ITT: rate colbs as a poster from 1-10

ITT: rate colbs as a poster from 1-10


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thats hilarious tsuchi

he's actually using being a tranny to try and get govt. money?

Then pray tell why you're applying for disability.

Sounds like you didn't do your research

Kanra has the best words

ckII best game

i missed ur post but i bet it was rude

Like antidisestablismentarianism?


wow, never saw it coming

kanra is dumb

It's not the same without you... Life has been so gray lately...

Would watch.

I was just gonna say "narcissism" but that works.

i wouldn't because he isn't cute

are you jealous or something loco lol

kanra is obviously really cute
idk how anyone can deny this
hell i thought thats why we put up with him

this is what happens to heroes.

I said egocentrism is okay

in fact, it's logical.

Boo, if you're not egocentric, then I think there's something wrong with you

I've said that I'm a good guy, when I can be

that should be all that matters.

But some people will attack you no matter what.

like money
and power.

those are nice words.

But he isn't

he's chinese

become an hero


He tried, God would not let him.
He wanted one more try.

Why are you obsessed with Napoleon now?

little man syndrome

Napoleon was average height.

Every poster is a 10!

Except for (You)

napoleon was actually tall for his time era

I have been for years.


You've been slobbering on French dick for years?




The fuck is wrong with you?


yes, rococo. I am a mutt.
there are less attractive genetic phenotypes I could have been given
this one is tolerable, and seems to have appeal with faggots

tl;dr Kanra is the best poster

and assumed since you're blowing the Trumpet

that you like egocentric buttholes

even if Kanra gets bored of it...


You see?

youre just being mean to me
i should just not be reading your posts by the amount of bullies per word youre giving me

Oh this is the thread?

Boo is a retard at linking, I guess

I suggest a dose of bullet through your head.

its not the thread
go back

So what you're saying is you miss me huh?

You have to write "NEW THREAD" when you link your new thread, tard

suggestion considered and denied.

scroll down a few posts

mean? I'm being the opposite

I love people, and you're pretty unique

and not as stupid as I used to think you were

lol you were posting in the old thread XD



this is the only post of yours ive been happy to read in like a month

You're a retard

S-shush... i was posting on Luka's thread...

youre a fat little pig apparently

oh boo made a thread?
didnt see.

sorry kanra i cant hear you over the souls of all the cats you eat

on account of the negative IQ

At least I'm not retard like you

He's a retard at linking, sorry luka.

Thats because he did it wrong.

*hugs warmly*

i dont see boo posts either. not worth my time.

bursting with anger

I'm going to work.


bye bye

ilu2 honey monster


-touches your butt-

stop giving me attention loco. i don't hate you as much as you hate me and i might construe it as kindness. i'm fucked up that way.

well fuck, I guess I'm sorry about that

you're weird. I like it.

seemed like you wanted to treat me like a sub

seemed like you got annoyed when i didn't get all cutesy with you

and not as dumb as I genuinely first thought you were.


-wiggles into your shirt and hides-

Kanra fondle me

my friend is helping me :3

schizoaffective disorder
bipolar 1
borderline personality disorder


so why did we move here

Because smiles is nice and her persecution was wrong

It was the thread linked first and with more people in it.
Plus the other was a Luka thread.

Boo made this thread first, it was just linked horribly, so some people went here then Luka made a thread and the rest went there.


-pulls on a rubber glove, and proceeds to pleasurelessly fondle your genitalia-


ah ok


link better you mongoloid

oh... i found a lump

I wonder how bad/good the hatesex between Insider and Loco is.

i'm so sorry.

master wouldn't do that...

okay im sorry
I would enjoy posting your thread because of it's cute OP. Boo's OPs are shitty

I can't find my medicine, i think i left it in school... every nerve in my body is on fire... i'll be back later

kanra what kind of a name is insider


At least you are here :)
replying to me~ ♥


His names are supposed to be indicative of whatever character he's playing.
Kanra is the screen name of Orihara Izaya in Durarara!!, which is meant to be a "girl" online.

that's my penis

Kanra pretended to be a girl

remember when darwin pretended to be louise

He didn't pretend to be a girl, though.

It was just some secondary, cutesier persona.

you should probably get that lump checked out.

the one under your left testicle, too.

I imagine what sex with posters is like, too.

poor pet... hope you feel better.

