SJW developers make a good game. Pic related

SJW developers make a good game. Pic related.

You know if you buy it, you're funding bullshit on the industry. You also realize that you're funding good work and innovation in an increasingly homogenous industry.

What do?

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Buy good games, pirate all others.


Fuck off shill


Pirating kills the developer financially. Those that have the money will continue pumping bad titles.

Fuck off shill

But that's not a good game
It's painfully shallow, the dungeons all act in a similar fashion, the devs actively try to purge fun builds from the game in the name of "muh difficulty"

Why do their politics matter if it does not shove them down your throat in the game?

Well then, I tried coming up with an example. You can take the situation as an hypothetical. What would you do?


If you like it, pay for it. If you don't, at least you didn't pay for it.

Unless they're truly independent, the publisher makes all the money on the sale and then maybe gives some to the developer, not to mention the developer is paid up front for developing.

All that piracy does is reduce what the publisher receives, and considering they're more often to blame for truly shitty changes to games, that's not a bad thing.

If these devs wanted to make money, they wouldn't put their controversial opinion into a game.

Have any of you realized after buying IKEA furniture that since IKEA is Swedish, and all Swedes are SJWs, that you've indirectly supported SJWs by buying their chairs, and then threw their SJW-propaganda fueled chairs out of the windows?

Do your part supporting the furniture industry. Do not support the ideologues ruining furniture.

It had potential, had.
The devs decided to go down the lel so hard masochistic xDDD route instead of making an actually good game, so now we have a grindy piece of shit where the devs lurk the forums so they nerf all FOTM party compositions.

Do you like the game, OP?
Is it at a low enough price for you to be worth it?
This is your choice, nigger. You know Holla Forums will tell you not to buy almost anything, because we're a bunch of poorfags, misers, and pirates.

So it's not fun because it's hard?

I had plenty of fun with Dwarf Fortress.


Yeah just ignore the posts and cherrypick just one thing that was said.
Why don't you go play it yourself?

Yea, I know that. But unfortunately my own choice is viewed as controversial, and I'm trying to see what is the opinion this community has on this stance. Simple as that.

The problem with DD isn't that it's hard, but that it doesn't increase the challenge in any meaningful way, since every dungeon ultimately plays the same, in the end. Your first dungeon run will be the same as your last, except the enemies will have more health and do more damage.

But I haven't played in months, so maybe they addressed that.

Why do you give a fuck what Holla Forums thinks?

while we're at it

I like the art style: it reminds of the Jonah Hex motion comics that WB made.

I was led to believe that it would be a Diablo clone, though, because those have more in common with Rogue than turn-based RPGs like Final Fantasy.

IKEA supports racemixing

I have about 80 hours on it. Though I agree with in that it has gone to the shit quickly.

Let's just say my job must take into account what gaming communities think on this matter.

They still make recent oatches for small bugfixes for Darkest Dungeon, so the project isnt totally closed yet.
I am desperately hoping they will release a modding tool or do a suprise and make a dlc/update anouncment giving moar content.

Dwarf fortress was a simulation. You had fun in the million and one ways you could lose that game, each distinct and each telling a different story. People still talk about Boatmurdered and Headshoots, and nobody will ever have that exact game experience happen to them ever again.

There is only one way you can lose in DD, and that's by having a party member die to a big guy's attack. Everyone will have that experience at least once while playing.

Okay, unrelated question, why the fuck isn't the reply box coming up when I click a post number?

I'm getting it too, Codemonkey fucked up.

Also more pirate webms

Sixty and a half niggers.



A SJW is a fairly specific thing user, you need to back that shit up.

in b4 he whines about the negress


Like I said, fuck off shill


Do you actually believe that?

If a game bombs, how the hell are they going to get their funding for more titles




I get where you're coming from, but at the same time, Dontnod has gotten funding for a third game even after Remember Me and Life Is Strange.

IKEA is overpriced garbage furniture anyway. Though cheap enough for poors to be able to buy.

Anyway store sucks and I still can't believe everyone made such a big deal about the one opening in Vegas. It was just as bad White Castle. Now those are some of the shittiest fucking burgers I ever had.

sell their asses on the street like the every other whore?


Pirate it, just like everything else.


