White teacher fired for epic rant against feral negroid students

Exasperated teacher calls black class 'stupid' and 'idiots', saying they are giving up on their education and life and will end up being punk ass niggas who get shot.

Of course she was fired for telling the truth.

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LOL actually she says "nigger".

Normies are losing it.

Showed her power level about six months too soon. Tragic.

I love the look on that kid's face when she drops 'nigger'.
They're so entitled. They think they can fuck everybody's shit up and then play the victim when they get called out.

Daaayum, whaaaaaat, ooooouuh shieeeet!


Of course she got fired. She should have brought play dough and puppies to class instead of calling a spade a spade.

She called them niggers

[nigs externally]

Remember goy…only non-whites are allowed to be racist!


Honestly white teachers in the jungles of Baltimore, Chicago, Detroit, etc… should just walk out en masse

This video is unbelievable, especially as I went to a very strict British Grammar school (all White). Once the teacher assigned readings or classwork, we students were completely silent and began work on cue. Our teacher didn't even need to raise his voice, a simple "quiet!", or click of his fingers was enough to shut people up, and of course there was no talking back. I remember it being so quiet that I'd hear the tick/tock of the classroom clock above anything else.

Even if a mythical unicorn smart nigger existed, there is no way it could achieve anything in such a chaotic learning environment. I can't help but imagine that this scenario plays out in all majority black American schools; probably even in British schools too, now that the country is full of vacuous mongrels.

It's hard to watch someone who just wants to teach while her class assumes the role of a nigger horde.

Just imagine when the teacher is black.


I went to one of those British mongrel schools, and yes, this is exactly what it was like.
Though I am glad I didn't go to grammar. I would be conditioned to brag about going to grammar school, like it's a huge achievement, at every opportunity, much to everyone's annoyance.

Same dumb look as this coon.

We really do just need some cool based blacks who'll study hard and help to Make America Great Again!

I remember times in burgerschool when the teacher lost control of class. It was the exception and still nothing like the anarchy and violence I see in 🍉🍉🍉urban🍉🍉🍉 schools.

Women shouldn't be teaching men, anyhow, and yes before anyone says anything, that woman does believe that they are young men.



Nobody cares, it's fine.

it is the will.
no matter how abundant the resources, if there is no will to create, there will be no creation.
given the choice to exercise or not exercise (indulge in a vice for instance), why choose the latter? is it true that one's experience would be better this way?
is it a lie?

individuals can improve themselves just as communities can.

what will reach the people?
what do they think of a virtuous life?
society is lacking spiritual guidance.
if the people continue to believe the lies that such and such is good for them, when it isn't, they will degenerate.

i don't understand how this offends you.

Just imagine if all that was spent on High IQ children.


Comprehensive scum!
I mentioned it merely to set the scene for the Americans here. Nevertheless you should have gone, then avoiding enrichment would have been something else for you to brag about.


It is the genetics. Niggers are incapable of civilization or being civilized. History proves that right. Go fuck yourself with your "oh but niggers can improve" virtue signalling bullshit. Reddit is that way


I'd rather not, it makes me angry.

Those fucking savages even laugh like chimps.

everyone is different, and this applies to all.

What is it with faggots like that never using proper grammar? Shit is getting ridiculous.

The most frustrating thing is how fucking easy it'd be for us to kick their shit in were we to put our minds to it. It wouldn't be even the beginnings of a contest.


Looks like that nigger is using a thinkpad too. What a great way to waste money, buy expensive computers for chimps who cannot even read.

Non-whites literally can't be racist, racism is power+prejudice and non-whites lack power in our society.
This is what lefties actually believe

Ted Kaczynski would be proud. Why do we hate niggers again?


Funny how she's the one to chimp out. Highly unprofessional


peel back the layers.
what was she expressing?
are they focusing on their studies?
what is their community like?

she planted a seed. it may end up changing their minds about their behavior.
you never know.


That means she actually cares for them, retard.
Good teachers are like good medicines. Bitter as fuck.
But we all know these niggers will all end up throwing up gang signs.


That's why you need at least segregation.
You mix up people this shit is bound to happen. Let nigs have nig teachers and nig cops and live and nig as they see fit, ditto for whites.

Fuck. That middle video is super sad.



My school had corporal punishment. I remember there was this one kid that would act up in class and the principal would have the carry that kid out of the class screaming. He would grab onto stuff and try to hold on when being carried out.


If you talk with Europeans old enough to have been in the former colonies. Boy, their stories about blacks are hilarious and even more funny than normal because they are true.

If you used abstract speech like, you asked an neighboring African boy to get some groceries for you "Hey kid, can you get me these groceries? I'll give you some money. But I'm in a hurry, so do it in a jump, please!"

He would actually go jumping, and come back jumping. It was really endearing tbh.

made some dank OC, somebody put it on youtube I have a job.

