for the first time.


what kind ?

sorry bud does my superior opinion offend you?





Actually he's right. Ketchup and Pepsi are commie stuff.


The next time I cook a burger I'm gonna put Russian Dressing on it.





i don't get it. is the point of the comic only in the first panel and the other two are just placeholders? why? i don't get it.

Mayonnaise is the best edible thermal paste.

Science has finally gone too far.

LOL, this is what liberals actually believe

u no wot it iz

That is the point of a mascot, yes.

I once wrote a book about races and their spiritual value, you know?

You see, there is a God, but it's not really a person, it's more of an abstract entity that bends itself with everything in the universe. This force is constantly trying to balance itself to reach an unfathomably complex state of order, this way, everything is mended together in some way or another, this state is what we know as entropy.

As chaos and order are two different things but linked somehow so is life and death, in the purest state of the cosmos life and death, entropy and order, are indivisible from themselves, and this difference becomes non-existance; making such terms an illusion.

You see, when you die you make space for a different life, and all the energy you had within you at the moment of your death gets transported to another being, therefore making more life.
But since the cosmos itself is trying to ballance you, in life, are able to push the universe so much out of ballance that the cosmos itself acts upon it, this is how niggers are born.
Niggers do have a soul, but they don't have an immortal soul, once a nigger dies his soul goes back to the cosmos and doesn't reincarnate.

This is why being black is not something to be proud of, it's also why the holocaust didn't happened, since life and death are illusions.

great post 10/


You mean they get good boy points for ending something they should have never done in the first place? What a good boy you are. Gold sticker on the chart for you.

Yeah but you probably don't consider slavery and genocide to be crimes since they didn't happen in the days of muh charts

Opinion discarded, Hitlerfag.


20 aeons in MS paint

Egyptians aren't white either, they're brown.

Niggers had been doing that long before whites showed up, in fact they still do it.

Not really, Slavery exists since the dawn of civilization, which, according to records happened in the mesopotamia; which was composed mainly of pre-semitic peoples

A race that sadly, doesn't exist anymore. However, if we consider climatological factors and their modern descendants (arabs and sand jews) it's pretty much confirmed they were several shades of brown.

Egyptians never saw themselves as black

they were the first to write about race . they called themselves "red people " and the people in the deeper part of Africa as black.



but that 4th pic is somewhat true, the intense public focus on certain kinds of cancer has actually drained away a ton of research money from other disease treatment

Stupid blacks don't even know that ancient Egyptians were Slavs

arguing with the uninformed is a bad showing, m' ethnics have been slaving each-other long before romans joined the party and the driving force between a prolonged and "modern" (1600+) slave trade was the Spanish
speaking of m' genocide, the Ottomans obtained upwards of a million white slaves forcibly where Spain worked with natives to obtain their "goods"
this number easily doubles the total amount of slaves muh whities brought to the U.S.
genocides largely targeted at slavs were all on whites and the migrating jews stopped being of genuine Semitic descent ages ago and most ventures into the sub-Sahara lead to improvement of qol and sustained population over time as an endgame
come on, now


It's worse then that, all the money raised though those cancer fund raising events don't go to any kind of research they go to what is called "awareness programs" as if people don't know what the fuck cancer is and how it's bad, it's one giant scam.
That speedrunning thing that happens every year pulls the same shit.


Not a bad idea, this pic should circulate more.

1000 hours in mspaint for niggers who didn't get the joke.

So where's the Erin porn



I wonder what Thugnificent there has to say about race.

If there's more I don't have it.

That was fast, thanks man


This about sums it up.

Remember that a green filter is used during scenes that take place within the Matrix, this is to give a sense of artificiality and reminds the viewer that what's happening isn't real.

This is relevant, because in this case, it highlights the fact that the victim-complex of the #blacklivesmatter community is based on misinformation and a global white supremacy agenda that exists only in their minds.

I have always wanted to create this exact comic, but have always been held back by chronic laziness. Thank you, user, from the surface of my heart.


Are they trying to say something?

you say that as if it wasn't the case
go yell at spics for muh slavery, whites had less of a hand in it than arabs had in white slavery

Why are they echoing themselves?

