Fighting game General: to be continued edition

Download and register for Fightcade here:
Get the full rompack over here:!EoJjwSLB!Tukuk9bZAa7YXXxKNVHorw
website with mods:

Steam group:


ESPN is triggered by R.Mika and Fuudo had to change costume mid match at evo because of it

Dizzy in Guilty Gear Revelator is now available to download
Patch 1.03 balances the characters and patch 1.04 will bring a mode that lets you pose and create dioramas with the character models. < 1.03 change list

Nightmare Geese costume to be included as a bonus for digital pre-orders.
South Town Team, Antonov and Story trailers.
Demo to be released tomorrow (19th). Has 7 characters (Kyo, Iori, Shun'ei, Nelson, KOD, Mai and Sylvie) and includes the tutorial.
48 character build was playable at EVO and there's recorded footage of the yet unrevealed characters.
Final release to be compatible with PS3 sticks.
No more alternate costumes planned; will depend on fan feedback.

Juri announced to be released by the end of July and Dictator's SFII stage getting remade.

Eyedol revealed.
Definitive Edition to be released on September 20th.

Bob and Master Raven confirmed.

Mai Shiranui to be added as a guest character in September.

Garou getting ported to PS4 and PS Vita.
SNK will have a pool to decide the next titles to bring to PS4.

For most fightan in general:
For fundamentals in ST (still applies to other games):
Maj's footsie guide:
The Beginner's Incomplete guide to KOF:

Other urls found in this thread:!/en-us/games/the-king-of-fighters-xiv-demo/cid=UP2611-CUSA05607_00-KOFFREEDEMOTHEME

Few things.
Sorry there hasn't been a Fighting game general in a while, I'm not the usual guy who makes it but the usual OP hasn't been making them for one reason or another so until he may or may not take up the job again I'll try my best to do them in his place.

Another thing, a great thank you to some of the people in another thread for offering the original paste for the threads and supplying news to put in it, I had a very tiny bit to add myself this time but I can't thank those few people enough who gave the chunks of news today you see in the OP, in the future I will try and look into new myself for them.

I haven't been very impressed with SF5.

Welp, now that Dizzy is in, I guess it's time to actually git gud.

she's gonna be a nightmare for venom, isn't she?

i'm almost ambivalent to game itself at this point compared to how infuriating capcom's handling of everything involving it post launch has been.

That nigga watched way too much anime before going out there and challenging the EVO champion like that.

Does anyone else feel like something's off input-wise ever since 1.06 rolled out?


I'm more excited for the KoF XIV demo than any full game released this year so far.

I'm still fucking mad that guy got hauled off the stage by security.

Why? that was the exact outcome that would happen.

Is it out already?

Because a mysterious nigga teleporting himself from the darkest heart of the jungles of Botswana to the main stage of Evo, shirtless and pad in hand, to challenge ChrisG at the moment of his triumph to a money match for all of his winnings, is the kind of shit I want to see.

He would've gotten his ass booted even last year.

when you word it that way that does sound good but that was not gonna happen. I doubt any winner is gonna fight for all of his fight money and have nothing to gain.

That doesn't mean I don't want to see it.

Will she ever come back?

Thanks for taking the time to make one of these. Now folks don't have to wander around the catalog for a topic with any sort of FG discussion.
And glad the stuff I compiled was of some use.

It's out in Australia and *looks at Twitter* apparently in Europe.
I'll let you folks know in a moment.

Only if they emphasize how trans she is so she'll probably end up looking like this.


Also just downloaded a new patch for Dark Souls III.

Any chance the online will just be completely busted like SFV at every point of it's beta and launch window? I mean this is essentially a brand new SNK and online trips up almost everyone.

looks like Hugo in drag tbh

Glad to do it.

I've been playing UNIEL a lot lately, mainly Seth and a bit of Hilda.

Netcode is so fucking shit I can't even play my main online without getting utterly destroyed by random kids mashing reversals and autocombo all day.

How were the devs (I don't know who coded the network part between ASW and FB) retarded enough as to implement online input delay that goes up when lagspikes happen but NEVER GOES DOWN AFTERWARDS. One single lagspike in an otherwise decent match and boom, ruined, reduced to the state of mashing strong stuff while blindfolded. All of these hours passed learning Seth in depth and practicing my bnbs meant nothing. Oh except when one of these rare faggots with deliciously stable latency pops up.

