Angry Goy video game is a TROJAN!

Right away, huge fucking flag:

So right away I was suspicious. But hey, fuck it. Lets see just how honeypot this is since they basically just said "install my trojan, guys." I downloaded the game and installed it on a spare PC that's not networked to the outside world for some testing. Of course it started trying to open dozens of connections. Why would a shitty 16 bit video game need to connect to the outside world? Don't fall for this shit.

Other urls found in this thread: deterrence

You forgot the biggest one. M$ only.

Do you have a screenshot of the log? Where was it phoning home to?

I don't really care about vidya, but I would be interested to know what connections it was trying to make. Did you document them?

Network packet list, please

What is "administrator mode" ?

Elevated privilege mode for Wangblows applications.


Ebin shitpost b8 m8

You took the b8 m8

This would be very interesting to know

What worries me is that this legitimately looks like one of us made it, right down to that fashy 80's aesthetic that for some reason we all love. Are they learning our memes that well or was it made by an user and hijacked?

I bet you wear knit caps in the summertime, don't you macfag


can we get it to work without the bullshit?

This is certainly made by leftist scum. Quality speaks volumes.

To be fair, that intro looked honeypot as fuck but maybe I'm really just that paranoid.

Reminder that Natt's part of Iron March, and they're just extortionists.

This OP kun. Give us the pasta.

What is Iron March exactly?

Get out.

Around name-fags, be wary of red flags.

su, but for the kind of "people" that roll in shit.


Is this game related at all to the Angry Goy album by Cybernazi?

Kek, haven't heard that one before.

The "kun" and "tan" thing is only used by russian cancer and japanese.

user, why do you so hate our origins

And Natt and his crew do nothing but attack ideological allies, under the pretense of them being 'soft on fags', when in reality they aren't. Remember guys if you don't suck common spic's dick and 'research' gay porn 8 hours a day you're 'pro fag'.

Honestly this kind of thing happens so often with Natt/IM that it wouldn't surprise me if they're genuine controlled op antifa or something.

(trips of Hitler)
Yeah, Cybes did the music.

First meme of the year.

Get a rope.

This is an insane amount of work for a Trojan. The art is relatively well done, everything seems like it might have actually been done by a Holla Forumsack, and coding a game takes time.

I *want* to say this is done by a government agency, but I'm not convinced that the US government is this competent. The fact that this Trojan was made is incredibly remarkable, even if it's somewhat obvious that it's a Trojan.



nigger you have some seriously low standards

Fuck, even Hatred did the same shit better. And those guys are small development team too.

Conceivably could have been whipped up by a couple of artsy libtards in a week tops, that was my first thought

What about Japanese cancer and russians?

for this game i would say its not really, the art takes lots of time tho

They hire each other for "charitable causes" to launder money from nonprofits into their personal bank accounts.


Impressive digits. Perhaps the trojan was slipped into it by someone otherthan the developer without his knowledge. As to whether it was a government agency, we'll just have to wait for the cock-mongling homosexual that started the thread to tel us where it was trying to send data

The best trojans are the ones you wouldn't expect.

Who are they attacking for being "soft on fags," TRS? Because we do that as well and it's completely justified.

Weird that he isn't promoting the game at all on his twitter though.

Fetch some logs for us then, hotshot?

Kill yourself jew

Then you do the forensics hot shot. Put up or shut up.

I recommend pirate first watch dogs.

Wow you're an idiot. The reason you have to run it as an administrator is the software isn't digitally signed. Getting software digitally signed you need a publisher's certificate and to get one of those that involves using real names and etc. I don't think you want to have your real name tied to a game about ethnic cleansing.

give me a link you retards. the dropbox was already taken down because muh bandwidth

The excuse

I'm pretty sure it just asks you if you want to install an unsigned program, not run it in administrator eternally afterwards.


As true as that may be, it doesn't entirely rule out any particular exploit

It's different when we do it, we're not directly in competition with them. The AW/AV spat is just namefags trying to corner the market share on edgy youth trolling.

Speak for yourself, faggot.

outside of that video it's a really shitty game, campaign is shit, and all the mini-games are god-awful, weapon selection is meh. Might as well play GTA if you're looking to shoot shit up.

The three of you are seriously underestimating the amount of work that goes into not only making a game, but also browsing an imageboard to understand the culture of it well enough to make something that looks like this.

A "game" might've taken a week. The delivery, however, takes a lot more than that.

are you just pretending to be retarded? as i said, the link was taken down.

You know that Natt, MrAwesome and them STARTED this whole TRS shit some months ago?
Just search for his name in that thread.

I guess this is the culmination of it all.
Install my bitcoin miner, goyim.

looks like people mirrored it on the DS forums

I don't buy it.

If this is a Trojan, then the makers certainly put a lot of effort into it.


I guess so, I always give people the benefit of the doubt though. Maybe that just means they're one of /ourguys/. I was under the impression that Cyber was at least, or he just posted here.

I spoilered it for a reason faggot, but kill yourself and then go read the sticky if you actually think shitting on TRS is unjustified.

That's not a remotely suspicious file name.

If I'm going to spend time making something I'm sure as hell not going to pump out this shit. Try not to spend too much time shilling your game kike.

Bog yourself faggot.

What do you want me to do, google it for you? What do you expect me to do that you cannot?

two faggots ITT who have no idea how to spend time


Here's where the TRS fags come out of the woodwork.

The only true Holla Forums game would be a hitman clone where you need to assassinate high ranking kikes, who control world's government.

Or an Nazi version of Shadow Hearts.


That's not necessarily 4chan. Fullchan made the switch when the unix timestamps were 1452xxx so anything above that is undoubtedly 4chan.

So IM/AW was trolling TRS (a soft target if there ever was one) to build rapport with our community so we'd download their malware. Uzbek sons of bitches.

All I want is some logs

Are you new, or just stupid?

What a shame man that game looked pretty fun.

You're the one acting like a cuckchan refugee.

I do malware analysis and reverse engineering for a living. I'll be looking into this.

Nice try faggot.

Argue about it somewhere else, if this is a trojan, it's actually a pretty big deal and would discredit the hell out of IM/AW/Danelaw.


Looks like the dropbox is down though, does anyone have a link to the exe?

meant to quote myself instead of the other guy

polite sage


Make it so.

thanks, the download will take an hour due to my shit internet. If it does contain malware it will take me anywhere between a few minutes and a few hours to find it depending on how shitty the obfuscation is.

Could you screencap the malicious shit if you find any?

of course. I will also detail what I think it does, and post any IPs/domains it communicates with.


Honestly, having played a lot of vidya on PC, I've had to run games as administrator a lot. That said, this is the first time I've had to do it for a low budget indie game. Usually it was to have full access to the registry because of some specific thing the game needed to access as a triple A title.

I won't be running it because it doesn't look fun and I just picked up Chivalry for $2.

It's worth noting Holla Forums removed both posts in regards to this because of the possible security issues.

Wat, I think you have me confused for someone else then. Reread the post you told me I should bog myself for.

Either way, is right.


Real shame, oh well. Just play muslim massacre.

looking for proofs that this is a virus.
it looks pretty good tbh family

that's not even slightly factual.

If these accusations are true, suddenly the behavior of the AW shills in the last week makes a lot more sense.

Nice logs you brought us here, faggot

That's not what a trojan is nigger, You need to get some actual proof or just ask someone who knows what to look for. All of my programs require admin as well because tons of things like writing save files to disk are a pain in the ass without admin. And "open all kinds of connections" you realize it could just be phoning home for updates or doing achievement tracking bullshit? Basically you need to get the actual fucking evidence that it's trying to harm your computer.

only complaint so far is that it only runs at 800x600 which sucks since no one uses CRTs anymore and LCDs never scale well

To be fair, it's pretty fucking sketchy that you have to run it as admin and pretty fucking retarded considering the target audience.

Yeah, except your programs aren't 16-bit DoTR simulators for internet nazis.

Just run it in a vm.

Still waiting for proof that it is a Trojan.

Fags confirmed. Nice keyboard btw.
Sage for doublepost.

Provide proof nigger, or neck yourself.

This OP is a CLASSIC example of a consensus crack. Google COINTELPRO. The game is very likely a virus but the lack of proof from the OP is lending credibility to those saying it isn't a virus.

Be fucking patient, another user is actually looking into it.

Good looking out user.

Suddenly the IMidf shows up. "Just download it goy."

more like consensus CUCK, am i right?

You may very well be correct. Or OP may just be a fucking stupid kike. Time will tell. Anons are digging into this, as anons are wont to do.

This looks like a flash tier game. Seems to be made solely for publicity as the gameplay looks like trash and the voice overs are cringe worthy. I wouldn't trust it, but I wouldn't be surprised if it had to run as admin due to incompetent coding. Also wouldn't be surprised if OP was the creator of it.

