Yoko Taro cannot be contained

"I plan to include a boss whos mechanic involves altering your framerate in real time"


Are you ready for Nier and the infinite Sadness yet?

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Yeah, it's called the PS4.




s expectation of those characters.

Life is pure suffering and agony and nothing will make it better.

Taro san is that you again?

Don't worry, life can always get better. At least you arent trapped forever like Miyamoto is.

nier 2 is like one of the 5 games coming out worth fucking staying alive for right now god damn

Wait, what is this about?

With how depressing Taro's games can get, I wonder what happened in life. I heard the story about his friend dying with his dick out or something and him just laughing at how ridiculous it was, but I wonder if more weird shit like that happened. That, or if he's just a regular dude with a fascination of the bizarre.

How would that even work?



Drakengard 3, you should've played it. I'm sad you didn't.




That'd be interesting if that was real.

The author isn't a tranny. That's a stupid rumor that's been debunked for a while now. And the ending was brilliant, you just have shit taste.

u sure fam?

u gay son?


Didn't Saint's Row 3 already do this?

But is it true or not. I don't get it.




I own it.

You're not far off.

Like that snail boss in megaman X2?




Back on topic though, where did he say that?

When did this happen? Link plz?

I recently bought Drakengard 3 and it's still sitting here unopened since I'm playing other games.

Should I buy the Japanese dub DLC? I know that even if I do, the subs are still fucked but is it still worth it?


Not speaking from experience, but at least the Japanese dub could hide some bad VA work and some bad lines.

At the same time, its scummy to even charge for it.

Reminds me of the mechanic in Metroid Prime 2 when in Sky Fortress or whatever the name, the monster sends a beam at you and your visor malfunctions. You drop to like 2 frames per second, then drop to a reboot screen for 5 seconds accompanied by the gray noise screen.

It really scared me when I first saw it, and is a cool addition for sense of depth. I love those kinds of things.

I bought D3, and it's shit. I mean the story is the usual Taro-tier stuff, which I like. But everything else is raging from uninspired to absolute shit. The mechanics suck, controls are stiff, animations have no cancels, and the gameplay is just so fucking dull. Put sub-20fps gameplay on top of that and you get a complete fucking disaster.

Watch the story on YT and be done with it.

Spoiler that shit, I didn't get to that part yet!


You kind of had it coming mate.

My nigger. I need to catch up with that shit.

Season 2 is nearly over. No rush as S3 won't be starting until 2017.

God damn it, I actually made that as a gameplay mechanic once. That's what I get for being a wishful nodev who uses Game Maker, rather than a Japanese yesdev who uses anything else.

I dont get it.

This gen, like every gen before it, has framerate drops everywhere. The joke might have been better suited to the Xbone, but it still applies.


Someone post the Dark Souls "framerate is bad in blighttown because your character doesnt want to go on".

The PS4 drops in framerate a lot, you dope.

Maybe it's me but I thought D1 was better in terms of gameplay.

Don't worry, I hear this shmup on DS called Bangio Spirits lags the system on purpose so the player won't get fucked trying to dodge anything. So you ain't the only person beaten to the punch.


Just like any other console or badly made games on PC.


Bangai-O Spirits.

Its a mustard joke.

You're pretty good

Thanks user, didn't know about this, and I can't stop reading it.

ayy lmao


It makes me wonder what happened between D3 and Nier. Nier was a decent action game with some genuinely fun parts, while admittedly not having a perfect fps, it was still acceptable.
D3 was a chore to play and I haven't bothered playing since I finished path B. To be honest though, if the frame rate was better and it wasn't so repetitive, it would be an okay hack and slash game. The weapon switching on the fly was very cool and an improvement over earlier titles. But those earlier points I mentioned as so bad. I'm not an fps nazi (I've happily played games at 25-30fps before), but D3 can be a literal slideshow. Even worse, the dragon parts (aka some of the most fun in the game) have the worst fps.

And let's not talk about the "localization". I'd love a pc release with better fps and a new translation, but I don't think that will ever happen.

I'm very tempted, but it's the whole multiple endings and seeing what changes each route is what intrigues me about the Drakengard series. Just watching it as a movie wouldn't be the same.

How is Miyamoto trapped?

Feels more like ninty is trapped with Miyamoto.