The live for being oppressed.It's like a gold star.

I'm sorry what?

The Escapist the editor was always anti-sjw, but a lot of his content creators like Moviebob and Jim Sterling along with the writers of this comic were very pro-sjw

After the start of GamerGate though said editor/owners slammed their foot down and said no more SJW shit, at least without having and open discourse and they either all got fired/quit or just changed the context of all their content and pretend like it never happened

Were your ancestors taken from their homeland to another country to do some lazy fuck's manual labour for them against their will? Do you live in the country said ancestors were taken to or where they originally lived?

(((They))) love the leftist identity, which will make identifying and rounding them up so easy when Moonman gives us the signal

If that first comment triggers you then your self-unawareness is hilarious to say the least.

Well, i'm not living in Ireland, so no.

oh god the poor man
thank god my birthday is during exam times, so i'm away from my family


You aren't even the guy I replied to.

bruh, i've had more fun at my grandfather's funeral than at my birthdays


I found a good solution - I just visit a prostitute on my birthday to take my mind off the things. I fear that I might kill myself otherwise. Good thing my parents don't throw big celebrations for me or for themselves, for that matter, because they lost control of their lives long before I did.

Just saying, if blacks want to go back to their country, we invented planes for just such an occasion.

I'm christian too, don't hear me going after the romans.

What are you doing son?



don't be silly, blacks think planes are some godlike beings

Except they won't fit in anymore. They've been removed from that climate and culture for so long it would be completely foreign to them.

Jesus. Is fullchan fucking up for anybody else?

More like


Except Holla Forums hates woman

Apply yourself


What bothered me about this comic isn't the idea of Vivian being a mascot, it's that she wasn't made to be one. She was just a character representative for a game. She became the mascot for GG but she was originally and still is a mascot for the board like Holla Forums-tan. If Holla Forums-tan represented the board during its angrier, more uncontrollable days, Vivian has more in common with the tired, disillusioned side of the board. I like that distinction and feel it's accurate for us.

But why would anyone care about nuance like that?

I knew that they're animals but you're talking like their mothers won't recognize their smell or something.

Good thing 2d lolis aren't women.

I've seen it on Holla Forums, Holla Forums, Holla Forums and /k/. It's certainly the majority.

And did she ever show up in this game?

Top edge, bro.


Well, they clearly don't fit in here too well, so I think they'll do fine.

Afterlife Empire?


Trap those runaway spooks user.



Fuck you.


Maybe you should go back to Britain then?

codemonkey pls

I think we're soulmates now, user

Looks shit tbh.

Wasn't expecting much from an amateur dev's first game

I'm not shooting people and rioting. I fit in just fine with civilization.

Yet if it didn't have GG's support I'm sure you wouldn't defend it.

Yes, because you can see those people. They also don’t matter.
Because he was IN THE FUCKING VAN where they couldn’t see him.
I guess the van was made of some sort of opaque material…

Hot lime pickle is a human right you don't need to be a GamerGay to defend it

Reported for marxist.

You don’t know anything about ancient Egypt, then.

Meant to reply to

I swear I clicked it the first time

Which came first?
cool ranch ?

I forgot low melanin was perfect for a desert environment.

You stupid bitch

You stupid fucking bitch

I can't

I can't believe how fucking dumb you are you stupid fucking bitch

Just kill yourself now. Take out a synagogue while you’re at it.

Damn, these guys are some of worst African Americans I've ever seen.

This is my crowning Internet achievement to date.

Do I have to lick the Patak’s off her body or something?

You don’t know anything about ancient Egypt OR human biology, then.

Keep going man, your posts are almost as good as the retarded comics posted normally.


i know you meant me, fam, i gotchu

I 99% definitely wouldn't have backed it had it not been blacklisted like it was, but this way I got to help get an amateur dev in the door and give a great middle finger to the game media clique. I feel pretty good about that.

pussy feels good user. It's not like he is falling in love with them

My white ancestors were routinely enslaved and subject to colonization which continues to this day. How about you?




Where are you from?


