Pokémon Go Causes Nintendo to Break Tokyo Stock Market Record


So is Nintendo making mad bucks now?
Will any of it go to NX's development?


Notto disu shitto agen.

It's gonna be Bethesda all over again, quote me on that.

god. fucking. damnit.

How closely is Bobby Kotick paying attention?

If anything, this is going to have them divert their assets more heavily into mobile development.

To which I say, good fucking riddance. Stop ruining the rest of my fucking games and just turn into the next Mobage, you fucks.

You know a company as big as Nintendo will only convince other companies to make their IPs mobile games

That's the value of their stocks. They're only worth something to somebody who wants to buy in. Nintendo could only make money from this if they're selling their shares. How likely that is, who knows, considering they had that massive buy back to take a stronger majority ownership.

I almost preferred the Zelda PiiU shilling, what is it with faggots here not being able to shut the fuck up about nintendo. Anything could happen at this point, stop making pointless jew gold threads about it. You're not stock market analysts, and you have literally no idea whether the game will die in a week or be some "web 3.0" shit. Fuck off already.

I hope they do with this what they did with the wii: keeping the boat afloat so they can keep making the games they want.

who knew that even overpredicted tech garbage can travel all the way to japan

No. This is proof to them that mobile games are where the moolah's at. They will focus all their resources on making mediocre mobile games and all the other stuff will slowly just die.

fuck i was hoping for nintendo to die next year

don't forget animal crossing and fire emblem mobile game in the works as well, nintendo abandons 3ds and console focus solely on phone least sega still makes games for all platforms

You're giving me false hope.

Just like they abandoned handhelds in favour of the wii.
user, your salt is showing

I'm holding out for Digimon GO

I love salt

It will be just a slow painful death, until it goes full mobile.
Now they wont need to rehash shit to keep doing profits, i guess.

NX with partner apps for every game, just like your shitty AAA garbage gaijin.

You will (never) be Japanese.

No, it'll go to Pokemon GO-like mobile shit. That's the biggest evil of Pokemon GO - it's a shit game (even the cunts that shill it here 24/7 only ever talk about how it helps them socialise IRL, and not about its actual gameplay qualities), and shit games making mad dosh lead to an avalanche of more shit games

Say it to my face ben.


So its 2007 part two, this time mobile will be legit cancer


Nah, we'll just see an influx of similar games that all crash and burn, because normalfags only play Pokemon GO for nerd cred, and autists don't need more than one game to go outside. It'll make for a lot of dead on announcement games, though

I hope its enough for mobileshit to take a hit before it inevitably crashes and burns.


Mobile shit isn't going away, user. There will always be bored moms and extreme casuals that love playing that shit. We just have to hope that people will finally realise that mobile games and video games are two separate industries with separate target audiences, and stop trying to make computer games mobile-like

it also got me gay sex and weed

I don't have a prolem with it.
I have a problem with people just giving all their personal shit away to throw pokeballs at pokemon.

Notice how you didn't even talk about anything related to the videogame?

But thats exactly what happened after 2007, user.

Why are Anons discussing this as though this is representative of profits? This is their stock value, this doesn't show how much Nintendo is making, it shows how valuable and in demand their stock is. This isn't able to be used to estimate if Nintendo is going to go hard on mobile, unless Nintendo has started giving a shit about their stock value. What's likely is they'll sell off some shares to generate some cash to add to their massive war chest.

"Nintendo is a company that can do whatever it wants."

Well that's reasonable. Go only requires basic account info from Google namely your name and basic profile which almost any app can use.

If there's any datamining going on its by Google itself rather than the app since it uses Google maps. I don't even know if Go is bad in that regard because even a basic android smartphone is crammed full of Google Apps right out of the box

The stock market is nothing more than a simulator of human herd mentality
BTW Nintendo as a company does not get any of this "money" only the people moving around shares do.

Thank you, I don't know why we're having trouble with this when we've looked at stuff like this before and have a good idea of how Nintendo operates.

I went to visit my brother who lives in the former murder capital of the state it's in.
We decided to walk around town at night and go see the park which is usually hobo city.
This was before there were four pokestops in close proximity, now at night there's at least thirty people walking around the park playing pokemon Go and the hobos have moved on.

