VR discussion

Can someone


explain to me the appeal of Virtual Reality gaming?

I just don't fucking get it, and I gave it a lot of thought.

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This isn't really very hard, OP.

when I play a game in front of my monitor I'm in the game, if it's good enough.

Well, good on you, it sounds like VR isn't for you, then.

What i dont get is why all the hype when gaming is heap of shit right now. I dont want to be in some shitty Gone Homo-tier walking simulators or "muh ebin goofy physics such fun" shit if i'd bought VR but in some actual motherfucking RPG's interracting with npcs, killing dragons and sheit while stupidly waving my arms in the air at home. well okay no dragons, fuck dragons fucking piece of shit monsters seriously fuck them and all devs who have to shoehorn that shit as the big bads gimme some fucking massive Titans and sheit like in Greek Mytholocy instead

You didn't try it then.
It can be great and fun, even for some novelty style experience (I only say this because it's not games, but it's not really marketed like that either, it's like a fare attraction in your house), there are things marketed as games who are completly shit and rely only on VR, like the first 3D movies where shit is thrown at the screen, but then when you watch it without the 3D everything fall flat.
But, this shit is really really overpriced, they just rushed to get their shit out first so they won't be behind eachothers, problem is the technology is then behind, they implemented DRM on their products so they can control what you use it for.

These are arguments for VR HMDs that remain valid even if you're not interested in roomscale or other native VR games. Res still sucks, but at least it's higher than many games of the last console gen.

Is there any games that are worth laying down close to 1000 dollars for the htc vive? I've looked around and all I see are minigame shit and vaporware. I like the idea of being immersed but have any of you tried it? And have like a shit ton of games been modded to use vr or is it pretty dead in the water?

Imagine that you are so morbidly obese that you can't fit out of your basement door and have a room temperature IQ.

Now, how would you like to experience the world outside your wank pit?

I'm currently developing one
It will take a while to release though

It's just the Wii 2.0. It's gimmicky and new so it's hot, even if the technology sucks and the games suck too. It's a new way to suck though, that's the big deal. Before VR, we've been sucking the same way for 10 years. This is the next evolution of suck.

first person VR doesn't look bad
but third person VR is the most disorienting experience that is straight up cancer

People want to be immersed in the game world, though VR is retarded because they're trying to make it the new Wii. It also doesn't seem to be practical for home use, which is why I anticipate that the arcade will reemerge as the VRcade.

Why the fuck would you waste your time? Don't you want to make money?
Anyways, what's it about?

Can you understand the appeal of bigger TV's?
Can you understand the appeal of depth perception in games?
Can you understand the appeal of head tracking?
Can you understand the appeal of immersion in virtual systems in general?

Congratulations, you now understand the appeal of VR.

Its like anything else, you have to wait for vr to improve. Right now its mobile-tier shit, and maybe thats what it will always be, but you don't buy a new product and expect it to be the best shit ever. As for the hype itself, companies are trying to make bank on a new idea, and they are trying to sell the novelty and nothing else because they have nothing else to pair it with.

If you haven't played Elite Dangerous in VR with flight stick then you can't say you've lived yet


It's more story based. The problem with VR is the limitation of moment. You can only do menial things with your hands for so long. The skill ceiling is non existent.
I've found a way to use that as part of the story instead of having the player stay in a cockpit simulator

I know you wont steal the Idea or anything. But I don't want to say until I have something to show.

I have, feels good. Also VR games are my super fun time, pain in the butt to setup everything. Once I get rolling though I play still its too sweaty and switch onto ED.

I recall most of you have not even tried VR at its finest. I first bought DK1 and played around with it, but mostly just played some kawaii hentai games. But I saw what it could become. Once I got to try HTC Vive on local VR show I was fucking hooked. Bought my own in an instant and waited for a month for it to arrive. I have been playing games for 20 years, and most games that come out just do not feel fresh or new. Its seen and done, but with VR I felt something I have not felt in years. Genuine excitement in simplest games. Piece of shit game like Fallout 4 will turn out to be awesome stuff when they apply VR to it, I can't wait to go prone IRL to snipe bandits better, or punch fuck out of shit with power fist. And actually chill ingame while chilling irl.

One day Virtual Reality (monitor on your face) will actually be Virtual Reality (being in the game).

becauz it's like ur right there in the gaym dood xDD

Call me whatever, but this smells like someone trying to sell vr.

Dear god do not buy it before you have tried it out somewhere. Thats something I recommend doing.

why not apply VR to good games like Fallout 2 instead?

Fair enough.

It's the newest fad, basically, except not even really a fad because the only people truly interested in it are a gaggle of hobbyists and the companies squealing it's da fyoochurr like they do almost every fucking decade before it flops spectacularly and they're sent packing.

The technology there is fun but it's a gimmick or a novelty at best. More power to those who like it but I wasn't impressed by a friend's headset, especially not at the first-gen pricepoints. There's loads of talk about waiting for a second or third gen of VR headsets so the price drops to something reasonable but that falls under the assumption there'll be a second or third gen.

Ross Scott has some words to say

This is from last year…

In my experience, VR games are best from FPS perspective. And game shines when room scale and motion controls are applied. So I do not see my self immersed in Fallout 1 and 2 like in some game made specifically for HTC Vive which Fallout 4 will have next year.

…and posted this last month.


It's a gimmic. Is there even a single good VR game?

ED is a blast, Raw Data, Minecraft, Brookhaven Experiment, Audioshield and Space Pirate Trainer have been best experience for me. But its not something you should pay 1000 bucks for. If you are not enthusiastic like me.


I will only buy it when they sell it in a full quality sex simulator bundle. And only if there is good software for that


It has a number of really awesome ideas like this making the rounds, but roughly 20 times the mobile phone game garbage BUT IN VR!!!111

I imagine things like fps games with the kind of set piece setup as say lightgun games like time crisis would be very enjoyable too in VR.

The only issue is that even though a lot of the ideas that (very few) take advantage of are neat, it still feels like incomplete concepts or proof of concepts for games rather than actual games. Though you could make actual games off them, it's too young a medium.

Also it's too busy being raped by the vultures of casual gaming and mobile-shit who just wanna shovel ports of shitty phone games onto it, so that ultimately no one will take it seriously.

It's amazing.
But made-for-VR "apps" or "experiences" are trash. All of them.
What you need to play are full legitimate good games that are just converted to work with VR - there are wrappers for this already that work beautifully with a growing number of games both old and new.

The big ones that are built with VR support as an option are also good: Elite Dangerous, Euro/American Truck Simulator, Alien Isolation, Subnautica, etc. They've all got actual gameplay merits and the VR enhances the experience to a whole new level.
Compare proper games like that to mini-game-compilation-game-wow-VR-2016, and it's obvious why so many people think VR gaming is shit when the only games that get advertised are shovelware tech demos.