Abbe Lowell [email protected]/* */ C (202) 974-5605 W C 202 841 4772 Adam...

Hudson Ramirez
Hudson Ramirez

Abbe Lowell [email protected] C (202) 974-5605 W C 202 841 4772

Adam Goodheart [email protected] 410-708-1659

Adam Gopnik Auxclercs 212-427-2810 H 212-286-5662 19 E. 88th St. Apt. 6A NY NY 10128

Al From [email protected] [email protected] 608-1205/546-0007

Al Gore [email protected] [email protected] 703-875-9207

Al Gore [email protected] 615-292-1488 H 615-327-2227 12 Lynwood Blvd Nashville TN 37205

Alan Rusbridger [email protected] [email protected] 207278-2332 W 207239-9644 W 7767446650

The Guardian 119 Farringdon Road London EC1R 3ER UK Alex Fields 847-373-7049

Alex Gibney [email protected] 212 352 3010 x121 W 917-596-4059

Jigsaw Productions 601 W, 26th St. 17th Fl NY NY 10001

Alex Goldfarb [email protected] 917-250-2956 C

Alice Novak 760-345-2298 H 503-644-1752 Pam H

Allan Zee [email protected] 503-234-3211 W 360.379.1255 H 503) 233-8053 H

260 S Palmer Drive Port Townsend, WA 98368 2903 SE Brooklyn Street Portland OR 97202

Allison Silver [email protected] [email protected] 212-473-4223 H 212-556-7645 W

NY Times 15 Gramercy Park South Apt. 12B NY NY 10003

Amy Bonderant 202-471-4417 H

1340 31st St. NW DC Anatol Lieven [email protected] 202-387-6258 H 939-2328 W

Carnegie Endowment Andras Hamori [email protected] andrashamori 310-388-7710, m 207-734-4348 H 310-899-8025 W 323 654 5920 C 323-654-5989 C 7803893213 C

Andrew Shapiro [email protected] 202-224-5553 W 202-236-6461 C

Andrew Stephen [email protected] [email protected] 202-333-8158 H

Andrew Terrill [email protected] 717-245-4056 W

Army War College Andrew & Leslie Cockburn amcockburn lccockburn (202) 342-9488 H 540-937-5275 H

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ww, who listen to music while they're sleeping, especially at times when they shouldn't be asleep but are too tired to stay awake/forum/30282/_/488945/76?setlang=pt

Juan Rodriguez
Juan Rodriguez

Anita Drobny [email protected] 847-831-4505 H 847-562-0700 W

Anita Stapen [email protected] 520-547-2250 C C C C C

150 Ricardo Avenue Oakland CA 94611 Anji Hunter [email protected] 44-182-572-3751 C

Ann Pincus [email protected] 703 778 4271 W

Anna Stein [email protected] 202 244 4442 W 646 942 7903 C

Anthony Barnett [email protected] 7879 42 45 49 C London

Anthony Lewis [email protected] 617-661-0860 H 508-696-8636 (MV) Fax 617-354-2229 W

Anthony Weiner [email protected] [email protected] 917-783-9001

Arianna Huffington [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 310-440-9490 W (310) 245-9543 C

300 N. Carmelina Ave Los Angeles CA 90049 Arnaud de Borchgrave [email protected] 775-3282 W 361-2859 C

Art Levine [email protected] 202-557-8443 C

Arthur Schneier 212-988-06714/737-6900 W

Rabbi Arturo Valenzuela [email protected] [email protected] 202-333-5263 H 202-361-7537 C

Avishai & Edna Margalit [email protected] [email protected] [email protected] 212-319-5874 H 212-755-4737 W 646-637-3124 C

188 East 64th St. #2304 NY NY 10021 Aviva Kempner [email protected] 202-244-1347 W 202-361-6735 C

Becca Chace 212-749-1641 H

Becky Gardner [email protected] [email protected] 44-207-239-9755 W

Ben Fields 847-209-7097 C

Ben Gerson [email protected] 646-840-0786 H 646-839-3331 W 908-684-4081 (country) Pager

Harvard Business Review 75 Rockefeller Plaza New York NY 2 Sutton Place South NY Ben Haas [email protected] 440-821-1173 C

Ben Jones [email protected] 485-3129 H

Ryder Jackson
Ryder Jackson

Anita Drobny adrobny(at) 847-831-4505 H 847-562-0700 W

Anita Stapen astapen(at) 520-547-2250 C C C C C

150 Ricardo Avenue Oakland CA 94611 Anji Hunter anji.hunter(at) 44-182-572-3751 C

Ann Pincus apincus(at) 703 778 4271 W

Anna Stein anna(at) 202 244 4442 W 646 942 7903 C

Anthony Barnett anthony.barnett(at)opendemocracy. 7879 42 45 49 C London

Anthony Lewis anthony.lewis617(at) 617-661-0860 H 508-696-8636 (MV) Fax 617-354-2229 W

Anthony Weiner anthony(at) Cheftwan(at) 917-783-9001

Arianna Huffington ariannahuf(at) chbella(at) colin(at) 310-440-9490 W (310) 245-9543 C

300 N. Carmelina Ave Los Angeles CA 90049 Arnaud de Borchgrave adeborchgrave(at) 775-3282 W 361-2859 C

Art Levine artslevine(at) 202-557-8443 C

Arthur Schneier 212-988-06714/737-6900 W

Rabbi Arturo Valenzuela valenzue(at) valenzue(at) 202-333-5263 H 202-361-7537 C

Avishai & Edna Margalit ednaum(at) EUM(at) AvishaiM(at) 212-319-5874 H 212-755-4737 W 646-637-3124 C

188 East 64th St. #2304 NY NY 10021 Aviva Kempner akempner(at) 202-244-1347 W 202-361-6735 C

Becca Chace 212-749-1641 H

Becky Gardner Becky.Gardiner(at) Becky.Gardiner(at) 44-207-239-9755 W

Ben Fields 847-209-7097 C

Ben Gerson benjhg(at) 646-840-0786 H 646-839-3331 W 908-684-4081 (country) Pager

Harvard Business Review 75 Rockefeller Plaza New York NY 2 Sutton Place South NY Ben Haas benjamin.haas(at) 440-821-1173 C

Kayden Cook
Kayden Cook

Ben Jones jones(at) 485-3129 H

DSCC Bernard Schwartz 212-488-5301 W

745 Fifth Ave. 31st. florr New York NY Betsy Hambrecht bhambrecht(at) 415-412-8336 C

Bianca Jagger bj.88(at) 9175703700 C

Bill Carrick bcarrla(at) 323-469-1592 H 323-333-3430 C LA

Bill Clinton 914-861-9380 (Chappaqua) H 212-348-4963 W 320-4109

Doug Band) C 917 670 0000 Doug Band C ^p55 W. 125th St. 14th Floor NY NY 10027

Bill Daley 210-351-3700 W

Bill Drozdiak wdrozdiak(at) drozdiak(at)

Renilde:212 586 5118/212 223 6437 h 212 223 6437 Haome 212-826-3636 W R6468534293 C 917-418-9760 C

Residence Palace Rue de la Loi 155 Wetstraat 1040 Brussels Belgium Clos Joseph Hanse, 1 820 5th Ave, 63/64. NY 10th fl 1170 Brussels Belgium

Bill Hambrecht billh(at) 415-551-8602 W

Bill Kovach bkovach(at) 301-718-2508 H 202-293-7394 W

Bill Moyers 212-560-6960 W 212-560-8545 W 917-696-8878 C

Public Affairs TV 356 W. 58th St. NY NY 10019 Bill Murray 703 793 1728 H 703 505 1788 C

Bill Richardson 505-476-2200 W 505-699-8222 C

Bill Schneider bschneider(at) 333-4466 H 515-2803 W C 202-422-4466 C

2700 Virginia Avenue, N.W., #911 Washington DC 20037-1909 Bistro Le Zinc John Warner 202-302-1913 C 202-686-2015 W C C C

Bob Parry robrtparry(at) 703-920-7521 H

Bob Reich rbreich(at) rbreich(at) 617-661-2523 H

Bob Rubin 212-793-8883 W ^pBob Shrum robert.shrum(at) 338-1812 H 337-9600 W 508-888-2172 H 202-365-4107 C

3100 Cleveland Ave. NW Washington, DC 20008 11 Phillips Rd. Sagamore Beach, Ma 02562 Bob Somerby bobsomerby(at) bobsomerby(at) 410-462-3452 H

Charles Sanders
Charles Sanders

Bobbie Handman 212 265-5990 H

Bogart /Cindy 333-6550 W

Bonnie Berger bberger3(at) 617 542-1011 H 508 645-9553 H
220 Boylston St. #1618 46 Peases Point, Chilmark, MA Boston MA 2116

Brad Whitford hollowmen(at) 323-309-3481 H

Brant Janeway Brant.Janeway(at)us.penguingroup. 212-366-2230 W

Brian Doyle BBDOYLEMD(at) 785-4448/296-5877 W

Dr. Bruce Lindsey BruceRLindsey 301-229-6350 H 202-257-7726 C

Bruce Lindsey BruceRLindsey 333-7351 H

Bruce Udolf 954-764-6660 W

Bryan Arling 833-5707 W

Dr. Bud Lemley Budlemley 800-654-9865 H

Capricia Marshall capricia.marshall(at) 737-5711 W

Carlo Bonini c.bonini(at) 3906 7049352 H 3906 49822876 W 39 3483214215

C Italy Carlton Carl Carlton.Carl(at) 202-543-0494 H 202-965-3500 x334 W 202-255-5397 C

Association of Trial Lawyers o 1050 31st Street, N.W. Washington DC 20007 Carol Joynt caroljoynt(at)

Carol Radziwill radziwill(at) 917 678 1900 C

Carole & Herb Rudoy crudoy(at) 312-440-9788 H 312-560-0013 Herb C 312-560-
4451 Carole C

Caroline Graham caroline(at) caroline(at) 310-394-5828 H 310-753-3946 W 310 899 2727 W 310-487-2881 C C LA 363 17th St Santa Monica CA 90402

Caroline Heldman heldman(at) 323-259-1309 C

Caroline Kroft 202-361-7419 C
Caroline Marks caroline.marks(at)thedailybeast.c 212 524 8829 W

Cass Sunstein csunstei(at) csunstei(at) 773-288-2613 H 773-702-9498 W 773-550-2580 C

Joshua Collins
Joshua Collins

Cecile Richards cecile(at) 202-974-8330 W 202-550-8147 C

Celestine Bohlen CBOHLEN1(at) 33 1 53 65 50 81 H 33 (0) 6 70 90 86 91 C

Paris Cesare Merlini consiusa(at) 39063222546 W Italy Council for the US and Italy Piazzale

Flaminio, 19 00196 Roma Italy Charles Burson bcburson(at) 314-644-0882 H 314-258-2358 (Bunny) C 314-378-1782 chas C

Charles Freeman cwfH(at) 202-248-3919 H 202-333-1277 W

Charles Tiefer ctiefer(at) 301 951-4239 H 301 580-1519 C

Charlie Kupchan ckupchan(at) ckupchan(at) 518-7021 H 518-3402 W 646-206-6704 C

Cheryl Mills cheryl.mills(at) cheryl.mills(at) 212-348-2979 W 202-412-9394 C

Chris Wolf cwolf(at) 202-416-6818 W 202-669-7402 C

Christiane Amanpour camanpour(at)

Christine Ockrent christine(at) christine(at) 156228580 W 33609171396

C Paris France 3 7, esplanade Henri-de-France 75907 Paris 4 Rue Guynemer 75006

Christoper Dickey dickey(at) christopher.s.dickey(at) 212 861 1044 H 33153837615 or 7613 W 19172977613 US C 33680339487 C C

Paris Newsweek Paris Bureau Chief 3, rue du Faubourg St. Honore 75008 Paris, France Chrstine Ockrent christine(at) 336 09 17 13 96 C

Chuck Lewis chuck.lewis(at) chuck.lewis(at) 703-683-8721 H 466-1300 ext. 1217 W

Cody Shearer codyps(at) 202-347-2042 W 202-437-5598 C

Coll Steve collsteve(at) 202-955-0966 W 202-341-1200 C

Cotty Chubb cotty(at) cotty(at) 323–802-1886 W 310-403-8291 C

Craig Unger cunger(at) cunger(at) 212-608-0608 H 212-998-6027 W 917-673-9548 C

Dan Benjamin dbenjami(at) dbenjami(at) (202) 775-3294 W

Dan Freifeld danf(at) 917-273-0800 C

Dan Moldea moldea(at) 202-338-4836 H 202-486-8899 C

Leo Jackson
Leo Jackson

Dan Morgan danmorgan1968(at) (301) 654-3158 H 240-994-4184 C C C C

Dan Payne payneco (617) 398-6345 H (617) 480-1980 W (617) 480-1980 C 617-851-3271 C C

70 High St. #3, Charlestown, MA 2129 Dan Rather drather(at) (646) 378-7400 W

Dan Yergin 364-5323 H 363-3443 W

Dana Thomas Danafifethomas 145489274 H 608013688 C

Danielle Mattoon mattoon(at) ddm919(at) 718-369-4191 H 212-556-3915 W
27 Sherman St. Brooklyn NY 11215 Danny Goldberg DannyG2295 212-414-3190/206-1919 H 212-871-8110 W

120 W. 44th St. Suite 70 NY NY 10036 David Bennahum davidsol(at) 212-838-1335 C

David Brock david_brock(at) davidbrockdc(at) 202-756-4107 W 202-744-7480 C 302-226-3566 (Rehobeth) Pager

David Calleo dpcalleo 663-5796 W 390565933129 (Elba) Pager

Casa Fangati 57037 Portoferraio Elba Italy David Carmen carmend(at) 202-785-0500 W 202-256-4157 C

Carmen Group 1301 K St NW Eighth Floor East Washington DC 20005

David Carr carr(at) dcarr(at) 646-498-6244 C

David Corn dacor(at) 301-270-4648 H 202-546-2239 W 301-379-3282 C

David Dlouhy 301-718-1773 H 240-475-1699 C

David Fromkin 212-838-6333 H 212-355-7515 W

David Gopoian dgopoian(at) gopoda(at) 914-378-2672 W

David Greenberg davidgr(at) 212-663-5027 H C C (646) 504-5071 C C New York 310 West 72nd Street, #7AB New York NY 10023

David Jones jones2898(at) 202-439-2631 C

David Keene 202-785-0500 W 202-262-1694 C

David Kendall dkendall(at) dkendall(at) 434-5145 W 434-5029 Fax

David Lavin dlavin(at) dlavin(at) 800-265-4870 W

David Lesch dlesch(at) 210-999-7631 C C C C C

Noah Turner
Noah Turner

210-883-8027 mobile

David Leserman david(at) 303-449-8004 H 303-931-2475 C
2806 Cordry Ct. Boulder Colorado 80303

David Lipsey lipseyd(at) 208-677-7446 H 207-219-8509 W London Lord 96 Drewstead Road London SW16 1AG

David McKean David_McKean(at) 202-528-2949 H 202-224-2741 W 202-359-7425 C

David Michaelis david(at) cb(at) 212 799 5070 H 256-8840 C
(Clara Bingham) 15 W. 81st St Apt. 12A New York NY 10024 David Miliband d.gunners2010(at) 207-586-2117 H 207-219-8320 W 7824518265 C

David Moberg dmoberg(at) 773-493-0996 x3881 W

David Morrison djm(at) (0)20 7514 1902 W London David Rieff 917-353-7205 C

David Rosenthal David.Rosenthal(at)simonandschust 212-698-7451 W 347-512-3153 C

David Roskies daroskies(at) 212-666-2694 C 646-240-7790 C

David Rothkopf DJROTHKOPF(at) 301) 320-0702 H 202-457-7930 W 202-457-7920 W 202 257 8698 C

Garten Rothkopf 1330 Connecticut Avenue, N.W. Washington DC 20006 7205 Loch Lomond Drive
Bethesda MD 20817

David Seldin dseldin(at) 202-973-3079 W
NARAL Communcations

Dir. David Sirota dsirota(at) dsirota(at) 682-1611 W 294-6113 C

David Talbot dtalbot(at) dtalbot(at) 415-285-1021 H 415-645-9230/645-9249 dir W 415-205-0875 C

Salon (Janet Jones, asst) 22 4th St SF CA 94103 David Wilhelm dwilhelm56(at) 614-670-4095 H (312) 726-3988 W 312-320-8011 C

Wilhelm & Conlan 70 E. Lake St #1700 Chicago David Williams D.Williams(at) dwilly3215 202 225-5665 W 202-744-7439 C

Deborah de Shong deshongd(at) deshongd(at) 863-8033 W

Denis McDonough Denis_McDonough(at)daschle.senate 224-7741 W 228-3647 Fax

Dennis Jett dcjett(at) djett(at) 352-5323 x501 W 352-538-1772 C

John Baker
John Baker

so uh, what?

Jacob Wright
Jacob Wright

University of Florida Dean, Intl Center 123 Grinter Hall PO Box 113225 Gainesville Florida 32611

Denys Blakeway denys.blakeway(at) denys.blakeway(at) 0207-743-2040 W London

Derek Shearer dshearer(at) dshearer(at) 310-230-8775 H 310-562-1435 C LA 925 Greentree Rd Pacific Palisades, CA 90272

Desiree Adib dadib(at) 646-274-4918 W 646-283-0633 C
diane mcwhorter dmcwhorter(at) 212/663-1966 H 646-270-1963 C Auto-Added

Dick Bell richardbelldc(at) 712-3078 W

Dimitri Nionakis NionakisD(at) 202.383.7215 W
Howrey LLP Dogwalkers

McCrae 202-834-3309

Deirdre 202-320-5652

Jake Harris 487-4483

Don Baer don(at) 240-893-3399 C

Don Kerrick donkerrick(at) 703-271-7490 W 703-980-7770 C

Don Russell 61293568147 H

Don Russell Don_Russell(at) lisabee(at) 61 2 9356 8147 H 61 2 97778087 W 61 419 427 269 C 61 408 605 508 Lisa C

Donna Kaufman adream97(at) (773) 327-6545 H 773-307-7889 C C C C
2642 N Magnolia Ave Chicago Illinois 60614

Dotty Lynch djl(at) dottylynch(at) 457-4576 W 202 374-9611 C

Doug Band dband(at) 917-670-0000 C

Doug Page dpage(at) dpage(at) 312-576-6182 H 312-222-8647 W
Chicago Tribune Media Services Doug Sosnik 917-656-8236 C

Douglas Brinkley Douglas.Brinkley(at) douglas.brinkley(at) 504-621-3939 H C C C C

Dr. Leonard Friedman 362-4545 W 487-8591 C

Opthalmologist 4201 Conn. Ave. NW Suite 211 Washington Car door: *1387

Dr. Paul Cohen (202) 659-9100 W

Isaac Foster
Isaac Foster

CFR Dox?

Eli Mitchell
Eli Mitchell

Dentist Ed Epstein edepstein(at) eje(at) 212-249-4003 H 646-912-3339 C

Ed Markey 301-718-7774 H 225-2836 W 617-448-4683 C

Ed Miliband 7717865676 C

Ed Victor ed(at) 917 699 5100 C 44 7971 452 996 C 44 207 224 3030 H

Ed Vulliamy EdVulliamy ed.vulliamy(at) 212-505-6768 H 917-856-4613 C

Edward Felsenthal edward.felsenthal(at)thedailybeas 212-524-8826 W 917-680-8381 C

EJ Dionne edionne(at) (202) 362-5472 H 797-6067 W 301-229-3616 H

Elaine Kamarck elaine_kamarck(at)Harvard.Edu elaine_kamarck(at)Harvard.Edu 212-722-4199 H

Elaine Shannon 202 253-6515 C

Eleanor Randolph randolph(at) 212-206-8755/206-7716 H 212-556-7483 W Auto-Added 14 E. 17th St. # 6 NY NY

Eli Attie EliAttie 323-656-0469 H 818-954-5668 W 310-770-8611 C
1242 North Laurel Ave., Apt. E West Hollywood CA 90046

Elisabeth Sifton elisabeth.sifton(at) esifton(at) 212-932-9237/609-924-7475 H 212-741-6900 W

FSG FSG 19 Union Square West 11th Floor NY NY 10003

Elizabeth Sheinkman Sheinkman 212-243-8480 W 7753329487 C

Ellen Charles 337-3057 H

Ellen Chesler echesler(at) echesler(at) 212-548-0600 W

Eric Alterman Era00001 (212) 665-1260 H
305 W. 98th Street, #2-CS NY NY 10025 Eric Bates eric.bates(at) 212-484-1675 W

Eric Boehlert eboehlert(at) boehlert(at) 973-509-2775 H 973-610-3867 C

Eric Melby Melby(at) 202-413-5940 C

Erica Payne epayne(at) 212-673-0343 W 646-253-1910 W

New Democrat NetW Erick Mullen erick(at) 202-409-8803 C

Eugene Robinson robinsong(at)

Christian Anderson
Christian Anderson

looks like clintons address book

Andrew Peterson
Andrew Peterson

Lots of familiar surnames in here OP.
Please explain.

Asher Price
Asher Price

mega ditto bump

Joseph Roberts
Joseph Roberts

Thanks, I was looking for a dentist in Manhattan.

Carson Turner
Carson Turner

Ed Miliband

Eli Ortiz
Eli Ortiz

Eva Orner evaorner(at) 917 361 4014 C

Evan Smith esmith(at) 512-320-6965 W 512-797-3009 C

Ezra Suleiman ensuleiman 33142869814/860021 H 330680665774 W 0142869814 (H) Fax
25 quai Voltaire (code: 29B54) 5th Floor to right 75007

Paris Madame Roux: 603729551 0142617230 cell below

Fareed Zakaria fareed.zakaria(at) 212-445-4672 W 917-324-8740 C

Newsweek International 251 W. 57th St. NY NY Finley and Willie Lewis 737-7683 W 508-693-8278 (MV) Fax

Flynt Leverett 202-797-4389 W

Forrest Claypool fclaypool(at) 312-603-6380 W 773-315-1650 C

Francesco Olivieri (202) 609-7798 W 202 527-4094 C
816 Connecticut Ave Ste.600 Washington DC

Frank Costello frank(at) 646-544-5385 C C C C C

Frank Mankiewicz f.mankiewicz(at)hillandknowlton.c 202-462-7202 H 202-944-5104 W

Frank Rich frrich(at) frrich(at) 212-787-1026 H 212-556-7414 W

Fred Michel f.michel(at) fmichel(at) 208-877-0045 H 207-758-2813 W 7801138249 C London 8 Grafton St (Green Park Tube) 5 Brathway Road London SW18 4BE

Fred Siegal fredfein 718-941-7352/693-0609 H

Gara LaMarche glamarche(at)

Garry Trudeau dbury1(at) 212-759-8985 H 212-721-5075 W 212-759-8564 H New York 7

Beekman Place New York Ny 10022 119W. 72nd NY NY 10023 Garry Wills 847-491-9412 H 847-491-3406 W

Gary Berntsen Berntseng2004(at) 703-774-4452 C C C C C

Gary Hart Gary.Hart(at) 303.352.3763 H 303-607-0888 W

Coudert Brothers 950 17th St. Gary Kamiya kamiya(at) kamiya(at) 415-645-9260 W

Gary Sick ggs2(at) 212-222-9614 C

Gary Smith gs(at) 4930-80483-100 W 4930804830 W 49178-7888 939 C

Josiah Ramirez
Josiah Ramirez

Anthony Weiner

Grayson James
Grayson James

American Academy in Berlin Gayle Smith 387-3991 H

Gene Lyons eugenelyons43(at) 501-759-3290 H 501-993-7033 C
335 Hill Loop Houston AR 72070 Geoff Garin ggarin(at) 202-234-5571x154 W

Geoffrey Cowan gcowan(at) adamsaileen(at) 213-740-3987 W
Annenberg School/USC 3502 Watt Way Suite 304 LA CA 90089

Geoffrey Ward 212 787 4618 H 290 West End Ave Apt 17C New York NY 10023

George Packer gpacker(at) 718-915-7869 C

George Soros 212-262-6300 W
Soros 888 Seventh Ave NY NY 10106

George Weidenfeld agw(at) 0207 351 0042 H 0207 520 4411 W London Orion

Publishing Group Lord Orion House 5 Upper St. Martin's Lane London WC2H 9EA 9 Chelsea Embankment Flat 23 London SW3 4LE

Georgia Abraham gcabraham gabraham(at) 294-1366 C

Gerry Rafshoon 337-5302 H 3123 Dumbarton St. Washington DC 20007

Gianni Picco gdpincorporated(at) 203-351-1151 C 917-864-8480 C C C C

Glyn Davies 207-408-8124 W London Glyn Davies daviesgt(at) jdavies(at) (jackie)

Godfrey Hodgson 1993868867 H

Greg Craig gcraig(at) MV: 508-645-9490 H 434-5506 W

Greg Jordan gwjordan(at) 202-256-1647 C 21922 Sherwood Landing Road Sherwood MD 21665

Greg Speed speed(at) (202) 485-3442 W 365-0594 C

DCCC Greg Theilman 703-931-8928 H

Greg Thielman 703-931-8928 H

Greta Van Sustren greta(at) 243-3116 H 842-6390 W 498-1438 C

Guido Goldman guidogoldman(at) 646-522-6621 C

Guido Moltedo g.moltedo(at) 06/45401017 W 348/4710753 C Rome Europa Via di
Ripetta, 142 Rome Italy 186

Robert Bell
Robert Bell

sup guys!! what is going on this thr…

oh shit.

Ian Bailey
Ian Bailey


Looks like I woke up at a good time today.

Isaiah Hall
Isaiah Hall

Gwen Haas gwenhaasmd(at) 440-605-4000 H 216-906-4936 C

Gwyn Lurie GLurie 310 476-6548 H 310-874-3135 C LA 2021 Sixth St Santa Monica CA 90405

Hamilton Fish hamfish(at) 212-729-3762 C 212-209-5445 W

Hans Hanker hanker(at) hanker(at) 212-397-2806 W 646-345-1499 C

Harald Braun harald.w.braun(at) 49 89 636 38883 W Berlin SIEMENS AG

Wittelsbacherplatz 2 D-80333 München Harold Evans 631.653.6840 H

Harold Ickes 887-6726 W

Harris Yulin nomax2(at),

Harry Jaffe 202-746-0333 H

Harry McPherson 202-861-6464 W

Harry Thomason 818-655-5779 H 818-378-1843 C
4024 Radford Ave. Building 5 Suite 104 Studio City California 91604

Heather Booth HBoothgo 202-338-1349 H 202-374-0762 C

Henry Louis Skip"" Gates 617-876-4221 H 617-496-5468/4170 W

Hillary Clinton 3067 Whitehaven street, NW Washington DC 20008 Hillary Clinton 202 228-0772 Fax

Hillel Schwartz hillel2000(at) noise699(at) 760-436-7748 C C C 760-809-1054 C C
699 N Vulcan Ave #37 Encinitas CA 92024

Howard Wolfson hwolfson(at) hw6152(at) (202) 297-7871 C
HRC 342-0374/265-8074 (DC) H 224-5723 W 914-861-9369/202-228-0283 Fax 914-861-9380 (Chappaqua) C

Huma Abedin Huma_Abedin(at)
2020 12th St, NW #709 Washington DC 20009 Husain Haqqani hhaqqani(at) haqqanih 202-270-2570 C

Ira Arlook 726-0855 H 822-5200 x246 W 258-5437 C

Iris Newman 847-681-1203 H 847-638-1675 C

Isabel Hilton Isabel.Hilton(at) isabelhilton(at) 44 20 7359 4107 H 44 20 7608 2000 W 7768571370 C

Isabel Hilton isabelhilton(at) +44 (20) 7359 4107 H +44 (20) 7608 2000 W +44 (20) 7608 2666 Fax +44 7768571370 C London

Brandon Thomas
Brandon Thomas

What is all this?

Robert Mitchell
Robert Mitchell

This is a quick dump! Save and archive! OP please explain when you are safe, keep up the good work!

Praise Kek! Praise Kek! Shadilay! SHADILAY!

Carson James
Carson James Editor 23-25 Great Sutton Street London EC1V0DN United Kingdom United States of America

Jack Bass bassj(at) bassj(at) 843-958-8805 H 843-953-7018 W 843-452-8012 C

Jackie Blumenthal Jackieblumenthal 669-0746 C

Jacob Weisberg jacob.weisberg(at) 212-445-5308 W
Slate Magazine 251 W. 57th St 19th Floor New York NY 10019-1894

Jake Tapper Tapperjake 202-222-7832 W 917-593-1685 C Auto-Added James Carville 703-739-7777 W
424 S. Washington St. Alexandria VA 22314

James Chace JasChace 212-501-0754 H 845-758-0446 (Bard) W 508-228-7671 (Nantucket) Fax 917-620-3745 C JoanDC: 337-1551 Pager

James Fallows jfallows(at)the fallows 415-7515/333-9211 H

James Galbraith galbraith(at) galbraith(at) 512-480-0250 H 802-365-7582 H 512-297-6544 C

James Harding james.harding(at) james.harding(at) 434-0985 W

FT James Pinkerton pinkerto(at) pinkerto(at) 2023525721 C 202-352-5721 W C C C

James Rubin JamesPRubin JamesPRubin1960(at) 207-229-3368 H C C 7961909509 C 917-344-9880 C London Brunswick 16

Lincoln's Inn Fields London WC2A 3ED UK 43 Brunswick Gardens London W8 Jan Eliasson 467-2611 W

Sweden Ambassador Jane Hamsher janehamsher(at) 310-467-6220 H

Jane Hickie jhickie(at) jhickie(at) 512-432-1948 W

Jane Mayer jane_mayer(at) jane_mayer(at) 301-652-7575 H 202-955-0968 W 202-360-2865 C

The New Yorker 1730 Rhode Island Ave NW Washington DC Jane Smiley horse.chuckle(at)

Janet Napolitano 602-542-1950 W 602-253-0883 W Governor of Arizona Executive Office 1700 West Washington Phoenix Arizona 85007

Jann Wenner jann.wenner(at) mary.mac(at) 212-484-1603 (Mary , sec) W
1290 Ave of the Americas NY, NY 10104

Cooper Powell
Cooper Powell

Jason Forrest Jason_Forrester(at) 202-224-8516 W

Jason Miner miner(at) 202-589-3928 W 202-257-0078 C

Jay Carson jcarson(at) (310) 488-9540 C

Jay Rouse jayrouse(at) (202) 689-7841 W 202) 262-3196 C

Jeff Berg 310-550-4205 W LA ICM Jeff Morley morleyj2000(at) 202-234-6237 H 202-413-7841 C

Jeff Seabright jeffseabright(at) jseabright(at) 404-676-1014 W 404-547-0426 C

Jeff Seroy jseroy(at) jseroy(at) 212-721-9829 H 646-298-6633 C weekend: 518-784-7548 Pager

Jeff Shesol Shesol 202-237-6543 H 202-223-8108 W

Jeff Stein spytalk(at) (202) 812-3034 C
Washington 4547 Grant Rd NW , DC

Jeffrey Frank frankjeff1(at) 212-787-8970 H 646-678-1476 C 607-594-2721 H C C

Jeffrey Record jeffery.record(at) (334) 953-4466 W

Jeffrey Toobin jeffrey_toobin(at) jeffrey_toobin(at) 212-286-5886 W

Jenny Backus jenny(at) 202-262-9963 C

Jerry Landay jerrylanday(at)

Jessica Stern Jessica_Stern(at) 617-492-6883 H (617)496-3623 W (617)495-9455 W 617-201-4562 C

Jill Abramson abramson(at) abramson(at) 703-979-2405 H 212-556-7292 W

Jill Iscol jilliscol(at) 212 396 2936 H 508-645-3541 H 917-488-3257 C

Jim Dobbins 703-413-1100 x5134 W

Jim Kennedy kennedy2004(at) 1160 5th Ave. Apt. 404 NY NY 10029

Jim Moore jimoore(at) 512.260.1913 H 512.300-9232 C

Jim Naughtie james.naughtie(at) james.naughtie(at) 520 270 9593 C 7976702197 C London

Jim Steinberg jsteinberg(at) 512-480-0758 H 512–232–4008 W 202-249-0635 C
Austin 3312 Duval St , Tx

Justin Brooks
Justin Brooks

Here's a bump for being based OP, keep up the good work.

Jason Morales
Jason Morales

but why are the names being posted here OP?

Ethan Gonzalez
Ethan Gonzalez

oh how about that
George Soros

Cameron Hill
Cameron Hill

Bumps? OP is still going! The list is in alphabetical order and he is only on J by the time of your post. This looks like the entire fucking list of our enemies to me.

Save every digit! Shadilay!

Elijah Campbell
Elijah Campbell

Oh fug

Someone archive and screencap

Dylan King
Dylan King

a blowtorch and a basement will be a good start.