Whites are waking up exponentially.

first video is at least slightly prescient, but doesn't understand why there is a difference between white and black shooting ability

We should find a way to help our people who get fired for things like this

They're just like kids

They think they can because they can. They know it, you know it, I know it, and everyone knows it. This woman is fired, and these "youths" will either just get a super cucked white teacher to replace her or a diverse one (likely a black teacher) who will let them continue on being little shits who go on to end up being gangbangers, welfare leeches, etc. And at the end of it all, she'll be remembered as The One Woman Klan, and these kids in the class will just go on saying "Well I wuz gon' be a doctor but this cracka lady said 'nigger' n shit so I got into sellin' rocks, cuz. We didn't even do nuffin to deserve it, yo."

Meant to put:

For the second line of greentext… didn't mean for that first post to come off so lewd.

In their subhuman head they think whites have personally wronged them in the past or now. Like kike spawn "inheriting" their terrible memories caused by the evil Nazis. They live in a delusion of the past and destroy random whites who have never even seen or heard of them or white that even tried their hardest to uplift them.



Anyone have that good article written by the anti-racist teacher who eventually faced the truth about blacks after having to teach them?

I've been looking for it through my folders but it looks like I somehow never saved it.

Thanks liberals for empowering the negro, and freeing them from standards or expectations. This woman is probably proud that she has the chance to teach these poor babies and strengthen her own people.

Funny how you're a nigger

That's the kind of stuff former colonists spoke about.

You never stop being surprised.

Fucking animals. I'm starting to think that just sending them back is too kind a punishment.

You can't fire a teacher for fucking his students but you can fire a teacher for saying nigger.


It so ironic that since whites are the only race that has compassion for animals (some Asians do as well but in a different way) that we try to help these animals thinking they are actually people when in fact they clearly do not demonstrate the same understanding of compassion that we have; we will white finally understand the basic truth that black are lower than gorillas.

triggers the fuck out me
I volunteered at a shelter and seen how hard it is to get those cats and dogs to trust people again. Everything beautiful and wholesome that we create niggers take pleasure in destroying… I wonder if Jews have the same sense of morality that nogs do but they are just smarter?

Saved that it is a prime example of why they don't want a fair and blind court system because it punishes you based on how you act.

Nice strategic cucking there user
Grammar schools are the #1 tool for social mobility, they let genetically intelligent kids from working class families make something of themselves, and England's education system will remain a wreck until they are reinstated.
Look no further than Loyal Ulster for a great Grammar school education system. Mainland media always avoids mentioning us in relation to it, or else they stutter out excuses like "W-Well, different social s-situation… Can't be compared…"
Lefties fucking hate Grammar schools because they spit in the face of their Equality Ideal, and they will naturally exclude more niggers and sandscum. That's the real reason they object to them so fiercely.

t. Grammar school educated Ulsterman from working class family

it's not even a punishment to them, they do not value anything but themselves and what they stand to gain. They have no concept of morality as humans understand it so the only thing they will be mad about is that they will no longer have easy access to white women and gibs

To point of punishment in a human society is to teach a lesson so the transgression will not be repeated, niggers can't be taught so we need another word to describe what kicking them out would mean to them.

Also, niggers have never been of any use to the world and have only ever cause problems and polluted our gene pool, rather than asking yourself "why should be kill them?" you should be asking yourself "why shouldn't we kill them?"

That's probably an old American Renaissance article, they have the best 'teaching niggers and spics' stories.





tl;dr niggers nig

I think you we're referring to the first one. The second one is good too.

Trying to teach niggers is such a waste of resources, it's terrible. Their nature is to live like cattle out in the nature, to close a nigger in a room and try to make him do arithmetics or learn grammar is animal torture. Anyways it's good for the woman to get fired, she would only stress herself too much dealing with the animals.

I haven't read a lot of these, thanks

No problem. I fucked up with the 'black college' one, it's just an entitled academic sheboon incoherently complaining about the evil white man.

Schools need to skip the bullshit with niggers and just hire security officers to teach. Just make it a requirement that someone being hired has to have a background in military or law enforce. Give them a 9 week teaching course and a 1 week security course for dealing with unruly students. No college necessary but they'll have to pass an exam to show they know the material of the grade they're teaching.

They're not ideal teachers but violence is the only thing niggers respond to. It's either that or put security guards in every class room and have them double as teaching assistants to the teacher. Call them disciplinary officers. Give them a taser, mace and a baton.

You can do better user, I believe in you don't be a lazy nigger.


What if she just used other curse words or vulgar language?

What if she just started to beat up a kid?

The consequences in this case should fall between those two hypothetical cases.

We need to get in touch with this woman. She sounds like she can generate some material to redpill normies.

I have never seen a nigger attack someone for food which is what that infopicture claims. Its always for fun. They attack others because they find it fun.


I had women teachers for english, math, history, and various other subjects in HS, and they taught well.
Of course, I'm white and didn't need a constant domination to keep me in line. And also, I was very interested in the subjects. That's the difference.

Soon these niggers will find all their sympathy gone and whites will be able to hang them and scare off the other subhumans.

