James Alefantis fucks

Ok so this story is anecdotal but I can vouch on source as 100% telling the truth. Sauce is my family member who has never heard of pizza gate but lives in DC. I asked about Comet Pizza because we went there when I've visited. She immediately knew about allegations of pedo against James Alefantis and told me locals were banding together to defend the local beloved pizza joint. I asked if she knew James, no, but she had a friend.

Carole Greenwood was that friend. A local famous for cooking for her neighbors parties. So some of them decided to pool money and invest in a restaurant for her to run. She ends up becoming business partners with James Afelantis. She was head chef for both comet and bucks fishing camping. Until…



Then the vague 'urgent family matters' happens and she leaves DC for 3 years.

It turns out that Carole's son, who is +/-18 at this time, is also working at the restaurant. I think his name is Dylan/Dillon. He grew up without a father and turned to James Alefantis often for advice.

One night Carole walked into the comet pizza kitchen, and saw James Alefantis fucking her son in the kitchen. She was furious because she immediately knew how completely James had taken advantage of her son. She quit immediately and denounced James viciously in private, unwilling to do so publicly for professional reasons.

After telling me this my source told me she had never connected that to him being a pedo. After that story she never went back because whenever she ran into him she could tell something was wrong with him. She says she completely believes he's a pedo now, and she's seriously the least judging person I've ever met.

So take that as an anecdote against James character and sanitation practices I guess? I've been lurking for awhile but I knew when I actually got a 3 degrees of separation story to the guy I had to put it out there.

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that's pretty fucked up

I remember the first time I read about the whole Pizzagate thing. It was when our battle for Trumps presidency was really running hot.

At first I thought it was just a fucking slide thread.
And so did some of you.

I was so wrong.

This shit is getting really fucking big.

Linking Culkin into all this.

Well, Jeff Koons made this MJ statue. People have rumored for years that MJ abused Culkin but Culkin has always denied it.

Jeff Koons is basically in charge of the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children.

Search Jeff Koons Whitney Museum and you'll quickly see Koons is an obvious pedophile.

Five months ago James Alefantis lover David Brock's Correct The Record gave Jeff Koons 50,000 dollars.


All this shit is so horrid, Holla Forums. What does it take to get the FBI to investigate? What do we do with all this?

Keep going. Every day more people find out.

You know (((they))) could just get the NSA to scan the internet of that woman's family members, filter results to 8ch.net and get you right?



Hijacking this post, been wanting to say something for hours but I know how Holla Forums hates blog posts and resisted the temptation.

I just took a deep dive down the rabbit hole that is pizza gate last night and for I think the first time ever I felt deeply scared. I could not fall asleep and when I did I kept jerking awake with my heart beating fast. The things that I saw made me question my own life. I'm not religious but last night I saw in that art, in those rituals, in those peoples eyes, real actual evil. I don't know a god damn thing about moloch but it gives me chills just to type it. Why? I think I instinctively know that there is something WRONG with that name.

I know this is basically just rambling but fuck man this was too much of a redpill to swallow.
Hitler did nothing wrong? Easy peasy.
All the top western nations are ran by satanists, pedophiles, and cannibals?
I just can't believe it…but now I know it's true…

And I don't even need an explanation about how or why this happened I already know.
It's a means of trust and control.
It's a big club and the only way you get into the club is you do awful shit with these people.
Once everyone has something on each other there can be deep trust because you both know if you betray each other it's game over.
No one is allowed into power without being part of this group first.

Except I kind of think maybe, possibly, by the grace of god Trump might not be in that group.
It's hard to tell.
He has ran with the same people but I think he saw what they were and instead of joining he stayed away and now he's President, they never saw it coming.
Maybe. Or maybe I just want this to be true.

Anyway… god speed to all of you trying to expose this stuff.

Post less, read more.

Mum of the year. No wonder Dylan took le cock.

Culkin had the pizza band too.