It can be the fashy-est game this side of the oven goyim, but given its political nature I think it is best to err on the side of caution for the moment and let someone screen it for us. Besides, as long as someone is hosting a mirror it isn't going anywhere.

what about the moonman doom mod

This is what I'm thinking too. People need to give these niggers the benefit of the doubt until we have hard evidence that this is a honeypot. Also possible likely that they're playing both sides to play on Holla Forums's paranoia and prevent Holla Forums from playing this game, which could be an attempt to keep Holla Forums from going mainstream.

Should've been a moonman game tbhfam.

Just jumping in here again.
Even if you trust the developer completely, I would still air on the side of caution, its not unheard of for game developers to be hacked and said hackers linking in their malware to the final release of the game without the developers even knowing it. This has happned in certain MMOs in the past iirc.

If you're so scared run it in isolated VM. It's not like it requires some mad specs.

fuck off anglin

OP is a massive faggot.

Hail hotler my brother.

That's actually a thing.

Hurryup with the proofs or else its safe to assume TRS is falseflagging like the niggers they are

This is my feeling as well.

This logic is retarded. There is no "benefit of the doubt" when downloading questionable software. IM has done shady shit before, I'm not giving them access to my computer until I am absolutely certain it is safe.

Hey, if you want to take the risk, do it. Nobody is stopping you.

yes you can be moonman hitler or ben garrison

Damn, I didn't think about it when I saged. Nice job user

Stop being a faggot, play this is not more suspicious ta pla Rapelay or Hatred.

when was the last time you made nice OC?

Download link? I can reverse engineer it and figure out what it's doing.

You're either an idiot or a shill. Based on your post history in this thread, I'd say you're a shill.

Irrelevant. Don't get distracted by that nonsense, they're trying to use it as an excuse to distract from the shit they're pulling.

Hatred gas more work in it that this shitty game.
The maker could have made a better effort at making the sprites.

We have proof that they are constantly trying to shill here and push their faggotry and (((Jewish Nationalism)))


Here. Hopefully it's nothing.

Do you not know what that means or are you just that retarded? That's literally what I'm suggesting.

As a freetard I recommend that any Holla Forumsacks making video games use free software/open source game engines and release their source code so other anons can check to see if it's safe, ideally compiling it themselves if they're safety-conscious. LÖVE and Godot are good 2D alternatives to proprietary bullshit like Game Maker, while there's fucktons of 3D frameworks out there for people who have the time and skills needed to make 3D vidya.
Should I make a guide for Holla Forumsacks wanting to make fashy vidya? I know we can do much better than that low-effort Angry Goy pixelshit, honeypot or not and I think it is, since there's absolutely no reason a game like that should try phoning home.

If you really thought consensus cracking was being used you wouldn't want to give them the benefit of the doubt, what the hell are you on about? This entire thing reeks and I'm seeing it shilled on every popular nationalist forum I visit.

Ok, so I'm running this on a virtual machine with a fresh install of windows 10 with as much as the bullshit turned off as possible with basically only the bare bones OS and the TCP/IP stack operational. I disabled IE, everything I could think of that would reach out to MS for data mining shit and besides MS is on the U.S. west coast by and large.

The IPs that are being reached out to by what can basically be the only fucking app running on this VM (Angry Goy) are in New York and Virginia primarily and a couple in Europe. Look them up yourself.

was posted above

I'm currently still downloading it, but i'll also be reversing this. Keep me updated if you find any suspicious function calls etc.

Dude your supposition that if Holla Forums doesn't play this game we won't go mainstream is straight up stupid.

It's so blatantly wrong it's actually proof they're shilling because the goyim know about their trojan game

Why wouldn't it be? If I made a game I sure as hell would want everyone to see it.

And guess what? I think you're a shill because you want us to download questionable fucking software.

it has servers in new york oy vey

Windows 10 is basically a fat pipe of data to MS, there's nothing you can do to turn that off. Tie it to the specific PID or that's not really proof.

That isn't what I'm suggesting, you absolute retard. I'm saying don't try to ruin these people like suggested if we don't have proof that their game is a trojan.

So IM bullshittery confirmed. What a shock.

We now have proof.

its kind of buggy, whenever i leave my home i lose the starting gun, and end up on the roof. and if i go too far up i lose my head

stay retarded user

Well kudos for trying but
You stupid goy.

Gee, who would make an argument like that?


Not until I see post related do I consider it proof.

Fuck off nigger.

This has never been an argument. "Muh nips created imageboards, therefore imageboards are forever nip!" Except that whites created computers and all relevant software for creating the imageboard, so if we want to play the "origins" game it comes back to whites again. You also need to get it through your thick head that just because SJWs hate it doesn't actually make it good. They'd prefer you have some random shit smeared on a canvas and depictions of hideous polyamorous asexuals or whatever, whereas the ideal is classical Western art, rather than the deranged scribbles of hikis.

On topic, I played the Angry Goy game in a VM after scanning it with mwb/nod32, didn't notice any weird shit. The game is very simple, essentially on rails, could be a lot smoother, but was funny in parts.

This. Any time someone makes high-effort OC, it tends to spread.

Proof of illicit connections being made by the trojan game

Proof they know we know and are out to shut it down

Remember there is no such thing as a good Jew

You have nigger-tier standards user.

Well, IM is fucked.

UN et al

Langley, Virginia; Home of CIA?

Proof that TRS is anally annihilated about being spitroasted for three days:


Get their ad shekels removed.

knowing the PID doesn't tell you much. An admin privilege program can inject code into pretty much any other program on the system and use that for networking.

Nice trolling.

Could your derail be any more blatant?


Install it on VM and try it.

http s://

http s://

Nah, you guys fucked up.

The voice actor is that Danish dude, Nat, who was was the host of Radio Free

He's a corny, melodramatic, autist. I wouldn't be surprised that 'Nat' is just a character the guy plays to extort money from people, but, there are more lucrative means and more open markets for that sort of extortion.

It's just a low quality vidya that reminds me of old Flash games on Newgrounds circa 2004.

But I'd like the packet list as well, OP

Someone will be nearby with wireshark and the ability to obtain solid proof. Certainly not you though, right?


What? Is this really happening? Why?

I'm still downloading the game.

why are you so desperate to shill this game?

You have the self awareness of a goldfish. Most of the OC shared here is very low effort with the best ones being recolors or edits of already existing work.

You're already fucked retard

I never even heard about this until 30 minutes ago, I'm just pointing out facts.
Disprove any of them if I'm wrong.

Then give people who know us proof. If the game is actually doing it then you could easily tie the PID to the outbound connections. Hell, try a packet capture in wireshark, should not be hard to do. You can filter by application. Opening up networking in cli and pretending like it's not win10 spying on you is ludicrous. The whole point of Win10 is to spy on you.

I'm not saying the game isn't a trojan, but what you provided is insufficient. If the game is really pinging out you can easily tie it to PID. I don't have a windows vm set up atm but I can set one up later.

See how quickly they attempt to derail the thread with their Muh TRS nonsense? That alone makes me much more suspicious. It's a shame, I thought Natt was a funny guy.

On an isolated machine.

Reading your post history i think you need to return to your "fashy" forum.

nice timedubs, but to me it looked like it was pretty paint-by-numbers ala movieref.

I mean if you played the Doom wad it's not really all that different inside.
let's take it objectively here, a lot of it looks like it's been given just enough work to pass by. Not a lot of real autism in there, nor oldschool esoteric refs. So many repetitive death animations in just the trailer, for instance… And all the memes are 'top-level' even-Cernobaka-might-use-these tier.

My thoughts too, or at the very least an ex-leftist. This isn't no hatred/soldier of fortune, here. A bit like the AR-equiv of an SJ memegame but for non-cucks. Besides there's already a lefty Holla Forums-borne studio that does this kind of stuff but better, Totally Screwed/Ska Studios. I say, if you got the time to work on something like this build over pre-existing works. It's not like lefties don't already steal everyone else's shit o poz up, so turn it right around and save a bit of effort. Survival Crisis Z could be easily turned into a "BLM riot sim" for example. That would leave only editing sprites, sounds, and adding animations to do. Just an example to think on.

This is pretty klik&play tier past the animations, really. lol the voice sample quality.
Mind, I own the actual Ethnic Cleansing but back in those days barely anyone with srs programming knowledge was fash, so they get a pass on the invincible hasidic ninja. It was quite blatantly a first time effort on all levels.

This shows a lot of decent production but stops just short of anything feeling fully realised. It's like the 90s 'retro-styled action movie' answer to the greats the 70s put out. It's got the styling down pat but is missing the theme. It gets the look but not the feel.
of course it could just be this "Natt" person is really that new, but the admin privs thing is still weird.
The longest thing to produce is probably the animation since pixels are a PITA unless you used to work for SNK. But even then, it just repeats too much and there's not a lot of facial variety. Natt's free to ignore these if the real game's more in-depth than the trailer, but it looks kind of plain to me as it stands, like a fashy version of a Newgrounds edgelord shoota

or as these two pointed out, it's the wrong locale for running gun battles. These cucks can't even fire their own guns without crying like babies.

I'd advise against hosting anything long-term on MF, they've been 'good goys' since the raid on Hotfiles 'scared them straight.' Not like the asian jews running Mega can profit off anything we're putting out/arcing. I've had things randomly go missing on MF, they don't bother warning you or sending you a C&D they just delete it and move on. I've never heard of them banning anyone myself though, they just simply don't tell you when something is gone.

