Playstation All Stars Thead

ITT: Post characters and improvements you would like to see in hypothetical sequel to PSASBR.

I'll start with 2nd pic related.

To improve it, I would just make it's gameplay 1:1 to Smash

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is this game any good? i want to try it but my heart says no

no. it legitimately isn't good.

it doesn't have the depth of technical skill like a normal fighter and it doesn't have the depth of mobility like smash does.

It's not great. I'd hesitate to really call it good. But it can be a bit of fun, if nothing else for its novelty.

Get it for cheap and play with some mates if it looks like your thing.

i see, thanks for the fast answers.

like it'd be a fun 'ive never played this before we're all damn near shitfaced drunk so this is a good time' but any more in depth observation is just a nogo

I remember everyone calling it a Smash clone when it was revealed, and when I got the chance to play it, my response was, "Yeah, I fuckin' wish."

Nope, it's even more shallow than smash… if you can believe that.


I would pass.

This is a shit thead.
I heard the special only system was a last minute change.

[my favorite character]


But seriously, i think Vibri would be good as a Game & Watch knockoff, and some of her attacks resemble the playstation button logos, could be a symbolic character.

I'd also add Original Dante, i don't know why the fuck did they add Donte whose DMC game wasn't even out back then.

As for gameplay changes, maybe not make it a Sm4sh clone and think of something different, maybe a different gameplay and level for each character.

Still, i think the company that made the game closed, and sony doesn't seem to give a fuck as always so there will probably no new characters or changes ever.

Because the third party characters were only added to advertise upcoming games. If we got a Square Enix character it would have been Lightning.

there is only one reason you would ever play this garbage

We have less of a chance of this happening now than ever now that Sony pretty much burned all their fucking bridges with any relevant IPs that used to orbit them. Not even considering the fact Sony actually never had any 1st party IPs themselves


He's literally the only character in this game who I've played as in their own game. I only had a PS1 and it was mostly third party stuff I owned.

Actually, I'm wrong. I've played Dead Space (this year) so make that two characters.

Isn't God of War made in-house?

I think a couple God of War games were made internally at Sony Santa Monica, but thats it

Well Wikipedia says the trilogy was made internally and that every God of War game was made by them, so I guess it's first party.



Why is Sony so fucking retarded?
The amazing thing is that their video game department is actually their most successful. That's just how much they fuck up in all their other departments.

Sony used to be a much bigger company back before the 2000s, people easily forget. I think most of their failures come from mostly internal drama when the PS3 became a massive financial burden on them after the success of the PS2. they completely lost focus and wasted a lot of money on that gamble

Legitimately forgot

fix yourself

I want to see Kat tickeling Spike

Rate my mains:

I don't know, man, i haven't played the game in a long time.

It's just a party game not a fighting, it is fun if you have friends to play it with. Me and my bro, we used to have a blast with it. The roaster kind of suck though.

My favorite part was how defensive sony fans got if you dared tell them the game was obviously meant to be a Smash Bros parallel.

This game is so bad, no one made porn of it.

It's very mediocre especially compared to the latest Smash. Sony did not put nearly enough love and care into the game like Sakurai does with Smash.

having charachters with bigger moveset is definitely a plus. too bad the supers cannibalizes every strategy (except for heihachi lv.2 in that one you have to do your best to make your enemys collide into kuma and avoid their levels that they will start rain on you)

Don't forget this too

Well they knew how many people would play it at least.


That's teh guy who made Crash Retold

Guiness WR says it's the first 3d platformer (which I'm not sure about)
Even if it's not true, it was an early game they used to show off the power of the ps1 in advertisements.

This could be in it too, it's a cool series

Kek. And in the end, Nintendo's the one that got the Squenix FF character.


It's not so much a platformer and more of a First Person Shooter mixed with platforming.

The interaction of Kat with the nigger from Starhawk made me believe that Neptune has no problems with being in a game like this.

never played Starhawk, is the game any good?


The rivalries in this game were writtin badly but considering how Nep comes from a series that mocks console wars, sh could make things interesting.

Who the fuck are these characters

Kat from Gravity Rush and Emmet from Starhawk.

A superhero girl who's a real cutie and a space cowboy or something.

And Bayonetta and Mega Man and Sonic and Ryu. Funny how Nintendo has the best first party properties in the industry and still manages to get even more quality third party licensed characters to fill out a roster that is, counting only Nintendo's characters, already twice the size of Sony Smash.

Fuck it, I'll bite.

Have more series represented, even obscure ones, as long as they're Sony owned. The only third party characters are Crash and Spyro characters.

Every franchise gets a level, but not necessarily every character.

Gameplay can just be Smash Bros. Everyone knows it's Smash Bros. Everyone wanted Smash Bros. Making it rip off Digimon Battle Spirit instead was retarded. Maybe just have a regular health meter if you don't want to literally rip it off 100%.