You stupid bitch, you stupid FUCKING bitch

JESUS CHRIST I can't believe how fucking dumb you are, you are the dumbest, motherfuckin-

Is this your way of giving me an argument win?
Are you just feeling nice today to do this? Are you a samaritan deep down?

Going by population, the numbers are still out of wack. What was it, 10% of the population, 43% of the criminals?

why do SJWs always go back to violence fantasies?

Go draw a mustache on a rope, then lynch yourself with it, you faggot hipster.

Win? all you've proven is, that like SJWs, this will fund crap as long as it pays lip-service to your politics.

Oh there it is! The SJW comparison!

You can post every white criminal in North America it doesn't change the fact that negroids commit crime at a far higher rate.




Reality is a social construct.

Be more specific

Yes, prepare to be killed.
Vidya ahkbar

Ebin webm, friendo. 10/10 upvoted. :^)

That doesn't even make any sense. I'm not defending white criminals.

You're trying to downplay it to justify your double-think.

You trying for a new record there?

Sort of like what you're doing to ignore the fact that blacks commit more crime relative to their population?

No, he's saying, by the numbers, blacks are statistically more prone to commit crime. White people's crimes add up due to the sheer volume of them in their home countries. When you have white people in other countries where they are the minority, their crime statistics remain low.

There are plenty of examples to take from and you had to pick those two. Are you legitimately retarded?

Land that is now France, Britain and Ireland. I'm guessing it doesn't count though because it was white people.

Mother = giant cunt
Then again, if he's NEET, he deserved it

That's how everyone works these days. Notice how the top boards have become infested with social signalling and memepolitics? Millennials have no sense of identity so they have to do this.

First, chum, you were the one looking for an SJW/GG argument, which I'm not interested in. I was just criticising the comic for acting as if Vivian was always nothing but a GG mouthpiece, when that blatantly is not the case. Iunno why or how TFYC was the only thing you took away from this when I made my concern pretty clear.

What is the joke?
Are they saying that Erin is just a mouthpiece like Vivian?
I thought these cucks didn't have any self awareness.


Sorry not all of us have ADHD user. Maybe you should go back to Holla Forums if you want random unfocused posts.

No, what you're doing is pretending Whitopia
will have no crime when people like the Rangger and Chrome Dome prove you wrong.

Here's another one cherrypicker. What, they aren't white because of the city it took place in?

I still don't know which country you are referring to.

You're right. She was a PR move to make GG look good since SJWs were running the narrative. But after that fifteen mintues of fame she indeed did just become GG's mouthpiece.



What the hell is this Vine crap?

I never said that at all. You should keep up with IDs.

Though apparently as long as there's a single white that kills another we'll have to hush up about what's going on in St. Louis, New Orleans, Detroit, and anywhere else they congregate.

The guy who played acid rain was a guy making vines first.

Shitty nigger memes with shitty nigger humor and sometimes with shitty nigger music


Who let the tumblr in? Jesus christ close the window.


video games

The best condiment is no condiment you fat fucks
God fuck how much fucking slt and sugar and oil do you fat asses use it's like you don't even wanna taste food holy shit
Rare meat best meat

Is you want to jerk each other off for each other's posts you can go back to reddit.

I suggest you consider suicide. Maybe try it once to be sure that you like it.



Grey, just get your morning coffee, chill for a second and look at the post you're clicking.

TFYC was the PR move and a fuck-you to the media for trying to kill a well-meaning project through blacklisting. If you believe everyone was in it for the former then you can go fuck yourself.
No, Vivian doesn't fit this view because nobody actually spotted that there was even a character offer until Matt reminded everyone of it and offered one character as a rep from 4chan. There was a long and fun chat until the idea came up. You would have known this, of course, if you were in the threads at the time.

That's half true, she's still a board mascot for Holla Forums. But as I said I suspected in my first post, you don't care for nuance like that, do you?


Enjoy your butt worms m8.


What's wrong with you people

Come back when people agree without the facts to back it up.

Cream Soda master race.

What the fuck is that garbage


That's the most refreshing soda made by man.



cream soda is the shit fuck off faggots

What is your point?

Bow down nigger

Ketchup is the best thing to have on well done steak though

yer taste a shit m80

and chicken

Don't even joke about that.

Try Orange.