How comes nigs didn't go extinct until colonization?

Surplus natural resources and africa is a containment for them.

They breed like rabbits.

Forced schooling was a mistake. Giving those who don't even try the means of survival was a mistake. I cannot wait for civil war 2.0 to break out. This land needs to be cleansed

koko the gorilla is adorable

It's not like she's wrong though.

I just cannot wrap my head around it.

Did they expect something else getting this job? Was she optimistic, or just looking for a paycheck?

Maybe she believed the movies, that all it takes is one outsider teacher to come to the troubled urban school and really connect with them, and magically they'll become human.

I know one of those. I mean I head about one of those. I'm sure they exist.

gets me every time

You'd better be careful. It sounds like you're saying that PoCs are less able than whites.

gif that shit

what happened there? Did the right nigger stab the left one with a knife?
sage for offtopic

We was aerospace and shieeeeeet

That's pretty much what affirmative action implies.

The sad truth

I went to an inner city Catholic school that was about half white. Black youth were the absolute worst part of the school. They have no respect for teachers or authority, with a few exceptions who were for the most part 2nd generation Africans with heavy accents who didn't try to present as white.

That nog learned a thing or two about nigs.

Unprofessional but you'd go insane too as a teacher in a black school.

I live in Baltimore. I say these same things everyday. Avoid the groid.

Blacks refer to this practice of unprovoked assaults of strangers as. "Wilding out." That they even have a term for it implies to me that many blacks feel a compulsion to lash out at others that they only keep under control due to fear.


School starts in early september, right? So she made it about 10 weeks.

I don't think I would have as that long in that zoo.


Hahaha this is beautiful

Smells a bit falseflaggy

Lad that video is like 5 years old

There is still hope


Those niggers are going to sue the school, school probably settles, money taken from whites to fund education going to get turned into baby niggers and crack. I'm from Maryland, it's a waste, Western MD should secede.

The silence of the classroom haunts me. I used to go in hungry, and coincidentally just as things got super quiet, my stomach would start growling. I had to try to fight it all morning. Embarrassing…

These pre-conditioned gut responses never cease to amaze me.

It should come to no surprise that nog students are the fucking worst. I grew up very fucking poor in a school district that was about 60% black, 35% hispanic, and 5% everyone else. Whites being a minority was an understatement.

Our public schools were hell. My parents gathered up enough funds and begged enough bishops to send me to the local Catholic school that was mostly hispanic (the same school where the town whites/asians went). The difference in atmosphere was like day and night (no pun intended). Compared to niggers even the spics seemed civil.

Point being unless you live or working in that kind of environment you simply cannot fathom how bad it is. It's easy for whites to be disillusioned by what they see on tv and the media.

Being around these monkeys is the ultimate redpill. Progressives want to laugh and point at "uneducated hillbilly whites" as being the disillusioned ones. But the truth is that poor and working class whites are the ones dealing with these feral beasts first hand. They know something that upper middle class whites will never understand: Even when given every opportunity to improve they refuse it. They are not like us.

God bless you, user.

I've had a distaste for the coloured people for many years already, but this what it took to make the final push to unabashed racism, hidden beneath a veneer of normie hypocrisy. They're not just pests, they really cannot be trusted with nice things in any capacity.

Disney dun goofed. They plan about 6 new Star Wars movies a year starting in 2017.

I'm not going to watch or pay for any of them. They can try to make their money on all those nigger sci-fi fans….. all 6 of them.

And this is why we won't have much success with the race issue without every single white neighborhood, suburb, enclave etc. being exposed to them. And that won't happen. Even in South Africa they still have their holdout Marxist filth who, in spite of being a part of a targeted group, grew up secluded and think we're all equal. This is what I hate about white people. It's without a doubt the area in which we're most inferior. Our ingenuity and intelligence mean nothing with this single major flaw that undermines everything. This kind of mentality worked to help us survive thousands of years ago, and now it's causing our demise. There is no reversing what has happened. They're here and they're stay here. Same in Europe. The majority will never accept deportation because they don't have firsthand experience with them. European empathy and projection sickens me. It really does. It's horrid and self-destructive, and there's absolutely no cure for it. If they weren't here, we could pull a Hitler and make it about nation and people, but now they're included in nation and people, and they'll never be excluded again. If I had it my way we'd exterminate all non-whites and the majority of whites. Those thinking being of European descent makes you good are wrong. Our people need to lose a few hundred million to account for the absence of natural selection and the pollution of our gene pool. I'm so sick of the modern European/white person. They're so blatantly inferior to our ancestors in every single way.

Holy shit that chimpening once she says niggers. The look on that one nigger who is in frame when she says it is great.

I agree that this pathological altruism is a weakness.

But the same reason why we are great with animals and preserving our environment is the same double edged sword that allows us to be empathetic towards non-whites even it if means our own destruction.