Then he beats the shit out of them all for stepping out of line.


it could be worse yoko, you could be living in the U.K

I wish Taro would visit us again

This game is the biggest fucking scam I've ever seen in my life.



You cheeky fuck



Some user said that D3 was supposed to be a PSP title, but then it got shorthanded on time and forced to port to the PS3. Hence the result. But I can't verify any of that. Would explain the shit graphics to performance ratio

you have good taste in wrestling characters

This is interesting. Any game that starts development on another platform is usually doomed to be shit.
If anyone can find a source for this, that would be great.

Thread already derailed. Is that a new record? Someone post the screencap of the story about user's sister's Wii so we can compare the times.

Did Holla Forums even know who this man was before E3 2015? Have any idea "Nier" even existed?

Yeah. He even shitposted here once.



Goddammit user I'm tearing up

I really recall that being the case back when we were still getting news about the game, but the most I can find is this


Even back in halfchan we used to have Drakengard threads every now and then. Yoko Taro and his games just more popular nowadays because Platdrones and because the crazy bastard actually announced Automata on E3 while wearing an Emil costume.

So it's going to be programmed so shittily that it'll slow down your game to a crawl?

Cavia is just Ice Pick Lodge for dumb people


How about Metroid Dreadnought?

You didn't play the MP2 multiplayer mode? did anyone


I'll be honest, I'm a bit salty no one is paying attention to the game and are just shitposting to the first reply.

The game doesn't even have good graphics, I'm sure the game wasn't going to have frame drops to begin with.


But it's not a boss.

We don't know anything about it yet. What are we supposed to talk about other than "Oh, that sounds interesting, I hope it's good." People have already discussed similar concepts in this thread.

I wish vols would step in to this reaction shit. Its not even conversation, its spam.

There threads about Death Stranding and that has even less info. This reaction shit with 50 replies just fucks up the thread. Its fucking spam.

if you look at the times the post was posted 10 seconds before the OPs

Consider that imageboards might just might not be for you.

Consider that you have complete shit taste user.

Doom's multiplayer has always been clunky.


10/10 counterpoint, my eyes are opened.

You have to admit, in this case, it's definitely the dev's fault. Comcept went from doing mildly well with Soul Sacrifice to kikestarting this unoptimized piece of garbage.

Good tech wouldn't have saved that game. Its just badly designed.


even with the negatives, I still found it to be at least a little fun

Not even good design would've saved the game, Inafune The Artistic Conman's dev team are so incompetent that their lackluster rehash of MegaMan with Speedrun Mode abilities auto-enabled would've been as dull and uninteresting as it is currently even if it worked and looked perfect.


the PS4's hardware is completely fine it's just Unreal Engine 4 and vsync, vsync and triple buffering is the only reason why the PS4 locks at 40fps, in comparison the Xbone doesn't have vsync and triple buffering but has extreme screen tearing. Both consoles have the same options but the options don't toggle vsync or bloom.

Another fact, MN9 on xbone, if you play the second level, the ice stage, reflections are capped at a lower framerate and desync, creating a slow and choppy reflection on the ground


10 million hours in paint




check this:
simple and easy to read, elegant yet subtle.

I can't wait to bully some redditor trying to use this picture with an imgur filename, thanks.



Dark Souls did it.

So that's what the grab feature is for.

We have this instead of a thread watcher?

But how else would reddit and facebook know where they can find the dank internet maymays?

2 days later…

Yeah, it's a pointless feature and a shameless attempt at advertising. I wouldn't be surprised if the grab feature also automatically uploaded the images to something like imgur and reddit.

It doesn't even work for me, I press it and nothing happens. I also have a problem where I can only do one reply using the quick reply window per thread, unless I refresh the page I have to go to the top to submit my post because the new reply button gets broken on this window.

There's a checkbox that you can press on every post, then the grab option works. I had to refresh this page after doing it so I wouldn't say it works well.

I cant wait for the pc version.

So that's what the checkbox is for, thanks user.


How would you feel if Taro wasn't lying and there was a legitimate happy ending to Automata?

I don't know.

I honestly don't know.

I'd think I'd stop taking my depression medication for a week.

Beat the game.

Get the Happy Ending.

And stare at the Game Over screen.

Unless it does some Nier Ending D shit, then I'd just kill myself on the spot.

mfw that happens

Was Nier even any good?




reply hazy, try again

Why do you care?