What about aids?

Creaming Soda is fucking disgusting.

Now THIS is someone with good taste in condiments.

All soda is garbage, m8

I literally fucking told you in the last post.

Thank you for proving how little a shit you actually give and how little point there is in continuing further. I'm gonna go for a bike ride, you can go back to your blog-comic that is just one Cory Rydell away from being CAD tier.

Mah nigga. I fucking love sour stuff. The sourer the better.

Nice try i live in the ass of europe, agriculture is very important here, but that doesn't stop you from getting assworms m8.

Too sour for you, kid?

What is cream soda? I just now discovered it.


what is that shit

Hey, lemon isn't that bad

You can find loads of good beef in the states, I always have my steak medium rare.

Still you're not 100% safe from tapeworms just because your beef isn't from America.

So basically what I already said: A waifufag mouthpiece with PR behind he initial creation.

It's semen.

maybe you should stop living in an ass :^)

You can only eat good meat rare
If you can't eat it rare you have to process it

that's the whole point



Hey, why are you so worked up? Ketchup is great on all kinds of things, burgers, steak, lobster, and so on. You're missing out.

Yeah, maybe i'll crawl downinto yours through your mouth

Rare meat doesn't bleed either, ever had one?

Admit it, all you eat is ketchup.

You little slut you, would you like it if i poured some on your face?

Where are you from where your beef is devoid of anything bad that can possibly affect beef?

Do you see the difference between what you posted and what others have? If you want to make an argument you need to have facts backing it up.

Notice how someone only ever starts complaining about a "circlejerk/hugbox" when it's a discussion about race? It's pretty much all you have because otherwise you'd have to admit that everyone is racist, and that usually people will have info to back it up.

Well that Korean ketchup girl is pretty hot. I love the idea of having sex in a bathtub full of ketchup. Getting all covered in it, using it as lube, licking it off the other guy.

Not Murica




Is there supposed to be a loss meme in there?

That's pretty gay

You haven't seen her before?

And before I forget:


Apparently not earth either seeing as how tapeworms are possible globally.

Aren't you gay for ketchup? I mean, in reality I'm straight but ketchup play feels like it would be better with a man.




Ketchup would be better with some fries

Ok, now what? I used your retarded logic

user don't tell lies on the internet. Fries are best with just a little bit of salt and pepper. You lose the flavor of the oil and potato under all that red death otherwise.

Honestly, I prefer them with extra salt.




I'm not gonna eat almost raw meat, no matter what justification you make. Enjoy your parasites.

Not true. There's been plenty of times when there's a circlejerk over only being allowed to like Chan Approved(tm) games/tv shows/movies.

Who would have guessed? :^)

I've considered including fries as well but I don't think it would make it any better. They'd probably get squashed underfoot and make a mess, and you can't really do anything sexy with squished fries.


What a waste of delicious fries.

And usually there's valid reasons for why those games are shit. Gone Home, for example, has no gameplay and tries to be "deep" when really it's got the depth of a wading pool. You might just have shit taste.

Yeah, everyone is racist, even the chinks hate niggers.




So you try to dismiss my pics, but then yours matter more?

Deprive yourself of The Perfect Steak, see if i give a shit.


And there are people that arent' white that hate the Chinese.

user that's sounding sort of circlejerky, there…I'd hate to see you be a hypocrite…

All Asians hate each others. What else is new.

That was the worst nightmare I've had in years. You ketchupfags torment me even in my dreams.

Have the webm



Despite being a huge waste, it actually looks pretty comfy.

Tipical muhrican.
I never know anyone who had it, must be cause we don't let factories handle the meat and we buy it from the guy who cuts it, and i even have an uncle that shoots bird and deers and cooks them.


We dont all live in a third world shithole user. Most uf us can eat steak the way you are supposed to. And we arent afraid of germs that dont exist you hypocondriac.

Think 7-up but with vanilla instead of urine.

Is cream soda a regional thing? Shits tasty man.

Isn't vanilla too sweet though?

I really really really hate this picture. It is honestly worse than that story of the guy's family that blamed him for all the viruses they kept installing on their PC.