As a teacher I can understand the frustration this women is feeling… however as the program leader of the course I teach I made it a policy to keep the nigger number to as close to zero as possible… this year I have none in my class as they just end up chewing up resources/time and fail anyway.

At the same time I work on making the young men my class proud of their European heritage and not ashamed to be white… not all teachers are liberal cucks… many of us a extremely redpilled… hell you try being forced to teach feral niggers…

It's not pathologically altruistic, it's just altruistic. The problem is that no 'white' country was ever prepared to have its altruism tested to such an extent. All that's happened is the downside of altruism as a strategy has been revealed - it must have a clearly defined in-group, or outsiders will use it to plunder us.

Remember, we never even really wanted brownskins in our countries. We have Jewish/NWO deceptions to thank for that.


It's just you. In every thread. No one else cares. If it's bait, it only catches you, but it works every time.

it was john lovits on too




Gigantic dose repdill right there.

I actually kind of like this video. Niggers are subhuman and need to go the fuck back to Africa. But it's rare to see this level of determination in anyone, so seeing it in a negroid is incredible. I hope he gets off the ground some day.

She needs to spend her free time looking for a real job.

The systemic racism which permeates our culture has made POC's less able.

if i'd be your teacher, i'd say you were hungry for knowledge :^)

Why did you save the edited version? Dont make this the new normal.

Can someone post the unedited version to sage his faggotry please?

My goodness, you actually still choose to believe that after perusing this thread? Yuri was right, you people are better off dead.

Good choice. Now his stomach growling would only the second most embarrasing sound.

He blatantly included "This is what lefties actually believe" in his earlier post. I know some people on this board are worse at detecting sarcasm than others, but if you actually can't catch that I don't now what to tell you.
Unless you're pretending not to know he's pretending.

I wonder who could be behind this post.

JFK and LBJ would be delighted
at the demise of public (white port)


I was born and raised in South Georgia, and I can tell you this is entirely accurate. Even as a blue-pilled faggot I knew there was something wrong with blacks

chill out dude, jesus. they're yuropoors, we're burgers. it's brotherly banter

Blacks actually get more racist and stupid as you travek north along the east coast.

Christ Almighty.. I couldn't bear that. I honestly believed Southern niggers were the apex of shit, except for the old ones who knew better

Here's an example

This is pretty true, even for Basketball Americans. I work with several blacks, and it's like being around a bunch of fucking teenagers all the time. And I'm talking adults in their 20s and 30s. Their work ethic (with the exception of four of them) is embarassing. They spend more time standing around talking than they do working. Thankfully the ones who do work are on my shift, but the meme of blacks being like kids is absolutely true. The Asians I work with stay on task and do a good job, as do the whites, but my black coworkers are lazy and obnoxious as fuck.

Lynch that bitch.

They do.
At a rate of about 1 in 10.

… Coincidentally, that's about the same proportion of the black population which is clinically retarded.

I would legit be less scared in a gorilla enclose than a nigger enclosure (ghetto)

Africa is a fertile and verdant land full of plenty of low risk-to-cost animals for the nig to hunt. Plenty of wild fruit and vegetables. Only reason they didn't explode was because of animals like hippos and lions.

They don't care about words like "nigger".
That's what this is about. These kids aren't old enough to drop out of school yet. They don't want to be held back a grade and be the student who won't fit into a desk.

Oh my sides
This is so ridiculous that I'm having a hard time finding it to be true. I've heard of them killing each other over Nike shoes but a piece of chicken?? My poor sides.

I don't think he's nessarrially saying all whites and blacks, but the fact that a child, who is white, can shoot an AR-15 while these 'niggas', who are black and most likely of/close to adult age can't even shoot the side of a barn.

why? The much simpler solution is to not require any education for non whites past elementary school and if they wish to continue they have to pay for it. Everything past 5th grade is a waste of time for niggers since most of them struggle to retain even that level of education.

I don't know her exact circumstances, but you can easily see how it could happen…. She grows up in a white school system, and goes into education thinking it would be like that. No one ever tells her that there's a great oversupply of teachers. She's a substitute teacher for some years, then finally gets her big break in a real position. Alas, it's teaching niggers. Starts wondering why she didn't just become a veterinarian.

Blacks can only learn around simple physical games where scoring is under 100, like their IQ.

Mixture of circumstance and genetics. Bred to be slaves not scientists. Not that the scientists aren't also slaves, of a different more elaborate kind.


Really let that sink in

I take it you have never been at a KFC in a black neighborhood, a nigger will pull a knife on someone over a piece a chicken.

Africa is one of the most recourse rich lands on earth, there was never a shortage of food until white agricultural techniques and medicine allowed negro populations to skyrocket. Other than a few hostile animals (not talking about the niggers) Africa is a pretty safe place to live compared to South America or Australia.

Only for non whites, ethnic Europeans have seen great advances due to mass education of their population. The mistake was and still is feeding they monkeys when they continue to produce nothing of value and cause crime.