But these are so rare.
If you have flat latency and get to fight against me I promise I'll wear a frilly dress and let you fuck me in the ass.

How well do PC fighters handle PS3/PS4 controllers? I bought a MKX PS4 pad so I can play Revelator with my old 360 stick but both PCBs have fussy issues with dual-modding.

There are programs like DS4Windows that essnetially make PS3/4 controllers emulate being an Xbox 360 pad. They should work just as well with PS4 fight stick. I haven't tried it though it's possible PS are recognized as just a generic game controller. If that is the case you should be able to use xpadder or joy2key to just remap it to whatever.

Been watching the KoF Station Channel videos from the SNK homepage. It seems like they are really pouring their heart into the game. I really want to see KoF doing well, I can't stand the current stagnation in fighting games.

Let's see those mains, Holla Forums.

Nice, thanks.

I still think it's graphically garbage and art style it's damn boring (plus animation wise it's just terrible), but I'd still be willing to buy it just to give them support because dammit SNK is really trying and gameplay wise it's looking real solid.

Well SNK kind of has to with the situation they're in. They abandoned video games for a while their to make pachinko machines and they're mostly completely unproven with the current staff. They have a lot to prove and they don't have people's trust right now especially with that reveal and how everyone reacted to the graphics. That being said every time SNK have opened their mouth or showed off the game they just get more fans. Since they sound like genuinely just want to make a game people like. Which is pretty endearing with the way Capcom have been acting with SFV. Which has pretty much been fuck everything that isn't helping to get people playing SFV on television.

Please no tournament bans this time

Windows 7 KI when? I want to actually play it without the botnet.

I should get started on my KoF14 list since Mian is guaranteed for me.

Have they hacked any of the other Windows 10 exclusive games to work on Windows 7? It seems like it would be a little more involved then the Vista bullshit.

Do you guys still host Xrd tourneys?

Friday if I recall is the time, sadly as of now it's PC -SIGN- and I am not aware of plans for trying to host console revelator

Never, ever my friend.

Last one was like 3 weeks ago thats why I ask

Time for some post-EVO reviews.

I want to try gitting gud with other characters in USF4 but less and less people to play here kind of minimizes any incentive to do so.



downloading the romset, gonna try out ST. What other oldboy games should I try?

It's impossible.

I don't see why you would hesitate to upgrade from NSA 1.1 to NSA 2.0 though.

One important thing is that many Japanese porn games do not run on W10, now that's a good reason to not switch.

I bought it when the story came out figured ok the game is finished and I can just mod in all the shit they took out. Booted it up looked at the store see what the prices look like. See all costumes are real money only and each costume costs 5$ when a full character costs 8$. Then I uninstalled and got a refund. Their entire fucking DLC thing was don't worry you can earn stuff with in game money. However costumes the fucking poster example for that shit is real money only and absurdly expensive. I really would not mind forking over 30$ once a year to get a new pack of characters and stages for a fighting game I liked. However needing to pay for a season pass every year on top of not being able to get extra costumes is just a slap in the face.

What's the reasoning with Necalli and Ryu having both dragon punches and jab AA?

Also Ryu and Ken both have a 6f d.HP in a game where most have horribly slow ones.
No wonder characters with good aa dominate the tournies.

Antonov looks pretty fucking cool.

Hot off the paint presses

I don't play enough fighting games.

But, Street Fighter V had more than that on release.

I'm almost scared of fighting games going full e-sports, but hot damn the ESPN broadcast was so fucking good, I'd take it.

I wish I had watched it instead of the stream.

Fuck e sports

Not gonna lie, I was really worried it was going to be shit, but it was so damn good.

The commercial breaks honestly weren't nearly as bad as the fucking "buy this dumbass chair" ads we got every literally every single match. I'll agree on the lewd costumes, which is confusing as fuck with what ESPN usually has no problems with. Other than that, 10/10 would watch it again.

Here's the ESPN replay if you wanted to see the difference.


Street Fighter Alpha 2
Street Fighter Alpha 3
Vampire Savior
X-Men vs. Street Fighter
Marvel vs. Capcom
Street Fighter 3: Third Strike
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

Art of Fighting 3
Fatal Fury Special
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2: The Newcomers
Garou: Mark of the Wolves
The King of Fighters '98
The King of Fighters '99
The King of Fighters 2002
Last Blade 2
SvC Chaos

This being the first EVO I had the pleasure of attending, it was a lot of fun. Got to meet a ton of awesome people and even one from around my area that wasnt a smash autist and Vegas was fucking amazing. Lost in pools but didnt go 0-2 so I was pretty pleased with that, but naturally I wish I couldve done better, but I'll practice more and do better next time. The finals were hype as fuck even though ESPN decided to sip from the SJW koolaid concerning Mika. Overall, 10/10 plan on going again next year.