I felt exactly the same the day I came to the realization what these people are capable of. Here's to hoping justice gets served.

are you able to deliver some proof, so we know you arent LARPing?

nigger did you just sleep through 9/11, the boston bombing, the iraq war, the afghanistan war, the bosnian war, the kosovo war, euromaiden, the refugee crisis, the syrian war, the libyan war, the arab spring, the gulf war, the iran-iraq war…? I'd keep going but you'd probably have not been born. My point is that indiscriminate slaughter has always been on their playbook, they're just general psychopaths.

I've met a self-confessed prolific child abuser IRL and it made me believe in the supernatural. Shark's eyes, it's the only way I can describe it. The air itself seemed to die around him.

I still see (((people))) claiming it's disinfo and a slide. Even when the first e-mail came out with pizza.jpg and "it doesn't get any better than this" I knew something was up. It's disgusting, they probably raped that little chinese girl. They're shit at using codes, saying stuff that makes little sense thinking it's clever: "playing dominoes over pizza or pasta?"

Wasn't that picture of best korean children? Or south korean children who were imprisoned in best korea or something?

threads like this make me realize how laws really don't get enforced in the usa

unless there is a big jew nose person who pushes for the law to be enforced.

hahaha NSA is into this.

FBI is part of it.

NYPD did a little leak for trump vs clinton

unless we keep memeing this, nothing will ever happen from the pedo cops

Only proof I could provide would be a video of my source talking but that's not definitive either. Honestly best bet would be trying to find the son on social media and see if he'll talk.

Congrats, you have the beginnings of a red pill.

Find the correct spelling then for us pls so we don't waste hours on that. Also is he using his Mom's last name or another?

Pariahs, also known as "Blacksouls", "Psychic Nulls" or the "Soulless", are mutants in whom the Pariah Gene is dominant. The have no presence whatsoever in the Warp and thus no "soul." Their aura of "otherness" is so powerful that a baseline human finds it impossible to be in the Pariah's presence; and they are a living embodiment of the worst possible nightmare for any psychically gifted being. Unlike Blanks, Pariahs can siphon off and thrive on the psychic energy of Psykers, and their aura quickly proves fatal to them. Pariahs are quite often killed at birth as mutants, for their "otherness" is very palpable.

Don't forget the Holodomors, Bolsheviks, Armenian Genocide, WW1 and 2, Vietnam, The Korean War, etc.
These dirty yids have been busy boys

you're reading too much into a whole lot of nothing you fucking edgelord, like holy fucking shit how did you pull all those bullshit assumptions out of your ass are you some fucking autist magician or something? Get the fuck out of here you fucking nigger



Translate this shit for me.


I found him.

frame him for torrenting the new JayZ album and a couple Disney movies – then the FBI will investigate

James Alefantis is bad fucking news

Alefantis was a regular at the white house. think about that.

Alefantis dose sound like a Boss character Name.

FBI won't help, it goes to the higher echelons in power. If anything we would need to build a case and have whoever is in Trump's administration see if they can do something about it. Read the 600+ book The Franklin Case, it shows how the FBI meddles with this shit and gets people off, even going as high as the supreme court.

Meant Senate, not supreme court. And I'm not even done reading it yet.

You guys ever heard of Peter Skully? This mother fucker is responsible for the most infamous video ever to touch the darkweb. A real life "the grifter", if you will. The title of the video, which will probably instantly get you on a few three letter lists, "Daisy's Destruction" is allegedly fucked up beyond belief. Sounds like perfect example of what all of you are talking about.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=JYm9QUYnpUo (video of an interview with the guy)

He Kinda reminds me of this pizzagate stuff, like the shit I've been hearing described of happening in elite satanic circles always makes me think of the kinda stuff Skully did.

Is he on the White House sign in list?

No he was a nobody joe schmo with a very, very fucked up mind.

For those who've seen DD, one may consider it as a "glimpse" of the depths of depravity and cruelty the human mind is capable of. To put it into further focus, imagine that the elites do the same thing, but worse and with a belief system that they abide by strictly.