Fuck off shill

Life Is Strange did surprisingly well, actually.

Holla Forums pls go.

Purging SJWs is more important than anything else. inb4 "SEE YOU'RE JUST LIKE SJWS" and no it doesn't work that way.


Subnautica. Though from what I hear it's just one of them and he's just anti-gun.


I blame the episodic business model. I also blame them for introducing Squenix to the episodic model, and giving them the idea to maximum overjew the new Hitman and FF7 games.



I liked what DD was, a fun little time waster on the train. What exactly was so SJW about it? Something in a new patch? Haven't played in months.

you can at least try and be amusing while doing it , you won't achieve much but at least you may entertain someone even if it is by accident

most customers who are buying games are either dweebs or normalfags,
thanks to saturated market this is how it works.


Industry has a cost of X to keep running. They also need to pay Y taxes and have a profit of Z to maintain their economical growth.

They produce product A and expect the results of the sales from product A to be able to pay for X, Y and Z.

If you don't buy product A, industry cannot pay for X, Y and Z and must close, thus stopping production of future products.

Yeah, we know. So what?

So if you pirate instead of supporting the developer he won't be able to financially survive.

Let's say 5% of the people who pirated it will buy the game if the game is good enough. At the same time, half of that same 5% won't do it because the developers are SJWs. That small fraction may mean the difference between a game that turns profitable or in the red. I'm arguing semantics here; the claim "1 pirate = 1 less copy sold" is BS, but it's undeniable that a small fraction of the people who buy the game did it because of first interactions through pirating.


uhhh, i think he thinks that piracy doesn't kill the dev.

Why are you still trying to convince him? He's either a troll or the kind of person who never buys games and complains when the inevitable happens.

Because it's fun to poke at the retard and see him flail about.

Also, nice binary get

What makes you think I complain when companies I don't care about fail? That's just silly.

what companies do you care about, user?

I don't care about companies or people. Only results.

Are you quite sane?

too bad the results can't be made out of thin air, right?

There are a shitton of socio-anarchists in this board that complain about companies pumping bad titles over and over and having overjew economical practices are killing the industry, but once someone comes with an alternative, they refuse to support them.

If you're not ready to give a chance to an alternative to the current practices of the market, you're not entitled to complain about the current state of things. Whenever I respond to commie retards like this who think pirating has zero financial impacts and have no understanding whatsoever on how businesses are ran ( ), I'm not responding to him. I'm responding to anyone who will see this thread. Whoever is right or wrong is up to them to decide.

I'm making up my points. His responses are "lmao" and pointing fingers.

If a SJW developer doesn't shoehorn progressive politics into their games, I find it very difficult to care about what they spew on social media in either official or unofficial capacities. Oh no, they don't agree with me on a sociopolitical level!

If they make a solid game that interests me and is worth buying a thoroughly debatable issue even disregarding politics then I will buy it. I don't play the social media righteousness game, I play video games.

So? A game is something made by a team, which is very nebulous. A company can have the perfect team and make a stellar game, and another team can immediately release a steaming turd right afterwards. A person can reach their full potential with a good team, but when you cut them loose, they fall to pieces, or worse, they get sick of the horrible industry altogether and leave, never to come back.
It's been happening since the 80's, and it's not going to stop anytime soon. Never have faith in one company or person, because you will be let down.

It's not even hard - the only meaningful challenge is caused by RNG (since an array of successive critical strikes can fuck you no matetr what's your preparation, and there's no way to prevent that). It's so much RNG that the "strategies" in this gave always revolved through trying to smooth the consequences of bad RNG, even if that involved getting a less optimal build.

Besides, the game gets boring very quickly. I played turn-based RPGs that were harder and didn't get as boring so fast (like the old Phantasy Star games). I'm glad I pirated DD, mostly because I uninstalled it after a while, but then I didn't know that the developers were SJWs. Go figure.

Last I heard they keep removing fun in favor of autistic balance when it isn't even multiplayer.

says who?

No. It's just designed to fuck you in everway possible, it's purposefully unfair and any viable build has been nerfed into the ground by the devs because they don't want people to have fun. It's fucking shit

Also, OP, are you EVER going to explain what makes Dankest Dungeon an SJW game? People have been asking you all thread, and yet you keep talking about piracy instead, almost like that was your intention all along.