Oh is that why no one's talking about it yet?

Haven't fought any Dizzy's yet, but I'm sure that will change in time. Looking forward to seeing how I do against her (without suffering the wrath of her IK).

Should be coming out later today with the PS store update I believe. Sucks that none of my mains are playable in the demo though. Guess I'll use the opportunity to try out the available characters


You play GGxrd on PS or PC fellow Australian may player?

Dizzy is fun to fight against, but that's probably just because I am kicking arses since nobody knows how to use her yet. I like how she looks and how she is animated.

Rev on PS3
Are you in the Aus anime fighters Discord?

What did you end up getting in pools?

Only the PC one, but my PC broke. Just borrowed a ps3 and bought rev.

Oh that's right. Someone invited me to that but I forgot because I don't use that app.

Why does he wear the sunglasses when he plays?

I believe in SNK.

Antonov's best for business. Can't wait to see his other moves.

Can I get this shit on steam?

Not yet

You're in luck. The EU trailer shows a lot more.

God damn. It's still not out.

He's so fuckin nice to watch, giving some old martial arts manga vibes.

Also found this in related, 100% combos are back.

Well, I know who I'm maining.

dubs for R.Burka

EVO and Crapcom belong to Disney you better not be supporting them.

last blade
twinkle star sprites

the more i think about it, the mika costume was probably because espn thinks vidya are for children they primarily are and the tv eatsports thing is an attempt to reclaim the 25 & below demographic who don't watch tv anymore because what kind of retard would pay money for something they can watch for free whenever they want?

the only thing that was really good about the espn broadcast were seth and mike. having facecams on two expressionless asian men in the middle of the screen was pointless & intrusive and

i really hope that good commentators being sniped by networks & leaving streams w/ poverty doesn't become a trend it will (also why is twitch letting one of their guys commentate on a competing platform?)
and that people get over 'vidya on tv! normfags will treat us like real sports!' and realize how terrible the tv format is for vidya they wont

sajam was actually pretty decent though


from the thumbnail she looks like she has a massive erection

I don't think so user. Are you sure you're not just wishing it to be true?

Even cheating through survival is fucking boring.

Capcom fucking sucks. I hope the 1 round mod resurrects so I can jew the kikes.

On another note, how do I make Garou on fightcade work?

It won't register when I scan for it.

Am I insane, or is USF4's buffer mechanic gone? It seemed like in USF4, let's say I want to combo cr.MP into MPDP, I could buffer the z-motion for the DP while the cr.MP is happening, so when that connects, I can hit MPDP again and get the desired combo. In SFV, if I do that the game just seems to say "nah fuck you m8"

Someone please, am I fucking up something? I'm really tired of inputting combos and not getting the desired results.

The twitter salt alone made the ESPN broadcast worth it. Here's hoping they just get their heads of their asses when it comes to costumes.

What killed the mod? Did Capcom crack down on it for some reason?

you need to get for SNK games to work on fightcade.

to add on to that most you find don't have the neogeo_debug file in it. make sure to check if your .zip file has that as well

Empty buffering you mean? You can do it with specific normals depending on the character. It's lame and streamlined but it's there.

They apparently patched out the necessary assets that made the mod work.

Thanks for the help, bros.

So they trashed a perfectly good system and put in a shitty one? Great, I already had to deal with rollback and now I get to deal with dropped combos because of a shittier buffering system. Goddamn I wanna like SFV so bad, but every time I jump online it just reminds me how Capcom's given the middle finger to it's online community.

Guess they're speeding things up.

Jesus Christ I hope this ends up on PC.

I guess they have enough EVO footage of the characters playing to make videos faster

I don't actually know, but the guy I was fighting first in my winners match never showed, then I lost 2-1 against a Britbong Guile player. Then some Canadian guy won a close 2-1 against me in losers as Mikaa little bit mad about my losers match, but I only have myself to blame for not knowing the match-up better with Rashid.