The meaning of that name is lost almost entirely, but it was supposed to be neutral, and a little ominous.

noo no no... close. but no. but pretty close.

No but in all seriousness kanra is an eastern delight

would kiss

post the cute lady version

I don't know what's genuine at this point.

I think you're supposed to abandon that here

im genuiune


You lie about being a girl for attention.


loco treats this place like a sandbox, and likes being horny and malicious during his playtime

which is confusing sometimes

would not attempt real emotions with

only cucks bully luka

shut your whore mouth kanra

those are his real emotions

emotions are so 2013

he can't really emulate them irl so he does it here

nothing wrong with that


Are you sure emulate is the word you wanted to use?

reproduce is the meaning I'm going for

Genuinely cute

Life is all about ironic memes now, get with the times.


Darwin never pretended to be a girl

I knew what it was


I already said that

I was playing games but uh
i never wanted you to think any being mean i did to you was anything more than a meme to make me laugh a bit


i prefer thoughts over thinking.

they can be misleading, but they're always entertaining.

it's why i'm probably neurotic. and why i feel tangible resentment at loco rather than mere apathy.

it's possible.

you guys have a neat relationship.






This girl is adorable.

This is so genuinely stupid.

Still smiled.


no lie


*snuggles loivingly*

see you in hell peter pan


i love martin

i took you too seriously




Bonne nuit



Did you take my last response to heart?

inb4 I get ignored again

more liek KANKER


how are all of you? I was here yesterday for the first time heh.

what are you guys doing???


I have approximate knowledge of many things.

The reiteration accomplished nothing.


post cute pics

Knowing that makes me smile too


oookay :3~



Well, I'm not doing anything now, just watched Deadpool in a stream. Guess I should get some dinner ready.

Nezi is even more annoying as the fake new person.

cute girls are my jam

Most people do, i think
it's no worries, it was kinda funny
but i kinda prefer you liking me more tbh

did you say anything? don't take loco seriously?

i've heard it before.

I heard Deadpool was suuper duper graphic ;(
was it good?

I feel like I'm reading somebody trying very hard to be the Penguin of Doom.

cute/ugly traps are your jam boo

no need to lie

Anything remotely feminine is his jam

btw no I couldnt hear you in the discord
sorry I noticed after you left

traps are just a disappointment whenever i find out a seemingly hot girl is a trap

none of the traps ive been with have been ugly mate
none of the girls either

i'll try


Nothing for you, maybe.

That was not about Loco. Good god man, learn to read.

yeah sure and tsuchi is a sissy slut

Present the evidence for this accusation, I didn't see them yesterday.

Yes, it's graphic, it is rated R.

It gave me a lot of good laughs.

oh, they were both talking.

and i've disliked them both over the last week.

easy mistake.


Seems like Nezi and Nezi is still banned.





well you'd have proof if you could name one my dude

nezi still being banned is really fucked up

I'm sorry about that game. I feel ashamed that that is the first game you got to play with me and I wasn't sober and did awfully. I can do better.

It's true. Everyday with Smiles is "International Women's day".

You're drunk

play DOTA with ME

For someone that pretends to analyze things carefully, you show an amazing lack of care

Greetings, everyone. I am new. (One second – let me get this spork out of the
way.) My name is Ui~senpai, but you can call me the Penguin of Doom. (I’m laughing
aloud.) As you can plainly see, my actions have no pattern whatsoever. That is
why I have come here. To meet similarly patternless individuals, such as myself.

I am 13 – mature for my age, however! – and I enjoy watching Invader Zim
with my girlfriend. (I am bisexual. Please approach this subject maturely.)
It is our favorite television show, as it adequately displays stochastic
manners of behavior such as we possess.

She behaves without order – of course – but I wish to meet more individuals
of her and my kind. As the saying goes, “the more, the merrier.”

Ah, it is to laugh. Anyway, I hope to make many friends here, so please
comment freely.


That is simply one of many examples of my random actions. Ha, ha. Fare
thee well. I wish you much love and waffles.



I let my bad mood affect my game play so it's cool.


oh shit

it's a new day

means i can coffee

see above comment + both those people don't stand up to scrutiny

i think i understand them both rather well

the 'don't take them seriously' thing applies in both cases

horchata is so fucking good

Oh my GOD

You think

You think a lot. I'm not sure what you think is always correct

That was the only scene of that movie that was particularly hard to watch.