Color me shocked.

Namefags gtfo!

Keep trying to change the topic. The issue here isn't the podcast merchants, and their being faggots don't make this shit less suspicious.

Says the fag taking pictures of his monitor instead of just hitting print screen

They really don't know how transparent they are


Get their ad shekels taken away, it's time for a spanking.

this is retard logic, if there's even a remote possibility that there's something sketchy about this you shouldn't discourage skepticism simply because no one provides proof (or at least proof that you find acceptable) which makes it seem like you want us to take this on the benefit of the doubt, which makes you look like a shill

we got you the first time, no need to spam like a sperg


They seem to have forgotten history, and think if they support the Israelis, that the kikes will be kind in turn.

I'm not discouraging skepticism I AM ASKING FOR PROOF. The burden of PROOF is on you.

Comparing one piece of shit to another piece of shit doesn't make your case that you don't have nigger-tier standards.

This looks like Tumblr tried to make a game for Holla Forums and failed.

The burden is on anyone who doesn't want to get datamined faggot.

You don't need admin to seriously compromise a PC. I wouldn't touch this shit either way. It's not like it's any necessity or benefit to your life to play it.

I agree there's no reason for any movement project not to be open and free. If you have anything to share then please do.

This is some kikey shit.

Not an argument.

user now is the time to purge.

You're the one who needs proof that this isn't a kike trap, not the other way around. Retarded kike.

I'm stuck, the path is blocked by couches. Where do I go from here?

I'm on Linux or I'd do it mself. On linux I know you use netstat to figure it out, not sure what the windows equivalent is. Like I said, I'm not saying this isnt a trojan but I don't have wangblows so I cant text it unless I set up a vm.

I can't test it*

I have no idea if it's a trap I am simply asking you, for your reasons as to why it is in fact a trap. It COULD BE.
But you have not brought a single shred of proof.
Even if I made a screenshot, you still wouldn't be convinced, since you are already under the impression that I'm a shill.
It's not my fault you're a dumb nigger and can't into argument.

Intelligent enough reason not to fuck with it until proof is provided. Not even sure what you're trying to say anymore.

You have nigger-tier standards of evidence.

on the contrary, only the retards who download it do

I wasn't arguing with you when I entered the conversation, you're the one who engaged me, if you don't know what you are talking to me about then you are a fucking imbecile.

hey you're the one sperging out and responding without reflecting on what I'm saying

well i am going to give it a try. if it does have nasties in it i will just have to remove them.. just like kebab. looks fun and i'm most likely already being monitored so wtf do i have to lose.

Your IQ is about room temperature.

Okay I figured out that netstat can be used on windows. To my concerned TRS shill friendos, pop open the cli and type this in:

netstat -a -n -o

Should give you the PID that you can then cross reference with the processes tab in your control+alt+delete menu.

did you figure out?


we've come awfully far from stone age grunts in the last 2 million years

Someone else fucking use Wireshark and a Windows OS that isn't 10. I want something that actually looks like proof.


Can you niggers fucking stop?

I'm the /trs/ bo and I've been labeled more things than I can keep track of so forgive me if I don't take your accusations to heart. I just gave you a cli command that can help figure out if the game is the one sending outbound messages. Either try it out or shut the fuck up.



Yeah, just press up twice to use the elevator.

we want the same thing you fucking moron

this, still Virginia and New York IP addresses are a huge red flag


took you long enough


Did you seriously just make that post and think it makes you more credible?

Dear god how do you get rid of these namefags?

They are getting irritating.

user it's 2017, saying anything negative about a pro-jewish group of homosexuals claiming to be white nationalists is unacceptable.

and that makes me retarded?

I'm working with you here. I'm not IM so I'm suspicious as well. I'm on Linux so I can't run this game in anything other than WINE so it might not give the same results. I'm asking that you fire up the game in a VM, and run the netstat command I gave you above. That's the only way I know how to check PID to outbund tcp/udp connections other than getting a wireshark packet capture but aint nobody got time for dat.

I'm throwing you a bone here.

Kill yourself immediately.

Dear god it looks like shit why are rightwing programmers so incompetent even the $2 pajeets on those freelancer sites are better than these people.


nigger-tier standard and nigger-tier logic

so what you're saying is that you're too retarded to analyze a packet trace.



if anyone does get pcap file, ill analyze it if you post it.


Looks like TRSodomites can't even into basic computers.

to be fair anyone using windows 10 is a fucking moron

This has media trigger-potential


OP is a stupid faggot who doesn't provide proof of his claims when there are tools like GlassWire and vmware. I don't doubt it's a honeypot but you need to prove what you claim you flaming homosexual.

I don't see any dead jews but plenty of dead cops in the preview. Considering that it was made by a TRS faggot, and TRS is shilling jewish nationalism . . .

Okay so I am not IM or TRS. I want to see better proof than what some user who uses windows 10 posts

fucking this

Also, whatever podcaster who posted this video game should answer some fucking questions as to why it is that he trying to do (if indeed this game is legit malware/trojan)

Anyone not knowing about Enterprise LTSB and debloat script is a fucking moron.

Pick one.

Try doing this with Win7 without updates from August 2015 and onward at the very least if you want actual, clear results of datamining.

He's also an IMer, and they're open about supporting Zionism.


Wow more lies from TRS, who'da thunk it?


It's time for a spanking.

yeah, i'm starting to think that this isn't a virus.

fucking retarded

it's cringe-worthy

it's connected to IP addresses in virginia and new york, that should be enough of a reason to stay away from this

netstat -a -n -o

Let's see if that's true.


I'm here due to this being front page.
Who are TRS, and what other games have the devs made? I am just wondering, I don't care about the game, I'm just curious about games with Trojans packed in, as I had to run a few games in admin before.

try harder shill


Please, we should obviously base our views on truth

I'm not downloading this lol so don't look at me. Look at this Windows 10 is fucking malware, so how do any of us know that the IP list above isn't from Windows 10 instead of the game?

If this is legitimately malware, this thread needs to be stickied

you get to throw the jew in the pottery kiln in the art wing of the college

kek TRS is shilling jewish nationalism, that's not exactly a secret, and lo and behold no dead jews in the game, please prove me otherwise


Fuck off, kike.

TRS: Angry homosexuals who spam this board with their autistic nonsense. They bring a shitload of drama and then complain when anons get sick of their shit. We just had 8 threads cataloging their shilling here. >>>/trs/ for more info, juicy shit.

Other games: no idea

The run as admin thing is for any game that's not digitally signed. To get a digital signature you need your real name so it's probably unwise to tie a digital signature to a game about ethnic cleansing.

Tsr is a bunch shilling namefags that won't go away.

One of their podcasters could have made a virus.



you subject yourself to a lot of garbage if that's not readily apparent

Yeah. I would play this with the internet off malware of not. It has a damn achievement system.

You said IM supports zionism which is false, I'm not defending this game nigger.

So is it a trojan or not?

It was made by an autistic ironmarch faggot. He left TRS with his other common filth worshipping faggots. If you didn't know common shillth is famous for posting 'pro-white' memes such as 'white girls fuck dogs' and 'accelerate white genocide'. Because lol unless you obsess over degeneracy and 'research' gay sex 8 hours a day you're pro fag amirite???

TRS supporting faggotry and jews is nothing but a lie from people who are either controlled opposition or have an axe to grind due to their sour grapes. This thread is a perfect example of such shilling. You don't want to download our malware? TRS SHILL FAG ENABLER! It's pathetic really and I hope anons aren't falling for it.

you've got the wrong user, check thread IDs

No good proof yet.

TRS is TheRightStuff, they're a podcasting community who have the most popular podcast network of any right wing group. They're rather soft on many issues and don't instantly curb stomp people who say things they disagree with.

They also constantly have internal drama and have recently tried to purge their most radical members because they started getting main stream attention and didn't them on their forums they knew were now being read by outsiders when they use them to set up IRL meetings.

IM is Iron March. Very hardcore right wing to the point where they want to go tranny bashing every night of the week… and then don't. These 2 groups and Holla Forums all keep fighting with each other for some reason.

fuck off



We don't care about Iron March at all but it's TRS that spams here nonstop. That's why we hate you autistic faggots. That you still haven't learned is telling.



That's red ice, you faggot. They got plenty of flak from people on TRS for doing this. Eat shit.

And YOU need to get it through YOUR thick head, you angry faggot, that spergs like you getting triggered enough to write paragraphs because someone posted a smug anime girl is what causes it to continue, because it is downright giggle inducing how booty blasted you get over it. I have never posted an anime girl in my life, and I giggled profusely at your post.

IP addresses in VA and NY is certainly proof of something

find the post where I made the accusation faggot

It's a laugh and it's going to trigger many, you included :^)

Because there is no other way things could go.

I'm right and you know it!

Ashes and Echoes

Because it's run by a mixed-race kike.

go suck richard spencer's dick you fucking shill

stay retarded user

Why are you killing Cops and why do the memes just feel like ingroup signalling rather than being actually funny?

