New thread

New thread

Hug the poster under you edition.

Still waiting for Lenko's list

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That's only with a happy ending!

Still doesn't change the fact.

Fucking 10/10
That's STALKER for ya.

"Just do it!" - Motivational speech 2015
Pretty good as long as you get the handle of the mechanics, I'm still a bit rusty since it's been a pretty long time since they released DS2.

-hugs all the people under me-


The moment you've all been waiting for

it doesn't have enough butts tbh

Sneaking out of work now to enjoy this warm, sunny day. Have fun, guys!

Half of the wildly innacurate stuff we learned was from amazing, out-dated VHS tapes. Merica.

Sure I can. It'll be like that movie Ghost!


What if it made the Criterion collection?!


True, true~
So, how's your love life?

I'll probably fail, but y'know. "You might be disappointed if you fail, but you are doomed if you don't try"
I've been playing a bit of DS2, but I'm pretty awful at it. Maybe I'll just stick with hunting monsters.

A hug?

Well, we have plenty of those.
Try Tokai, for example.


Probably not, have a good one Sabs.

Kind of like same mechanics in DS3 as in DS2, although I was expecting something blood-borneish with those flip-open weapons.



have fun.


how the fuck did I end up... here

(indicates approximately everything)

I've been watching Anklespankin's DS3 let's play, and he makes it seem easy. And he's entertaining, too
But I see why people like those games, even though I suck

i had a dream where I strangled my sister to death

I thought it was real for the first hour or so after waking up

you get a kiss -kiss-

Austrian singer really looks like that rus pornstar, really cute tho

true true
oh and the thread ofc

best list

heh sure, bai bai

Ofc a happy ending the best ending..

Empty and inactive as per usual

It really is the best list.

-chu- Aw, thanks~♥

Yeeeah, that's why it's called happy ending after all.
And at least my love life is handsome.


Hey now, that's a bit too much...

*Pinches your butt*

Revolutionary rating system

and iunno its more classy than whores
ohh howd that go?

I've been watching Criken2's DS3 videos although they're more humor focused than focused on the real storyline, even when he has 2 other Youtubers aiding him, other being VaatiVidya that Dark Souls lore nofun guy.

I'm kind of lost here right now, not sure how that answers anything.

that's slightly terrifying

how did you feel during that hour?

okay im sorry

Everything shall be graded by such a system once I conquer the world.

There I made a thread, Blood-chan.

Hey, stawph!!

And, well, as you'd expect. It has a hand involved in it.

Ahhhh I've never heard of those guys

-pets your hair- As long as you know what you did wrong ^^

*Licks your cheek and pinches again*

its a cute one too

just the rule of hugging the under poster

do so quick

but tell meee, details!

before you're inclined to ignore me loco

I'm actually curious, and not just asking

Don't do stuff like that in the public!


It's a steady relationship with my hand and I use it to please myself.
Is that enough for you? :P

pretty dank/10

idk if dank enough to appear in one of my dank webms sometim in the future though

It's too fun not to

Oh god how did I not notice that.
hehe yeah that's enough, and same really.

Time to stop procrastinating, adios.

Vaati's only known for his Dark Souls lore explaining videos, they're pretty damn lengthy.
Criken is just one of those guys that makes silly gameplay videos for the heck of it.
I recommend watching that whole "Edwad Emberpants adventure" though.

I don't think there was a rule for that though.

It's pretty damn chill, have another one.


Iunno, maybe it was too subtle
Luckily I'm more than fine with just being alone. At least I've got plenty of privacy

Alright, I'll keep that in my mind! You have fun doing whatever!


I like it.

thank you for hitting the ball back

Yes ?

You shouldn't do stuff like that in the public.


but op..
good luck

Good for you, important to be glad.
I'm lonely though.

And if I don't ?


... Okay, I'm a bit lonely, too...

I'll focus on Monster Hunter more.

My plot to get you to get further in the game is working !

i know you definitely didn't intend it

but these gay little songs have put me in a substantially better mood

ty loco

Literally got worse from then on.
I never felt so sad and spooked playing a videogame. Silent Hill can go fuck itself.

Took me longer to find an image that perfectly encapsulate my horror and confusion.

Glad you like it.


eetis stuff I would not mind listening to on the radio butt that I would not atively seek out to listen to

ky lenko you are awful at league

I will, don't fret
Might finish Prunus Girl first however

have another


It is a terrible feeling

Eh, it's not so bad after being lonely for over eight years.
Wait, no I've always been lonely, ignore that.