Adam Watson
Adam Watson

Jason Forrest Jason_Forrester(at) 202-224-8516 W

Jason Miner miner(at) 202-589-3928 W 202-257-0078 C

Jay Carson jcarson(at) (310) 488-9540 C

Jay Rouse jayrouse(at) (202) 689-7841 W 202) 262-3196 C

Jeff Berg 310-550-4205 W LA ICM Jeff Morley morleyj2000(at) 202-234-6237 H 202-413-7841 C

Jeff Seabright jeffseabright(at) jseabright(at) 404-676-1014 W 404-547-0426 C

Jeff Seroy jseroy(at) jseroy(at) 212-721-9829 H 646-298-6633 C weekend: 518-784-7548 Pager

Jeff Shesol Shesol 202-237-6543 H 202-223-8108 W

Jeff Stein spytalk(at) (202) 812-3034 C
Washington 4547 Grant Rd NW , DC

Jeffrey Frank frankjeff1(at) 212-787-8970 H 646-678-1476 C 607-594-2721 H C C

Jeffrey Record jeffery.record(at) (334) 953-4466 W

Jeffrey Toobin jeffrey_toobin(at) jeffrey_toobin(at) 212-286-5886 W

Jenny Backus jenny(at) 202-262-9963 C

Jerry Landay jerrylanday(at)

Jessica Stern Jessica_Stern(at) 617-492-6883 H (617)496-3623 W (617)495-9455 W 617-201-4562 C

Jill Abramson abramson(at) abramson(at) 703-979-2405 H 212-556-7292 W

Jill Iscol jilliscol(at) 212 396 2936 H 508-645-3541 H 917-488-3257 C

Jim Dobbins 703-413-1100 x5134 W

Jim Kennedy kennedy2004(at) 1160 5th Ave. Apt. 404 NY NY 10029

Jim Moore jimoore(at) 512.260.1913 H 512.300-9232 C

Jim Naughtie james.naughtie(at) james.naughtie(at) 520 270 9593 C 7976702197 C London

Jim Steinberg jsteinberg(at) 512-480-0758 H 512–232–4008 W 202-249-0635 C
Austin 3312 Duval St , Tx

Luis Diaz
Luis Diaz

John Henry 202-669-7371 C

John Judis jbjudis(at) jbjudis(at) 301-933-9027 H 939-2322 W 301-943-0969 C

John Kornblum 4916097248169 john.kornblum(at) 493084418803 H +49-(0) 30-20 94-20 62 W 491755848909 C Berlin NOERR STIEFENHOFER LUTZ Charlottenstrasse 57 Postfach 080544 10005 Berlin Germany

John Marks 67439960 H Jerusalem

John Marttila jpmarttila(at) 617-725-1924 H 617-338-4545 W 202-249-1466 W 617-308-1557 C

John Podesta Podestafam podesta(at) jpodesta(at) 244-5673 H 662-9534 Law school W 682-1611 (Center) W 294-6114 C

Georgetown Law Center 600 New Jersey Ave. Washington DC 20001

John Ritch ritch(at) 202-342-0374 H 207 580 7020/1 800 743 1757 H 207-225-0308 W 7881626561 C 39559149720 (Le Vigne) H

36 Harley House Marylebone Road DC phone: 202 468 7477 London NW1 5HF

John Sexton 212-998-2345 (sec, Ina) W 212-505-1258 W 212-998-2334

(Dan Evans) W New York NYU John Sifton sifton(at) jsifton(at) 718 852 0600 W 917 838 9736 C

John Weaver 212-463-7024 W 210-867-6711 C

Jon Landau jlandau(at) 203-625-2636 W 914-251-9350 H
1 Sky Meadow Farm Purchase NY 10577

Jon Lovett 202-224-0220 W

Jon Sinton jsinton(at) 770.390.8959 W
5 Concourse Parkway Suite 3100 Atlanta Georgia 30328

Jonathan Alter jalter(at)

Jonathan Broder jdbroder 237-6348 H 887-8561 W 914-282-5034 C

Jonathan Dimbleby 207-743-2040 W 1225473022 C

Jonathan Freedland 207-239-9975 W 7979704196 C London

Jonathan Jacoby jacoby(at) 917-763-0118 C Auto-Added

Jonathan Larsen jlarsen(at) 718-625-8514 H 917-439-5887 C

Jonathan Powell jonathan.n.powell(at) jonathan(at) 207-930-4433/270-2005 dir W 7771502502 C London

Jonathan Winer jwiner(at) (202) 778-1487 W 301-792-2334 C
APCO Worldwide 700 12th Street NW Suite 800 Washington DC 20005

Jordan Tamagni JordanTamagni(at)

Joseph Stiglitz josephstiglitz(at)

Joseph Wilson joe(at) 505.984.5084 H 505.984.2220 val W 505.984.2227 joe Fax 505.629.9142 C 505.629.9143 val C
1717 Pennsylvania Ave NW Suite 300 20006 223 N. Guadalupe #549 Santa Fe NM 87501

Josh Galpher jgalper(at) 202-744-4047 C

Josh Gotbaum jgotbaum(at) 202-337-1677 H
(Joyce Thornhill) Hawaiian Airlines, Inc. 3375 Koapaka Street Ste G350 Honolulu HI 96819-1868 4139 Parkglen Court NW Washington DC 20007-8244

Josh Gottheimer Josh.Gottheimer(at) 202.530.4684 W 313.213.4832 C

Josh Green 362-0425 H

Josh Marshall joshua(at) joshua(at) 265-3310 H 917-664-7146 C 212-242-7877 H
TPM Media 805 6th avenue/ny, ny/10001

Juan Cole jrcole(at) 734-763-1599 H 734-764-6305 W

Judd legum jlegum(at) 202-744-6035 W

Jude Wanniski jwanniski(at) jwanniski(at) 877-879-7659 H

Judith McHale 301-771-4747 W

Discovery CEO Judy Blodgett judithblodgett(at) 202-298-7192 H

Judy Miller judymillerfreespeech(at) 646-2228-7573 C 212-875-6727 W C C C

Julia Hobsbawm info(at) 0171 734 6500 H London 28 Poland St London W1V 3DB

Julian Borger julian.borger(at) julian.borger(at) 223-2486 W 256-9660 C

The Guardian Julian Epstein jul_eps(at) 423-4519 C

Julie Sender julie(at) jsend(at) 310-428-6642 W 310-365-0594 C

Evan King
Evan King

June Sarpong jsarpong1(at)

karen greenberg lilacj55(at) 646 336-7296 H 212-998-6199 W 212-992-8854 W 917 861 7734 C 860 672 6299 H New York

Karen Kwiatkowski ksusiek(at) ksusiek(at) 540-477-2821 H 540-335-1833 C

Karen Lightfoot 225-5051 W

Rep. Henry Waxman House Goverment Operations Karen Skelton kskelton(at) 916-447-4099 W
1127 11th St. Suite 505 Sacramento California 95814

Katheryne Walker 298-4214 W
German Embassy Social Secretary German Embassy 4645 Reservoir Rd. NW Washington DC 20007

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend kktowns(at) 202-460-4485 C

Kathleen Strand kstrand(at) 603-479-7475 C

Kathleen Strand 703-875-1245 W

Kathy Sloane ksloane(at)
715 Park Avenue 10021-5047 NY

Katrina Vanden Huevel kat(at) 212/209-5412 W 917-854-9961 C

Keith Berwick berwick(at) berwick(at) 202-736-3841 W

Aspen Institute Kelly Craighead Kelly Craighead 675-8345 W 202-302-4336 C

Ken Burns 603-756-3038 W 603-731-0128 C

Florentine Films Ken Slotnick kjs(at)

Ken Vest kenvest(at) 301-208-0335 H 301-461-1363 C

Kerry Kennedy kerry(at) 914-242-1959 C

Kerry Lauerman klauerman(at) 212-905-6120 W 212.924.9016 C

Khalifa al Sherif khalifa329(at) 962797831953 C C C C C

Kirk Tofte trisuper(at) 515-278-4396 H

Kirsten Powers KirstenPowers(at)
476 Sackett Street Apt 3 Brooklyn, New York 11231

Kitty Kelley kittykelley(at) kittykelley(at) 342-0606 H

Justin Walker
Justin Walker

Can confirm at least three faxes are working, sent tactical pepes and tritium pepe.

Jaxson Hughes
Jaxson Hughes

I raise you this

Tyler Morris
Tyler Morris

accidental trip

Bentley Foster
Bentley Foster

Archived like the cunt of Marjorie Cameron.

Aiden Reed
Aiden Reed

OP!? You alive? It stopped at J?

Christopher James
Christopher James

OP told you with the god damn flag what he is posting.

Henry Taylor
Henry Taylor


Jason Parker
Jason Parker


oh hey theres hillary clinton too

Carter Johnson
Carter Johnson


Blake Sullivan
Blake Sullivan

Kurt Campbell 202 775-3267 W

L Rothschild 508-627-4796 H

Lally Weymouth lally.weymouth(at) 212-445-5550 W (917) 699-0371 C

Lanny Breuer 363-4067 H 662-5538 W

Lanny Davis ldavis(at) 301-963-8834 H 301-928-7532 C

Lara Bergthold larab(at) larab(at) 310-567-2720 C

Lari Martinez HilarionMartinez(at) MartineH(at) (305) 348 3681 W 305 987-3490 C C C C

Florida International University Larry Diamond 650-723-1754 W 650-814-3345 W 877-466-8374 C

Larry Johnson lcjohnso(at) 301 767 0825 W 301 767-0366 H 301 442 5957 C

Laura Capps lcapps(at) 712-2974 W

Laura Graham laura(at) 212-3481779 W 917-445-0352 C

Laura McClure lmcclure(at) 415-401-8277 H

Laura Sandys laura.sandys(at) 07980 595861 C London 23 Warwick Square London SW1V 2AB

Laura Tyson tyson(at) 0207 000 6060 H 510 642 3067 W London Haas School of Business University of California, Berk 545 Student Services Building, #1900 Berkeley CA 94720-1900

Lauren Jiloty laurenjiloty(at) lauren.jiloty(at) 425.497.4330 W 425.785.5305 C C C C Executive Assistant to Bill Gates 7853 SE 27th Street Apt. E-503 Mercer Island, WA 98040

Laurie Rubiner Laurie_rubiner(at) lrubiner(at) C 202-224-5656 W C 202-641-0383 C C

Senator Richard Blumenthal Washington DC Lee Feinstein lfeinstein(at) leeafeinstein(at) 2027416550 W

Lee Franklin lfranklin(at) lfranklin(at) 212-941-2727 W 917-450-3163 C Medley Global Advisors

Leslie Fields l.b.fields(at) 847-212-1545 C

Liaquat Ahamed lahamed2(at) 202-746-7305 C 202-362-2153 W 202=362-3904 H
3001 44th Place NW Washington DC 20016

Brayden Thompson
Brayden Thompson

their face when

Grayson Campbell
Grayson Campbell

Lionel Barber 212-641-6503 W
Financial Times Lisa Chamberlain lisacchamberlain(at) 212-477-0969 H 917-691-7020 C

Lissa Muscatine Lmuscatine 301-951-4214 H 301-529-5905 C

Lloyd Grove Llbengr(at) 212-595-3223 C

Lou Dubose lluis3333(at) ldubose(at) 202-547-7002 H 202-294-2284 W 512-567-0752 C
121 12th St. SE (105) Washington DC 20003

Luca Bader lucabader(at) 349 3065686 C Italy

Lucy Carrigan lcarrigan(at) lucycarrigan 212-889-2965 W 917-859-3086 C

Lupo Pistelli pistelli(at) 393480515463 C Italy Lyn and Norman Lear lynbmb(at) 310-472-7011 H
1911 Westridge Rd. Los Angeles California 90049

Lynn Rothschild lder(at) lynn1(at) 07787566038 PA 212-403-3683 PA 2073495500 H 212 980 0025 (geraldine) H 646-250-3567 H 7711979194 C 44-229-668-8204 H London 435 E. 52nd Street NY NY 10022 31 Tite St SW3 4JP London 435 E. 52nd St, NY 10022

Lynn Sweet lsweet(at) lsweet3022(at) 202-662-8808 W 202-320-6044 C

Madeleine Albright 334-2428 H 778-3565 W

Maggie Mitchell mags_mitchell(at) 202-256-2175 W

Mandy Grunwald 202-333-1319 W 202-669-2899 C

Marc Dunkelman mdunkelman(at) 202-236-8786 C C C C C

Marcia Fields 847-209-4112 C
1170 Westmoor Rd Winnetka IL 60093-1843
Margaret Jay 207-286-5701 H 207-219-3000 (Lords) W London Margot Friedman mfriedman(at) 332-5550 W 330-9295 C

Marie Warburg marie.warburg(at) 4032825860 W 617-230-2633 C 1607066582 C
Private Life BioMed AG Fuhlentwiete 12 Hamburg Germany 20355 c/o MN/AP Nonnensneg 9 Hamburg Germany 22587

Marilyn Melkonian 965-0205 H 333-8447 W 202-255-8963 C

Marjie Esterquest 617-472-5950 H 617-750-5028 C

Mark Danner mark(at)
322 West 88th Street, B NY NY 10024 Mark Ginsberg ambmcg(at) 778-1002 W 352-1995 C
1615 L St. Suite 900 Mark Green Markgreen02 212-987-8425 H 212-490-0001 W

Benjamin Diaz
Benjamin Diaz

L rothschild huh?

Jeremiah Powell
Jeremiah Powell

Mark Karlin buzzflash(at) 312-829-7760 H

Mark Penn 331-1115 H 842-0500/2040 W 202-415-1222 C

Mark Weiner mweiner(at) mweiner(at) 800-562-5766 H 401-840-8222/467-3170 W 401-467-3570 Fax 401-952-4929 C

Mark Weiner 800-562-5766 W

Marta Dassu marta.dassu(at) 393355787900 C Rome Martha Raddatz martha.j.raddatz(at) 202-222-6390 W

Martin Blatt 617-492-6259 H 617-242-5648 W

Martin Kettle martin.kettle(at) martin.kettle(at) 1727370511 H 207-239-952/278-2332 W 7855163313 C London The Guardian 119 Farringdon Road London EC1R 3ER England, UK 3 AVenue Road St. Albans AL1 3QG London England, UK

Martin Kilian mkicville(at) (202) 332-8575 H (434) 296-8537 W

Martin Linsky 212-316-9892 H 617-496-3872 W

Martin Sieff msieff(at) 301-564-5347 H 202-898-8296 W 240-997-0328 C

Martin Walker 898-8141 W 841-9023 C

Marty Blatt marty_blatt(at) 617-242-5648 C

Mary Jacoby mjacoby(at) 202 250 3619 H 202-531-0623 C 202 412 9370 C
149 Avenue du Prince Héritier Brussels 1200 Belgium 4115 Military Road Washington DC 20015

Mary Pat Bonner mpbonner(at) 703-447-0435 C

Matt Stoller stoller(at) 617-216-9946 H

Matthew Dallek matt_dallek(at) 202.234.4552 H 202.302.1794 C

Matthew Waxman matthew.waxman(at) 202-255-5230 C

Maura Moynihan mmoynihan108(at) 917-887-8380 C

Maurice Saatchi 207-543-4500 W London M&C Saatchi 36 Golden Sqare London W1F 9EE

Max Blumenthal xamxam1(at) maxjblumenthal(at) 202-744-4951 H C C C C
054-444-3662 1801 Dorchester Road #3M Brooklyn NY 11226

Max Brown max(at) 415-2727 W

Max Cleland 202-565-3521 H

Joshua Moore
Joshua Moore

Melanne Verveer melanneverveer(at) pverveer 265-0230 H 772-3120 W 352-6555 C
2125 Leroy Pl. NW Washington DC 20008

Melissa Pranger prmpranger(at) 208-677-5747 H London Menno Meyjes MMeyjes 137-3830-258 H 415-505-2637 C 7711810910 C London

Michael Abramowitz miabramowitz(at) 202-314-0394 W

Michael Forcey m4c(at) 362-3677 H 530-7188 W

Michael Janeway mj153(at) mj153(at) 860-435-2749 (Conn.) H 212-663-5052 (h) W 202-691-4334 W 917-881-2038 C 917-301-7540 bar C
238 Indian Mt. Rd Lakeville CT 6039 Michael Levy 207-487-5174 W London Lord

Michael Lind mlind40(at) Lind(at) 202 664-4300 C

Michael Medavoy 310-273-0078 H 310-244-6106 W

Michael Sheehan michael.sheehan(at)

Michael Tomasky Tomasky mtomasky(at) 301-920-0939 H 202-331-1185 W 301-512-9721 C 301-920-0923 Sarah H The American Prospect 2000 L St. NW, 7th Fl. Washington, DC 20036 1224 Dale Dr. Silver Spring MD 20910

Michael Vachon michael.vachon(at) 212-320-5526 W 917-859-0970 C
Soros 888 Seventh Ave. NY NY 10106 Michael Waldman michael.waldman(at) 212-998-6731 W Brennan Center/NYU 161 Ave. of the Americas 12th Floor NY NY 10013

Michal Keeley michal.keeley(at) 301-585-6981 H 301-237-5131 C

Mickey Kaus Mickey_Kaus(at) 310 577 3141 H 917 533 8226 C

Mike Allen mike_allen(at) 703-647-8545 W 202-731-5153 C

Mike Cantor mcantor(at) mcantor(at) 234-9282 H 835-1619 W 255-2567 C

Mike Lux mlux(at) 202-628-7771 W

Mike Rogers mrogers(at) 202-588-9446 H

Mike Tomasky mtomasky(at) sarahkerr(at) 301 920 0939 H 212-508-0799 W C C C

Minyon Moore MMoore(at) 202-253-9178 C 202 879-5588 W

Molly Bingham molly(at) 202 237 0073/4/5 H 202 256 6216 H

Gabriel Reed
Gabriel Reed

I think that must be the bilderberg one, Lynn.

Jose Diaz
Jose Diaz

Morgan Downey Mordowney(at) 2029570085 H

Myra MacPherson mlmacpherson(at) 202 588 0585 H

Myra McPherson mlmacpherson(at) 202-256-6659 C

Nancy Bagley nbagley(at) 202.745.9788 H 2301 Tracy place nw Washington DC

Narda Zacchino NZacchino(at) NZacchino(at) 415-298-5194 C

Nasim Ashraf appnasehat(at) 646-330-1213 C

Neera Tanden ntanden(at) ntanden(at) 494-2448 H 202-741-6374 W 202-263-0180 W 202 531 2304 C

Neil Kauffman neilkauff(at)

Neil Kauffman 610-543-5440 H 215-546-8016 W

Nick Confessore 393-5155 W

Nick Goldberg Nick.Goldberg(at) Nick.Goldberg(at) 213-237-7807 W

Nick Littlefield nlittlefield(at) nlittlefield(at) 617-832-1105 H 617-491-9131 W 617-697-4988 C

Nick and Louise Wapshott wapshott(at) indianicholson(at) 646-414-1442 W 212-844-9258 C 212-844-9258 W 646-895-2919 W L:212 842 0213 W 135 East 54th Street, # 15K New York 10022, Nina Gardner 202 5605571 H 347 6139012 C Italy

Nina Planck Nina(at) 212-982-6462 H 646 285 8541 C
51 MacDougal Street, Suite 19 New York NY 10012-3076

Norman Birnbaum red21(at) 342-0241 H

Paolo Valentino PValentino(at) 202-248-4938 H 202-248-7076 H

Par Nuder par.nuder(at) 4685406384 H 46705954412 C

Pat Lang ismoot(at) 703-888-2674 H 703-888-2685 W 202-352-8818 C

Pat Yack patrickyack(at)

Patricia Duff mspduff(at) 212-410-6501 H 917-331-0123 C

Patricia Hewitt hewittph(at) 207-726-2567 H 207-215-5144 W 00162518403 (constituency Fax 7715790970 C London UK Minister of Trade and Industry a Victoria St. London

Patrick Jarreau jarreau(at) 334688694664 C

Bentley Diaz
Bentley Diaz

please say what the Ws Hs and Cs mean at the end

Aiden Diaz
Aiden Diaz

Work Home Cell

Blake Gonzalez
Blake Gonzalez

work home cell I assume…

Joseph Turner
Joseph Turner

Is this going to be a thread in which we sent people plastic frogs over the mail

Lucas Russell
Lucas Russell

Gas yourself, namefag.

Adrian Nguyen
Adrian Nguyen


Jack Lewis
Jack Lewis

Let's make it rain frogs.

Nathaniel Perez
Nathaniel Perez

It has

Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen

I'm deploying the tactical steel dumps on the few addresses listed here

Jonathan Wright
Jonathan Wright

Patrick Logan 847-441-4012 H 847-441-6869 W

Patti Solis Doyle Pattisolis 703-469-2008 W 202.263.0190 W 744-5191 C

Paul Begala pbegala(at) pbegala(at) 703-893-9033/893-9239 H 898-7981 W 703-288-5548 W 540/477-3064 H

Paul Berman PLBerman25 212-877-2488 H

Paul Blumenthal paulblumenthal(at)
35 Graham Ave. Apt. 1B Brooklyn NY 11206

Paul Glastris Glastris 301-320-6409 H 393-5155 W 202-213-6449 C
Washington Monthly

Paul Krugman pkrugman(at) 609-688-0315 H

Paul London 966-7893 H

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Peter Brown PeterB(at) PeterB(at) 212-362-7850 H 212-486-7070 W

Peter Canellos canellos(at) 617-771-8489 C

Peter Daou peter(at) 212-945-4393 W 917-860-0088 C

Peter Dougherty peter_dougherty(at)pupress.prince martha_camp(at) 609-924-5915 H 609-258-4953 martha camp W 609-258-6778 W 609-577-5516 C

Peter Galbraith pwgalb(at) 4755 102550 H

Peter Hain peter(at) 207-210-1025 W 7866572598 C

Peter Knight knight(at) peter.knight(at) 364-8477 H 419-3400 W Maine: 2073636205 Fax 236-9641 C

Peter Mandelson peter(at) peter(at) 207-229-3380 H 207-219-2449 W 7860419934 C

Peter Pringle pringlep(at)

Peter Schneider Pschneid21 493032702326 H 202-338-3656 H 1781 4170130 C
1923 38th St NW Washington DC Peter Singer psinger(at) 703-812-1356 H 202-797-6042 W

Andrew Cox
Andrew Cox

Peter Steinfels psteinfels(at) steinfel(at) 212 663 2469 H 212 636 7621 W

Peter & Diana Beinart dianabeinart(at) 202-669-2721 C 202-297-6263 Diana C

Phil Singer 202-215-2537 C

Phil Trounstine phil(at) phil(at) 831-662-2652 W

Philip Bobbitt pbobbitt(at) 512-472-2779 C 512-970-8314 C C C C

Philip Gould philip(at)

Philip Turner philipsturner(at) 917-293-0901 W

Philippe Reines Philippe_Reines(at)clinton.senate preines(at) preines(at) 202-224-2873 W 202-494-4581 C

Philippe Sands philippesands(at) 44 20 7794 7666 H
Rahm Emanuel recos(at) 312-665-4289 H 773-255-2274 (Amy cell) Fax 312-953-3088 C
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Ralph Alswang ralph(at) (202) 745-0455 H

Ralph Neas rneas(at) rneas(at) 467-2304 W 215-1481/531-1913 C

Ralph Whitehead rww(at) rww(at) 413-549-6112 H 413-549-1835 H 202-595-3101 H 413-545-5922 W
15 Forestedge Road, Amherst MA

Randy Beers Rand1142 202 234-1930 H 202-329-9145 C

Ray McGovern rrmcgovern 703-536-8511 H 571-239-0554 W

Rich Miholsky 301-967-4578 (Peggy) W 258-5577 C

Richard Clarke (703) 812-9199 H

Richard Cohen cohenr(at) cohenr(at) 212-445-4901 H 212 327 1443 C

Richard Cohen richardcohen(at) cohenr(at) 212 327 1443 H

Richard French rfrench(at) rfrench(at) 212-481-5666 W 845-339-6200 x225 W 914-420-3665 C

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Richard Holbrooke rholbrooke(at) 212-651-6401 W 917-415-4868 C
Perseus 1325 Ave of the Americas 25th floor New York NY 10019

Aiden Ortiz
Aiden Ortiz

Richard Kaufman richard(at) 310-453-5550 W 213-200-1300 C

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RHM Global RHM Global LLC 1350 Avenue of the Americas, 4th Floor New York NY 10019 Richard

Parker richard_parker(at)Harvard.Edu richard_parker(at)Harvard.Edu 617-475-5139 H (617) 495-8269 W 617-216-2752 C

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Rick Vandiver 210-748-2432 C

Rita Hauser rhauser(at) 212-956-3645 W

Rob Johnson Rajshaman(at) rjohnson(at) 415-868-9340 H 203-552-1094 Fax 203-912-7367 C Haven Entertainment 98 Glenwood Dr. Greenwich Connecticut 6830

Rob Malley rmalley555(at) 202 352 3242 C

Rob Reiner (310)395-5505 H (310) 285-2300 W

Rob Riemen riemen(at) 31) (0)73 5130217 H 31. 6 11 53 18 40 C

Rob Russo RussoRV(at)

Rob Stein 703-647-4350 W

Robert Bryce robert(at) 512-445-5097 H 512-589-8235 C

Robert McNamara 667-5550 H 682-3132 W

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Robert Scheer rscheer(at) rscheer(at) 310-451-4509/600-0972 H 510-841-7616 (h,sf) W 310-663-2513 (other) Fax

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Robert Jay Lifton rjlifton(at) bjkappa(at) 508-349-9601 H 508-349-3544 H 617-547-5671 H

Daniel Phillips
Daniel Phillips

Roger Cohen rocohen(at) rocohen(at) 718-499-7065 H
NY Times

Roger Stone players02(at) 202-262-3034 C

Rolf Ekeus 468312653 H 317031125500 W 46705662777 C

Ron Klain Rklain(at) ronklain(at) 202) 776-1405 W (240) 354-7223 C
Revolution LLC Counsel 1717 Rhode Island Avenue, NW 10th Floor Washington DC 20036

Ron Ladden ronladden(at) 312-853-3000 W 312- 649-9666 C
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Ron Luckerman rluckerman(at) 818-674-0665 C 818-758-9464 H C C C

Ron Steel steel(at) (202) 234-6686 H 626-389-7098 C USC School of International Relati University Pk LA CA 90089 Ron Suskind 202-841-4011 C

Rose Styron rosestyron(at) 860-354-5939 (Conn.) H 212-888-6304 W 508-693-2535 (MV) Fax
12 Rucum Rd Roxbury, CT -6783 Box 1166 Vineyard Haven, MA 02568

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Ruby Shamir ruby.shamir(at) ruby.shamir(at)

Russ Hoyle rhoyle47(at)

Ruth Hunter RuthHunter(at) 310-890-3165 C

Ruthie and Richard Rogers 207-974-9823/730-4887 H 207-386-4250 (River Cafe) W 7785530254 C London 45 Royal Ave SW34QE

Ruy Teixeira teixeira(at) teixeira(at) 301-704-8710 H

Ryan Lizza rlizza(at) (202) 955-0964 W (202) 494-2208 C

Sally Denton Sallydenton 505-983-3706 H 505-913-1268 C

Sam Gardiner samgard 703.534.7402 H 571.236.9747 C
4624 North Dittmar Road Arlington VA 22207 Sandy Berger shb55 363-8070 H 637-5698 W
Hogan and Hartson 555 13th St. NW Suite 300 West Washington DC 20004 4228 45th St. NW Washington DC 20016

Sarah Chace sarah_chace(at) 617-852-9102 C 617-441-3015 H

Sarah Hurwitz shurwitz(at) 202-297-7831 W

Scott Berg 310-274-0116 H

Andrew Peterson
Andrew Peterson

ROGER STONE bodyman for Trump on list. Oh fuck oh fuck………..


Isaac Cox
Isaac Cox

Kek blesses us this day!

Josiah Russell
Josiah Russell

Scott Horton shorton(at) 914 712 0706 H 212-336-2820 W C 917-216-2319 C C patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler 1133 Avenue of the Americas New York NY 10036

Scott Turow scottft(at) scott(at) 847-786-4081 H 312-876-8000 W 847-905-0410 W
Evanston 848 Dodge #104 , Ill. 60202

Sean Daniel sdan45(at) 310-476-5028 H 323-956-4805 W SB: (805)695-0579 Fax 213-379-6000 C 7824492898 C

Sean Wilentz seanwilentz(at) swilentz(at) 609-921-6033 H 609-258-4702 W C 609-462-4114 C C c/o Hernandez 716 S. Madison Ave. Pasadena CA 91106

Sean in London Daniel seandaniel(at) O175 378 5472 HeatherDixon W 781 380 8563 Heathercell Fax 797 121 3924 C prod o: 175 365 6084 Pager The Metropolitan Hotel 19 Old Park Lane London, U.K. W1K 1LB 207 447 1000

Sergio Sanchez sergio_sanchez(at) 212-851-6459 C 703-992-6873 H

Shantelle Stein shantelle.stein(at) shantelle.stein(at) 44 207 693 1782 W

Sharon Luckerman sluckerman18(at) 313-885-4761 C

Shaun Woodward shaunwoodward(at) 207-233-2216 H 1865554251 H 7919596707 C 07740428580 Camilla C 44 207 2191291 W 10 Norham Gardens, Oxford OX2 Clink Wharf, London mustique 17844888151

Shawn Johnson shawnjjohnson(at) sjohnson(at) 501-688-8828 W 479-650-0208 C Mitchell Williams Selig Gates 425 W. Capitol, Suite 1800 Little Rock AR 72201 5115 Lee Avenue Little Rock AR 72205

Sheldon Drobny sdrobny(at) adrobny(at) 847 831 4505 H 847-287-4000 C

Sheldon Hackney shackney(at) shackney(at) 508-693-0467 (MV) Fax

Simon Hoggart 181-8911780 H 207-219-0026/219-6738 W 7780958610 C London 27 Sandy Coombe Road Sloan Harris sharris(at) sharris(at) 203-762-7092 H 212-556-5721 W 917-748-2483/754-9212 C
ICM 40 W. 57th St. 17th Fl. NY NY

Spencer Ackerman sackerman(at) 202-518-3894 H 202-508-4472 W 917-627-7424 C

Stanley Scheinbaum 310-471-9541 H 310-476-9853 Fax
345 N. Rockingham Avenue LA CA 90049 Stanley Sheinbaum SKS345(at) 310-472-9541 H

Stanley Sheinbaum 310-472-9541 H
345 N. Rockingham Ave. LA CA 90049 Stephanie Cutter 548-6800 W

Owen Morales
Owen Morales

Stephanie Streett sstreett(at) 501-748-0420 W

Stephen Holmes HOLMESS(at) (646) 336-7296 H (212) 998-6357 W C 390572318564 C 917 856 8463 C

Stephen Rivers smr(at) 310-395-2993 W 310 991 2401 C

Stephen Schlesinger SchlesiS(at) 212-866-1650 H 212-229-5808 x3214 W

Steve Clemons Clemons(at) 202-232-2655 H 202-276-1176 C

Steve McMahon smcmahon(at) smcmahon(at) 703-519-8600 W 703-626-9943 C

Steve Rattner srattner(at) steve(at) C 212 396 4343 W C C C

Steve Ricchetti sricchetti(at) steve(at) 879-9321 W
Ricchetti, Inc. Suite 700 East 1001 G St NW Washington DC 20001

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Stewart Wood Stewart.Wood(at)hm-treasury.x.gsi London Exchequer Sun Loma sloma(at) 773-262-3148 H 773-610-1318 C

Sun 773-262-3148 H 773-610-1318 C

Susan Blumenthal 240-432-0281 C 301 437 8485 C

Susan Eisenhower seisenhower(at)eisenhowerinstitut eisenhower.strategy(at) 301-652-6299 H 571 201 3170 C

Susan Loewenberg SALoewenberg 310-202-1863 H 310-560-1788 C

Susan McCue susan_mccue(at) susan_mccue(at) 224-0412 W 202-439-2732 C

Susie and Mark Buell belindavm(at) asteele(at) 415.248.7820 W
1550 Bryant Street, Suite 770 San Francisco, CA 94103

Tamera Luzzatto luzzatto(at) 202-333-0585/2382 H
3014 32nd St. NW Washington DC 20008

Tamera Luzzatto Luzzatto 244-3542 H 224-0290 W 228-1948 C

Landon Jackson
Landon Jackson

Report OP to request sticky!

Gabriel Sanders
Gabriel Sanders


Nicholas Ward
Nicholas Ward

Taylor Branch mail(at)

Taylor Marsh taylor(at) 202-368-6441 H

Ted Widmer ted_widmer(at) 401 863 2725 W 401-523-1148 C 401 272 2939 H

John Carter Brown Library Box 1894 Providence RI 2912 Terry Alford talford(at) 703-256-6748 H

Terry McAuliffe 863-8002 (Yael Belkind) W

Terry McAuliffe terry(at),

Thomas Caplan thomcap(at) 410-886-2196 H

Tanglewood PO Box 223 21339 Foster Avenue Tilghman Maryland 21671 Tim Grieve

tgrieve(at) 916-254-0807 W 916-837-3199 C

Timothy Garton Ash timothy.gartonash(at) 1865274470 W 7767248733 C London St.

