Japanese PM says "I have great confidence in Trump" after meeting him today

Our Savior has arisen

Praise kek

Japan PM: 'I have great confidence in Trump' -

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There's already a thread on this, user.

oy vey Trump is making Japan his main ally, he is literally Hitler.

He means he wants a modified TPP deal be careful about this nip.



That thread is taken over by disgusting anime weebs.So discuss it here

Get the fuck out, newfag.

can't wait to see a ton of SJWeebs get butthurt about this and wish they could vote the guy out.

Japan doesn't want the TPP, Obama was forcing them into it.

Neo Trump Axis:


Who else am i missing?

Weebs want Trump though.

But where does Phezzan fall in all this?

The Filipinos will be joining us again soon. Also the Chinese said that Trump was impeccably diplomatic.

Japan is greatest ally

do you not know what a SJWeeb is? think of people like the DBZ abridged faggots who only pretend to know a lot about anime, but not manga how bout that :^), and force themselves into a position of authority among fan circles to try and police and edit everything that comes from Japan.

danbooru is, or at least was, infested with them.

You've not ran into the ones that bitch about fan service and how anime isn't feminist enough?


Oh, those bastards. Yeah, I hope they get trigglypuffed hard.


Goddamn space Jews

absolutely dwarfed his penis

President Elect Trump praises Uber-Jew Kissinger

"I have tremendous respect for Dr. Kissinger and appreciate him sharing his thoughts with me."

the fucking Philippine president is fucking crazier than Trump he doesn't even make the news all the time its sad

he has been cleansing the fucking Earth of druglords and Obama gives him shit for it.

This. I don't think it was "America" that Duterte was fed up with, it was that kike fag ambassador who tried to bitch at him about muh human rights, while ignoring the human rights of decent Filipinos to live in a country without fucking drug dealers and gangs everywhere. He called out Obama as a faggot. Trump is the anti-Obama.

Weak ass dnc shilling my man

I'm not even American and I wanted Trump. I would've voted if I could.

Need more Clownpiece in this thread.

He also said that Jeb Bush was a great guy and he respected the Bush family.

Now Bush family is kill


I remember before the election, someone put together a compilation video of the Nips praising Trump. In one of the clips the Nips were talking about Japan having its own military again. They have a military, but the size of it is limited because that whole WWII thing and attacking some ships or something, but that's besides the point.
Japan is going to have one of the most technologically advanced militaries in the world. Think about it. Battle robots, AI controlled tanks.

Trump is literally going to make anime real. We memed this into existence. This may be an unintended consequence of meme magic, but a very awesome one.

them not having a "standing military" is in their Constitution

shit is not going to happen soon. they have a defense force but that's it.

Please keep in mind Britain is cucked beyond repair and Clinton was the name of a lead general on the British side during the revolutionary war. Likewise most of the world leaders to fuck us over have British royalty in their bloodlines. In addition they have had a 2-party system for so long they are no longer Human, especially after purging their independent thinkers repeatedly over many generations. The good parts of the British are in America and Australia, there are none left in Britain.

That's why they're trying to change the Constitution.

Well there's Nige

You're slipping guys.

Anime will be real in our lifetime, and it will be because of Trump.

Are they ridiculing or praising him?

pretty sure that is their Holla Forums and I assume they like him.

Which was forced onto them after WW2.

This? Not letting me embed for some reason.

Not being eligible to vote did not stop three million Mexicans

But I don't live in the US either.

Would the rest of the world even stand a fucking chance if the "Neo Trump Axis" declared war on the the world?

I sure hope you had grabrails installed on your ass in the leadup to this election, because you're going to need them.

It makes sense when you think about it, Trump wants the Nips to build NERV and help him take down Keel Lorenz

And to think, fucking shills are denying that we shouldn't save the Japanese women and white women and become gods.


One can dream user.

I think is right. The Japs love Nazis, right?


Yes and no. When the Tokugawa Shogunate was overthrown and the Japanese Empire returned to power in the late 19th Century, Japan, adopting western government practices, drafted a constitution. Then, at the end of WWII, as part of the U.S.'s terms to accept their surrender, they were forced to edit their constitution, adding parts such as their military forces being limited to self-defense only. The nips don't want these changes, they were forced on them, their original sovereign constitution was sullied by the kike-controlled US. Removing that article and the other changes made will restore Japan's right to rule by their own terms.

