Go into romhacking for info on iso modifications

where am I going to get my hacks from now on?

Other urls found in this thread:


More like Fag-Man amirite?

Trannies have succeeded in making me hate all sodomizers


If it bothers you enough to not use the site you can grab the rom hacks from the websites of the teams or indivduals if they have it.

Who the fuck cares about romhacks anyways? There's so many potential for modifying old games yet Romhackers only make lazy sanic, malleo and pookieman with different sprites and tiles.

First Cheeto Man kidnaps his family, and now they want to make him a fag?

Nigga, you stupid.

who cares

Like what? A dildo? A butt plug? AIDS? Jews?

This and that GTAV fag mod that "brings GTA into the 21st century".

Mark my words: In the coming years, not being a shill for sodomy will be illegal.




I do you freaking nerd

The hack is satire I think. Speaking of which, there was an 'attack-copter' gender zelda hack which was a complete satire on all those gender neutral hacks. People were very positive about it in the reviews and contrasting with most negative comments the gender neutral hacks got, then it got removed for 'non compliance'. And since replacing a sprite is more work than replacing (him,boy) with (*name*, kid) all the gender neutral hacks were removed as well

You're dead fucking wrong.

J-Just ignore it


Tfw legitimate criticism is lost in the wave of 'progressiveness'
Is this what McCarthy was trying to warn us about?

You're damn right he was.


I've hardly delved into the world of rom hacks.
What are some good straight ones?

Someone should post a comment along the lines of "So homosexuals only deserve a half-assed hack?".

There is a difference between differing opinions and shoving ideologies down your throat then censoring discussion of said ideologies.

Oh good, another thread for bitching about some obscure political affront I would never have even been aware of were it not for said thread. This will surely result in intelligent dialogue and the intellectual enrichment of its participants.

>>>Holla Forums

RHDN has been cucked for awhile now. See their Shadowrun female hack.

what are the "pro gay" items?

a dildo?
an enema machine?
a ball gag?
one of those fancy and expensive HIV vaccines?

You can tell he's a communist because all he can do is regurgitate culture other people made to pressure his doctrine onto other people. A cultural parasite.

oh no where am i going to get my epic sprite edits now

Romhacks have always been shit.

a starbucks coffee and a macbook

Oh good, another fag bitching about a thread he doesn't like I would have never been aware of if it wasn't for his faggotry. He will surely bring intelligent dialogue and the intellectual enrichment of his peers.

I mostly used it for translations and bug fixes.

They took down the apache helicopter romhack for zelda, but the screenshot is still on the bot's post.

They also took down all the gender-neutral patches for a bunch of the zelda games too. The guy still has his posts about it on his website though.


This guy is dedicated to destroying anything masculine in zelda.

underrated post

Shoo, Holla Forums OP. The site's about as pozzed as a god-fearing 1950s couple and nobody there seems to be biting the bait.

OP is also disregarding another romhack linked in the same post.


Also, the comments section for the news post is pretty entertaining as well: romhacking.net/forum/index.php/topic,22156.0.html


You got white oppression and fursecution. They really are doubling down on that victim complexes. Not to mention advocating censorship.


self righteous retard go home


Remember when we kept telling all these gays ans SJWs to make their games if they didn't like it?

Well guess who runs the industry and indie scene now….


Normalfags, who don't really give a shit about fags or trannies?

SJWs can barely run a game company, let alone publish games. Just look at that fucker Phil Fish and that newst game he's been shilling for PSVR.

Don't think the NES color pallete will allow that


Yeah, no, that shade of brown is actually in the NES palette. Probably have to adjust the pellets a bit, but it's doable. The bucket of chicken, however, would be stuck with the one color due to engine limitations.

Though this would be completely doable in the arcade version - not quite sure the dots would remain unscathed due to palette limitations, some devfag can correct me on that, but otherwise it's not that hard.


Shit man, I was gonna mention that myself.
"GTA 5 mod brings Pride to Los Santos"
Honestly, I think it deserves its own thread.

flagged for misogyny

Always a sight to see diseased fuckheads tearing themselves apart.


He's a globalist commie too.


This has to be an elaborate ruse.

Wouldn't that be nice.

On the download page for this hack, one of the user reviews says:

So, who knows.

That statement's equal to a "didndonuffin" as far as I give a shit. The guy asks how to hack a title screen, finishes it, and suddenly it's on the front page. That's suspicious.

This can be serious /cow/ material if we play our cards right. Somebody from AGDG or experience in romhacking can send these fucks in a frenzy with more hacks.

Somebody should do this

He threw the baby out with the bathwater.

That said, he was right.

wew lad
Thought they would have actually learned anything from their little shitfit with badhacks.

What massive cucks

10 bux on rainbow hair.

OP, You're gonna get them from baddesthacks.net

Trust me, you can play as a skinhead who kills black people with his giant dick that he uses as a baseball bat (Donner Party if you're interested)

The fuck is a pro-gay item? Buttplugs, dildos and gimp suits?