This is what you get.

Plenty of those were on the guest list during the Franklin scandal. Gannon 100's of times. Prostitutes have to sign in too.

There's no way I'm watching that vid. I read the cannibal thread and I'm still recovering from some of those screenshots. I believe you.

wut? can you elaborate?
t. nublet to occultism

i've heard of this a couple times and it still creeps me out. i've seen alleged stills of DD posted.

(checked) I'll try to explain what I've gathered from my experience. Note that everyone 'percieves' things differently.

I dated/banged (oops) someone that fit into this bill. Their eyes would become soulless very easily, most normal people couldn't stand being around them for very long, and although I -could- people could tell when I was around her right to my personality 'changing'.

Reading the post of

Was what reminded me of her in a fucked up way. One of the things that were 'discussed' was her feelings on pedophilia. She acted as though any acts should be punished swiftly and harshly but still was in the 'its a mental illness' mindset. OTOH, as I piece together other comments she made, I really have to wonder.

FWIW, re-analyzing my time with this person after all my time on fullchan has made me decide that Project Monarch is real, that woman 'Didnt care for Alice in Wonderland' but would spout phrases from the book and do the hairstyle and would loli-dress-up as best she could. Completely -wired- to Fuck, be a houseslave, and when needed a vapid cunt for the kike agenda.

Jimmy has lots of friends in power, and probably Obama and Biden are close friends. We had our own Jimmy (Savile), and he cosied up to Prince Charles and the royal family.

interesting parallel: Jimmy Savile's favourite spot to socialise was a pizza restaurant, and he was caught abusing underage girls there. google it


It's from 40k, not real life


This gets deeper and more legitimate by the day.

I need more ammo.

Oh shit, that looks like one of the fucked up kids from archive.is/5biny

Can anyone who's seen it give a description?

A little girl is tortured horrifically and ritualistically before having all her limbs cut off with a machete and left to bleed out on camera.
I think this was a kind of Qlipliphoth(?) blood ritual, something about altering status of certain parts of the body alters the energy type of the body being sacrificed.

Well that's a fucking step up from the Dailymail description which simply says "whipping"…

What kind of "ritualistic" torture?

Anyone who can give the more detail the better. I'd like to know what we're actually dealing with here without me having to actually watch the video.

If there are actual entities carrying out paedophilic kabbalic blood rituals I want to know what they consist of.

Exactly, because it'd frighten the sheep. I read an account of a Special forces rescue team posted here and on halfchan where they find this lightless room full of children + young corpses and theyre naked with limbs utterly pulped and some with incredibly specific damage to their genitals.
He didn't go into detail, possibly to avoid an actual PTSD trigger, poor bastard.

Whipping is one of them. I also recall this user that lived with a certain bdsm freak kike having to help with slavebreaking these screencaps will help. Basically it's sleep/sensory deprivation, complete nairing of all hair, minor starvation, torture via whipping for 20min 3x a day everyday, and complete immobilization to a post or a chair after drugging the subject uncounscious. This is to induce a hallucination filled trance state where what sensory info is left is used to imprint the master onto the slave, or the magician to the sacrifice, to establish perfect obediance and trust.

Then after a week the servant gets his hearing back and is trained to obey meaningless orders like a dog for bits of food, then they grow in complexity and sexuality. Like taking increasingly bigger dildoes with dexreasingly less lube, so he can take it up the branded ass anytime and anywhere, even in public.
Why all this? So the master can command the slave to die by his hand and the slave will go willingly, which amplifies the spiritual power of the sacrifice by a fucking lot.
It's done with children as well, by kikes. They even brand their sacrificial flesh like cattle as well, something about symbolism.

Newfriend here, too many happenings are happening, making me think I'm running out of time to shitpost on the internet with you glorious autists. To the point that I've even started going for jogs to get my cardio back up over the boundary of being COMPLETE shit.