Once again Holla Forums and Holla Forums can't stop taking about niggers long enough to have an actual relevant thread.

lol, white people are the worst!

What are you even talking about? I'm talking about how there's certain shows and games you can't like that have nothing to do with SJWs.

Top kek.


You're in a fucking LOL thread what did you expect.

Do you do it for free?

Then why don't you start listing some examples so I can keep calling you a faggot?

I bet you put ketchup in your fucking icecream bastard

Probably it has to do with the fact that i am a spic and live in the ass of the world

Maybe because those games are shit?

LoL threads are designated shitposting threads. Its either pol or furshit or feels or both.


Institutional racism



Slavery still exists in the modern world as well. Mostly in Asia and Africa.

It is pretty sweet, but it's oddly 'crisp'. Compared to colas and other coloured soda, I never get that feeling of too much sweetness.

You can have that without smothering it with ketchup or cooking it to well done.


You already dismissed pictures as evidence. If anyone's a hypocrite it's you.

Not Murican, retard. If you want to eat basically raw meat go live in the wild like an animal.

Opinion discarded.

You probably eat bananas while they're still green, don't you faggot?

Neither do I. Now stop being a retard, even the caveman started cooking their meat.

>mfw néger is a legimitate way to call niggers where i live.

Notice how individuals like 296b38 always feel the need to point things like this out? It's as thought they think it's unusual for various people to jump into a discussion. Almost like it surprises them. It's the strangest little quirk that I've seen everyone who goes on about Holla Forumsacks/MRAs/GGers exhibit over the years. What do you suppose the reason for this is?

Another thing I've noticed among these types is that they'll often reply to the same post twice, which is something our little friend has yet to do.

confirmed for never having eat rare steak

The jew fears the samurai.

So just because someone else does it, that makes it okay? You really are a hypocrite.



but if you cook it well enough the right way, its softer and much more tender because the protiens break down. kind of like when you make stu, at first the meat is firm and rubbery. then after a while it falls apart.

well done is the ONLY way to cook tougher cuts of meat.

now if i have some rib eye, tenderloin… i like it red in the middle, but the outside charred. but something like london broil or sirloin? roast it WELL DONE.

(ketchup belongs on ground beef, not whole cuts, i need something more vinegary on a steak, sometimes i put straight up reduced balsamic vinegar goo on it)

I cant believe you anime nazis are still a thing, come on! Its 2016!

Super Meat Boy

It's because chan culture is full of hipsters and contrarianism.

This was already discussion on /n/. One of those first two articles didn't actually happen.

Feels or furshit would have been way more preferable to Holla Forums's constant bullshit .

Yes, and hopefully they dident ruin it by overcooking it.

Neger is the word for used black people where i live. Its not really a racist term. Svarting is pretty much our equivelent of nigger.


For some reason those types, that blindly argue for "politically correct" opinions, can't handle smug anime girls.

Halo is looked down on because it popularized console shooters (again), and is considered a gateway for even yet more casualization via consoles. But there have been just as much praise for the game for being one of the last couch co-op games and being solid up until Halo 4.
I haven't even seen Super meat Boy mentioned here in forever.

Are you sure you just weren't an obnoxious cunt about it?

tee hee

You have to go back.


Well done lad.

Fuck off furfag


Irrelevant. They still went from being the "breadbasket of Africa" to today.

Wasn't there something about smug anime girls being labeled anti-semitic recently?

Some jew journalist saw and came up with an autistic theory about how Anno is LITERALLY HITLER OY GEVALT.

Because I want a reply from the person I asked, faggot.

The Samurai fear the Jews



There were actually a bunch of articles popping up at the same time about how anime was bad etc etc. Pretty sure they quickly saw how bad they fucked up because if you declare war on anime/manga you gon get wrecked.

Found it.

white people in a makeshift hot tub infront of friends, over a fire in a porcelain tub that wont transfer heat fast enough to get the water to get too hot. use water to put out fire at end of night.

its almost as if you never drank around a bonfire with a bunch of friends while barbequing and listening to music.

Before i forget, what is your stance on pirating videogames?


Do you even listen to yourself?


That's not CoD.