I'm so bad at dota.

Haven't watched it, so I can only assume your pain.

It's Ryan Reynolds getting pegged.


I'll teach you, and subtle can join too

May your dreams, become memes.

Guten nacht!

someone put a bullet right between my eyes, please

You found that upsetting?

DOTA threeway?!

Kind of.
Especially considering Reynold's reaction to the whole thing.




when it comes to people, few things are actually correct unless they happened in the past and you refer to them. inferring things about people from how they've acted or spoken or the topics they've spoken about over years makes it 'fair', but not always correct to assume things about them.

so when i do judge someone, which i often do, i try to make sure it's as fair and in line with narrow slice of source and how they relate to the individual.

eg. someone irl is consistently late to family occasions, it's fair to assume the obligation they feel towards family events is low, which might stem from a general 'okayness' with being late in other respects

it's harder to tell with people online, but you can piece together a picture after long enough and through repeated interactions, talking to others, or watching them interact with others.

Too expensive.

It was a joke.
The thought the repulses me.


get those 30mm HPs ready and spray away



then break my neck and put me out of my misery

Sleep well.

"It's possible to form opinions of people by watching them" and "You can't always be sure that your judgments of people are correct"? You're having some real ORIGINAL thoughts there.

Hail Satan

Too close.

Can't I just knee you in the crotch until you die?

Yeah I'm drunk so I'm not really going to try to have substantial conversations with people sorry

Are you still fat?


pew pew

Overwatch was awesum sauce.

*pets the kitty*


give me hugs

call satan for help




So when do we do it?


It's not a matter of being original.

It's tried and true, and interpersonal psychology confirms it.

I try to frame it more analytically, like if I see someone that gets mad all the time at people and during moments of stress, how that person will react given another scenario.

Of course, what is original is when I talk like this to people. They understand what I'm saying, but it isn't entirely natural talking about people's personalities in terms of general tendencies.

Usually it's 'just who they are'.


putting rice in my rice cooker.

Third most metal way to die, really.

Well that's good. Your health is improved overall

What were your motivations for losing weight?

As if your sentences are a valuable commodity

My point is who the hell are you trying to teach? You're selling thoughts that everybody already bought.


when you ACCEPT


sell something everyone buys
so he's selling something that actually sells
so people buy more of something that sells.


Well there goes your health

o.o !

I have quit all drug use except marijuana and occasional alcohol.


most people think that, yes.

maybe they've bought it intellectually.

but in practice, they use often heuristics.

Shut the fuck up.


lamo Tsushi is salt

Holy fucking shit.

I could break this down for you, but you still won't fucking get it, I'm learning my lesson.

How do you dress yourself?

Well still, hard drugs can fuck up your brain

I enjoy this back and forth

She sells sea-shells on the sea-shore


that picture is soo good i saved it! :D

Will you make dota fun?

I dress beautifully.

tongue is twisted! >_

I only did lsd and shrooms and rarely cocaine.

It's all yours my friend :DDdd

yea we'll skype and everything

Fucking laughable.

im a freind?!

don't become evil :(

Somehow you're salty too.

he was born evil

Subtle too?

Doubtful but possible


fugg yea :3

woops cant forget the weekly MDMA

Yeah, exactly.

How does a threesome work when all three of you are subby sluts?



I wanted to be senile at 45 anyway.


I think two are switch, just prefer to sub


what the fuck happened? desu hating mordin was his only redeemable quality

Don't preach to me

I'll have you know alcohol is more toxic than most of the things I listed

Never eat the WHOLE ass.

When have I ever preached?

I'm thinking of that one scene from that one movie.

Requiem for a dream? It was very sad. I cried.

I think we've been good for a while now.

dont forget he also hates trannies
he also plays the superior moba

I was taking it as you being sarcastic.

what a bitch

I was yeah

What's better for gaming Windows or Linux?


Too expensive


not gaming

Windows ^^

holy shit just accept you fucking

Summer's a cumming

Hmm you sure?

so get a job

Yes really

Heck no, I'm going to enjoy my very last summer

Oh okay i'll stick with Windows..

i didnt get my ballot in the mail cus they didnt add my apartment number grrr

it better FUCKING get here before the election or there will be consequences

I'm starting to get sorta tired.

are you too disabled to actually go out and vote?

why don't you just go visit a voting booth..

