What causes Triple-A game flops?

What factors contribute to the failing of triple-A games?

Stillborn got fucked because of their release during Overwatch's release while having NO MARKETING what so ever. That coupled with their disservice to their fans with Alien Colonial Marines and their support to SJW culture.

But what really caused EVOLVE to crash? They we're the opposite, with devs that were regarded highly, huge marketing and having hype with no competition. Most common reason that was given was that it was the DLCs, but that can't be the only reason can it?


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What caused Evolve's flop was that they were selling a minigame in a lot of other games for 60 bucks and another 100 in DLC. You can't expect people to keep playing when you only have one game mode.

Evolve crashed in part because of the DLC bullshit, but also Turtle Rock's hubris.

They took the Left 4 Dead formula, removed the unique character designs and most of the monsters, and sold it in an even more barebones state than SFV on launch. It had barely anything to write home about besides crappy jetpacks and a grappling hook, and the attempt to force it into an esports scene was laughable from the start.

In case of Evolve it was the lack of content.
The game was so barebones that people got their fill in the first week and prerelease at cons and shit

Bad gameplay that they dump $100M of art onto as if that fixes anything.

Because they are so shit even retards cant stand them

Its that simple

High budget with no appeal is generally what causes these things. See Thi4f.

Evolve sucked because of over marketing hyping people up and then releasing a dlc ridden shitty game.
Battleborn did they exact same thing except they decided "lets copy overwatch literally"!
This has been happening with alot of AAA games. They over hype them and when it releases its a piece of shit. Consumers are getting a little too smart for this and evolve shows it.

Was the content really that barebones? Why don't other multiplayer games with repeating game modes flop as hard too? E.g TF2 and Overwatch where the objective is to push the cart/ point capture over and over again.

But then it can be said that Evolve has a lot of general appeal to in during the beginning

This is something I hope to be true. I really wish then the industry can finally move on from DLC and micro transactions. No if only they could get smart about games getting dumbed down for wide audiences

low retention/attention/something rate of players

Yes. There were maybe 3 monsters to choose from at launch assuming you didn't buy Monster Race edition, and it took several months to release new ones
TF2, for example, has CTF, point capture/hold, payload moving, king of the hill, deathmatch and a PvE mode, plus it was a $20 game at launch assuming you didn't buy the Orange Box (compared to Evolve being at least $60 by itself). Overwatch came from a company with a legion of fanboys who will buy anything Blizzard, and their momentum will drag in other people.

Essentially, TRS thought they had a legion of fanboys willing to deal with their crap who would happily buy their barebones titles when they didn't.

TF2 released as part of the Orange Box. A lot of it's initial playerbase only got it for Episode 2 or Portal. But it also sold itself really well through the meet the videos. It's kind of incredibly that game devs are only recently grasping that giving the classes in multiplayer shooters personalities makes it much easier to sell.

More pertinently though both TF2 and Overwatch are traditional team-based shooters. Those are a hell of a lot more repayable. When a game like Evolve restricts it's variety to a bunch of abilities given to a single foe it can get predictable fast. There's a reason why games of that ilk are normally free mods.

evolve didn't flop, it sold millions

Not listening to the consumer and standing steadfast in that your "Vision" of the game is right and everyone else is just "Haters"

OP think about it.

If anyone knew there wouldn't be flops.

Every game would make a profit.

But there is no recipe for success.

Evolve has shit-ton better characters.

What killed it was that it being too demanding for the Overwatch-crowd, and too consolized/limited with the level progression and matchmaking bullshit for non-plebes.

What causes dubs threads?


i just hope that it gets leaked and i get to spoil the story again to trigger the bethesdadrones

I just honestly hope that Bethesda will make modding even more restricted so it has an even shorter lifespan than Fallout 4. Seriously, you can't even modify the perk tree in that game.