On the slightly brighter side, apparently Ono confirmed that Juri is gonna be released before the end of the month, though he must've done that after everyone cleared out of the arena, he probably wanted to avoid getting booed off stage when he didn't have a trailer.

knowing history, we'll get the Juri trailer a few weeks after she comes out.

That, or someone outside of Capcom will make one that turns out better than the official one.

I can't wait to hear her new theme though

Remind me why Akuma is broken again?

Better start practicing more and blogposting in Holla Forums less.

The cliche bald old man is the only good character on team China.

I feel bad for China not getting a cute girl with a toucan.

I know, I'm putting in the effort but it's just my local scene is almost nonexistent and the netcode for SFV is complete trash. I'll surely do better next year.

I'm not gonna lie, despite maining her in USF4 and possibly SFV if it ever gets it's shit together online, I hated her theme.

play 3rd strike on fightcade until you actually understand neutral then

does the skell have a donger?

Necro and Undine look so fucking sick in Revelator, they did a great job on Dizzy.

I know. It's disgusting how good dizzy looks in xrd. I hope a lot of people pick her up as a main, since I would just be shit. I have enjoyed fighting her.

On a related note, does jam getting buffed in the latest patch mean she is viable now? I like fighting g jam, too.


Getting real tired of your shit ASW

Too early to be making tierlists, but always keep in mind that the game's top three getting nerfed the shit out of them is an automatic buff for some of the "shittier" characters because some of their MUs just became more doable. IIRC Jam's better but still nothing amazing.

Multiple sources, those being PQube, Rice Digital and Digital Foundry, have already said we can expect a late 2016/ early 2017 release. Baby steps, but at least they're not taking as long as they did with their other games now.

Ah, geez, I just want to play this already.

She had quite possibly the best theme in SF4 imo, by I suppose that's not saying much.

Or I could go to more offline events. I'll just have further to drive, which is fine.

Use this link to put it on your download list:!/en-us/games/the-king-of-fighters-xiv-demo/cid=UP2611-CUSA05607_00-KOFFREEDEMOTHEME

Then you can download it.

Oh wait, I think I misread your post.

Did you mean whiffing a MP with a buffered dp motion? Or actually connecting the MP?

Cause the later is definitely possible.

Are you trying to be sarcastic? Knee adapted and started baiting dps and Tatsus like a champ. He destroyed Poongko.

Holy shit, this works. Thank you!

Cause he's an arrogant piece of shit trying to keep an image.

True, surely I know someone didn't learn how to bait certain moves. Don't get me wrong, I had an enjoyment baiting people out. I find it odd that Tekken players never trying the bait tactic, good to see Knee adapting?

Is Tekken a game where you bait people often? It doesn't look like it is, but I don't really know what I'm looking at when I watch it. 3D games are 2different4me

Akuma just seems stronger than he is because he brings a system with him that's completely alien to Tekken.

Saint also jabbed Poongko out of the demon flip every time now that I think of it.

Was looking for this. Thanks.

Seriously, credit where credit is due. They did a fantastic job with Dizzy's character model. I love all the cutesy stuff she does while idle.

Side note, I get the impression that the tutorial in the KoF demo is incomplete. No mention of Just Defend.
Those jumps. Fuck me, I'll never get that right.

And anyone figured Sylvie? I want to BIBIRIBIBII with the most cancerous of them.

I mean connecting the MP.

Well silly me, maybe I haven't played enough online matches to learn that. I mean I got an UB! Oki with Armour King.

Seems to be a universal anti-akuma tech. Surely the matchups would be there soon.

Love this theme

Then it should work. You might be fucking up the timing?

That's always a possibility, but I'll do the exact same timing and it only works half the time. I've played the drums for over a decade, so I know how to time shit right, and I didn't have problems in USF4 either.

Does it never come out? Does a fireball come out instead?

Are you playing on a keyboard? Ghosting and all.

It comes out maybe 40-45% of the time? The best example is with Ryu, I've been trying to nail st.MP st.MP qcf.MP into CA. Sometimes though, he won't do the hadoken and goes straight into the CA, sometimes he does the hadoken and doesn't do the CA, and sometimes he doesn't even do the second st. MP, even though I'm timing it the exact same way every time.

help I'm having fun

Headphones Punks are best punks.

Louder rip.

His alternate palettes make him a bit easier on the eye IMHO.

But he's cute.

I know this exact same feeling. Time for buy a PS4, Guilty Gear AND Dizzy, and git gud.