You are such a disappointment

In 1998 voters passed a ballot measure directing all elections to be conducted by mail, commonly called Vote By Mail. Instead of using traditional polling places where voters go to cast ballots on election day, a ballot is mailed to each registered voter. The ballot is then returned to the county elections office and is counted on election day.


what the hell?

I lost my ballot ;-;

remind me not to reply to him anymore

theres a correlation between legal weed and vote by mail i think

lazy fucks

It's not the first time you've heard that.

i was very disappointed when i found this out

i like waiting in line and voting it seems like an event


It's true if you can not accept with just 1 click

But u have never voted b4.

ur 19

it should be an event
because it is

i have voted twice

It's such a warm feeling, it reminds me of my interactions with my parents.

Okay let me press the button.


what are:

state, municipal, and county elections

You need to be 18 to vote

Mordin whatever he says it's not true..

I could get you arresTed for posting that

Nah, you can't.

I've checked the laws.

w-whoa subtle. I didn't think you were like this.

Oh okay then

Who did you vote for?

He's into kinky stuff isn't he ?~

I spent so much time with him playing video games and introducing him to vjota only for him to be a freak like this?!


Do not be rude to him after he offered something like that you jerk

why me? i don't know how to run a country

So if we cuck you, who is the top and who is the bottom?


I voted for trump

Mordin and Desu ruined Moe anime for me.

Why not Hillary?


Because she's not who I want

She's the most qualified and she's a woman. Why do you not want her?

This is not a pro.
It's not a con, but no reason to go vote for her.

She's a shill. She panders for the vote, but will continue same shit that's been going on for the past 20 years

Trump/Bernie are going to make some real change, I feel

Bc is trolling

It is a con tho


Let me watch and clean up after

i choose burnt sand guy! he old and wise and comes from good backstory! and that accent is too great.


If subtle agrees, perhaps I will grant your wish.

You're not fucking American so your opinion in our election literally is irrelevant.



If anyone is gonna cuck Desu it's gonna be me

There is a such thing as too much fun Soto

you'll spoil yourself

Who do I call master now !?

Fight me for subtle poon.

And I'm falling for the bait out of boredom.

Why's that?


The hyperloop test was a success!

Looking forward to having that technology implemented.

you must be bored outta your mind

"Mordin's bitch".

A woman is a less intimidating figure, when the US should be commanding in international relations


Found my ballot, God bless.

Make America good again.


Yes, incredibly so.


Besides from building a wall, deporting all illegals, outlawing abortion, and having some Muslim Registration Act?

Desu said it's okay, so...

Mordin pls, you're not even a slut
You don't have it in your to ruin a relationship

So you're telling me to stop having fun?
How rude

Eactly what this country needs tbh.


build underground hyper ultra loop from cali to canada
and i could come visit in under 30 minutes?!
wow incredible loop technology~

This two-pronged attack v_v

So what happens now?!

Go to Hell you massauagnist!

I can't tell if you're trolling or retarded

you call me slut more than anyone but tsuchi.

That's cause you're only a slut in private

What happens now is You let me watch

Not until I'm dead, hun.

Do you really think congress will let that happen?

p much

don't have too much or you'll regret it

I saw Re:Zero finally

I was like
at the end

Soto I am drunk and you never responded to me you asshole

No, I think there'll be a massive backlash against Trump, and there'd be a majority Democratic congress.

Obama used the executive order to give affordable healthcare to millions of Americans.

Trump is going to use it to build a great wall. The greatest wall you've ever seen. It'll be a Trump wall.

Watch what? What's happening? I have no idea.. h-ha ha

I've done nothing but deny you in private though!


Okay why do you hate women? You know Hillary is the most qualified.

Trump is a retard

Bernie is too old and even more of a retard with Alzheimer's.

if trump takes over
all orders will become executive orders :(
walls and dangerous decisions all around.

You succubus ._.

I never said I hated woman, or that Hillary is unqualified.
Don't put words in my mouth.



Get out

From a psychological perspective, though, the people backing Trump are perfectly normal. Interviews with psychologists and other experts suggest one explanation for the candidate's success -- and for the collective failure to anticipate it: The political elite hasn't confronted a few fundamental, universal and uncomfortable facts about the human mind.

We like people who talk big.