Yes, but pic 1 is actually a Korean girl group, and I'm pretty sure pic 2 are chinks.

I don't know if they LOVE Nazis per se, but you certainly aren't going to get beaten, arrested, and charged with hate crimes if you dress like one and walk around like that in Japan. There have been plenty of protests where people held up flags depicting the Swastika or a Swastika-Tomoe mix.

At the very least, Japs are much more sympathetic to nationalistic ideals than just about anyone else in the world right now.

And reminder that these cuties got hounded by literal Western Rabbis for wearing costumes that even dared to slightly, vaguely resemble what the Nazis wore.

(image: It's a Violent Revolution! Japan's Communist Party)

Its also important to note that the US Military has been basically babysiting the Japanese for 70+ years after WWII has been over, not only do they not like it, but WE pay for it and get little to no compensation in return, its been a loose/loose for awhile now, especially with all the rapes by nigger soldiers in okinawa

Yeah. These chicks are weird.

confirmed. Was in an SS uniform for Halloween in Shibuya, happy nips all around. The white tourists/expats were super triggered though.

I missed the last one:

You're missing thhe Phillipines on Team Trump

"This look suits him better" seems the more appropriate translation.

should've just filed for an absentee ballot

Ok, someone explain to me why this guy got so high in the priority list of meeting Trump?

Thanks, I'm still learning Japanese so I took translating that as practice.

How would you translate this, though?

I was about to write: "His true face is yet the most insane thing" but then settled for the other version. I might've given it an entire different meaning, I'm afraid.

https:// www.youtube.com/channel/UC59HIcyHzaGZwLgARkD4T2g


How else are we going to make anime real faggot?

tose hare not weebs though they are jewish subversion agents and their puppets with an agenda against japan itself, also notice that the same exact people very frequently try to promote korean (jews of asia) shit within weeb communities

I didn't say you were wrong though, Japanese is wonderful in the aspect that you can infer different meanings based on context.

For too there's nothing wrong. If I was posting on an Indonesian clothes dying forum however I'd say it would be more along the lines of "His true face is even more frightening."



hold the fuck up. i'm not seeing anything about him meeting with obama


Will shine with all the twinkling stars.
We hold you next to us…
The galaxy, so GRORIOUS.
We'll build with all of our dreams,
A new wall that bravely gleams. 
Trump is fighting for our prayers!
Trump is fighting for our prayers!

Abe thinks that Trump will let Japan have their own army, which will lead to mecha anime happening in real life.

Pretty sure he was in Germany meeting with Merkel.

we're incredibly cucked fam. feels bad

He stopped in and waved to Merkel before fucking off to go sight-seeing. King nigger hard at work like always.

Why do the Nips call their equivalent to our conservative republican party the "Liberal Democratic Party?"

Count Mexico in. There's no way _we_ won't bend over to the God Emperor.

Japan should change their Constitution to remove those legacy WW2 leftovers.

Bleeding Heart Liberals don't exist in Nipland.

Weeb piece of shit here, I can certainly tell you that the average person in Japan does not like Trump.
Just take a fucking look at 2ch right now if you can read Japanese that is, they're not happy in the slightest.

Same reason the Aussies Liberal party would be called conservative in the US. malleable political words used in different national contexts.

I think your elites aren't going to like us very much when we send your criminals back and charge you for the wall.

Some people don't want their constitution to be change out of fear that the Imperial Japanese Army might rise again, of course it never occur to critics to just modernize the army.


"This isn't even his final form"

The elites never liked you. See: Carlos Slim.
At least it's good to see that fucker starting to bleed money since Trump won, and it's likely that his empire will start crumbling down as time passes.

The rest of the mexican population want to be like you, but only some of _us_ are willing to work hard to achieve it. The great majority doesn't want to do shit and end up joining the narco cartels and doing other shit, be it here or in the US, so they make the rest of us look bad as a result.

Well the japs were more stupid than I thought, TPP would massively fuck with their country, it's like they want to be fucked with jew cock.


