Disgusting Presence at Wondercon

I was so amazingly disgusted with the panels at Wondercon this year. Pure distilled SJW trash.

The shops were nice though, and I got to meet artists I like

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Got any pics?

To my sadness, no. I'm not a big picture taker. I should have gotten it recorded when a tranny on stage said all white men are angry sad bigots. I could redeem myself with parts from the program describing the panels though

Well you might as well considering you don't have anything else.

Friday 6:00pm panel
In the past several years, LGBTQAIU individuals have made great strides in representation in comics. The next frontier for queer creators is tackling characters whose experiences straddle not only a queer identity but the other identities that make people who they are: race, ethnic background, gender, religion, ability, and more. What are the unique challenges facing writers and artists who wish to examine intersectionality of identities? How do a character's additional identities complement or complicate their lives and loves? Moderator Viktor Kerney (#GayMediaSoWhite creator, Prism Comics board member) and panelists Sean Z. Maker (Bent-Con, Ramonah Rising), Ajuan Mance (Gender Studies), William O. Tyler (Queerbait), Sonya Saturday (Sonya Saturday's Comics and Art) discuss creating characters and stories that highlight diversity and inclusion.

This was the one where Sonya Saturday was spouting just the worst crap ever about how terrible white people are

What the fuck is that??
The panel basically showed some shitty art these people had done (it was disturbingly bad) then they just bitched about white people and "change" for an hour

Then we had a panel about #TimesUp which is supposed to be the follow up to the #metoo bullshit, like "oh, your time's up"

Everyone seems to be ready to take a stand against the bullies and oppressors in their own arenas. The question is, what does that really mean? How do you navigate the high walls and ivory towers of the media to educational worlds to get your voice heard by your audience and stop being silenced? Creators, intellectuals, and educators discuss whose time is really up, and how everyone can engage in dismantling the systems of oppression that they built.

This one was just a panel of black women patting themselves on the back about how 'woke' their classrooms are. NOTHING to do with comics, or even discussing elements of sexual harassment.

Anything else?

What the fuck is this word salad?!What do they even want!?The big two already made their stupid diversity quota comics!What is their end game besides ruining an already decaying hobby!?

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Being in control.

Why would anyone want a control over already barren and decaying dominion that American comics are? It's like being a king of a useless and lifeless island in the middle of an ocean, and that island gets smaller every year..

It's just saying make more gays that aren't white guys or girls.
To hear themselves. No matter what you do they'll move the goal posts and demand more. That's what the word salad means. Make a gay character? Doesn't count unless they are crippled, have a mental illness, are a muzzie, trans (being redundant with mental illness, I know), and not white. But go ahead an try that and watch them devour you for everything from writing this character while not being one of those labels to showcasing mental illness or handicap as a bad thing to not making everything in the story about that character. They just want to bitch about how oppressed they are while proclaiming they're too oppressed to do anything so it's YOUR job to do the work and sedate their craziness.

They want more comics where the only "gimmick" or "draw" is the character identity/s and yet they don't consider the idea of over-saturation of an already damaged comic market especially when the hetrosexual population is like 98%+, these comics won't sell to them.

Interesting visual user, the question is how many outsiders can the "king" get to look up and admire them without the knowledge that their island is barren and shrinking.

Because they're new to the medium, they've only came to know about comics through the movies.

I keep thinking I've reached the point where this sort of thing doesn't shock or appall me, and then I encounter it again and nope, it still does.

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all those superheroes were created by jews you guys are pleebs

Just to add an anecdote from my own recent trip to Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle, I thought I'd sit in at a panel on the dynamics of shipping that a friend of mine was presenting. After a nice lecture on the history and appeal of romance in fiction, the presenter started an "improv" style exercise where the professional comic creators up on the panel would brainstorm a story up from some character traits that the audience supplied.

Five minutes later we had the basics laid out; in a post-apocalyptic future, some of the last remaining human scientists living on the international space station are attempting to restart humanity by artificially breeding a new generation of test-tube babies. Our protagonist is a short, cynical botanist and the romantic partner is their polar opposite, working on an "opposites attract" and "emotional friction in a confined workspace" model. Everyone's having a good time and having a few laughs and then…

The big ugly tranny grabs the mic. "Is the male character cis or trans?" Nobody else was even entertaining the possibility, but wanting to be inclusive the presenter left that decision in the tranny's hands. Obviously, our protagonist was now a dumpy trans-man. And the love interest? A "femme-presenting non-binary person", whatever that means. The tranny attempted to lecture us on the precise definition, but nobody really cared.

The fun was gone, and instead everyone was wearing fake smiles and carefully choosing their words to avoid offending the trans-beast. And sitting a little further down in the same row from them, I can tell you that the tranny was 250 pounds and STANK.

We need to round these people up and put them in sanitariums where they can get the (electro-shock) help that they need.

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Lesbian Gay Bisex Trans & Queer from Alternate Image Universe?

>especially when 98%+of these comics are shit

Fix'd that for you. The demands for representation are, ironically, killing representation in comics. Most people keep their sex, race, or orientation private, so when hiring managers are told to hire people fitting those personal details, then they're going to hire the ones that make a big deal of them. And those ones are usually complete shit when it comes to comics, leading to the point that any mention of a project with a minority author is going to be greeted with expectation that it's going to be shit.

That's all?

literally who

It's amazing how that tone of that event sounds like it went from good to bad so fast just by a single tranny getting control and yet the tranny individual seems completely unaware of how they made this story improv event become incredibly awkward for everyone else.