Well, are you still watching Eurovision?

the bg color is shit

I thought yours would be superior

it's not

I like how I'm under fucking blood chan

fucking ky

remind me to give you a D+

i really liked it. fit/shaped my mood perfectly.

but i don't trust you

I'm not there, best list ever.

Onee-chan and Obaa-san getting turnt up with me

These noobs ain't got shit on muh porter/stout


Well yeah you said a cute poster~

Hey that's my image!

Guinness isn't a drink, is more like an alcoholic meal.

you're not on mine either

Never had the chance?

Yeaah scores are gonna come soon


I was mostly just kidding. I've had a couple girlfriends and boyfriends, but it's been a while since I've had one.

Any guesses who is going to be the very best?

Aww, ty for putting me on a list, Grim

Ive only had one for a really short period, ah well. Let's hope we'll be lucky

I really hope and think Hungary

Yes, yes it is.

what's up man


Love how mad grim and plant fucker are


look at yourself

you know where you would go on your own list?

a 2

higher than I thought I would be

Mine has been like half long, half short. Well, finding someone special is always easier if I'd go outside more and meet people, but eh, effort.

Alright, tell me who won when you know it c:

I failed a quest in MonHun. Frenzied Seregios, frenzied Black Diablos and frenzied Rajang. Didn't even get to Rajang 'cuz I didn't focus enough :<
What 'bout you?


me right now

what the fuck how is someone supposed to solo that

I pre ordered a samus statue
this is an actual photo of it

that looks slightly shopped

yeah the diffraction spikes seem too geometric and ordered

Actually I'm pretty sure everything but the base is a 3d render


heh same perhaps when I move out but I doubt that'd change the laziness

sure sure, nows the recaps


metallic paint man

Blond hair and massive tits

What are efficient methods of desalination

You thief.

By being awesome like me! Wait, I failed, never mind.
I'll do that quest probably at some point when I'm not chatting in threads.

And fancy~

I've lived alone since I turned 18, so I've had plenty of time... I mean, I'm going to be 25 in September.

And you'd better!

ahh it feels good

close enough

She's gonna be 53cm tall and maybe 8-10kg

do better next time
get some tips from subtle


also this one is definitely fake

Or at most a photobashed blender model

how about you stop being decent tier

That's enormous!
Like my cock!

how about I don't give a shit what you think anymore

it's so hard to tell

You spell my name wrong :c

Is this the hug thread?

*hugs everyone*

fucking sweden

What'd you do in that time?

I promise!

he's trash tier what do you expect


hug my cock

uh I'll revise it hold up

Maybe if you say please.

Oh right I almost forgot.

-hugs- ?

Um... Mostly a whole bunch of nothing. Some workshop activity, some work trainings, some school, but mostly just nothing.

And gooooood!

Aw, fine.



what happened to the quartz?






am pussy?



Eh, it's kinda in hold, I had to fix my small black book, which isn't black anymore.
I was bored.


Thank you :D



what a badass



ah well, hope it was fun and will be fun at least.
I'm gonna see how I'll do

ratings are starting

Okay then, thats better.

Finland smiles yay

is that a moleskine

Did you fucking do that to a moleskine

It should last for a few years again. Y'know, duct tape.

Yeah, I've had fun. I'm currently trying to figure out what to study in the future, and I've got a few ideas so far.

Even Finns smile sometimes.

No, it's a cheap one, costed like 5 euro when I bought it. And straps are quite common in books like that. And one of the covers literally fell off, so it had to be fixed.

It is a mysterious event... from what I hear

top left needs more attention


oooh what field?

Dcut tape... I used to think they called it "DUCK" tape.


Eh, I smile quite often. And Finns ain't that rude, to be honest. We just never initiate conversations, so we seem like so.
At least that's what I think.

I can't be bothered to edit it, I made that in Summer 2011.

oh ok


Bebo I finished my 2hu ranking thing

Clocksmith, goldsmith, micromechanics and fine mechanics. Those interest me.


Well, I failed.

I never had the slightest inkling that Finns were rude at all. Unlike the French. Who are innately rude. Their rude is unparalleled in world history... Well, sans the Germans and their towel escapades on holidays.

wat, Parsee is 33rd?

Oh, I've always thought that people outside Finland see Finns as rude people. Good to know!
But I've got like no knowledge of people outside my country.



is she your wayfoo?

cool stuff, hopefully that works out :3
I'm gonna study public management.

Every country I wanted in Eurovision passed ^ ^
Hungary-Netherlands-Austria are the best

I am sure that, from my views atleast, that people here view Finns as maybe a little depressed... But that is about it really. All the Nordic/Baltic countries are miserable. And grim. And dark. But there is atleast vodka.