Nice one Capcom, you made me forget about how annoyingly safe Nash is.

I don't know, I really think it might be the timing. Maybe you're rushing through the inputs?

Not trying to sound arrogant but maybe webm related with inputs on screen might help you.

Also as for your former post you can buffer during moves. Pressing down forward with Ryu's HP and then doing hadouken will do the dp.

I don't see why they don't make Ryu hit as hard as Balrog, as fast as Ibuki, and as safe as Nash, all while having a meterless invincible three frame reversal. Just doesn't make sense.

Yeah, if you press the second MP before the first one is over, it will get ignored, and go straight into the next thing you input, which in this case is the super

Thanks user, I guess I'll keep trying. Maybe I should take a break though, I'm almost shaking from frustration.



Also, are there any games that could help me clip my Smash wings? Would love to git gud on KoF or Guilty Gear.

Half an hour of Venator Ballare. Thank you for understanding my needs, internet.

I haven't played SFV for a couple months now, has a recent patch caused it to randomly drop frames after a while? I didn't have this problem before.

Which of Kyo's playstyles do you prefer?

I mean, Guilty Gear's own tutorial system (if we're talking about SIGN or Revelator) is very extensive. If you want to get into GG, just…going into GG is your best bet. Between the tutorials/missions, and combo trials, you'll learn a fair amount.

On top of that, you have novriltataki's Guilty Gear Crash Course (embedded) and Airdash Academy series ( ), and even Arksys has Arksys Academy ( ) if you're struggling.

Either one of these Kyos

Don't forget we have a ton of active GG players in our steam group who play both on PC and consoles, they're probably the biggest part of our group funnily enough. So if you want matches or advice you'll find them there.
I swear I'm repeating this about every thread by now

why does Ono not care about online?

I've spent hours and hours trying to finish the 'advanced' combo section for my main, and this cunt does dizzy on day one.

Definitely stick to completing as much challenges as you can. Not all of them might be optimal, but they'll improve your general execution a lot.

How well does the Guilty Gear Shrid -Revelengeance- netcode handle a match from US to EU?

Thanks, such a great stage

And Yagami's themes never disappoint

Miss X DLC costume when

If KoF 13, one of the prettiest, most beautiful fighting games flopped, what chance does 14 have?

But I really wish it came to pc, it looks fun as fuck and loads of these characters are too cool.

KoF13 didn't flop what the hell are you talking about?

The fact it was so beautiful is the entire reason SNK almost went under and the character's movesets were so gutted. Rotoscoped 3D models are very time and resource intensive.

Depends what coast you're from, I regularly play with someone living in NYC and our connection is pretty damn smooth. Midwest/west coast is where the issues start though.

I'm so tired of this shit

I don't know what I'm saying really, I keep reading posts mentioning KoF 13 being a financial failure.
Hell look what optimism a few 2002 and 98 copies sold on Steam brought to SNK.

Probably, it does seem pretty extravagant for a dev of SNK's size. Honestly I think, barring certain characters (like Ralf), looks good. I wish fireballs looked better though.

It's not that KoF13 was a financial failure, it's the fact it had a low budget, and they were already on the bring of financial failure from their attempts in the pachinko business.

What game are you playing user? If it's SFV I'm willing to bet it's probably not user error.

When you say pretty damn smooth, what do you mean? Flawless, or the occasional lag spike? If it does spike, how often?

A few months at fighting games isn't going to mean you play perfectly.



It's probably not the game, it also happens in SF4 and Xrd. I feel like my shitty execution comes from not being used to the arcade stick as I'm never having any of these problems when playing something like DMC on a gamepad (I know it's an entirely different game but that one requires quick and fairly precise inputs as well). I'm just really annoyed that it doesn't seem to get much better even though I've already played a few hundred matches.

If you can do a shoryuken half-way consistently, you're getting better. Even pros often drop combos.

Lag spikes have little to do with the distance the connection travels and more with the quality of the opponents' connections. Anyway, no lag spikes and 4f delay when I'm playing him. Quite good, ideal connections are 2f-3f and that's only when I play with people in neighboring countries.


SF4 Remix will always be the real SFV

How are you so sure? Does the game straight up tell you?

You never played it online before? There's an indicator at the top of the screen that tells you how much delay there is.

No, I don't have the game. That's why I was asking, since my only friend who does have it lives across the pond.

I fucking knew it.