Nope. It was a Halo thread someone made and then spergs burst in complaining about us liking games they hate and bawwing about "muh two gun limit" and one guy even outright said Halo doesn't deserve a proper dicussion thread.

Super Meat Boy doesn't get discussed much but I've seen it dismissed for the sole reason of being an indie game.

But still you acted surprised when someone else replied to you, as though that wasn't normal behavior on here.

No, I wasn't analyzing you, I was just pointing out that people like you always say something along the lines of "Why are you replying to me? I wasn't even talking to you."

Also, like pointed out, people like you get really pissed off at smug anime girls too.

Pirating is for thieves and plebs.

Make me.


Is it you? Can it be?






Fug, didn't mean to niggerpost, meant to smugpost.

Step it up, there are only about 350 posts left


hahaha, do you pay for porn too? hows your legit copy of windows doing? did you pay for winrar too?

hahaha hahaha

Still mad about Fat Man and Little Boy?

I have I'm just not a hillybilly. What do you play the banjo, Cletus?

Pirating isn't theft. Stealing something means it's gone. Pirating is making a copy.

ああ、神様, another bombing!

Jews didn't make the atom bomb.

If it makes you feel better about Hiroshima you can continue to think that.

>inb4 your only arguement is that "live in a better country

Looks more like frat party to me now that I look at it.


don't be poor


Teach me how user.
The actual poors recieve somewhere between 40-60k/month.

Not surprised. It just felt like you were coming in to whiteknight him.


Nice damage control there bud.

Still need those guys you hate so much to fight for you. Wew laddy.

Why would I need to do that? Most artists I look at post their work for free.

40-60k of what user? Rubels? Pounds? Bottlecaps?

currency. 1 usd is like almost 300 from our currency. A pound is like 400.

They make good pets.

… Are you Nigerian?

Forgot this
Maybe because being a weeby faggot isn't an argument?

Try yurop user.


Well, comparatively good. They don't fling shit around like their cousins.

Is that you, Steffie?

So is it theft if I borrow a game? Or play it on someone a friend's machine instead of paying for my own copy? There are plenty of legal ways to play a game without paying a red cent, user.

let him keep going. I want to see if he breaks the high score.

Holla Forumsacks fling their shit at other boards all the time.

Literally who?

The game was bought legally, and he lent you his legally obtained copy. Your argument sucks and you know it.

Yea sure, the guy is delivering us the typical comics posted ITT in post form.

lmgtfy.com/?q=60 usd to huf

But I'm not paying for it! I'm stealing from precious developers! I mean I went down to the library and pirated several books just the other day.

No, I meant literally fling shit. Though given the widespread usage of jenkem among niggers, I'm arguably wrong about there being no literal shit flinging.

Still, a stern hand and rigid guidance can keep them in line well enough.

This thread is past the bump limit and nothing of value was lost.

How poor are you? I don't even currently have a job (am searching though) and even I can pay for for things (I save money a lot).

Cry moar, thief.


Man I must be the greatest thief, then, since literally nothing is lost. Hang on let me pirate some fish and bread real quick.

A neet.

How fitting.

The first console installment was made in 2005, 4 years after Halo: Combat Evolved, which popularised console games

Of course

Meant to say console First Person Shooters

Are you fucking retarded? PC gaming wasn't anything more than a joke until 2002.
Before that was all about Nintendo and sega with Sony and the first Xbox

Not really, since I did TAFE for three years and am still handing out resumes. Not to mention I actually do most of the work in the house.

Meanwhile, you guys totally aren't neets even though people with jobs wouldn't be poor enough faggots to not be able to afford a game.

Oh what's that you ignore me now because it turned out that you are wrong?

I replied to the wrong post. I clicked your post for the second part of but it didn't have the right link for some reason. See:


I meant to say console FPS, sorry for that

I don't even play CoD


Oh, so it's not that you don't want to work, it's that you're so bad no one will hire you. That's so much better.

Piracy of video games is entirely justified.

Unlike in other industries, you can't really sue someone for fraud when they sell you a shitty game. It's like dealing with China and buying steel: you have to check that shit for yourself.