Have you ever taken a teaching. sociology, or psychology course at a university? I have, ideas like "blank slate theory" are pushed down your throat at every turn, whites are taught from a very young age that the only reason other races fail is due to poor environment and that if whites just help the non whites get the same opportunities they will be just a successful as whites… I am not kidding, the teachers at school literally used to say things like that to me and would get very angry if I questioned it.

Pic related no longer applies because whites remained genetically pure throughout the conflicts, the Jews are using the one weapon from which we can not recover, race mixing. Just look at the Spaniards, Romans, or Greeks, why do you think they are no longer capable of creating a civilization like they one had? Because they are no longer fully white, and those a relatively minor cases, what about something like Brazil? Do you ever imagine Brazilians taking to the stars? We are being mongrelized and our own women are chomping at the bit to have the shitskins fill their wombs.

The only way out would be to kill all mongrels and they traitors that produced them but I doubt white men have it in them to kill white women in mass like that, they are the one enemy to our race that we can never strike down and so long as they live they will form a human shield around their nog progeny.

Vid related, even when women get a realty check from the non whites what do they do? They blame all men and then form "anti domestic abuse" groups that only go after white men.

This bitch is probably a liberal gash. Even they have their limits with dumb niggers though.



Now, I'm no soldier, but I don't think that nig has a firm grasp of modern tactical doctrine.
The idea that every shot should be expected to hit the enemy died when the average soldier was given the capacity for suppressing fire.

that only lasted a few years, all m16's/m4's are semi-auto. The "One Shot One Kill" thing is still preached in the Marines.

There's obviously still machine guns, but not everyone is walking around with a SAW.

Funny how they love to attack others, but when their victim attacks back and maims or kills one of they they always cry victim. Seen this shit in LA a lot, niggers crying that everyone is racist and shit, but can never but two and two together that their actions is what makes everyone hate them. Living around niggers makes you racist, not one redeeming quality about these people.

during that brief time when they made m16's full auto everyone just sprayed bullets everywhere, hit nothing, and went through an ungodly amount of ammo.

Using too much ammo means carrying around too much weight.

The point of suppressing fire is to lower the accuracy and volume of the enemy, while being able to maneuver into a better position to destroy them.

I would argue that the consumption of ammunition is important. Leaders usually coordinate with their element to adjust the rate of fire (rapid, sustained).



not fuckin' likely.

it's a living gargoyle

Race war when ?

holy shit you just made my day. thanks user.

fucking nigger

Exact numbers get unreliable beyond about 130.
I was in a gifted class in school and none of us got specific numbers from our IQ tests except to say we were above that mark.

this is practically a meme at this point

for future posts

I seriously think that niggers LOVE racism against them. On a subconscious level. Think about it.

"It's cuz I'm black, isn't it?"
"Are you sayin' black people is all ___?"
"It's a black thing, you wouldn't understand."
My favorite is, "WHAT DO YOU MEAN, 'YOU PEOPLE?!' "

They provoke and prod and antagonize Whites with the explicit intention of making those Whites bring wrath upon them, then they can hoot and holler and shriek an cry "DAS RAYCIS! DAS RAYCIS! Y'ALL'S RAYCIS" and tell themselves their victimhood complex was always justified.

The problem is, she is training to be a professional shooter, not a combat shooter. Although I give the advantage to her vs a group of niggers, she does not have a huge concept of cover, shoot, move, communicate kill.

1 month of training would change that easily, but maintaining it is another thing.

the m2 carbine was a failure as a weapon precisely due to the fact that it was full fun, whereas the m1 carbine is still used by lavaniggers

Either she cucks to the pressure and apologizes and becomes more "sensitive" thinking that will get her job back, or she realizes that maybe Raycism isn't so bad.

If this happened in my school (white school) it would have went down like this
I've never seen a class where a teacher was this fucking tilted and the kids still had the gall to keep talking.

Now I kinda feel bad for laughing.


I went to an inner London comprehensive for a year and it was exactly as bad as any video of these Baltimore and Detroit shitholes.

Then I moved back to Australia and was accepted into a government selective school that teachers fought to get into. It was fucking heaven in comparison.

There should be a realty TV show where a cuck gets rewarded 1 million shekels if they manage to get 51% of a class full of African kids to pass a standard test for their age group. The ultimate red pilling experience.

Not working in a nigger Baltimore school is going to help her quite a bit in the long run.

Niggers are no match for the almighty pimp-hand of the white man!

Thanks user I laughed out loud, and then laughed even louder as I continued reading.

being a zookeeper is a real job

Niggers simply aren't capable of higher thought processes, there is a reason they where slaves for god's sake. Yet this never once crosses a normies mind.

She should move to the Dakotas or maybe even rural Michigan. White Paradises as far as am concerned.

Any time.

That last one always just makes me upset becuase its obvious he just wants to be left alone and probably got in deep shit for that

Does anyone else have the experience like me of going to a 95+% white school in an almost all white city where all the minorities were normal?

Probably, but a move to a different school might have been beneficial.