Stay triggered, commie.

Trannies have succeeded in making me see homosexuals normal in comparison

Vade retro, satana!

When I saw that picture I laughed because it was funny. Then I read the thread, and apparently it's real.

Since when did pandering to an organization define sexuality?
LGBT is a fucking cult.

Just make a Dragon Age: Inquisition mod where Dorian is straight. You'll immediately drive SJWs up against the chicks who wish they could romance Dorian and the in-fighting will be fierce, with loads of people disgusted by SJWs.

That was our nefarious plan all along. Now join us in beating the muslims back from our strategic twink reserve in Northern Europe.

pokemon romhacker here, it is true that the community became infested with a bunch of retards that seem to be coming from tumblr

the faggotry and stick-up-the-ass behavior is a plague in there, thankfully I managed to make an oasis IRC channel free from retardation of general community

Fun fact - homosexuality was a crime in Soviet Union.

And they wonder why everyone hates them.

Those are the words of a person on the wrong side of history, comrade.

LOL, I guess?

The majority of faggots are like Bioware characters, being gay is their only character trait.

really makes you think…

Just like any fetish, people let it define them. Look at furries who wear fursuits to funerals, ponyfags who can't contain themselves in public or BDSM people that center their domestic life around BDSM.

They are proud of this?

holy shit this guy must be a falseflag or meme magic is confirmed

Why do you think the whole current year thing became a meme to start with? Progressives actually say this shit so often that it became a thing of ridicule.

Is this old thing on there?

ITT: autists getting buttmad about the fact that someone is doing something that they do not like, despite it having zero effect on their lives

Go back to your containment-board, closet-commies.

Fuck off 6paklover

Someone make a Skyrim mod that prevents gay marriage from happening. Faggots like this will instantly pull a 180 and chimp out en mass for days over the existence of a mod that offends their LBGTQGIIPTP beliefs.

Too late now, nobody cares about skyrim anymore

With the good goy edition coming to consoles with mod support, it opens up a whole new audience of people to piss off.

You get pissy about things that don't affect you, I get it. But to think that others behave in same way? And people call me the degenerate.


That's a good point

user this is very poor bait

The only faggot here who needs to leave is you.

Try to stay on the subject, imbeciles.

It's fucking retarded point. Nobody who isn't complete fucking aspie is gonna get genuinely upset about a mod existing.



and the rainbow twinkie comes to whiteknight the sjw, again.

suicide suits you.


I need to name them descriptively. I have pretty big collection of her images, you see. (´・ω・`)

So he's in love with himself?

Well at least they did their own work.

It's dumb but not really a threat to anyone. The real threats come from taking over a community and coercing others to do your bidding.

He started a thread and asked for step-by-step instructions on how to edit a title screen.




that's also another reason why they're not much of a threat, they've got no talent by themselves.

That's still pretty fucking offensive to be spoonfed and then immediately turn around and present that


Don't underestimate parasites with money and propaganda backing them. Don't play dumb.

It's actually pretty reasonable isn't it?
Instead of complaining about how it's oh-so-sexist they mod the game to their preferences
I don't think this is a reason to hate them, though it's pretty fucking funny
If you wanna share why you think this is a reason to hate them please do

romhacks are gay anyway

that poor girl, even the lifeless pedos on this board would make a better father for her

Take your fartposting back to >>>/a/


That's how their takeover of communities always starts.

They join in, want to "help" or ask for "help" and slowly worm their way up the hierarchy, inviting more of their disgusting breed along the way.

They don't need technical know-how, there's plenty of virtue signaling betacucks to do it for them.

Hence why they "appropriate" famous IPs and repurpose them to shill their shit ideology.

These kind of things need to be stamped out as soon as possible, least the leftist parasite thinks he's welcome.


Maybe the story will have a happy ending. Women being women, maybe she'll rebel against her father's teachings and marry a conservative, Christian, white man and have 5+ children with him.

Either that or go full coalburner.

Whatever, I'd care if he had a daughter. It's not a major threat to anyone if he only has a boy.

Uh, I'm reasonably sure that's actually a very ugly girl.

Then he doesn't have to worry about anyone dating his daughter

Is this really surprising though? Hasn't Pac-Man always gobbled fruits?


If she fattens up a spade might actually want to muh dick that.




Many of them were former commies or weren't that deep in the organization and believed they were part of a grassroots Trotskyist type movement rather than part of a KGB opp. He also acted like a bit of a maniac in public and was perceived as a bully. This allowed his opponents (both the ones in on the plot and those many more who were ignorant of it) to smear him and anyone who talked about Marxism as a modern day Cotton Mather or Inquisition or simply as tinfoil hatters.
He was right but he still fucked up HOW he went about things… much to the detriment of society, even today. An important lesson to take to heart.

What did he mean by this.

They're still traitors, or do you think virtue signaling cunts in pic related don't deserve the noose?

They're realistically hideous, just like BioWare's fanbase.