No, I liked it too at first, but it's terrible. Don't be fooled by the atmosphere or the art.
Always pirate. People who care about games dont care about sales.

The intention is to spark the debacle of the possibility of developers pushing up a bad agenda in a fun game. Darkest Dungeon came to mind because of this:

I've played it through 80 hours and had some fun in the earlier builds, but the more the devs updated it, the more it went down the shitthole. So I decided to browse what happened, and found this thread on Voat.

You can completely disregard the example as a good game, make it an hypothetical. Supporting a developer making a good game is a good way to support changes to the market; but what if the developer himself pushes SJW bullshit (inside or outside the game itself).

How the fuck are devs going to make good games if they don't get paid?

The op screams bait. why are you (

It is a really trash game. Literally a Hallway Crawler, actual Dungeon Crawlers and Roguelikes are way better. The artstyle isn't even that good

you didn't know user?
devs are nothing
you should not idolize a man

I just thought he was retarded, and not intentionally stirring shit up for no reason. That's what I get for giving him the benefit of a doubt.

Is this a joke, or are you very young and sheltered? I'm talking about art, not products or content.
Not everyone is greedy, some just love the act of creation. Money is a distraction. How can you make a good game/book/film/painting while focused on money?

I remember this guy. He made an ass of himself on RPGcodex screaming about this game.

Pics or it didn't happen m8.

It just feels slightly guilty not only putting mone into someone's pockets and giving them a voice, but also enjoying something knowing the guy who made it is probably a smug douchebag who drinks coffee while wearing a fedora and talks like pretentious pseudo intellectual fuck.

Obv I try my best to separate creators from creations. I like David Bowie even though he was probably a rabid SJW and would likely vote for Hilary I'd he was still alive. I like Chris Avellone even if he follows LWu, Sarkeesian, and Zoe Quinn on shitter. And I like Avatar even though the creators made the Tumblr shit fest that was Legend of Korra.

Then we're talking about two different matters here.

Artwork is one of the pieces of a game. I was mentioning your quote about "People who care about games don't care about sales".

Your argument makes no sense. There are people who make a living out of the things they like doing. If you cannot financially make anything out of a hobby, you're not going to do much. There are rare exceptions to this rule, but it doesn't make itself the standard.

David Bowie never took the time to actively shit on other people for any reason. That sets him apart from your traditional SJW, along with other factors like actually being talented.

If piracy kills companies then why is nintendo still alive? Checkmate moralfags.

All I see is shit about review botting.

Are they starting to come to their senses, or are they just suppressing their power level? I know that the #1 religious belief of SJWs is that everybody is a winner in all things all the time.

Bowie seemed like the kind of guy who wouldn't care about this shit, about neither side. Not to mention that he was from a completely different generation and his views would be seen as conservative from SJWs.
Hell, I remember when he died tons of articles tried to sweep him under the bus for doing that nazi salute in the 70s even though it looked like a generic wave at the crowd.

Was it a nazi salute, or was it the fact that he had sex with an underage girl? Because I remember the latter being huge in the news.

This is what I do- but if on their social media/"public persona" they are on a soapbox screaming that shit, I drop it.

What's your job, OP? That would be a more interesting discussion than this entire thread and maybe we could even help you if you actually were honest about that.

Who cares?
And I say this to it's full extent. If a Dev made a game about punching demons while moving at ridiculous speed and it amused people for several hours, do you actually think anyone would care or even notice if the demons were representing right-wing politics?

If "agendas" are the first or the most important aspect people notice about your game, it's a shit game. It means that all the gameplay and the story and the art is less relevant to the game than the agenda. This is why Dragon Age CISquisition got the reviews it got, because being fully-gay was a more important part of the game than saving Ferelden from the demons.

Darkest Dungeon is somewhat fun until you played a few hours and in none of that time does an "agenda" crop up at all. At least as far as anyone can see, apparently.
Why should anyone care at all what views or opinions the author holds? If they don't seep into the game, it doesn't matter. You aren't funding a game that's pushing an agenda, you are funding a game that could have pushed an agenda and didn't.

