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1st for murrica

2nd for being a cool dude

3rd for being cooler than ban


I dont wanna..

You gotta.


You're a liar.

bu I already napped..



I play with everyone

except luka when I'm tilted
It's pretty easy to unload on luka
and I hate feeling giulty after


What happened to it not being good enough?

I've played with everyone but some people here are just to league retarded.

When I get the chance

iunno but I'm still sleepy..
wake me up


Are you counting the people that made their accs in the last 60 days?


I can only count 2 people

wanna name names?

Can't wake you up.

dota with me

Get lost

no worries, itll be fine



crawling in your skin.


Don't get lost desu

find your way

ughh don't do that



grom nee




Your wounds, they will not heal.

breath in, breath out.
peace and serenity

please please stop



Say pls

Gil and test who just made account if I'm not mistaken.

I dota code for gay stuff?

Happy for you I guess

pls pleaase?


I meant 2 league retards
not newbies

I should be more clear


Oh no I'm not naming names

I want to eat a donut with shinobu until our lips press together and kiss


Grim is league retarded.

Can I name the names you told me

When I tilt, I just lose my shit
Same for Freklz

Lenko rarely goes afk, but he tilts as well, just not as bad

who else

Bebop is still new imo

Colbear is mid-silver low gold levels

Thank you, I'm forever grateful


Lexi is in between Bebop and Colbear's skill level

Luka is forever bronze 4/5

So well behaved

AM is pretty good
Darwin is good too

Any posters I missed?

Astraeus doesn't really post so I don't even count him
hes not even lv 30 I think

Am I good at league

DONT FUCKING [email protected]@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@


Are we dating again?

Freklz has tilted every game I've ever played with him.

I don't like him.

[spam pings]

I can be bad too

I think that's just bad luck

Lucy was pretty okay
I miss playing with him

I didn't think you'd be the type to seek punishments :3

Or maybe he just tilts every time things don't go his way.


you said ban is bad

Hai i am a girl. i play league (bronze 3but play like a Challenger) add me if u would like to play or talk nyan~ ^-^ i tend to get salty if i rage tho..

He is a bad boy.


let's be lesbians on the internet


I forgot the eu people

Neru is a one trick pony with lulu

Subtle is like
mid plat right?
He's a great support/adc
Ecchi, I haven't played much with him recently but he plays a high gold level rek'sai


uhh.. maybee

I should make a list of league people and rank them



dirty dirty boy ~

Echo is plat for real
Carries me sometimes

he just hit p4

gratz to him

no leeeeeeeeeeeeewd

Plat is like gold but only slightly less retarded.

Whoa a tilda

hora~ hora~

That feel when still no lvl 30 and played around 4 matches with posters


how would you compare the diff between g5 and p5

to p5 and d5



Continue to fight the good fight.

whats that noise?

my dick is diamonds

I've played like 3 of those matches in NA with posters and like 1 in EUW a few years ago with Lewds/Fort and some others.

Once I get a reason to.

It's japanese for mildly impressed.

that was meant for echo

but yeah you had pretty bad lag on na didn't you?



lagging is my excuse and only mine!

Oh, alright.
About 220 ping in league, 1100 in Warframe and about same in Payday 2, at least when I tried to play with Yan.


I've used that excuse forever.


Lux vs Kayle

no no.. nothing


yes yes i'm wet paper XVII

Good boy

No waaaay. I've played league on NA back in season 2.

I've used that excuse when playing with people around the world.
What's funny is that South Africa doesn't lag that bad.

Maybe technology will fix it someday.



how do I be a bad boy?

i used it even on local games!

WELL geologically it's closer than maybe asia

You misbehave.

My reason still outranks yours.

What's that like?

well, i use it more widespreadly.. so mine still has a strong point

Haven't looked into that one before.
Probably someday since quantum computers.

I guess I never thought about that.

I cannot willingly let you misbehave.

Strong point? if anything your overuse has made it a blatant weak reason.
Mine is a single firm point.

who needs cables when you can just teleport information

but i think it's how many hops that a packet has to jump before actually reaching its destination that is really making a latency high.

distance shouldnt be a problem since we're using light.