Antony's College Oxford OX2 6JF UK Tina Brown TBOfficeNY AssistantTB(at) (Kara)

Tina.Brown(at) 212-572-2240 H 212-371-1121 W C 917-301-3056 C 6463003562 C 1745 Broadway, #22E01 New York NY 10019 447 E. 57th St. NY NY

Todd Gitlin tg2058(at) tg2058(at) 212-663-8884 H 212-854-8124 W 917-523-4005 C 518-325-5278 H
2828 Broadway Aprt. 12A NY NY 10025

Tom Baldwin tom.baldwin(at) 202 333 4131 H 202 347 7659 W 202 368 0626 C

Tom Chandos tom(at) tom(at) 207-722-8329 H 207-499-7772 W 01488668037 (country) H 7798727014 C 2083456789 TC1 Pager London 9 Park Pl London

Tom Edsall tedsall(at) tedsall(at) 202 546 8389 H 202 266 7158 W 202 631 2611 C

Tom Edsall edsallt(at) t.edsall(at) 546-8389 H 212 854 6042 W 202 631 2611 C

Tom Frank wedelbe(at) 202 363 6867 H
3801 Alton Pl NW washington DC 20016

Tom Freedman TFreedma 237-9008 H 328-5046 W 271-7832 C

Tom Geoghehan geogh77(at) 312 372 2511 W 773 936 3663 C

Tom Mangold 7802880088 H 208-995-0930 W London Tom Matzzie tom(at)

Michael Nelson
Michael Nelson

Prepare the cannons lads!

Bentley Williams
Bentley Williams

Tom Oliphant Tom.Susan2(at) 202-965-5415 W

Tom Schaller schaller67(at) schaller67(at) 202-518-8722 H 410-455-2845 W

Toni Morrison 914-398-7792/398-0242 H 773-667-4201 W 773-667-5429 Fax

Tony Blinken ABlinken antony_blinken(at) 265-1362 H 224-4448 W 202-390-3914 C

Tony Podesta 352-4645 W

Tricia Davey 207-432-0803 (4) W London ICM 4-6 Soho Square 2nd Floor London

Trish Enright triciaenright(at) 202-230-2376 C

Tyler Drumheller tdrumheller1(at) 703-448-6702 H 202-638-5339 W 703-376-1625 C
8122 Boss St Vienna VA 22182 Viet Dinh 234-0090 W

Vladimir Pechatnov pechatnov(at)

VV Harrison twovees(at)

Walter and Ann Pincus pincusw(at) pincusw(at) 333-7770 H 334-7429 W 252-261-8247 H

Warren Beatty mp2980(at) 310-470-4752 H

Wayne Barrett 718-832-2454 H

Wayne Koontz clifton(at) 338-8303 H 298-6532 W

Wes Boyd wes(at) wes(at) 510-558-1328 W
1141 Walnut St. Berkeley CA 94707 Wes Clark 501 244-9522 W

Will Hutton will.hutton(at) will.hutton(at) 207-479-2158 W 7788564710 C London 34 Elms AVenue Muswell Hill N10 London William Weld 212-835-2007 W
wilson valerie 202-213-4905 C

Wolfgang Ischinger wolfgangischinger(at) l-vz1(at) 0044 20 7824 1301 W London German Embassy 23 Belgrave Square London SW1X 8PZ UK

Wolfgang Nowak wolfgang.nowak(at) 49, (0)30-34 07 42 06 W 0049 172 2402473 C

Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft Sprecher Unter den Linden 13-15 10117 Berlin Germany

Yosri Fouda yosri21(at)

Zoe Chace zchace(at) 917-301-6983 C

Aiden Murphy
Aiden Murphy

My phone's contact list just got yuge.

Jackson Roberts
Jackson Roberts

Maybe now op can tell us why this shitpost is relevant. and why its something we couldn't have found on leaked source.

Jonathan Rivera
Jonathan Rivera

and archived

Cooper Gutierrez
Cooper Gutierrez

because it has the dox for hillary clinton and george soros, as well as the phone number of a rothschild
is that enough reason for you?

Zachary Scott
Zachary Scott

Flag relates to pedo shit.
Looks like a dead man switch posting imo.

Brandon Rivera
Brandon Rivera

You are edging near ==Heresy== user.

Hudson Gomez
Hudson Gomez

Is it this?

Levi Hill
Levi Hill

youd better save the webpage as a .html before someone takes the website offline and deletes the posts before putting the thread back up

Aiden Adams
Aiden Adams

Done, but its to late. I have it all saved, and am spreading it.

Blake Collins
Blake Collins

IMO, it looks like someone just extracted contact information from the hillary emails.

Mason Wright
Mason Wright

Not done. Just taking a look at what else I grabbed that is relevant. Few minutes.

Carson Hall
Carson Hall


Adam Flores
Adam Flores


Oliver Peterson
Oliver Peterson

oh boy

Zachary Stewart
Zachary Stewart

Can you say anything about where you got these from?
We've been contacted by supposedly anons in FBI, Masons, etc. So..

Aaron Bell
Aaron Bell

Toasting in an epic bread

Julian Bailey
Julian Bailey

based op

Joseph Foster
Joseph Foster

Dont fucking ask him.

Jayden Myers
Jayden Myers

based OP delivers

Gabriel Peterson
Gabriel Peterson

OP are you safe? Do not answer any calls or door knocks. Turn off all lights

Sebastian Flores
Sebastian Flores

No need to reveal. If these are accurate…hooo boy

Jaxon Morgan
Jaxon Morgan


Thomas Wood
Thomas Wood

George Soros 212-262-6300
a women answered "hello soros fund management" i was hoping it was his personal number kek

Jaxon Green
Jaxon Green

Here we go lads. OP has delivered.

Now it's our turn.

Adam Richardson
Adam Richardson

CAUTION! Before spamming these addresses and letting them know we have them, think about other things we might want to do first. Can some of these email accounts be hacked?

Isaiah Perry
Isaiah Perry

plan of attack is best. there has to be a way to maximize all this potential

Aaron Ortiz
Aaron Ortiz


Connor Morales
Connor Morales

Al Gore [email protected] [email protected] 703-875-9207

Anthony Weiner [email protected] [email protected] 917-783-9001

George Soros 212-262-6300 W Soros 888 Seventh Ave NY NY 10106

Hillary Clinton 3067 Whitehaven street, NW Washington DC 20008 Hillary Clinton 202 228-0772 Fax

Huma Abedin Huma_Abedin(at) 2020 12th St, NW #709 Washington DC 20009 Husain Haqqani hhaqqani(at) haqqanih 202-270-2570 C

John Podesta Podestafam podesta(at) jpodesta(at) 244-5673 H 662-9534 Law school W 682-1611 (Center) W 294-6114 C

Tony Podesta 352-4645 W


Ryan Sullivan
Ryan Sullivan

The point is to demoralize and sow fear first. They will know they've been compromised very quickly, probably too quickly for us to manipulate them effectively.

Cooper Watson
Cooper Watson

Loose lips sink ships.

The first thing a hacker would do is try each of the email addresses with a few thousand common passwords against the most common websites or sensitive servers the hacker had discovered.

Elijah Evans
Elijah Evans

Just saying that these have been out for almost month now..

Christian Cox
Christian Cox

Call them and ask if they want to go to Comet Ping Pong for pizza

Henry Parker
Henry Parker

Anyone know why there would be a list of financial entities with GPS coordinates?

Oliver Phillips
Oliver Phillips

T AEWV 292100N 0473136E 29.35000,47.52666
ALLIANCE ALLIANCE 31 1 D NEB AFPA 420606N 1025218W 42.10166,-102.87166
ALMA ALMA 55 1 D WISC ADNN 441912N 0915453W 44.31999,-91.91472
ALMATY ALMATY KZ 4 KAZAK ALDL 432110N 0770225E 43.35277,77.04027
ALMNAS ALMNAS SW 3 SWEDE 591029N 0173175E 59.17471,17.53749
ALTENBAMBERG ALTNBMBG GE 4 GERMY 495100N 0075350E 49.85000,7.89721
ALTENWALDE ALTENWLD GE 4 GERMY ALAE 535010N 0083855E 53.83610,8.64860
ALTO PASS ALTOPASS 17 1 D ILL AGDB 374212N 0891906W 37.70333,-89.31832
ALTURAS ALTURAS 06 1 G CAL AGFM 412914N 1203229W 41.48721,-120.54138
ALTUS ALTUS 40 1 E OKLA AGGR 343819N 0992001W 34.63860,-99.33360
ALVIN ALVIN 48 1 E TEX AGSR 292505N 0951406W 29.41804,-95.23499
AMELIA EARHART AMLERHRT GE 4 GERMY AHMP 500405N 0081353E 50.06804,8.23138
AMELIA ISLAND FLORIDA AMELIAI 12 1 C FLA 303627N 0812737W 30.60750,-81.46027
AMHERST AMHERST 36 1 A N Y AHRS 425807N 0784800W 42.96860,-78.80000
AMSTENRADE AMSTENRD NL 4 NETHR AHUU 505800N 0055701E 50.96666,5.95027
ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE ANDSNAFB GQ 7 GUAM AJJY 133452N 1445539E 13.58110,144.92749
ANDERSON ANDERSON 18 1 D IND AJQP 400627N 0853641W 40.10750,-85.61138
ANDRADE ANDRADE 06 1 H CAL AJUZ 324300N 1144312W 32.71666,-114.71999
ANDREWS AIR FORCE BASE ANDWSAFB 24 1 B MLD AJXF 384839N 0765202W 38.81083,-76.86721
ANDROS TOWN ANDRSTWN BF 1 BAHAM AJZB 244152N 0774746W 24.69777,-77.79610
ANGAT ANGAT RP 7 PHILI AJZX 145505N 1210100E 14.91804,121.01666
ANGELS PEAK ANGELSPK 32 1 G NEV AKEH 361915N 1153428W 36.32082,-115.57443
ANGLETON ANGLETON 48 1 E TEX AKHW 293706N 0952604W 29.61832,-95.43444
ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION ANPLSJNC 24 1 B MLD AKUX 390530N 0765030W 39.09166,-76.84166
ANNAPOLIS ANNAPOLS 24 1 B MLD AKUS 385836N 0762942W 38.97666,-76.49499
ANNISTON ANNISTON 01 1 C ALA AKWU 333800N 0854936W 33.63333,-85.82666
ANNVILLE ANNVILLE 21 1 B KEN AKXU 371909N 0835814W 37.31916,-83.97054
ANTHONY ANTHONY 20 1 D KAN ALJU 370906N 0980142W 37.15166,-98.02832
ANTLERS ANTLERS 40 1 E OKLA ALND 341354N 0953706W 34.23166,-95.61832
AOYAMA TOKYO CITY AYMTKYCY JA 7 JAPAN 354004N 1394314E 35.66777,139.72054
APALACHICOLA APALCHCL 12 1 C FLA ALYH 294335N 0850129W 29.72638,-85.02471
APPOMATTOX APPOMTTX 51 1 B VIR AMCS 372118N 0785148W 37.35500,-78.86333
ARAXOS ARAXOS GR 5 GREEC AMGB 380907N 0212538E 38.15194,21.42721
ARCHIE ARCHIE 29 1 D MO AMSR 382900N 0942102W 38.48333,-94.35055
ARDEN HILLS ARDNHLLS 27 1 D MINN AMYJ 450300N 0930908W 45.05000,-93.15222
ARKANSAS CITY ARKNSSCY 20 1 D KAN ANKS 370330N 0970212W 37.05833,-97.03666
ARLINGTON BALLSTON 1 ALGTNBLS 51 1 B VIR 385202N 0770507W 38.86721,-77.08527
ARLINGTON BALLSTON 3 ALGTNBL3 51 1 B VIR 385202N 0770507W 38.86721,-77.08527
ARLINGTON BALLSTON STATION ALGTNBSS 51 1 B VIR 385202N 0770507W 38.86721,-77.08527
ARLINGTON QUINCY STREET STATION ALGTNQNC 51 1 B VIR 385202N 0770507W 38.86721,-77.08527
ARLINGTON SEQIOIA PLAZA #2 ALGTNSP2 51 1 B VIR 385505N 0771005W 38.91804,-77.16804
ARLINGTON VIRGINIA SQUARE ALGTNVGN 51 1 B VIR 385202N 0770507W 38.86721,-77.08527
ARLINGTON WEBB BUILDING ALGTNWBD 51 1 B VIR 385202N 0770507W 38.86721,-77.08527
ARLINGTON ARLINGTN 17 1 D ILL ANNX 412830N 0891500W 41.47499,-89.25000
ARLINGTON ARLINGTN 39 1 B OHIO ANPT 405336N 0833906W 40.89333,-83.65166
ARLINGTON ARLINGTN 51 1 B VIR ANRS 385202N 0770316W 38.86721,-77.05444

Nolan Clark
Nolan Clark


Charles Torres
Charles Torres

For the satellites?

Austin Hall
Austin Hall

Ok Found the site where he grabs those.

www (DOT)

Mason Scott
Mason Scott

think of the satellites user

Jace Mitchell
Jace Mitchell


Ethan Hall
Ethan Hall

Something to do with dessicated erythrocytes.

I'm not sure what that is.

Carter Perry
Carter Perry

weird ass site with dat 90's "encryption" lel

James Young
James Young

pic at bottom of the site about congress something something

Hunter Perez
Hunter Perez

colored box above the pic goes here

Camden Turner
Camden Turner



Brandon Lewis
Brandon Lewis

wtf is this site


Wyatt Hughes
Wyatt Hughes

Got archives?

Nathan White
Nathan White


Jason Garcia
Jason Garcia

Dump of urls coming.. This is creepy.

Christopher Smith
Christopher Smith

someone else did an hour ago…..

Leo Flores
Leo Flores – pizza container

Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson


Old meme is old.

Noah Sullivan
Noah Sullivan

cia data dump.. mentions isreal.. WFT

WTF is this god awful site

Colton Young
Colton Young

Smells like a honeypot.

Jacob Clark
Jacob Clark

Are you just derailing the data dump you massive faggot?

James Hughes
James Hughes

no.. exploring this weird site. looks like a lot of run of the mill illuminati conspiracy filterman tier stuff. it also has all the above names and numbers that just got dumped

Christopher Reyes
Christopher Reyes

and a video archive of some dark stuff they have. looks like b-rated crap.

Kayden Robinson
Kayden Robinson

where are all these adresses from? who are all those people? what the fuck is going?

Henry Morales
Henry Morales

We have been rused by /x/

Carter Robinson
Carter Robinson

Someone, scan the page with url crawler or something, you'll find many weird urls.!

Asher Thomas
Asher Thomas

Arlington Ballson
I live in Ballston. Can I do any on the scenes digging on whatever the hell this info is?

Tyler Bell
Tyler Bell

octagon. lhohq .info/

There is a number of emails listed in background which is accesible through viewing sourcecode

Some names I see:

Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton Press Office
Sarah Jessica Parker
Al Pacino Office

what the fuck is this site?

Luke Wood
Luke Wood

a link went to this… 4chan

Easton Rodriguez
Easton Rodriguez

the words half-chan near bottom of page near the words old-fag… 4chan related weirdness in the whole gay ass site

Charles Rogers
Charles Rogers

Chem trails and red blood cells. Are you just larping because this is some serious stuff you got going here.

Asher Davis
Asher Davis


Jack Turner
Jack Turner

looks like they just copy & paste declassified stuff…could be classified tough.. dunno (walls of text as "background" … theres loads of links hinting at the same/new sites … i guess you have to follow a certain path to get somewhere? … havent found much tough…. im just clicking trou

Adrian Parker
Adrian Parker

Archive everything that you can!

Luis Collins
Luis Collins

I think we should copy all these texts and stuff in somewhere our own hard drives and safe.
Every pic in these sites is a link to other similar site and there is just so much stuff.
Heres some mkultra-things:

Carter Mitchell
Carter Mitchell

The contact list is legit and establishes some important connections. I didn't know they may have been from Guccifer or this other website. Maybe I'm a bit new to this.

Note Tamera Luzzatto and the other famous ones.

I don't know what to make of the other stuff from that site.

I believed my whole life in a lot of things because that is what I was taught and shown on TV. Since the leaks started, I don't know what to think.

What is clear is that some companies went out and created a bunch of pseudocompanies that do fake research with no scholarly standards and we have been buying into it.

The same people that created fake cults to infiltrate other cults, Tavistock, also created fake environmental groups.

If there is some bigger game beyond Satanic Ritual Abuse and Moloch worshipping, it is beyond me.

This MK Ultra style site is far from the first one I've come across, and they all have weird little things to decrypt or uncover.

This one seems to be suggesting that the "greater game" has something to with particles being inserted into the stratosphere that are dessicated erythrocytes.

I have no idea if that is true, but it would explain the weird need to set up phony "environmentalist" organizations.

Myron Ebell was suing some of the phony ones, back in the day. Don't know what ever came of it.

Either way, the list is legit.

If it was Guccifer's, originally, I don't know. I know he was arrested and claimed that they were all devil worshippers at the top.

Are we really going in the direction that the Nazis, while bad, weren't what we have been taught, and were mostly out to exterminate child sacrificing Moloch worshippers? That the Inquisitions were actually about wiping out the Moloch worshippers? The Salem Witch Trials?

The bad guys are the good guys and the good guys are the bad guys?

It's a mixed up world.

I don't know what to think anymore, but until I do, I will continue to map this out, even though Umberto Eco claimed "there is no fucking map" at the end of Foucault's Pendulum.

Lincoln King
Lincoln King

So how exactly did you find this?

Isaac Bennett
Isaac Bennett

You're being trolled by /x/ tier garbage

Ryan Martin
Ryan Martin

I'm not worried about the theories behind everything as much as I am in establishing the connections between all of the power players.

The money trail will tell the tale, eventually.

Jordan Price
Jordan Price

For example, related

Isaac Sanders
Isaac Sanders

Bless you OP for putting America First

as the holy american emperor Trump commands us!

Christopher Cruz
Christopher Cruz

Except that, even though the news doesn't talk about it, we know that the Saudi Arabian government funded both Bush and the terror attacks and also funded Hillary Clinton.

What story is the money telling us?

Colton Morgan
Colton Morgan

This could be disinfo and an attempt to discredit and steer this thread in a different direction but there is plenty of text on this page that may be worth looking through. To any anons not in the know, you can use F12 to enter developer mode and pull the text without the backgrounds and images from the raw html in the "sources" tab. I'd recommend using pastebin or similar to archive the text. Also, this could very well be a honeypot with CP or other illegal images buried deep in the site so be cautious and don't browse without ample protection.

Elijah Jenkins
Elijah Jenkins

formatting is familiar in the link below lel and the site has been updated to at least early this year because it had some july 2016 date with text about Trump candidacy on one of the pages

Samuel Garcia
Samuel Garcia

www.lhohq. info/swift-homeland-security-economic-espionage/financial-surveillance.html

Bentley Miller
Bentley Miller

ohaiguise page name.. list of aircraft an manifests


Carson Torres
Carson Torres

if someone has httrack run it on the links

Liam Moore
Liam Moore

==Subgenius site== lots of bob dobbs stuff

Samuel Gonzalez
Samuel Gonzalez

oh good lawd

subgenius site

Blake Adams
Blake Adams

pastebin. com/sgQTMdzX

Jonathan Hall
Jonathan Hall

I like these numbers.

Hudson Wilson
Hudson Wilson


Jackson Watson
Jackson Watson

Awesome compilation of all those traitors' contact info OP. Too bad it's missing the info on Soros's spawns, the Rockefeller, Warrent Buffet, the gates family and the Rothschild (other than Hillary's favorite dyke).

Daniel Ross
Daniel Ross

ALMA ALMA 55 1 D WISC ADNN 441912N 0915453W 44.31999,-91.91472
ALMATY ALMATY KZ 4 KAZAK ALDL 432110N 0770225E 43.35277,77.04027
ALMNAS ALMNAS SW 3 SWEDE 591029N 0173175E 59.17471,17.53749
ALTENBAMBERG ALTNBMBG GE 4 GERMY 495100N 0075350E 49.85000,7.89721
ALTENWALDE ALTENWLD GE 4 GERMY ALAE 535010N 0083855E 53.83610,8.64860
ALTO PASS ALTOPASS 17 1 D ILL AGDB 374212N 0891906W 37.70333,-89.31832
ALTURAS ALTURAS 06 1 G CAL AGFM 412914N 1203229W 41.48721,-120.54138
ALTUS ALTUS 40 1 E OKLA AGGR 343819N 0992001W 34.63860,-99.33360
ALVIN ALVIN 48 1 E TEX AGSR 292505N 0951406W 29.41804,-95.23499
AMELIA EARHART AMLERHRT GE 4 GERMY AHMP 500405N 0081353E 50.06804,8.23138
AMELIA ISLAND FLORIDA AMELIAI 12 1 C FLA 303627N 0812737W 30.60750,-81.46027
AMHERST AMHERST 36 1 A N Y AHRS 425807N 0784800W 42.96860,-78.80000
AMSTENRADE AMSTENRD NL 4 NETHR AHUU 505800N 0055701E 50.96666,5.95027
ANDERSEN AIR FORCE BASE ANDSNAFB GQ 7 GUAM AJJY 133452N 1445539E 13.58110,144.92749
ANDERSON ANDERSON 18 1 D IND AJQP 400627N 0853641W 40.10750,-85.61138
ANDRADE ANDRADE 06 1 H CAL AJUZ 324300N 1144312W 32.71666,-114.71999
ANDREWS AIR FORCE BASE ANDWSAFB 24 1 B MLD AJXF 384839N 0765202W 38.81083,-76.86721
ANDROS TOWN ANDRSTWN BF 1 BAHAM AJZB 244152N 0774746W 24.69777,-77.79610
ANGAT ANGAT RP 7 PHILI AJZX 145505N 1210100E 14.91804,121.01666
ANGELS PEAK ANGELSPK 32 1 G NEV AKEH 361915N 1153428W 36.32082,-115.57443
ANGLETON ANGLETON 48 1 E TEX AKHW 293706N 0952604W 29.61832,-95.43444
ANNAPOLIS JUNCTION ANPLSJNC 24 1 B MLD AKUX 390530N 0765030W 39.09166,-76.84166
ANNAPOLIS ANNAPOLS 24 1 B MLD AKUS 385836N 0762942W 38.97666,-76.49499
ANNISTON ANNISTON 01 1 C ALA AKWU 333800N 0854936W 33.63333,-85.82666
ANNVILLE ANNVILLE 21 1 B KEN AKXU 371909N 0835814W 37.31916,-83.97054
ANTHONY ANTHONY 20 1 D KAN ALJU 370906N 0980142W 37.15166,-98.02832
ANTLERS ANTLERS 40 1 E OKLA ALND 341354N 0953706W 34.23166,-95.61832
AOYAMA TOKYO CITY AYMTKYCY JA 7 JAPAN 354004N 1394314E 35.66777,139.72054
APALACHICOLA APALCHCL 12 1 C FLA ALYH 294335N 0850129W 29.72638,-85.02471
APPOMATTOX APPOMTTX 51 1 B VIR AMCS 372118N 0785148W 37.35500,-78.86333
ARAXOS ARAXOS GR 5 GREEC AMGB 380907N 0212538E 38.15194,21.42721
ARCHIE ARCHIE 29 1 D MO AMSR 382900N 0942102W 38.48333,-94.35055
ARDEN HILLS ARDNHLLS 27 1 D MINN AMYJ 450300N 0930908W 45.05000,-93.15222

Lucas Hernandez
Lucas Hernandez

ARKANSAS CITY ARKNSSCY 20 1 D KAN ANKS 370330N 0970212W 37.05833,-97.03666
ARLINGTON BALLSTON 1 ALGTNBLS 51 1 B VIR 385202N 0770507W 38.86721,-77.08527
ARLINGTON BALLSTON 3 ALGTNBL3 51 1 B VIR 385202N 0770507W 38.86721,-77.08527
ARLINGTON BALLSTON STATION ALGTNBSS 51 1 B VIR 385202N 0770507W 38.86721,-77.08527
ARLINGTON QUINCY STREET STATION ALGTNQNC 51 1 B VIR 385202N 0770507W 38.86721,-77.08527
ARLINGTON SEQIOIA PLAZA #2 ALGTNSP2 51 1 B VIR 385505N 0771005W 38.91804,-77.16804
ARLINGTON VIRGINIA SQUARE ALGTNVGN 51 1 B VIR 385202N 0770507W 38.86721,-77.08527
ARLINGTON WEBB BUILDING ALGTNWBD 51 1 B VIR 385202N 0770507W 38.86721,-77.08527
ARLINGTON ARLINGTN 17 1 D ILL ANNX 412830N 0891500W 41.47499,-89.25000
ARLINGTON ARLINGTN 39 1 B OHIO ANPT 405336N 0833906W 40.89333,-83.65166
ARLINGTON ARLINGTN 51 1 B VIR ANRS 385202N 0770316W 38.86721,-77.05444<span id=p1>
ARMINGTON ARMINGTN 30 1 F MONT ANWB 472000N 0110550W 47.33333,-11.09721
ARNOLD ARNOLD 29 1 D MO ANZV 382605N 0952200W 38.43471,-95.36666
ASHLAND ASHLAND 23 1 A MNE APKM 463752N 0682424W 46.63110,-68.40666
ASHLAND ASHLAND 51 1 B VIR APPL 374532N 0772849W 37.75888,-77.48027
ASHLEY ASHLEY 42 1 B PENN 411237N 0755348W 41.21027,-75.89666
ASHTABULA ASHTABUL 39 1 B OHIO APRH 414641N 0804142W 41.77804,-80.69499
ASHUELOT JUNCTION ASHLTJNC 30 1 F MONT APST 473326N 1114838W 47.55722,-111.81055
ASTOR ASTOR 12 1 C FLA APXN 290944N 0813132W 29.16222,-81.52554
ATHENS ATHENS 01 1 C ALA AQEN 344806N 0865818W 34.80166,-86.97166
ATLANTA ATLANTA 13 1 C GEO AQLV 334500N 0842312W 33.75000,-84.38666
ATLANTIC ATLANTIC 37 1 C N CAR AGGC 345330N 0762024W 34.89166,-76.33999
ATSUGI ATSUGI JA 7 JAPAN AQWD 352705N 1392712E 35.45138,139.45333
AUBURN HILLS ABRNHLLS 26 1 D MICH ARHQ 422401N 0831802W 42.40027,-83.30055
AUBURN AUBURN 18 1 D IND ARCT 412200N 0850336W 41.36666,-85.06000
AUGUSTA AUGUSTA 30 1 F MONT ARQZ 472934N 1122329W 47.49277,-112.39138
AUGUSTA AUGUSTA 34 1 A N J ARRE 410744N 0744343W 41.12888,-74.72860
AURORA AURORA 17 1 D ILL ARXL 414614N 0882818W 41.77054,-88.47166
AUSTIN AUSTIN 32 1 G NEV ARYH 392808N 1171146W 39.46888,-117.19610
AVIANO AVIANO IT 5 ITALY ASHE 460154N 0123553E 46.03166,12.59805
AVON AVON 25 1 A MASS ASNR 420750N 0710230W 42.13054,-71.04166
AVONDALE AVONDALE 22 1 E LIA 295446N 0901213W 29.91277,-90.20361
BAD CANNSTATT BDCNNSTT GE 4 GERMY ATEW 484843N 0091413E 48.81194,9.23694
BAD SOELLINGEN BDSOLNGN GE 4 GERMY ATKV 485900N 0083330E 48.98333,8.55833
BADENER HOF HEILBRONN BDNHFHLB GE 4 GERMY 491000N 0010220E 49.16666,1.03888
BAIKU I RI BAIKUIRI KS 7 KORES 384834N 1272631E 38.80944,127.44194
BAKOKUS PEAK BAKOKSPK 53 1 F WASH AUTD 482222N 1244030W 48.37277,-124.67499
BALAN BALAN KS 7 KORES 371611N 1265100E 37.26971,126.85000
BALDY MOUNTAIN BALDYMTN 02 9 ALS AUVH 653305N 1643344W 65.55138,-164.56222
BALDY SUMMIT BLDYSMMT 41 1 F ORE 421755N 1224500W 42.29860,-122.75000
BALLAST POINT BALLSTPT 06 1 H CAL AUYP 324530N 1171100W 32.75833,-117.18333
BAMPTON CASTLE BMPTNCSL UK 3 UNKIN 514041N 0013522W 51.67804,-1.58944

Benjamin Wright
Benjamin Wright

BANN BANN GE 4 GERMY AVQV 492355N 0073733E 49.39860,7.62582
BARABOO BARABOO 55 1 D WISC AVVS 433112N 0894614W 43.51999,-89.77054
BARBERS POINT BARBRSPT 15 8 HAW AVXS 211802N 1580600W 21.30055,-158.10000
BARDUFOSS BARDUFSS NO 3 NORWA AWCY 690300N 0183224E 69.05000,18.53999
BARDUNIA BARDUNIA 36 1 A N Y AVYU 410634N 0735948W 41.10944,-73.99666
BARIN FIELD BARINFLD 01 1 C ALA AWNB 302320N 0873807W 30.38888,-87.63527
BARKER BARKER 36 1 A N Y AWPP 431942N 0783318W 43.32832,-78.55500
BARKSDALE AIR FORCE BASE BKSDLAFB 22 1 E LIA AWUB 323006N 0933945W 32.50166,-93.66250
BARNES MUNI BARNES 25 1 A MASS AXQD 420928N 0701800W 42.15777,-70.30000
BARTER ISLAND BARTER I 02 9 ALS AYEE 700805N 1433442W 70.13471,-143.57832
BARTON BARRACKS BARTONBK GE 4 GERMY AYGN 491718N 0103403E 49.28833,10.56749
BARTONVILLE BARTONVL 17 1 D ILL AYGP 403901N 0893907W 40.65027,-89.65194
BASDAHL BASDAHL GE 4 GERMY AYHX 532629N 0085911E 53.44138,8.98638
BATES FIELD BATESFLD 01 1 C ALA 304118N 0881427W 30.68833,-88.24083
BATTLETOWN BATTLTWN 21 1 B KEN AZCH 380350N 0861738W 38.06388,-86.29388
BAYOU CHOCTAW BAYCHCTW 22 1 E LIA CVUU 301700N 0911406W 30.28333,-91.23499
BAYRAK GARRISON BYRKGRSN TU 5 TURKY AZUC 394015N 0324310E 39.67082,32.71943
BEALE AIR FORCE BASE BEALEAFB 06 1 G CAL BAEY 390810N 1212640W 39.13610,-121.44444</span>
BEAUFORT BEAUFORT 45 1 C S CAR BBJM 322838N 0804324W 32.47721,-80.72332
BEAVER CREEK BEAVERCR 08 1 D COL 385000N 1044916W 38.83333,-104.82110
BEAVER DAM BEAVERDM 55 1 D WISC BCAW 432750N 0885014W 43.46388,-88.83721
BEAVER BEAVER 54 1 B W VA BBVK 374451N 0810833W 37.74749,-81.14249
BEDFORD HEIGHTS BEDFRDHT 39 1 B OHIO BCXR 412301N 0813001W 41.38360,-81.50027
BEEK BEEK NL 4 NETHR BDEV 505630N 0054800E 50.94166,5.80000
BELBASI BELBASI TU 5 TURKY BDMC 395101N 0324716E 39.85027,32.78777
BELCONNEN BELCONNN AS 7 AUSTL BDMR 351325S 1490515E -35.22360,149.08749
BELFAIR BELFAIR 53 1 F WASH BDRL 472703N 1224934W 47.45083,-122.82610
BELLE CHASSE BELLCHSS 22 1 E LIA BEGS 295118N 0895918W 29.85500,-89.98833
BELLE FOURCHE BELLFRCH 46 1 D S DAK BEHG 443900N 1035012W 44.65000,-103.83666
BELLEVUE BELLEVUE 19 1 D IOWA BEZF 421531N 0902522W 42.25861,-90.42277
BELLEVUE BELLEVUE 31 1 D NEB BFAG 410842N 0955330W 41.14499,-95.89166
BELLINGHAM BELLNGHM 53 1 F WASH BFFZ 484535N 1222900W 48.75972,-122.48333
BELLOWS BELLOWS 15 8 HAW BFMV 212158N 1574310W 21.36611,-157.71943
BENTWATERS BENTWTRS UK 3 UNKIN BHVX 520732N 0012600E 52.12554,1.43333
BERGEN BERGEN 34 1 A N J 404345N 0740358W 40.72916,-74.06611
BERGSTROM AIR FORCE BASE BRGSMAFB 48 1 E TEX 293412N 0973449W 29.56999,-97.58027
BERLIN TEUFELSBERG BLNTFLSB GE 4 GERMY 522712N 0131635E 52.45333,13.27638
BERLIN BERLIN 24 1 B MLD BKEN 381921N 0751305W 38.32249,-75.21804
BERWICK BERWICK 20 1 D KAN BKXR 395600N 0955040W 39.93333,-95.84444