I've also heard someone say make it a 3D arena brawler, since the PS's big thing was being one of the first 3D consoles. That makes sense.

The levels being mergers of different series was a cool idea. But they were still frequently still too small and boring. Fuck Final Destination fags. I want huge, complicated levels with lots of gimmicks.

Add a more substantial story mode. Even just a couple more cutscenes for each character goes a long way, like Twisted Metal used to do. Just because Smash Bros doesn't have stories doesn't mean it isn't fun. Especially when so many of these characters have more substantial stories and personalities in their own games.

Ideally they could have had a mode similar to Subspace Emissary, but even Smash Bros 4 couldn't be bothered to do that.

Anyway, as for what I want represented in it…
Coco and other characters need to be stage hazards or something.
Sir Dan
Blasto! Using spliced voice clips from various shows Phil Hartman was in.
Specter (has various powers of the monkeys from the games, plus some of his boss moves)
Sweet Tooth
Other TM characters need to be stage hazards, driving around the TM stage and blowing people up. The TM stage in the actual game was very meh.
Whatever that guy's name was from Legend of Dragoon (I don't even like the game but he should have been in)
Daxter (they should have been separate characters all along. Daxter had his own solo game. He could have used his exterminator tools and become Dark Daxter)
Clank (he's had so many different powers over the course of the series, from controlling robots to spy gadgets to time powers, not having him be a full character was retarded)
Captain Qwark
Doctor Nefarious (I know this is a lot of Ratchet characters, but they have a lot of great characters)
Bentley (in wheelchair with weird gadgets)
Wild Arms stuff (I don't know this series, but it obviously should be in)
Nathan Drake
Nathan Hale (from Resistance. Yeah it's meh but it had cool weapons and multiple sequels)
Fat Princess
Cole McGrath
Deslin Rowe
Joel & Ellie (overrated moviegame, but it came out so soon after that it should have been in the first one. They knew it would sell like hotcakes. They can play like Ice Climbers or some shit.)
Kat (not as DLC this time)
Knack, I guess. I mean at least it's first party.

I bet there are a bunch more Sony could have been using instead of third party shit like Big Daddy. But these are ones I can think of off the top of my head.

But they did. They just ignore them.

MediEvil is good, but shame on you for missing Ape Escape and Parappa.

If you're counting after PS1 then you missed Jak, Ratchet, and Sly? You're a fag.

You ruined the game

I don't remember this. I remember people for like a decade wishing they'd just make a Super Sony Bros. Then they got what they wanted, but it was pretty half assed.

The core mechanic is a triple jump that you can upgrade to a sextuple jump. It's a platformer with shooting. It's just unique in being a first person platformer. But it's not the first, like that other guy said. It's a spiritual sequel to Geograph Seal, and there were a couple even before that, with Alpha Waves being the earliest I can find.

But Jumping Flash! was Sony's first, and perhaps only, attempt at a mascot. They immediately abandoned it when it didn't sell like hotcakes and got overshadowed by the third party, but exclusive, Crash Bandicoot. Look how that worked out for them.

Do they address how these characters are talking to eachother is two different languages? I assume they aren't both bilingual and stubborn.

You mean Sweet Tooth?

Wheni think about a story in PSASBR, i always wonder if they couldn't put it all in a game, so they would do a webshow or webcomic instead.

is shit

Holla Forums has to leave.

I was like 10. I didn't buy games back then. I just played from the large selection my Dad already had.

I haven't had a Sony console went with Nintendo and Xbox after that (only original and 360, have no interest in the Xbone).

You forgot how they were so defensive they tried to say Smash was a rip-off of The Outfoxies?


Holy shit i didn't notice.

So no Abe or Lara Croft?

Wild Arms could be slightly hard to work with since the protagonists all use guns and in a real time fighting game might be crippled a bit at close range (never played PAS, so I'm not entirely sure how they've treated gun using characters there, whether any range is workable), but Ashley Winchester and Dean Stark could work at both short range and long range, considering Ashley has a bayonetted rifle and Dean's Twin Fenrir guns have bladed parts that extend out from the bottom of them.

I'd also personally like to see Yuri Volte Hyuga in there. While Shadow Hearts isn't owned by Sony, it's only ever been on Sony systems, and Yuri himself is already a brawler sort of character, with the added fun of shapeshifting in his games. Would certainly be more fitting to use third-party characters from games exclusively on Sony systems than third party multiplats like Bioshock's Big Daddy.

I suppose the big issue is that some of the characters that could potentially be added might come off as being "literally who" sorts, especially if their series have been dormant or dead for a long time and/or weren't really popular to begin with. Looking at Smash bros, while they didn't cut the Marth or Roy from Melee or Lucas from Brawl, if memory serves they'd debated about removing the former two for the western release since western Nintendo fans weren't apt to be too familiar with Fire Emblem characters. And while every Wild Arms and Shadow Hearts game did indeed come overseas (to the US anyhow, PAL fans got the shaft on WA2 and ACF), neither have been all that popular, and Shadow Hearts in particular has remained pretty niche.