Really why in the fuck are you mowing down cops?

I bet it was made within a month

It's almost as if you're a lying TRSHill

Yeah you're totally le ebin oldfag Holla Forumsack.

fug you're right why'd you respond to my post then?

For fuck's sake.

You guys fucked up. Your op failed.

Because the police are the ones who step in and stop us when we threaten to start beating the right people or burning the right buildings.

Because the shills Red Ice/TRS/Firestarter etc do not understand the memes. They can repeat them to fit in but they don't feel them and since they don't feel them, they behave like autistics who mirror emotions to fit in.
They're operating in the dark essentially.

exactly, I don't see any dead jews

It's telling that you can't drop the egoism for one second. Namefags always stand out so much on imageboards, you are just incapable of fitting in. Probably fitting description of you IRL as well.

i posted a screenshot of it you retard
anyways enjoy your filter

What tells you it's not something related to MS? Windows 10 is a piece of malware itself, that should have been obvious since day 1 of its release. It's dishonest to see anything less than datamining from an OS built to datamine.

Best solution would be something like WinXP, but even then you may see some botnet there too.

I don't know where you live but the police in my area routinely gun down niggers.

The person who posted this and voice acted in it is from IronMarch, not any of those groups. Nice misdirection now that you've been called out on your bullshit though.

I'm talking about mowing them down.

Nah, your cover is blown. You should have spaced the spam and this out more to let the consensus settle.

The majority of TRS users are likely Holla Forums users as well. It's not like the two groups are polar opposite.

Now can we get back on topic?

just look at Nate's youtube page, he's TRS-affiliated

Implying they aren't working together.
Implying Ironmarch isn't a Kike operation, look at its fucking creator, TOP KEK:

That's a white, amirite?

That funky hairline in second pic is good evidence that mixing damages the genome.

Feel free to exercise caution if you are not tech-savvy, but don't be a massive faggot.


He has the corpse-pallor that only comes from Kike genetics and a mongrel face to match.

Nate Finnlaw is dead to me now.

Oh yeah I forgot I'm natt from iron march. Or am I tharru staging a coup against sven? I'm actually sinead working for JIDF.

I'm looking for an argument and I can't seem to find one.

Glad to see that gain traction.

To shills who are on here now:

You think that by manufacturing paranoia between right-wing communities, you'll fracture the right, but I'll be generous enough to state that your efforts are fruitless. The right has always fought with each other, but we will always unite whenever you target us.

Because of how dishonest your ideology is, cuckservatives, libertarians, and WNs have united to vote Trump and beat you twice. Current year and the centuries after it will only go worse for you. Enjoy your free helicopter rides, leftist kikes.

If this is a Trojan, the memes are solid.

He WAS associated with them until he shilled for common filth like an autist and everyone called him a retard. He and his autism posse jumped ship for IronMarch after that and they've had an axe to grind ever since, hence the anti TRS lying and shilling you see constantly.

You're bandwagoning on the "dangerous stay away" argument ITT.

TRS purged Natt a while ago. He got raided and since then everyone but IM has kept him at arm's length.

Spencer is not TRS. I don't like Sven's idol worship of him but Sven isn't all of TRS, there are differences.

God, that first picture. Let's never forget that they all die as soon as the fog of war descends.

How many times are you TRShills going to use the term "between right-wing communities" in the hopes that it will subconsciously cause Holla Forumsacks to consider TRS as right-wing?
They aren't right-wing, they are Kike shills and fag-enablers.


I'm not shilling for a game that probably has malware on it. So what are you doing?

It's really fun to watch AW try to unfuck the pig ITT.

kill yourself TRS faggot.
more like honeypot communities, go back.



So how are you supposed to fight the nigs with the AKs? they keep on taking off large chunks of my health?

This post should be a banner.

This game looks like a steaming pile of shit. Why are right wing codemonkeys so terrible?

Am I the only one here that fucking hates both TRS and Iron March for using Holla Forums as a stomping ground for their faggy forum wars?

Yep. Fucking sick of it. They're trying to colonize is. It seemed like IM/AW succeeded but then they got cocky and overreached with this shit.

I still haven't seen a single IM post. TRS calls everyone who disagrees with them IM so it's really TRS vs Holla Forums

Does Iron March even exist? Also, when I headed over there, I got some really suspicious CloudFlare shit. Pretty sure they're reading what I'm typing right now, but fuck it, come do something about it faggots. I dare you.

Trump was also the same, but he's the closest thing that we have to turn popular consensus. Everyone is aware that it's unwise to sever contact in the early stages, you're fooling no one but yourselves.

As I said, keep trying, but your efforts will fruitless. No one will believe in leftism because it's a idealistic lie that you don't sincerely believe in.

Can this be played on Linux?

If it can't then I'm not playing it.

I only play Linux games.

It's a dead forum, no one goes there. It's just deflection by TRShills.

I have accounts on all different WN forums. Forum drama is cancer but it doesn't help that one group (IM) is blatantly lying about the other group (TRS). Not to mention they're the ones making all the threads. The party anons should be annoyed with is obvious.

This is subtle. You should get paid more than the others

Desperate attempt to reframe. One of IM's members tried to get the entire far right to download a fucking trojan.



You're using exactly the same indirect tactic you used in an attempt to portray TRS as "right-wing" and not a Jewish honeypot of fag-enablers.
Try a different tactic TRShill.


I'm the /trs/ bo and I made half the threads. I'm not IM. Your move faggot.

I still haven't seen the netstat proof or a wireshark capture. If you really think it's a trojan and you want to besmirch IM then do it. I know how to look over a packet capture so I can tell to a relative degree of certainty. Oh wait, TRShills just want to talk shit without backing it up.

Harsh matey, glad I haven't eaten today.

You have my axe.

there's still no proof that this is a virus

Who do you think you're fooling?

Back on /new/ we all hated anime then on Holla Forums we still hated anime and then in 2016 that changed for some reason and you guys all shilled anime. I don't hate or like anime but I have seen the change happen. You're re-writting history.

I was right about TRS shilling here, seems like I have a bit of credibility now.

what the flying fuck is your point?

It's almost as if he's an outsider who doesn't understand board culture.

The fact that you are even still arguing to the defense of the game is what is killing your argument. Nothing is gained by playing it, nothing is lost by leaving it alone, yet you seem invested in getting people to play it. If for no other reason, that is why I wouldn't touch it.

no one gives a fuck who you are, this is an anonymous imageboard faggot

All I'm hearing from you is that you didn't start out as a Holla Forumstard in 2k5.

Why are you complaining about them, but not about Trump? Continue on, leftist retard. We all know that this is your plan:

If you had any, you fuckers blew it all on this shit. We're not going to mine bitcoin for you, we're not giving you access to our systems. Go away.


Most likely explanation for this shit is that whatever tools the devs were using, the devs don't understand fully, and they don't even realize their own game does all this shit.

I'm not defending it, I'm not playing it. I would just like to get to the bottom of if its a trojan or not, and all the TRShills seem unwilling to type in a simple netstat command that would prove that the outbound connections are tied to that specific process. This would be very damning evidence yet none of you TRShills seems to want to give it a try. I wonder why that is.

This after they've repeatedly infiltrated far right groups and leaked information about their members. This shit is beyond the pale.

That is highly suspicious.

that doesn't answer the question, you are missing at least one chromosome

user's, if you really want to play it, just use a VN and cut it off from the internet when you run the game.

mfw I'm a programmer but can't do shit when it comes to art
mfw game dev is more about art than programming now
mfw I'm almost useless

Memes aside the game is pretty trash. How the fuck do you avoid getting hit when you have to be on the same level as the enemy to hit them? Bank is fucking impossible because you take fire from off the side of the screen unless you get as many stuck on the two desks as possible.

network engy here. this post is stupid
should be the first give away.
secondly, reverse DNS and whois data for most of those shows the poster is a fucking nigger that has itunes installed (class A network 17.x.y.z/8 is owned by apple)
rest of those are MSFT for 65.x.x.x and the others are level three.
also as other posters point out, no PIDs to link to angrygoy's exe.
i'd sage but whats the fucking point?

What? Even Enoch said IM didn't dox ghoul. Are you one of those vantards? We have you on tape trying to dox people.

Yeah, no. It could take an extensive amount of time to 'prove' this is malware. And why are you faggots so desperate to argue otherwise? Shilling a free game? That doesn't strike you as a little suspicious in and of itself?

So Natt didn't post a vocaroo of a private discussion within their leadership? You know, the same Natt who is now trying to get everyone in the right to download his trojan?

Why would that make ANYONE suspicious?

Honestly i'm thinking that this was made by retarded skinheads who don't actually understand user culture or retarded Alphabet boys who don't understand user culture.

Namecalling for pointing out that I don't want to play a game is a sign of desparation. Again, you are making my argument for me. You call me a shill for saying I don't want to download it, thereby shilling for the game, which makes calling me a shill a projection. You want people to play this game, and that is making them suspicious.

how did you fight the nigs with the AKs, they keep on wrecking me. i've tried being at the bottom and shooting at their shins but it only works so much

No, I just need the data.

netstat -a -o -n

Then we can cross reference it with your running processes.