The devs are idiots and assholes

And this

This. Evolve is a fun game in bursts if you are at a con and can play with people in the same room which is why it won so many awards. The problem is the main game was bare bones, got old quickly and every other game mode was locked behind DLC paywalls on Day 1. Normalfags aren't as stupid as people think and didn't buy it. And because of the internet, normalfags can sense it more. See Street Fighter V for example. Once early copies came out in the middle east and everyone found out it was a barely working disaster. The hype completely crashed and it was a massive sales flop

Blunderborne was more the game was unappealing as fuck. No one wanted another Moba and no one wanted a moba that was fucking ugly and had garbage gameplay.

I want you to read that sentence again and think very carefully on what exactly you are actually implying here.
This gives the idea that the biggest problem Stillborn had was the lack of marketing. That if they had bought a few more billboards or tv ads, suddendly the game would have been a sucess and easily beaten Overwatch.

If you actually believe in that, you're a retard. The game could have launched with no competition at all and it wouldn't sell much more than it did instead.
It's entire concept, all of them, were severely flawed and very badly made.
It's a MOBA that doesn't play like a MOBA and it's far too simple for a MOBA. No fans of that genre would be interested.
It's a shooter where you are hardly ever in equal footing with your opponent and where farming crystals matters more than shooting at the other guys, no fans of FPS would be interested here.
It's a "cartoonish-style" game with some original concepts that get drowned in a sea of bad or generic ideas (the feminism lines probably being some of the worst) and their style is far from memorable or engaging at all. Not even that would keep people interested.
The backstory of every hero is just "this guy is a badass because he did X" and variations. The writing was terrible too.

Do you understand this? Do you see it now? The game was terrible and it sold like shit because of that. It actually had a large amount of marketing but it didn't seemed like it because people weren't interested in their marketing at all. It failed because it never had a playerbase to begin with, it was all just a collage of oversimplified concepts and "looks over gameplay" was the order of the day. The Devs wanted to make something that looked Badass, not that made you feel Badass with the gameplay. They had no idea what the players wanted and this was the result.

Please, stop excusing Stillborn losing against Overwatch just because of marketing. All you're saying is "sink more money in tv ads and you'll do okay next time".
Just make a good game instead, you'll get better results even with less ads.

I think if anything Turtle Rock got even more flack for their SJW shilling after the Josh Olin debacle. I know that was the event that locked my interest in the game at zero.

I want to fuck that spider.

Yeah, but where's the game? When is the game mentioned as a point there? Is that not a concern at all?
TRS was regarded for the L4D series, but one thing that people forget is how many times Valve had to push their shit in when it came to certain gameplay decisions. Just how much of the game is 100% TRS is unknown, actually.

Evolve failed because it's a bad game. It's crafted in a terribly beautifull way that lends to a fast but pretty death.
The Monster is supposed to be scary and agressive but the gameplay favours the Hunters being even more agressive than the Monster, while he has better odds if he just runs away like a bitch.
People like to compare the game to L4D and the tank, but if we are gonna make a decent comparison, you gotta realize the roles were reversed. Hunters are the Zombies of L4D while the Monster is the Survivor.
One side benefits from dodging fights and speedrunning around while the other keeps trying to find the first guy and push his shit in.

The difference however is that, in L4D, the survivors had a fairly linear path and an objective they had to follow that the Zombies could exploit to catch and force them back. Meanwhile Evolve has no similar mechanic and the Monster can freely avoid combat all he wants because there's no specific area where he's supposed to go next. Until S3 where the fight is unbalanced on purpose for him so he "fees really strong, like a real Monster".

Compare that gameplay to something like Citizen Kabuto where the monster could leave an egg behind to respawn and be incredibly agressive after that, while every other played had another team to fight against as well.
Or even better, the recent "Death by Daylight", where a monster chases 4 people that can't fight back at all, who must activate a certain amount of generators to escape. It's very well executed and leads to many high tension moments while also being fairly hard to play.

All in all, it's the same shit as Battleborn. It was a terrible premise that looked okay on paper but turned out to be shit. And someone though they could milk money from it but found out the worse way that bad games don't make you money.

I hope this time the spoiler is actually accurate and true instead of not whats in the game.


Forgetting that the playerbase/community plays and pays for these games when they're released, not fucking game journo's/publishers.

Curses! Apologies - newfag here..