*pokes forehead*

Oi m8. That's abuse.

Still that kind of technology seems far away.

But there's the part before optic fiber, since there's no such option available in this area.

*poke nose*

You'll regret this.

*pokes tummy*

You're fucking dead, kiddo.

i'm referring to those intercontinental connection, not the home internet ones

I was just implying that in order to reach those it first needs to travel through the home part, which creates a bit of delay too because no optic fiber.

im sorry


I want his diddlee dong

you rarely connect to other home computer when playing game together, it's hosted by a server.

well unless you're playing private game like offline minecraft hosted by your friend's computer

I'm blaming it all on my side of the client.

there's too much magic in internet

How do I pump out my stomach?

I'm blaming it all on my side until I move to a better place with optical fiber as a choice.

I woke up with a headache


chem trails

You slept too long and didn't hydrate enough.

I came

Everyone appreciate my art

in 55 minutes

Tokai is tokawaiiiiiiii





It comes out on the 24th.

i don't own it though.

soo still





She almost had it, just almost.



She's cute so I'll let her off

Thus begins the start of a new era.

You never salute with left nor indoors and never without a hat.
Already lewding Kabaneri, Subtle pls.

Samus is kawaiiii

Is that just for Finns or everywhere?
Oh you want more?

You salute with the right,
Le sword hand.

I think those are common rules across ground forces, not saying anything for air forces or navy though.
She was pure ;_;

Scoots gets it.


omg no lewd



Ban lewd


Air forces are the coolest right?
She still is, kinda

Yes Inaban?

I woke up an hour ago only to get told I might not need to do shit today
My eyes are burning

I did did over half of all of them in less than half an hour

Got way too many Initial D webms.

I don't really know, they just sit around long times thus >chair force
Then they get to fly like twice a month.
Not with you and your lewd pictures.


Good morning
I judge them a little bit before picking

btw I bought this for about $400

look at the fucken base, bebo

Do they probably have the least combat fatalities?
I didn't make it!





Most likely.
I think my choice of career has one of the lesser, unless they dump me in with jägers which means I'm pretty dead considering my specialization, welp.
But you saved it!

Idk what to even do now today. I planned to be gone all day and get home really late.. Maybe I'll shave then send Jesus pics

Yeah it's p nice
I did too for most. I should finish it

Didn't we have a discord channel?
I donno the link

theres never too many

True that, gotta catch 'em all.

thanks dude

expansion never ends


Help me with my homework


When you go into engineering your risk of death might go up, you never know your calculator might explode or something

I can try


if it's your brain, sure

Might buy me a wife off amazon

I took nine acid tabs


You're right that is more likely

That is not really anything I'm afraid of, more so that I'd have to come up with something instead of being the guy who fixes things.
Because RIP no imagination.

swirly ✨☄

I just pre-ordered a $400 statue

rate my list

7.5 list

Have a good space journey



want me to find you some trippy gifs?

Lenko is gonna post a super photoshopped version of his one

I can't wait for it honestly

even tho I know he's gonna give me a C or something

I'm dank
my mind is my oyster

I'm getting my hair cut today


It was nice knowing all of you

You think you don't have much creativity?

not sure why you include so many people who don't post anymore but didn't put everyone who does
why don't you just name everyone?


make sure you get the shampoo done with it

rip hair



rip tattos

Trap slayer.

not even saying i'm the only one not on there m8
was just curious how you came to name everyone you did


I wait with bated breath for my rating.

rip list

it's like the vip list

but we dead

Correcto, that's why I always prefer doing things instead of being the guy who calls in what things to do.

Rip my dick

I've never gotten the shampoo with it since its like 7 dollars extra
And it kinda triggers me having someone other than myself washing my hair while still fully clothed
Its weird

Glad to see its healing

Also nice desu be on the tabs
When does it get banned again?


