Serenity The Christian Manga

Greetings on this glorious Palm Sunday! It's arrival signals the start of our Holy Week reading of the gospel of Serenity! Praise be to the Lord!

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Chapter 2 of the gospel of Serenity.

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So ends today's gospel of Serenity.

Go in peace! Serve the Lord!

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When will it finally actually be continued again?

Still waiting for the digital release of this…
There were some low-res previews teased on the Buzz website back in the day and they looked real nice (pic related), but that was it.
I remember messaging Buzz personally about this last year, and him saying he's having trouble with one of the publishing companies where they're still clinging to the rights to the Serenity comic, making him unable to re-release it.
Hopefully it gets sorted out while we're still alive

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Thanks user

Is this fellow a footfag or hwat

You're an idiot.

We can try emailing the creator, worked in the past.

That's what he did, see

Good to see you keeping the tradition alive, OP. Serenity is a great read. I've got my physical copies right here.

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How long ago?

Not many of us left.

Last year dude, can't you read at all?

We continue the gospel of Serenity on this Holy Monday!

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This ends today's gospel of Serenity!

Go in peace! Serve the Lord!

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I love this comic. It's horrible in a lot of ways, but it has heart and you can tell the author is really well meaning, rather than just putting out propoganda.

all i have laying around

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Every Time

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The gospel of Serenity continues on this Holy Tuesday!

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This ends today's gospel of Serenity.

Go in peace! Serve the Lord!

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I said it before the last time this was storytimed, and I will say it again. Despite all the flaws with this comic it does one thing really well; it shows Christians as being human.

Far too often Christians in media, that put them in a positive light, show them as being the most perfect, upstanding, moral people in the world; and while this is generally true, it fails to humanize them. To show that they are moral, and upstanding and just because they have had to struggle to be that way.

Serenity shows Christians, not as they should be, but as they are. Weak, confused, angry, filled with doubt at times, but staying true to their convictions. It shows them, as human beings; and that's a good thing.

Bless you, user.

Mind dropping a MEGA link so I can dump it when the time comes?

These are always a treat.

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The gospel of Serenity on this Spy Wednesday!

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This ends today's Gospel of Serenity.

Go in Peace! Serve the Lord!

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Bless you user.

I hate overtly Christian comics.

Then this comic is for you.

Why Christians? Do you hate other view points as well in comics?