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Are those nikes?


I'm ok with this.


That's so Raven!



oh fuck its black ibuki. she even has that thigh reveal.


niggers, yes we all get it

Are those assless chaps like SFV's BR slut?

you want REAL niggaz?

I wanna cum on those nipples.

What the fuck man? I'm not even surprised or disgusted, just disappointed.

make the eyes bigger, give it manhands and add about 3 more unnecessary lights and you'd have yourself an overwatch character.

Imagine taking one of these natives and taking them to the first world. would be hilarious and quite interesting to see them.

+ despite the hair that girl is quite cute looking, I want to have sex with her.

is that mud used to simulate real hair?

theres hair coming out at the ends, so the clay probably just keeps it bundled like that

What the heck are those pants, and why I the fabric floating?

The hair is nasty, but those nips are top fucking notch.

I dunno lol.

I'm ready for hot tribal monkey-on-monkey action.

Throw her in the kiln, she's almost pottery.

*unsheathes ninjato*
*tosses kunai*
*drops smoke bomb*
*Pyo To Sha Kai Jin Retsu Zai Zen*

Tekken already had a perfectly good kunoichi.
And I owe Capcom a apology. Laura's hair isn't the worst thing ever.
I don't know what the fuck is up with Namco but they need to fire whoever's coming up with the shitfest that is T7 character designs. Immediately.

Fuck off gook.


So does she replace Raven or are they both in the game?


Replaces him.

Sauce ?

I wanna culturally enrich her tribal ass with my white dick.


Into the gas chamber with you.

They're hakama. Very baggy pants with deep side slits, typically worn by shrine maidens and very traditional martial artists. Usually the hips stay covered by an underlying kimono, but Ibuki's a female ninja and as we all know female ninja are the sluttiest mammals known to man.


The fucking Brownwashing gotta stop!
Just look at that bone structure, this is clearly a white woman with deadlocks and her skin turned shit brown.

The tits are nice, shame about everything else.

how the fuck is there no data for that one face of the skull when there's one right next to it?

To be honest, that last guy looks just like completely European bum who lives near my house

HOLY SHIT niggers are animals

Do you have brain damage OP
Raven was in tekken since 2004
Now it's what I assume either his master/relative/brain in a different body/brain in a cyborg body
You know, it's a fighting series where you can fight as a fucking bear or as a velociraptor.

Slav, actually

good question tbh.

but user all humans are animals.

Don't forget the Training dummy and kangaroo





you motherfucker


They did a good job of actually making the hair look as disgusting as these nigger hair styles do in real life. The look of "dreadlocks" or whatever the fuck those greasy ropes of tangled, unwashed hair are called makes me want to puke.

What is it with nigger-lovers liking these greasy hair-ropes?

of all the body's you could chose to put your brain into why chose a negroid?

Niggers have better athletic abilities in exchange for non-functional brains.
If you get rid of the brain, you get a good body for a ninja.

Is this pandering to dindus or tranys?

I personally would've gotten customizations though. Change the face and skin but otherwise keep everything from the neck down.

But male Raven's design actually looks pretty cool. This design for this female nig-ninja looks like shit. I guess it's moreso a problem of changing male characters to female for no reason, so the "WE WUZ" joke doesn't really work, since that implies it's an issue of changing a white character into a black one.

The have better cardio, but caucacians beat them in phisical strenght, chec the strongman copetitions. Nogs are just good for running

It's fit, it kicks peoples asses and strikes fear into an enemy's heart. You can't be feared with today's cuckasian bodies.

Wasnt Raven training that girl or something? I barely remember shit

The thing is, a ninja wouldn't need to be as strong. They just need to have good fucking cardio, and enough strength to lift your own bodyweight. Which isn't really that tough, pull-ups are pretty simple with some training.

Plus, unless he smiles, he could blend in with the darkness a lot easier.

the resemblance is uncanny

It must suck to train every muscle in your body for years to have it replaced with cyborg metal scrap

What's up wiht ninjas always cyberising themselves?

Master Raven has too many decepticon shrapnel slapped all over her. Basically being too overdesigned which is a problem with a lot of the tekken redesigns

being able to run long distances doesn't essentially mean they are all round better athletes. Nigger typically suck at Gymnastics. Just watching the Olympics dispels the myth that they are universally superior at all athletics. More importantly is a cybernetic shell. The Improved athletism can come in any color, why pic the ascetically worst looking color?

maybe both

How the fuck do they color their skin like that, let alone braiding
the hair red?

