Questions about a weapon

Is the Profaned Greatsword a good weapon?

Use an Estoc

Use the Greatsword.

Use an Estoc



Use an estoc

Use the Greatsword.

Thanks for the support, everyone. The Profaned Greatsword really is a good weapon.

Use a uchi

I sold it.

I feel like games that give players the best weapons in the game right at the start are making a small mistake.

Knight gets the fucking longsword. Why is there any reason to use anything else? Longsword is probably the staple weapon for at least 50% of all players.

Versatile moveset. High damage. Low stamina cost. Light. Infuses into anything.

They could have made the game a lot harder by giving people weaker weapons and then having them find the strongest weapons easily. (yes I do believe being able to find the best stuff easily is important for a souls game)

Demon Souls and Bloodborne are the only good games in the series. Fuck off.

I've never seen anybody use the longsword after Vordt, usually it's the Lothric knight sword or the Carthus curved sword or estoc/dark sword even after the supposed nerf to them.

Dark Souls is objectively better than Demon's Souls. Fuck off.

Don't forget about the Assassin who has an Estoc for a starting weapon, for assassins "favour sorceries in addition to thrusting swords."

Did you even play the game

I want to play the DaS3 you're playing.

You think that changes the fact that it's one of the best weapons in the game?

Even IF people use other swords, you would be hard pressed to find a single handed light sword as utterly usable as the Longsword.

Same shit goes for the Estoc.

I wouldn't recommend it the Carthus curved sword gets boring real fast. It also has damage on par with some greatswords but uses less stamina and is faster in addition to having bleed on it.

I'm very surprised it hasn't had a balance adjustment yet.

Look its not (hard numbers) the best weapon in the game. But if you aren't a braindead hollow you can wreck anything and everything with it for the reasons given.

People don't always stick to the weapon they started with because its just boring (for those new to the souls games). So thats why we see so many Lothric Knight swords, Dark Swords, etc, replacing the Longsword.

That being said, straight swords get fucking boring fast.


You can go find the highest fucking damage weapon in the entire game and the Longsword will STILL run circles around it.

Unless your hard numbers takes into account the factors of stamina, versatility, and damage. In which case please tell me which one.

I can't help but think that poise functioning as it did in DS1 would have fixed this game almost completely. It would make builds other than straight sword and CCS viable.
Honestly UGS's feel almost unviable even in PvE

What do you mean? I love trying to swing at a thrall or other small enemy with an ultra greatsword or heavy armor equipped only to get instantly staggered out of it from a flick of their fingers.

It's especially fun when they're in a large group as they always are so that the attacks are coming at you nonstop. Bonus extra fun points if the game did that thing where enemies don't properly get loaded in until after you set off an ambush and they just pop into view right in front of you.

What are your predictions for the upcoming Dark Souls 3 DLC?

Worst choice in the game. The best weapons are the ones you can only swing three times before you use all of your stamina.

I'm glad they somehow made it run worse. Has the pvp meta changed at all?

Probably something involving Ariamis and a larger area based of Irithyll since that seems to be the most popular area of the base game I also expect it to contain some kind of coal to allow for frost infusions since the base game has incredibly few weapons with frost on them.

More shit at the end of the cathedral involving getting into the abyss or the deep or whatever possibly a boss that is the source of whatever shit the pontiff got his hands on after Aldrich was there assuming it wasn't just something made by Aldrich or the pontiff himself with no outside involvement.

Did this change in DS3 or DS2?

I don't dislike straight swords but being that them and the CCS are the most efficient weapons to use in PvP, they get fucking boring.

Poise works differently in DS2/3 than it does in 1. I thought the prevailing theory was B team fucked it up with 2, but then Miyazaki didn't fix it in 3.

I hope it's anything but more Irithyl. Obnoxious area. It looks nice, but the dungeons don't even seem really finished. Do the jailers work as intended? They seem to have a very poor design

Gertrude,maybe other stuff involving angels. I hope more abyss stuff. Even though we sacked Manus this abyss shit spread all over the place.