It was okay. Not as good as Warhawk but still alright. However it and the studio died due to lack of advertisement.

Were either of them ever even exclusive? Lara Croft was at least huge enough that it might overcome the lack of exclusivity, especially since the other things she was on weren't as successful during the PS1 gen, but if I were gonna tolerate any non-exclusives beyond Crash and Spyro, it would be Heihachi. He was the one third party character in the game that didn't make me mad, because at least those games were mostly exclusive, until very recent ones.

A lot of characters are from shooters. They made it work pretty well.

If a game is obscure, then including them is both a celebration of history, which Smash Bros does just fine, and promotion for one of Sony's less popular franchises, which, once again, worked so well for Smash Bros that they now release Fire Emblem outside Japan, and revived Kid Icarus. Hell, Smash Bros is the closest thing you have to a Metroid game during the N64 gen, because even that series was dormant then, and the crossover game introduced a new generation. That goes double for Ness.

This introduction through crossover things could work, specially considering how mos of the best PS characters and games tend to be the least known ones since games like Uncharted and TLOU follow trends like cinematic experiences and all that.

True. I'm certainly not against them including characters from more obscure franchises, but I wouldn't want them waging a series possibly seeing continuation on how well a particular character/set of characters are received. Would suck if there was indeed some new Wild Arms or Shadow Hearts or some other niche Sony IP being quietly worked on, only for it to get cancelled because too many people playing a crossover had no clue who the characters were or what they were from.

Media.Vision has seemed to have hope for continuing Wild Arms, but since Sony themselves own the rights to it, I suppose they can't do anything with it without Sony telling them to, and as such have wound up doing development of games for Sega and Namco since then.

Having representatives from more obscure franchises is something I would love to see. It's why I placed Kiryu in the OP. As for other characters I'd like to include.
Persona 5 Hero
Sorceress from Dragon's Crown
Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere
Regina from Dino Crisis
YoRHa 2B from Nier 2
& Vib just to name a few

I don't think characters have to be exclusive to PS, but it would be preferable if they debuted on PS hardware, have a long history with PS, etc.

I'm not sure if I'd want it to feel like direct product/character promotion though. I mean, I know some people in Smash bros threads expressed a certain amount of annoyance at how Nintendo was using Smash Bros to promote for a Fire Emblem game that wasn't even out yet and had like seven Fire Emblem characters at that point already (which I suppose could have been the bigger gripe).

I mean, in the case of someone like Kiryu, who's more of a staple part of most of his series (as opposed to it being a series where there's a whole new main character every game), including a new outfit from Yakuza 6 or whatever as an alternate one (the way Yuri could, say, have his black pants/red shirt/brown trenchcoat combo from SH, and his cross-marked black bodysuit from SH:C) for representing the next game would be fine, rather than eat up a separate character slot or something.

For a Persona rep, it would probably be wiser to go with an existing character, rather than one that, if a new PAS were to be released right now, would just be promoting a game that's not even out right now (I mean, while I doubt P5 is going to be bad, if it did turn out that way, then you're stuck with a rep from a game that wasn't out yet at the time, a game that people after release may not be fond of). Knowing Atlus though they'd likely just push for P4 protag as the rep if not allowed to do so for P5, given how much they seem to love pandering to Persona 4 fans.

If PSASBR came out right now and had a Persona rep, there's no doubt Narukami would be the rep. But since it would likely be years before we get a PSAS 2, I figured he would be the most appropriate. Plus, if rivals were brought back, I figured he could duke it out with Sly.

I would try to stick to having one rep per series, and maybe allowing that rule to be broken if we had a fan poll for a few DLC characters. Definitely don't need a roster consisting of 7 Final Fantasy reps.

Also stick to purely to originally game characters.

That means no fucking Zeus

Yeah, I'd prefer one or two at most (preferably as characters with differing play styles to avoid them just being clones of each other), and trying to keep them limited to at least having debuted on a Sony system (IE: no "Cloud in SSB" moments), regardless of it the game has been ported elsewhere since.

There's PC versions but does it really matter. People associate their old games with PlayStation.

How exactly would Abe play anyhow, sort of like an "Olimar" type, ordering Mudokins around?

Nah, you'd have to make up some generic attacks for some of his moves but they can implement stuff like the grenades/rocks he can throw, drinking soulstorm brew to make the explosive fart cloud and his Level 2 and 3 specials can involve Possession and becoming the Shrykull.

Maybe have a bunch of moves that summon stuff, Like throwing a piece of meat causing a Paramite to jump out towards it, or pulling a lever that drops down a meat carcass or turns on an electric barrier in front of him?