No. I don't think ignorant people taken in by a cult should be treated like those who are in the upper eschalons of said cult. If for no other reason than as to not give future groups ammunition to justify actions against you and tole in unsuspecting disaffected people of their own. It's no use winning a battle only to create the environment that will cost you the war.

The military coup in Turkey was told not to shoot civilians (so they wouldn't be against them) and the islamists ended up lynching the ones giving up their arms.

Only mens can be gay now?
Just post about how it isn't inclusive, or whatever buzzword they use nowadays, because there aren't lesbian or pacmen of colors

user, please, none of them are innocent. If they are not complete zealots then they are virtue signaling sociopaths.


Once the Day of the Rope is underway don't stop until all those leftists animals, and their families, are dead and buried.

It makes me mad there are actual ppl like that. But god damn is it funny to see how BTFO'd she got and just resorted to one liners

That's what always happens with leftists without authority figures to suppress dissent. They have no actual arguments to argue with, just ad hominems and feelz.


It must suck to have been the poor sap who joined the military to do your national duty, only to draw the false flag suicide mission for Allahdogan one summer's day. Can we please just annex Thrace to Bulgaria or Greece (or, hell, why not have a Turkish state for the handful of roaches who aren't full retard) and build a permanent wall of Greek fire along the Bosphorus and Dardanelles?

Just nuke Saudi Arabia (or really, the whole peninsula), Iran and Israel. Those are the three major reasons mudshits tend to chimp out. Once those three shitholes are dealt with just put soldiers on the borders and boats in the sea and shoot the shit out of any nigger/dune coon that wants to enter, and be sure to televise it so they get the message.

The gay Pac-Man mod is an obvious troll. RHDN took the bait hook line and sinker, but to their credit nearly everyone in the discussion threads that wasn't a dickless moderator was against the guy.

The gender neutral pronoun mods, however, are 100% sincere.

Jeez, it's as if I stumbled into a Holla Forums thread.

She seems triggered

I know its off topic but what was the Verdict again?

Or, better yet, just push all of the muslims into the wall of Greek fire and then spend the rest of the day watching all of the world's problems immediately solve themselves.

Is this a loss edit?

homosexuality was a crime in many places of the world fampai

why do these people feel the need to record themselves?


>is a white female in prime shape the shape of a barrel

This gets me every time.


It was not a crime after the 60s tho

How do we make Tetris gender neutral?

these are the important questions.
maybe theres daizapan or whatever that anti aids cream is

Jeez, it's as if a cuck wandered in here.

Holla Forums has already been co-opted by cucks from reddit so no, not at all.

I love Holla Forums threads!!! So much valuable and epic info!!! Thanks for the redpill, Holla Forumsros!!

Nice to see you're making shit up.

You can leave any time leftycuck

Said the normalfag.

you're welcome to leave any time, degenerate

I share a board with a pack of fucking idiots.

Fuck off cuck.

20 dollarydoos says she has shit like "#INDIEDEV #NERDGIRL #PROGRAMMER" on all her social media profiles.

Well why don't you just make your own RomHack website OP? You can hunt down all the creators and get them to host their shit on the server you pay for. Otherwise looks like your SOL.

Sage because this topic is gay.

Go ahead Holla Forumsro, redpill me on lefties!!!

No, you share a board with polniggers who think their opinions are more than memes

This smells of hypocrisy.

I didn't say either of the things you put in the green text there, nor was I implying either of them.

It was kinda implied that OP would only want to escape a website which has some SJW users to build a website without SJW users. I know you were just ironically suggesting it to OP, though, it's not like he will get off of his ass and actually do something.

Pretty sure that's not why the coup failed. It would have made it worse if tehy did so.

Is this why they keep posting threads about this? They're trying to find "negativity" to screencap? Incoming kickstarter.

Who cares

Maybe you should leave, you homophobic cuck.

You keep using that word, Liberal. I don't think it means what you think it means

Fear of the sameness in general, smart-ass.

Though what does it matter? It's not like people use terms properly anyhow. Just look at "Left" and "Right". It's basically just "ideas that I don't like". Just go with the flow and let the world burn.

It's okay, we forgive you, it must be though being mentally ill.

after reading through the thread and the original thread on romhacking where tjhis shit originated I can say with confidence that OP is a faggot who got butthurt over troll bait. even if this shit was legitimate SJW garbage isn't it better that they'd be making hacks and mods instead of trying to censor and ruin releases of new games? like do we really need a repeat of fire emblem fates? if making mods and and hacks to stroke their progressiveness boners I say let them do it as a way to contain their cancer as long as the site mods keep them in check from shitting up the message boards.

I'd like all of them, women included, to fuck off right out of gaming and never come back.

These "people" bring nothing to the hobby beyond ruination.

I agree but at least if their cancer can be contained somewhere that can't affect the actual industry it's a step towards getting rid of them for good.

I wouldn't mind seeing marxists like you burn alive.

you and me both


PR fag, please leave.

I know I didn't click on Holla Forums

Oh wait, there is no difference anymore.