2 days after my bday :c

It feels nice if she uses her finger tips

get it

I heard it's covered in anime booty

The one and only

I don't think you will have any problems with that in the path you are going down

I was supposed to keep the tabs till after the 26th and get rich

but I eated them

Da booty :o

I'm a pro spelunker.

I spelunker the booty

would you spelunk an asshole with your fist?

Unless I end up being a designer, RIP.

It's a good movie.

I want to smoke but I have no tobacco


it's like choking on being able to breath

Do you need baccy?

I'd say top 100, others say top 50 but that was from a long time ago.

I would rather use my penis.

its so nasty

even with prep

The book isn't bad either.

I want to drink but there's no alcohol.

I think so

I had this electronic smoke that I thought was a disposable vape, but it turned out it only glows and delivers nicotine, no smoke no vapour

Do you ever wish you could be superstitious or gullible so life would be more interesting?

why not pretend and get some fun from other people's reactions?

irl trolling

I have those traits and life is not interesting.

Use a condom ribbed for his pleasure .

Wish I was a brain dead sheep to believe that horse shit. Yes.

Need a hand or just lazy

not to mention that the anus is not even designed for sex

it's just not natural


What the FUCK am I watching and why is it terrifying

Kinda wanna tell you and Lenko about my dreams. this post made me remember them : ^)

I should give it a read sometime, preferably when I go hunting and I leave society for a week or maybe a whole month

but then again neither is the mouth

but you dont constantly throatfuck someone who gives you oral so fuck you

overspent this week for srs
but, I'm on acid :s
like, idk, a situation somewhere was out of my hands once in history

do it

Gay sex is natural


Need couple squid to tie you over?

Rolled 1 (1d2)shower

in due time

it would help, I have money I could spend on food and tobacco, but it's my train money for the 19th

squid sex

I am still waiting for the translation of Metro 2035, because it hasn't been translated to English nor Finnish yet, just a bunch of slavic languages.

this nigger just lights up

no vapour




Please stop smoking you're ruining your body

Best fucking love story ever

Nee bother bonnie lassie


I guess these videos make the drunk sensation too. this will do


a little steam does come out of it

I was just overexpectant :c

Kinda wanna drop learning Japanese and go right into Russian just for things like that

Why imitate wen you can go in the real

Russian is probably more useful to know than Japanese

nm was just trippin anyway

thx hun

Tripping balls is dabes

... could be on to something there, Mr. Grim.

Ok, but how often do you explore abandoned amusement parks and opera houses?

Yep, yep. Same. We must have been drinking from the same cup, Scooty-Doo.

I snort-laughed and it kinda hurt, but worth it!

Amateur footage of a Snow White statue at an abandoned Mexican amusement parking blinking. Pretty good fake. Nice practical effect.

The Fresno Nightcrawler video is cool too.

I always wonder why people pick Japanese as a language to learn, when it only really helps if you're doing some business in there or visit the country.



well never, they lurk there

Drinking that dank wine.
Ignorance is bliss.
Wish I didn't think so much.

I reasoning for both is just as good, though being able to communicate with my good Russian friends in their language would probably be fun, could help teach me too.
tfw either way Lenko won't go to Russia and get in a car with me

When I was in high school and saw Japanese was a language option that is exactly why I chose it. Everyone else in the class was doing it so they could watch anime without subs
I wanted to die in that class because they didn't care enough to actually learn it so I ALWAYS had to go up in front of the class to explain shit

After so many years of thinking how silly, how retarded, how useless, and how much of a waste of time it would be....I finally ended up doing it...

I joined the fight against Alice2

I am now Jackfag


wanted to fuck my teacher too but "I'm married"

hell I can't even watch ghost videos or any stuff like that.

ghosts are real and not to be messed with.

i'm a ghost


don't insult my heritage


If you believe in ghosts then you are a infantile daydreaming sheep

She's so lewd

I love her


if i'm not a ghost

why am i covered in ectoplasm


I believe in sneks

science has not disproven ghosts.
And there's a ton of sightings, ghosts are real.

thats not ectoplasm

Got to love those "reality" tv shows where they go in buildings and act all scared, the whole obscure idea of being scared of the void between the walls just gets me laughing.