You can even sum this entire "debacle" with house-breaking pets. Sure, your cat pisses every now and then, all cats do. But as long as he doesn't do it all over the place, it's all good. Let SJWs post their ramblings on Tumblr (their sandbox) and as long as whatever they make isn't infused with their bullshit, I'm not gonna spray water on them.

Rami is one of the most cancerous SJWs out there, I found out after I had already bought the game. I never would have guessed it was made by an SJW.

You mean Twitter? Facebook? Tumblr?
Why are you even looking at those things? Why do you even have an account there or lurk those places at all?

All social media is just one big ball room where everyone dresses in ways they never do normally and behave in the most strange ways that they normally don't.
Of course they are PC there, it's the dress code.
Of course they defend minorities there, it's the party's theme.
But if you're gonna judge or even care about people because of a metaphorical highschool prom night, you're just that creepy faggot looking from outside through a window when you could be back home playing vydia.

It's better to bar the doors of the ballroom and light it on fire from outside, rather than trying to peek through the window.

I like the way you think.

He also complained about a huge lack of black representation in music and some people theorize that Blackstar is about niggers who did u nuffin.

Anyway people think ithat line is about cops shooting blacks for no reason and that Bowie is saying that his replacement is going to be an under-represented minority.

I think there might be another interpretation, but I can definitely see the dindu thing being what he was talking about.

it they are assholes, and you don't want to pirate, 'soft boycott' works; buying after some time and a discount price hurts the publisher financially, as it should



I'm tired of typing shit on mobile

I see his blackstar line as him simply accepting that his time is over. In the video he's in his deathbed.
I cannot see anyone taking Bowie's place in terms of charisma.

At the end of the day, I'm interested in good games. In my experience,hamfisted political soapboxing and good gameplay are ,for all intents and purposes, mutually exclusive. I cannot think of a game that has both. Furthermore, the serious ideologues seem to be incapable of refraining from browbeating you this way, so as far as I'm concerned, they're incapable of making good games.

[email protected]/* */

Well Earth fits 3 of those categories, is god an SJW?

Yes, Carrie is always a good alternative. Burning them is certainly much better than just paying attention to them.

Crash Bandicoot and Spyro are untold tales about some minority?
Fallout 1 is about losing your "vault priviledge"?
Any non AAA game is SJW, of course. How could we have missed that.

For activism shit.

But yeah, your metaphor kind of hammers home how some people are pressured into it.

Why would I want to support someone that spineless tho?

Kind of.

If it's quirky in the modern day, it was probably made by some mentally deficient homosexual art school reject who thinks replacing substance with "weirdness" makes up for his lack of talent.

Post-apocalyptic shit is similar, in that leftists use it as mental masturbation for finally being able to "reset" society and install their glorious "everyone is equal" utopia while also bitching about how bad violence and guns are.

As for the race thing? Curry niggers, Americanised ones at least, are notoriously SJW from my experience.

Nobody will ever give you a good reason to do that.

pretty soon it's gonna be all 4 categories since Pokemon GO is making people so quirky

At the rate he kills african kids with AIDS? He's drinking buddies with Hitler!

Not gonna censor how you want to spend your time, it's certainly more noble than me playing videogames.
But the only activism that's really needed is just not buying shit games or even talking about them. You know very well the whole Gamergate think would never have gotten out of hand if people didn't gave Anita or any of the LW any attention…

Who said anything about supporting the guy? You're supporting his work, the game he made and that you like (provided you actually like it).
He's no different than a whore you pay to suck your dick. Bitch's probably gonna spend the money on crack and you funded it. Does it matter to you? Hell no, you got your dick sucked for 10$ and you'll be coming tomorrow for the same deal as long as she doesn't bite.

Consider this "dev conditioning". You give them cash when they make good games, you don't give them when they force politics on them. They aren't smart people but I'm sure at some point the monkeys will end up learning how to get the peanuts from you.


stupid lefty tards will ALWAYS cram some sort of preachy bullshit in to games no matter what. Darkest Dungeon tries to be "sly" about everyone being equal.

So this is a pro pirate argument he is making?

I've never bought a game I've pirated, regardless of how much I may have played and enjoyed it and there are millions of cunts like me out there. Your strawman in this situation is rather ridiculous, but I think you've used it because you're an insecure teenager, but the reality of the situation is that if a game doesn't require being tied to an online connection to play it fully, it will lose sales to people who would are willing to pay for the game but pirate instead because it costs them vastly less.