Mai waifu is Shiori, and has been since like 2010.

I just gotta figure out more about stuffs though.

And that's awesome!

Eh, true, true, but at least the Sun stays up for like too long during the Summers. And we're talking like 19 hours of sunlight in even Southern Finland.

lemme see a cap of your ranks

she looks kinda retarded
no offense tho

why is she your wayfoo

This is a very generic fetish


That is legit insania. God bless curtains and blinds and underground bunkers.

i told you already that i only got halfway through
i had 700+ people in it LOL

Guess which curry head watched a little TOO much baywatch as a babby

I totally missed this

No wonder you put Cirno on 24 you fuckin' baka.



*Kisses your cheek*

You know I had blond hair once.

The system tied them.
Not my fault.


Those are overpriced garbage.


I, and the supreme court justice, calls bullshit on that!

Whast classs should I learn in leeg?

I, and the supreme court justice, calls bullshit on that!

Whast classs should I learn in leeg?


Sure thing, gotta take it slow for a right choice.

I wonder what the finals will be

Yeah, the art is a bit ehhh, but otherwise Kanon is good, and... Well, the visual novel was released in 1999, so that might be one of the reasons why she looks like that.
And she is mai waifu 'cuz she is amazing.

Yup, but luckily during winters we get like under 6 hours of sunlight to balance everything out!

You're silly :3

And I have absolutely no idea!



mad characters are amazing
be more elaborate

I am pleased i live in a more reasonable country as far as daylight is concerned

I'll take it

I looked awful and I don't have any boobs.

I'm sorry I can't live up to your unrealistic standard.

Big tiddies are homovan tier

It's okay
I like you for your entire helmet hair and skaterboi persona

But it's already past midnight

Well, good for you!

this is beyond bait

Cosplay Samus and he'll love you regardless.

I am not


Don't hate the player, man, hate the game.
Soi how has your day been?
Shoot many ruskis?

This bait has transcended itself.


Desu read this manga

I love this image

Haven't skated since I got a car because I can't find a real reason to.



get a longboard
I hear those are chic

Yes you are

So that'll have to wait for another time, another day.

Hate is such a strong emotion... I don't think that I hate anything.

And my day has been slow and I'm fine with that. Haven't shot anyone.
How about yours?

tempted rewatch and recap KlK


ride it for fun on the boardwalk

You calling me bae, bae?


If I fail my study though I feel I'd just give up and try adventure, maybe even move country.
I doubt they'd go with the western singer style, needs more flare.

I'll poke your tummy

I have two.

Quebec is really gay but god that's good music


Do it.


want to watch with me?


I never use it.


Back to work after a week off. Suffering. Sans that nothing else much of worth. Just a plain jane day really. Which, as you think, is fine.
Gotta have the mellow now and again.

Depends... Pics of harley?

Maybe... if its being streamed or something.

I've been thinking about taking a walk. A long walk. Through Europe.
But that's still on hold.
And is Eurovision still a freak show, or is there talent?


were you a surfer boy blonde hair og like me?

stop tabbing out

i unironically want to cosplay zero suit samus

*Pokes your tummy*

Long live the obverse god

I can surf but I didn't have blond hair.

Why not just take it out one day and ride for the hell of it?

Has boarding really left your system?

I can do that on, it basically uses a minibrowser and can stream to people

you should then

but don't post the photos when I'm posting

Plain days are like my favorite.

Do you have the butt to do that?

you too


Grim, just about the will to do anything has left my system.




do it, slut.

do it. i'd watch sometime

atleast theyre consistent.

are you on xannies again .-.


What the hell is that?

it's like you want to look at the pictures but don't want to admit you want to look at them


but i got kinda flabby since christmas

maybe i'll buy the leotard and fast until it looks good

all those fucking 8's lol


Well. Time to remove underwear.

I wish

this is so rad

I am not even morbidly curious.
But I want you to try out things that you might like to do

Feels bad...

Should do it whilst shengen still exists, what kinda route would be cool?
nah it was pretty good now. and freaks were quickly eliminated

YO scoots

is now good?




Yeah... Maybe I should take a long walk tomorrow.

I see, I see... Well, good luck with that!

Oh, I haven't planned that far. I know that I wanna visit Netherlands, so that's at least one goal in the plan.

And that's good to hear

If you give me about 15mins I can be down with that

Not really

Yes ?


but I feel bad for you

Actually one i know.
It's a delusion in Touhou Hitensouko (12.3) from Keine... or something.

There's a lot of 22's that I'd ship in with the 8's, and I have no idea what those fuckin' faeries are doing in 8.
It's a good system though.