Ah well then, I never had any choices for languages.
Otherwise I would have gone with German since many relatives can speak that, also pretty useful in field of electronics because Siemens etc.

You are are an idiot

Tungevaag & Raaban, nice.

I hope you get haunted

it tastes like ectoplasm


2 speky!

They, huh?


There's a great book (a quick read, actually) called Will Storr vs The Supernatural in which the author spends a night on the set of a paranormal show and is genuinely depressed by how unapologetically fake and contrived it all is.

The thing that annoys me is that the fakers will put so much effort into a great practical effect like that statue "blinking", then immediately turn the camera away and go into panic mode.


remember what I was talking about the other day? about modern combat?


Ghosts go to places mostly where there is nobody

But explain this "The Voice Kesähitti 2015"
Because that is a radiostation here and that means summerhit 2015

I wonder why he was even expecting anything from there then.
I guess they just do it to make it seem more "real" with the panic etc.

Good me too

Can I ectoplasm your buns hun?

Alright, this one isn't.

did you like the snaps?

please don't joke about extoplasm

itis the album Ithink it is from whatcd

I wonder how those ended up in Norway to begin with.

anglo saxon ghosts

It has something to do with that video but if you end up watching it, don't read too far into it.//\
Yeah, I was about to tell you to try opening it a little bit differently but then you did it

the one who uploaded it was probablee finish

it has some international/nrowegian artists on it though

Ooooh, right, right. I'm a little rusty on Ghost Law. I mostly specialize in Bird Law.

Exactly. While I admire the clever showmanship, I just want to see more so I can try to figure out how they did it. But I guess that's part of the fun.


Still pretty scary!

my last knife had the center of gravity lower cuz it was a little smaller

Because Sabs is a prude.


all it needed was

Kinda want sabs to pound my as like a slut

I have too many assisted/folding knives
bayonet when

brb shower

no no its no law, they just go to not be disturbed, and do warnings if you come close.

Finally something French I like.
Cosmopolitan here I come

Most likely.
Yeah, I thought you had heard Tungevaag & Raaban from somewhere else though since Swe/Nor artist duo.

The magician never reveals their trick, eh?

Don't you like Justice or maybe even Daft Punk?

Will post list in like an hour ish when I get home.



I bet you only had nice things to say about me right?

posting in the tokai thread before i go

I had no idea Daft Punk were French, I love them.



Well yeah unless you've given me a reason not to

Sure am! :D
What'cha gonna do about it?

Only if you wear that little tea dress I bought you.

You'd think a spirit condemned to wander the same place for eternity would welcome a little disturbance.

Yeah, the jerks. But in all seriousness, that blinking Snow White thing was a really cool effect. It's supposedly in an abandoned amusement park in Veracruz, Mexico. The place looks creepy and gorgeous and fun.


I bet Lenkos list is gonna look shitty af

But i'm literally your favorite poster.

And the ball gag and shimapan

My list looks like ass.

I thought that was kind of like common knowledge when somebody says France they think about Eiffel tower, smelly cheese, snob people who refuse to speak English and Daft Punk.

Abandoned places are always pretty cool in my book.


good job


Should I do a ghost show pisstake for YouTube?

no no, they must stay dead until reckoning day.
they cant have that mess

w-why post that

I knew all those except Daft Punk lol

Its more of just pointing out the obvious.

That joke
My head

Suit up, bitch boi!

I don't know what that means, but I recently stumbled across Boo Review on YouTube and their videos are really cute.

I would love to do some urban exploring! I just worry about stumbling across a crack den or hobo community and getting stabbed to death (or worse).

Poor ghosties. I should take them some coloring books or something.

To turn you on

Sabs what is that image

Loli fusion

no no please dont disturb them, its dangerous

well good job

God's unholy mistake.
Karen and Alice from Kiniro Mosaic after their car broke down outside a German scientist's condo on a stormy night.

That's odd.

Always wanted to go around Chernobyl just exploring those areas, because there's nothing like a whole abandoned city from the soviet era.