Could you give it a shot? I'd like to see someone prove/disprove this.

You might as well be an Anarchist nigger

I want proof, run it in a VM. I don't have a windows image or I'd do it.

>y…you're a leftist Holla Forums plz believe my out-grouping attempt, pllzzzzzzz
Fuck off Sinead.

>80's aesthetic that for some reason we all love
>we all love

Talk for yourself nigger. And anyway the game Hotline Miami is the reason why this trend exist

They didn't tell you how to sage, did they.

Again, 'just download it goyim' isn't going to fool anybody. Why are you so desperate to defend this shitty free game? You've been shilling Holla Forums for days now and you went too far by pushing this obvious malware, get the fuck out.

That's because Natt Danelaw is a faggot.

It's definitely a bunch of leftist shills. You can a take a look at their article here about how to "fracture" the right.

What they fail to realize is that we've always had infighting and disagreements, but we still stick together because our principles are righteous. They pulled this shit with Trump, only to fail. And they will fail again at dismantling the right.

this thread … thanks to all the aut-right fags for shitting this place up


Because Natt Danelaw is a faggot.

who's the guy in the middle pic, he's handsome

Thank Natt Danelaw and the posters from IronMarch and TRS.


TRS is not "we"
IM is not "we"
Just stop, your psyops doesn't work here.

Hitler purged the SA of subversive elements. Police are not sacrosanct; if they stand between us and kicking out the Mexicans, then they're simply going to have to be counted as being among our enemies as well. We'll see how it all pans out in the end - I expect a patchwork arrangement where some cities and their police are openly rebellious, others are neutral, and still others stand aside and let us do what needs to be done. Partisans can do things that conventional law enforcement can't or shouldn't be seen doing.

Kek. She is a funny one, isn't she!

You can't.

Samson looms faggot. You cannot fight back or rebel. The Jews will nuke the world.

Samson Looms


No proof yet then

No you're not the only one but for some reason the mods here are encouraging this.

nuclear weapons are a hoax.

I don't give a single fuck which party is responsible, you're all filthy fucking namefags and you need to fuck off immediately. I am goddamn fucking sick of your faggot forum wars.

It's a waste of our goddamn time try to figure our whatever party is to blame, we should just shitpost anyone who even mentions TRS, Iron March, E-celebs, or E-drama into goddamn oblivion.

not a fucking argument faggot


No. There isn't. Spencer is TRS. So is Grindr Greg. Sven is all of TRS because he will ban you if you say otherwise.

Go back to Svenpai, TRSEF. Tell him to beat you for not learning your lessons properly.


Or, if you aren't some kind of ape you can use wireshark or TCPView


We go spam all their shit websites with Smugs for hours on end. IM, TRS, Red Ice, Twitter. Everybody.

Not telling you to surrender. On the contrary, I'm telling you to keep pushing. Keep on until the kikes push the button.

I don't think you get it. Fight if you want, the results will always be the same. There is No Future but Nuclear Fire.

First you claim that I'm TRS, and now I'm supposedly Sinead.

You're awful at this, but I shouldn't expect a leftist to have anything IQ above centigrade room temperature. Instead of failing at shilling, do what leftists do best by chugging cum and spending six figures on your toliet paper degree.

Huntsman/Zon, get help.

see this post

Ashes and autism, pls go and stay go.

Did you not see the TRS thread about the shilling? Go back and look at the first one at least. I would love to go back to be user but TRS seems intent on absorbing Holla Forums by spreading their aut lite relentlessly.



I think you mean "potentially"
It would be more prudent to suggest security measures to avoid problems arising from malware for anons downloading this game, but you don't know how to use virtual machines, and are shilling for irrational fear.

That threat might be effective on someone who would rather be enslaved than be killed.

No, fuck you IM. I thought you were cool, but it turns out you're just egofagging anarchists.

Where is proof of Trojan? Want to play

Every last namefag hangs on the day of the rope.

I am platinum sick of namefag bullshit.

Your first sentence contradicts those last two words.

Link? I'd like to know what went down.

You play as someone from National action from the looks of it, IM have a hard on for them. They hate the cops as they're liberal enforcers.

i have faith.

Unless it's provided then shut the fuck up already.

Implying there's a difference.
You may think that running a number of different front groups: Renegade, TRS, Daily Stormer allows you to present as separate entities but it has become readily apparent over the past year that these are just fronts for a larger group.
tl;dr same thing, your actual identity is irrelevant, what matters is that you're working for the larger umbrella group behind these outlets.
It's amazing that even when your tactics are fully exposed, you cling to them and seem unable to adapt.
Scripted behavior for the low of intellect.
Go back to your mothership and tell them you need new methods.

user-san, please repeat the following:

"There are no 'good' jews."

There no good jews.

You only need to be afraid if you use computers like retard. There's no harm in opening and running it in a vm disconnected from the internet.

The vocaroo is actually a recording of TRS subgroup American Vanguard, I have it here:

Have a good day, user-san.

That's a pretty retarded thing to say outright. I know cops who would turn a blind eye to extralegal justice.

Incorrect. There are dead Jews.

You too buddy! Happy New Year!

What if they're zombies though.

I agree with your sentiment, but the wording is humorous.

At this point can we petiton the mods to ban anyone who mentions Sinead, Iron March, TRS, E-celebs, and any and all namefag drama.

I fucking hate all of you cancerous faggots.


I think I've simultaneously contracted AIDS and ass cancer from this thread.

From what I have gathered, there are two reasons the game needs to be ran as an admin:

-it is not digitally signed
-it is buggy when not run as such (weapon doesn't stay in beginning, incorrect sprite placement, etc)

Now, it is good to be wary of things. But these claims are a little incredulous for the following reasons:
-Natt and won ever else knowingly put in a Trojan, for what?
-They have access to a zero day, which most anti malware or antivirus software isn't going to pick up?
-if they did do this, what is the reason? What would they possibly do with this info?

Natt may be a lot of things but he has been consistent. The idea that the guy who shoots at refugees with his pellet gun, has been solid on all podcast appearances, and has never waffled on his espoused ideals would somehow try to Fuck over some right wing game nerds is somewhat silly. The shilling has left people a little too paranoid. If you don't want to play it is fine. But the idea this is some grand conspiracy by folks who I would bet dollars to donuts aren't savvy enough to even wrap malicious code in a program doesn't hold much water imo. The game itself is fairly shoddy. The only thing I can accurately accuse them at this time is putting out an unfinished product.

Play it, don't play it. But as other anons have said, give some damn proof before making these accusations. You aren't doing anyone any favors by being chicken little. We should all always err on the side of caution but half you faggots would know good opsec even if caught a federal indictment.

If the game is legit, then the author should release the source code, and let anons review it and compile it themselves. Bam. Problem solved.

Consistently an egotistical bastard who is willing to infiltrate people's privacy. He's not to be trusted.

The audacity of this kike.

t. Retarded Leftist

well im not at home right now so i aint DL'ing that shit.
someone upload or extract just the EXE
then either run the unix strings program on it and paste results here.
or let me do it and upload EXE somewhere.
I notice the malware researcher has not posted back, which is mildly concerning.

I just want my fucking Wireshark logs.

It isn't infighting, because no matter how many times you say it, TRS, Renegade and all the other Kike shill groups are not right-wing and never will be.
It is important to identify them whenever they attempt to interject their poison into the right, because whatever truth is contains is always laced with the seed of corruption.
Keep struggling, keep raging, you over-reached yourselves like Kikes always do, people noticed the pattern and it isn't going to be forgotten.
Now go back to your sock and plead with mods to ban identification of shill material. remember to use another picture from your 'images which induce anger and lessen rational thinking' folder

Our argument can be boiled down to this. There is at the very least, RUMORS of a virus. We gain nothing by downloading it, we lose nothing by leaving it be.

The shilling has not just made people paranoid, it has PROVEN to anons that there are dishonest people out there with intent to subvert us. Now a game comes along, tailor-made for us, and it potentially contains a virus.

The thing to do for any reasonable person, is to leave it alone. By arguing otherwise, in any capacity, you come off as extremely suspect.

wait im a dumbarse, mediafire dont secure their damn download links. appears to work with wget


I like this post. To be honest, I don't trust Iron March any more than I trust TRS, it's just annoying that TRS shills. I would like to prove that this game is sending outbound connections, that would make me distrust Iron March as well. I'm setting up the VM now.

This. Aren't you faggots too busy with The Last Guardian or FFXV anyway? Who needs a LMAO KILL NIGGERS flash game if you're gonna vidja?

If it's made with a commercial/pirated software like unity, then you can get the project files but it will never ever be open source.

I don't give a fuck what they're name is. As far as i'm concerned TRS, Iron March, Sinead, Firestarter, and Red Ice aren't shilling us.

NAMEFAGS are shilling us and they all have to go fucking back.