I'll take my leave now, so I'll be around somewhere in the internet.


Eh, it's nothing.

Nitori is good taste.

A solid nothing 8)

I want Lexi to have my virginity

Enjoy your night jerashi

hope you can find a passion for something


Scoots, steam me when you wanna watch

Should go with a northern route then, then after NL down south.

bai bai

Is it a literal catfish?

Omg Ted Cruz is back in the race

He just doesn't give up

Yes. It's a giant fucking catfish.
It's the fucking final boss of one of the three sotry arcs.

Looks like he needs to get stumped back down again.


that was a fun game
but luke threw it





is it okay that i get a little turned on when trump talks about how much he's beating cruz

That is not okay.

I'd be surprised if there wasn't already porn of that.

I hope Trump murders him this time

Is okay.

Hell yes, justice will dawn


Like it isn't already.


Didn't the girl who drew this get death threats from Trump supporters?

Idk but if a girl drew that I want to date her

Jesus christ

so edgy

Illma Gore.
And yeah, she was assaulted apparently.

how many people
if 2 or more that is not too expensive

Its a a Blue Moon mixed with a craft Porter

So Oiishi

Sounds like some chuniibyou shit tbh



Take this pic

hey its miley cyrus

Oh boy I hope it's a girl/guy

I'd a miley


But I'm paying for all of it





really dude


Back from babbling about this midlife crisis bitch who probably wants my dick, what did I mi-

Yep, nope, time to do a runner.
I want that shit tho

super really


euhum, to each their own I guess


All his worthless supporters aren't going to be let down again

Let's laugh at them whilst they cry

I lost my way

>>>Holla Forums

Thanks friend

Your hug virginity sure


His dick is huge from what I hear



But women are too cute

Sounds like lies

bc doesnt have the social skills to actually lose his virginity

I'm sorry for my bad grammar... I'm so high

And yes I will laugh like there is no tomorrow


Not worth the lost spaghetti though.

I have enough money and I need to show off in front of my grandma and sis and act like its nothing

Its like too much alcohol
Like an adios

Did you already see her swallow his cum?

W-what D:

It is

Why would I lie about my dick size?

You don't need social skill just good looks

this is why youre still a virgin

You already know I know though


Why'd you do that?



You heard me.

Yeah, and he went down on her

I'm 17 I don't need to have sex for a very long time

How did you know?

Because I enjoy the suffering of others

You asshole


I meant becoming high

why am i spaghettiing to much... wtf

Remember that one time it just slipped out at the pool?

You are god damn fucking right


I wanted to try it once in my life

Right, can't decide what to play, help pls

FUCK, why didn't I think of that?

I don't go to pools .__.

What the fuck... you like being an asshole?


Don't deny it

Is it good?

I make a point of being one. Ask anyone. Sabrina, smiles, lexi, grim or loco.

I am a asshole of the highest order


*heinz spaghetti

cute, now show me your real one so i can compare

Never go to the pool in NYC

Too many niggers

I didn't even feel anyging... I don't know what's I'm suppose to feel. All I felt was sick for the past two days

Static gif.


Then how do you keep them as friends?

Get a dynamic one

You won't believe the amount of nigger in the central park pool during the summer

Even if I took a picture


If someone would lick your cheek, would that satisfy my rimjob fetish?

Must be my charisma

Who are you and why are you so stubborn?

awh that's no good, It's gotta feel amazing or its a ditch


Because I'm sober.

I knew you'd like it you fkn perv

Did you put all your points in it?

I thought I was going to die yesterday, I was so fatigued I couldn't even walk my dogs... and the pain still lingers right now

Answer both questions, tard

That and melee

50% is good enough.


You need some rest

i have awoken

Why would you? I'm not that intimidating silly.

back to bed with you

so are you gonna choose bebop, grim, or ban?
the suspense is killing me

no im not tired anymore

All 5'4" of you.

find something blunt to hit your head with until you fall asleep

holy shit I found left over gum

goodmorning dude

Unarmed is master race. I wish I were more charismatic irl >.>

Why don't you want to tell me who you are? Are you ashamed of yourself?

I don't really care. I want my first time to be special and I'm not a whore like you
Also I'm saving myself for marriage and I don't care what people think



Because your'e a fucking succubus


Must be it.


y would i do that
speaking of blunts though... he he he he he he he he hehe he he he he heh ehe heh eheh ehe heh eh ehe he heh ehe u know what it is

hello my man


Don't be ashamed, please tell me?

Enjoy your AIDS

you're nothing but a game to me



Fine, put this ones name on.


How am I not the worst tier in any of these lists!

