Playing Vidya Standing

Getting pic related really helped my back pain. Am I really the only faggot here with a computer desk that has adjustable height button/lever?

truly natrue is a betufile thing

a comfortable chair with adjustable arm rests is the key factor for a comfortable experience

dunno, but it's only a good idea if you don't have a shit heart

I have terrible fucking posture and bought a pillow to support my lower back.

Feels fuckin amazing. Anyone who's hunched over all the time should definitely get one.

I actually hate going to "gaming expos" because you can only play vidya standing up. It's fucking bullshit, mang.

Nigger, just get an armchair.
I'm sitting in a chair like this right now.

Standing up while doing stuff that takes some time is bad for your posture, look at the guy with the table at its highest, you can see he's "resting" himself on one leg while the other is more relaxed.
The optimal solution is having a comfortable chair for when you're sitting and standing up to (at least) stretch every once in a while.

I might end up standing during a truly capital moment, but that mostly happened 20 years ago with other kids.

The most comfortable position for gaming, is spread wide on the sofa with arms outstretched and the nunchuck cable resting behind.

Yeah I go back and forth. Standing for too long will hurt my back as well, it feels good to be able to constantly change positions at anytime IE avoid being sedentary.

Normal desk and standing desk. I alternate my laptop between them. Most of the time I'm working standing.

APARTMENT: Comfy bed and laptop bed holder for gaming and browsing while lying down.

Standard table and chair for my PC rig.

humans arent meant to stay standing

it would be easier to just fx your retarded posture

but sicne you are a fucking retard i dont know how you thought process works

glory to americana


but i run and lift every day. and i had lost 80 pounds prior to getting that job.
humans aren't made to stand for prolonged periods of time.


anyone in the world would experience the same pain when they're standing unmoving for eight hours.

Dude you have some issue with your back, don't throw yourself into some of the worst jobs for your back.
If you have sensitive skin you don't go to the beach for 4 hours a day. You'd just get burned.

The OP pic is shit, I agree on that. Standing all the time is just as bad as sitting all the time. But if you can alternate between the two it would be great.

I had tons of back issues, much like you. The only thing that made me feel better initially was stretching.
Over time i figured out some proper exercises for back and did more full body exercises. Those help. If you are very skinny or very fat chances are you need to normalize weight urgently.
Alternatively do stretching every morning. That helps. 5-10 minutes every morning will show results in a few weeks.

You sound like a fat idiot, user, and probably an anarcho-capitalist.

Nigger just get off your fat ass and go walk around every 30 minutes if you care so much about your health.

Better yet, get an exercise routine instead that includes cardio.

I teach for a living and walking around the classroom is not tiring, but standing when watching exams? That shit is pure undistilled suffering.

same, before i became a cashier, i worked deli counter. and i was on my feet for eight hours there too. difference was, i was always moving.
standing still is like gulag torture.

how does it feel being a goon for the Jews and subjecting children to mental torture and indoctrination 8 hours a day user?

that's a good question, i should've asked it myself.

that book/movie "Dead Poets Society" is quite ironic in that the roles are reversed nowadays. it's aged badly.

I do package shifting in factories for 8 to 12 hours. I get tired, but only back pain from improper lifting. I think you're just a pussy.

Some of these convertible desks have applications that remind you to change positions every so often

I have one, it was way too expensive and I hardly ever stand, its harder to focus when you're standing.

no u

never felt better. the trick is doing stretches a couple times a day. sometimes ill feel sore because i had bad posture during some lifts but i just do a lot of stretching on my days off and then i'm mint condition


Here's your controller bro.

You'll end up hunching forward and hurting your lower back, moron.

Prolonged sitting is much worse at exacerbating pre-existing back pain than standing. I've both read this and experienced it first hand. Sure, I'll get pain if I stay in either position for too long, but it's always much more of a severe burning sensation when I've been sitting too long. Prolonged standing just gives me a mild ache if anything.

I play vidya in my bed. I'll be in my bed for hours playing my desktop connected to my tv via hdmi or my laptop

My bed is a true bro

I can't be the only one right?




I just lay on the couch
One hand in pants
One hand scratching butt
and two hands on controller.

Fuck you faggot you live in the country with the highest quality of life except for utter retards.
Smile darn you.

No standing desk here, but I did switch my chair for a drafting stool with a saddle seat and I've felt a lot better than I used to after long sessions in front of the computer.

And here I am just sitting on the floor like in my Japanese animes.

Fitness is a better alternative

holy fuck you're a faggot.

I'm fat as shit and I work at a cabinet shop lifting boxes and sanding all day and not once have I felt "full body pain" let alone the desire to go to physical therapy. You have absolutely nothing to bitch about.

My roommate did this, but he was asian.

If you stand up for more than 5 hours a day you should probably pull your head out of your ass and bitch about it with your superiors.

i don't understand this pose. I tried it and it was remarkably uncomfortable.

Y'all faggots dont even sit like this

How don't their feet fall asleep from lack of circulation when sitting like that?

because your feet are either displaced or erect.

Nips can tell if you're new to that shit if you're constantly shifting around and wanting to stand up.