I don't really like the idea of mobile Nintendo games, but thanks to them I had a pleasant evening with my brother.
Also because there's a wealth of old PC games I have in my bunker to wait Nintendo out so there's that

Most people were complaining about the non game aspects of it too.

What do you want me to say? It's a simple game with little depth, solo play is decent and social play makes it better. You can't breed or trade or battle, but they've said they'll add that later. It's simple but it's pretty faithful especially as a free mobile game.

Rather than saying anything about the game itself, you talk about how it helped you stop being a worthless piece of shit, something you shouldn't need a game for

B-bu nintendo is doomed, r-right bros?

At this rate: Nintendo will succeed Kongō Gumi as the longest-lived independent corporation on Earth.

Not even casuals will buy into Pokemon Go clones, however. There is only so much time one has in a day to walk around and catch digital shit

If it's so easy to stop being a worthless autistic, Holla Forums would have done it on its own a long time ago. Sometimes you just need to fill an autism bar in the right way and it all comes together

Because throwing stock aside. Everything relating to pokemon Go is showing how everyone is ridiculously addicted to it and throwing caution in the wind to play it. This is the casual market Nintendo always wanted.
Even though the NX was going to incorporate mobile they're definitely going to try to strike this gold twice.

how about a shit game where social is the only thing worth while about it. It's weaker than all the other pokemon games and the only positives you have to say about it is that it got you buttsex and weed, something that you would have been able to do beforehand if you actually just walked outside of the room.

you need to take advice

Wait hold up It got you Gay sex and weed


Is pokemon on phone, what you expect?
Just like when undertale became available in Japanese. Nippon raikku eenoscent kyoot

Dumb kids on Holla Forums just want to see big numbers and graphs that go up to satiate their autism.

Oh boy another Pokemon Go thread. If only there was a general too keep all this autism in one place.

I was gonna reply with Disney but then I remembered it's technically younger.

I can't even begin to imagine how cringe-worthy the script will be when it gets translated over there.

We were both out playing it and met at a lure location multiple times. Wouldn't have happened without go.

Real winner.
But it's a more friends with benefits thing than a relationship

I know, man. Castlevania does everything Metroid does, but better. Can't wait for the new one to come out!
Megaman's pretty much the same. The phone-based freemium game's a guilty pleasure of mine, and I just know Capcom will release Legends 3 since we proved our loyalty! Goddamn pokefags don't know what they're missing.
And who needs Mario when you've got Conker, Crash Bandicoot, Bomberman and Spyro? Nintendo's got nothing to offer this industry anymore. Good fucking riddance.

i fucking see it now, LOZ, mario, pokemon amibo and app bullshit, and all of this is the gateway to microtransactions

What you mean the nippon patch for undertale?
It's basically the same. Except with Napstablook being refered to as Napstablook and Frisk/[Name] always being called Frisk/[Name].
I guess pronoun shit didn't translate well to a confused gook that liked the game.

What did you think AC:HHA was? An excuse to shit out a ton if AC amiibos

And it did horribly.

There I summed up any and all threads about pokemon go.

I'd like to a see an AC go title, it'd be fun to periodically shake virtual trees in real locations to find items for your virtual dollhouse

Why so buttblasted, user?

What if I am, desu?

Thank God.

Then you should go back to 2ch

Nintendo might be shit now but Pokémon Go wasn't even made by them, they just published it. They're definitely going to pursue the market more heavily now, but even they aren't stupid enough to go mobile-only. Unless the NX ends up being a mobile device, which I heavily doubt.

I'm not defending them by any means, I'm just saying it's more likely they'll just have companies make their mobile games for them than devote their full attention to it.

Uh, nihao sushi karate, fellow Japanese.



How does Nintendo keep getting these lottery ticket wins? They lucked into the mobile version of Beanie Babies this time.

don't know their seriously some lucky retards. but its probably feeding off the first gen craze all those years ago.
how much you bet with this it will promote people to get a 3ds and next gen pokemon game


Probably none of the above unless it comes to the mobile platform. This project only proves that mobile gaming is the most profitable out of them all. No need for heavy investment, management, or maintenance. Basically gaming is dead and normfags won like how they've won the comic and movie industry.

