So Undertale is basically my life right now and I feel the need to express how much I FUCKING ADORE IT before I scream.

A friend gifted it to me and I immediately did my first play through this evening without killing any characters. That ending though, even though I'm a 19-years-old, made me fucking cry so goddamn hard.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

You call this bait?



ummm… no lol

Tumblr's discussions about undertale are soooo fucking boring though. like at least here you guys are funny.

Hotpockets do your fucking job

Okay, but you missed out on the discussion threads a long time ago. Try >>>/underground/


at least the other user pretending to be from tumblr actually tried harder. put some effort into it




Well that was quick.

Thank you


Why is Undertale loved? Is it because it is so chock full of "memery" the wise wizards would look up from hell and crack a smile? That God himself would look upon the works of which man has created, and weep? Some of you may ask, just what could be better than Undertale? Undertale has captivated hearts and minds just as many games before it did. But, what makes Undertale so special? Yet So inferior to other conduits of which mankind has channeled their magic? With the onset of infinite anonymity present within many circles, how best can energy be transferred, that an image with human form be displayed? That the implications of magic and power be wrought? That answer lies 13 years ago, friends and companions. A mysterious man releases Touhou 6: Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil, and magic was never the same again. Does ZUN not realize the implications of his simple little game? Do Undertale fans realize the inferiority of their magic? That question I leave to you, the reader.

I bid you adieu.

But know this. Humankind will be led to the stars with the power of memetic magic, and by Yukari's wisdom I will not have it be led by skeletons.





You should have let OP post more in this thread, he could have embarressed himself to the only people that actually extensively played the game by being utterly wrong.



I went to a local comic convention and all the people that cosplayed for this game where super fat girls. It was the funniest shit.

someone knows how to do their job properly. thanks mod

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Real talk though, Undertale had some great music and some great ideas.


It's a tremendously ugly game. Falls between criminally lazy and straight up ugly. Having all the poorly made battle sprites in monochrome was a fucking poor choice, not to mention the lazy player character and the world. Puzzles were piss easy. Battles are either super fucking easy or ridiculous.
Doesn't make good enough use of its gimmick, which is to say, it leaves what could have been a very interesting aspect of gameplay as a gimmick.

6/10 wasted potential.