Because they do it every day and are used to it. It's not that bad after you've been doing it for a few weeks.

I can't wait for winter so I can nigger-rig a kotatsu out of my cheap plastic floor table and a space heater. Gonna be so comfy.

They are all midgets and featherweights.

as a matter of fact i do, and standing up all day both put me in better shape but improved my comfort since my chair was so shit, definetly do this

sit like this, it's better

Couldn't resist

Standing still for long periods of time is fucking awful for your body. Walking around and moving your body is no problem though.

Go post this in /r/gaming and or /r/masterrace and see how autistic they get


I don't have a Reddit account but this is a good idea

kek you should try lying to others not to yourself

jesus nigga i suck cock but the only fag here is you

i made a reddit account during the salt party, i got banned from those 2 subs for spoiling fallout 4. you'd think ones who prize themselves in being master race would be better than this

It's not the fucking exertion of standing, it's the strain of holding your body in one position for hours.

Google this shit and you'll get a gorillion in-depth explanations telling you why you're retarded.

Doesn't help when you have pre-existing back issues like . I'm 6'4 200lbs and I can move around all day, but prolonged periods of standing or bending fuck me for days. t. scoliosis

What do you lift, bitch boy? How far do you run? How many pounds did you lose 80 from? The "men" who work the checkout instead of the stock are always fat and weak and unfit for stacking roles. It's the same reason 95% of women are flushed there.

This means you are a disgusting non-slav

The Nips are brutal savages who think of central heating & insulation as sins worse than death.

But user, are you next level enough to also be sleeping on the floor like I am?

I've been sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor for 5 years. After a couple of months you realize it's amazing and owning a bed just doesn't make any sense.
PLUS, I now have the ability to literally sleep anywhere. I'm not shitting you I take naps at work on a piece of cardboard on concrete.

Wanna know something that'll really blow your minds, Holla Forums?

I've had brought girls home to this before. Twice.

It was terrible each time.

I can only stay squatting on a hill, I can just can't do it on a flat surface, it's fucking tiring. I tried it numerous of times trying to get used to squatting and it's very unfuckingcomfortable. Maybe a track suit would make it better

Even worst koreans have houses with central heating and insulation.

The kotatsu looks all fine and dandy until you figure out it's their only fucking heating source in their entire house and it's just as cold inside as it is outside.

its really gotta be in your DNA but vodka might help out

Also pic is undeniably top tier source of heating for maximum comfy.

jesus user you really are a huge sissy faggot

Try working in the kitchen at a major restaurant faggot

I'd like this since I have chronic hemorrhoids. I should get a new desk.

It's sad though

I teach university first years in a third world christian university though.

I'm actually not allowed to say anything that could be construed as political.

My nigga. I learned this when I was about 12 when my bed got trashed in a move and I spent a week with a camping mat. I haven't owned a bed since. The best part really is that I can now sleep fucking anywhere, it's great.

It made also made me start keeping my room clean because fuck the spiders are bad when you aren't lifted off the floor

I stand 9+ hours a day at my job, going up and down ladders and carrying shit.

After a long, LONG fucking day your body feels like shit and sitting anywhere is pretty good.

but user the bed only made spiders more likely to climb into you at night

It hurts to extend my legs, squatting feels comfy.
Not even slav

Yeah I don't stand like a Royal Guard or anything. I shift my weight a lot and occasionally walk a lap around the living room/kitchen.

Fucking ==THIS==

I also have tinnitus in my right ear from working a checkstand, with that fucking ==BEEEP BEEEP BEEEP BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP== as you scan through items.

We petitioned our union to get a different system, but because unions in Burgerstan are cucked by the industries that employ the workers they're supposed to support, and because unions in Burgerstan are now considered an affront to MUH UNRUGOOLTED CAPITULIZHM like we're back in the nineteen-cucking-tens, nothing ever happened. Thank fuck I got out of that job when I did.

Yeah well in my country we all "keep it real" and treat each other like shit, even sales people are all like "the fuck you want? to buy some shit? whatever"

It fucking sucks

fucking plebs

I want spider girls to climb on me

Fucking kill me

I'd prefer that honestly.

you had it coming



Listen here, nigger:
I weigh 62kg and I'm 183cm tall.
I get back pains, leg pains and foot pains if I stand around all day. Walking is good for you. Standing constantly is as bad as sitting constantly. The human body is meant to keep moving.

That's because the same cashiers have to take care of stocking, tidying up the store, and other such responsibilities other than standing behind the register like robots.

I could imagine a skeleton being in constant pain, yes.

Believe me, the back pains I occasionally get are nothing compared to my IBS.
Visceral hypersensitivity is a bitch.

You sound like a cripple.

At least you are not a manlet.

I function. Semy-chronic pain doesn't bother you that much as time passes.

you really need some testosterone, featherweight

if life werent so horrible, there would be more incentive to be a more attractive mate


Back injuries are easy to recover from with physical therapy style exercises. I would've gotten rid of mine by now if I hadn't injured my wrist as well. Once you start getting multiple injuries it gets tricky to do thingsā€¦ still not impossible to recover, just takes longer.