Also, it is primarily being promoted by someone who has infiltrated multiple groups and betrayed their confidence publicly and repeatedly. That alone raises a major red flag.

What the fuck is even going on in this thread

If it's made with some horse shit like Unity, then there's absolutely no reason to download it in the first place.

Namefag bullshit.

Egoist faggot got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

Just another TRS derailment whilst waiting for OP and others to deliver some logs. Sage

Iron March has been shilling us all week as well, which is where repetitive TRS spam threads have been coming from. A real user would keep that shit in /polmeta/, not try to use it as a wedge issue to ban people.

Then you're ignorant and your advice is dangerous.
There's no namefag in the whole thread.
Thanks for inadvertently revealing that you don't understand chan terminology.
Now you can go back to the mothership.

With that level of insincerity, you're better off filling up index cards for your low-income humanities degree. Do everyone a favor and kill yourself, leftist retard.

Keep repeating your failed "'re a leftist" tactic, you're only reinforcing your otherness.

I remember seeing a trailer awhile ago for it. May have been months. Timing sucks, all things considered. I never doubted the truth of the shilling. I just think people are getting a little spergy over just that, a rumor. You can find me suspect, that's fine. Everyone is these days.

I made a few of the threads and I'm not IM so I know that's horse shit. More lies does not make me want to believe you on other matters.

Fuck off.

Namefags are ruining everything with their egoist faggotry yet again.

Honestly we really need to crack down on namefaggotry and all the bullshit E-drama that accompanies it.

You didn't even read his post.

I don't believe you, nor do I particularly care if you believe me.

That is not my point.
My point is anything tailor made for Holla Forums is suspect, and the author should know that.
If they don't have any bad intentions, then there's no reason for YOU to cry about it.

Nigger what? Did they save the art assets as BMPs and all the music as FLAC? Is there some fucking full motion video in it? How the fuck does "generic knockoff of 16 bit style because indie developers are talentless hacks and can't do anything but poorly emulate 2D pixelshit" remotely reach 1GB?

How pajeet tier is your os if a program that is unsigned (untrusted) code needs to run at a higher privilege level instead of a lower or in a sandbox.

Natt was raided about six months ago. If his confessions are true then he would be in jail now, so either he's lying or he's now working for the enemy.

So can anyone make some wireshark logs anytime soon? I don't want to play this shit game, but it's interesting to know who the shills are here.

Get to it you lazy fucks.


Seriously kill yourself, fuck off back to whatever cancerous namefag shithole that you crawled out of.

>with a fresh install of windows 10

Great idea. How are you going to distinguish all the shit Windows 10 does from the shit this stupid game supposedly does?

Alright, I'm writing up a list of relatively newfag-friendly 2D engines, sound libraries, tools, the pros and cons of different licenses and distribution methods, and some other stuff that will hopefully help other Holla Forumsacks to make good vidya without being mistaken for false flag trojans. I'll contribute OC of my own once my current /agdg/ project is out of the way and maybe whip up some quick joke games as examples or something at a later date.

Fucking this. Natt is really racking up the number of nationalist circles he's infiltrated, gained the trust of and then publicly humiliated and betrayed them. He did it to the Brits on TRS, Evalion, and his "friends" from Radio Free Skyrim that I can think of right now and I don't even listen to their shitty podcasts. I'm not touching/trusting any-fucking-thing with his fingerprints on it.

Alex Jones, PEEj.double-you and Stefan Molyneux are the only bigtime namefags left. The grace period before Trump's inauguration has been like a fever cooking all the faggots in our movement to death as they struggle to stay relevant with so little attention coming their way. Cernovich and Billl Mitchell were the last two to go. I suspect Milo will be next.

These namefags depended on Trump getting attention so they could be parasites to it. They don't know what to do now that their newly found e-celeb identities are sinking again. Let's finish the job and get rid of them all.

You don't get it, that's not going to work anymore. We see your angle and are now immune from it.

Don't get my hopes up like that user.

glad im not the only one annoyed by that.
~20 minutes till its down downloading. because mediafires servers cant fart out anything faster than 756KBps to me in dingoland

And madmen laugh on their way to the gallows. Whether or not you find something humorous means exactly nothing. If you think writing a couple sentences is high effort, you've clearly fucked up in life really, really hard.

That picture of him in the chair hoisted up above the crowd by a bunch of cucks pissed me the fuck off. He takes nigger cock up the ass, and likes it.

Do you do your shilling for free? Because you're doing an awful job at doing so.

I didn't need to read it because it was the same "controlled-opposition" meme that leftists have been parroting for decades. They've failed with Christians, they've failed with cuckservatives, theyve failed with trump, and they will fail with again with this scenario.

I'm simply telling them that it doesn't work because we always unite whenever it comes to denouncing bullshit. Islamic terrorism isn't fake.

I don't know what your game is, but com'on, now.

That's your problem. As with the over-use of in-group memes and terms, you overplay yourselves because you don't actually understand what you're writing, you don't have a native comprehension.
Likewise you over-extend on the use of "ragepics" because, to you, they are just a way to emotionally modulate viewers.
You do not realize when you've overdone it, you do not understand that it makes you easy to spot.
The response is likewise predictable, a flood of insults, nigger-tier profanity and out-grouping language.
You will never fit in, you will never be able to hide here.

Honestly this was always going to happen, anons build everything that these fucking namefags have and they have the goddamn gall to use our board as a goddamn stomping ground.

Fucking narcissistic ingrates the goddamn lot of them, at the very least I can take comfort in the fact that we'll be around as long as the internet is still up and running and absolutely nothing can get rid of us other than shutting it all down.

It's not a meme faggot.

I'm taking out a competitor. Nazi Shadow Hearts drops on 4/20


that fucking image

He's running it on a VM

You're the retard with no reading comprehension.

I'm not saying that you are a shill, because I agree with your post. I would like to point out, however, that the term "our movement" is almost always used here as an attempt to subvert us. You are the first actual user I have seen use this term naturally. Be very wary of anyone who uses it.


our movement is that of anonymous, but noted

I think /pol making a game is a fucking fantastic idea. I'd contribute

Just pirate RPGmaker and churn out some shit. That's what I'm doing.

I would play the everloving shit out of that. Fug, now I have a hankering to start a Shadow Hearts art folder…

I would as well.
I'm not much of a programmer but I can do a bit of pixel art.

Check this out.

I don't even know what faggots like you try anymore

Fuckin' saved.

quick and easy OC to shoo away all the TRShills

The party is Evola, Devi and Mishima.

It seems ego has gone over this board's users too, you people did nothing and contributed jackshit to this movement,it was all 4chan and r_thedonald.(KIKE WAS GASSED FOR THIS POST)




Get out TRShill.

We made The_Donald, stupid. And 4chan is a bunch of third world shitskin niggers anyway. Have you honestly not figured out yet that every single of of your memes (((except one))) came from here? TRS is fucking dumb, lads. Alright, what's the link to report their ad shekels again?



Assuming you don't know what you're doing, start small.

There are mountains of /agdg/ threads out there, and a whole board for them. Most will be talking about neat shit you might want to try. Don't go into it expecting your first attempt to succeed magnificently.

Think of something like the Ace Attorney games. It's basically just a visual novel with the odd quiz to make sure you're paying attention to the plot. Something like that would be great for a Let's Take A Look At The Holocaust style of game.

You could even call it something retarded like Ace Attorney Heinz Fitz: Nuremberg Trials and have the player defend train operators and sanitation engineers who only ever exterminated lice before moving up to actual SS officers that did nothing wrong.

I ain't even mad. I'm glad no one knows or believes.

Wow. And I just stated that shills use the term "movement."

Group projects are more easily infiltrated and subverted but still possible with the right people, I'm thinking more of small, one-off projects made by solo devs released as open source games so anons know fur certain that they aren't downloading viruses or being added to yet another government/antifa-run database. Anons like may have noble goals, but ultimately Holla Forums gamedevs go full-freetard as both a safety precaution and to make spreading/modifying fashy games even easier.

Nobody is going to fall for that, IM shill.


Excuse the typo, I'm not a furfag

Hello TRS if we are so irrelevant why come shill us?

I'm out, want to get me some fish and chips while my sandbox installs.
We will get to the bottom of this by the end of the night, one way or another.
Just a pointer though lads: a clear netstat table doesn't mean it's safe, it could contain a timebomb.
To be absolutely sure requires someone expert in the language to check it out.

4/cucks/ while massive faggots are still technically anons and we made /r/the_donald, found proof that Hillary ordered her Emails deleted, and fucked the goddamn CIA's shit by ruining their plot to frame Assange as a pedophile.

What the fuck have you useful faggots done?

Is that from a show? The animation is so crisp.


That's actually a good idea.

**Gurren Lagann*

It was a bitch on twitter that found stonetear you massive newfag. It was posted here and then matriculated to reddit T_D as all things do.

Got any screenshots?

IM for all their Uzbek inspired hatred of wholesomeness wouldn't praise reddit lel

And who did the rest of the investigative work?

The good end will consist of convincing the Allies that the holocaust didn't happen, but it should have.