Evan Ortiz
Evan Ortiz

BETHANY BEACH BTHNYBCH 10 1 B DEL BLVR 383222N 0750320W 38.53944,-75.05555
BETHESDA NAVY MEDICAL CENTER BTSDNVYM 24 1 B MLD BMGM 385906N 0770530W 38.98499,-77.09166
BETTENDORF BETTNDRF 19 1 D IOWA BMFE 413109N 0902907W 41.51916,-90.48527
BEVERLY BEVERLY 54 1 B W VA BNAG 385033N 0795229W 38.84249,-79.87471
BICESTER BICESTER UK 3 UNKIN BNDE 515458N 0010745W 51.91611,-1.12916
BIG BEAR CITY BIGBERCY 06 1 H CAL BNTW 341549N 1165113W 34.26361,-116.85361
BIG ROCK POINT BIGRCKPT 26 1 D MICH BPPM 452140N 0851213W 45.36111,-85.20361
BIGGS AIR FORCE BASE BIGGSAFB 48 1 E TEX BPWZ 315058N 1062246W 31.84944,-106.37943
BILLERICA BILLERIC 25 1 A MASS BQKA 423336N 0711606W 42.56000,-71.26832
BINNS HALL BINNSHLL 51 1 B VIR 372209N 0765922W 37.36916,-76.98944
BISCAYNE BAY BISCYNBY 12 1 C FLA 253356N 0801300W 25.56555,-80.21666
BISMARCK BISMARCK 05 1 E ARK BSCF 341858N 0931014W 34.31611,-93.17054
BLACKLICK BLACKLCK 39 1 B OHIO 395944N 0824841W 39.99555,-82.81138
BLAIR LAKE BLAIR L 02 9 ALS BTSG 623245N 1500950W 62.54583,-150.16388
BLENHEIM CRESCENT BLNHMCSC UK 3 UNKIN BUHA 513430N 0002600W 51.57499,-.43333
BLOOMFIELD TOWNSHIP BLMFDTWN 26 1 D MICH 433216N 0831359W 43.53777,-83.23304
BLOOMFIELD BLOOMFLD 09 1 A CONN BUSC 414935N 0724350W 41.82638,-72.73054
BLOOMINGTON BLOMNGTN 18 1 D IND BUYA 390955N 0863135W 39.16527,-86.52638
BLOOMINGTON BLOMNGTN 49 1 G UTAH BUVF 370248N 1133619W 37.04666,-113.60527
BLOSSOM POINT BLOSSMPT 24 1 B MLD 382429N 0770636W 38.40805,-77.11000<span id=p2>
BLOTNER BLOTNER 23 1 A MNE 442227N 0691655W 44.37416,-69.28193
BLOUNTSTOWN BLNTSTWN 12 1 C FLA BVET 302636N 0850242W 30.44333,-85.04499
BLOUNTVILLE BLONTVLL 47 1 C TENN BUEZ 363206N 0821924W 36.53499,-82.32332
BLOWHARD PEAK BLWHRDPK 49 1 G UTAH 373540N 1125138W 37.59444,-112.86055
BLUE MOUNTAIN BLUEMTN VQ 1 VIUSA 174525N 0644800W 17.75694,-64.80000
BLUEMONT BLUEMONT 51 1 B VIR BWDP 390640N 0775003W 39.11111,-77.83416
BOCA RATON BOCARATN 12 1 C FLA BXBP 262100N 0800512W 26.35000,-80.08666
BODEGA BAY BODEGABY 06 1 G CAL BXBW 382000N 1230242W 38.33333,-123.04499
BOE BOE NO 3 NORWA BXCN 633806N 0142704E 63.63499,14.45111
BOEING FIELD BOENGFLD 53 1 F WASH BXDH 473149N 1221800W 47.53027,-122.30000
BOEUN BOEUN KS 7 KORES BXGD 362657N 1275150E 36.44916,127.86388
BOHEMIA BOHEMIA 36 1 A N Y BXPA 404606N 0730648W 40.76832,-73.11333
BONAMES BONAMES GE 4 GERMY BPAB 501032N 0083917E 50.17554,8.65472
BONG AM RU BONGAMRI KS 7 KORES 375440N 1270044E 37.91111,127.01222
BONSHAW BONSHAW AS 7 AUSTL BYXU 352105S 1491005E -35.35138,149.16804
BOOKER MOUNTAIN BOOKRMTN 32 1 G NEV BPAD 380602N 1171601W 38.10055,-117.26693
BOONE BOONE 19 1 D IOWA BZCR 420335N 0935248W 42.05972,-93.87999
BOONSBORO BOONSBOR 24 1 B MLD BZFK 393022N 0773910W 39.50611,-77.65277
BOOTLEGGER RIDGE BTLGGRDG 30 1 F MONT 474611N 1111929W 47.76971,-111.32471
BORINQUEN BORINQUN RQ 1 PUERT TXHL 182945N 0670748W 18.49583,-67.12999
BOSCOMBE DOWN BSCMBDWN UK 3 UNKIN CABE 510930N 0014420W 51.15833,-1.73888
BOTLEY HILL BOTLYHLL UK 3 UNKIN CBFD 522000N 0000350E 52.33333,.06388

Leo Gray
Leo Gray

BOULDER BOULDER 08 1 D COL CBRM 400054N 1051612W 40.01500,-105.26999
BOWIE BOWIE 24 1 B MLD CCSB 385520N 0764751W 38.92221,-76.79749
BOYDTON BOYDTON 51 1 B VIR CDKE 363348N 0781730W 36.56333,-78.29166
BOYERS BOYERS 42 1 B PENN CDKH 410630N 0795400W 41.10833,-79.90000
BRAC ISLAND BRAC I YO 5 YUGOS CDSL 431720N 0162931E 43.28888,16.49194
BRACKETTVILLE BRCKTTVL 48 1 E TEX 291837N 1002503W 29.31027,-100.41749
BRADENTON BRADENTN 12 1 C FLA CEAB 272907N 0823403W 27.48527,-82.56749
BRADLEY FIELD BRDLYFLD 09 1 A CONN GEKT 415615N 0724059W 41.93749,-72.68304
BRADLEY BRADLEY 09 1 A CONN CEKT 415615N 0724059W 41.93749,-72.68304
BRADSHAW BRADSHAW 15 8 HAW BRAL 194546N 1553321W 19.76277,-155.55583
BRAIDWOOD BRAIDWOD 17 1 D ILL CEXQ 411554N 0881244W 41.26500,-88.21222
BRAUNAU BRAUNAU GE 4 GERMY 510456N 0090829E 51.08221,9.14138
BRAWDY WALES BRWDYWLS UK 3 UNKIN 515259N 0000712W 51.88304,-.11999
BRAWDY BRAWDY UK 3 UNKIN CFXL 515259N 0050712W 51.88304,-5.11999
BRECKENDORF BRCKNDRF GE 4 GERMY CGGS 542515N 0093730E 54.42082,9.62499
BREEZY POINT BREEZYPT 51 1 B VIR CGRV 371555N 0790235W 37.26527,-79.04305
BREITSOL BREITSOL GE 4 GERMY CGWQ 495413N 0092549E 49.90361,9.43027
BREMARTON NAVAL HOSPITAL BRMTNHSP 53 1 F WASH BRAE 473540N 1224125W 47.59444,-122.69027
BREMEN BREMEN 18 1 D IND CGYX 412647N 0860853W 41.44638,-86.14805
BRIDGEPORT BRIDGPRT 09 1 A CONN CJEY 411001N 0731219W 41.16693,-73.20527
BRIDGEPORT BRIDGPRT 54 1 B W VA CJHP 391711N 0801523W 39.28638,-80.25638
BRIDGMAN BRIDGMAN 26 1 D MICH CJUA 415606N 0863303W 41.93499,-86.55083
BRIGHTON BRIGHTON 08 1 D COL CKDG 395907N 1044912W 39.98527,-104.81999
BRISTOL BRISTOL 09 1 A CONN CKMA 414018N 0725659W 41.67166,-72.94971
BROKENSTRAW BRKNSTRW 42 1 B PENN 415020N 0790833W 41.83888,-79.14249
BRONSON BRONSON 12 1 C FLA CLVR 292648N 0823830W 29.44666,-82.64166
BROOKLINE BROOKLIN 25 1 A MASS CMJR 421954N 0710718W 42.33166,-71.12166</span>
BROOKLYN CENTER BKLYNCNT 27 1 D MINN CMKV 450409N 0932001W 45.06916,-93.33360
BROOKLYN BROOKLYN 39 1 B OHIO CMMP 412605N 0814458W 41.43471,-81.74944
BROOKS AIR FORCE BASE BROKSAFB 48 1 E TEX CNBC 292047N 0982555W 29.34638,-98.43193
BROUGHTON ISLAND BROGHTNI CA 2 FRANK 673322N 0634908W 67.55611,-63.81888
BROWNVILLE BROWNVLL 31 1 D NEB CPRL 402352N 0953928W 40.39777,-95.65777
BRUSHY MOUNTAIN BRSHYMTN 35 1 E N MEX CQPG 324624N 1081648W 32.77332,-108.27999
BRYAN MOUND BRYANMND 48 1 E TEX CQXJ 285706N 0952117W 28.95166,-95.35472
BUCHANAN BUCHANAN 36 1 A N Y CREA 411508N 0735602W 41.25222,-73.93388
BUCHON BUCHON KS 7 KORES 372000N 1264743E 37.33333,126.79527
BUCKINGHAM BUCKNGHM 51 1 B VIR CRTN 373248N 0783300W 37.54666,-78.55000
BUCKSPORT BUCKSPRT 23 1 A MNE CRZG 443430N 0684740W 44.57499,-68.79444
BUEREN BUEREN GE 4 GERMY CSHR 513305N 0083944E 51.55138,8.66222
BUERSTADT BUERSTDT GE 4 GERMY 493829N 0082716E 49.64138,8.45444

Hunter Walker
Hunter Walker

BULLVILLE BULLVL 36 1 A N Y CTEC 413239N 0742143W 41.54416,-74.36194
BUNKER HILL AIR FORCE BASE BNKHLAFB 18 1 D IND CTUM 403900N 0860908W 40.65000,-86.15222
BURAS BURAS 22 1 E LIA 292130N 0893200W 29.35833,-89.53333
BURKE BURKE 51 1 B VIR CUDW 384736N 0771619W 38.79333,-77.27193
BURLINGTON BURLNGTN 19 1 D IOWA CUHF 404827N 0910646W 40.80750,-91.11277
BURNS FLAT BURNSFLT 40 1 E OKLA CUVP 352054N 0991018W 35.34833,-99.17166
BURNS BURNS 56 1 D WYO CUVH 411134N 1042131W 41.19277,-104.35861
BURTONSVILLE BRTNSVLL 24 1 B MLD CUZW 390640N 0765558W 39.11111,-76.93277
BURTONWOOD BURTONWD UK 3 UNKIN CVAP 532400N 0023850W 53.40000,-2.64721
BUTMIR BUTMIR BK 4 BOSNI 435120N 0182313E 43.85555,18.38694
BYRD FIELD BYRD FLD 51 1 B VIR 373014N 0771915W 37.50388,-77.32082
BYRON BYRON 17 1 D ILL CVWT 420737N 0891520W 42.12693,-89.25555
CABO SAN JUAN CABOSNJN RQ 1 PUERT 182207N 0653739W 18.36860,-65.62749
CABUYO CABUYO RP 7 PHILI 162013N 1203333E 16.33694,120.55916
CAFE SAN BLAS CAFSNBLS 12 1 C FLA 294016N 0852122W 29.67110,-85.35611
CAIRNS ARMY CNSAMYAF 01 1 C ALA CWJG 311636N 0854236W 31.27666,-85.71000
CALIFORNIA CALIFORN 29 1 D MO CXEQ 383703N 0923406W 38.61749,-92.56832
CAMBRIDGE CAMBRIDG 27 1 D MINN CXVK 453352N 0931337W 45.56444,-93.22693
CAMOLDOLI CAMOLDOL IT 5 ITALY CYPF 405130N 0141129E 40.85833,14.19138
CAMP AACHEN GREFENWOEHR CPACGFNW GE 4 GERMY 494155N 0115634E 49.69860,11.94277
CAMP ALBERTSHOF CPALBTSH GE 4 GERMY 491349N 0115046E 49.23027,11.84610
CAMP ASAHIKAWA CP ASHKW JA 7 JAPAN CYQW 434731N 1422211E 43.79194,142.36971
CAMP ASAKA CP ASAKA JA 7 JAPAN 354800N 0013937E 35.80000,1.66027
CAMP BEAUREGARD CPBERGRD 22 1 E LIA CYQY 312330N 0922230W 31.39166,-92.37499
CAMP BEDROCK CPBEDRCK BK 4 BOSNI CYQU 442417N 0183703E 44.40472,18.61749
CAMP BLANDING CPBLNDNG 12 1 C FLA CYQL 295812N 0815820W 29.96999,-81.97221
CAMP BULLIS CPBULLIS 48 1 E TEX CYRB 293446N 0983830W 29.57943,-98.64166
CAMP CASEY CP CASEY KS 7 KORES ERLW 375540N 1270413E 37.92777,127.07027
CAMP CASTLE CPCASTLE KS 7 KORES ERLT 375550N 1270338E 37.93054,127.06055
CAMP DOHA CP DOHA KU 6 KUWAT FHNC 292230N 0474000E 29.37499,47.66666
CAMP EAGLE CP EAGLE KS 7 KORES ESGU 372650N 1275850E 37.44721,127.98054
CAMP EDWARDS CPEDWRDS KS 7 KORES ESLN 374640N 1264710E 37.77777,126.78610
CAMP FALLING WATER CPFLGWTR KS 7 KORES ESNR 374405N 1270257E 37.73471,127.04916
CAMP GARRY OWEN CPGRYOWN KS 7 KORES 374845N 1265130E 37.81250,126.85833<span id=p2>
CAMP GIANT CP GIANT KS 7 KORES CYQE 375001N 1264832E 37.83360,126.80888
CAMP GRUBER CPGRUBER 40 1 E OKLA CYQG 354025N 0951219W 35.67360,-95.20527
CAMP GUERNSEY CPGURNSY 56 1 D WYO CAAM 421535N 1044330W 42.25972,-104.72499
CAMP HUMPHREY CPHMPHRY KS 7 KORES EUVT 365720N 1274900E 36.95555,127.81666
CAMP ITAMI CP ITAMI JA 7 JAPAN 344720N 1352440E 34.78888,135.41111
CAMP KIM CP KIM KS 7 KORES 373109N 1265825E 37.51916,126.97360
CAMP KITA KUMAMOTO CPKTKMMT JA 7 JAPAN 325021N 1304358E 32.83916,130.73277
CAMP KURE CP KURE JA 7 JAPAN 341330N 1132310E 34.22499,113.38610
CAMP MABRY CP MABRY 48 1 E TEX ETLB 301900N 0974506W 30.31666,-97.75166
CAMP NELSON CPNELSON 06 1 H CAL 360834N 1183630W 36.14277,-118.60833
CAMP PARKS CP PARKS 06 1 G CAL ETVM 374350N 1215405W 37.73054,-121.90138
CAMP PENDELTON CPPNDLTN 51 1 B VIR ERVD 364907N 0755914W 36.81860,-75.98721

Michael King
Michael King

CAMP PENIEL CPPENIEL 24 1 B MLD 393736N 0772622W 39.62666,-77.43944
CAMP RED CLOUD CPREDCLD KS 7 KORES ERVN 304501N 1270138E 30.75027,127.02721
CAMP ROBERTS CPROBRTS 06 1 H CAL EUHB 354956N 1204437W 35.83221,-120.74360
CAMP SAN LUSIS CPSANLSS 06 1 G CAL 351412N 1203821W 35.23666,-120.63916
CAMP SANTIAGO CPSANTIG RQ 1 PUERT CYQT 180115N 0661742W 18.02082,-66.29499
CAMP SCHIELS CPSCHILS JA 7 JAPAN 262130N 1274640E 26.35833,127.77777
CAMP SEARS CP SEARS KS 7 KORES EUPM 374512N 1270420E 37.75333,127.07221
CAMP SHELBY CPSHELBY 28 1 C MISS EURB 310930N 0891900W 31.15833,-89.31666
CAMP SURANAREE CPSURANR TH 7 THAIL 145725N 1020610E 14.95694,102.10277
CAMP THOMAS CPTHOMAS GE 4 GERMY EUZR 491041N 0080818E 49.17804,8.13833
CAMPBELL BARRACKS CMPBLLBK GE 4 GERMY CYWK 485052N 0084121E 48.84777,8.68916
CAMPBELL HEIDELBERG CMPBLHDL GE 4 GERMY 492300N 0084005E 49.38333,8.66804
CANAL FULTON CANALFUL 39 1 B OHIO CZAE 405304N 0813600W 40.88444,-81.60000
CANNON AIR FORCE BASE CANNNAFB 35 1 E N MEX CZQZ 342306N 1031926W 34.38499,-103.32388
CANNON FALLS CNNNFLLS 27 1 D MINN CZRF 443059N 0925409W 44.51638,-92.90250
CANTANO CANTANO RQ 1 PUERT DAHA 182600N 0670930W 18.43333,-67.15833
CANTON CANTON 36 1 A N Y DANZ 443548N 0751021W 44.59666,-75.17249
CAP HAITIEN CAPHAITN HA 1 HAITI DAYM 194358N 0721142W 19.73277,-72.19499
CAPE CHARLES CCHARLES 51 1 B VIR DBEF 371604N 0760104W 37.26777,-76.01777
CAPE DYER DEW CDYERDEW CA 2 FRANK DBKL 663524N 0613500W 66.58999,-61.58333
CAPE HOOPER C HOOPER CA 2 FRANK CPBJ 682740N 0665030W 68.46111,-66.84166
CAPE NEWENHAM AIR FORCE STATION CNWNHMAF 02 9 ALS CACH 583850N 1620338W 58.64721,-162.06055
CAPE PARRY C PARRY CA 2 MAKEN DBTS 700955N 1244145W 70.16527,-124.69583
CAPE ROMANZOF AIR FORCE STATION CRMNZFAF 02 9 ALS DBWT 614652N 1660211W 61.78110,-166.03638
CAPE SPENCER CSPENCER 02 9 ALS DCBZ 581158N 1363813W 58.19944,-136.63694
CAPE YOUNG C YOUNG CA 2 MAKEN CAAI 685615N 1165645W 68.93749,-116.94583
CAPEHART CAPEHART 15 8 HAW CABN 212902N 1580501W 21.48388,-158.08360
CARLTON CARLTON 55 1 D WISC DCTS 445700N 0872009W 44.95000,-87.33583
CARROCK HILL CRRCKHLL 45 1 C S CAR 345900N 0810330W 34.98333,-81.05833
CARROLL CARROLL 19 1 D IOWA DDME 420357N 0945200W 42.06583,-94.86666
CARSON CARSON 06 1 H CAL DDNS 334520N 1182315W 33.75555,-118.38749
CARVILLE CARVILLE 22 1 E LIA DEJP 301300N 0910508W 30.21666,-91.08555
CARY CARY 37 1 C N CAR DEJW 354718N 0784612W 35.78833,-78.76999
CASTLE AIR FORCE BASE CASTLAFB 06 1 G CAL DESR 372250N 1203402W 37.38054,-120.56721
CASTLE ROCK CASTLRCK 08 1 D COL DFFJ 392220N 1045120W 39.37221,-104.85555</span>
CASTLE ROCK CASTLRCK 46 1 D S DAK DFFT 445752N 1032526W 44.96444,-103.42388
CECIL FIELD CECILFLD 12 1 C FLA DGAB 301258N 0815230W 30.21611,-81.87499
CEDAR FALLS CEDRFLLS 19 1 D IOWA DGCQ 423140N 0922643W 42.52777,-92.44527
CEDAR ISLAND CEDAR I 37 1 C N CAR 345330N 0762014W 34.89166,-76.33721
CEDAR RAPIDS CEDRRPDS 19 1 D IOWA DGGB 420030N 0913838W 42.00833,-91.64388
CENTER STRAFFORD CNTRSRFD 33 1 A N H DGVT 430017N 0711100W 43.00472,-71.18333
CENTERVILLE BEACH CNTRVLBC 06 1 G CAL DGXL 364406N 1192954W 36.73499,-119.49833
CENTRAL POINT CE POINT 41 1 F ORE DHAT 422225N 1225439W 42.37360,-122.91083
CENTRALIA CENTRALI 19 1 D IOWA DHDL 422820N 0905013W 42.47221,-90.83694
CERRO CUYON CERROCYN RQ 1 PUERT 180720N 0661359W 18.12221,-66.23304
CERRO DE PUNTA 2 CRRDPNT2 RQ 1 PUERT DHES 181028N 0663532W 18.17443,-66.59221
CERRO DE PUNTA CERRDPNT RQ 1 PUERT DHES 181028N 0663532W 18.17443,-66.59221
CERRO GORDO CERROGRD PM 1 PANMA DHFW 090224N 0794047W 9.03999,-79.67971
CERRO LA MOLE CERROLML HO 1 HONDU 135421N 2725207E 13.90583,272.86860
CERVIA CERVIA IT 5 ITALY 441350N 0121840E 44.23054,12.31111
CHA-DONG 3 RI CHADNG3R KS 7 KORES 380955N 1272625E 38.16527,127.44027
CHAMPLAIN CHAMPLAN 36 1 A N Y DHXP 445911N 0732649W 44.98638,-73.44694
CHANGHOWON CHANGHWN KS 7 KORES DJCL 370650N 1273800E 37.11388,127.63333
CHANGNYEONG CHNGNYNG KS 7 KORES DJCM 353225N 1282930E 35.54027,128.49166
CHANGSAN CHANGSAN KS 7 KORES DJDJ 351125N 1290850E 35.19027,129.14721
CHANNEL ISLAND CHANNELI 06 1 H CAL DJCF 340830N 1190640W 34.14166,-119.11111

Christopher Baker
Christopher Baker

CHANNELL ISLAND AIR NATIONAL GUARD CNLSLNDN 06 1 H CAL DJCF 340830N 1190640W 34.14166,-119.11111
CHANTILLY CHANTLLY 51 1 B VIR DJCT 385318N 0772554W 38.88833,-77.43166
CHANUTE AIR FORCE BASE CHANTAFB 17 1 D ILL DJDB 401731N 0880838W 40.29194,-88.14388
CHANUTE CHANUTE 20 1 D KAN DJRK 374045N 0952725W 37.67916,-95.45694
CHAPEL HILL CHAPLHLL 37 1 C N CAR DJSP 355539N 0790226W 35.92749,-79.04055
CHAPPAQUA CHAPPAQU 36 1 A N Y DJVC 410934N 0734555W 41.15944,-73.76527
CHARLESTON AIR FORCE BASE CRLSNAFB 45 1 C S CAR DKFX 324357N 0800220W 32.73249,-80.03888
CHARLESTON CHARLSTN 45 1 C S CAR DKGL 324635N 0795553W 32.77638,-79.93138
CHARLESTOWN CHRLSTWN 18 1 D IND DKWQ 382711N 0854013W 38.45305,-85.67027
CHASE FIELD CHASEFLD 48 1 E TEX DLJG 282142N 0973947W 28.36166,-97.66305
CHATSWORTH CHTSWRTH 13 1 C GEO DLTL 344557N 0844612W 34.76583,-84.76999
CHAUTAUQUA CHAUTAUQ 36 1 A N Y DLYJ 421235N 0792801W 42.20972,-79.46693
CHEJU CHEJU KS 7 KORES DMEH 333035N 1263130E 33.50972,126.52499
CHELTENHAM CHELTNHM 24 1 B MLD DMKS 384400N 0764936W 38.73333,-76.82666
CHELVESTON CHELVSTN UK 3 UNKIN DMNA 521815N 0003110E 52.30416,.51943
CHENEY CHENEY 53 1 F WASH DMVL 472930N 1173443W 47.49166,-117.57860
CHEROKEE CHEROKEE 19 1 D IOWA DNJC 424458N 0953305W 42.74944,-95.55138
CHESHIRE CHESHIRE 09 1 A CONN DNQT 412956N 0725404W 41.49888,-72.90111
CHESTER CHESTER 24 1 B MLD DMRJ 385831N 0761723W 38.97527,-76.28971
CHIBANA CHIBANA JA 7 JAPAN DPKP 262455N 1274720E 26.41527,127.78888
CHICKASHA CHICKASH 40 1 E OKLA DPUT 350226N 0975708W 35.04055,-97.95222
CHICKSANDS CHCKSNDS UK 3 UNKIN DPUX 520249N 0002400W 52.04694,-.40000
CHOKOLOSKEE CHOKOLSK 12 1 C FLA DSJT 254809N 0812108W 25.80250,-81.35222
CHON BURI CHONBURI TH 7 THAIL 134500N 1013030W 13.75000,-101.50833
CHONAN CHONAN KS 7 KORES DSLA 364820N 1270920E 36.80555,127.15555
CHONGJU CHONGJU KS 7 KORES DSLV 363805N 1272930E 36.63471,127.49166<span id=p2>
CHRISTMAS COMMON CRSMSCMN UK 3 UNKIN DSRA 513730N 0005840W 51.62499,-.97777
CLAREMONT CLAREMNT 33 1 A N H DUWT 432150N 0721757W 43.36388,-72.29916
CLARKSBURG CLRKSBRG 24 1 B MLD DVXH 391419N 0771647W 39.23860,-77.27971
CLARKSVILLE CLRKSVLL 29 1 D MO 392214N 0905418W 39.37054,-90.90500
CLAY CENTER CLAYCNTR 20 1 D KAN DWSR 373110N 0964615W 37.51943,-96.77082
CLAY KASERNE CLAYKSRN GE 4 GERMY 522712N 0131635E 52.45333,13.27638
CLAY STATION CLAY STA 06 1 G CAL DWRG 382010N 1210930W 38.33610,-121.15833
CLAYTON CLAYTON 34 1 A N J DWZK 393936N 0750533W 39.66000,-75.09249
CLEAR CREEK CLEAR CR 02 9 ALS CLAG 642648N 1473355W 64.44666,-147.56527
CLEAR CLEAR 02 9 ALS CLAB 641806N 1490704W 64.30166,-149.11777
CLEARLAKE CLEARLAK 48 1 E TEX DXGE 293318N 0950654W 29.55500,-95.11500
CLINES CORNER CLNSCRNR 35 1 E N MEX 350030N 1054006W 35.00833,-105.66832
CLINTON COUNTY CLINTNCO 39 1 B OHIO DZPL 392546N 0834757W 39.42943,-83.79916
CLINTON POINT CLINTNPT CA 2 MAKEN CLAC 693445N 1204415W 69.57916,-120.73749
CLINTON CLINTON 17 1 D ILL DYRP 400913N 0885752W 40.15361,-88.96444
CLINTON CLINTON 19 1 D IOWA DYRS 415040N 0901119W 41.84444,-90.18860
COBBS CREEK COBBS CR 51 1 B VIR EAYF 373020N 0762350W 37.50555,-76.39721
COCODRIE COCODRIE 22 1 E LIA 291448N 0903941W 29.24666,-90.66138
COEUR D ALENE COERDALN 16 1 F IDA EBUM 474630N 1164904W 47.77499,-116.81777
COFFEYVILLE COFFYVLL 20 1 D KAN EBXM 370214N 0953658W 37.03721,-95.61611
COLBY COLBY 20 1 D KAN ECDG 392345N 1010307W 39.39583,-101.05194
COLCHESTER COLCHSTR 09 1 A CONN ECHM 413432N 0721957W 41.57554,-72.33249
COLD BLOW COLDBLOW UK 3 UNKIN ECPV 511745N 0003655E 51.29583,.61527
COLEMAN BARRACKS COLEMNBK GE 4 GERMY ECST 484516N 0082834E 48.75444,8.47610
COLEMAN SANDHOFEN CLMNSNDH GE 4 GERMY 493332N 0082814E 49.55888,8.47054
COLONIAL HEIGHTS COLONLHT 51 1 B VIR EDNU 371438N 0772438W 37.24388,-77.41055
COLONY COLONY 56 1 D WYO EDNX 444102N 1035401W 44.68388,-103.90027

Tyler Foster
Tyler Foster

COLORADO SPRINGS COLRDSPR 08 1 D COL EDUJ 385002N 1044915W 38.83388,-104.82082
COLTANO COLTANO IT 5 ITALY EDUT 432928N 0102420E 43.49110,10.40555
COLTISHALL COLTSHLL UK 3 UNKIN EDUM 524516N 0012132E 52.75444,1.35888
COLUMBIA PIKE COLUMBPK 51 1 B VIR 385202N 0770507W 38.86721,-77.08527
COLUMBIA COLUMBIA 24 1 B MLD EDWH 391425N 0765023W 39.24027,-76.83971
COLUMBUS AIR FORCE BASE CLMBSAFB 28 1 C MISS EEPZ 333837N 0882638W 33.64360,-88.44388
COLUMBUS COLUMBUS 18 1 D IND EEMZ 391205N 0855517W 39.20138,-85.92138
COLUMBUS COLUMBUS 37 1 C N CAR 351448N 0821218W 35.24666,-82.20500
COMISO COMISO IT 5 ITALY EFS1 365630N 0143600E 36.94166,14.60000
CONCORD CONCORD KS 7 KORES EGUE 374537N 1270022E 37.76027,127.00611
CONCORDIA CONCORDI 20 1 D KAN EGUL 393415N 0973944W 39.57082,-97.66222
CONCRETE CONCRETE 38 1 D N DAK EQXQ 484444N 0975603W 48.74555,-97.93416
CONGRESS HEIGHTS CENTRAL OFFICE CGHTCEOF 11 1 B DIC 385620N 0770500W 38.93888,-77.08333
CONNERSVILLE CNNRSVLL 18 1 D IND EHSP 393825N 0851544W 39.64027,-85.26222
CONSTANTA CONSTANT RO 4 RUMAN 442170N 0282930E 44.36944,28.49166
CONSTITUTION CONSTTTN 39 1 B OHIO EJCQ 392053N 0813317W 39.34805,-81.55472</span>
CORALVILLE LAKE CORLVLLL 19 1 D IOWA ELHB 414035N 0913449W 41.67638,-91.58027
CORAM CORAM 36 1 A N Y ELKU 405201N 0730001W 40.86693,-73.00027
CORDELE CORDELE 13 1 C GEO ELRT 315800N 0834810W 31.96666,-83.80277
CORNELIUS CORNELIS 37 1 C N CAR EMJA 352808N 0805106W 35.46888,-80.85166
CORONADO CORONADO 04 1 H ARZ EMVU 323144N 1104658W 32.52888,-110.78277
CORRAL BLUFFS CRRLBLFS 08 1 D COL 385154N 1033431W 38.86500,-103.57527
CORTEZ CORTEZ 12 1 C FLA ENJW 272808N 0824111W 27.46888,-82.68638
COTTONWOOD COTTONWD 46 1 D S DAK EPAE 435801N 1015420W 43.96693,-101.90555
COUNCIL BLUFFS CNCLBLFS 19 1 D IOWA EPKA 411534N 0955139W 41.25944,-95.86083
CRAIG CRAIG 08 1 D COL EWBK 403055N 1073245W 40.51527,-107.54583
CRAIOVA ROMANIA CRAIOVA RO 4 RUMAN 441906N 0235318E 44.31832,23.88833
CRANE CRANE 18 1 D IND EWJF 385328N 0865414W 38.89110,-86.90388
CRAWFORDSVILLE CRWFDSVL 18 1 D IND EWUN 400228N 0865228W 40.04110,-86.87443
CREIGHTON CREIGHTN 46 1 D S DAK EWWR 441518N 1021227W 44.25500,-102.20750
CRESCENT JUNCTION CSCNTJNC 49 1 G UTAH EWYT 385636N 1094900W 38.94333,-109.81666
CRESTON CRESTON 19 1 D IOWA EXAN 410331N 0942140W 41.05861,-94.36111
CRESTWOOD CRESTWOD 17 1 D ILL EXCP 413940N 0874509W 41.66111,-87.75250
CRESTWOOD CRSTWOOD 17 1 D ILL EXCP 413940N 0874509W 41.66111,-87.75250
CREVE COUER CREVECOR 29 1 D MO EXET 403850N 0893528W 40.64721,-89.59110
CROFTON CROFTON 24 1 B MLD EXGV 390006N 0764116W 39.00166,-76.68777
CROWNSVILLE CRWNSVLL 24 1 B MLD EXVU 393622N 0760040W 39.60611,-76.01111
CUBI POINT CUBI PT RP 7 PHILI EYAZ 144800N 1201610E 14.80000,120.26943
CULDROSE CULDROSE UK 3 UNKIN EYFR 500510N 0051511W 50.08610,-5.25305
CUPERTINO CUPERTIN 06 1 G CAL EYPE 371904N 1220109W 37.31777,-122.01916
CUSHING CUSHING 19 1 D IOWA EYXR 422753N 0954029W 42.46472,-95.67471
CYPRESS CYPRESS 06 1 H CAL EZEU 335001N 1180202W 33.83360,-118.03388
DAHLGREN DAHLGREN 51 1 B VIR EZHK 381952N 0770305W 38.33110,-77.05138