No, user, he's full of shit.

He gets his nice things by having his dopefiend customers steal them and trade them for their next fix.

And guess what big shareholders do? They sit in shitty fucking meetings and help decide the direction of the company. Faggot


In the past they knew that fads wouldn't last forever and they had to keep innovating to stay profitable. I'm not so sure about this anymore. I could see them trashing everything that's not mobile.

This whole thread is just bait on bait on bait.

I like Castlevania but it is not up to the standard of Super Metroid, and Castlevania had a decade of Igavania to refine itself, Metroid did it in 3 titles with 0 base, Castlevania couldn't do it in 5+ titles with Super Metroid as a base.

The console market in Japan has seriously taken a downturn precisely because Japanese consumers generally prefer mobile gaming. That's why the 3DS is the best selling console in Japan because Japanese players would rather have something they could take in their pocket, purse or backpack like a phone or a handheld console over a home console they'll be too busy at work or school to play. Nintendo however got lucky by delivering a few console hits like Splatoon and Super Mario Maker and it's not like they're going to scrap working on the NX.

However, Nintendo has survived by knowing just how to score. Right now, Nintendo is supposedly going to make the NX develop on what the Wii U did with the gamepad by making the console both a home console and a handheld console which can be taken anywhere. If that's true, then they will have with one fell swoop covered every base. Why abandon home consoles for mobile or handheld games when you can just make them all one in the same and make three times as much money by selling the same product to three separate markets?

where you have to visit different websites to get different digimon


Hey guys what team should I pick? Mystic looks like it would be the most advantageous since it has the highest population of members, but Valar looks like the redpilled option.

I hate this. I can only hope the fad ends and they get their heads straight but it probably wont, fucking pokemon sells like chocolate covered prostitutes and this is only going to encourage them to make more shitty mobile phone games instead of proper handheld and console games.

more importantly why do people care so much for mobile games anyway? most of them are complete shit and the few good ones are hindered by a only using a touchscreen. I just dont get it man.

These are the same shareholders that ask questions like 'I've held stock in your company for years; hire more women.' and leave the meetings making comments like 'those dumb Japs wouldn't shut up about video games.'

Mimicu is cute

The rest of industry is ruining itself just fine.

You do realize that all of those IPs that he mentioned are dead right?

There are more people with smartphones than handhelds. Business men see that and see unlimited money. However mobile gaming is eternally fucked due to no quality control, a monopolist market space, and the expected retail value being zero.

Armchair analysts.

I've been hoping they'd crash and burn for years, there's no "industry" anymore.

This is probably why Nintendo might stick to just trying to deliver a smart phone-like experience with the NX

Good, let Sony, EA and Microsoft Abandon consoles
Let Bethesda and Blizzard Abandon PC
Its going to be great

Of course they didn't because the DS sold 1.5 times better than the Wii

Nintendo is such an outliner in the industry that its death isn't going to change much.

It would be stupid not get some smartphone presence but it is extra stupid to spend a lot of money making smart phone games.

If I remember right, Kimishima said he was only interested in using smart phones as just one platform. Either way though, only Nintendoom memers actually think Nintendo is going to pull out of home consoles.

The details about the NX suggest that the NX will try to imitate the smart phone experience without actually being a smart phone. Nintendo knows the Japanese market pretty well, if the NX is a home console which can also take the same games on the go as an effective handheld, then the Japs will probably go crazy for it.

When Nintendo does something that gets a lot of money people copy
When they do crap no one cares

In a decade or so people will look nostalgically back upon games like pokemon go

Fuck off gook.

I am afraid of what games will become in ten years

I am afraid of what I will become in ten years

You are aware this thread is max baiting right?


thank god

But but but, Nintendo was suppose to go Bankrupt! I know this because I read it on an image board!

they got close, and if nintendo reads this burst of cash wrong they might yet.
of course the company will never truly die, the brand name is too big. it'd get bought up and turned in to an abomination. or maybe go full Atari.

Look at this fag. They weren't close. Nintendo could have operated at recent Wii U loss levels for twenty fucking years and survived purely with cash-on-hand.