The devs literally lie to the consumers; they put out trailers that are completely unrelated to the actual product, they downgrade and remove features they tout as reasons to buy the game and they put out half-finished and partial products, all in the name of profit.

You can't trust reviewers and journos either— because for one, they have shit taste— as they're often paid off or dependent on the devs and publishers.

Piracy is the equivalent of sending in an inspector you trust to check the goods.

That's moving goalposts. You said that it was a hyperbole, which it isn't, and now you ask me how poor i am?


We have acknowledged yours 72 times now, faggot.

Damn, that's a lot of Erin porn. I didn't know there was so much.

Eltonel is god.

Or you know, these days all the grocery places only want you to apply online and then you go online and check their site for job openings and all the outlets close to you don't have any positions. Or that the other places already have enough people working there.

But I don't know why I should bother trying to explain things to a petty thief.

You can return games. If you can't look up some reviews from some guy who sides with you on your circlejerk so you can form your own an opinion.


Good goy.

Have you tried getting interviews face to face, like you know, actual workplaces do? Sounds to me like you just don't have a valuable enough skillset.

It's not that I can't afford a game, it's that after working I realize that there are better things to spend my hard-earned money on. In fact I'm pretty sure I actually bought games more when I was unemployed than now because I didn't know the value of money that you took time to earn.

If it makes you feel better I did buy Pony Island when it was on sale. See? I'm a good goy guy, like you.

What, just ask for an interview instead of giving a resume? Most of the places that weren't the afore-mentioned "ally online" places were rather small and busy.

Are you saying I don't. While I don't have a job I have gone and done work for my dad's workplace many times and earnt money. I save money and would rather not spend it willy-nilly either. I usually wait for things to go on sale before I buy them and put most of my money in the bank.







Do you faggots actually have anything worthy to say or do you just like jacking off each other's e-peens?

Whatever. Enjoy denial.



Because they're nothing but weak children who fantasize about being strong.

Just that pity bucks from your parents doesn't count as real work.

Can't quite catch what they were saying by this? Me neither. It's perfectly acceptable to work for your dad, uncle, etc. After all, that way the money stays in the family.

The reason he can't find a real job is because he keeps putting his dad as a reference in his CV.

He doesn't own the place. What I meant was he just works there.

Nope faggot, I don't have any relatives used as references.

And what exact position did you fill in?
You know when i worked with my father? When i was fucking 14.

You still got in because of your father. Ask yourself if they would have employed you if your father didn't work there.

I put in the work, I get paid. I wouldn't expect people who steal to understand.

Oh, is he your step-dad, then?

Still, writing "I used to fetch coffee for daddy" isn't exactly what you want to read on a new employees resume.

Do you enjoy being wrong? He doesn't work with me. He's busy doing work at other places.

"those white people drinking around a fire are hillbillies based on a picture of them drinking around a fire."

"yes ive drank around a fire with friends, but im not a hillbilly"

Nice try fuckface, remember when you asked how poor i was and still didn't reply when i said that you are moving goalposts? Are you even trying at this point? But please remind me how hard you had it when you got a "workplace" because of your father. Also you didN't answer what position you filled in,did you recieve any actual salary and that would have they employed you there if your father didn't work there.

You're really retarded with your non-sequitur assumptions.

Actually it's groundswork and cleaning. Filling skips with tree branches, removing weeds and rubbish, emptying out those square drains with the heavy metal grates, cleaning carpets, etc.

They're hillbillies because they dress like rednecks and have a bath over a fire in front of others.

Except for the fact that I didn't have to. My brother would be going to do some work and he's ask if I'd want to do some too.

Aaaaah, that's a definite step up from coffee boy.

Reminds me of that time I took my sauna-tent to the beach. Good times, everyone was jelly as fuck.

Nigga, so you are just a fucking cleaner?
Wow real crucial actual work you have there.

Do you not see how that's not better at all?

As long as it makes money and isn't criminal activity (something you piratefags aren't above) I don't see the problem. You expect shopping centres and offices to clean themselves with the magic cleaner fairy?

No, my brother goes to work and my dad asks if I want to go do some with him.

Oh shit, man, so tough, having to choose whether you feel like going to work.

No, I expect morons like you to do it for minimum wage.