There is literally nothing wrong with being Jewish.

Hell, even the echoes were more Morakkiu than anything else, and he's a verified Holla Forumsack more than he is TRS.

still making assets, currently the programmed stuff is with RTP assets and looks like ass

I'd play it. Just as CoD was made to create little soldiers for the globalist campaign, vidya can be used to implant ideas. Sort of a crude form of meme magic. one of us would have to make it, but if it spread, that would be a powerful meme indeed.

Ironic shitposting is still shitposting. Reported.

Are you defending low energy reddit faggots? T_D just turned itself into an avowed zionist platform.


Kill yourself immediately.

Its still downloading, I don't know if its me or mediafire. Its probably me since I get dialup speeds where I live.

Nice dubs, but Vidya isn't a crude indoctrination tool, it's one of the most highly effective because it causes the person to have to act out the stimulus them selves, as opposed to passive like TV or movies. Remember all the DiGRA/common core/gamification stuff?

I wish Holla Forums would stop considering T_D a community. Subreddits are only communities during their inception. T_D today is just a news aggregrator with far too many comments on its links

I was saying that 8/pol/ did most of the investigative work you goddamn retard

Oh dang it

im too old and tired for this shit.
i take it no one here knows of linux tools to dump the PE segments and poke the insides?

if you want to cheat, open PlayerValues and change offset 0x8A to 0xE803 if you want full health again, and offset 0x7A to 0x0101 for $65k monies

We're not downloading your trojan.

radare2, binwalk, objdump.

/r/The_Donald is a great place to drop redpills on normalfags, if you're subtle. I got a well upvoted couple posts on the Holocaust being fake in one of their "DURR /R/TEH_ALL WOULD HATE SEEING ISRAELI FLAG" threads. Be very careful in how you word things because while many people there are actually Holla Forums-friendly, the mods will ban anything overt.

Works with Wine.

I was going to do a VM, but I said fuck it, and just ran it.

if you hit Esc it kills the game. How are you supposed to save it?

I only meant "crude" as compared to our subtle and intricate meme magic; which is just the practical application of ideas. Vidya is very ingenious as a method of indoctrination, for normies.

The mods did, yeah.



That's a good point, honestly.
Vidya can be a powerful cultural force. it just needs a little bit of magick in it.

The absolute madmen retards put EVERYTHING in the EXE? What is this, Pajeet's CS101?

Kek its made with click team fusion!

Fuck off

I'm not seeing a single shred of proof that it is a virus

Not a single fucking ss of it, OP is a faggot as usual


That alone is suspect.

why the fuck am i the only nigger doing shit here.

anyway here's a binwalk dump for anons that want to play along at home with babbys first file dissection done badly


0 0x0 Microsoft executable, portable (PE)
99615 0x1851F Copyright string: "Copyright 1995-1998 Mark Adler "
136168 0x213E8 XML document, version: "1.0"
139283 0x22013 Zlib compressed data, best compression
139887 0x2226F bzip2 compressed data, block size = 900k
151641 0x25059 Zlib compressed data, best compression
184240 0x2CFB0 Zlib compressed data, best compression
185776 0x2D5B0 Zlib compressed data, best compression
185882 0x2D61A Zlib compressed data, best compression
187852 0x2DDCC Zlib compressed data, best compression
188173 0x2DF0D Zlib compressed data, best compression
188204 0x2DF2C Zlib compressed data, best compression
7111582 0x6C839E Zlib compressed data, best compression
18762750 0x11E4BFE bzip2 compressed data, block size = 900k
18769916 0x11E67FC Certificate in DER format (x509 v3), header length: 4, sequence length: 2740
25494781 0x18504FD Zlib compressed data, best compression

there was more output but its more of the same.
oh look a certificate…

I meant it as an example of something relatively easy to put together that requires little to no precise timing to engineer.

But I guess it could get a few non-Holla Forums players to start looking at this shit, particularly if you could get a YouTube e-celeb to play it.

Data caps from ISPs are shit, and I don't feel like fucking with some gay ass indie pixelshit game.

In all honesty, I'm 98% sure that everything we do is watched, signed, and sealed anyway. One of my friends worked for Juniper, and he told me a bit in confidence about how the NSA does its spying on the webbs, it's safe to assume there's a specially configured router between your router and your ISP's router at any given time. Still, that's no excuse to go around asking for trouble. If something smells even a little suspicious, just don't. Even if it's not .gov directly, you never know who's out to get you.

Hurr durr what is even the right wing safety squads,you shitskins just copied our ideas and I see a lot of our threads from 4chan reposted here,just admit it this board's intellectual capacity is that of a 12 year old just look at your catalog and this thread is the proof.

KEK your shitskin mods even ban people citing as TRS shills,you will always be second to 4chan live that way good bye shitskins

fucking lmayo

this is the only legitimate concern


You don't even know why we keep 4/cuck/ around, do you?

He was referring to TRS not 4chan you fucking idiot. And people from 4/pol/ aren't namefags they're just fags.



Sure it is.
I have no doubt of that.
Compared to the other players involved, Uncle Sam really isn't that big of a concern.

Nobody is buying it. We're not going to attack TRS because Iron March tried to get us to download a trojan. That's not even logic.


reported for spam

Ok, I finished the game, here are my thoughts.

1. All 3 Jews that you killed were off-screen, you don't actually get to kill any Jews in this shit game.

2. Overall, you kill twice as many white cops as non-whites in this game.

3. Natt calls a gook "honorary friend"

This game is basically kike shit, though I must admit that clearing the refugee camp was satisfying.


We're going to attack TRS because we have overlooked repeated, numerous violations of our dignity and sovereignty for the greater good of the far right - but they kept pushing anyway. Apparently, they are determined to learn their lesson the hard way just like leftists. Despite us shrugging off a good many insults and trying to negotiate with them in good faith.


exactly what I guessed from the preview

Nope, shut up Iron March. Your coup failed. Holla Forums belongs to Holla Forums, not you.

I'm still not convinced Iron March is a relevant thing - meanwhile, we have ample evidence that TRS has shilled us repeatedly and their namefags are too dumb to take the hint. Thus are the fruits of namefaggotry. They seem determined to bring down the wrath of user because they just can't stop defending their board when the best thing for them to do is STFU and get back to work.

What's the fucking obsession with TRS? We're not your personal army.

You faggots are literally trying to convince us to download a fucking trojan for your cucked cop-killing game. You are leftists anarchist scum.

The internet was a mistake.

Yeah fuck this shit, i'm not some BLM nigger who fantasizes about killing white men.

Honestly I want both TRS and Iron March to fuck off.

Having to choose is a false dichotomy just like having to choose to between Israelis and Palestinians, fuck both of them.

See I've been against this all along.

Because they've been making posts like for a solid week now.


it's certainly not a coincidence that the Red Ice show is shilling Jewish nationalism while this game doesn't show any jew-killing, just a shit ton of cop-killing

Fuck your agenda and kill yourself

You faggots don't get it. You fucked up. Everyone can see through you now. Why else would you try to derail this thread?

Iron March is pro-Zionist. They don't even dislike Jews.

The TRShill never stops. Time to remove their shekels.

Hol up, I don't even know if I'm supposed to be IM or TRS at this point. Got a screenshot of your game? Alpha asset quality won't be held against you.

The misdirection has reached comical levels of retardation.

oh fuck off you've been spamming your bullshit, name-fagging, (40), and that user is making valid points, you're deliberately reddit spacing too

They're desperate. They thought they had captured Holla Forums with their nonsense. Nothing can defeat the Stand Alone Complex.

Fuck off both of you.

Both TRS and Iron March deserve to be ovened for this faggotry.

TRS is faggots but they've never tried to directly infect our computers with malware.

Good, oven them both. Remove TRS shekels, then we can remove IM.

It's really time to stop posting lad.

Nice try alt-kike.

nice try nate

What does TRS have to do with this thread, again? You keep bringing it up for some reason.


nate, who made the game, is former-TRS, now IM? Idk I don't get on those faggy websites

no they're cucks

holy shit trs fuck off


What's funny is that TRSodomites think they're convincing.

AT LEAST 50% of the people who post here are shills.

And that's just the posters. Imagine how many are just lurking.

It's really sad, isnt it.



As I said, all "programmed" (not that RPGmaker is actually real programming) is with shit stock assets, I'd rather show off finished stuff. (Smaller one is actual in game size)

To be fair, this is better quality gaslighting than we usually see. At least the JIDF doesn't try to convince us that we're all really Jewish. I think we've underestimated TRS. Their attack profile isn't going to grant them any degree of victory, but it's unique enough that we haven't developed the correct antibodies yet.

This tbh. I'm taking screenshots of the discord that tried to pull this op off. Going into the mod IRC here as well to show imkampfy the proof.



That's like using a sieve to bail water and then calling the results proof that you were sold a defective pump. Try an OS that isn't literal spyware and then report back.

You fucking faggots we hate both of you. Both of you are worthless cancerous namefags to us.

Just fuck off and take your petty teenage girl internet spat somewhere else.