I can do most input motions fairly well but the bigger problem is that I often do shit like inputting a 214 when I meant to do a 236 or pressing the wrong button, I have no idea why this keeps happening. Another thing that really irritates me is that I accidentally change the direction of my block, for example I'm blocking high and when my opponent does a Dust Attack I start blocking low even though I was in the right position before. It sounds completely retarded and I can't comprehend why I'm doing it.

I'm not happy, but its better then nothing

KOFXIV demo doesn't have online, though.

It just comes down to experience. Stuff like that usually means that you don't instinctively know what to do in those situations, so you panic. After a while you won't even have to think about blocking the Dust, and instead you'll be thinking about what comes next


I guess so. These mistakes happen much less frequently when I'm playing against the CPU, so a part of it is probably not being used to playing against other people. I always feel really ashamed when doing retarded things and someone else can see it, it's totally unnecessary but I'm having a really hard time not worrying.

"Thank you for listening to player feedback."

These aren't battered housewives. These bitches like getting those black eyes.

Wait, Tung Fu's muscular self is actually a stand? I thought he was just getting swole.


Instead of fixing this colossal clusterfuck of anti-fun that is pachinko survival mode, they are going to squeeze the goyim for additional moolah.

And no one is going to shit on them for this dick ass move.


Holy fuck King of Dinosaurs is so fucking slow.

That sounds like he's gonna be bottom tier.

I'll probably end up still using him regardless, his moves are too fun.

The perfect character for a low tier hero

Downloading the KOF demo now. Didn't realize it came with a free theme too.

Got a chuckle out of that, but a bit inaccurate. the ghosts can't kill your opponent for you, a bit slow, and can die in 2 hits (Jack-O getting hit or if the houses get destroyed kills them all). Can't really rely on them to do everything and you do nothing even with a buff. Not gonna deny they saved me a lot of times, but they've also screwed me over almost as much.

Yeah didn't know that too, I also found out there is a free KoF 2000 theme in the store too

LI Joe was mentioned on WWE Smackdown tonight

Chris G streaming right now. Firing mad shots at Evo for being badly run and putting the players second.


Oh man, you can do Just Defend in air like a Garou.

This just made King of Dinosaurs even more fun

And it's live, with a unique roster, which is being decided right now. So, lots of viewers heard it, which is cool as hell.

is there a way to tell when bad moon is gonna cross up or do you just have to guess?

juicebox has tons of great stuff for kof xiii

what the fuck is happening

Raw will most likely keep the casual viewer, so they're trying to get them to watch Smackdown too.

can rush be turned off in KOF14? i'm fiddling with the demo and i hate rush modes like personas

sorry if this has been answered, i just got here

Okay, but where's theme from all the trailers?

Finally managed to upload this bitch, wouldn't cooperate for some reason.

I think they said it can be turned off in the full game, don't quote me on this though.

Where the fuck is the full version of "BURNING ON THE INSIDE"?


Do you agree?

Rather FM than just real money. And rather this than deal with Survival Mode's bullshit.

I wanna protect that smile.

playing guilty gear last whenever that was spoiled me on chaining whatever the fuck i want

I've been out of the loop for a while, what's this Chris G stuff about?

wait is there gonna be a 2nd demo?

After he won grand finals some black guy showed up out of nowhere and challenged him to a money match and then was escorted off stage.

I wanna fuck those thighs

Jesus, what is the matchup against a Zangief as a Ryu? I'm always so scared to get in close because it's command grab city.

If Infiltration never came out of his shell and maintained that mysterious aura, sure. He's too silly and relatable to match the legend of Daigo. As far as his dominance goes, though, yes.

That is the matchup.

It's actually not as bad in SFV since Gief's SPD has startup, which means he can't wake up with it and fuck you up.

Okay so how do I deal damage to him if I can't hit him? Also Ken is a gay faggot, why is his heavy sweep safe?

Make sure you anti-air his jump-ins, first and foremost.
If you're mid range, use -> hadoken often. If you catch him walking forward with it, good, but it's also favorable for you if he blocks it, since it pushes him away.
From far away, just throw fireballs. Watch your spacing - you don't want him jumping over them and punishing you. If he's getting too comfortable with them, vary your speed some. You might catch him off guard and make him jump into a slow one when he was expecting a fast one.
If he's on your ass, you're losing. Get out of there.
Once you're more comfortable with the match you can start baiting SPDs and punishing hard, but for now just avoid them the best you can.