Enjoy your memes and being an intellectually dishonest; whatever helps you feel better about yourself, you insufferable little self entitled prick. At least some of us are capable of a little honesty.

It's more about online-only. I gotta go webm something about piracy

I won't buy or play Darkest Dungeon♂ because of the balance changes made to pander to the "muh hardcore gayming" audience.

You know what? Here's a little guide for you.

the developer is dead
the original members have left the dev team
the publisher killed the developer
the publisher is making stupid decisions

example: Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

the dev has limited their audience to make a game that you will enjoy
the dev will die without your financial support
the publisher and dev are honest

example: Serious Sam


But this game is shit. It's designed to force you into a very long grindfest that is so painfully tedious you end up hating yourself for wasting your time in such a terrible way. Whenever the RNG fucks with you (and it will), you don't lose currency or something like that, you lose hours, hours that you will have to invest grinding more and more of the same boring monsters. The game isn't hard, it's designed to be a tedious grindfest because of its lack of depth and simplistic combat, as long as wasting dozens of hours doing the same shit is ok for you, the game ain't hard.

Good on you, I have. Don't presume everyone acts like you.

That game gets SHIT after 3-4 hours, doing the same shit over and over with 0 progression




it's like someone complaining that literally any JRPG ever is hard. no, you just have to grind more.

No, Lazarus was the deathbed video.

Blaclstar was that creepy one where's he's in that goblin city and dancing around in some guys attic.

I don't Blackstar was about his death as much as it was his legacy. In fact, I think the term "Blackstar" refers to two things:

Either way, I'm not convinced Bowie was an SJW, but he was probably a lefty. And I mean socially and politically.

Brilliant !!!

Let your dick make the thinking for you now and then later when you will have plenty of time on your hands you can start wondering why does your dick feel itchy , why does it burn when you pee and whether that fleshy appendage that fell on the bathroom floor when you whipped your dick out to take a piss is something that you actually will need in future and whether or not getting your dick wet was worth the whole trouble just because you didn't give enough of a shit in whose hole you stuck it in

This is the simplest situation.

I give my money to people who want to sell me things I like. I can not give my money to anyone for any single reason I want, because nobody is entitled to my money.

I don't shop at a few local businesses simply because they hire illegals for a few dollars a day, preferring to wait for shipments. I don't shop anywhere with bad customer service. I don't eat at restaurants that goof up orders, whether or not they fix it afterwards. I avoid the closest grocery store because I personally know about 30% of their staff, and I don't like them. I'm certainly not going to give money to someone who spends their free time on the internet telling people like me that we need to be shot in our homes because, well, I don't quite know why, but apparently I'm "fucking kidding" them.

People who insist that you should give money to people despite everything else sound just like single mothers who complain about men who turn them down because they have kids, often berating them for not being "real men" and various other petty insults.

Again - there is exactly one person who dictates how you spend your own hard-earned cash, and it's you. If you want to give them money, go ahead, but never feel like your reason for not paying up is illegitimate. Your reasons might make you a complete fag, but they will never be wrong.

OP isn't here to talk about actually buying games, he's here to air his "controversial opinions" and he wants to see what we think of it. For his job.

This reads 100% like a drone worker shilling for a game or trying to sway opinion on the (((SJW topic))).

How are the DD devs SJW I didn't even really like it I just want to know

What do you mean with this? That all classes are viable? That gender doesn't affect your stats?
Cause that's gameplay decisions the devs make for the sake of the game, not politics.

The whole premise is flawed, and yet, this thread hasn't been sage'd to death. 8/10 bait, not subtle enough, but still very good.

Stop shilling

Nobody gives a fuck about you, and the game is fucking boring garbage.

Once again, I implore OP to check my digits.


I think the wheelman ate my webm

Post apoc setting used to be denigrated as a weird, Red Dawn+zombies+gun nuts fantasy setting. With a not so subtle accusation from the leftards that it's akshually codified racism. Fast forward a bit and shit like zombies became hugely popular again. And leftists now wants to claim the post apoc setting? Well fuck their bullshit, regressives retards always tries to hijack something when it becomes popular, and claimed it was theirs all along.