Praise kek

Irrelevant when the only things they know of Trump are media hit pieces
Plebs don't matter, only the elite. Nippon has based elite, very smart and redpilled.

Abe is the netouyo God-Emperor, so no shock here.

Nice digits

Isn't 2ch the text one, the one that all the normalfags use? Japanese exposure to Trump is probably much more limited. If every mainstream news station in America was bashing Trump, I'd think that every place in another country would be too.


I need this

Please keep in mind that you can shove your black pills up your arse.

The term "liberal" in America has drifted so far from its original meaning. Liberal - in the classical sense - literally mean less government, more freedom to the people. Liberals are pro-gun, pro-states rights, against affirmative action, and stuff like that.

Neo-liberal, or shitlibs as I call them, are basically fucking SJWs. They want your freedoms taken away to protect their feelings. They want the internet censored, they want hate speech laws, they want the white man taken down. They want equal pay for less work and less competent workers. Oh, and your guns, fuck your guns, they're scary.

Checking these sweet quads.

Trump should imitate Japan and ban Humanities/Social Science courses at public universities and stop giving scholarships/funding for them at private universities. It would cut the evil at its root.

ht tps://tim e.com/4035819/japan-university-lib eral-arts-hum aniti es-social-scie nces-cuts/


Yeah, do not underestimate how far media jewry can reach. I spoke to older Japanese people in some language classes and they are redpilled to an extent but utterly bluepilled when it comes to context. When the topic about guns and crimes come up, they see America as a whole committing these acts rather than niggers in "inner cities".

Travel to a foreign country like Singapore or Malaysia and turn on the news channels at the local hotels/hostels and what do you get? CNN.
I'm not excusing the Japs on 2ch from having retarded, cuck views on these issues but language barriers are incredibly helpful to those with malevolent intentions in spreading their lies.

Please, Trump, ban the funding of humanities and social science courses at universities like Japan.

In America, the liberals the rest of the world talks about are called classical liberals. Modern liberals hijacked the label from real liberals because everyone found their original label and ideology so toxic. It has proven to be so time and time again.


Thankfully for the safety of Hawaii, the nips aren't actually good with robots, they just like robots.


Don't listen to that faggot, just look up "TPP Japanese protests". They had massive protests against it. He's probably an asshurt gook.

miney crafta

And don't forget those zainichi (worst korean) filth pretending to be Japanese, especially the zainichi rabid megalian femgooks that infested the korean and (god forbid) japanese doujin industry with their degenerate ntr genre, along with their nu male whiteknight cucks that defend them preaching their neo talmud bullshit all over the world through ((((korean wave))))

This x 6000000.
Take some of the money saved and use it for purely merit based STEM scholarships.

We should suggest this through his website

It all makes sense now.

Trump will make China and Japan be friends and even bring Phillipines back into the fold.

Shit Korea, both poo halves, will be down in their luck.

Arab nations will BTFO

Sounds like anime to me.

Did we meme too hard?

I'm betting Trump will threaten the PRC with instigating populist revolts unless they stop being such jews to everyone.


the memes have only begun

This anime is only getting started.

All he'll do is turn off the trade faucet and they'll beg to suck his dick just for it to come back on halfway.

Japan and China will form basically a "please let us keep sucking your dick America" alliance.

Both countries have some serious fucked up cultural issues that were never resolved going into the modern age.

Be careful. Kek is not natsoc, natsoc is Kek.

Law falls under the humanities, there are legitimate fields in the humanities that society needs, you can't run a society with just STEM autists.

Japan is doing fine mostly (aside from the whole "collapsing birthrate and shut-in population" thing), china is only fucked up because the government doesn't know how to transition from an industrial-age workers-are-simply-fuel-for-the-machine mindset to a post-industrial middle-class-driven mindset.

I think he means cutting out the leftist rhetoric and replacing it with actual content.
at least that's what I'd do.

Why would the Japanese PM wanna meet up with a washed up ole' has been user?

Ahh sank you

please send help


why didnt you check the catalog before posting? saged and reported

Kek loves Hitler.

I don't think you understand, Trump's plan is already to privatize the loan system and so make universities financially liable if their graduates can't get jobs and pay back their loans (i.e. if the university taught them stupid marxist shit instead of real-world skills).