Adrian Gray
Adrian Gray

DALE CITY DALE CY 51 1 B VIR 383813N 0771841W 38.63694,-77.31138
DALLAS FORT WORTH AIRPORT DLSFTWTA 48 1 E TEX EZSE 325348N 0970228W 32.89666,-97.04110
DANA DANA 18 1 D IND FAFC 394828N 0872942W 39.80777,-87.49499
DANBURY DANBURY 09 1 A CONN FAGZ 412341N 0732716W 41.39471,-73.45444
DANDAN DANDAN GQ 7 GUAM FAJA 132800N 1444540E 13.46666,144.76111
DANIELSON DANIELSN 09 1 A CONN FAKC 414809N 0715311W 41.80250,-71.88638
DANNELLY AIRPORT DNLYARPT 01 1 C ALA FAKZ 321800N 0862328W 32.30000,-86.39110
DANNENFELS DANNNFLS GE 4 GERMY FAMA 493733N 0075512E 49.62582,7.91999
DARBY NUERNBERG DRBYNNBG GE 4 GERMY DAAN 492744N 0105933E 49.46222,10.99249
DARIEN DARIEN 17 1 D ILL FAUW 414507N 0902536W 41.75194,-90.42666
DARNESTOWN DARNSTWN 24 1 B MLD FAXK 390612N 0771728W 39.10333,-77.29110
DAUPHIN ISLAND DAUPHINI 01 1 C ALA 301519N 0880635W 30.25527,-88.10972
DAVENPORT DAVENPRT 19 1 D IOWA FBDH 413125N 0903439W 41.52360,-90.57749
DAVIDSONVILLE DVDSNVLL 24 1 B MLD FBJR 385759N 0764100W 38.96638,-76.68333
DAVIS MONTHAN AIR FORCE BASE DVSMNAFB 04 1 H ARZ FBNV 320959N 1105257W 32.16638,-110.88249
DAZEY DAZEY 38 1 D N DAK FCLJ 471104N 0981203W 47.18444,-98.20083
DE RIDDER DERIDDER 22 1 E LIA FCPB 305048N 0931718W 30.84666,-93.28833
DE-PEEL DEPEEL NL 4 NETHR FEWA 513106N 0055112E 51.51832,5.85333
DECIMOMANNU DECIMMNN IT 5 ITALY FDCZ 392118N 0085830E 39.35500,8.97499
DECORAH DECORAH 19 1 D IOWA FDAV 431812N 0914708W 43.30333,-91.78555
DEDEDO DEDEDO GQ 7 GUAM FDBG 133135N 1445008E 13.52638,144.83555
DEERING DEERING 38 1 D N DAK FDGH 482343N 1010258W 48.39527,-101.04944
DELAWARE CITY DELAWRCY 10 1 B DEL FDVC 393440N 0753521W 39.57777,-75.58916
DELRAY BEACH DELRYBCH 12 1 C FLA FDYR 262707N 0800309W 26.45194,-80.05250
DELTA DELTA 49 1 G UTAH FD2T 392106N 1123436W 39.35166,-112.57666
DENISON DENISON 19 1 D IOWA FEKA 420104N 0952101W 42.01777,-95.35027
DENVER TECHNICAL CENTER DNVTCLCN 08 1 D COL 393852N 1045914W 39.64777,-104.98721
DENVER DENVER 08 1 D COL FEQM 394421N 1045903W 39.73916,-104.98416
DEQUINCY DEQUINCY 22 1 E LIA FCNF 302701N 0932600W 30.45027,-93.43333
DES MOINES DESMOINS 19 1 D IOWA FFAJ 413632N 0933632W 41.60888,-93.60888
DETROIT LAKES DETROITL 27 1 D MINN FFKJ 465000N 0955048W 46.83333,-95.84666
DEWAR LAKES DEWAR L CA 2 FRANK FFRL 683730N 0710815W 68.62499,-71.13749
DFAS INDIANAPOLIS DFSINDNP 18 1 D IND 394606N 0860929W 39.76832,-86.15805
DHAHRAN KHOBAR TOWERS DHNKHBTW SA 6 SAURB 261523N 0501228E 26.25638,50.20777
DHAHRAN LUCKY BASE DHNLKYBS SA 6 SAURB 261443N 0500457E 26.24527,50.08249
DHAHRAN TAD-TOWN DHNTDTWN SA 6 SAURB 261443N 0500457E 26.24527,50.08249
DHAHRAN DHAHRAN SA 6 SAURB FFTJ 261550N 0500930E 26.26388,50.15833
DIAMOND RIDGE DIMNDRDG 02 9 ALS 594052N 1513723W 59.68110,-151.62304
DICKINSON DICKINSN 48 1 E TEX FFZS 292706N 0950300W 29.45166,-95.05000
DIEGO GARCIA DIEGOGRC IO 7 BRIOC FGDD 071520S 0722420E -7.25555,72.40555
DIGBY DIGBY UK 3 UNKIN DJAN 443325N 0654700W 44.55694,-65.78333
DISA ALASKA DISAALSK 02 9 ALS 611306N 1495330W 61.21832,-149.89166
DISA EUR DISA EUR GE 4 GERMY 484410N 0090450E 48.73610,9.08054
DISA HQ ARLINGTON DSHQALGT 51 1 B VIR FGLS 385202N 0770507W 38.86721,-77.08527
DIX DIX 31 1 D NEB FGPE 411401N 1032903W 41.23360,-103.48416

Jackson Anderson
Jackson Anderson

DOBBINS AIR FORCE BASE DBBNSAFB 13 1 C GEO FGWB 335455N 0843059W 33.91527,-84.51638
DODGE CITY DODGE CY 20 1 D KAN FHJG 374542N 0995751W 37.76166,-99.96416
DONG MASAN DONGMASN KS 7 KORES 350915N 1283920E 35.15416,128.65555
DONNELLY DOME DNNLLYDM 02 9 ALS 634714N 1455142W 63.78721,-145.86166
DONNYBROOK DONNYBRK 38 1 D N DAK FJCT 483034N 1015305W 48.50944,-101.88471
DORNBERG KASERNE DRNBGKSN GE 4 GERMY 510108N 0092443E 51.01888,9.41194
DOUGLAS DOUGLAS 04 1 H ARZ FJPP 312035N 1093025W 31.34305,-109.50694
DOUGLAS DOUGLAS 37 1 C N CAR 351309N 0805609W 35.21916,-80.93583
DOUSMAN DOUSMAN 55 1 D WISC FJWY 430100N 0882850W 43.01666,-88.48054
DOVER AIR FORCE BASE DOVERAFB 10 1 B DEL FJXT 390737N 0752752W 39.12693,-75.46444
DOVER DOVER 10 1 B DEL FJYB 390929N 0753129W 39.15805,-75.52471
DOWNS BARRACKS FULDA DWNSBKFD GE 4 GERMY FLFG 503323N 0093913E 50.55638,9.65361
DRACKENBERG DRCKNBRG GE 4 GERMY 521303N 0104700E 52.21749,10.78333
DRAKE BARRACKS DRKFNKFT GE 4 GERMY FLLZ 500950N 0084056E 50.16388,8.68221
DRY RIDGE DRYRIDGE 21 1 B KEN FLXC 384055N 0843524W 38.68193,-84.58999
DUBLIN DUBLIN 13 1 C GEO 323343N 0825910W 32.56194,-82.98610
DUBLIN DUBLIN 48 1 E TEX 320501N 0982006W 32.08360,-98.33499
DUBUQUE DUBUQUE 19 1 D IOWA FMEN 423002N 0903952W 42.50055,-90.66444
DUENSEN DUENSEN GE 4 GERMY FMGF 525553N 0083836E 52.93138,8.64333
DUETTE DUETTE 12 1 C FLA 273504N 0820704W 27.58444,-82.11777
DUKE FIELD DUKE FLD 12 1 C FLA FMNU 303858N 0863104W 30.64944,-86.51777
DULUTH DULUTH 13 1 C GEO FMJS 340010N 0840841W 34.00277,-84.14471
DUMFRIES DUMFRIES 51 1 B VIR FMPX 383403N 0771942W 38.56749,-77.32832
DURANGO DURANGO 08 1 D COL FNHZ 371631N 1075246W 37.27527,-107.87943
DYE 1 DYE 1 GL 2 GRNLD 663808N 0525145W 66.63555,-52.86250
DYE 2 DYE 2 GL 2 GRNLD 662923N 0461749W 66.48971,-46.29694
DYE 3 DYE 3 GL 2 GRNLD 651054N 0434926W 65.18166,-43.82388
DYE 4 DYE 4 GL 2 GRNLD 653132N 0371034W 65.52554,-37.17610
DYE 5 DYE 5 IC 2 ICELD 635734N 0224316W 63.95944,-22.72110
DYESS AIR FORCE BASE DYESSAFB 48 1 E TEX FNWZ 322514N 0995114W 32.42054,-99.85388
DYSART DYSART 19 1 D IOWA FPFP 421018N 0921822W 42.17166,-92.30611
EAGLE PEAK EAGLEPEK 48 1 E TEX 305513N 1050509W 30.92027,-105.08583
EAGLE EAGLE 08 1 D COL FQRZ 393919N 1064941W 39.65527,-106.82804
EAKER AIR FORCE BASE EAKERAFB 05 1 E ARK 355751N 0895645W 35.96416,-89.94583
EARECKSON AIR FORCE STATION ERKSNAFS 02 8 ALS VNMH 524250N 1740700W 52.71388,-174.11666
EAST BLYN E BLYN 53 1 F WASH FPPA 480118N 1230018W 48.02166,-123.00500
EAST CHICAGO ECHICAGO 18 1 D IND FPPZ 413821N 0872717W 41.63916,-87.45472
EAST HARTFORD EHARTFRD 09 1 A CONN FPUW 414656N 0723645W 41.78221,-72.61250
EAST HAVEN E HAVEN 09 1 A CONN FPVW 411634N 0725208W 41.27610,-72.86888
EAST PEORIA E PEORIA 17 1 D ILL FQKM 403908N 0893404W 40.65222,-89.56777
EAST WINDSOR EWINDSOR 34 1 A N J FQQF 401358N 0743125W 40.23277,-74.52360
EBEYE ISLAND EBEYE I NQ 7 TTERP 084630N 1674358E 8.77499,167.73277
EDINBURG EDINBURG 18 1 D IND FSGH 392115N 0855800W 39.35416,-85.96666
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE EDWDSAFB 06 1 H CAL FSPM 345418N 1175258W 34.90500,-117.88277
EGG HARBOR EGGHARBR 34 1 A N J FTDD 393154N 0743900W 39.53166,-74.65000
EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE EGLINAFB 12 1 C FLA FTFA 302912N 0863134W 30.48666,-86.52610
EGLIN AUXILIARY FIELD 3 EGLNAXLY 12 1 C FLA FTEP 303906N 0863123W 30.65166,-86.52304
EIELSON AIR FORCE BASE EILSNAFB 02 9 ALS FTQW 643954N 1470550W 64.66500,-147.09721
EL DORADO ELDORADO 20 1 D KAN FUMH 374902N 0965143W 37.81721,-96.86194
EL TORO MARINE CORPS AIR STATION ELTRMCAS 06 1 H CAL FUZD 334019N 1174334W 33.67193,-117.72610
EL TORO EL TORO 06 1 H CAL FUZG 334101N 1174001W 33.68360,-117.66693

Ayden Fisher
Ayden Fisher

ELDORADO AIR STATION ELDORDAS 48 1 E TEX ELAW 305841N 1003308W 30.97804,-100.55222
ELDORADO SPRINGS ELDRDSPR 29 1 D MO 375204N 0940103W 37.86777,-94.01749
ELIZABETH ELIZABTH 54 1 B W VA FVPF 390348N 0812343W 39.06333,-81.39527
ELK GROVE ELKGROVE 17 1 C ILL FVTT 420118N 0875918W 42.02166,-87.98833
ELKHART ELKHART 18 1 D IND FVYR 414055N 0855836W 41.68193,-85.97666
ELLENDALE ELLENDAL 10 1 B DEL FJXW 384932N 0752604W 38.82554,-75.43444
ELLINGTON AIR FORCE BASE ELGTNAFB 48 1 E TEX FWJL 293641N 0950934W 29.61138,-95.15944
ELLSWORTH AIR FORCE BASE ELSWTAFB 46 1 D S DAK FXBM 440842N 1030611W 44.14499,-103.10305
ELLSWORTH ELLSWRTH 19 1 D IOWA FWXK 421846N 0933443W 42.31277,-93.57860
ELLSWORTH ELLSWRTH 55 1 D WISC FXPJ 444415N 0922847W 44.73749,-92.47971
ELLYSON FIELD ELYSNFLD 12 1 C FLA 303130N 0871147W 30.52499,-87.19638
ELMER ELMER 24 1 B MLD 390927N 0772908W 39.15750,-77.48555
ELMSFORD ELMSFORD 36 1 N Y FYBD 410330N 0734900W 41.05833,-73.81666
ELMWOOD PARK ELMWODPK 17 1 D ILL FYCG 415530N 0874848W 41.92499,-87.81333
ELMWOOD PARK ELMWODPK 34 1 A N J 405414N 0740708W 40.90388,-74.11888
ELMWOOD ELMWOOD 47 1 C TENN 361333N 0855305W 36.22582,-85.88471
EMERY EMERY GE 4 GERMY FYYT 494914N 0095356E 49.82054,9.89888
EMMERZHAUSEN EMMRZHSN GE 4 GERMY 504206N 0080203E 50.70166,8.03416
EMMETSBURG EMMTSBRG 19 1 D IOWA FZGV 430646N 0944058W 43.11277,-94.68277
EMPORIA EMPORIA 20 1 D KAN FZZD 382414N 0961053W 38.40388,-96.18138
ENGELHARD ENGELHRD 37 1 C N CAR 353036N 0755942W 35.51000,-75.99499
ENGLAND AIR FORCE BASE EGLNDAFB 22 1 E LIA GAML 311952N 0923120W 31.33110,-92.52221
ENGLEWOOD ENGLEWOD 08 1 D COL GBAR 393852N 1045914W 39.64777,-104.98721
ENYLBGNI ENYLBGNI NQ 7 TTERP 084801N 1673651E 8.80027,167.61416
ERIE ERIE 36 1 A N Y 421109N 0764013W 42.18583,-76.67027
ERLANGER ERLANGER 39 1 B OHIO 390252N 0844007W 39.04777,-84.66860
ERNDTEBRUCKE ERNDTBRK GE 4 GERMY GCYL 505900N 0081723E 50.98333,8.28971
ERP ERP NL 4 NETHR GDFF 513614N 0053833E 51.60388,5.64249
ERZURUM ERZURUM TU 5 TURKY GDLN 395724N 0411001E 39.95666,41.16693
ESENBOGA ESENBOGA TU 5 TURKY GEAW 400745N 0325948E 40.12916,32.99666
ESKAN VILLAGE ESKNVLLG SA 6 SAURB GEBN 243340N 0465000E 24.56111,46.83333
ESTACA DE BARES ESTCDBRS SP 5 SPAIN 434713N 0071923W 43.78694,-7.32304
ESTARTIT ESTARTIT SP 5 SPAIN GETM 420336N 0031220E 42.06000,3.20555
ESTHERVILLE ESTHRVLL 19 1 D IOWA GEUF 432406N 0944957W 43.40166,-94.83249
ETAM ETAM 54 1 B W VA 391707N 0794342W 39.28527,-79.72832
EUCLID EUCLID 39 1 B OHIO GEZS 413406N 0813212W 41.56832,-81.53666
EUREKA EUREKA 32 1 G NEV GFXY 393109N 1155800W 39.51916,-115.96666
EVANSVILLE EVANSVLL 18 1 D IND GGFX 375829N 0873321W 37.97471,-87.55583
EVENES EVENES NO 3 NORWA GGJG 682928N 0164047E 68.49110,16.67971
EVERBERG-DEBRUBBE EVRBGDBB BE 4 BELG GGJC 505158N 0043450E 50.86611,4.58054
EVERGLADES CITY EVRGDSCY 12 1 C FLA GGPS 255142N 0812318W 25.86166,-81.38833
FABENS FABENS 48 1 E TEX 313020N 1060905W 31.50555,-106.15138
FAIRCHILD FAIRCHLD 53 1 F WASH GJKZ 473653N 1173918W 47.61472,-117.65500
FAIRFIELD FAIRFILD 09 1 A CONN GKLX 410828N 0731551W 41.14110,-73.26416
FAIRFIELD FAIRFILD 19 1 D IOWA GKMJ 410031N 0915745W 41.00861,-91.96250
FAIRLIE FAIRLIE UK 3 UNKIN GKWE 554554N 0045130W 55.76500,-4.85833
FAIRMONT FAIRMONT 19 1 D IOWA 430900N 0931218W 43.15000,-93.20500
FAIRVIEW HEIGHTS FAIRVWHT 17 1 D ILL GLDM 383402N 0900100W 38.56721,-90.01666
FAIRVIEW FAIRVIEW 20 1 D KAN GLBU 395028N 0954340W 39.84110,-95.72777
FALCON DAM FALCONDM 48 1 E TEX GLHR 263330N 0991006W 26.55833,-99.16832
FALCON HEIGHTS FALCONHT 48 1 E TEX 263331N 0990722W 26.55861,-99.12277
FALCONARA FALCONAR IT 5 ITALY GLKV 433703N 0132151W 43.61749,-13.36416
FALL BRANCH FLLBRNCH 47 1 C TENN GLJK 362512N 0823712W 36.41999,-82.61999
FARFAN FARFAN PM 1 PANMA GMGP 085520N 0793505W 8.92221,-79.58471

Robert Russell
Robert Russell

God damn, you retards need to lurk moar. What the fuck are we going to do with this information?

There is nothing actionable in this information, and all of it is public information, the only difference is some spergs spiced it up with a bunch of /x/ tier faggotry.

There is actual actionable info going on with the pizza gate or the SEC whistleblower.

Oliver Allen
Oliver Allen

FARMINGTON FARMNGTN 42 1 B PENN 403143N 0754012W 40.52860,-75.66999
FARMINGTON FARMNGTN 49 1 G UTAH GNHX 405854N 1115324W 40.98166,-111.88999
FELDBERG FELDBERG GE 4 GERMY GPCH 501432N 0082951E 50.24221,8.49749
FERGUS FERGUS 30 1 F MONT GPTD 471900N 1090401W 47.31666,-109.06693
FERNALD FERNALD 39 1 B OHIO GPYH 391630N 0844118W 39.27499,-84.68833
FIELD VILLAGE FLDVILLG 35 1 E N MEX GQQU 354201N 1055742W 35.70027,-105.96166
FINEGAYAN FINEGAYN GQ 7 GUAM 133406N 1445034E 13.56832,144.84277
FINKSBURG FINKSBRG 24 1 B MLD GQWD 392934N 0765323W 39.49277,-76.88971
FINTHEN AAF MAINZ FNTNAFMN GE 4 GERMY GRBP 495811N 0080857E 49.96971,8.14916
FIRE ISLAND FIRE I 36 1 A N Y GRBR 404004N 0730317W 40.66777,-73.05472
FITZPATRICK MESA FTZPTKMS 08 1 D COL 382444N 1072543W 38.41222,-107.42860
FLATTS FLATTS BD 1 BERMU GSJY 322200N 0644410W 32.36666,-64.73610
FLORENCE FLORENCE 08 1 D COL GTNC 382325N 1050705W 38.39027,-105.11804
FLORHAM PARK FLORHMPK 34 1 A N J GTXC 404511N 0742204W 40.75305,-74.36777
FOLKSTON FOLKSTON 13 1 C GEO GUJE 304909N 0820004W 30.81916,-82.00111
FOND DU LAC FONDDULC 55 1 D WISC GUHZ 434618N 0882904W 43.77166,-88.48444
FORBES FIELD FORBSFLD 20 1 D KAN GUQE 385709N 0953945W 38.95250,-95.66250
FORSYTH FORSYTH 30 1 F MONT GWHU 460140N 1065410W 46.02777,-106.90277
FORT BAKER FT BAKER 06 1 G CAL HCBL 375000N 1222830W 37.83333,-122.47499
FORT CALHOUN FTCALHON 31 1 D NEB HCYN 412721N 0960134W 41.45583,-96.02610
FORT COLLINS FTCOLLNS 08 1 D COL HDKL 403507N 1050502W 40.58527,-105.08388
FORT COVINGTON FTCVNGTN 36 1 A N Y HDLM 445924N 0742936W 44.98999,-74.49333
FORT DAVIS FT DAVIS PM 1 PANMA 091557N 0795400W 9.26583,-79.90000
FORT HANCOCK FTHANCCK 48 1 E TEX 311801N 1055006W 31.30027,-105.83499
FORT HOOD FT HOOD 48 1 E TEX KZVP 310815N 0974250W 31.13749,-97.71388
FORT HUACHUCA FTHUACHC 04 1 H ARZ HFWA 313303N 1102006W 31.55083,-110.33499
FORT JUAN MUNA FTJUANMN GQ 7 GUAM JEAU 133003N 1444852E 13.50083,144.81444
FORT LONESOME FTLONESM 12 1 C FLA NVZT 273842N 0820758W 27.64499,-82.13277
FORT MACON FT MACON 37 1 C N CAR HHFB 344148N 0764049W 34.69666,-76.68027
FORT MYERS BEACH FTMYRSBC 12 1 C FLA HJFD 262700N 0815654W 26.45000,-81.94833<span id=p3>
FORT ORD FT ORD 06 1 G CAL HJMC 363930N 1214830W 36.65833,-121.80833
FORT RILEY FT RILEY 20 1 D KAN HKBM 390312N 0964548W 39.05333,-96.76333
FORT TOTTEN FTTOTTEN 38 1 D N DAK HLBZ 475848N 0985933W 47.97999,-98.99249
FORT WASHINGTON FTWSHGTN 24 1 B MLD HLJD 384040N 0765810W 38.67777,-76.96943
FORT WAYNE FT WAYNE 18 1 D IND HLLL 410750N 0850744W 41.13054,-85.12888
FORTESCUE FORTESCU 34 1 A N J GWKU 391415N 0751019W 39.23749,-75.17193
FOUNTAIN FOUNTAIN 27 1 D MINN 434424N 0920810W 43.73999,-92.13610
FOX ISLAND FOX I 53 1 F WASH GXYR 471539N 1223809W 47.26083,-122.63583
FRANKFORT FRANKFRT 17 1 D ILL GYLS 412945N 0875055W 41.49583,-87.84860
FRANKLIN FRANKLIN 37 1 C N CAR GYXW 345110N 0832300W 34.85277,-83.38333
FREELAND FREELAND 53 1 F WASH GZYN 480035N 1223129W 48.00972,-122.52471
FRIDLEY FRIDLEY 27 1 D MINN HBAV 450503N 0931508W 45.08416,-93.25222
FRIEDBERG FRIEDBRG GE 4 GERMY HHBK 502002N 0084409E 50.33388,8.73583
FRIEDERIKENSIEL FRDRKNSL GE 4 GERMY HBBY 530331N 0082401E 53.05861,8.40027
FULTON FULTON 17 1 D ILL HMZR 415350N 0900920W 41.89721,-90.15555
FULTON FULTON 48 1 E TEX 280340N 0970227W 28.06111,-97.04083
FUNARI MANNHEIM FNRMNNHM GE 4 GERMY HNLK 493100N 0083139E 49.51666,8.52749
FURSTENFELDBRUCK FRSTNFRK GE 4 GERMY 484230N 0111600E 48.70833,11.26666
GAGETOWN GAGETOWN CA 2 NWBRU HPAN 455151N 0674438W 45.86416,-67.74388
GAHANNA GAHANNA 39 1 B OHIO HPEM 400130N 9825230W 40.02499,-982.87499

Ryan White
Ryan White

GAINESVILLE GAINSVLL 51 1 B VIR HPRC 384744N 0773651W 38.79555,-77.61416
GAMBRILLS GAMBRLLS 24 1 B MLD HQPC 390401N 0763956W 39.06693,-76.66555
GARDEN CITY GARDENCY 13 1 C GEO HREM 320651N 0810915W 32.11416,-81.15416</span>
GARDEN CITY GARDENCY 20 1 D KAN HREQ 375818N 1005220W 37.97166,-100.87221
GARDEN CITY GARDENCY 51 1 B VIR HRNU 385330N 0770830W 38.89166,-77.14166
GARDEN GROVE GARDNGRV 06 1 H CAL HRNM 334630N 1175448W 33.77499,-117.91333
GARDEREN GARDEREN NL 4 NETHR 521147N 0055510W 52.19638,-5.91943
GARFIELD GARFIELD 34 1 A N J HSGU 405253N 0740649W 40.88138,-74.11361
GARNER GARNER 19 1 D IOWA HSMQ 430609N 0933606W 43.10250,-93.60166
GARNER GARNER 37 1 C N CAR HSMS 354140N 0783737W 35.69444,-78.62693
GARWOOD GARWOOD 34 1 A N J HSTM 403934N 0741924W 40.65944,-74.32332
GARY GARY 18 1 D IND HSUG 413536N 0872047W 41.59333,-87.34638
GENERAL MITCHELL FIELD GNLMTCLF 55 1 D WISC HTUX 425649N 0875349W 42.94694,-87.89694
GEORGETOWN GEORGTWN 10 1 B DEL HVWA 384124N 0752309W 38.68999,-75.38583
GESASHI GESASHI JA 7 JAPAN 263625N 1280856E 26.60694,128.14888
GIBBS KASERNE FRANKFURT GBSKSNFN GE 4 GERMY 500850N 0084133E 50.14721,8.69249
GILAHINA BUTTE GILHNBTT 02 9 ALS HXCK 612630N 1434900W 61.44166,-143.81666
GILZE-RIJEN GILZERJN NL 4 NETHR HXXB 513406N 0045536E 51.56832,4.92666
GLACIER PARK GLACIRPK 30 1 F MONT GSGY 481846N 1141504W 48.31277,-114.25111
GLADMAN POINT GLADMNPT CA 2 FRANK GLAE 684015N 0974800W 68.67082,-97.80000
GLADSTONE PORT GLDSTNPT AS 7 AUSTL HYJG 235212S 1511330E -23.86999,151.22499
GLADSTONE GLADSTON 17 1 D ILL HYJC 405152N 0905740W 40.86444,-90.96111
GLASTONBURY GLSTNBRY 09 1 A CONN HZLB 414244N 0723631W 41.71222,-72.60861
GLENMONT GLENMONT 36 1 A N Y JADF 423617N 0734612W 42.60472,-73.76999
GLENN MARTIN GLNNMRTN 24 1 B MLD 391935N 0762455W 39.32638,-76.41527
GLENWOOD SPRINGS GLNWDSPR 08 1 D COL JAGZ 393302N 1071927W 39.55055,-107.32416
GLENWOOD GLENWOOD 19 1 D IOWA JAGP 410249N 0954432W 41.04694,-95.74221
GLENWOOD GLENWOOD 24 1 B MLD JAGN 391715N 0770142W 39.28749,-77.02832
GLYNCO JETPORT GLYNCO 13 1 C GEO PUNU 311532N 0812759W 31.25888,-81.46638
GOETZVILLE GOETZVLL 26 1 D MICH JBAU 460329N 0840532W 46.05805,-84.09221
GOLD MOUNTAIN GOLD MTN 53 1 F WASH 473256N 1224705W 47.54888,-122.78471
GOLDEN GOLDEN 08 1 D COL JBJM 394520N 1051314W 39.75555,-105.22054
GOLDFIELD GOLDFILD 32 1 G NEV JBSD 374204N 1171401W 37.70111,-117.23360
GOODWIN FIELD GODWNFLD 05 1 E ARK JDFS 345617N 0910115W 34.93805,-91.02082
GOOSE CREEK GOOSE CR 45 1 C S CAR JDPQ 325457N 0800200W 32.91583,-80.03333
GORDONSVILLE GRDNSVLL 47 1 C TENN JDVW 361109N 0855606W 36.18583,-85.93499
GORHAM GORHAM 20 1 D KAN JDWW 385254N 0990122W 38.88166,-99.02277
GOSHEN GOSHEN 36 1 A N Y JEBF 412412N 0741936W 41.40333,-74.32666
GRAFENWOEHR GRAFNWHR GE 4 GERMY GRAB 494155N 0115634E 49.69860,11.94277
GRAFTON GRAFTON 54 1 B W VA JESC 392026N 0800102W 39.34055,-80.01721
GRANBURY GRANBURY 48 1 E TEX GRAS 322608N 0974704W 32.43555,-97.78444
GRAND CHENIERE GRCHENIR 22 1 E LIA JFNP 294509N 0925803W 29.75250,-92.96749
GRAND JUNCTION GRJUNCTN 08 1 D COL JGGZ 390350N 1083300W 39.06388,-108.55000
GRAND PORTAGE GRPORTAG 27 1 D MINN JGMA 475754N 0894118W 47.96500,-89.68833
GRANGEVILLE GRANGVLL 22 1 E LIA JGZR 304432N 0905001W 30.74221,-90.83360
GRANT COUNTY GRANT CO 53 1 F WASH 471218N 1191856W 47.20500,-119.31555
GRAVEL NECK GRAVLNCK 51 1 B VIR JJMA 370937N 0764123W 37.16027,-76.68971
GRAY GRAY 23 1 A MNE JJWG 435308N 0701956W 43.88555,-70.33221
GRAY GRAY 48 1 E TEX 324712N 0940430W 32.78666,-94.07499
GREAT BEND GT BEND 20 1 D KAN JKFM 382152N 0984552W 38.36444,-98.76444
GREAT BROMLEY GTBROMLY UK 3 UNKIN JKMY 515355N 0010340E 51.89860,1.06111
GREATER PITTSBURGH IAP GTPTSBGH 42 1 B PENN JLSN 402948N 0801409W 40.49666,-80.23583
GREATER WILMINGTON GTWLMGTN 10 1 B DEL 394042N 0753627W 39.67832,-75.60750
GREELEY GREELEY 08 1 D COL JMAW 402524N 1044231W 40.42332,-104.70861
GREEN HILL GREENHLL 44 1 A RH IS JMHB 412204N 0713543W 41.36777,-71.59527
GREENCASTLE GRENCSTL 18 1 D IND JMTC 393840N 0865153W 39.64444,-86.86472
GREENHAM COMMON GRNHMCMN UK 3 UNKIN JNJG 512240N 0011644W 51.37777,-1.27888
GREENTOP GREENTOP 29 1 D MO 402049N 0923408W 40.34694,-92.56888
GREENWICH GREENWCH 09 1 A CONN JPUS 410135N 0733744W 41.02638,-73.62888
GREENWICH GREENWCH 44 1 A RH IS JPUQ 413937N 0712723W 41.66027,-71.45638
GRENADA GRENADA GJ 1 GRNDA JQJX 120600N 0614230W 12.10000,-61.70833