Sounds perfect for a ninja

Clay you dummy.


mud/clay, probably
they have a lot of it, and little else

There are dozens of sub-species of Africans. The ones brought over to the West weren't picked for intelligence or aesthetics, but because they looked pretty brawny. Also, that's clay you fucking faggot.

+15% on Hide in Shadows rolls.

Those puffy nipples though, I'd pull it.

This character is actually awesome. I wanted to talk about it in the FGC thread but there isn't one right now and I don't have the pasta.

Raven was blade and that was cool. This is Raven's superior which is cool. I guess Raven is a class in their organisation and they don't use actual names.


Bitch is fine. Man I wish Tekken wasn't so fucking slow at coming out on home platforms. Need this shit on my computer.

Bob is meh.

Another waste of character slot.


Its like a real life slime girl

this is literally a mud person, it crawled out of the African muck to take up space in your section 8 housing


Harada specifically said that Master Raven is a different person, Raven's superior

but user, we must colonise africa, without white seeds how will they ever improve?

I sense alotta stormfront salt in this Holla Forums stealth thread pls keep crying

The lack of biology literacy by average Holla Forumstards is stunning. Do you even know what classifies as a "sub-species"? If you sat down and thought about it for more than 5 seconds rather than read every meme image Holla Forums throws at you, you might be able to tell. Do you know what genotypes are? Do you know what phenotypes are? Do you know what morphology is?

Are whites with blue eyes a different species than whites with green eyes? Are blacks with brown hair a different species than blacks with black hair? Don't be retarded.

Educate yourself: archive.is/hdcJB
Here's a scientific peer-reviewed journal. So If you REALLY care about truth, ditch the ADHD long enough to read something that has more text than a tweet for once in your life, don't give into confirmation bias ("I won't click on that because it doesn't agree with me!"), blow the conspiracy theories out of your ass ("I BET A JEW WROTE THIS!!1") and read a fucking article, nigger.





so that chart is saying that africans are 10% more likely to have only 2 PCs? while everyone else have only 1 PC? i though niggers were poor.

Is this what the K'angz and Wewuz of Egypt did to make them look like red people rather than niggers?

Really? Go pick up a National Geographic or something. This shit ain't new or rare.

I wonder who's behind this post.


they're not niggers, they're a fictional race


double nigger

What ever helps you sleep at night lol


I understand your sentiment user.

But she has dreadlocks.

Only for sprinting. Whites absolutely dominate in all strength fields like stronglifting and olympic lifting, also in endurance.

She's an American Nazi. But since you're whining.

They're often good a javelin, or rather something similar.

Why would jews give a shit about blacks?

No? Javelin throw is dominated by Nordics as well. Whites have better upper body strength, negroes have better leg explosive strength.

Just look at Olympic medals for Javelin throw.


The Roman Salute wasn't the only salute they used. Methinks it was much more common in Italy though, so hell, maybe there are some pictures of nigge- I mean sicilians who do it right.

Yeah wtf, its almost exclusively won by Nordic and Germanic.

Good society destroyers, inn'ay?

It was a spearchucker joke you plump dumpling.

He's calling them spear-chuckers, user.


thy did not always use the Bellamy salute however she still is doing it wrong. Because the alternative was an with palm forward similar to pic related.



You know, I am not normally a tit man, but that pretty hot.
If it wasn't on a tribal fuck, I might want to do it.
But tribal fuckers should all burn, you ask me. I refuse to consider anyone content to live squalor without improving truly human.

All that matters is that they are better at fighting games than crackers.

But a ninja wouldn't need to stick out like a sore thumb during the day, nor would he need to be an endurance runner.


What is race honestly? What is a nigger? What am I doing with my life?

you may be right, i feel like the biggest downfall of nogs is their upbringing. they are raised to be difficult. when a niglet is being civil his parents will pull him to the side and chastise him for such white behavior.
im not making this up either, its really quite sad

No matter what anybody thinks about the true intellectual potential of niggers, it's proven by examples of Freeman, Obama or deGrasse Tyson that they can be at the very least brought up in a way that they behave just like white people.

Watchu kno bout dem Jordans nigga? smh fam erry real nigga kno ninjas be usin dem Jordans

except Obama hates the fuck out of white people and is a shameful coward. he's about as black as a politician can get without sounding like a black preacher.

Honestly guys… I've fantasized about xenomorphs, yautja, monster girls, traps…
A bit of muddy titties doesn't seem too bad, it's not like she's a nigger or anything, she's just African.

TFW whites are better spearchuckers than nigs.