I mean, I do hope he at least claimed mental instability or something. Niggers being niggs with their "every wite boi a skool shoota" mentality, it'd probably have worked.

Well I'm from a fairly metro area of Fort Worth. If I had to guess, closer to 70% white. So the niggs and spics would occasionally get in fights, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Except for "cultural week", which was just fucking lulz.

I wonder if it they get hazard pay in vibrant schools.

I went to a 100% white school. And I mean white – no spics and no jews. There was supposed to be one black family in town, but I never saw any of them, so I guess they knew their place.

it's easy for small villages of niggers to survive in the wilds of africa. yes, they have a somewhat high death rate, but it is balanced out by their high birth rate.

the problem came when a bunch of bleeding hearts decided that the death rate in Africa was too high and started feeding them and giving them medical aid, but doing nothing to lower their high birth rates.

pretty similar to kikes

Need to justify those performance levels somehow.

They only go to school because their parents don't feed them. Take away the food and they will attend only if police drag them in there.

reminder this is why there are no "based negroes" like molyneux says they revert back to the mean.
This is their essence and I wouldn't have one drop of it's original corruption in my world if I could.

I like how you're co-opting the word "deniers." This subtle thing is actually the best part.

The best part is that no matter what happens they'll eventually fucking die.


she thought she could be michelle pfeiffer in dangerous minds.

What is happening here?

My elementary school was a rural one, only three nonwhites, all black. One either got kicked out for a couple years, or just plain didn't show up at all for grades four and five He was a year older than me and a grade behind, so I never knew much about him. One was a fairly unremarkable schoolground bully, with exceedingly poor grades and a tendency to remind people that he hated whites. His career goals were set when he started playing GTA at age seven. The third got suspended for three days in Grade 5 for bringing "weed" to school, snorting some of it in class, and trying to sell it to several students and a teacher. He only got the suspension because he was informed, to his dismay, that it was in fact nothing more than goldfish food.

High school was mostly white, with some asians and quite a few Arabs. It was a fairly reputable school in a wealthier part of town, so most of the nonwhites who were enrolled were the kind that could behave.

can confirm, worked in the dakotas for 2 years, didnt have to worry about violence once, and nobody ever locks their cars, theyd actually just keep the kys in em. its literally what the world is without blacks, and its goddamn beautiful

Mfw in the future the world decide to destroy them because the nigger are catastrophically global threat. Globalists can use this excuse to create global government.

Coalburners: not even once.

I'm an American who is proud to be known as a burger. If you're an American butthurt over the burger meme, you need to get a damn life

But real Africans hate American niggers.

I fund this.

This shit makes me hope we go full race war soon. fuck niggers

Kill em all


You want a sharpshooter for a wife, fucking teach her to shoot. Shit's not rocket science.

Shit like this is why I find it hard to believe anyone who passed high school can have a high opinion of blacks. They have no respect for the teachers. They have no respect for themselves. They have no respect for each other. They don't want to be in a learning environment, because they don't want to learn. They want to eat, fight, and break things.

It's like being trapped in a room with chimpanzees for hours every day.

Calm your tits bum bandit and stay on topic

Yeah, if she actually cares for them and teaching which she probably does, then it's a "black people vs. Niggaz" moment where she actually makes the mistake of telling the truth.

If you don't take your life seriously the chances are you will become a degenerate, criminal black: the technical term is "nigger" or "nigga".

See Chris Rock's "Black People vs Niggaz". I never used the word nigger until recently. Now a degenerate white in my neighbourhood is 'white trash' and a degenerate black is a 'nigger'.



i actually like how african accents sound, shame they're rarely heard in pleasant contexts

can confirm. every african i've ever known HATES american nogs.

Being a zookeeper is safer than being a teacher in a black school.



I got the feeling she was a liberal going for a rough yet inspirational Jodie Foster -esque speech

so no harm done really

I fucking hate niggers

I live outside of Baltimore in a small town. Everyone (normie everyone) asks me why I would live so far from work and 'everything.' "The crime rate is virtually 0 here, whereas it's highest in Baltimore. I can walk my dog at 3am here and people will say hello on the sidewalk. You can't do that in Baltimore and not look over your shoulder because of the violent offenders and gangs."
I say this shit to everyone who asks me. I don't mention race because if I do it'll trigger their brainwashing. If you don't mention race, they will guess (like any one should) that it's niggers but refuse to accept their own fucking conclusion. The look on their face is priceless, because you see their brain start to connect the dots:
it must be interfering with their brainwashing and cognitive dissonance because they make the same subtle uncomfortable confused face for half a second every time.
pic related

I teach at an expensive Lutheran school in /aus/. It's actually pretty good for the most part but they feel the need to throw a few scholarships per year level to the Aboriginals. They don't seem to give much of a shit how they deal academically, most of them are lazy and dumb as fuck. Only had one Aboriginal student I could call good, she was obviously mixed but that doesn't help much generally, she just acted like a typical mousy complicit teenage girl, right down to the smile and studied her ass off in class and the boarding house.
Had a few Sudanese teens at my last school, they're the fucking worst Holla Forums, worse than Abbos for sure. Dumb as shit and a few of them got expelled because they were muh dicking too much and creeping out all the white girls. Another one was in the top tier math class because according to the principal he isn't going pass any maths subject, so I basically got stuck with babysitting this guy. Not a bad kid really, just stupid as hell. He got a job at the council after that all.
The other group that shits me are the Chinese nationals. The Asians that grew up here don't cause me any problems it's the ones that come out of the accelerated English centres. Most of them can't do shit and are wasting my time. They know just enough English to pretend to understand instructions.