I've been trying to lurk on matters related to the occult for a while now, but I'm not actually sure where to go or what to do.

Help a newfag out, how do I into occult?

Start with the Kybalion. Here have a free public domain recording: librivox.bookdesign.biz/book/4975
It's basically the best place to start for a newbie.

I remember these posts from some of the early threads.

There were also those caps from that user who inflitrated those extreme faggot-BDSM torture cults. With that guy admitting over IRC that his group had made human sacrifices on a texas ranch.

The guy didn't seem particularly intelligent, yet his descriptions were rather straightforward and vivid. That combined with the rest of the content on those sites lends credence to the legitimacy of the claims.

I also forgot, for rituals, the Simon Necronomicon is the best place to start. Watch for increased synchronicities and pay attention to them.

Leviticus 20:
1 And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,
2 Again, thou shalt say to the children of Israel, Whosoever he be of the children of Israel, or of the strangers that sojourn in Israel, that giveth any of his seed unto Molech; he shall surely be put to death: the people of the land shall stone him with stones.
3 And I will set my face against that man, and will cut him off from among his people; because he hath given of his seed unto Molech, to defile my sanctuary, and to profane my holy name.
4 And if the people of the land do any ways hide their eyes from the man, when he giveth of his seed unto Molech, and kill him not:
5 Then I will set my face against that man, and against his family, and will cut him off, and all that go a whoring after him, to commit whoredom with Molech, from among their people.

Anything to keep my nose out of? I don't want to end up selling my left nut to a kike demon while I'm sleeping.

Stay far from anything Left Hand Path. Far away. Anything invoking the kike goetia or pacts with daemonic entities. It never fucking ends well. Second when doingvany sort of divination realize the answers are not THE truth but a possible truth in the context of the question. Don't take it as gospel.
Third if you're stupid enough to use a OuiJa board, make sure encircle the board in a thick line of salt and to have blessed water on hand to pour over the board after you turn it upside down after ending a session. This locks out any entites attempting to portal in using that board as a crack.

In the name of Kek and all that is good and holy, who is this low effort tranny making speeches in the basement of Comet's basement?

That is James Allez les Enfants himself, because once one tastes the ultimate forbidden fruit of degeneracy, everything else seems tame, even trannies.

No lefty shit (Just like Holla Forumsitics), and no OuiJa boards, got it.

Though, I'm pretty sure my dumb shit sister and her dumbshit friends used one a while back, it was at her friend's house though. Do I have to go and run my sister through and burn her in the backyard now or something?

Pic extremely related. Pedo rings are straight out of the Fucking Protocols

This isn't meant to be snarky, either. I could have sworn something was trying to possess me a few (4 or 5) years back, but the timeline doesn't match with my sister and her retard friends (1-2).

No. Just do the banishing ritual in the simon necronomicon, and where it says Vibrate X It means speak that word in a ceremonial tone. Be absoutely serious and sombre about it, no matter how silly it all feels.
By the way, with such boards never ask for physical proof of anything as that's a fucking invite to a lower end entity that's lying like a kike caught stealing. Secondly such entities are the murdered, the scum, the never-human and the really bad folk that met a rather deserved end. Like niggers for example.

Checked and kek'd

This is it? cafe. edu/~dany/darkpage/CompleteSimonNecronomicon.pdf

Also "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law" (Bottom line of page 5) is the same thing that kike LaVey made one of the core tennets of Satanism, wasn't it? I was told by a friend that there were some exceptions, but I can't remember.

That's a reference to crowley. Second that is the book. Third, Crowley, Simon and Anton Lavey (hack writer and plagiarist) are all cribbing from the same Sumerian sources. Lavey stole lots of his material copypasted from Might is Right by Ragnar Redbeard, and was an unapolegetic hack to boot.
His shit is edgy as hell, as well.

Its one of Crowley's motto's.

Yes there are exceptions. That line refers not to doing whatever one wants, but that will itself is the law itself. Everything is a contest of wills clashing endlessly.