No sources, no evidence. "LISTEN AND BELIEVE!"

This, and its exactly whats going to happen for decades. It would be a complete surprise if they actually went bankrupt, because they have enough money, while not going completely insane with it, which is what has keep them alive.

It's the funniest thing about the Nintendoom meme to me that these people may or may not legitimately think Nintendo will go down at any point in their lifetimes regardless of how hard they fail

They could have failures, total honest-to-god failures and not "aw fuckuu we onry made five birrion dorrar" failures, for several console generations in a row and not even feel it.

I understand your skepticism, but just look at SquareEnix.

They briefly got into the red for the first time and has gotten back into black for a while now. They have been more stable than Sony.

Hopefully all AAA developers will turn to mobile so videogames become completely niche again that only losers play.

mobile is the future goy! keep buying pokecoins!

Yes but stockholders might want to get the short term profits.

Doesn't that apply to everyone? Also, Nintendo is definitely not leading today video game trends. People want Nintendo to die so they can push more of this.

This isn't anything new, as one journalist once said for the release of Pokemon the first movie, Pokemon is "..just another gear in the mighty Nintendo machine…"

I can recall Yamauchi was at one point the wealthiest man in Japan before he died

Nintendo has proven that their success is NOT a fluke, that is to say, their franchises are money printing franchises. Nintendo just needs to know how to carry them on to newer and newer generations of people and technology, and this isn't always easy.

Bravo Nintendo, you figured out how fucking mobile works, it only took you several fucking years of fence sitting

You're a complete fucking retard m8. The crowd of people into interactive B movies are a niche market. Notice some of the more successful games of the 21st century, like Minecrat, mobile games, and indie titles. The average person NEVER gave a fuck about graphics or story in video games. Movie games are just easier to market because of their cinematic, that's why they are always pushed in your face. I can even recall last generation it was a general consensus "graphics" were relegated only to hardcore games for hardcore gamers

Ok anons, here is the real question
Will you buy the new nintendo phone with pokemon go 2 as a launch title?

It isn't really interactive movies but B movies with generic TPS action e.g.: Uncharted and tLoU both of which get critical acclaim. There is also been a bigger push for dialouge wheels but that is more on the "I hate reading" crowd.


Ok, but I'm waiting for a blog to start collecting data on all freak deaths caused by PokeGo.


It's a pretty strong meme.

It's sad, isn't it?

What is there to defend? We know jack shit about the NX.


you have no idea, user.

they have your social security number, Hillary is using a pokestop, or whatever they are calling it, to make people go to her voting place..and much, much more
visit the pokemon go thread in Holla Forums

they barely even did anything, all they did was get Niantic to reskin Ingress. Niantic is an American company.

People have been praying for nintendo to relese phone games so they won't have to buy their portable consoles and spend money on microtransactions instead.
Seeing how much money some people are able to dump into shitty mobile games, I seriously doubt it will be a bad move for nintendo.
Quality wise "mobile gamers" won't even give a shit. Nintendo could literally release putrid, liquid shit and these retards would just keep dumping money into it because it has the nintendo seal of quality on it.

I hate Nintendo as much as the next guy but using the "it's for kids" argument only shows your own childishness.

That quote doesn't prove your point.

It's over, Nintendo is finished

**On that note, Nintendo will bet hard on mobile now, and the games will be even more casualized from now on.

How did I fuck that spoiler up

Implying they made anything less casual before that.

By being a newfag.

Fear of childishness is itself childish in nature. Someone who doesn't have anything to prove in that regard doesn't need to worry about being thought of as childish.

You shouldn't be afraid to play what you like, at least with regard to demographics. I'm not sure I can say the same about fetishes and shit.

Consider how well their properties did WITHOUT the casuals in it. Now add them. They may bet hard, but chances are that'll work for them. Its more likely that this will end their futile attempts to please the hardcore fanbase.

That is a smart move on itself. Why try to reinvent the whell? Just pick a game that does what you wanted, reskin it for cheap and reap more profits

I don't even own a WiiU or play Pokemon Go

Ingress is more of a tech demo than a game.