Phone posting is shit

Y-yes misstress

i don't even know if this is illegal

nothing at all.

people do live there. Off the record though.

lenny how much booty is on that list

be honest

Ugh, the photos that've come out of those ruins are so gorgeous. Here are some 360-degree views:

What if I just throw them through an open window?

Gonna slam you like a door, sissy.





It's the l-least I deserve for flaunting x/////x


I don't really look for origin until recently.


hmm I guess that'll work, but still dangerous.

But the amount is very minimalistic.
Also those fuckhueg fishies that swarm in the rivers.

Got to love how nature has taken over the buildings in there.
I didn't know NatGeo had an article about that.

Well then, I usually do in case I want to find similar stuff.


I have to be careful cuz I don't know which are CP

also a cuck

Don't worry he still fucked her.

You have to see this. You'll like it.

They go in and do experiments. They test radiation levels of some plants and animals, talk to some people that live there, talk about a find that can prevent radiation poisoning, do a study on the monster fish, etc.

It's worth the $2 on Youtube also.

It's not my fault I'm a sissy slut

Yeah its really handy, genre/country all makes for a selection.

that was just sad

scoots pls

this is embarrassing

We have the weirdest conversations...

Shut up and ride, sssssslut.

What if I shoot them into the window with a t-shirt cannon from about a block away?

I'd love to go explore before someone starts renting out protective suits and turns into a tourist attraction.


meh. I'm half-hearted at this point. I'm mad that I don't have any edgy shit to post.


I've actually seen that one, that's where I learned about those mutant fish.
Kind of want to go fly fishing there for that reason.

Got to love how French got their own genre for French House.

I believe there are arranged tours there from different companies already, since you can stay there for a pretty long time with no real effects.
Unless you go walk around the plant, since Pripyat is pretty far away from the Chernobyl NPP.

Like the good little helpless slut I am, daddy

all well but I worry that they might seek vengeance

I love frenchcore

Fixin'ta break my foot off in your ass, sonny. ♥

Ok, where do you even find something like that?


Well this just gets more fun by the minute.

I just don't understand why they'd want vengeance, though. And how would they know it was me?

That's cool. I wonder if this is any good

something like what?

Neru let's do stuff

Can you pull my hair?

Theyre mad cause attention, and like in the ghost world they see everything

aha Ihave been reading while doing 20-40 minyoot turkey dynamic queues

That...that webm...
Nevermind. lol

You're such a needy little sissy. Fiiiine.

Ghosts sound like assholes.

Why are you neglecting me so

8ch. 2ch. I find stuff on my own sometimes. If it's got gibberish numbers or letters in the filename, it's not my own making

eetis so hard to wish to do everything and have tim for bearly anything always

Reminds me of Joan Cornellà.

Not certain what that is.

The 30th anniversary of the accident was a few weeks ago, not that rad place anymore.
Hah, get it?

No idea at all, haven't seen that one before.

Here. This is for you.

Make it :c

Well yeah, the good people dont become ghosts

look it on youtube, come back and thank me

S-sorry daddy, I'm a needy little princess. Needy for Cummies and y-your popsicle

Casper must have been up to some twisted stuff...

All I can think of when I see the word "rad" is...

Good evening, everyone


oook Iwill read a bit more


He connected with the ghost world, I think he understands the language even.


What's the minimal bad thing you have to do to become a ghost?


How's your day been?

Hello Tokai, how are you?

Casper is the ghostkin


Oh, so practically sped-up hardstyle?
Thanks, but I like my hardstyle just hardstyle.

PTSDs from the 80s coming back.


Pretty ok so far. I'm going to sneak out of work early again 'cause it's sunny and beautiful outside and I wanna go with my friend to see peacocks. You?

Consensual rape?

Why this classic isn't on BlueRay yet I'll never understand. Must be people fighting over the rights and all that sweet, sweet money to be made.

What's up? c:

Just finished work
So brb in an hour
Woo sunny days :3

I missed Eurovision song festival
might as kms

ehh crime?