Justin Richardson
Justin Richardson

GRENADIER STUTTGART GRNDRSGT GE 4 GERMY 484944N 0091121E 48.82888,9.18916
GRENDERICH GRENDRCH GE 4 GERMY GRBZ 500338N 0071329E 50.06055,7.22471
GRIFFISS AIR FORCE BASE GRFFSAFB 36 1 A N Y JREZ 431402N 0752427W 43.23388,-75.40750
GRISSOM AIR FORCE BASE GRSSMAFB 18 1 D IND CTGC 403853N 0860908W 40.64805,-86.15222
GROSTENQUIN GROSTNQN FR 4 FRANC JRXP 490125N 0064307E 49.02360,6.71860
GROTON GROTON 09 1 A CONN JRZT 412100N 0720444W 41.35000,-72.07888
GROVENOR CENTER HONOLULU GVNCNTHN 15 8 HAW 211836N 1575555W 21.31000,-157.93193
GROVER GROVER 08 1 D COL JSFT 405217N 1041329W 40.87138,-104.22471
GRUENSTADT GRUNSTDT GE 4 GERMY JSMU 493330N 0080804E 49.55833,8.13444
GUARDAMOR GUARDAMR SP 5 SPAIN 385806N 0000900W 38.96832,-.15000
GULF BREEZE GULFBREZ 12 1 C FLA JTTS 302130N 0870924W 30.35833,-87.15666
GULF SHORES GULFSHRS 01 1 C ALA JTU8 301636N 0874100W 30.27666,-87.68333
GULKANA GULKANA 02 9 ALS GUAM 620919N 1452708W 62.15527,-145.45222
GUNNUK GUNNUK 02 9 ALS 565853N 1334815W 56.98138,-133.80416
GUNZBERG GUNZBERG GE 4 GERMY 482830N 0101657E 48.47499,10.28249
GUTERSLOH GUTERSLH GE 4 GERMY JUTJ 515525N 0081827E 51.92360,8.30750
GUTTENBERG GUTTNBRG 19 1 D IOWA JVBT 424709N 0910558W 42.78583,-91.09944
GYPSUM GYPSUM 08 1 D COL JVJB 393849N 1065704W 39.64694,-106.95111
ICHON ICHEON KS 7 KORES LHBB 371620N 1272700E 37.27221,127.45000
IDONG IDONG KS 7 KORES LHND 380150N 1272200E 38.03054,127.36666
IGNACIO IGNACIO 06 1 G CAL LHTW 380413N 1223215W 38.07027,-122.53749
ILLESHEIM ILLESHEM GE 4 GERMY FWHA 492826N 0102319E 49.47388,10.38860
INCIRLIK INCIRLIK TU 5 TURKY LJYC 370004N 0352532E 37.00111,35.42554
INDEPENDENCE INDPNDNC 20 1 D KAN LKCM 371327N 0954229W 37.22416,-95.70805
INDIAN RIVER INDIANRV 10 1 B DEL 383604N 0750306W 38.60111,-75.05166
INDIANA INDIANA 18 1 D IND 382648N 0854000W 38.44666,-85.66666
INDIANAPOLIS INDINPLS 18 1 D IND LLFQ 394606N 0860929W 39.76832,-86.15805
INFANTA INFANTA RP 7 PHILI 143830N 1223800E 14.64166,122.63333
INGLESIDE INGLESID 48 1 E TEX LLXC 275209N 0971207W 27.86916,-97.20194
INGOLSTADT INGLSTDT GE 4 GERMY 484290N 0113210E 48.72500,11.53610
INKSTER INKSTER 26 1 D MICH LMDV 421908N 0831603W 42.31888,-83.26749
INVERNESS INVERNSS UK 3 UNKIN LMSQ 573225N 0040255W 57.54027,-4.04860
IOWA CITY IOWA CY 19 1 D IOWA LNGM 413940N 0913148W 41.66111,-91.52999
IRVINE IRVINE 06 1 H CAL LPNH 334012N 1174924W 33.66999,-117.82332
IRVING IRVING 48 1 E TEX LPNX 324809N 0965604W 32.80250,-96.93444
ISKENDERUN ISKENDRN TU 5 TURKY LQCJ 363429N 0360909E 36.57471,36.15250
ISLA GRANDE ISLA GR RQ 1 PUERT 182732N 0660610W 18.45888,-66.10277
ISTRES-LE-TUBE ISTRES FR 4 FRANC LQUD 433120N 0045529E 43.52221,4.92471
IZMIT IZMIT TU 5 TURKY JZAA 404548N 0300024E 40.76333,30.00666
JAATTAA JAATTAA NO 3 NORWA 585345N 0053645E 58.89583,5.61250
JACKSON HOLE JACKSNHL 56 1 D WYO LSCF 433624N 1104413W 43.60666,-110.73694
JACKSON JACKSON 37 1 C N CAR LRWT 362324N 0772524W 36.38999,-77.42332
JACKSONVILLE BEACH JKSNVLBC 12 1 C FLA LSLB 301724N 0812400W 30.28999,-81.40000
JACKSONVILLE NAVAL AIR STATION JKSVLNAS 12 1 C FLA LSGE 301403N 0814031W 30.23416,-81.67527
JACOTENENTE JACOTNNT IT 5 ITALY 414736N 0160310E 41.79333,16.05277
JAIPUR JAIPUR IN 7 INDIA LSMS 264918N 0754822E 26.82166,75.80611
JAMESBURG JAMESBRG 06 1 G CAL 362211N 1213521W 36.36971,-121.58916
JANE LEW JANE LEW 54 1 B W VA LTLT 390635N 0802432W 39.10972,-80.40888
JARRELL JARRELL 48 1 E TEX 304929N 0973615W 30.82471,-97.60416
JASPER JASPER 05 1 E ARK LTRH 360029N 0931111W 36.00805,-93.18638
JASPER JASPER 18 1 D IND LTSH 382329N 0865552W 38.39138,-86.93110
JEDBURG JEDBURG 45 1 C S CAR LVAJ 330412N 0801314W 33.06999,-80.22054
JEFFERSON BARRACKS JFFRSNBK 29 1 D MO LTVJ 383029N 0901655W 38.50805,-90.28193
JEFFERSON JEFFERSN 18 1 D IND LTWL 390031N 0852458W 39.00861,-85.41611
JEFFERSON JEFFERSN 55 1 D WISC LTWJ 430003N 0884801W 43.00083,-88.80027
JEFFERSONVILLE JFFRSNVL 13 1 C GEO LTZD 324115N 0832048W 32.68749,-83.34666
JENKINSVILLE JNKNSVLL 45 1 C S CAR LUFU 341602N 0811719W 34.26721,-81.28860
JENNY LIND ISLAND JNNYLNDI CA 2 FRANK JEAC 683930N 1014415W 68.65833,-101.73749
JOE FOSS FIELD JOFSSFLD 46 1 D S DAK LUXC 433455N 0964431W 43.58193,-96.74194
JOHNSONVILLE JHNSNVLL 47 1 C TENN LVJM 360336N 0875710W 36.06000,-87.95277
JOHNSTON JOHNSTON 19 1 D IOWA LVMC 414023N 0934151W 41.67304,-93.69749
JONATHAN DICKINSON STATE PARK JNTNDKNS 12 1 C FLA JJAE 265855N 0800602W 26.98193,-80.10055
JUNCTION CITY JUNCTNCY 20 1 D KAN LWLY 390143N 0964952W 39.02860,-96.83110
JUNCTION CITY JUNCTNCY 55 1 D WISC LWLZ 443529N 0894558W 44.59138,-89.76611
K I SAWYER AIR FORCE BASE KISWYAFB 26 1 D MICH 462116N 0872340W 46.35444,-87.39444
KAALA KAALA 15 8 HAW QZSK 213039N 1580842W 21.51083,-158.14499
KADENA AIR FORCE BASE KADENAAB JA 7 JAPAN LXEZ 262118N 1274626E 26.35500,127.77388
KADOKA KADOKA 46 1 D S DAK LXHV 435002N 1013034W 43.83388,-101.50944

Jackson Howard
Jackson Howard

KAENA POINT KAENA PT 15 8 HAW LXHY 213442N 1581706W 21.57832,-158.28499
KAHUKU POINT KAHUKUPT 15 8 HAW LXLT 214300N 1575912W 21.71666,-157.98666
KAHULUI KAHULUI 15 8 HAW LXMY 205402N 1562602W 20.90055,-156.43388
KAIMUKI KAIMUKI 15 8 HAW KAAX 211658N 1574806W 21.28277,-157.80166
KAISERSLAUTERN KSRSLTRN GE 4 GERMY 492613N 0075015E 49.43694,7.83749
KALIHI KALIHI 15 8 HAW KAAY 212011N 1575235W 21.33638,-157.87638
KAMLOOPS KAMLOOPS CA 2 BRICO LXYZ 504157N 1202618W 50.69916,-120.43833
KANAB KANAB 49 1 G UTAH LXYB 370034N 1123148W 37.00944,-112.52999
KANAGAWA KANAGAWA JA 7 JAPAN 352730N 1393800E 35.45833,139.63333
KANAWHA FIELD KANWHFLD 54 1 B W VA 391200N 0812740W 39.20000,-81.46111
KANCHANABURI KANCHNBR TH 7 THAIL KAAK 140719N 0992658E 14.12193,99.44944
KANEOHE KANEOHE 15 8 HAW LYBC 212518N 1574806W 21.42166,-157.80166
KANGWADO KANGWADO KS 7 KORES 374429N 1262621E 37.74138,126.43916
KANSAS CITY KANSASCY 20 1 D KAN LYLC 390651N 0943738W 39.11416,-94.62721
KAPAUN KAISERSLAUTERN KPNKSSLT GE 4 GERMY 492545N 0074208E 49.42916,7.70222
KAPOLEI KAPOLEI 15 8 HAW LYSJ 212023N 1580534W 21.33971,-158.09277
KARGABARUN KARGABRN TU 5 TURKY LYXE 405820N 0275201E 40.97221,27.86693
KARUP KARUP DA 4 DENMK LZCC 561757N 0090645E 56.29916,9.11250
KASANE KASANE BC 5 BOTSW LZCM 174951S 0250945E -17.83082,25.16250
KASHEVAROF ISLANDS KSHVRFIS 02 9 ALS 561409N 1325838W 56.23583,-132.97721
KASUGA KASUGA JA 7 JAPAN 333453N 1302710E 33.58138,130.45277
KATO SOULI KATOSOUL GR 5 GREEC LZLV 380910N 0240135E 38.15277,24.02638
KAUFBEUREN KAUFBERN GE 4 GERMY LZQG 475146N 0103656E 47.86277,10.61555
KEARNY KEARNY 34 1 A N J MAAU 404548N 0740906W 40.76333,-74.15166
KEAWAULA KEAWAULA 15 8 HAW 213339N 1581504W 21.56083,-158.25111
KEESLER AIR FORCE BASE KESLRAFB 28 1 C MISS MAHG 302440N 0885525W 30.41111,-88.92360
KEGELMAN AUXILIARY AIRFIELD KGLMNXFD 40 1 E OKLA MBEB 364438N 0980722W 36.74388,-98.12277
KELLER KELLER 13 1 C GEO KEAP 315012N 0811512W 31.83666,-81.25333
KELLYVILLE KELLYVLL 40 1 E OKLA MBSD 355637N 0961248W 35.94360,-96.21333
KELSO KELSO 53 1 F WASH MCDB 460842N 1225418W 46.14499,-122.90500
KENANSVILLE KENNSVLL 37 1 C N CAR MCND 345706N 0775707W 34.95166,-77.95194
KENNESAW KENNESAW 13 1 C GEO MCVA 340124N 0843656W 34.02332,-84.61555
KENNEWICK KENNEWCK 53 1 F WASH MCVY 461212N 1190724W 46.20333,-119.12332
KENOSHA KENOSHA 55 1 D WISC MCYS 423506N 0874924W 42.58499,-87.82332
KERRVILLE KERRVILL 48 1 E TEX MDNL 300248N 0990824W 30.04666,-99.13999
KEY FIELD KEY FLD 28 1 C MISS MDVL 322014N 0884457W 32.33721,-88.74916
KEY WEST KEY W 12 1 C FLA MDWS 243330N 0814800W 24.55833,-81.80000
KEYPORT KEYPORT 53 1 F WASH MDZB 474208N 1223711W 47.70222,-122.61971
KIDLINGTON KIDLNGTN UK 3 UNKIN KJAM 515552N 0011600W 51.93110,-1.26666
KILMARNOCK KILMRNCK 51 1 B VIR 374237N 0762248W 37.71027,-76.37999
KIMBALL KIMBALL 31 1 D NEB MELY 411406N 1033942W 41.23499,-103.66166
KIMBALL KIMBALL 46 1 D S DAK MEMM 434448N 0985724W 43.74666,-98.95666
KING MOUNTAIN KING MTN 48 1 E TEX MFJT 311707N 1021624W 31.28527,-102.27332
KING SALMON AIR FORCE STATION KGSLMNAF 02 9 ALS MFKD 584130N 1563930W 58.69166,-156.65833
KINGMAN KINGMAN 20 1 D KAN MFQM 373845N 0980648W 37.64583,-98.11333
KINGS MILLS KNGSMLLS 39 1 B OHIO MFSZ 392120N 0841455W 39.35555,-84.24860
KINGS POINT KINGS PT 36 1 A N Y MFTT 404911N 0734408W 40.81971,-73.73555
KINGSHILL KINGSHLL VQ 1 VIUSA MFTM 174330N 0644500W 17.72499,-64.75000
KINGSLEY FIELD KGSLYFLD 41 1 F ORE MFUK 420530N 1224430W 42.09166,-122.74166
KINGSTON KINGSTON 36 1 A N Y MGCF 415530N 0735924W 41.92499,-73.98999
KINGSTREE KINGSTRE 45 1 C S CAR MGJS 334012N 0794936W 33.66999,-79.82666
KINLOSS KINLOSS UK 3 UNKIN MGNF 573859N 0033333W 57.64971,-3.55916
KIRKLYN KIRKLYN 42 1 B PENN 395809N 0751728W 39.96916,-75.29110
KIRKWOOD KIRKWOOD 29 1 D MO MHLP 383500N 0902404W 38.58333,-90.40111
KIRTLAND AIR FORCE BASE KTLNDAFB 35 1 E N MEX MHMV 350232N 1063619W 35.04221,-106.60527
KIRTORF KIRTORF GE 4 GERMY 504627N 0090613E 50.77416,9.10361
KISSIMMEE KISSIMME 12 1 C FLA MHUA 281730N 0812428W 28.29166,-81.40777
KITTERY KITTERY 23 1 A MNE MJAH 430512N 0704500W 43.08666,-70.75000
KJELLER KJELLER NO 3 NORWA MJJY 595815N 0110228E 59.97082,11.04110
KLEINE BROGEL KLENBRGL BE 4 BELG MJQB 511011N 0052816E 51.16971,5.47110
KNOB NOSTER KNOBNSTR 29 1 D MO MJVB 384600N 0933303W 38.76666,-93.55083
KNOXVILLE KNOXVILL 19 1 D IOWA MJXP 411915N 0930633W 41.32082,-93.10916
KO-YANG SI KOYANGSI KS 7 KORES 374230N 1265414E 37.70833,126.90388

Colton Bailey
Colton Bailey

KODIAK KODIAK 02 9 ALS MKDK 574720N 1522410W 57.78888,-152.40277
KOENIGSLUTTER KNGSLTTR GE 4 GERMY 521305N 0104653E 52.21804,10.78138
KOENIGSTEIN KOENGSTN GE 4 GERMY MKFB 501045N 0082800E 50.17916,8.46666
KOENIGSTUHL KONGSTHL GE 4 GERMY MKFA 492411N 0084357E 49.40305,8.73249
KOKOMO KOKOMO 18 1 D IND MKTR 402911N 0860801W 40.48638,-86.13360
KOLEKOLE PASS KOLKLPSS 15 8 HAW 212736N 1580718W 21.46000,-158.12166
KOLONIA KOLONIA FM 7 MICRO 065750N 1581230E 6.96388,158.20833
KOMAKUK BEACH KOMKKBCH CA 2 YUKON 693553N 1401100W 69.59805,-140.18333
KONYA KONYA TU 5 TURKY MLAN 375847N 0323344E 37.97971,32.56222
KORAT AIR FORCE BASE KORATAFB TH 7 THAIL KPAF 145705N 1020440E 14.95138,102.07777
KREUZBERG KASERNE KRZBGKSN GE 4 GERMY MLNA 491554N 0072147E 49.26500,7.36305
KUKES KUKES AL 5 ALBAN 420428N 0202525E 42.07443,20.42360
KUKUI KUKUI 15 8 HAW MLQM 220322N 1593952W 22.05611,-159.66444
KUKUILONO KUKUILON 15 8 HAW MLQF 215449N 1593156W 21.91361,-159.53221
KURUME KURUME JA 7 JAPAN 331826N 1303116E 33.30722,130.52110
KUSLO KUSLO KE 6 KENYA MMAU 014010S 0375500E -1.66943,37.91666
KWAJALEIN KWAJALEN NQ 7 TTERP MMEK 084253N 1674337E 8.71472,167.72693
KWANGWHAMUN KWNGWHMN KS 7 KORES 373402N 1265645E 37.56721,126.94583
LA GRANGE LAGRANGE 17 1 D ILL MMVD 405403N 0875105W 40.90083,-87.85138
LA GUARDIA LAGUARDI KS 7 KORES MNCZ 374428N 1270232E 37.74110,127.04221
LA MOURE LA MOURE 38 1 D N DAK MNLC 462126N 0981739W 46.35722,-98.29416
LA SALLE LA SALLE 17 1 D ILL MNZS 412002N 0890554W 41.33388,-89.09833
LA TUNA LA TUNA 48 1 E TEX MPBP 315851N 1063524W 31.98082,-106.58999
LACKLAND ANNEX LKLNDANX 48 1 E TEX MMMV 292315N 0983704W 29.38749,-98.61777
LADY FRANKLIN POINT DYFNKLNP CA 2 FRANK LAA2 682830N 1131300W 68.47499,-113.21666
LADYSMITH LADYSMTH 55 1 D WISC MQDL 452746N 0910545W 45.46277,-91.09583
LAFAYETTE LAFAYETT 18 1 D IND MQEJ 402500N 0865230W 40.41666,-86.87499
LAGUNA NIGUEL LAGUNNGL 06 1 H CAL MQHD 333121N 1174224W 33.52249,-117.70666
LAJES LAJES PO 1 PORTG MQNA 384554N 0270545W 38.76500,-27.09583
LAJITAS LAJITAS 48 1 E TEX MNBH 292000N 1033740W 29.33333,-103.62777
LAKE ANDES L ANDES 46 1 D S DAK MQNT 430923N 0983228W 43.15638,-98.54110
LAKE BUENA VISTA LBUENVST 12 1 C FLA MQQF 254846N 0801131W 25.81277,-80.19194
LAKE CHARLES LCHARLES 22 1 E LIA MQTF 301307N 0931330W 30.21860,-93.22499
LAKE CITY L CY 12 1 C FLA MQUN 301050N 0823447W 30.18054,-82.57971
LAKE FOREST L FOREST 17 1 D ILL MRAH 421240N 0875312W 42.21111,-87.88666
LAKE JACKSON LJACKSON 48 1 E TEX 290206N 0952605W 29.03499,-95.43471
LAKE PLEASANT LPLEASNT 36 1 A N Y MRQS 432815N 0742447W 43.47082,-74.41305
LAKE RIDGE L RIDGE 51 1 B VIR 383813N 0771841W 38.63694,-77.31138
LAKE TAHOE L TAHOE 06 1 G CAL MRQJ 390000N 1200007W 39.00000,-120.00194
LAKEHURST NAWC LAKEHRST 34 1 A N J MSBL 400200N 0742114W 40.03333,-74.35388
LAKEWOOD LAKEWOOD 08 1 D COL MSJF 394217N 1050451W 39.70472,-105.08082
LAKEWOOD LAKEWOOD 53 1 F WASH MSKM 480908N 1221222W 48.15222,-122.20611
LAMAR LAMAR 08 1 D COL MSNT 380514N 1023713W 38.08721,-102.62027
LAMBERT-ST LOUIS LAMBERT 29 1 D MO MSQB 384450N 0902152W 38.74721,-90.36444
LAMTO LAMTO IV 5 IVYCO 061328N 0501400W 6.22443,-50.23333
LANCASTER LANCASTR 06 1 H CAL MWST 344135N 1181035W 34.69305,-118.17638
LANCASTER LANCASTR 27 1 D MINN MSXP 485130N 0964806W 48.85833,-96.80166
LANCASTER LANCASTR 55 1 D WISC 425009N 0904208W 42.83583,-90.70222
LANDOVER LANDOVER 24 1 B MLD MTJJ 385730N 0765810W 38.95833,-76.96943
LANGLEY AIR FORCE BASE LNGLYAFB 51 1 B VIR MUHJ 370458N 0762139W 37.08277,-76.36083
LANHAM LANHAM 24 1 B MLD MUST 385801N 0765144W 38.96693,-76.86222
LAPORTE LAPORTE 18 1 D IND 413624N 0864312W 41.60666,-86.71999
LAREDO AIR FORCE BASE LAREDAFB 48 1 E TEX MVJH 272832N 0991331W 27.47554,-99.22527

Evan Martin
Evan Martin

Holla Forums becomes a Biblical Plague.

Ethan Edwards
Ethan Edwards

LARGO LARGO 12 1 C FLA MVLP 275433N 0824715W 27.90916,-82.78749
LAS ANIMAS LASANIMS 08 1 D COL MWJY 380400N 1031320W 38.06666,-103.22221
LAS VEGAS LASVEGAS 35 1 E N MEX MWTR 353914N 1050832W 35.65388,-105.14221
LAWRENCE LAWRENCE 20 1 D KAN MYKJ 385818N 0951406W 38.97166,-95.23499
LE CHENOI LECHENOI BE 4 BELG NAKB 503624N 0043439E 50.60666,4.57749
LEARMONTH LEARMNTH AS 7 AUSTL MZVK 221416S 1140522E -22.23777,114.08944
LEAVENWORTH LEVNWRTH 20 1 D KAN MZXD 391840N 0945520W 39.31111,-94.92221
LECANTO LECANTO 12 1 C FLA NAKD 285105N 0822916W 28.85138,-82.48777
LECCE LECCE IT 5 ITALY 401403N 0180801E 40.23416,18.13360
LECHFELD LECHFELD GE 4 GERMY NAKJ 481111N 0105144E 48.18638,10.86222
LECK LECK GE 4 GERMY NAKQ 544738N 0085659E 54.79388,8.94971
LEESBURG LEESBURG 12 1 C FLA NAXM 284920N 0814835W 28.82221,-81.80972
LEESBURG LEESBURG 45 1 C S CAR NAXK 340036N 0804225W 34.01000,-80.70694
LEESVILLE LEESVILL 22 1 E LIA NAZJ 310809N 0931600W 31.13583,-93.26666
LEETON LEETON 29 1 D MO 383459N 0934140W 38.58304,-93.69444
LEMONT FURNACE LMNTFRNC 42 1 B PENN 395450N 0794010W 39.91388,-79.66943
LENEXA LENEXA 20 1 D KAN NCEJ 385713N 0944400W 38.95361,-94.73333
LENOIR CITY LENOIRCY 47 1 C TENN 354736N 0841606W 35.79333,-84.26832
LERINO ITALY LERINO IT 5 ITALY 453211N 0113005E 45.53638,11.50138
LEWES LEWES 10 1 B DEL NDNP 384649N 0750859W 38.78027,-75.14971
LEWINGSVILLE LWNGSVLL 51 1 B VIR 385544N 0771153W 38.92888,-77.19805
LEWIS LEWIS 19 1 D IOWA NDRA 411821N 0950459W 41.30583,-95.08304
LEWISTON BRIDGE LWSNBRDG 36 1 A N Y NDZB 430910N 0790238W 43.15277,-79.04388
LEWISVILLE LEWISVLL 48 1 E TEX NEKF 330035N 0965945W 33.00972,-96.99583
LEXINGTON PARK LXNGTNPK 24 1 B MLD NETB 381509N 0762703W 38.25250,-76.45083
LIBERAL LIBERAL 20 1 D KAN NEYR 370235N 1005514W 37.04305,-100.92054
LICOLA LICOLA IT 5 ITALY 405145N 0140316E 40.86250,14.05444
LIGONIER LIGONIER 18 1 D IND NFGR 412757N 0853515W 41.46583,-85.58749
LIMON LIMON 08 1 D COL NFWX 391550N 1034130W 39.26388,-103.69166
LINCOLNWOOD LINCLNWD 17 1 D ILL NGYL 420016N 0874348W 42.00444,-87.72999
LINDENWOLD LINDNWLD 34 1 A N J NHBX 394927N 0745953W 39.82416,-74.99805
LINDHOLME LINDHOLM UK 3 UNKIN NHFG 533305N 0005800W 53.55138,-.96666
LINDSEY LINDSEY GE 4 GERMY 500152N 0081324E 50.03110,8.22332
LINTHICUM LINTHICM 24 1 B MLD NHRJ 391150N 0764122W 39.19721,-76.68944
LINWOOD LINWOOD 34 1 A N J NHSE 392023N 0743432W 39.33971,-74.57554
LITCHFIELD LITCHFLD 09 1 A CONN NJBT 414450N 0731121W 41.74721,-73.18916
LITCHFIELD LITCHFLD 23 1 A MNE NJCN 440916N 0700037W 44.15444,-70.01027
LITTLE CREEK LITTLECR 51 1 B VIR NJNK 365500N 0761030W 36.91666,-76.17499
LITTLE FALLS LTTLFLLS 27 1 D MINN NJQK 455841N 0942140W 45.97804,-94.36111
LITTLE FALLS LTTLFLLS 34 1 A N J NJSK 405254N 0741330W 40.88166,-74.22499
LITTLE ROCK AIR FORCE BASE LTLRKAFB 05 1 E ARK NKAK 345459N 0920846W 34.91638,-92.14610
LITTLETON LITTLETN 08 1 D COL NKTB 393648N 1050058W 39.61333,-105.01611
LITTLETON LITTLETN 25 1 A MASS NKUL 423245N 0712830W 42.54583,-71.47499
LIVERPOOL LIVERPOL 36 1 A N Y NLDG 430621N 0761236W 43.10583,-76.21000
LJUBLJANA LJUBLJAN SI 4 SLOVE NLPV 461329N 0142739E 46.22471,14.46083
LOBATSE LOBATSE BC 5 BOTSW 251200S 0002540E -25.20000,.42777
LOCKPORT LOCKPORT 17 1 D ILL NMRV 413522N 0880328W 41.58944,-88.05777
LOGAN IAP LOGANIAP 25 1 A MASS NNGX 422149N 0710022W 42.36361,-71.00611
LOHNSFELD LOHNSFLD GE 4 GERMY NNQH 493312N 0075029E 49.55333,7.84138
LONELY AIR FORCE STATION LONELY 02 9 ALS LAPV 705440N 1531420W 70.91111,-153.23888
LONGARE LONGARE IT 5 ITALY NQBR 452846N 0113609E 45.47943,11.60250
LONGMONT LONGMONT 08 1 D COL NQFX 401002N 1050605W 40.16721,-105.10138
LORAIN LORAIN 39 1 B OHIO NQWK 412036N 0821036W 41.34333,-82.17666
LORING AIR FORCE BASE LORNGAFB 23 1 A MNE NRCH 465701N 0675310W 46.95027,-67.88610
LOS ALAMITOS LOSALMTS 06 1 H CAL NRTU 334730N 1180302W 33.79166,-118.05055
LOS EBANOS LOSEBANS 48 1 E TEX 261435N 0983341W 26.24305,-98.56138
LOS FRESNOS LOSFRSNS 48 1 E TEX NSCB 260403N 0972806W 26.06749,-97.46832
LOUDON LOUDON 47 1 C TENN NSLC 354405N 0842000W 35.73471,-84.33333
LOWELL LOWELL 18 1 D IND NTKD 391511N 0855647W 39.25305,-85.94638

Xavier Ramirez
Xavier Ramirez

LUALUALEI LUALUALE 15 8 HAW NTUC 212529N 1580911W 21.42471,-158.15305
LUEDENBACH LUEDNBCH GE 4 GERMY NUBV 510530N 0100530E 51.09166,10.09166
LUKA RIJEKA LUKARIJK HR 4 CROAT 451300N 0143430E 45.21666,14.57499
LUKE AIR FORCE BASE LUKE AFB 04 1 H ARZ NUEX 333206N 1122256W 33.53499,-112.38221
LUKEVILLE LUKEVILL 04 1 H ARZ 315206N 1124806W 31.86832,-112.80166
LULA LULA 28 1 C MISS 342711N 0902843W 34.45305,-90.47860
LUSBY LUSBY 24 1 B MLD NUVH 382438N 0762720W 38.41055,-76.45555
LUTON LUTON UK 3 UNKIN NUTA 515228N 0002159W 51.87443,-.36638
LYNDEN LYNDEN 53 1 F WASH NVEW 485648N 1222703W 48.94666,-122.45083
LYON MISSISSIPPI LYON 28 1 C MISS NVUS 341301N 0903205W 34.21693,-90.53471
MAASLAND MAASLAND NL 4 NETHR NVYP 515502N 0042802E 51.91721,4.46721
MACDILL AIR FORCE BASE MCDLLAFB 12 1 C FLA NVZR 275056N 0823118E 27.84888,82.52166
MACEDONIA MACEDONI 39 1 B OHIO 411840N 0812950W 41.31111,-81.49721
MACHESNEY PARK MCHSNYPK 17 1 D ILL NWRK 423604N 0890379W 42.60111,-89.07194
MACKAR INLET MCKRINLT CA 2 FRANK MAAE 682045N 0854530W 68.34583,-85.75833
MACON MACON 13 1 C GEO NWVL 323819N 0833631W 32.63860,-83.60861
MADISON MADISON 18 1 D IND NXEG 384404N 0852301W 38.73444,-85.38360
MADRIGAL COMPOUND MANILA MDGLCMPN RP 7 PHILI 143810N 1210200E 14.63610,121.03333
MAGNA MAGNA 49 1 G UTAH NXQE 404233N 1120603W 40.70916,-112.10083
MAJURO MAJURO NQ 7 TTERP 070510N 1712242E 7.08610,171.37832
MAKAKILO MAKAKILO 15 8 HAW NYNG 212030N 1580520W 21.34166,-158.08888
MAKALAPA MAKALAPA 15 8 HAW NYNF 212157N 1575600W 21.36583,-157.93333
MAKIMINATO MAKIMINT JA 7 JAPAN REPG 261352N 1274127E 26.23110,127.69083
MAKUA MAKUA 15 8 HAW NYNK 213120N 1581338W 21.52221,-158.22721
MALABAR MALABAR 12 1 C FLA NYRF 280012N 0803357W 28.00333,-80.56583
MALDEN MALDEN 25 1 A MASS NYWD 422530N 0710400W 42.42499,-71.06666
MALINDI MALINDI KE 6 KENYA MAAY 031334S 0400602E -3.22610,40.10055
MALMSTROM AIR FORCE BASE MLMSMAFB 30 1 F MONT NZAS 473021N 1111102W 47.50583,-111.18388
MALONE MALONE 12 1 C FLA NZBK 305727N 0850944W 30.95750,-85.16222
MALPENSA MALPENSA IT 5 ITALY NZTX 453802N 0084401E 45.63388,8.73360
MALVERN MALVERN 42 1 B PENN NZVW 400210N 0753051W 40.03610,-75.51416
MAMMOTH MAMMOTH 56 1 D WYO NZNY 445836N 1104200W 44.97666,-110.70000
MANAHAWKIN MANAHWKN 34 1 A N J NZYL 394200N 0741636W 39.70000,-74.27666
MANASQUAN MANASQUN 34 1 A N J NZZC 400734N 0740259W 40.12610,-74.04971
MANCHESTER MANCHSTR 23 1 A MNE PACS 441928N 0695139W 44.32443,-69.86083
MANCHESTER MANCHSTR 25 1 A MASS PADV 425800N 0704610W 42.96666,-70.76943
MANCHING FIELD MNCHGFLD GE 4 GERMY PAFZ 484317N 0113146E 48.72138,11.52943
MANCHING MANCHING GE 4 GERMY PAFZ 484317N 0113146E 48.72138,11.52943
MANDAN MANDAN 38 1 D N DAK PAJP 464936N 1005342W 46.82666,-100.89499
MANDEVILLE MANDEVLL 22 1 E LIA 302129N 0900356W 30.35805,-90.06555
MANHATTAN MANHATTN 20 1 D KAN PASP 391101N 0963417W 39.18360,-96.57138
MANILA EMBASSY MANILEMB RP 7 PHILI 144403N 1205828E 14.73416,120.97443
MANKATO MANKATO 27 1 D MINN PBFN 441325N 0935506W 44.22360,-93.91832
MANTECA MANTECA 06 1 G CAL PCCB 374933N 1211500W 37.82582,-121.25000
MARANDUA MARANDUA CO 1 COLOM PCP1 053150N 0684124W 5.53054,-68.68999
MARATHON MARATHON 12 1 C FLA PCRN 244333N 0810305W 24.72582,-81.05138
MARATHON MARATHON 48 1 E TEX PCSK 301845N 1031510W 30.31250,-103.25277
MARCH AIR FORCE BASE MARCHAFB 06 1 H CAL PCZP 335250N 1171531W 33.88054,-117.25861
MARCUS HOOK MARCUSHK 42 1 B PENN PDKE 394846N 0752459W 39.81277,-75.41638
MARHAM MARHAM UK 3 UNKIN PEFL 523907N 0003338E 52.65194,.56055
MARION MARION 18 1 D IND PFNY 403330N 0853933W 40.55833,-85.65916
MARION MARION 20 1 D KAN PFPD 382054N 0970101W 38.34833,-97.01693
MARKHAM MARKHAM 17 1 D ILL PGAC 413537N 0874141W 41.59360,-87.69471
MARKLUSTENAU MARKLSTN GE 4 GERMY 490756N 0101451E 49.13221,10.24749
MARRIOT HILL MARRTHLL 24 1 B MLD PHBV 385231N 0763631W 38.87527,-76.60861
MARSHALL HALL MRSHLLHL 24 1 B MLD 386318N 0770796W 39.05500,-77.14332
MARSHALLTOWN MRSHLTWN 19 1 D IOWA PHVS 420258N 0925428W 42.04944,-92.90777
MARTIN STATE AIRPORT MARTIN 24 1 B MLD PJMS 391935N 0762455W 39.32638,-76.41527
MARTLESHAM HEATH MTLSHMHT UK 3 UNKIN 520300N 0011520E 52.05000,1.25555
MARYLAND HEIGHTS MRYLNDHT 29 1 D MO 384247N 0902547W 38.71305,-90.42971
MASHPEE MASHPEE 25 1 A MASS PKUT 413854N 0702854W 41.64833,-70.48166