There's some more situational stuff, but this is the critical stuff. Especially that bit about anti-airing, you're going to lose if you let him jump on you, no matter how good the other parts of your game are.

he won evo but didn't beat the secret final boss

i wonder who his team is

Should I be using a DP? I've tried using cr. HP and that always gets me hit by his kick, but DP never seems to make it. At least I got the fireball game right, aside from my spacing.

Fucking hell.

She's sexy as always.

Ideally, yes. Medium DP has the most invincibility, so using that one should give you a higher success rate.

Weird, hasn't been working out so well for me.

What's going wrong?

Usually he's too far away and his kick hits me anyways.

Different games have different drivers, what fight stick are you using and what games are you playing?

Please do lest we feel the wrath of her IK

And I already have a smile I want to protect, and will do whatever it takes to do so

Qanba EVO Edition + KoF XIV.

If you have a PS4 controller plugged in and available you should be able to use legacy devices, but I dunno about KoF XIV since it's a demo.

So it's a spacing issue. There are ranges where he can jump and none of your anti-airs are in range to hit him. You pretty much just have to let him go.

Spacing is one of the first walls that a new player has to deal with, and I'm still dealing with it myself. Don't be afraid to go into training mode and set the AI to jump forward and attack, just to see what range your DP will hit and what range it'll whiff.

It could also be a timing issue. You want to wait until he's on his way down, and your DP should be hitting him from below.

I recall them saying legacy doesnt work in the demo but will on release

Please make it so. I busted one left stick already.

Is anyone able to use their fightsticks with KoF XIV?

Oh good, I was slightly worried when my stick wasn't working with the demo. I can't use a pad for fighting games because my left thumb is fucked.


10/10, SNK did it.

why can't i find the download for the kof14 demo?

can you seriously not turn rush mode off?


That's why you shouldn't be playing casual shit like SFV Jurifag.

Stop masturbating to Juri then

rush mode is for you then

uhh, does anybody else feel like a lot of stuff is missing? why can't I bodega station anymore?


Time to git gud. minus rush mode I'm having a lot of fun working stuff out in the KoF demo right now.


And now to dump my pictures from EVO.

Half of the stuff I took is still on my friend's phone, also I didn't realize how much of a dumb asshole I sound like yelling in the video recordings because instead of my voice blending in with the crowd it's straight into the mic. Either way I'll try and encode those into webm tomorrow.




Still the favorite picture I took. Japanese twitch team must have had it rough with jetlag.

Smashkids are terrible. If you look the wrong way you'll trip over a fucking crt setup. These were fucking everywhere.

This was out in the convention center hallways, not even in the showroom for EVO.

Bamco's official cosplayers.


why? revelator is out for ps3





maybe if they don't want to air lewd shit maybe they should ask them to play a better fucking fighting game in the first place

inb4 Faust banned for anal rape



Learn the system first, then the characters will come easily.


Why the fuck Ada.

Dunno, don't care. She was cute and I wanted a picture.


Pictures from Bar Fights on Saturday, Marn putting smug through the grinder.


You barely get enough FM as it is they're basically forcing you to buy the SP at this rate. I thought the shitty story mode was supposed to give like 300k or something not 30k.

Stadium, 8AM, MKX, fucking empty.

Guilty Gear, starting to fill up.

Feels great.

I vomited a little.
You should only do a cosplay that fits your body type and nothing else.

Found an Ibuki.

Also going to sleep, will post more tomorrow.

I thought that photo was in a bathroom for a second

8 people in a GGxrd sign lobby on PC, everyone spaces out so we have four matches going at once. 8 people in a GGxrd rev lobby on psn: everyone is lined up behind one machine with only one match going at a time.

What is wrong with you people?

Japs were doing that with Kazonoko, he was on one machine and the line was massive all lining up to play.

That's a guy right?

Cool stuff though, thanks for posting.

People really like King of the hill style games where everyone tries to boot the champ while watching others play.

It's really apparent in arksys games like Xrd and P4A where there avatars visually on and waiting for their turn on the machines adding the the experience.




Garou NPCs are reading my inputs, shit's hard, when's KoF 14 PC?

Then mash to fuck up it's input reading

Stop being a little bitch about it and start getting good instead of crying about it on an image board then.
Fucking Jurifags I swear

Pic misspelt Team Capcunts

time to leave, son.