Tired n kinda ill but overal fine, hoping to see some Eurovision. et toi?

ahh fine, I r eally like it sped up

This one is for you.

full on rape

Is the least thing a ghost has to do to become a ghost

I learned it in school.

I'm a bit tired as well, been doing some stuffs today, but I'm feeling pretty good overall.
Eurovision is happening again, huh... I haven't seen nor heard anything of it in ages

Enjoy your emancipation!
While it lasts, anyway. Gonna tie you up later.

If I get hit by a bus while jay walking, will I have to haunt that particular intersection until Judgement Day? If so, I want someone to bring me coloring books.

It's sweet of you to share your home movies, but doesn't your boyfriend mind?

Maybe someday it'll be free of those like multiple old movies in the Internet Archive.

Coffee and music, thinking about continuing DS3 since I got some hints where to go from a friend.

Whatever floats your boat then.

no he don't

Sounds pleasant to me. I'm thinking about playing more MonHun, but I still don't know what to do there, so I decided to show up here instead...
I took a walk in a forest yesterday, though, that was fun.

ah well, tired from work is a better feeling than no sleep.
I always watch it lol

ehh iunno if you can touch those

sure sure

Mm-hm, luckily only my neck aches a bit thanks to today.
How's your country doing in the E'vision?

Same type of "questline" which gives no direction?
Pulled my arm yesterday at the gym, but already feels better so round 2 tomorrow.

I think I just prefer the plain Hardstyle since my friends used to play that pretty often on road trips.

Hungary has a really cute boy, I hope he wins

Sounds like you need a massage
Haven't seen it yet

aahh yes that adds a special feeling

I remember that Finnish metal band with masks, that was the only year I remember watching


Nah, Monster Hunter isn't about major storly line or anything like that... I just don't have a goal right now. I want to hunt things, but I don't really have a reason to hunt, so I'm a bit stuck 'cuz of that.
And that sounds painful, you'd better make sure that it's not bad!

Oh, I'd love a massage, but going to get one sounds like effort...
And oh. Well. Maybe soon?

i don't remember watching any videos in grade school

I don't think my schools had tvs

Sometimes I get tunnel-vision When playing rek

Watch a long!
biggest gay event

ah yeah that sucks..
maybe some time.
yes yes, I'm excited

One of those friend group genres.

06 Eurovision winner.

Minmaxed the game already?

Eh, I'll get a massage one day, probably. Maybe.

And I hope that your country does well!

Nahh, I just don't feel like hunting things for the sake of hunting. I wanna make more things, but i have no idea what to make.

idkkk when people add too many voiceovers it kind of kills the song

Nice I was 10

I meant like did you already get everything that you can reach in the game?
Because that usually kills interest in the game.

It's a slow song, but 3:10 part makes up for it all with the melodic part.

I remember watching it with my sister, then the next year the wrong person won.

nostalgic af

same, one of those asian ones.
with slime.

It was just on! Really good western, Douwe Bob was good.

nnnn it did not for me there was no salvaging it

Holy shit my head feels so much lighter

Don't link me creep

Ohhh... Nope, I haven't done everything, there's still plenty to do, but doing quests alone which have 2-4 large monsters sound annoying... but maybe I should just do them anyways.

Wait, you want a slimy asian massage?
And awesome :3


Soto get destroyed

Someone cute should make a new thread

With a cute anime image in the OP



Yees! it seems comfy
uhuh ^ ^

Got to love those moments.

How about

Just ran out of motivation then?
I feel like I've been procrastinating on DS3 so long.

Did someone say "Dutch Faggot"~?

Nigga you need to read this shit, it's so fuckin lulz

You betcha sweet ass I did

unfortunately I got it with pop songs

hah so you admit it

This ain't even half the scare shit I got through.
Is this what you meant about PTSD, Tokai?
I could tell you people more about the experience I had, if you like.

It sounds moderately lewd to me, but it might be comfy as well.

Yeeeaah, a bit... like a quest which has Seregios, Black Diablos and Rajang, all frenzied just sounds like a wonderful time.
Screw it, I'll just do it.
And how's DS3?


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