The true drink for scientists.

You are aware that what you are doing isn't a real job right? A teen would be able to do the same thing if they'd spend a day to give him instructions and flap a 5 dollar note in the front of his face.
It doesn't but what you do isn't even a job.
Lemme ask do you have a contract?
Do you recieve a salary or your relative just hands you some money when you are done?
Do you have working hours or shifts?

No i expect them to be cleared by a janitor, which is an actual job. or what said.

I think i get it now. you mean work as in doing an activity rather than work as a workplace you go to to actually work.

That's coffee, man.

"Does little Downie wanna go to work? Do you wanna go to work? Who's a good boy? Work? Work? Lil Downie wanna go to work with big brother?"

Is $20 an hour minimum wage?

Did you miss the part of where I said I'm still handing in resumes and stuff. Of course I know that.

Faggot I already told you I just do it to earn money WHILE I search for a real job.

Also faggot, 1) he's my younger brother, and 2) he doesn't have a job either, he just does what I'm doing.

Nigga you started the shit when people told you that you didn't actually work and so you doN't know the real importance of money, to which you pulled out your 20dosh an hour "totally legitimate cleaner work and not shamebux" as an example that you do, yet you spend it on video games anyway. To which we found out to nobody's surprise that you do not actually work. At this point you threw everything away that you argued so far. Not to mention that you referred multiple times to what you do as a job.

The actual employees get paid the same rate.

Barely. I haven't bought a retail game since Smash 3DS. I have bought other games digitally more recently but that's because I have a crapton of Xbox Live money left from a few years back that I haven't spent all of yet.

Wew, nepotism sure is comfy. I wish I could live like that, too.

And do they do the very same job in the very same position that you do?

Yet you argue that piracy is absolutely evil and you need to buy ALL video games.

Yeah, it's totally a free pass where you don't actually have to do the work… oh wait, you do. Retard.

Kek, says the pirate.

Yes many there that do groundswork and cleaning. Considering that's the whole point of the company.


Are they as free to work or not work as you do?
Also nice job ignoring and trying to talk around this.

Man, back when I was studying I would have killed for a contract like that.

More despair-inducing than comfy, for reasons mentioned previously.

I wish you could sue publishers for fraud.

No, but since it's a real job they work five days a week and hence get paid much more since they work more hours.

Don't pretend you care about people getting what they earnt when you steal games though.

Fucking preachers.

So they aren't in the same position as you, and you recieve the same amount of money as them who actually have to work.
Nice try, but yet again, they are bound by their contract to work more hours than you who goes as he pleases.
Maybe try looking up how much casual laborers/people doing odd jobs get. They always just get the fragment of the pay, whereas you get the same money, but the actual workers work more days.
Nice job admitting that you actually get shamebux, though.

Nice try, but it's just the usual tactic. Trying to divert when you are forced to admit something.
The whole point is that you the "work whenever for the same amount as actual workers" Doesn't actually work, and gets treated specially, yet you blab on about how pirating is stealing and how any people who work for real should be able to buy shit and whatnot.

How do you not see just how wrong and hypocritical you are.

It feels fucking good

You really have no idea what you are talking about.

And they get more money for working more, so…

Faggot, you know absolutely nothing about what goes on. Maybe you should stop projecting and think about where you went wrong in life that you have to steal games.

Except it's not.

Anyway, you retards should go off and steal some more games or something. Goodbye faggots.


He finished with double doubles. That's pretty good.

Muh imaginary money!

Nigga it's only stealing when it's physical, I'm borrowing their games on unlimited time (^:

Your whole post could be titled
Nice argument.
Nice argument
Nice argument
Nice argument
So you finally decided to ignore everything, bring up no points whatsoever, "no u" then finish it off with an ad hominem.
Yeah right you'll reply like the faggot you are, but please pretend you actually work.

T shirts and dresses.

got in a hot tub infront of friends.

yea, white people are definitely the worst.


I found some of these funny.

Since Holla Forums is still butthurt in the thread, I may as well post some of their memes




Slavery has always existed. Americans bought slaves that had already been taken by other blacks.

Horseradish mayo



The horseshoe is real buddy.