Pokemon go is a really nice idea. It's basically the dream game of me 15 years ago, but the implementation is retarded.
The Pokestops are user made, so only where a lot of people are, there are pokestops. And Pokemon only appear where a lot of people are. So if you go in the wilderness, no pokemon for you. And there is also no offline mode.
I know an offline mode could just be used to cheat, but still.
And the worst of all, no pvp. It's just trash.
This will be the next Tamagochi. In a few months, nobody will remember it.

I think people will definitely REMEMBER it, but only with disgust.

Stops aren't user made though, they come off of public maps from anything marked as art and some public facilities.

I wonder how well a game based precisely on standard pokemon mechanics in the same sort of AR as Go (game mechanics mean random encounters btw) would work. Other players would replace trainer battles. Legendaries could be made available at special events (think "pokemon convention"). shops would be microtransaction based.

That is what investers are counting on. The stock was flat for so long I sold what I had last year. Started going up in 2016. Feels kind of bad.

Insane luck. No one could predict fucking 100% rise.

Its a game about people going outside. They had this idea since beginning of pokemon.
Are you retarded? and there are hundred of offline pokemon games
There are kinda is, but not direct. But they promised trading and pvp in updates. Ithink they want to keep game in spotlight with updates and new mechanics.
Everyone remember tamagochi, your sentence is denying itself.
Also raising pokemon and doing this shit will be really good. But all we will have is "throw a ball at a circle". Imagine if instead of "get 3 random items" spots, you will have "get food for ABC types of pokemon". Also a real bike as a reward for pokemon tournament would be great. But all we will have is some cash shop items at best.

It's basically confirmed at this point that Nintendo are going 100% mobile, right?

What does that even mean, they're gonna charge for mods and plagiarise some of them in their dlc?

Thank god I'm white as fuck

Not everyone has 100% reception everywhere. Especially in rural areas. But even if you had reception there, there is nothing, no pokemon, nothing.

I didn't think it would rise this much, but I knew it was insanely undervalued, and I made a calculated wager.

My thoughts were basically. "Every other console manufacturer is basically just a shitty PC, and Nintendo is always trying new ideas for better or worse. If any of the big three survive the dominance of mobile/pc games, it'll be Nintendo."

Wait Pokemons do not spawn in the wild?
And no PvP?

Okay, I had a little bit of hope for the game, because I thought that discovering new places during my hunts would be fun, but this made me completely uninterested in everything.

Any amusing webms of pokefags getting hit by cars in their wild search of pokemen?

If you live in the boonies like me, there will basically be 0 pokemon if you go out for a walk. If you go to a city, there will be like 5 pokecenters with lures within your radius, so you can literlly just sit at your desk and catch pokemon all day.



Jesus Christ.

I suppose you could draw the line at the border of where they recognize the difference between fantasy and reality. Looking at it from a pure societal standpoint, there's no real issue with getting off the furry porn, as it's simply just masturbation in seclusion of your own home. Though, we typically do associate with the fags we call furries as they typically make it a "lifestyle" rather than a fetish.

20 billion 100% price rise in less than 2 weeks.

Nope, wrong. They're absolutely user-made, lifted entirely from the efforts of Ingress players and stripped of the credit they were once given.

Actually, I should also add that the qualifications for an Ingress portal meant that they were more city-oriented, but that this made sense for Ingress in terms of theme and gameplay as well. Not so much for Pokemon.

that is the dumbest pseudo-intellectual circular argument. and throwing the "dislike is fear" card is "homophobia" tier.
childish things are childish because they're made for simple minds. of course an author of children's literature want's to elevate children's things to some magical level.

Thanks Lenovo.

This is dumbest pseudo argument. Go watch football and stop ever drinking milk, because its made for kids! Even more for animal kids! Drinking cow milk makes you a calf.

Why not cash in on this pokemon go hype and use the funds to create more and better first party games for your shitty console?

Video games are for children.


whoever is in that webm, he sounds like a butthurt fag who got BTFOed by some random fuck on the internet. Is he actually complaining in a personal documentary?

I need context here.

What is this fuck, some professional shitposter?

I'm adult enough to call you a child who's trying to act like a parody of an adult.

It's not like you HAVE to do that, you know.