I'm done with this shit Holla Forums. I'm moving to the rural coast.

Holy shit someone needs to post that shit on twatter and post results.

I can't see these nogs even understanding the basic physics and mathematics required to even get past the design phase.

Rural blacks are usually fine, hell, for that matter rural white's are usually fine.

City living brings out the worst in each race, like clockwork.

I know rural whites generally are. I've never had the fortune of meeting a rural black, so I can't say if you're right there. I do agree about cities, though. I think thousands of people living on top of each other like they do in cities has to make warp us somehow.

Where did they get the money for the scholarships? I hope that doesn't came from the parent's pockets.

Has to warp, rather. I should be asleep.

Niggers disrupt and destroy any chance at learning in school I know this first hand and I live in a majority white city in the North where they are supposed to be less feral and retarded. I've seen them flip desks over to show their dominance like apes

Healthy dose of 7.62x39 or x51.


That is a girl user if you look close.

This, no amount of money is worth the job she does thus she is only there because she cares.

Were we in a time capable of truth she would receive empathy, reassurance and thanks. But we aren’t and she wont, she has been left jobless and unemployable by the same anti truth movement that works without rest to ensure that those students can behave worse than animals and will all end up dead or stuck in an iron box.

We live in a revolting world, but we will fix it.

I think it's a girl because the white girls usually make themselves boyish as possible to avoid the nig-sexual harassments.

This was my first thought as well. Just looking at the plane, it reeks of being poorly optimised for weight (along with being poorly optimised for everything else).

I checked out
and it appears that the weight is in the same order of magnitude as the heavier WW1 planes.

I grew up on the Swedish countryside.
>In Gymnasium (College for Burgers) I attended the science class in the best school in the city, but since the schools in the immigrant ghettos hand out top grades like there's no tomorrow, it's easy for them to attend the same education. My class was about 40% white.

In Australia there is a $ amount per student at any college but the rest of it would be made up by the parents of the fee paying students. Also add on the cost of boarding fees with the tuition as those Abbos aren't locals.



I dated a kofi for a long while, that fucking accent is comfy as fuck, but the family situation is more racist than you can imagine, i really dug her dad tho, iron fisted self made man, we got along great, but her brothers came over first and are full american nigger status. couldnt escalate it beyond that after such terrible times with her cadre, i put on a good face but i wanted to scream just sitting in a room with them. still, good times, fun parties, the women are loyal and domestic as fuck, and shit she was my age with 3 times my credits, lottery visas cull the weak and indolent

Niggers are low-functioning kikes.
Kikes are high-functioning niggers.

I came to this conclusion a long time ago. It's just so fucking obvious, really.

The circle of life

I snickered like a retard.

Isn't "burger" just German for "cityfolk"?


Can't find the article right now, but the bitch in the second webm was beaten into a wheelchair bound mess by the father when he found out

Reminds me of vid related.

Then there is justice.
I would do the same fucking thing. Sure, it's a niglet in the webm, but it's still a fucking baby.

This is shit, user.

"Cityfolk" in German is "bürger" or "buerger". There is also the "-er" suffix that implies origin. For example "Ich bin ein Berliner" means "I'm from Berlin." "Hamburger" means something originated from the city of Hamburg. Maybe there were the first hamburger sandwiches made before they got popular in the US.


Hey teacherfags, do you have interesting niggerish stories for us to read?

I think we should do it how japan does it, by charging a nominal tuition. As little as a few hundred dollars per student per year. Obviously that does not cover expenses, but the point is that by making people pay for something they value it more. I guarantee this would raise test scores. And any genuinely dumb ass kid who doesn't want to learn would just drop out rather than pay for what it doesn't use. I absolutely do not think any education should be mandatory. It should be up to the parent/kid. Want to fuck around in school and fail out? Your call. Not our problem if you can't find a job. Hand in hand with that, I honestly think anyone receiving welfare or other gibs should be at our beck and call for simple labor. They should shovel the snow in winter, rake the leaves in autumn, and pick up trash. They get all this money to sit on their fat black asses? Nah. Do something. You don't need education to shovel snow.

I like the idea of hiring security/military personnel to teach.