Jesus fucking christ the booty

the problem is since you havent developed any social skills and aren't girl youre literally never going to have sex

Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck my body hurts so much

if i die please know that i hate each and every one of you

you will never make it in life

bye for now


Your weak body must not absorb it right, rest.

u talking shite bruv
its good for my teeth

Hows that headache btw?

please actually dont wake up

i said i got over the headache
i slept it off

nah brah, gowie is the best.

who even is this wtf

wake me up he he hehhhh ehhhhe hehhh



some random person. Just go to Holla Forums at one of the chans and you'll find someone.

I hate how Greece didn't save Europe by an heroing, could've finally be useful.

Oh good stuff, btw whenever im in a tc again.
Tell me to stop when I reach for gin.

wtf even is that


its noethern speak for chewing gum
giz sum gowie.

*growls at u*

No old man!

The south will rise again

tfw im 5'3 and the shortest person here

ehhhehhh heee hooo hah hahehh hooo heeh >:))

You're not an old man, no.

I'm not lexi

isn't lexi the shortest


you are.



I see you sitting in base.

Scarlet post butt

i wish i was short so i could be bullied

being tall sucks

so lexi is just cucking grim, ban, AND bebop all at the same time

i wouldn't put up with that bitch if i was in their position


I'm wearing sunglasses indoors and at night now, rate me on the douche meter

nah lad i gonna stick wif thee gom see


Lenko, is there something you need to confess?


You wanna fight bruv

ill trade some scarlet butt your some of your sister butt

i am a girl

make me

Lenko is the hidden fourth






My eyes hurt okai

oi com at me cunt

Tfw 6'4" master race

1v1 me irl faggot

shut the FUCK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have done nothing wrong.


Not like it matters if you prefer to be on your knees..

all according to plan

you're the worst of the shitposters
if that counts

Atleast scarlet isn't paige. Scarlet actually has some personality.

i havent found any

got him to admit last night that what i've done has changed him
he's shy af about it though

oh really? my list begs to differ.

too busy eing the memer

dont think i mever gonna open that image in my life mate

Cum at me

I'll put you on your knees

yo m8 ill roundabout kick you back to chinatown


oh my
looks like he'll be embracing his true nature

imma bbl

bloodchan said he was leaving

Make it your R Kelly like Confessions and sing about it.

I hug without protection on.

Oh god that was a bomb as TC.
Casper becoming an spook

Drink your old man whiskey.

I need a hug please
.. that was awful

he lied

Sure thing pal.


I miss that time


Let's play aram then, it's easier.

Hug = lewd rite?


I am sure it was a me and casper 1v1 chat then he went and told me to thread link it... THEN fucking went ape shit at me for sharing. He's a funny guy

Better have tried.

Make me.

It means anal.

Nigga dont try to play hard to get

At AX I'll treat you like a princess and pound you like a fine piece of schnitzel



Smiles said shes taking a break after that
I need one too.

Its weird that I miss actually being legit worried that he died.


Hug your curry princess.

You're too small to be my squad leader.

whos playing heart to get? and tbh im not sure if im going to AX anymore... money is tight

i may still be able to salvage it tho but ill have to see

That was a tense few hours. Byut he lived.

It's okay, I'll win this one.

Nah I kicked him to the curb. Didn't you see the list?

would if i could

Come to think of it, what does Casper even do for all the drugs he goes through?
Or is this a question better left unanswered?

My best memory was an heroing an indian dude tho

Whoops, maybe I should sleep.

y'know dealers.
but those pills he just found in the bathroom

Sleeping could a good option.
That reminds me... The an heroing... I regularly revisit /gif/ for the rekt threads. Watching people get BTFO of existence is hilarious.

Lat I checked he sold weapons on the black amrket, also they were the hormone pills xD


It was just one of those weird curiosities since he's impaired in some form 24/7 so it's hard to see him doing any legitimate work.

Tbh I am sure the last I checked it was some form of Telemarketing.
That or he just gets by somehow.

instant karma threads are good tbh

Are you okay?

But yeah tsuchi, he is always wasted. How even does one function like that? He must be spookyghost.

I won't lie, they''re pretty legit.

muh 6 gorillion is pretty hilarious too

Why wouldn't I be.

When did we becom Holla Forums?

God bless Sweden.

Er, Allah bless Sweden?


god is dood

Ill sleep
those are great


He is a mysterious and fine human being

because you're a lil quiet and junk... is something on your mind?

أَمْ خُلِقُوا مِنْ غَيْرِ شَيْءٍ أَمْ هُمُ الْخَالِقُونَ

guten nacht

new thread

say it with me

la illallah mohammadur rasallah

sweet dreams