Poorfag/shitskins detected. Remove "STEM" to trade school and remove marxism from academia. Ban all women, non-whites and any form of aid at university. Higher education isn't job training. The humanities are the most white, the most respectable, the most valuable piece of western civilization.

This what trade school is for, not academia. Get fucked, prole.

Abe is not based at all. He is the Jap equivalent of a neocohen. He's trying to flatter Trump and get him to sign the TPP.


Have those Nips restored the emperor yet?

They are working on restoring the emperor actually. I'm not joking.

You have no idea what you're talking about. Abe is desperate to get the TPP passed.



US is frightened to have to say domo arigato ever.

This. It's better if we meme anime becoming real in the U.S. It'd be faster.

Americoons were a mistake.

The real question is why do Americans call their leftists liberals. You're the only country that does this. Everywhere else the term is used by right wing parties.

Liberal = freedom-lover → Liberal = pro-free market → Liberal = against state intervention → Liberal = against the welfare state → Liberal = government mandated social policies.

against* government mandated social policies.

Exactly. In the US liberal is a newspeak term that has mutated into its exact opposite. Call a leftist a liberal in Europe and he will start screeching at you.

China is fucked up because it's full of chinese people.

It got co-opted. There used to be Liberal and Progressive Republicans, but those words got co-opted by the left.
People claiming to be Liberal Democrats, "Hey, look, we're just like the Liberal Republicans, we don't want to take your rights away, vote for us!"

That's impossible. I love the God Emperor as much as the next Holla Forumsack, but nips and chink niggas hate each other's guts. Besides according to Roger Stone, Trump views China as the biggest enemy.

This aryan gets it.


And was written by a jewess

Pretty cute.

Are you afraid burgers? We build this one 1978 and already have bigger ones.

Heil Kek! o/

I didn't know that. Fucking jews.

As silly as they are, gun otaku really know their shit. When it comes to Japs, they are are either completely ignorant about guns, or completely obsessed down to the last detail. Very little middle ground.

was upotte any good?

muh based chongs

Abe is an idiot who has 50 Jews in his rectum without even realizing it. They are fucking the Japanese economy to death.


its not like reference pictures of guns are illegal too, user

im not sure where this is taking place exactly but here is a real life nipponjin shooting a real p90

i dropped after 3 episodes, not horrible, just "meh"


Lyndon LaRouche detected.

Wasn't they with Hillary during the election?
This looks to me more likely the basic asian submission tot the west rather than being "based"…
Could someone enlighten me about this?

Japs are obedient and they follow the strong horse. For decades the "strong" horse was a cucked West, so Japan was cucked. Now that Trump has appeared, he will awaken them.


nips don't care about what happens in the US. It was probably just proxies or some shit.

Missing Australia in the Axis

Which means pretty much cutting humanities.
There 10× too much of them and the only job they can get in their field is teaching other unemployables
There needs to be some competition and objectivity to produce good works. This is not the 19., 1/2 of 20. century anymore where sociology was actually usefull for prediction and objective planning.
It's basically indoctrination and production of jobless revolutionaries.


What the fuck has Australia done to un-cuck itself recently?

Holy hell, is this shit the original, or has it been edited?

Nice trump,good trump,we your fiends sensei trump
donna touchy red butty master trump


Fucking hell, at least you didn't say "sensai" or some other normalfag mistake.

France will join in 6 month. Even the normies support Trump here.

Wow, this is beyond pathetic.

t. Person who's only experience with abuse is getting "cyberbullied"

No shitty written block bot in real life.

What a fucking time to be alive.

so sorwy,me no speeky ingleesh

Kill yourself, pedo.

China and Syria. Now China hates Trump because he screws them on trade and Island theft, but they NEED Russia and their allies against UN/NATO (I.E. Israel + (((Saudi Arabia)))).

Bring back the empire and lets conquer the world together.


If you don't see your enemies, you win.

No shit Sherlock the owner and data miner Hyoruki Hiroshima shilled the fucking place to death, unlike 8ch most of their hivemind is susceptible to manipulation and shilling.

Not to mention their definition of left and right wing parties are drastically different from Burgerstan parties.