Blake Lewis
Blake Lewis

MASON CITY MASON CY 19 1 D IOWA PLAL 430913N 0931203W 43.15361,-93.20083
MATHER AIR FORCE BASE MATHRAFB 06 1 G CAL PLXL 383323N 1211744W 38.55638,-121.29555
MATTYDALE MATTYDAL 36 1 A N Y PNCZ 430558N 0760845W 43.09944,-76.14583
MAUNALOA MAUNALOA 15 8 HAW PNFW 210815N 1571300E 21.13749,157.21666
MAXWELL AIR FORCE BASE MXWLLAFB 01 1 C ALA PNQS 322245N 0862145W 32.37916,-86.36250
MAYAGUEZ MAYAGUEZ RQ 1 PUERT PPFW 181528N 0670855W 18.25777,-67.14860
MAYEN MAYEN GE 4 GERMY 501945N 0071116E 50.32916,7.18777
MC ALESTER MCALESTR 40 1 E OKLA PQEH 345249N 0954706W 34.88027,-95.78499
MC GHEE TYSON MCGHTYSN 47 1 C TENN PSXE 354845N 0835934W 35.81250,-83.99277
MCCARRAN INTERNATIONAL MCCARRAN 32 1 G NEV PQSY 360447N 1150932W 36.07971,-115.15888
MCCELLAN PEAK MCCLLNPK 32 1 G NEV 385726N 1194709W 38.95722,-119.78583
MCCHORD AIR FORCE BASE MCHRDAFB 53 1 F WASH PQWY 470818N 1222830W 47.13833,-122.47499
MCCONNELL AIR FORCE BASE MCCNLAFB 20 1 D KAN PRPR 373724N 0971600W 37.62332,-97.26666
MCENTIRE MCENTIRE 45 1 C S CAR PSTE 335505N 0804800W 33.91804,-80.80000
MCGRATH MCGRATH 02 9 ALS MCAC 625713N 1553612W 62.95361,-155.60333
MCGRAW KASERNE MCGRWKSN GE 4 GERMY PSZG 480608N 0113508E 48.10222,11.58555
MCGUIRE AIR FORCE BASE MCGURAFB 34 1 A N J PTFM 400056N 0743526W 40.01555,-74.59055
MCKINLEYVILLE MCKNLYVL 06 1 G CAL PULT 405901N 1240600W 40.98360,-124.10000
MCMINNVILLE MCMNNVLL 41 1 F ORE 451155N 1230748W 45.19860,-123.12999
MCMULLEN MCMULLEN 48 1 E TEX PUWP 282700N 0984801W 28.45000,-98.80027
MCNEIL ISLAND MCNEIL I 53 1 F WASH PVCA 471242N 1224114W 47.21166,-122.68721
MEDINA MEDINA 48 1 E TEX PWEL 294832N 0991436W 29.80888,-99.24333
MELFA MELFA 51 1 B VIR PWRJ 373857N 0754430W 37.64916,-75.74166
MEMMINGEN MEMMINGN GE 4 GERMY PYCY 475923N 0101426E 47.98971,10.24055
MENASHA MENASHA 55 1 D WISC PYTX 441242N 0882612W 44.21166,-88.43666
MENDIG MENDIG GE 4 GERMY PYVU 502200N 0071859E 50.36666,7.31638
MERCED MERCED 06 1 G CAL PZMT 371705N 1203046W 37.28471,-120.51277
MERCEDITA MERCEDIT RQ 1 PUERT PZMU 180035N 0663341W 18.00972,-66.56138
MERIDEN MERIDEN 09 1 A CONN QAFY 413217N 0724827W 41.53805,-72.80750
MERRILL FIELD MRRLLFLD 02 9 ALS MEAS 611254N 1495038W 61.21500,-149.84388
MERRILLVILLE MRRLLVLL 18 1 D IND QARA 412858N 0871958W 41.48277,-87.33277
METAIRIE METAIRIE 22 1 E LIA QBMX 295804N 0900905W 29.96777,-90.15138
METRO-TANGO METROTNG GE 4 GERMY 500055N 0072300E 50.01527,7.38333
MICHIGAN CITY MICHGNCY 18 1 D IND QCTL 414227N 0865342W 41.70750,-86.89499
MICO MICO 48 1 E TEX QCVW 293238N 0985522W 29.54388,-98.92277
MIDDLESEX MIDDLESX 50 1 A VT QDMF 441734N 0724047W 44.29277,-72.67971
MIDDLETOWN MIDDLTWN 09 1 A CONN QDVL 413344N 0723904W 41.56222,-72.65111
MIDDLETOWN MIDDLTWN 19 1 D IOWA QDVN 404945N 0911539W 40.82916,-91.26083
MIDLAND CITY MIDLNDCY 01 1 C ALA QEHQ 311908N 0852938W 31.31888,-85.49388
MIDWAY MIDWAY 37 1 C N CAR QEQG 344454N 0772548W 34.74833,-77.42999
MILAN MILAN 17 1 D ILL QFDA 412711N 0903419W 41.45305,-90.57193
MILAN MILAN 26 1 D MICH 420501N 0834005W 42.08360,-83.66804
MILAN MILAN 39 1 B OHIO 411720N 0823604W 41.28888,-82.60111
MILFORD MILFORD 09 1 A CONN QFVL 411320N 0730325W 41.22221,-73.05694
MILILANI MILILANI 15 8 HAW MJAU 212719N 1580104W 21.45527,-158.01777
MINERAL MINERAL 51 1 B VIR QHYN 380006N 0775406W 38.00166,-77.90166
MINISTRY DEFENSE LONDON MNSYDFNS UK 3 UNKIN 513044N 0000904W 51.51222,-.15111
MINNEAPOLIS SAINT PAUL MNPLSSTP 27 1 D MINN QJKL 445311N 0931305W 44.88638,-93.21804
MINNESOTA CITY MINNSTCY 27 1 D MINN 440538N 0914458W 44.09388,-91.74944
MINOT AIR FORCE BASE MINOTAFB 38 1 D N DAK QJVF 482456N 1012126W 48.41555,-101.35722
MIRAMAR MIRAMAR 06 1 H CAL QKJA 325209N 1170837W 32.86916,-117.14360
MISHAWKA MISHAWKA 18 1 D IND QKRG 413943N 0860931W 41.66194,-86.15861

William Hernandez
William Hernandez

MISSION MISSION 20 1 D KAN QKTA 390140N 0943920W 39.02777,-94.65555
MITCHEL MITCHEL 55 1 D WISC 425701N 0875350W 42.95027,-87.89721
MOFFETT FEDERAL AIRFIELD MOFFETT 06 1 G CAL QMSN 372455N 1220250W 37.41527,-122.04721
MOKAPU MOKAPU 15 8 HAW MPBV 211112N 1565537W 21.18666,-156.92693
MOLOKAI MOLOKAI 15 8 HAW MPAJ 210918N 1570600W 21.15500,-157.10000
MONCKS CORNER MNKSCRNR 45 1 C S CAR QNZZ 331500N 0800015W 33.25000,-80.00416
MONETT MONETT 29 1 D MO QNYM 365506N 0935503W 36.91832,-93.91749
MONROE MONROE 22 1 E LIA QPGC 323100N 0920501W 32.51666,-92.08360
MONTE DE ESTADO MTDEESTD RQ 1 PUERT 180832N 0665834W 18.14221,-66.97610
MONTE JAYUYA MTJAYUYA RQ 1 PUERT 180925N 0663340W 18.15694,-66.56111
MONTE PIRATA MTPIRATA RQ 1 PUERT 189543N 0653135W 19.59527,-65.52638
MONTELLO MONTELLO 55 1 D WISC 434729N 0891911W 43.79138,-89.31971
MONTICELLO MONTICLL 27 1 D MINN QRDW 451804N 0934800W 45.30111,-93.80000
MONTVILLE MONTVILL 09 1 A CONN QRZW 412844N 0720906W 41.47888,-72.15166
MOODY AIR FORCE BASE MOODYAFB 13 1 C GEO QSEU 305806N 0831135W 30.96832,-83.19305
MORALES MORALES 48 1 E TEX 290738N 0964544W 29.12721,-96.76222
MORBACH MORBACH GE 4 GERMY QTRX 495239N 0071110E 49.87749,7.18610
MORENO VALLEY MORENO 06 1 H CAL QTXL 335455N 1170640W 33.91527,-117.11111
MORMOND HILL MRMNDHLL UK 3 UNKIN 573608N 0020202W 57.60222,-2.03388
MOUNT AIRY MT AIRY 13 1 C GEO QXML 343107N 0833003W 34.51860,-83.50083
MOUNT CALTRAGOINE MTCLTRGN IT 5 ITALY 371424N 0020331E 37.23999,2.05861
MOUNT DORA MT DORA 12 1 C FLA QYHU 284808N 0813841W 28.80222,-81.64471
MOUNT EDHERI MTEDHERI GR 5 GREEC QYKK 351828N 0251914E 35.30777,25.32054
MOUNT HORTIATIS MTHORTTS GR 5 GREEC 403459N 0230709E 40.58304,23.11916
MOUNT LAUREL MTLAUREL 34 1 A N J QZVL 395602N 0745329W 39.93388,-74.89138
MOUNT LAURO MTLAURO IT 5 ITALY 370645N 0022210E 37.11250,2.36943
MOUNT PATERAS MTPATERS GR 5 GREEC 380410N 0232238E 38.06943,23.37721
MOUNT PLEASANT MTPLESNT 19 1 D IOWA 405747N 0913247W 40.96305,-91.54638
MOUNT SERRA MT SERRA IT 5 ITALY RARA 434459N 0103326E 43.74971,10.55722
MOUNT VACA MT VACA 06 1 G CAL 382312N 1220612W 38.38666,-122.10333
MOUNT VENDA MT VENDA IT 5 ITALY 451851N 0114105E 45.31416,11.68471
MOUNT VERNON MTVERNON 18 1 D IND RBCR 375556N 0875342W 37.93221,-87.89499
MOUNTAIN HOME AIR FORCE BASE MTNHMAFB 16 1 F IDA GYZH 430237N 1155218W 43.04360,-115.87166
MOUNTAIN HOME MTN HOME 47 1 C TENN 361838N 0822224W 36.31055,-82.37332
MOUNTAIN VIEW MTN VIEW 06 1 G CAL KVUX 350604N 1182520W 35.10111,-118.42221
MOUNTLAKE TERRACE MNTLKTRC 53 1 F WASH QXDL 474718N 1221827W 47.78833,-122.30750
MOVILLE MOVILLE 19 1 D IOWA QXKE 422920N 0960420W 42.48888,-96.07221
MUD BAY MUD BAY 02 9 ALS RBRE 570906N 1353846W 57.15166,-135.64610
MUENCHSMUENSTER MNCSMNSR GE 4 GERMY 484718N 0114055E 48.78833,11.68193
MUENSTER MUENSTER GE 4 GERMY RBVM 495602N 0084858E 49.93388,8.81611
MUIR MUIR 42 1 B PENN 403532N 0763108W 40.59221,-76.51888
MULDROW MULDROW 40 1 E OKLA RCAA 352422N 0943555W 35.40611,-94.59860
MUNCIE MUNCIE 18 1 D IND RCCR 401136N 0852311W 40.19333,-85.38638
MUNDELEIN MUNDELEN 17 1 D ILL RCEF 421610N 0875959W 42.26943,-87.99971
MUNSAN MUNSAN KS 7 KORES RCKH 375130N 1264700E 37.85833,126.78333
MURKLE MURKLE UK 3 UNKIN 583629N 0032829W 58.60805,-3.47471
MURPHY MURPHY 37 1 C N CAR RCTH 350530N 0840128W 35.09166,-84.02443
NAILA NAILA GE 4 GERMY RESW 502010N 0113020E 50.33610,11.50555
NAKA NAHA JA 7 JAPAN 261222N 1273918E 26.20611,127.65500
NAMSAN NAMSAN KS 7 KORES RFLQ 373235N 1265951E 37.54305,126.99749
NANDI NANDI FJ 7 FIJI RFQL 174516S 1772650E -17.75444,177.44721
NANTUCKET NANTUCKT 25 1 A MASS RGAL 411700N 0700606W 41.28333,-70.10166
NANUET NANUET 36 1 A N Y RGDK 410503N 0740100W 41.08416,-74.01666
NARRAGANSETT NRRGNSTT 44 1 A RH IS RGQU 412700N 0712601W 41.45000,-71.43360
NARSSARSSUAQ NRSSRSSQ GL 2 GRNLD RGRE 610940N 0452540W 61.16111,-45.42777
NASHWAUK NASHWAUK 27 1 D MINN RHFA 472236N 0930948W 47.37666,-93.16333
NASSAU BAY NASSAUBY 48 1 E TEX 293230N 0950530W 29.54166,-95.09166
NAVAJO NAVAJO 04 1 H ARZ RHZR 351109N 1114904W 35.18583,-111.81777

Wyatt Watson
Wyatt Watson

NAVAL AIR STATION ADAK NAS ADAK 02 8 ALS 515250N 1763604W 51.88054,-176.60111
NAVAL AIR STATION WHIDBEY NASWHDBY 53 1 F WASH WHAH 482100N 1223915W 48.35000,-122.65416
NAVAL OBSERVATORY NOBSRVTR 11 1 B DIC 385517N 0770347W 38.92138,-77.06305
NAVAL SECURITY GROUP ADAK NSG ADAK 02 8 ALS 515633N 1763509W 51.94249,-176.58583
NAVAL SECURITY STATION WASHINGTON WASH NSS 11 1 B DIC 385620N 0770100W 38.93888,-77.01666
NAVAL STATION EVERETT NSEVERET 53 1 F WASH 475845N 1221203W 47.97916,-122.20083
NAVEUR LONDON NAVRLNDN UK 3 UNKIN 513044N 0000904W 51.51222,-.15111
NEENAH NEENAH 55 1 D WISC RJZM 441103N 0882706W 44.18416,-88.45166
NEIDENBACH NEIDNBCH GE 4 GERMY RKEH 500635N 0063319E 50.10972,6.55527
NEKLASON LAKE NEKLASNL 02 9 ALS 613715N 1491512W 61.62082,-149.25333
NEKOMA NEKOMA 38 1 D N DAK RKHQ 483438N 0982212W 48.57721,-98.36999
NELLIS AIR FORCE BASE NELLSAFB 32 1 G NEV RKMF 361409N 1150201W 36.23583,-115.03360
NEVADA NEVADA 19 1 D IOWA RMLN 420122N 0932708W 42.02277,-93.45222
NEW BOSTON N BOSTON 17 1 D ILL RNEQ 411013N 0905948W 41.17027,-90.99666
NEW CASTLE N CASTLE 10 1 B DEL RNSF 393943N 0753400W 39.66194,-75.56666
NEW CASTLE N CASTLE 33 1 A N H RNVD 430414N 0704250W 43.07054,-70.71388
NEW CUMBERLAND NCMBRLND 54 1 B W VA RRCB 402936N 0803624W 40.49333,-80.60666
NEW ENGLAND NENGLAND 38 1 D N DAK RPNF 463221N 1025204W 46.53916,-102.86777
NEW EXECUTIVE OFFICE BUILDING NEXOFFBG 11 1 B DIC 385620N 0770500W 38.93888,-77.08333
NEW HAVEN N HAVEN 09 1 A CONN RPWN 411829N 0725543W 41.30805,-72.92860
NEW HILL N HILL 37 1 C N CAR 354051N 0785609W 35.68082,-78.93583
NEW LONDON N LONDON 09 1 A CONN RQFA 412120N 0720600W 41.35555,-72.10000
NEW LONDON N LONDON 29 1 D MO RQFQ 393501N 0912401W 39.58360,-91.40027
NEW MARTINSVILLE NMRTNSVL 54 1 B W VA RQHF 393951N 0805135W 39.66416,-80.85972
NEW MATINSVILLE NEWMRTVL 54 1 B W VA 393951N 0805135W 39.66416,-80.85972
NEW RAYMER N RAYMER 08 1 D COL 403604N 1035006W 40.60111,-103.83499
NEW RIVER N RV 37 1 C N CAR RQWP 344238N 0772622W 34.71055,-77.43944
NEW SMYRNA BEACH NSMYRNBC 12 1 C FLA RREK 290132N 0805538W 29.02554,-80.92721
NEW STANTON N STANTN 42 1 B PENN 401309N 0793635W 40.21916,-79.60972
NEW WINDSOR NWINDSOR 36 1 A N Y RRGJ 412813N 0740138W 41.47027,-74.02721
NEWARK NEWARK 10 1 B DEL RRNJ 394101N 0754500W 39.68360,-75.75000
NEWINGTON NEWINGTN 51 1 B VIR RSWK 384418N 0771107W 38.73833,-77.18527
NEWPORT BRIDGE NWPRTBDG 44 1 A RH IS RUJH 412809N 0711900W 41.46916,-71.31666
NEWPORT NEWPORT 18 1 D IND RTJQ 395303N 0872431W 39.88416,-87.40861
NEWTON NEWTON 20 1 D KAN RURQ 380248N 0972041W 38.04666,-97.34471
NICHOLSON PENINSULA NCLSNPNS CA 2 MAKEN NJAB 695710N 1285330W 69.95277,-128.89166
NIEDERBROMBACH NDRBRMBC GE 4 GERMY RWHX 493120N 0071430E 49.52221,7.24166
NIKISKA NIKISKA 02 9 ALS RWSA 604111N 1512325W 60.68638,-151.39027
NIOTA NIOTA 17 1 D ILL RXEU 403703N 0911716W 40.61749,-91.28777
NISKAYUNA NISKAYUN 36 1 A N Y RXHR 424647N 0735046W 42.77971,-73.84610
NITRO NITRO 54 1 B W VA RXHY 382504N 0815005W 38.41777,-81.83471
NO-GOKI RI NOGOKIRI KS 7 KORES 380042N 1272053E 38.01166,127.34805
NOBLE NOBLE 40 1 E OKLA SALN 350821N 0972340W 35.13916,-97.39444
NOONAN NOONAN 38 1 D N DAK SAWM 485320N 1030030W 48.88888,-103.00833
NORDHOLZ NORDHOLZ GE 4 GERMY SAYJ 534608N 0083930E 53.76888,8.65833
NORFOLK NAVAL AIR STATION NRFLKNAS 51 1 B VIR SBDW 365614N 0761726W 36.93721,-76.29055
NORMA NORMA 38 1 D N DAK SBFG 484344N 1015822W 48.72888,-101.97277
NORTH BAY NO BAY CA 2 ONTAR RXTR 462157N 0792520W 46.36583,-79.42221
NORTH BEND AIR FORCE STATION NOBNDAFS 41 1 F ORE SBMY 432402N 1241307W 43.40055,-124.21860
NORTH EAST NO E 24 1 B MLD RZAD 393600N 0755630W 39.60000,-75.94166
NORTH LAKE ADAK NO LADAK 02 8 ALS 515728N 1763500E 51.95777,176.58333
NORTH PERRY NO PERRY 39 1 B OHIO 414828N 0810755W 41.80777,-81.13193
NORTH PIER NO PIER JA 7 JAPAN 352802N 1393857E 35.46721,139.64916
NORTH TROY NO TROY 50 1 A VT SAGS 445942N 0722418W 44.99499,-72.40500
NORTH VERSAILLES NOVRSLLS 42 1 B PENN 402247N 0794835W 40.37971,-79.80972
NORTHFIELD NORTHFLD 34 1 A N J SBSJ 392200N 0743399W 39.36666,-74.57750
NORTHVILLE NORTHVLL 26 1 D MICH 422600N 0832848W 42.43333,-83.47999
NORTHWEST FIELD NW FLD GQ 7 GUAM SAKW 133712N 1445116E 13.61999,144.85444

Robert Butler
Robert Butler

NORTON NORTON 20 1 D KAN SCTF 395000N 0995328W 39.83333,-99.89110
NORTON NORTON 25 1 A MASS SCUB 415800N 0711115W 41.96666,-71.18749
NORTON NORTON 50 1 A VT SCUW 450012N 0714154W 45.00333,-71.69833
NORTONVILLE NORTNVLL 21 1 B KEN SCWE 371127N 0872710W 37.19083,-87.45277
NORVENICH NORVENCH GE 4 GERMY SCWZ 504955N 0063934E 50.83193,6.65944
NORWALK NORWALK 09 1 A CONN SCYU 410703N 0732430W 41.11749,-73.40833
NORWAY NORWAY 17 1 D ILL SDBG 412756N 0883952W 41.46555,-88.66444
NORWICH NORWICH 09 1 A CONN SDDV 413127N 0720435W 41.52416,-72.07638
NOYES NOYES 27 1 D MINN SDQA 490000N 0971224W 49.00000,-97.20666
NYUTABARU NYUTABAR JA 7 JAPAN SDUT 320449N 1312714E 32.08027,131.45388
OAK BROOK OAKBROOK 17 1 D ILL SDYS 414958N 0875544W 41.83277,-87.92888
OAK GROVE OAKGROVE 21 1 B KEN SDZU 372039N 0864517W 37.34416,-86.75472
OAK GROVE OAKGROVE 24 1 B MLD SEAQ 385227N 0764637W 38.87416,-76.77693
OAK GROVE OAKGROVE 37 1 C N CAR SEBD 350150N 0771512W 35.03054,-77.25333
OAK ISLAND OAK I 37 1 C N CAR SEDV 335400N 0780112W 33.90000,-78.01999
OAK PARK OAK PK 26 1 D MICH SEET 423600N 0825001W 42.60000,-82.83360
OAKDALE OAKDALE 27 1 D MINN SEJS 445750N 0930400W 44.96388,-93.06666
OAKHANGER OAKHANGR UK 3 UNKIN SENR 510655N 0005400W 51.11527,-.90000
OAKHARBOR OAKHARBR 53 1 F WASH 481706N 1223900W 48.28499,-122.65000
OAKLAND NSC OKLNDNSC 06 1 G CAL 374700N 1215537W 37.78333,-121.92693
OCRACOKE OCRACOKE 37 1 C N CAR SFUT 350609N 0755802W 35.10250,-75.96721
ODESSA ODESSA 48 1 E TEX SFXG 323315N 1022445W 32.55416,-102.41250
OFALLON OFALLON 17 1 D ILL 383221N 0895130W 38.53916,-89.85833
OFFICE TOWERS WIESBADEN OFCTWSWS GE 4 GERMY 500417N 0081324E 50.07138,8.22332
OFFUTT AIR FORCE BASE OFFTTAFB 31 1 D NEB SGBP 410706N 0955444W 41.11832,-95.91222
OHARE OHARE 17 1 D ILL DPNB 415841N 0875422W 41.97804,-87.90611
OJANA COMPOUND (OKINAWA) OJNCMPND JA 7 JAPAN 261500N 1274410E 26.25000,127.73610
OKAHUMPKA OKAHUMPK 12 1 C FLA SHAD 284408N 0815307W 28.73555,-81.88527
OKEECHOBEE OKEECHOB 12 1 C FLA SHAK 271436N 0804954W 27.24333,-80.83166
OKMASAN OKMASAN KS 7 KORES 362100N 1263727E 36.35000,126.62416
OKUCANI OKUCANI HR 4 CROAT SFEM 451530N 0171200E 45.25833,17.20000
OLATHE OLATHE 20 1 D KAN SHMZ 385253N 0944908W 38.88138,-94.81888
OLD EXECUTIVE OFFICE BUILDING OLDEXOBG 11 1 B DIC 385620N 0770500W 38.93888,-77.08333
OLIKTOK OLIKTOK 02 9 ALS SHUM 703000N 1495235W 70.50000,-149.87638
ONALASKA ONALASKA 55 1 D WISC SJZQ 435313N 0911308W 43.88694,-91.21888
ONIZUKA AIR STATION ONIZUKAS 06 1 G CAL SKEG 372900N 1222158W 37.48333,-122.36611
ONTARIO ONTARIO 36 1 A N Y SKKF 431315N 0771700W 43.22082,-77.28333
ONTONAGON ONTONAGN 26 1 D MICH SKMH 465201N 0891903W 46.86693,-89.31749
OPA-LOCKA OPALOCKA 12 1 C FLA SKMN 255425N 0801649W 25.90694,-80.28027
OPAL OPAL 46 1 D S DAK SKNP 445333N 1022917W 44.89249,-102.48805
OPANA OPANA 15 8 HAW SKPL 214238N 1575830W 21.71055,-157.97499
OPELOUSAS OPELOUSS 22 1 E LIA SKQD 303200N 0920408W 30.53333,-92.06888
OPP OPP 01 1 C ALA SKSS 311729N 0861522W 31.29138,-86.25611
ORANGE GROVE ORANGGRV 48 1 E TEX SLDN 275403N 0980305W 27.90083,-98.05138
ORANGE PARK ORANGEPK 12 1 C FLA SLEN 301007N 0814217W 30.16860,-81.70472
ORANGEBURG ORANGBRG 36 1 A N Y SLFU 410300N 0735644W 41.05000,-73.94555
ORISKANY ORISKANY 36 1 A N Y SLPJ 430926N 0751959W 43.15722,-75.33304
ORLAND PARK ORLANDPK 17 1 D ILL SLTA 413638N 0875102W 41.61055,-87.85055
OSAGE CITY OSAGE CY 20 1 D KAN SMWG 383802N 0954932W 38.63388,-95.82554
OSHKOSH OSHKOSH 31 1 D NEB SNJX 412418N 1022038W 41.40500,-102.34388
OSTERHOLZ OSTERHLZ GE 4 GERMY 531607N 0085000E 53.26860,8.83333
OSTPREUSSEN KASERNE OSPSNKSN GE 4 GERMY 510108N 0092448E 51.01888,9.41333
OSTRAVA OSTRAVA CZ 4 CZECH 494146N 0180639E 49.69610,18.11083
OTEEN OTEEN 37 1 C N CAR 353514N 0822929W 35.58721,-82.49138
OTRANTO OTRANTO IT 5 ITALY 401403N 0180901E 40.23416,18.15027
OTTAWA OTTAWA 20 1 D KAN SPUJ 383656N 0951603W 38.61555,-95.26749
OTTUMWA OTTUMWA 19 1 D IOWA SPXC 410015N 0922225W 41.00416,-92.37360
OVERLAND PARK OVRLNDPK 20 1 D KAN SQBG 385856N 0944014W 38.98221,-94.67054
OWENS OWENS 51 1 B VIR SQHC 382019N 0770512W 38.33860,-77.08666
OWINGS OWINGS 24 1 B MLD SQJJ 384303N 0763606W 38.71749,-76.60166
OXFORD FALLS OXFRDFLS AS 7 AUSTL 334310S 1511224E -33.71943,151.20666
PAGANELLA PAGANELL IT 5 ITALY 460824N 0110228E 46.13999,11.04110
PALACIOS PALACIOS 48 1 E TEX STKZ 284340N 0961508W 28.72777,-96.25222
PALGONGSAN PALGNGSN KS 7 KORES 360128N 1284152E 36.02443,128.69777
PALO PALO 19 1 D IOWA SUSB 420358N 0914743W 42.06611,-91.79527

Mason Martin
Mason Martin

888 7th Avenue
Satan's servants can't get quads

Xavier Sanders
Xavier Sanders

PALOS VERDES PALSVRDS 06 1 H CAL 334802N 1182321W 33.80055,-118.38916
PANAMA CITY BEACH PNMCYBCH 12 1 C FLA SVEA 301054N 0854824W 30.18166,-85.80666
PANZER KAISERSLAUTERN PNZKSSLT GE 4 GERMY 492650N 0074845E 49.44721,7.81250
PAPILLION PAPILLIN 31 1 D NEB SVPC 410916N 0960231W 41.15444,-96.04194
PAPYONG SAN PAPYNGSN KS 7 KORES SVPG 375432N 1265259E 37.90888,126.88304
PARIS EAST PARIS E 51 1 B VIR 390016N 0775706W 39.00444,-77.95166
PARIS WEST PARIS W 51 1 B VIR 390016N 0775706W 39.00444,-77.95166
PARIS PARIS 51 1 B VIR SWBP 390016N 0775706W 39.00444,-77.95166
PARK CITY PARK CY 49 1 G UTAH 403846N 1112950W 40.64610,-111.49721
PARKRIDGE BUILDING RESTON PKDGBDGR 51 1 B VIR 385000N 0772115W 38.83333,-77.35416
PARSIPPANY PARSPPNY 34 1 A N J SWSP 405128N 0742535W 40.85777,-74.42638
PARSONS PARSONS 20 1 D KAN SWSZ 372025N 0951539W 37.34027,-95.26083
PATCH BARRACKS PATCH BK GE 4 GERMY SXFL 484409N 0090454E 48.73583,9.08166
PATRICK AIR FORCE BASE PTRCKAFB 12 1 C FLA SXHT 281421N 0803628W 28.23916,-80.60777
PATTON BARRACKS PATTONBK GE 4 GERMY SYBB 492344N 0084029E 49.39555,8.67471
PATUXENT RIVER PATXNTRV 24 1 B MLD SYCM 381714N 0762428W 38.28721,-76.40777
PAYA LEBAR AIR FORCE BASE PAYLBRAB SN 7 SNGPR VSMW 012112N 1035415E 1.35333,103.90416
PEACH BOTTOM PECHBTTM 42 1 B PENN SYTJ 394503N 0761334W 39.75083,-76.22610
PEACHTREE CITY PECHTRCY 13 1 C GEO SYUG 332333N 0843408W 33.39249,-84.56888
PECOS PECOS 48 1 E TEX SZTS 312305N 1033025W 31.38471,-103.50694
PEETZ PEETZ 08 1 D COL TAAC 405746N 1030643W 40.96277,-103.11194
PELLA PELLA 19 1 D IOWA TABZ 412429N 0925458W 41.40805,-92.91611
PELLY BAY PELLYBAY CA 2 KEWAT PEBN 682620N 0893630W 68.43888,-89.60833
PEMBINA PEMBINA 38 1 D N DAK TAGG 475702N 0972401W 47.95055,-97.40027
PENDLETON BARRACKS PNDLTNBK GE 4 GERMY TAHN 503521N 0084227E 50.58916,8.70750
PENDLETON PENDLETN 18 1 D IND TAHM 395951N 0854448W 39.99749,-85.74666
PENINSULA PENINSUL 39 1 B OHIO 411428N 0813310W 41.24110,-81.55277
PENNSAUKEN PENNSAKN 34 1 A N J TAVC 395711N 0750139W 39.95305,-75.02749
PENSACOLA NAVAL AIR STATION PENSCNAS 12 1 C FLA GWDD 302110N 0871913W 30.35277,-87.32027
PENT FEDERAL CREDIT UNION PFCUALEX 51 1 B VIR 384812N 0770300W 38.80333,-77.05000
PERRIS PERRIS 06 1 H CAL 334700N 1171350W 33.78333,-117.23054
PERU PERU 18 1 D IND TCRM 404513N 0860408W 40.75361,-86.06888
PEWAUKEE PEWAUKKE 55 1 D WISC TDND 430509N 0881507W 43.08583,-88.25194
PIERRE PIERRE 46 1 D S DAK TFMY 442206N 1002102W 44.36832,-100.35055
PILGRIM MONUMENT PLGMNMNT 25 1 A MASS TFVT 423118N 0705318W 42.52166,-70.88833

Adam Foster
Adam Foster

PINE CASTLE PINECSTL 12 1 C FLA TGCE 282818N 0812205W 28.47166,-81.36804
PINEVILLE PINEVL 22 1 E LIA TGMZ 311920N 0922603W 31.32221,-92.43416
PINON CANYON PINNCNYN 08 1 D COL TGRJ 372949N 1040915W 37.49694,-104.15416
PIONEER KASERNE HANAU PNRKSNHN GE 4 GERMY TGTK 500742N 0085704E 50.12832,8.95111
PISCATAWAY PISCATWY 34 1 A N J TZGM 402957N 0742358W 40.49916,-74.39944
PITTSBURG PITTSBRG 20 1 D KAN THEJ 372439N 0944217W 37.41083,-94.70472
PLAINS PLAINS 13 1 C GEO THQV 320202N 0842334W 32.03388,-84.39277
PLAINVILLE PLAINVLL 09 1 A CONN THSW 414028N 0725131W 41.67443,-72.85861
PLANTATION PLANTATN 12 1 C FLA THUB 260730N 0801430W 26.12499,-80.24166
PLATTEVILLE PLATTVLL 08 1 D COL THVZ 401254N 1044920W 40.21500,-104.82221
PLATTSBURGH AIR FORCE BASE PLTSBAFB 36 1 A N Y THWA 443905N 0732808W 44.65138,-73.46888
PLAYA GRANDE PLAYA GR RQ 1 PUERT 180548N 0653115W 18.09666,-65.52082
PLAZA PLAZA 38 1 D N DAK TJLG 480133N 1015738W 48.02582,-101.96055
PLEASANT GROVE PLSNTGRV 49 1 G UTAH TJNX 402213N 1114400W 40.37027,-111.73333
PLEASANT VALLEY PLSNTVLY 19 1 D IOWA TJMT 413411N 0902523W 41.56971,-90.42304
POCAHONTAS POCAHNTS 19 1 D IOWA TJYZ 424408N 0944008W 42.73555,-94.66888
POINT BARROW PTBARROW 02 9 ALS TKLB 711739N 1564709W 71.29416,-156.78583
POINT BLOSSOM PTBLOSSM 24 1 B MLD 382429N 0770636W 38.40805,-77.11000
POINT CAMPBELL PTCMPBLL 02 9 ALS TKPK 610924N 1500420W 61.15666,-150.07221
POINT LAY PT LAY 02 9 ALS TKUH 694345N 1630050W 69.72916,-163.01388
POINT MUGU PT MUGU 06 1 H CAL TKXA 340713N 1190712W 34.12027,-119.11999
POINT ROBERTS PTROBRTS 53 1 F WASH TLBP 485908N 1230436W 48.98555,-123.07666
POKER FLAT POKERFLT 02 9 ALS TLJJ 650746N 1472851W 65.12943,-147.48082
POPE AIR FORCE BASE POPE AFB 37 1 C N CAR TMKH 351014N 0790053W 35.17054,-79.01472
PORO POINT PORO PT RP 7 PHILI TNBL 163720N 1201645E 16.62221,120.27916
PORT ALEXANDER PRTLXNDR 02 9 ALS TNCE 561500N 1333840W 56.25000,-133.64444
PORT BOLIVAR PORTBLVR 48 1 E TEX 292230N 0944612W 29.37499,-94.76999
PORT OF SPAIN PRTOFSPN TD 1 TRIND 999999N 9999999W 100.67750,-1000.67750
PORT WASHINGTON PTWSHGTN 55 1 D WISC TPUD 432301N 0875207W 43.38360,-87.86860
PORTAL PORTAL 38 1 D N DAK TPYS 485908N 1023208W 48.98555,-102.53555
PORTSMOUTH PORTSMTH 23 1 A MNE TQQL 430437N 0704248W 43.07693,-70.71333
POULSBO POULSBO 53 1 F WASH TRLG 474400N 1223805W 47.73333,-122.63471
POWDER SPRINGS POWDRSPR 13 1 C GEO TRNL 335134N 0844102W 33.85944,-84.68388
PRATT PRATT 20 1 D KAN TSHK 373838N 0984414W 37.64388,-98.73721