Battleborn looks like a shovelware game.

That generic as generic can be art style meant to appeal to as many people as possible but yet appeals to no one.

Evolve was bad business practices.
Battleborn is a shit game with no advertising.

A lack of from players and a lack of soul from devs. Most cult classics have some sort of heart and soul put into their development. They feel like labors of love rather than a fat turd off the conveyer belt. The gameplay/characters/gimmick/music/SOMETHING is memorable and give it some sort of staying power. Most triple A games are attempted cash in reworks of the same formula, ESPECIALLY shooters. "A cast of racially, socially and sometimes psychologically diverse men and women in an arena where they face off against droves of practically faceless enemies in order to hopefully win something nice at the end of the round to make later games easier/more enjoyable. Also it has an obligatory leveling system." What game did I describe? If you answered at all you proved my point.

*Lack of interest from players

AAA titles are made solely to generate money. Often this means their games are unbalanced, unfinished or uninteresting.

I'm more interested in that spider there. Can you tell me more?

Polite Sage for offtopic

Designated Wraith Thread?

How the fuck was that supposed to work with an asymmetric game play model? DIGITAL SPORTS is just fucking cookie cutter teams so people can slap brands on them to push products like Razer or AYYLMAO peripherals, having one goony fuck out on their own makes everything awkward.

I think the main reason Evolve failed was through turtle rock's greed. there were TWO fucking season passes for christ's sake.

what causes most AAA game flops though? laziness. even normalfags won't tolerate when your game is broken or stupidly written. look at ass creed unity, which was so horrendously fucked on launch that it pretty much torpedoed the series, or bamham's release on pc, virtually guaranteeing that nobody would buy another one on that platform ever again, or watch_dogs, which was so poorly written even Holla Forums won't even play it even though you can hunt down gays and muslims in it. it's the same reason i know that watch_dogs 2 will flop: if the writing is close to as dumb as we saw during e3, even the leftist anarchists it's written for will shit all over it and hopefully we'll never see another one

Guess they evolved then.

It's apparently a new species of spider that lives in desert dunes in the Middle East, although this article is from 2010.

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You'll just atract more of that scum.

when (((They))) are finally gassed to extinction. Till then (((Todd))) and (((friends))) are going to fucking rule the industry with an iron fist.

Fallout Go When. Wouldn't put it past them even, they basically ripped off Tiny Tower which I might add was a rip off of Sim Tower which was a rebadging of Yoot Tower.

Fuck this industry. sigh.

Oh. You mean people who actually waste their time with this "game"? This thread must be full of them, so now would be a good time for an old-fashioned wraithposting.

The kind of scum that wants to fuck spiders, you mean? Yeah, that's quite unsavory.


runaway spooks

Look at the rate of decline.



Is it just me or does this kind of stuff happens to me more common in the west than in japan?

i meant be, fuck

Still too expensive. Come back when they pay me fifteen Australian dollarydoos to play it.

Triple A games get that label by the budget used on development.
Stillborn cost Gearbox more to make than all of the Bordermeme games combined.

I saw battleborn ads everywhere.
Hell there was a freaking preview for it in a MOVIE THEATER

People here have this funny idea that all ads are hypno-toad-tier where everyone sees them and pays attention and every ad has a proc to make you buy their product if you fail a Will Save.

Battleborn spent colossal amounts of cash on Marketing, prossibly even more than Overwatch. It just wasn't marketing that people wanted to see at all. Everytime Blizzard revealed a trailer for a new hero or one of those short movies, everyone would flock to see it and comment on it. Was there anything similar to Battleborn? Some video or piece of media that people actively searched instead of having it forced on them?

Just because the marketing failed, it doesn't mean it was smaller. It was innefective and in this case it's because of the quality of the base product. Everytime I log in Steam, there's always a News popup with the recent released games but I never check any of them out unless they look like they might interest me.

I kinda expect this "more marketing = more sales" from CEOs and jews, but Holla Forums ought to leave that excuse aside, it's a very stupid one.

The first time I ever saw an ads for Battleborn was a week before Overwatch launched. That seems like pretty low marketing to me.