Basically yes, especially about Nintendo, he's falling for the nintendoomed meme since the gamecube, if I'm not mistaken.


You're an idiot. Read what I said again and maybe some day you can make big boy arguments. Here's a big boy hint: I didn't say "liking childish things is wrong."

You heard me

Why are you here?

The argument against you is "no" because you're telling a blatent lie.

If you want something more concrete, explain to me why half the market is targeted towards adults, and why vidya is the largest grossing entertainment industry?

What, do you think all that cash comes from parents buying it for their kids?

It's the same argument as saying animation is for kids.

Try that argument a few more times, it will sure make you older by a couple of precious minutes that will make you even older and therefore righter.

leave my autismsims alone, dad!

that animation is for children, depressed russian children.

I'm older than I care to be, and still rightier than you. are you going to make a counter or keep writing your name on the wall in shit?

Everyone is wrong and you are right.

everyone, now? uncomfortable being alone as an idiot?

Why work on strong games when you can put that time in to make more weak mobile games and make millions?

Took the bike home from work.

Everywhere. Every single place I go, people are playing this shit.

I have never seen anything like this in my life.

Toddlers, little kids of both genders, high school kids, uni students, business men in fancy suits, middle-aged families… I have again, never seen anything like this, ever.

Almost ran into some little girl who screamed about "I WANT AN EEVEE" in the middle fo the road without watching. Fuck this gay earth.

Sounds like a child's argument to me.

Because the people working there like good video games?


i hate modern day nintendo and i detest mobile gaming, but i'm loving what pokemon go is doing. everything from idiots getting hit by cars because they're too stupid to look up from their phones to a cancerous mobile industry losing money because someone finally put out nostalgia bait that's interesting for more time than it takes you to take a dump.

Do the stock holders making decisions like good video games?

that would be nice if a good number of phone companies dropped off the face of the earth, one positive Pokemon Go will do for the game industry.

This makes me hope Go will continue on, i much prefer a single microtransaction-fest that a whole market built around it

Best mobile game ever?


People buy into stupid fads: News at 11

Pokémon Go is not that unique of an event for Pokémon in general. Just enjoy the spaghetti that this app has unleashed into the world.

Everyday I read about pokemon go and it's usually good news. God exists and he's answering our prayers.


I don't want to live on this planet anymore

Nintendo doesn't operate on logic anymore. God knows what they'll do next

inb4 they make a phone to retain hardware exclusiveness.

Man its like I went back to 2006 with the Play station move

It means Nintendo is going to make at least one, potentially two, quality games. Pokemon Go is proof he's wrong and that there is zero possibility of that ever happening.

We should get this man a fucking Nobel prize.

Wow, what do you use that for? To call your friends? Get the fuck out, normalfags.

It's already worse. People look back fondly on FFVII and later entries. Madness.

Digits confirmed. Nintendo is going the way of EA.

Although this game is fucking fantastic when it comes to shitting on a cuck's day.

They're not my friends

Fucking normalfags

Nintendo is no where near death as a company, but they are practically dead to the core audience.

Good for Nintendo on their success, but I don't care for Nintendo or their IPs since they only care for gimmicks and the casual audience.

So theoretically I could download Ingress and place seven hundred pokestops near my house if I so chose?

Imagine if it was a game with actual content to it. The mobile industry would be dead period already.

Good, there can only be 10 topdogs in that market let them kill themselves off.

This game makes literally over a BILLION DOLLARS A DAY

Well, if anything it has shown me that nintendo's loyalty is to the shekel and being good goyim for the NSA. Fuck nintendo. They deserve everything that is coming to them.

You mean money, money and more money?

Only if they stick with Pokemon mobile games. The reason this is so successfuly is because people are actually doing what they always wanted and living the dream. If a company could get proper lightsaber duels they'd be swimming in just as much dosh.

No, their stocks do, dumbass

How fucking many threads do we need about Nintendo's stock

I think a lot of this is a wild over-valuation. Besides the the property that they half-own being licensed to someone else, they have an ailing Wii U business and handhelds that continue to struggle against more capable mobile devices. I'm sure the Mariners are making good money, but a small-market American League team isn't a major component of their business.