Idiot. By your logic, all mass effect and dragon age games are terrible SJW tripe that nobody should buy.

The same shit happened in both franchises. First game was a decent installment that had neat gameplay although not very chalenging and an interesting story with a whole new world to know.
Second was just Side Quest: the Main Quest with nothing really important happening except relationship pandering. This was the point where things changed and people noticed.
Third game was JUST the relationship thing going full-gay with a terrible story and even worse gameplay attached to it.

Now, you'll excuse me if I think people should buy the first one, pirate the second and ignore the third. Because the first one is a good dick sucking, the second actually bites and the third has a Dentata.

OR we could be paranoid freaks like you and completely ignore both trilogies despite the first game in them actually being decent.

Pirate SJW games you fucking retard

Gentlemen, I give you capitalism.
If you can't get your customers to exchange currency for your product and everything that comes with it, go fuck yourself.

And that's just the supports.

I've been playing and kinda noticed that. There are a few exceptions, but it's probably one of the bigger problems with the game. I bought it and have been having fun ever since, however. The darkest dungeon runs have also been super difficult for me! I don't know what makes the Devs themselves SJWs, but the game seems pretty free of SJW stuff to me.
inb4 someone cites every single female character fighting or doing anything in the game as SJW

Except in most of the examples you gave, most of that shit affects the final quality of the product you bought. A waiter screwing your orders gets you a shitty meal, illegal workers means shit quality, bad customer support means in case of a bad product you're stuck with it.

The whole "I know 30% of their staff and I don't like them, so I won't buy there" reeks of cathy shit. If you have an equally good alternative, by all means go there instead.
But if you're going out of your way to buy the same shit far away when you could just get it there, you're an idiot. They are employees, not your friends. Why does their personality matter at all?

Except they are single mothers because they're most likely fucked up. The quality of the product is shoddy already and they bring extra problems with them as well.

Apples and Oranges. If a game does not have a political agenda on it and it's actually fun, how does the author wearing a fedora every day impact in any way the game at all?

People complaining about the author's political views when playing their game sound a lot like they don't actually like videogames, they just want to support their spokesperson, as if a videogame company was a political party and you're voting for your next senator.


It's more complicated than that. See, here's the deal.
You need those specific currencies for upgrades and you need to visit some of the harder dungeons to get a good amount of them.
However, the upgrades you buy with those currencies are tied to a hero since they are skills and equipment.
But since heroes can get bad traits from being fucked over in the dungeon, you'll grind currency with "hero fodder" while keeping a full stack of 4 heroes getting ready for serious spelunking.
These guys will also only grind low-level dungeons to make sure they don't get fucked in the head.

HOWEVER, even with the skills and the equipment, your odds of succeeding are still pretty low. If you have 30% odds of winning with that team, that just means you'll have to make a total of 3 teams to win the game, with each team being a constant grind of shitty easy dungeons by your OP squad and harder, though dungeons with your unoptimized freak show of "hero fodder".

In an even simpler way, you can reduce an entire run to how likely you are to win and extrapolate how many times you'll have to do it to actually win and multiply for every single time you have to go to a dungeon to win the game.
So if you have 20% of making it out alive of a dungeon and there's 5 dungeons to clear and you want to clear each one 5 times, that's 125 runs.

But that was a positive point for Capitalism.
If you can't give me a good reason to give you money, fuck off and do a better job.

Shit I misreadthe post.




You do not spend heirlooms on hero specific upgrades. Managing bad traits comes down to letting benign ones become cemented while paying to remove horrid ones. Your advice for managing the roster is a little bad, it's unwise to put all your eggs in a 4 hero basket. As for a 20-30% win chance, that's just bad strategy, you are way more likely to come out on top with the right combination of traits, equipment, party synergy and artifacts. Not to mention town events that might give you an edge. I'll admit, sometimes it can be a little Grundy and RNG can (rarely) fuck you, but knowing when to commit, when to value the life of a party member over the completion bonus for a mission and just general knowledge of the game can reduce your grind times substantially and virtually ensure the survival of party members in most situations. I think you just need to refine your strategy, should you decide to try this game again.