We like people who tell us that our problems are simple and easy to solve, even when they aren't.

And we don't like people who don't look like us.

Holy shit I almost forgot about this avatar folder i had

Jesus christ this is so lulz

Well depends on what you think I perceive is fun
You probably think its drugs and alcohol, well youre like 40% right, I guess

I KNOW RIGHT? Me, Manny, and my lil bro were like NOW WAY at the end
She was so sweet in the ep before

Shit fam you goin hard?

Jokes on you
Getting denied by ugly Swedes is my fetish

Whaddup hun?

Holla Forums pls let me post as my funny avatar that has a trap harem

Hillary will win

The wall won't happen

I wasn't talking about the elections. I was talking about you.
Unless you're Hillary.
Then you lose twice.

Yeah, but you're an adult, you can take care of yourself

The other one was the sweet one, lmao.

The real q is

Oi! Don't call me ugly!

I don't have to win an argument on the internet because I know Hillary will win the white house in November and serve two terms as the greatest president America ever had.

my pet is being sarcastic.

she's holding out for Paul Ryan.

neither of us know that for sure.

what we do know are his supporters really fucking want it.

I don't work till 2 PM tomorrow so I might as well lol

And my phone interview fucking rejected me so there's that

All republicans can go to hell. Even the Rinos.

But BC.
I never said the opposite.
You're arguing with the words you put in my mouth.

frig I am so drunk my head is spinning. Save me from desu subtle!

Those lashes

She's the most qualified and that's reason enough to vote for her.


Why only white women? Why not some Asians and Hispanics? Why are people so fucking racist?

Didnt in the last ep he paid more attention to her rather than the red one
Then Blue didn't really get talked to that much in this ep, maybe red killed him in the ep before and now blue is trying to kill him

So what do you want me to call you?

Oh no
what did they tell you anyways?

Also Im going to Litttle Tokyo on Sunday and I would totally invite you but it's sort of a double date

Manny is going with some Lolita (not a loli, like lolita fashion kinda shit) chick called Annie and I guess im taking out Sera (you know who)

If Manny doesnt dig the chick to much we can pull a Toradora on their ass and do the switcharoo on their asses



Whatcha sippin on?

How can I >

I'm 90% convinced you're a spambot.
Bye Spambot.



It's the same woman

who is is
is it david8



bloodchan tries so hard to be edgy he's actually supporting hillary


oh shit I thought he was just hampering on the red one

yeah man, you might be right

“We have at least 11 million people in this country that came in illegally.
They will go out, they will come back, some will come back, the best, through a process ...
it may not be a very quick process, but I think that's very fair and very fine,” said Trump.

sounds fair.

but on the other hand...

"When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best.
They're not sending you. They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems,
and they're bringing those problems with us.
They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people."

Which is the real Trump?

They basically said that other people had more experience, as always. And that's fine, I have no money lol. I went to the desert last weekend and you know how that destroys your wallet

Tyler is such a homie tho

Oh, it's Tracer

Good evening.

Hillary 2016, she will be the only person to "Stump the Trump" on the biggest stage. Trump will not be president.

Not even an African American? Really? Affirmative action should be enforced harder in America.

oh boy~ jesus....

they both sound good and fine to me



Idunno why, but people in general like women of a fairer complexion for some reason

desu is calling me by my real name in private

Imagine mordin trying to sing this in a high pitched voice



I'm a bully

He does that to me too v_v

the first one sounds like a more refined Trump,
that realizes he can't win votes unless he tones himself down.

the second one sounds like a Trump standing in front of a bunch of rednecks,
but still on full pandering mode.

Tell me you see it, Boo.


Can you recommend a game for me to play during the summer?

I wonder what it is.

It sucks though since he still remembers about talking to her so when she tries to kill him and just sees him as a stranger he still remembers her and shes trying to kill his ass
Shit must hurt dude

Fucking gg dude
Oh yeah Angel hit me up the other day and wanted me to go and hangout and I kinda wanted to go but work lol




Not sure. It's difficult. I'm probably not a good person to ask that question. I wish someone would tell me a good game to play during the summer myself.

The nigga needs to learn some magic from his waifu or the loli bitch


You only respond to me when I talk about video games?


Good, now remove me from your life.


G-Grim means "he who must not be named", it's a joke, haha

C'mon are you dyslexic? I read it all in a night!