Thanks for the info, friend. Is there a board for this kind of stuff, in case I find the neighbor acting strangely one morning with no explination and need advice?

Try /fringe/ or /x/.
/x/ is dead as hell but you can try other chan's /x/ for a liviler discussion.

Do you have any more sites to recommend for curious anons who want to see how ugly metaphysical things can really get, and do you have any first or second-hand accounts you'd be willing to share?

It's a shame /x/ is utterly dead.

Hmm. I can give the email address of the Dark Researcher user that dug into the cannibal shit, he's somewhat knowledgeable, for a mishling. He spoke once of accidentally making a tulpa servitor and it attempting to take over his life, even speaking out of his own mouth. It's in the email field, just say you're from 8 of Diamonds looking for his stories. Interesting fellow, but so sane he comes off as insane, if that makes sense to you.

OP, I do mean to alarm you here. You gave out enough info for them to go after your friend about this shit, and they could torture enough info out to know it was you who leaked this. You are in danger, set up a deadman's switch, get some hidden security cameras, and buy a gun and some bodyarmor immediately. Never be alone until this shit os over. Stay in large groups, always have friends over for the night, be careful and be visible.

As in the email field of the preceding post.
You could also try Sacred-Majick forums for firsthand accounts… Though they're a touch loopy.

to me it's bigger than the Trump presidency, although that allows this citizens investigation to take place
pedocrime of the elites is the core, root scandal of humankind
it is at our very inception (creation as a species through genetic engineering)
right now is the time to blow it all over
when a random user says "do you have any idea what you're messing with", that's what they mean

to be clear it's not just pedocrime, it's human sacrifice in general

Most magic forums are compromised or dead anymore. Evocationmagick is ran by SJW mudslimes, occultforum died years ago, though was replaced by (semiactive) occultcorpus, and the rest are fluff. You still find oldheads in the irc channels sometimes, and some hang out at fringechan, but the scene online has never really progressed, and facebook killed most forums anyhow.

Correct spelling of son's name is "Dylan", found here


if you want real occultism, you must master your mind. the purposes of rituals is only to fixate the mind on a point in order to use your will as a spear.

This is the worst fucking thing.

Keep spreading it. Keep spreading it to the few media people who appear to be cleanish, like Hannity or Carlson. Put it out on social media in every possible form, preferably as normie-friendly/spoon-feeding as possible.

I find myself praying this is the truth most every night. It's the worst redpill for me as well. I've always known that there is an unseen reality behind appearances, but the horror of the contrast between image and truth here strikes deep. It's depressing as fuck.

Brilliant description. I used to work for a police agency and we had to deal with those guys when they would come to register. Some were just pathetic but some were as you described–monstrous. We had to cultivate the most completely gallows, absurdist, crude sense of humor to deal with it. The officers hated them so much. Worst of the worst.

sage for double posting, but people who have never read Crowley tend to leave off the other half of his statement (this happens with a lot of famous people):

"Do what tho will shall be the whole of the law, Love is that law, love under will."

It's a more complex statement than just "do whatever you like.

Aye, the media of the day (same kikes) gave Crowley the Trump treatment, and he rode it like a wave, for lulz.

If he took people through the restaurant that means they already cleaned out the place. You guys should have kept this in a private Discord or Tox room after a certain point, you overplayed your hand and spooked them. If you would have kept this clandestine you could have gotten way more evidence to catch him in a direct lie.

There's more than enough empirical evidence and incriminating behavior for any alphabet to place these fucks into life-long labor sentences. Be patient, and the God Emperor's fury will reign down upon them.

A handful of faggots screaming "BLOG! BLOG!" does not mean you should resist telling us something you believe is important.

Any archive on these special forces reports?

What I'd pay to be a fly on the wall if they put this guy and Rody in the same room for 5 minutes.

Jesus Christ is knocking on your heart. Seek Him, not man.