How to spot a libcuck. Please fuck right back off.

SJW developers make a good game. Pic related.

I don't like Holla Forums but Holla Forums is even worse in every way imaginable

except dankest dungeon isn't any good

i mean, it was great at first, but then they just started patching out every viable strategy and adding total bullshit rng enemies because "lol half ur party's gonna die THIS IS HELL ARE YOU HAVING FUN YET". i like hard games but this one is unfair and arbitrary and feels like a giant "fuck you"


If someone really wants to make a game, they'll make a game. I'm not going to lose sleep over soulless corporations and sellouts going broke.

Posting Milo is the best way to oust Holla Forumstards.

Wait what the fuck is wrong with the DD devs? When did they do something "SJW" related?


I sure do love this.
Its a perfect example of how low Holla Forums has fallen.
They have been accused of being a circle jerk hug box (which is true) so instead of making arguments to show the opposite they make a strawman, something the left loves to do in their comics.
Ironic they end up making an argument against themselves.

My bad, I haven't played in a while. It's coins you actually spend for those, right? However they still require quite a lot to fully equip a hero.

RNG dependant. You don't make strategies with that, they just happen
draining more coin from you, preventing you from buying upgrades.
At a certain point, you'll realize it's easier to let all the heroes with bad traits die and make sure your Fantastic Four aren't put in situations where they can even gain those traits. Much more cost efficient.

You put them in a basket and when that basket is horribly tentacled raped, you make a new basket. That's how the game is best played.
You can try to keep everyone well equipped but you'll keep running out of coin, only to see your heroes still getting wipe after wipe. Best to pool your efforts and resources into a single party that actually stands a chance and use everyone else to finance them.

Which requires both RNG and grinding for coin. You'll lose a fair amount of heroes and do a lot of dungeons before that combination is available to you and even then it won't be available for long.

The rest of your post, while well intended, just boils down to "pull out when it's too bad and grind again". You can have an easy time with a good combination of things, but you aren't gonna get that conbination very often. In fact, the point of the game is that you'll spend hours upon hours grinding and waiting for that combination to pop up and then only use it for a few dungeons before they are killed or go mad, at which point it's back to grinding for another fantastic four.


Which is funny because they actually tried to push an agenda but failed terribly at that.
The Legion is depicted as "the horrible terrible bad guys" because they can't stand the idea of a authoritarian meritocracy, while NCR is depicted as "horribly innfecient gun nuts" because "army is bad, mmmkay?"

It's pretty clear they wanted you to side with House, the enlightened fedora-core man that is also the second best ending or even the Yes "you can be anything" Man the best ending overall instead of either the NCR or Legion.

This is why no one can stand you faggots.
You get slightly higher numbers then Holla Forums then you sperg out and clap yourselves on the back completely unaware that when the first exodus happened Holla Forums WAS the largest board.

Then it quickly died when all the Stromfaggots came over when Moot fucked with their board.
Something again, you niggers are completely unaware off because your are fucking children larping and pretending to be hardcore online.

Go LARP a nazi somewhere else, faggot.

it's funny how this loser doesn't provide any arguments himself lol

Don't forget they will cap our posts, make a thread then say the site is getting raided because someone on Holla Forums told him he is a faggot.

They are not autists, they are underage ass pained kiddies.

Who are you talking too?
The argument is that that image is a strawman, which it is, it's the literal definition.
So its a strawman which is trying to deflect from the observation that the faggots on Holla Forums are similar to the faggots on tumblr, by making the same type of logical fallacy a faggot on Tumblr would make.

Absolutely zero self awareness.

You don't present arguments against a Strawman, you point and laugh at the man babby that though he was smart for posting yet another MSPaint comic about how smart he is.
The truth is that you're still living in your mother's basement, who also happens to be the only ever to have seen your genitals, and neither of this is gonna change anytime soon unless you want a restraining order.