Firstly it's written for identarian neoliberals who LARp as revolutionary socialists, not actual anarchists. Secondly, saying "leftist anarchist" is redundant, all anarchists are leftists (aynarcho-crapitalists don't count because they favor a privately-owned state, and national-anarchists are really just nazi entryists.) Thirdly, of course actual anarchists will shit all over it: it's a game made by a company that exploits the labor of its workers and profits off their work, so of course if you're an actual anarchist you're not going to buy this shit.

Would you?


Probably, because Western games are expensive as fuck, where as in Japan they probably design the game with a small budget in mind to sell a few thousand copies.

Was Evolve any better at launch compared to when its Free 2 Play now? What had me worried was that reading about it in previews they said "It was like the Tank fights from Left 4 Dead made into its own game" which made me wonder how they can make that into a fun game, or one people will play for more than a few minutes. I'm not even 2 hours in and I think I'm already done with it.

I don't even see ads anymore since I discovered ad blocking years ago.

Downloaded it when it went F2P and the gameplay got stale after about 3 games. Most of the gameplay is running after the monster.

Either loli wraith or the double bear

Good choice, though she's not so much of a "loli", by human standards.

Might give good vagoo, though.

Everyone is talking about ads being an issue but from personal my own personal account I thought it was likeā€¦ Some sort of Boom Beach shit from the looks of it. Them for a time I thought it was a wildstar thing. The art is that new cartoony garbage that doesn't stand out at all because it looks like it belongs in a cell phone game. That was their first real mistake. And it sounds nitpicky but when you're working with a budget larger than 3 of your most popular games, likely counting DLC, and your art looks so cheap and overdone, you've already fucked up. You can name tons of games that look like it and they're all either oldish and past expiration date, flops or on cell phone.

It's also because a lot of people wanted to play the monster or a specific role and got pissed off when they couldn't. In TF2 and Overwatch you can just do what you want.

The game cost over 200 million buckaroos. Gearbox put a substantial amount of money into BattleBorn to the point where this might lead to their insolvency.

Bethesda had a game eerily similar to both Overwatch and BattleBorn in the works but it looks like they shelved it rather than embarrass themselves like Gearbox.

The big thing for me was the pricing models on those games. Competitive online only games have no business being $100+ (Battleborn without season pass priced at $80 in Canada) just to get the full experience.
That's how much it should have been to begin with if they wanted to charge for it. But now nobody is playing it.

I didn't buy Overwatch for the same reason as the others, but I think the reason the others got away with it is because as far as a lot of normalfags are concerned, Blizzard can do no wrong, and the game was overhyped as fuck.

AAA flops when the jewery is obvious. evolved had like $200 in DLC
And Battleborn is also obvious jewery because it's such an obvious cash-in on the MOBA/ASSFAGGOTS hero based multiplayer trend.

my guess it was probably too close to stillborn , and bethesda didn't want to be another competitor and flop, so they scrapped the assets and turned it into quake champions

TF2 launched with only CTF and point capture/hold. The rest was with the class updates (which was all free DLC unlike Evolve).

But then again TF2 had the "9 years of development/nearly vapourware" situation about it.

It's still in development (to my surprise), there appears to be a limited beta next month according to the website.

I actually played that game, got an invite to a closed beta for a weekend last year or so.

It's absolutely fucking awful, easily the worst multiplayer game I've played for a while. Literally every encounter is 'who has the most abilities off cooldown' and it's a fuckfest of running to capture points only to have them uncapped a second later, and nobody stayed to defend anything.

Surprise, surprise, the stealthy class was the most overpowered by far with practically constant invincibility that also seemed to be invulnerability too.

I recorded a little bit when I played and intended to post it here, but I figured it wasn't worth it. If anyone's interested I'll see if I can upload the videos when I get home.

In a word hype.
Over hyping a game that is honestly just pretty meh kills a game out right, and makes its seem shit by comparison. Pick any big game that's come out in the past 5 years that has had insane hype based of name and trailers and chances are it will be awful. I feel dead island really started it all off or at least that's when it was at its most noticeable

why do you tell lies on the internet?