That was a better plan honestly.

Why didn't you respond after you messaged me the other day?

Seems likely.

Fuck off you know she didn't send any comprising emails through a Yahoo account. She's not an idiot like Trump.

I don't appreciate the faggy antics

Kanra if you're fucking proxying as bc I'm gonna legit drive to where you live and backhand you

I respond to you when you're serious. It's not like I gave up hope on you, but when you intend to play this role, it makes it difficult to answer.



Do you ever post again in a thread just to actively ignore a reply you got?

lol it's soto

Sorry! I try to please everyone but some people have conflicting interests.


Nigger unlike you, I don't binge read the whole thing
Since i know there probably arent going to be any more new chapters Im enjoying every chapter thoroughly

I tend to do that

Srs shit
At least he thinks ahead a bit
I liked that emergency escape shit he thought of before hand

I wanted you to teach me about what a Beta release was and you ignored me... I want to know about games but I don't know where to start so I thought about asking you first






do what?


I'm dizzy from posting too much....

-pets dizzy pet-

If Luka was Tracer I'd make sweet love to him 24/7 tbh

-tongue kisses you in front of everyone-

He didn't think ahead enough
his escape route was a dead fucking end
better off just disarming her with that knife
but then again, if she's strong enough to swing that huge fucking weapon around, maybe she could have overpowered him

Mordin won't even tell me what he's getting drunk off of

I want to judge him


Tracers are cockraoches

Mercy tho

Be nice to Mordin, he's great







remove me on everything and filter me

Please don't call me whore. I am not anything like that.

In reality it doesn't matter right now. If you can figure out a good game to play I'd like to hear it, I don't know any good ones myself.

You didn't even ask!"


and i mained mercy and Mei and



You are displaying whorish behaviors

scary... >_

Don't talk shit you faggot
I'll slap that stupid grin off your face

Yeah he's great when he's drunk and sucking everyone off

pls refer to

Pls no

Best team NA

Sorry! I'm trying to hold back! Don't judge me too harshly!


You are an alcohol

Why the fuck didn't you join in voice when we were leaguing

more importantly, why did you completely ignore the fact?

Literally no one thinks you're a girl.

['coffee', 'coffee', 'coffee']
['coffee', 'coffee', 'coffee']


I would've if anyone else did. when no one did I decided I was just gonna play angry garen and go in on any engagement

Tristan joined you cunt.

Not saying anything is the worst thing you could have done.

and you did it.


Sorry! I just spinned to win and dunked like an angry garen.


I Miss Sama tbh

How fucking drunk are you?
My reply is literally right there

Ok, you win, yanderes are scary

I'm gonna ignore that


I've officially hit rock bottom.
I'm actually playing LoL.
And it's terrible.

Somewhat moderately very!

At least we won.





He posts once in a while

check this shit out

Why would you do this.

I miss him too.
He was here like a month ago tho.


does that make it less scary?


Grim is cute

They were inviting me and insistent.

Not much
I still know Yuno is crazy >

I'm just happy bot didn't feed

You too.


You are keeping us waiting



kayle 2.0

And look where that got you.


Then ho- wait... bye

Tom H.
message me on steam~

Now that's just fuckin creepy, UI

Looks like something Tsuchi would make lmao

Got a good 7 laughs out of that though
Too bad Elma is all depressed and shit now, I had a thing with elma like back when he barely started posting and in 2013 or so

Mordin promised to be your cum dumpster if you played leeg with him too?
Thats how they getcha

I asked what you were drinking

I'll cuck slap you

awwww shit nigga

Hope you like drums

I mustve been at work


Its storming real hard right now. Someone hold me.

How does that work?

*noms on my bagel*

I'll pick up desu and slap you with him

I think he's taller than you..

I'm taller than you little boy



how do you think

how tall are you


I can still pick him up
Quit posting Yuki btw shes worst girl
Don't post Cl;annad either that shit is just as bad too

Dude, this guy goes hard with 2hu



too tall to be a cute boipussy....

He's really good

lil bit of a drum abuser tho


make a new thread, girl

i know taller subs
fun stuff

He even does a cover of Mousou Express too
This guy jams out to my weeb jams


*i've played with taller subs

This is a calvin klein ad

pretty tasteless


Now for something a little more soothing

new thread

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It wasn't Mordin.