Elected One Nation into Parliament

You mean Northern Annexed Territories.


Hang yourselves. The lot of you.

A cordial relationship with Japan will benefit both our countries, and advance both our geostrategic interests.

That is no excuse to suck them off simply because:
It's fucking nauseating.

I'm not sure what you're objecting to here.
We're forging the greatest axis of good the world has ever seen, and you're salty because people are being too nice about anime or some shit?
What the fuck man?

well the ordinary nips already view these anime,videogame and mecha weeb faggots as cancerous lots anyways.

Their ties to the axis aligned forces of USA and Japan are already quite strong with the Turkish leadership being quite positive about a stronger alliance with the states now that King Nigger is gone and Japan-Turkish relations having been cemented as positive for ages due to prior alliances.
The USA also has no reason to keep Gülen now that the position in power isn't Clinton aligned which will improve relations a huge lot as well. (Fetullah was a huge donor to the clinton foundation and to $hillar's campaign).
Flynn even said that acting as a shield for Gülen was completely idiotic and that he should immediately be extradited to Turkey now that the states know who their ally's are. The turkish prime minister Erdogan was also one of the first to congratulate the Don on his victory.

On the other hand not only are there no prior connection to Cuck aligned nations like Mexico and Sweden, whatever connection existed with EU leadership dwindle by the minute as not only do the union countries try to virtue signal against nearly every action taken to better Turkey they also house and arm elements that are actively causing problems in the country(There are fucking PKK recruitment offices in nearly every german city).
In the recent event where the political arm of the kurds known as the HDP(they are on of the four parties that have seats in the turkish parliment) were taken into custody in a operation,the EU representatives kept saying things like "oh maybe we should reconsider our relationship with Turkey" and "Oh my,How can a nation so barbaric have any delusions of joining our union" causing Erdogan to get really fucking mad at them,nearly telling them to fuck off outright(he managed to keep himself to only calling the representatives people without honor). In the event of further arguments its quite likely that whatever alliance may be broken in lieu of a better one.

The turks as a people are also quite easily redpilled on issues and very anti PC.Even the most politically correct ones I have seen just think that such talk is non-professional,they will still laugh if you make jokes about dindus and privately explain to you why they think that *insert relevant race here* are the cause of most problems with the topic being discussed.The only problem is that they are conditioned to assume that the American government is behind most things and wont look deeper unless nudged in the direction.


you're the one trying to split the userbase

fuck off to TRS

No, they don't. Otaku are a minority and I doubt any lurk here.

Japanese reconquest of Taiwan when?


i'm really glad the left doesn't realize they're practicing meme magic with this sort of shit. one day, they'll get da ebil white man they've always wanted

bring it nippon, I want to liberate Europe in my ultimate Gundam Gurren Lagann Maximum Geass Lied Mech.

The nips did nothing to actually help the Nazis in the war. The only reason they were allied was because the nips wanted to create a massive turn-of-the-century empire, and they saw Germany as a similarly ambitious nation capable of helping them achieve this goal. It was entirely self-serving and not at all based on some greater opposition to World Jewry or international finance.

It's funny, because I'm pretty sure that Liu Bei and the other Shu warriors who fought to create a realm of benevolence would frown upon the PRC.

Who gives a shit what they did back when?
The question is what can we do together now?
if you hadn't noticed ya dingus, they're the ones seriously working on the space elevator cable components.

Go away turkroach. Constantinople and the rest of Greater Greece will be restored.

Anime ja nai

tl;dr we need an elevator to produce an orbital shipyard to produce space-super-carriers.

WTF, i hate anime now!

We gundam 00 nao

Yeah, almost all japanese people do not want TPP.

…but this cruel Japanese PM Abe and his Liberal Democratic Party wanted TPP, and this japanese PM and their LDP party have "forced" the TPP bill with mandatory vote on the House of Representatives at 10 Nov, 2016. regardless of the knowing the Trump election result.

The complete translation of this TPP text for japanese language have not been completed still, so all japanese could not still know what had been written in this TPP treaty.

TPP/TTIP/TiSA/SOPA/FTA/ACTA would be dangerous in many area, especially on our sexual game mods, porting or ripping xps and Garry model mods, and so on.