"6/27/2016: THE DAY user MADE THAT FUNNY JOKE"

I was joking about this post

All of you should fucking kill yourselves, seriously this can't even be called shitposting it is just circlejerking cancer.

You're the same kind of fag who shits up OC threads, aren't you?

Not to mention the thread wasn't even derailed
sage for replying to obvious bait

Here we go.

Nier was.. the ultimate indeterminate.

Mechanically, it was severely lacking.

Musically, it was the grandest shit outside of Olivier Deriviere. Seriously. Fuck. Niers OST is simply unreal.

Graphically.. For the time, it was pretty good. Choppy in some parts but all and all good.

Imagine Spec Ops the Line without the Hamfisting.
Imagine Kingdom Hearts 2, but actually getting on with the story.
Now, add the grimmest most depressing shit you can along side the contemplation of what it means to be human.
That's the story of Nier.
You'll either find it A) Profund. B) Stupid. C) So depressing that you can't stop laughing.

The real problem with the game is that all the supplmental material wasn't released in english.

Oh.. And Nier has a backstory so goddamn rich you could make two~three games out of it alone.

Game 1 would be the Rise of Red Eye and the eventual total nuking of Japan.
Of course, a bad ending.

Game 2 would be the Hamlin Children. Number 6 going ape shit and Emil helping in putting her away and then as a child solider , Fighting the Legion with flame throwers and shit.

Game 3 would be the Return of Red Eye and the final defeat of the WCS.

All in all.

If you could make it past the generic hack and slash action , you were rewarded with a really depressing mindfuck and social commentary.

Back when the game first released, that meant that nobody cared.
Now that hipsters have invaded gaming, they're combing through old games trying to find "hidden gems" that they turned their nose up at all those years ago.

It's a good thing that Nier is extremely triggering and confusing for people who aren't really interested.

funny meme my dude
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You won the thread.

Yeah I bet you Holla Forumstard teenagers actually believe this is "fun" or"what imageboards always do". I bet you believe it's real "original content" too.

If the joke was actually hilarious then maybe a mild chimpout could be expected, but dumping reaction images at the shitpost-equivalent of a knock-knock joke just so you can make epic collages is fucking embarrassing.

Please, please kill yourselves.


NieR made me depressed for fucking weeks. Soon after fucking obessed over it, bought all the OSTs, read everything from those audio CD and the damn book.
There after I started playing Drakengard, same shit happened.

I never was so obsessed with games.

It's just to obvious

My favorite thing about this joke is how many ps4 shills it revealed.

Been using imageboards since 2005. Haven't used Holla Forums since 2008. Try again.

I recall that game fondly from my high school years.

My young body was not ready.

Also, I was incredibly edgy and I thank my parents for not letting me get that Caim tattoo on my fucking face like I planned. Jesus I was a stupid fuck.

I do, however want Grimoire Weiss on my shoulder, leave room for my kid's names and then get Emil's mug on my back.

Mein nigger

I haven't played D3 yet, waiting till either someone subs it or I git gud at Japanese and do it myself. I've heard the final boss was hard, but is it Greatest Battle (D1 final) levels of hard?

It's bullshit. The Queen Battle in D1 was easier but I wouldn't call the Battle in D3 fair in the least.

Due to the frame rate drop and the fact that the bitch keeps "attacking" after the screen goes completely black - I was intensely frustrated with the game but after a couple of tries, you can actually do it without looking at the screen.

That's the only real tip I can offer and hope the game doesn't stutter.


Not sure you changed that much, user.

put me on the screen shot too!!! hi reddit!

I  L


It's his own fucking fault. The fucker said NieR had a happy ending. That shit was fucking depressing. Nier literally gets his existence wiped out to save Kaine, not even his sister/daughter remember him. And on top of that shit he's doomed the entire human race to extinction. How're people suppose to believe Automata will have a happy ending when that shit is his idea of happy?

Still fucking loved NieR and would love to play Automata is it weren't PS4 exclusive. I'll probably still play it eventually but not until the PS4 gets a major price drop.

first post best post


Get your filthy reddit hands off me.

he is the right that the joke was sorta obvious but

The joke is that it's not a joke if you're a drone or shill.


Your boypussy has always been clunky user-senpai!

It's summer alright.