Go ahead.

No way, I need a source. How can one company be that retarded to bet that all on one multiplayer shooter, especially one going against Blizzard shit?

I'm not, really. I'm at work now though so it'll be a while before I can find the videos.

The only thing I can find is an interview of Randy by polygon, he says its budget was more the BL1 and 2 combined so I think its more like 50 million not 200, still that's average AAA budget

The actual podcast if you really want to listen soundcloud.com/polygon-newsworthy/1-randy-pitchford segment starts around 10 minutes in

I will never be truly happy.

What is a toxic playstyle, Holla Forums?

inb4 doctor thrax

Nobody cares, Holla Forums.

This is an understatement. There was actually much more than that. There was also a season pass that didn't include the vast majority of the DLC.



A lot of people give Valve a lot of shit about the hats, but it's ironically the only thing that lead them to support the game for this long by giving them a nice revenue stream

I'd like that, I honestly thought they canceled the thing because I've seen no info about it since they showed it at last years E3.

>tfw you will never a Wraith in the butt

Developers don't understand gamers. Just look at Dawn of War 3. Here's their design mentality, telepathically extracted:
> MILLIONS of new Dawn of War fans!


Bloated budgets with unrealistic expectations from the management. Too much money and focus on marketing and not enough on actually making a good fucking game that's fun to play(evolve) and Stillborn being a blatant rip-off of Overwatch that puts the chinese to shame.

Not only that but also the reaction to criticism from the public by the devs was horrendous and would drive a lot of people away even from a good game. Censoring backlash to your crappy product only works against you, since it's always extremely obvious and people will talk about it no matter how much you try to supress it.

Overblown budget in combination with absolutely safe, aka the most bland game ever, approach. Also those games often compete with already established titles while bringing nothing new to the player. At this points it's no longer about making a game, it's about marketing (including rabid fanbois) and hype. DLCs hurt the game only when they became too pricey/important/numerous that even your average casul is repulsed by them.

From there, the weakness of their shilling was made terribly obvious, and with that, ended their astroturfing anywhere that wasn't already compromised.

marketing departments, marketers have discovered you can trick morons into dumping hundreds of millions into their marketing budgets, they're basically highwaymen that have fooled businessmen into thinking they're money wizards.

Damn. Those kikes must be running to the fucking bank, then, if that's the case.

I actually really like Battleborn and I'd say it's definitely worth the 15 dollar price that it is right now in the Humble Bundle but it was really never worth a full 60 dollar price tag. Too bad Gearbox were stupid enough to try and release Battleborn around the same time as Overwatch.

Careful user, NDAs can really bite you in the ass.

Interesting that he is more triggered by ancaps than nationalists.

There's no love behind AAA games nowadays. The things pumping money into AAA trash are in it only for the money and to push their agenda.

I doubt she can even feel it.

everything in the last couple years has been overhyped and always turns out to be shit once released. anyone praising games from 2013 onward is a shill, has shit taste, or is lying to themselves.

Let's not forget the absolute grind is takes to actually unlock monsters.

I've only played the game since it went F2P and I'm sick of playing as the same monster.

I also hate playing as the hunters, really fucking boring if you ask me. I'm pretty sure that only one fifth of the players in a game actually enjoy it, given that they know what they're doing.


In the nineties the game studios were filled with people who cared about making a great game more than running a professional business.

Ofcourse that's why Black Isle, Blizzard North, Looking Glass and Ion Storm all went extinct. Or worse.


Artificial hype.

Well, her ass is mostly lean, so there probably wouldn't be too much difficulty, in spreading.

You mean it wasn't the high price, the dlc, or the game being boring as shit?

Playing to win instead of playing "for fun".

Never played Evolve but I was a pretty decent tank in L4D1 so if I had to guess his complaining about people that play the monster smart. Meaning instead of blindly rushing in they run off to delay the game to gain some type of advantage against the other four players before ambushing or baiting them out so he can attack them on his terms.

AKA shit you should learn to do yourself or defend against after you've seen it done at least once.