Nice, lad. This thread was blatant bait without any conclusive proof provided by OP. Notice the amount of UIDs compared to total reply count, it indicates multiple sockpuppets were responsible for bumping this thread rather than an organic response from anons. Take the screenshots you have to >>>/trs/ as well for safekeeping.

file legit is klik & play since that is the product made by

It's a virus whether they meant it to be or not.

They (Trshills) think that by deflecting they can redirect anons' hostility towards them to another eceleb kike group, IM. It's ridiculous.

You might as well be a cultural Marxist. Nobody will take my Chinese cartoons from me.

Do we need conclusive proof to not run sketchy .exes from the interbutts?

Try harder faggot.

When you claim it connects to 16 different sources and is a trojan, then yes. Not only for anons, but for potential normalfags that may be infected.


Nigger we hate each and every single goddamn one of you cunts.

How did this thread get so big without proofs?

You mean besides the proof already presented?

Develop them faster then. I have no idea if my tactic of trusting absolutely nothing either of these people talk about works or not, especially from TRS since they've been at the forefront of all this autism.

I'm not affiliated with any ecelebs, you retards. I can understand shilling tactics well enough though to see that TRShills are trying to scapegoat another eceleb kike group so they can repair their image.
if anyone else can't see this you really should go back to cuckchan tbh

receive none
receive none
great proof tbh :^)


Anime is derived from Disney Cartoons back when Disney was controlled by the Jew hating Walt Disney.

Anime is more culturally white than modern Hollywood trash.



Filtered and reported, kike.

Hopefully malware-user delivers soon and puts this shit to rest.

No shit and both sides should kill themselves for bringing their namefag E-drama here. This is why the more pressing issue is finding a final solution to the namefag problem, not just a single namefag group.

it's a shit game anyway, you don't even kill any jews, but plenty of white cops

Give me an example of modern Entertainment that's more in line with traditional white culture.

I disagree. Gooks are an effeminate race of soulless automatons, only autists enjoy their sterile alien culture.



Did Square Enix design his sons?

This is what shills actually believe.

Like the Talmud, amiright?


Yeah Okay faggot.

Also Gooks are Koreans, Chinks are Chinese, Nips are Japanese. At least get your ethnic slurs right.

I think that we will do fine without gooks on this planet.

they're all fucking gooks, that's how my WWII veteran relatives decribed them and they fucking killed them in the double digits

They are all the same subhuman shit.

Alice and Karin would have been top-tier waifu material had they not been racemixers.

Nah, not enough belts and zippers.

I want to kill gooks



Namefag and TRS faggotry

so where's the evidence ironmarch actually shills here

all i've seen is TRS blaming problems on ironmarch, and TRShills

nate is op, and he's TRS/IM whatever the fuck shill

Checked and this'd. Can anyone show me an example of what an IM post looks like?

well fuck it.. i'm going to open and run this game while connected to the webbs while using win 8.1. God help me if this phones right to jidf home


So is it a Trojan or not?

They are speaking Mandarin.

they're all the same yellow bastards

communist faggot


I don't see the problem here

I know. I was making fun of you for thinking all Asians same; it's like lumping the US and Venezuela together because they're a couple hundred miles away in some places and they're both nominally Christian.

muh feels

So I did a little bit of investigation like I've been asking these TRShills to do this entire fucking time.

Pic 1 related, this is the PID of AngryGoy as of doing this test, it's 2807.

I did a netstat -a -o -n (which -a is all connections and -o ties it to PIDs [what we need] and I forgot what -n does).

I took the results of my computer after a fresh restart and ghostbinned them here:

No 2807 PID as you can see. AFAIK the retard posting the 'proof' that this calls home after using Win10 is just surprised at the amount of spyware baked into Win10. I'm on Mint by the way. That said, this pajeet coded game fucks with cinnamon something fierce.

There was a thread on the TRS forums a few hours ago where American Vanguard was blaming IM for bad relations. They really are going full dindu on this one.

(oh shiiiiiit)


Both groups admit to shilling Holla Forums in the linked thread.

So I'm taking that as a yes.

what? I don't want anyone to download this shitty game

Ah yes I should not follow at all what these kikes are doing makes perfect sense lets just all stay in the dark.

Support our troops. :^)

TRS made this game? I'm definitely not downloading it then.

Is that you, leaker user? I'd like to see those threads

An Iron March post is basically indistinguishable from a Common Filth post. They will be spamming screenshots of forum and facebook posts or tweets of people appearing to be lax on or not give a fuck about homosexuality since that is the only issue that matters to them.

unless you're shutting down the website all you're doing is consuming shit, same logic that pedophiles use (larping as Jason Vukovich, except not)

no I just browse ill have to find the thread again

no looks like Natt did

Wait a second, are you seriously against leaking TRS?

If you want to give us some screenshots then make sure to blank out the time stamp on the posts.

Oh. Fuck that guy, every single thing he touches turns to fucking shit.

don't respond if you can't process logic I'm only browsing TRS to leak their shit, not because I'm actually a shill

Namefags need to leave.

This game isn't worth playing either way, but based on its content alone it may plausibly be a fed trojan.

The ending credits only list Natt as a voice actor, god only knows who made this shit game.

"leaking" is just an excuse as to why you visit there and advertise their shit on the pretense that you're exposing them, unless you shut down the website you're just a faggot who likes to browse


tbh configure a VM to have no NIC, enable logging, see what it's up to. You can further monitor app behavior using other tools too btw. deterrence

Mark Adler as one of the authors of zlib zlib



You are not alone.

Adler is a kike name.

pretending to be retarded will not save you

Using that same logic people should stay off Twitter and kikebook even if just to see liberal tears. Someone does not want their shit leaked do you (((trs)))

Yeah, nah.

Nobody cares about your faggot board drama you kike.

ok… was just providing clarification for why his name would show up

VMs can be breached. You can't trust monitoring software running on the same computer than the test software. For dodgy stuff use an actual computer, and route all network traffic through a router with monitoring (ie, a PC with two NICs, for instance a laptop connected to the test computer through Ethernet and to the internet through WiFi).


The actual command to see PID tied outbound connections is:

netstat -nputw

Image related, no such outbound connections seem to be made. If it calls in at different parts of the game then I wouldn't know.


Absolutely. I'd prefer if someone just shut those websites down too, along with TRS and IM and the daily stormer.

Looks like fun, but having to be run in administrator mode is fish as fuck. I wouldn't trust it. Also, why the hell do TRSniggers obsess over calling eachother "goy"? That's another weird thing.

and I was just noticing that it's a kike name, that's all

Lets see if I can put my "legally acquired" coursework to good use.

Anyone else beat it


If the VM is breached this would be an epic 0 day, OK? I 100% guarantee you such a low-value target is not getting a 0 day. Do you know how much those damn things fetch on the black market?

So why is Iron March so faggy, anyway? It's more fucking pretentious than MPC.


And nah, you can use REMNUX. Way easier.


Fuck off TRS nigger.

IM is there scapegoat for shitty behavior.

have you even read my posts itt?

I like it but

no seriously, shut their fucking website down if you can

Can I see the rest of the thread? Also block out that damn timestamp!

Ah shit. Made mistake.

Should I waste $500 on DDoSing TRS???
trips would compel me to tbh

Do you have their server IP?

If you can DDoS somebody, why not take out some antifa site, rather than playing into TRS' persecution complex.

Yes, because everyone keeps their software patched and up to date, right?
And of course, supposedly secure software with much more exposure than VMs is never a steaming pile of shit that takes months to fix.
Oh, wait:

If you can find the IP, do it.



fuck off trs


What the fuck is even happening?

Absolute madman

fuck. brb


Because TRS has no respect for their elders, in short.

Two groups of faggots are arguing over who gets to colonize Holla Forums.



Electrician question: Is it possible to toaster-proof a bathtub?


They're namefags, that's all that matters

drain the water

I really hope you go through with this.

Why the fuck would I care what these faggots say about us? Further, why the fuck would I listen to a self-admitted TRS member?

Do we need a TRS shenanigans #9?

Stop spamming up the fucking board you fucking faggot.

I think we do


because they're trying to challenge the final boss of the internet, they need to be gassed, unless you like being shilled to no fucking end

shut down the entire internet

To be fair, they are from the UK where the cops are actually 100% traitorous scum who cover up foreign rape gangs and so on. In the USA we still have good ol' boy cops in some areas.

81 posts of pretending not to be TRS, good lord these people need to be spanked.

Nah, fuck off.


except I'm not saying that at all . . .

Nah, this has the stench of Common Filth/Iron March. Given that they spent the entire thread trying to convince us to download a fucking trojan, my patience with them is fucking through.

counting my posts is not an argument, TRShill

To be honest I was always a little apprehensive of that site, with its 50 podcasts and adding a new one every week.

you didn't even read my posts nigger


I didn't make it but it's already on the catalog.

I'm not downloading your shit, go fuck off back to "fashy" reddit or whatever the fuck you came from.

I've been against downloading it the whole time sperg

You reak of the "it's a Trojan" sperg before. Did you reset your router lad?