I see the leftyshills are here for the RNC. Did they tell you to say faggot to blend in? Regardless, DD is a terrible game but the deva aren't that bad. This is a bad thread, though.

screw nyhm

If you haven't played in a while, you may find that the grind has become a little/ a lot easier, due to the introduction of the antiquarian. I'll admit, I never played the game upon release, so perhaps the issues you see that I just don't seem to have a problem with have changed in recent patches. There just seem to be so many benign bad traits (I'm afraid of this one biome in particular/ I'll interact with an obscure curio without your consent) that I can basically count on only pruning the really bad ones (for as low as 500g if it happens early enough). As for the teams, I just can't help but have different options than a specific 4 man strategy, possibly due to mishaps with stress, extended off days etc. not to mention abominations only working with the nonreligious. It's just hard for me to justify focusing on 4 units at a time. I've heard a couple anons say certain party synergies were nerfed, which I obviously have no insight into. It seems easy for me to just abuse blight/ bleed and let the enemies die while I heal up. Maybe the game's just changed? I'm not trying to say there's no grind or anything, but it just really doesn't seem to be an outstandingly bad case of it.

I bet Holla Forums fags don't even realize HW hated halfchan's Holla Forums because of the rampant shitposting that happened after it was made the "politically incorrect" board.

Nigger what you just said is blatantly false. The biggest board was Holla Forums followed closely by /gg/, and then Holla Forums.

Good thing selective people don't make communities libcuck.

Yes, that is indeed a good thing.
Can you imagine what shithole this place would be if the stormweenies where the only kind of people here?

this is true, Holla Forums only migrated when moot gave them full nigger cock, and even then many of them stayed for a while

I hope you all recognize how hard you're being shilled against Holla Forums. This only got really bad this year when political talking heads discovered we exist and now they're trying as hard as they can to divide and conqueror. It's not just summer.

No its not faggot, I was here.
Holla Forums was the top board for a while as almost everything related to GG could be discussed there.
It was a secondary platform for GG as well, as it was 4chaims Holla Forums that had the least abusive moderation during the hot-pocketing.

It got even bigger when moot changed it to /cuck/, and all those faggots came here.
Then it started dwindling as the board went to shit.

Just as predicted

People dislike Holla Forums because its becoming this boards Holla Forums, even those who used to be regular posters have been disgusted by the shitheap it has become.
Notice no one is attacking conservative right ideas, just the people who are fucking arguing it like most of us aren't on board already.

Don't try history revisionism bullshit on me, faggot
Oh you mean that people decided that they wouldn't use the board dedicated to GG matters and instead post on Holla Forums? You weren't here, and you're just taking advantage on how all the archives are dead to spill whatever bullshit you want to say because it's my word against yours. Holla Forums was lodged hard on the third place until the 2nd exodus happened and retarded faggots from halfchan infested and dealt a practically irreversible blow to the site's general posting quality.

I keep seeing this shit, all I can think of are the niggers saying we wuz kangz.

all the Holla Forumss on this site are tumblr tier echo chambers. There's a reason /politics/ and Holla Forums exist in addition to Holla Forums every last one of you are degenerates who might as well be sjws for how fragile your cult of the nigger is.

Yeah, were you here?
There was a GG general on Holla Forums and a GG general on Holla Forums.
It's exactly for that reason that there was disagreement with GG and Holla Forums because both were working on their faggot twitter wars.

Sounds like a lot of projecting

Holla Forums plz
Go be niggers elsewhere

You fail to see how you're proving the point?

Still waiting for this "posting quality" metric to be fully described and then implemented, if only for the endless infighting you'll generate with the thousand other individuals in your own camp with their own definitions.

To the topic of this thread, if I am to buy a game, typically I will investigate it by watching game play videos, references from trustworthy friends, perhaps pirating it, before background checking the dev team to see if there are any undesirables, then if everything is still to my satisfaction, I'll wait for the game to go on special and purchase it. Obviously this may be excessive for some, but it suits me.

Simple, he doesn't want to support them, just like I wouldn't if they're the SJW type. Their kind is hurting the industry and refusing to help support them is a perfectly valid reason not to buy. Its the same as using archived links instead of gawker or kotaku. If you don't support them and see them as a problem, don't give them revenue. This is what it is to be a consumer. Its kinda why smart companies pander to their customer base.

This shit already happened to me 10 times in a row.

At least the game was good.

I hope your not talking about darkest dungeon.

A. pirate it
B. Get a different good game
fuck your false dichotomy

I refused to buy water from Ikea the other day

oy vey

fuck off libcuck