Oh good fucking lord Im glad i never saw this while I was there.

SF V didn't have it on launch either

Cause he's trying to do a FChamp style Heel gimmick that even FChamp couldn't keep up because it was stupid. Also he used Gargos which turns the game into even more Marvel style bullshit so he's using the "Dumb Bullshit" character (Even though Hisako and Thunder ruins Gargos and he would have been fucked versus Paul B or Guttermagic).

I wish SeaDragon beat Bass and made it to finals because a Gargos Vs ARIA final would have been fucking batshit crazy. KI finals is just basically "What the fuck" for about two hours. Again.

FChamp is apparently a cool dude who gave newbies to the scene a lot of advice and play a few casuals as long as they were willing to learn which is why the "Heel" gimmick never took off. He cares about the scene a lot

So is SF3:Ford Strike simply dead? I see a room in fightcade but any links to the rom are dead.

SF4: 4th Strike has weird changes; feels like SF4's omega mode

I was interested to see how they buffed weaker characters like Q and alex, I don't know if it's worth playing seriously.

and people still refuse to buy revelator because "it should be an upgrade" when it has more than enough new content to warrant its full price

Thanks man, I'll keep it in mind.

Is it not possible to read SRK forums without being a member now?

Ignore the topic of the video, lots of people corrected the poster in the comments.

Why is King of Dinos so slooooow? I really wanted to play him when KoF 14 finally arrives on PC.

I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but how do I make he DualShock3 work on PC?

scp driver package

how does the input buffer in kof xiv feel? is it comparable to xiii?
one of the best parts of that game was just how good the controls feel

Keep working on it, miss.

XIV's end boss controls time, space and dimensions so I'm sure he can be more creative than that. Daniella, Oichi and Morrigan pls

This is the kind of thing that I'd never think to ask for in a fightan but is really neat to have.

You can tell exactly how proud ASW and Team Red are of the models they do.

On the topic of revelator, are Dizzy's combo challenges considered easy? I just finished all of them and she's the first character I've done that with.

It's a great extra. Didn't even need all those bells and whistles; I'd be happy with a plain model viewer. Alas, knowing they added this, I think I'll be disappointed that not every freakin' frame isn't selectable…and we can't use a 3D printer to pop out these babies.

I hope you can change the 'pose' to any character move from the game. It would be a waste if there were only a few poses. And yeah, you can tell that some people are rightfully proud of what they have created in this game. The more alienated a developer gets from their game then the less effort is going to be put into making it quality, so I'm glad if anyone involved in GG sees it as something closer to art, rather than a cash cow ripe for milking with DLC.

I am struggling with them, but I am shit.

Just knowing that someone would be this autistic warms the cockles my heart.

Lovingly covering every 3D printed figure in their own special blend of blood and semen, frame by frame.

I can't even do a basic 3 hit jump in with her. T_T

A museum dedicated to Woshige's shame.

I used to have this problem then I started grinding with Kyo and 2 other characters(Polnareff and Mai) I wanted to learn for 3hrs a day for a month. You get good quick if you do 1hr of training 1 and 1/2 hour on max difficulty AI and then 30 minutes of fightcade.


About 10 months, 2 months before another update.

6 months from now probably.

classic marvel

Man, she's so fucking slow. God damn. King of Dinosaurs is slower, though.

I really hope it doesn't turn out that she is S tier or some shit, so she will get picked for every team ever. I'm sick of her already.


Give me this game you SNK cucks

Don't worry, you can get sick of Nak instead.

And her reach is absolutely terrible. It's point blank or nothing for her.

Unless someone finds something absurdly OP about her, I doubt it. Don't think there was a single Sylvie at EVO, not even in casual matches. IMHO, only Xanadu looks worse than her.
Besides, as much high hopes I have for the game, I know it's gonna be the Kim of Iori Kyoteen all over again.

I'll admit I kinda like her. Her back walk is hilarious and I think we stand to be surprised by her in the story. Her Lv3 has some heavy Manchurian Candidate vibes.

I'm gonna main him and kick your ass kid

in like 10 months

This is gonna be fun

I generally don't mind 'joke' characters, but I just think she's pretty dumb. Granted, her back walk is funny.

And yes I would rather a bit of variety in who people choose, but there's a lot of variables involved with that.

Late 2016/early 2017, all but officially confirmed by now. I expect a release next January

He's slow but his Command grabs work on peopels dashes/side-steps