And it would influence to prevent internet free speech.

Sadly, also the New Zealand have approved of the TPP at 16 Nov, 2016.
So that the using of mega.nz upload mod or fan-fic files would be also very dangerous after effectuation of TPP in future.


good lord

holy shit…could you virtue-signal any harder?

Having an opinion is virtue-signalling? Fuck off, weeb.


Fair weather japanese imperialists have no loyalty. The victory of the noble philosopher Donald Trump can be attributed to an endorsement by Dear Leader, who is a perfect incarnation of the appearance that a leader should have. Japanese war criminals seek only to curry favor with the enlightened statesmen so they can continue to hide from justice for their war crimes.

Kill yourself.

The dangers of making anime real.

How about we get the Japanese,South Koreans,Philippines,and the Chinese to work with Trump to "reform" North Korea?

That way everyone won't wake up one morning to find that the North Korean government has chaotically collapsed, and creating a world recession creating refugee crisis in the process.

My Idea is that we purge the Kim family,some top general officials who're close to dying of age,and give everyone else a Pardon to peacefully hand the country over so there's no war.

We could use North Korea as beta testing for extreme infrastructure techniques such as refining putting down Fiber optic line as fast as possible, as in wiring up a whole town with fiber optic cable in a single day instead of taking weeks or months.

In the gas chamber.

This is also somewhat old info but could know what happens recently in japan.

Well, this japanese PM Abe had said "we promise of protecting fan-fic japanese doujin after TPP", …but it is said as a lying.

Because there are NO guarantee of safe on the sexual fan-fic doujin or porting/ripping mods in japan. ( ie. a female doujin creator have been arrested by japanese police due to her published Pokemon sexual yayoi fan-fic doujin as a violation of copyright at 14 Jan, 1999).

Im triggered by aqua , shouldn she be out there turning "tricks" for money?


Are you stupid?
We don't want to work with the south koreans, and especially Japanese would never stick out a finger to help any Korean.

south Korea is literally ruled by feminist left totalitarians.

Reminder that many japanese video games have no borders liberals as the villains. Their whole youth is instilled with nationalist values. Great allies.

studies show that Japanese actually know very little about the rest of the world, they are primarily focused on Japan as if it's the only thing that exists.
This is mostly due to their isolationism until America "liberated" them from themselves.

Japan, Russia, the UK and the United States banded together to recreate the world how they see fit.

It was forced in there by USA and lots of Jap politicians have been talking about rewriting the constitution and stopping doing what USA says.

Would be nice if within our lifetime they build EVA's

Asians in general don't know dick about the rest of the world. It's like they are the most self centered people on earth.

and Europeans and Americans know jack shit about Asia.

I see you havent met my mother.


Jap women probably swarmed the shit out of them

The same Abe that wants to open Japan up to more foreign workers.

That's a waste of a continent, think of all the land and resources we could use if taken by force.

You got a hearty chuckle out of me.

Checked trips and legendary pun

Nige is an honourary Australian

Japan needs to, short of instituting mandatory breeding programs. But Abe is just like Obama, Trudeau, Merkel. All part of the elite. But they've got serious problems. The average worker is in their 40's with some reaching their early 50's. The west(EU/UK/CDN/US/AUS/NZ/etc) is between 29-34 with some areas hitting their 40's. In 20 years there won't be enough nursing staff to look after seniors, or to even do checkups on them at their homes. Let alone enough money to cover the health and social welfare(aka old age care) that currently exists. It's such a huge problem that they have people dedicated to developing "home nursing robots." I have no problems with them doing it either as long as it's not the wholesale importing like what we're seeing in the west, bringing in people who are stuck in a 3rd world 7th century tribal culture. But rather people who want to directly assimilate into their culture. Leftists want to import people of any stripe, flavor, cultural background because "more pplz is good."

Japan's birthrate is plummeting, tax policies are helping to push it down as well. So much so that they're looking at removing all of it, but then they have to deal with the huge social problems as well and many people who feel that the normal culture of the 70's and 80's left them far-far behind when they were growing up. It's a fucking mess, one they could solve if they wanted to. But it would take a hell of a lot of work.

Didn't bother reading past this. Kill yourself.