This. I have a lot of these type of white girl, bubble raised, affluent, pampered types who went into education in my family. They buy the media narrative that nigs are poor underprivileged saints. Then they get into an inner city school and have a life crisis. Frustrating thing is they will transfer to a white school as soon as humanly possible, but they never admit niggers are anything less than little angels. The conditioning runs deep. I don't think they'd even wake up if a nigger student raped them at knifepoint.

"Ich bin ein Berliner" means "I am a donut."

Your Gymnasium is for 16-18 year olds right? Wouldn't it be closer to high school?

Surely then they fail out in the first month, or do the teaches at the better school maintain the charade?

Says someone who never met a rural black. Protip: Most of apefrica is rural, and you had niggers burning down ebola clinics or ficki ficki 'ing aid workers. I know a lot of rural blacks, and they act like ghetto thug-ass niggers even more obnoxiously than city niggers because they're posing and trying to be gangsta. They're fucking trash, every last one. If it's black it belongs in a shallow grave. They're filthy, vile creatures, no empathy, selfish, lying, money-grabbing hand-out-for-gibs fuck-like-rabbits live-in-squalor waste everything, destroy everything, god damned brainless nigger trash. IQ doesn't suddenly increase just because you shit out a nigger in the country rather than city. Stop being retarded. Everyone in this thread is like oh, liberal hypocrites denying science when it comes to IQ, and you lot do the same fucking thing. "Oh I'm not racist racist, city blacks are bad but rural blacks are little saints…" YOU'RE DOING THE SAME THING THE BLUEPILLEDS ARE. The same excuse-making, exception-argument type of virtue signalling you accuse liberals of.


Now think about what you did and why you were wrong.



holy shit so there was a good chance that harambe was smarter than the kid that fell in?

I read about that. More restraint then I would had. I would have choked her to death after the beating.

I suppose so. This is just me showing my ignorance about the american education system.

I don't know why, but we never lost a single student, not even the more disruptive ones. The courses were fairly easy to at least complete with a passing grade, so that might explain it. Also, these were arabs, persians, and asians, so they weren't as dumb as blacks, and they were ambitious enough to enlist in the STEM program, so I'm guessing we got the cream of the cream of the ghetto.

If they had good grades but no ambitions, they probably would have chosen another school, like Mediagymnasiet, which gave every student a free macbook.

Still, there were ethnic Swedes that worked harder for worse grades, and that could have filled the positions better.

i think the slab of meat was called hamburger, and the sandwich was invented around it in america.

Of course Harambe was smarter. In fact they could have shot the nigger because niggers are in fact worth less.

Nah we should reduce the population by testing them and if the students fail then they will be executed.

like a fucking zoo

trips of truth checked

Best part is that this teacher most likely started out as an optimistic shitlib, thinking she could help these underprivileged urban youth. If only they had education, she thought. She tried for months, but then the harsh reality finally set in. The nigger is not human. All she believed in had been a lie.

People brag about going to grammar because they didn't have to suffer in mongrel schools.

Having been to many schools, I can confirm that non-white students always conform to stereotypes, it's why I went out of my way to sit next to Chinese kids because they were there to learn, not dick about.

Like a nu-male and his feelings would make a difference.

They *have* been improved.

Some of them wear pants now.


Underrated Post.

That shit was fucking gold, user. Saved.


Black dysfunction never ceases to amaze me


I would have done shit to those nigglets that would have made the cartel look civilized.

Yeah, really bad timing on her part. If she had kept her mouth shut, she could have transfered to an uncucked school in a year or two.

You overestimate niggers, I'm afraid.

They are trying to create a singular Europe with the arabs right now.



Her ancestors sold the slaves.

Sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Exactly, they can barely tell where their asses are, to be able to put it together, the last thing they need is American niggers fucking up what little they managed accomplish.


thanks doc

the fuck

im from baltimore. and i fucking hate it. its a fucking joke. we got so much grant and government money before the riots. and all the mayor spent it on was fucking gardens to "help communities" fuck that invest it in teacher like this.

Highly possible she couldn't find a rural or mostly white teaching job; these nigger schools have an insanely high teacher turnover rate so new teachers end up working there for a year or two.

Why are you still living there?

Women are fucking retarded and easily jewed. Without white men creating strong communities and family structures they're lost pawns to the jews.

I think jews are so deeply entrenched in the US that it's impossible to reverse the inevitable hellish outcome of a country divided into 3rd worldish slums of niggers and spics lorded over by jews and their white slaves (Commiefornia and NYC) and poor white communites desperately fighting back against federal tyranny.


if only that was fucking true, though

most of africa would collapse into famine if the people weren't given free food, which they ARE given by the fuckton.
the difference is that instead of EBT and entire grocery stores full of options to spend your EBT on, you get rations of cornmeal mush and peanut butter / plumpynut

And the nigger fails to do what's right yet again.

ERROR: tn6CkGrsCnc: YouTube said: This video is no longer available because the YouTube account associated with this video has been terminated.

If this were true, why haven't they been sent back?

Why did kiketube shut down the account?

don't think so but you got this from cuckchan

Teacher and her experience teaching nigglets

Stop it.