I mean if I had a wishlist it would be to kill Framp and/or all the other primordial serpents so they would stop meddling in human affairs. Even though Kaath was my favorite thing in DS1 but that was more because his motives aligned with my own. If i had it my way i'd kill them all and still bring about the age of dark.

DS3 poise is shit. It adds hyper armor frames to weapons that have hyper armor. So basically you when you trade with people and have a hyper armor weapon, the damage they do to your hyper armor (which would remove x amount of hyper armor frames) gets reduced, allowing you to complete your swing and trade with them.

This gets useful when you are trading big ass weapons vs other big ass weapons. But since the meta is straight swords and the ccs, it means FUCK ALL. Also the investment into vitality isn't worth it. The damage reduction from all that armor means dick.

That's what I'm hoping for, too.>>10106397
That's an interesting idea.

poise is not hyperarmor, this is misinformation that From put out to cover their fuck up.
Most weapon skills have hyper armor, its unaffected by poise, if poise and hyper armor have no effect on each other poise =/= hyper armor.

Someone went into the files and switched poise which is set at 0, to 1.
Then poise worked much in the same way as it did in DaS.
Many weapons mention poise but have no discernible effect on anything, the wolves ring does fucking nothing.

My guess is that they wanted to mimic the fast past combat of Blood Bourne but didn't have time to properly balance everything so just turned off what they couldn't fix like Bethesda.

Also, reminder that you can reenable poise with CE, doesn't work in MP doe.

Another question. Are the Dancer's Enchanted Swords good?

Dude if you get a weapon off a boss, it's probably garbage.

The whole fucking point behind why they are behind a boss fight is because they are garbage. It's just supposed to be gimmicky shit to try once and never touch again.

If you want a good weapon, you should look at the BASIC stuff. Don't fucking expect anything good from boss weapons, especially ones with the special moves bullshit.

Most boss weapons suck dick.

The only boss weapons I use regularly are the Hollowslayer GS, Dragonslayer Greataxe,Yhorm's Machete and Gundyrs Halberd.

Moonlight GS if you're a sorcerer.

Dragonslayer's Spearsword if you're a faith build.

Crystal Sage's Rapier is only good for the itemfind.

Thanks for the support. The Dancer's Enchanted Swords are great.

If you are just looking to continue your run-through or any subsequent NG+, you can literally use anything you want to.

If you want something that you can both pve/fight off invaders with, thats the breakdown of boss weapons I suggested.

If you hide from invaders, use whatever you want.

If you are an invader, just stick to the meta.

Alright, never mind, it's actually bad. But maybe it'll get better when I upgrade it.

Good luck user

It has its damage split 3 ways, has a faith/int requirement, scales for shit across all its stats, cant be buffed or infused, and its weapon art was nerfed.

But they're pretty I guess.

I have to keep in mind I have 3 boss weapons to upgrade.

They're boring, overdone weapons. Flails are more interesting.

Why was its weapon art nerfed?

Damage mostly. Most of the twin swords had their weapon art damage reduced, which effectively killed the dancer's swords. You could just keep the spin going until your stamina ran out.

Here's hoping they increase the damage of the Enchanted Swords' weapon art in a later patch. It really needed it.

Yhorn's big machete is really good, even if it has absurd stamina use.

I honestly find it somewhat amusing how adamant From is on keeping Boss weapons dead.

fucker why'd you have to give me a boner right before i go to work?

I've used it before. It's really good for going through the late game with a Strength build. Also, a reminder that Bloodborne had 3 boss weapons and 2 of them are only in the DLC. Does the Kos Parasite count as a boss weapon?


>Lothric's Holy Sword

I actually thought it was intentionally left out of having faith scaling before because it was supposed to reference the fact that Lothric didn't want to be a lord of cinder or some shit.