Jason Martinez
Jason Martinez

PRESCOTT PRESCOTT 41 1 F ORE 460257N 1225310W 46.04916,-122.88610
PRESIDIO OF MONTEREY PSDOFMNT 06 1 G CAL TSPX 363604N 1215406W 36.60111,-121.90166
PRESIDIO OF SAN FRAN PSDFSNFN 06 1 G CAL TSRD 374800N 1222705W 37.80000,-122.45138
PRESIDIO PRESIDIO 48 1 E TEX TSPC 301510N 1035302W 30.25277,-103.88388
PRISTINA PRISTINA SR 5 SERBI TTPG 423404N 0210202E 42.56777,21.03388
PROGRESO PROGRESO 48 1 E TEX 260506N 0975707W 26.08499,-97.95194
PROSPECT VALLEY PSPCTVLY 08 1 D COL TTVK 400425N 1042452W 40.07360,-104.41444
PUEBLO PUEBLO 08 1 D COL TUGK 381516N 1043631W 38.25444,-104.60861
PUNAHOU PUNAHOU 15 8 HAW PUAV 211825N 1575000W 21.30694,-157.83333
PUNAMANO PUNAMANO 15 8 HAW TUUK 214238N 1575830W 21.71055,-157.97499
PUNXSUTAWNEY PNXSTWNY 42 1 B PENN TVCX 405639N 0785839W 40.94416,-78.97749
PUU KA PELE PUUKAPEL 15 8 HAW 220627N 1593847W 22.10750,-159.64638
PYDNA PYDNA GE 4 GERMY PYAC 500425N 0072640E 50.07360,7.44444
QUEENSTOWN QUENSTWN NZ 7 NWZEA TWCM 450118S 1684412E -45.02166,168.73666
QUINCY QUINCY 17 1 D ILL TWEE 395605N 0912305W 39.93471,-91.38471
QUIRAUK MOUNTAIN QUIRKMTN 24 1 B MLD 394147N 0773047W 39.69638,-77.51305
RAEFORD RAEFORD 37 1 C N CAR TWVH 345900N 0791330W 34.98333,-79.22499
RAINBOW RIDGE RANBWRDG 06 1 G CAL 402047N 1240701W 40.34638,-124.11693
RAIRIE DU CHIEN RAIRDCHN 55 1 D WISC 430303N 0910808W 43.05083,-91.13555
RAMSTEIN RAMSTEIN GE 4 GERMY TYFQ 492442N 0073818E 49.41166,7.63833
RANCHO CORDOVA RNCHCRDV 06 1 G CAL TYGW 382602N 1211705W 38.43388,-121.28471
RANCHO MIRAGE RANCHMRG 06 1 H CAL TYGQ 334423N 1162443W 33.73971,-116.41194
RANDALLSTOWN RNDLSTWN 24 1 B MLD TYHR 392202N 0764744W 39.36721,-76.79555
RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE RNDLPAFB 48 1 E TEX TYMX 293146N 0981643W 29.52943,-98.27860
RARITAN RARITAN 34 1 A N J TZLH 403410N 0743800W 40.56943,-74.63333
RED BAY RED BAY 12 1 C FLA UAMT 303351N 0855517W 30.56416,-85.92138
RED LEVEL REDLEVEL 12 1 C FLA UARU 285810N 0823811W 28.96943,-82.63638
RED OAK RED OAK 19 1 D IOWA UATL 410035N 0951331W 41.00972,-95.22527
RED RIVER ARMY DEPOT RED RVAD 48 1 E TEX UAUU 332501N 0941600W 33.41693,-94.26666
RED RIVER RED RV 48 1 E TEX UAUW 332501N 0941600W 33.41693,-94.26666
REDWOOD REDWOOD 06 1 G CAL 373002N 1221500W 37.50055,-122.25000
REESE AUGSBURG RSAGSBRG GE 4 GERMY UBNZ 482245N 0105151E 48.37916,10.86416
REESE REESE 48 1 E TEX UBNS 333547N 1020231W 33.59638,-102.04194
REHOBOTH BEACH RHBTHBCH 10 1 B DEL UCGQ 384315N 0750435W 38.72082,-75.07638
REISTERSTOWN RSTRSTWN 24 1 B MLD UCMH 392810N 0764947W 39.46943,-76.82971
REITSCHEID REITSCHD GE 4 GERMY UCN2 493125N 0071328E 49.52360,7.22443
REPUBLIC REPUBLIC 26 1 D MICH 462436N 0875830W 46.41000,-87.97499
RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK RSCTGLPK 37 1 C N CAR XETC 345412N 0785321W 34.90333,-78.88916
REYKJAVIK REYKJAVK IC 2 ICELD UDCV 640748N 0215620W 64.12999,-21.93888
RHEIN BENTLAGE RHNBNTLG GE 4 GERMY 521742N 0072304E 52.29499,7.38444
RHEIN MAIN RHEINMAN GE 4 GERMY UDHX 500220N 0083414E 50.03888,8.57054
RHEINDUERKHEIM RHNDRKHM GE 4 GERMY 494230N 0082143E 49.70833,8.36194
RHEINGRAFEN STEIN RHGRFNSN GE 4 GERMY UDGN 494844N 0075122E 49.81222,7.85611

Brandon Lee
Brandon Lee

RIALTO RIALTO 06 1 H CAL UDMP 340620N 1172500W 34.10555,-117.41666
RICHMOND RICHMOND 18 1 D IND UEQS 394944N 0845325W 39.82888,-84.89027
RICHMOND RICHMOND KS 7 KORES UEQY 361750N 1272858E 36.29721,127.48277
RICKENBACKER AIR FORCE BASE RKNBKAFB 39 1 B OHIO NLZG 394851N 0825556W 39.81416,-82.93221
RIDGEMONT RIDGEMNT 36 1 A N Y 431244N 0774339W 43.21222,-77.72749
RINNLEIRT MILLITARY CAMP RINNLERT NO 3 NORWA 634615N 0112630E 63.77082,11.44166
RIPLEY RIPLEY 54 1 B W VA UGDA 384912N 0814233W 38.81999,-81.70916
RIVERTON RIVERTON 49 1 G UTAH 403111N 1115643W 40.51971,-111.94527
ROARING CREEK ROARNGCR 42 1 B PENN RPAR 405556N 0763125W 40.93221,-76.52360
ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE ROBNSAFB 13 1 C GEO UHHZ 323824N 0833531W 32.63999,-83.59194
ROBINSON BARRACKS ROBNSNBK GE 4 GERMY UHTH 484118N 0091236E 48.68833,9.21000
ROCK ROCK 20 1 D KAN UJEB 372625N 0970022W 37.44027,-97.00611
ROCKHAMPTON RCKHMPTN AS 7 AUSTL RPAD 232300S 1502827E -23.38333,150.47416
ROEDELHEIM ROEDELHM GE 4 GERMY UKMW 500742N 0083539E 50.12832,8.59416
ROLLING MEADOWS RLNGMDWS 17 1 D ILL UKXQ 420503N 0880047W 42.08416,-88.01305
ROOSEVELT ROADS RSVLTRDS RQ 1 PUERT ULLT 181459N 0653808W 18.24971,-65.63555
ROOSEVELTOWN ROSVLTWN 36 1 A N Y ULMA 445822N 0744353W 44.97277,-74.73138
ROSE TERRACE ROSETRRC 21 1 B KEN ULUB 375342N 0855838W 37.89499,-85.97721
ROSEMONT ROSEMONT 17 1 D ILL UMEL 415943N 0875304W 41.99527,-87.88444
ROSEMONT ROSEMONT 27 1 D MINN UMFG 444445N 0930742W 44.74583,-93.12832
ROSENCRANS ROSNCRNS 29 1 D MO 394600N 0945018W 39.76666,-94.83833
ROSEVILLE ROSEVILL 26 1 D MICH UMHV 423002N 0825602W 42.50055,-82.93388
ROSEVILLE ROSEVILL 27 1 D MINN UMHZ 450103N 0930909W 45.01749,-93.15250
ROTA HOSPITAL SPAIN RTSPTLSP SP 5 SPAIN RPAT 363714N 0062200W 36.62054,-6.36666
ROTA ROTA SP 5 SPAIN UMXA 363847N 0062057W 36.64638,-6.34916
ROUSES POINT ROUSESPT 36 1 A N Y UNCJ 445938N 0732155W 44.99388,-73.36527
ROWE ROWE 25 1 A MASS UNEF 424136N 0725400W 42.69333,-72.90000
ROXBURY ROXBURY 25 1 A MASS 421930N 0710545W 42.32499,-71.09583
ROY ROY 49 1 G UTAH UNJW 410907N 1120105W 41.15194,-112.01804
RUMFORD RUMFORD 23 1 A MNE UNRA 443301N 0703303W 44.55027,-70.55083
RUPPLESTEIN RUPPLSTN GE 4 GERMY 494201N 0070335E 49.70027,7.05972
RUSKIN RUSKIN 12 1 C FLA UNTT 274318N 0822554W 27.72166,-82.43166
RYDER RYDER 38 1 D N DAK UPME 475503N 1014039W 47.91749,-101.67749
RYGGE RYGGE NO 3 NORWA UPSA 592249N 0104709E 59.38027,10.78583
SABETHA SABETHA 20 1 D KAN UPTZ 395408N 0954802W 39.90222,-95.80055
SABILLASVILLE SBLLSVLL 24 1 B MLD UPTG 394200N 0772724W 39.70000,-77.45666
SAC CITY SAC CITY 19 1 D IOWA UPUA 422520N 0945922W 42.42221,-94.98944
SACHONG RI SACHONGR KS 7 KORES 380749N 1271446E 38.13027,127.24610
SACILE SACILE IT 5 ITALY 460124N 0123606E 46.02332,12.60166
SAGAMORE SAGAMORE 25 1 A MASS UQGK 414612N 0703144W 41.76999,-70.52888
SAINT GEORGE STGRGHLL VQ 1 VIUSA 174316N 0645123W 17.72110,-64.85638
SAINT INIGOES STINIGOS 24 1 B MLD WBYB 380851N 0762326W 38.14749,-76.39055
SAINT JAMES ST JAMES 22 1 E LIA WBYH 295848N 0904948W 29.97999,-90.82999
SAINT JEAN ST JEAN CA 2 QUEBC WBZA 451740N 0731645W 45.29444,-73.27916
SAINT LOUIS PARK STLOUSPK 27 1 D MINN WCNM 452320N 0932839W 45.38888,-93.47749
SAINT MARYS ST MARYS 42 1 B PENN WCVX 412543N 0783328W 41.42860,-78.55777
SAINT MAWGAN STMAWGAN UK 3 UNKIN WCYR 502622N 0045950W 50.43944,-4.99721
SAINT PAUL ST PAULI 02 9 ALS WDFF 570945N 1701400W 57.16250,-170.23333
SAINT PETERS STPETERS 29 1 D MO WDGN 384754N 0903730W 38.79833,-90.62499
SAINT TRUIDEN STTRUIDN BE 4 BELG WDMD 504736N 0051202E 50.79333,5.20055
SAINT STFNCSVL 22 1 E LIA 304647N 0912235W 30.77971,-91.37638
SALEM SALEM 25 1 A MASS URMH 413210N 0705500W 41.53610,-70.91666
SALINA SALINA 20 1 D KAN URTH 385025N 0973640W 38.84027,-97.61111
SALINE SALINE 26 1 D MICH 421033N 0834648W 42.17582,-83.77999
SALT CREEK SALT CR 06 1 G CAL 385622N 1220848W 38.93944,-122.14666
SALZWOOG SALZWOOG GE 4 GERMY USHM 491020N 0074345E 49.17221,7.72916
SAM PALOC SAMPALOC RP 7 PHILI 143620N 1205938E 14.60555,120.99388
SAMBACH SAMBACH GE 4 GERMY USJA 492930N 0074300E 49.49166,7.71666

Asher Mitchell
Asher Mitchell

SAMESAN SAMESAN TH 7 THAIL 124020N 1005500E 12.67221,100.91666
SAN ANTONIO SANANTON 48 1 E TEX USQX 292500N 0982901W 29.41666,-98.48360
SAN CLEMENTE SNCLMNTI 06 1 H CAL USXP 330124N 1183514W 33.02332,-118.58721
SAN DIEGO SANDIEGO 06 1 H CAL SABZ 324255N 1171019W 32.71527,-117.17193
SAN DIEGO SNDGLNDB 06 1 H CAL NGWV 324401N 1171112W 32.73360,-117.18666
SAN GUIUSTO SANGUIST IT 5 ITALY 434106N 0102350E 43.68499,10.39721
SAN JUAN HILL SANJNHLL PM 1 PANMA 085713N 0793059W 8.95361,-79.51638
SAN LEANDRO SANLENDR 06 1 G CAL UTYL 374200N 1220918W 37.70000,-122.15500
SAN LUIS SAN LUIS 04 1 H ARZ 322902N 1144700W 32.48388,-114.78333
SAN ONOFRE SANONOFR 06 1 H CAL 332252N 1173420W 33.38110,-117.57221
SAN RAMON SANRAMON 06 1 G CAL 374700N 1215807W 37.78333,-121.96860
SAN SALVADOR SANSLVDR BF 1 BAHAM UUQZ 240336N 0743159W 24.06000,-74.53304
SAN STEFANO SANSTEFN IT 5 ITALY UUTV 411200N 0092502E 41.20000,9.41721
SAN YSIDRO SANYSIDR 06 1 H CAL 331519N 1163356W 33.25527,-116.56555
SAND ISLAND SAND I 15 8 HAW 211840N 1575230W 21.31111,-157.87499
SANDSTONE SANDSTON 27 1 D MINN UVLS 465070N 0925200W 46.85277,-92.86666
SANDWICH SANDWICH 25 1 A MASS UVPX 414532N 0702940W 41.75888,-70.49444
SANDY HOOK SANDYHOK 34 1 A N J UVRL 402635N 0735925W 40.44305,-73.99027
SANFORD SANFORD 12 1 C FLA UVTS 284700N 0811403W 28.78333,-81.23416
SANFORD SANFORD 37 1 C N CAR UVYY 352900N 0791012W 35.48333,-79.16999
SANNO HOTEL SANNOHTL JA 7 JAPAN UWCL 353841N 1394313E 35.64471,139.72027
SANTA ROSA SANTAROS 06 1 G CAL UWUL 382552N 1224200W 38.43110,-122.70000
SANTA TERESA SANTATRS 35 1 E N MEX UWYQ 315121N 1063819W 31.85583,-106.63860
SANTO DOMINGO SANTDMNG DR 1 DOMNR UXKG 182255N 0702158W 18.38193,-70.36611
SANTO TOMAS SANTOTMS RP 7 PHILI 162005N 1203346E 16.33471,120.56277
SARAJEVO SARAJEVO BK 4 BOSNI UXXF 434929N 0182010E 43.82471,18.33610
SASABE SASABE 04 1 H ARZ 312904N 1113206W 31.48444,-111.53499
SASEBO SASEBO JA 7 JAPAN UYRD 330952N 1294315E 33.16444,129.72082
SATTAHIP SATTAHIP TH 7 THAIL UYZR 123705N 1005738E 12.61804,100.96055
SAUFLEY FIELD SAFLYFLD 12 1 C FLA UZAM 302810N 0872017W 30.46943,-87.33805
SAWYER SAWYER 27 1 D MINN 464000N 0923803W 46.66666,-92.63416
SCHINNEN SCHINNEN NL 4 NETHR VBZM 505634N 0055155E 50.94277,5.86527

Jaxson Evans
Jaxson Evans

SCHIPHOL SCHIPHOL NL 4 NETHR VBZR 521830N 0044548E 52.30833,4.76333
SCHLOSS KASERNE SCLSKSNB GE 4 GERMY VCCT 502607N 0084039E 50.43527,8.67749
SCHUYLKILL SCHYLKLL 42 1 B PENN VCTL 403741N 0761023W 40.62804,-76.17304
SCHWANBERG SCHWNBRG GE 4 GERMY VCVX 494325N 0101631E 49.72360,10.27527
SCHWELENTRUP SCWLNTRP GE 4 GERMY VDBY 520358N 0090232E 52.06611,9.04221
SCOTIA SCOTIA 36 1 A N Y VDSE 425100N 0735847W 42.85000,-73.97971
SCOTT AIR SCOTTAFB 17 1 D ILL VDYD 383221N 0895100W 38.53916,-89.85000
SCOTTSBLUFF SCTTSBLF 31 1 D NEB VELR 415231N 1033400W 41.87527,-103.56666
SCOTTSBORO SCOTTSBR 01 1 C ALA VEMC 344018N 0860206W 34.67166,-86.03499
SCOTTSBURG SCTTSBRG 18 1 D IND VEMG 381719N 0871309W 38.28860,-87.21916
SCOTTSDALE SCOTTSDL 04 1 H ARZ VEMM 332700N 1115506W 33.45000,-111.91832
SCRIBA SCRIBA 36 1 A N Y VERN 432800N 0761740W 43.46666,-76.29444
SEABROOK SEABROOK 33 1 A N H 425541N 0705218W 42.92804,-70.87166
SEAFORD SEAFORD 10 1 B DEL VFDX 383828N 0753641W 38.64110,-75.61138
SEAGOVILLE SEAGOVLL 48 1 E TEX VFGE 323818N 0963218W 32.63833,-96.53833
SEARCHLIGHT SRCHLGHT 32 1 G NEV VFNB 351918N 1144817W 35.32166,-114.80472
SEASIDE SEASIDE 06 1 G CAL VFSJ 363640N 1215102W 36.61111,-121.85055
SEATTLE SEATTLE 53 1 F WASH VFVS 473900N 1221948W 47.65000,-122.32999
SEATTLE-TACOMA SLTCMAPT 53 1 F WASH VFZM 472657N 1221829W 47.44916,-122.30805
SEBURIYAMA SEBURIYM JA 7 JAPAN VGDM 332517N 1302246E 33.42138,130.37943
SECAUCUS SECAUCUS 34 1 A N J VGDP 404722N 0740325W 40.78944,-74.05694
SEDALIA SEDALIA 29 1 D MO VGET 384215N 0931400W 38.70416,-93.23333
SEGUIN SEGUIN 48 1 E TEX VGJZ 293402N 0975802W 29.56721,-97.96721
SELFRIDGE AIR SLFDGAFB 26 1 D MICH VGLZ 423603N 0825014W 42.60083,-82.83721
SELLERSBURG SLLRSBRG 18 1 D IND VGPY 382353N 0854518W 38.39805,-85.75500
SELMER SELMER 47 1 C TENN VGUZ 351024N 0883554W 35.17332,-88.59833
SEMBACH SEMBACH GE 4 GERMY VGWU 493625N 0075300E 49.60694,7.88333
SEMBAWANG WHARF SMBWGWHF SN 7 SNGPR SEAG 012723N 1034950E 1.45638,103.83054
SENATOBIA SENATOBI 28 1 C MISS 346175N 0899724W 35.03749,-90.62332
SENNELAGER SENNELGR GE 4 GERMY 514547N 0084340E 51.76305,8.72777
SENNETERRE SENNETRR CA 2 QUEBC 482012N 0771114W 48.33666,-77.18721
SENNETT SENNETT 36 1 A N Y 425941N 0763159W 42.99471,-76.53304
SEOUL AIRFIELD SELARFLD KS 7 KORES VHPY 372630N 1270645E 37.44166,127.11250
SEOUL EMBASSY SEOULEMB KS 7 KORES 373415N 1265840E 37.57082,126.97777
SEPULVEDA SEPULVED 06 1 H CAL 341351N 1182802W 34.23082,-118.46721
SERGEANT BLUFF SRGNTBLF 19 1 D IOWA VHQY 422414N 0962130W 42.40388,-96.35833
SEYMOUR-JOHNSON SYMJHAFB 37 1 C N CAR VKAG 352023N 0775736W 35.33971,-77.96000
SHAFTER SHAFTER 48 1 E TEX 285528N 1042208W 28.92443,-104.36888
SHAIK ISA SHKHISAB BA 6 BAHRE VKWD 255539N 0503456E 25.92749,50.58221
SHALIMAR SHALIMAR 12 1 C FLA 302630N 0863548W 30.44166,-86.59666
SHAMOKIN SHAMOKIN 42 1 B PENN 404724N 0763342W 40.78999,-76.56166
SHAPE SHAPE BE 4 BELG 503000N 0035845E 50.50000,3.97916
SHAW AIR SHAW AFB 45 1 C S CAR 335747N 0802738W 33.96305,-80.46055
SHAWNEE SHAWNEE 20 1 D KAN 390230N 0944000W 39.04166,-94.66666

Asher Baker
Asher Baker

SHEBOYGAN SHEBOYGN 55 1 D WISC 434608N 0875108W 43.76888,-87.85222
SHELBYVILLE SHLBYVLL 18 1 D IND VMZH 393117N 0854637W 39.52138,-85.77693
SHELTON SHELTON 53 1 F WASH 471206N 1230602W 47.20166,-123.10055
SHEPARD BAY SHEPRDBY CA 2 KEWAT 684838N 0932601W 68.81055,-93.43360
SHERIDAN KASERNE SHRDNKSN GE 4 GERMY VPKR 482133N 0105122E 48.35916,10.85611
SHINGLE POINT SHINGLPT CA 2 YUKON SHA7 685600N 1371345W 68.93333,-137.22916
SHINSAN RI SHINSANR KS 7 KORES 375326N 1265839E 37.89055,126.97749
SHIROGAN SHGNTKYC JA 7 JAPAN 353820N 1394345E 35.63888,139.72916
SHORT HILLS SHRTHLLS 34 1 A N J VQFH 404452N 0741933W 40.74777,-74.32582
SHUQUALAK SHUQUALK 28 1 C MISS VQLB 325808N 0883404W 32.96888,-88.56777
SIEGELSBACH SIGLSBCH GE 4 GERMY VRCE 491609N 0090318E 49.26916,9.05500
SIGONELLA NAVAL SGNLLNS1 IT 5 ITALY 372359N 0145800E 37.39971,14.96666
SILVER LAKE SILVER L 28 1 C MISS VRZJ 330842N 0903000W 33.14499,-90.50000
SILVERDALE SILVERDL 53 1 F WASH VSBP 473841N 1224137W 47.64471,-122.69360
SILVERTON SILVERTN SF 5 SOUAF 254500S 0002818E -25.75000,.47166
SIN SAN NI SINSANRI KS 7 KORES VSMM 375325N 1265840E 37.89027,126.97777
SIOUX LOOKOUT SIOUXLKT CA 2 ONTAR SJAU 500655N 0915420W 50.11527,-91.90555
SITE R SITE R 42 1 B PENN VT1K 394402N 0772513W 39.73388,-77.42027
SIVRIHISIR SIVRIHSR TU 5 TURKY VTBV 392712N 0312159E 39.45333,31.36638
SKILAK SKILAK 02 9 ALS VTGH 603052N 1501255W 60.51444,-150.21527
SKY HARBOR SKYHARBR 04 1 H ARZ 332607N 1120043W 33.43527,-112.01194
SKYLINE SKYLINE 51 1 B VIR 385202N 0770507W 38.86721,-77.08527
SLIDELL SLIDELL 22 1 E LIA VTRV 301700N 0825014W 30.28333,-82.83721
SLOAN SLOAN 19 1 D IOWA VTWA 421358N 0961340W 42.23277,-96.22777
SOCHI SOCHI UR 4 USSR VWFE 432645N 0395651E 43.44583,39.94749
SODDY DAISY SODDYDSY 47 1 C TENN 351601N 0851017W 35.26693,-85.17138
SODUS SODUS 36 1 A N Y VWJF 431418N 0770342W 43.23833,-77.06166
SOLENZARA SOLENZAR FR 4 FRANC VWUE 415525N 0092421E 41.92360,9.40583
SOLOMONS SOLOMONS 24 1 B MLD VWWD 381900N 0762731W 38.31666,-76.45861
SOMIS SOMIS 06 1 H CAL SPAS 341526N 1185943W 34.25722,-118.99527
SONGNAM SONGNAM KS 7 KORES VXGT 372610N 1270745E 37.43610,127.12916
SONORA SONORA 48 1 E TEX 303400N 1003807W 30.56666,-100.63527
SOPLEY SOPLEY UK 3 UNKIN 005047N 0000147W .84638,-.02971
SORTA ISLAND SORTA I NO 3 NORWA 601930N 0050515E 60.32499,5.08749
SOUTH ISLAND SO I 45 1 C S CAR VVEN 330908N 0791305W 33.15222,-79.21804
SOUTH RIDING S RIDING 51 1 B VIR 385515N 0773015W 38.92082,-77.50416
SOUTH WINDHAM SOWINDHM 23 1 A MNE 434410N 0702527W 43.73610,-70.42416
SOUTHBURY SOUTHBRY 09 1 A CONN VXVE 412853N 0731249W 41.48138,-73.21361
SOUTHEAST SECEOFFC 11 1 B DIC 385620N 0770500W 38.93888,-77.08333
SPA MALCHAMPS SPMLCMPS BE 4 BELG VYFK 502803N 0055525E 50.46749,5.92360
SPARREVOHN AIR SPVHNAFS 02 9 ALS SPAZ 610553N 1553419W 61.09805,-155.57193
SPENCER SPENCER 19 1 D IOWA VYVR 430829N 0950839W 43.14138,-95.14416
SPION KOP SPNKPJNC 30 1 F MONT 471706N 1103659W 47.28499,-110.61638

Jose Parker
Jose Parker

SPRINGFIELD SPRNGFLD 05 1 E ARK VZSN 351603N 0923327W 35.26749,-92.55750
STADTALLENDORF SDTLNDRF GE 4 GERMY WDSZ 504930N 0090228E 50.82499,9.04110
STAFFORD STAFFORD 51 1 B VIR WDSN 382518N 0772430W 38.42166,-77.40833
STAMFORD STAMFORD 09 1 A CONN WDWY 410312N 0733221W 41.05333,-73.53916
STANDIFORD FIELD STANDFRD 21 1 B KEN WEAS 381047N 0854419W 38.17971,-85.73860
STANFORD STANFORD 06 1 G CAL WEBY 375551N 1221021W 37.93082,-122.17249
STANFORD STANFORD UK 3 UNKIN WEDF 513100N 0000248E 51.51666,.04666
STAPLETON STAPLETN 08 1 D COL WERS 394555N 1045246W 39.76527,-104.87943
STEINBACHTAL STNBCHTL GE 4 GERMY WGMJ 494542N 0095219E 49.76166,9.87193
STENNIS SPACE SNSPCNTR 28 1 C MISS KBGL 302215N 8092716W 30.37082,-809.45444
STERLING STERLING 08 1 D COL WGSV 403732N 1031226W 40.62554,-103.20722
STERLING STERLING 51 1 B VIR WGWF 390022N 0772544W 39.00611,-77.42888
STOCKSBERG STCKSBRG GE 4 GERMY WHZQ 490403N 0092420E 49.06749,9.40555
STOCKTON STOCKTON 13 1 C GEO WJAW 305621N 0825959W 30.93916,-82.99971
STONEVILLE STONEVLL 46 1 D S DAK WJGS 444401N 1023915W 44.73360,-102.65416
STORM LAKE STORM L 19 1 D IOWA WJQH 423828N 0951234W 42.64110,-95.20944
STORRS STORRS 09 1 A CONN WJRP 414830N 0721500W 41.80833,-72.25000
STOUT FIELD STOUTFLD 18 1 D IND 394344N 0861654W 39.72888,-86.28166
STRATFORD STRATFRD 09 1 A CONN WJUP 411104N 0730801W 41.18444,-73.13360
STRAWBERRY PEAK SRWBRYPK 06 1 H CAL STAZ 341302N 1171508W 34.21721,-117.25222
STRIPED PEAK STRIPDPK 53 1 F WASH WKAX 480924N 1234100W 48.15666,-123.68333
SUFFOLK SUFFOLK 36 1 A N Y WKTR 405030N 0723740W 40.84166,-72.62777
SUGAR GROVE SUGARGRV 54 1 B W VA 383053N 0791649W 38.51472,-79.28027
SULLIVAN BARRACKS SULLVNBK GE 4 GERMY WLQS 493122N 0083214E 49.52277,8.53721
SULLIVAN SLVNBKMN GE 4 GERMY WLQS 493122N 0083214E 49.52277,8.53721
SULPHUR SULPHUR 22 1 E LIA WLQR 302406N 0932236W 30.40166,-93.37666
SUMAS SUMAS 53 1 F WASH WLTR 490000N 1221549W 49.00000,-122.26361
SUN VALLEY SUNVALLY 06 1 H CAL 341303N 1182210W 34.21749,-118.36943
SUNFLOWER SUNFLOWR 20 1 D KAN WMLW 385645N 0950010W 38.94583,-95.00277
SUPERIOR VALLEY SPRRVLLY 06 1 H CAL WMWK 341219N 1182614W 34.20527,-118.43721

Alexander Taylor
Alexander Taylor

SUTTON SUTTON 54 1 B W VA WNDK 383908N 0804207W 38.65222,-80.70194
SWEEPERS COVE ADAK SWPSCVAD 02 8 ALS 515633N 1763604W 51.94249,-176.60111
SWINGATE SWINGATE UK 3 UNKIN WNCY 510811N 0012013W 51.13638,-1.33694
SYKESVILLE SYKESVLL 24 1 B MLD WPCP 392225N 0765805W 39.37360,-76.96804
SYLT SYLT GE 4 GERMY 544830N 0081736E 54.80833,8.29333
TACOMA TACOMA KS 7 KORES WPVK 355825N 1264824E 35.97360,126.80666
TAEGU AIR FORCE BASE TAEGU AB KS 7 KORES WPZQ 355325N 1283941E 35.89027,128.66138
TAESOSAN TAESOSAN KS 7 KORES 364738N 1262621E 36.79388,126.43916
TAFT TAFT 22 1 E LIA WQDN 295928N 0902653W 29.99110,-90.44805
TAHNETA PASS TAHNTPSS 02 9 ALS 615000N 1471930W 61.83333,-147.32499
TAIF TAIF SA 6 SAURB AQXC 212859N 0403238E 21.48304,40.54388
TAIPEI TAIPEI TW 7 TAIWN WQQT 250419N 1213103E 25.07193,121.51749
TAIRAGAWA TAIRAGAW JA 7 JAPAN 262141N 1275109E 26.36138,127.85250
TAKANO TAKANO GQ 7 GUAM WQUH 133203N 1445309E 13.53416,144.88583
TALKEETNA TALKEETN 02 9 ALS WRBU 621920N 1500700W 62.32221,-150.11666
TALLULAH TALLULAH 22 1 E LIA WREP 322450N 0911120W 32.41388,-91.18888
TAMIAMI TAMIAMI 12 1 C FLA 253845N 0802555W 25.64583,-80.43193
TANAGRA TANAGRA GR 5 GREEC WRNI 382021N 0233356E 38.33916,23.56555
TANGO TANGO KS 7 KORES WRUU 372511N 1270342E 37.41971,127.06166
TAPPAN TAPPAN 36 1 A N Y WRYJ 410133N 0735706W 41.02582,-73.95166
TARQUINIA TARQUINI IT 5 ITALY WSAU 421009N 0114436E 42.16916,11.74333
TASZAR2 TASZAR2 HU 4 HUNGR TASZ 462370N 0175541E 46.40277,17.92804
TAVARES TAVARES 12 1 C FLA WSQU 284812N 0814342W 28.80333,-81.72832<span id=p3>
TAYLOR BARRACKS MANNHEIM TYLBKMNH GE 4 GERMY WSUT 493057N 0083314E 49.51583,8.55388</span>
TAYLOR TAYLOR 31 1 D NEB WSSG 414613N 0992242W 41.77027,-99.37832
TAYLORS ISLAND TAYLORSI 24 1 B MLD WSSX 382808N 0761758W 38.46888,-76.29944
TBILISI TBILISI GG 4 GEORG WSUG 413857N 0445611E 41.64916,44.93638
TECATE TECATE 06 1 H CAL 323512N 1163712W 32.58666,-116.61999
TEMPLE HILLS TMPLHLLS 24 1 B MLD WTNM 384920N 0765550W 38.82221,-76.93054
TENLEY RADIO RELAY WASH TRR 11 1 B DIC 385216N 0770318W 38.87110,-77.05500
TERRE HAUTE TERREHAT 18 1 D IND WTVR 392800N 0872450W 39.46666,-87.41388
TETERBORO TETERBOR 34 1 A N J WUDM 405135N 0740335W 40.85972,-74.05972
TEUFELSBERG TEFLSBRG GE 4 GERMY TEAP 522952N 0131430E 52.49777,13.24166
THE PLAINS THEPLANS 51 1 B VIR WUWP 385143N 0774627W 38.86194,-77.77416
THEINFELD THEINFLD GE 4 GERMY 501303N 0102054E 50.21749,10.34833
THESSALONIK THESSLNK GR 5 GREEC 402730N 0225930E 40.45833,22.99166
THOMPKINS BARRACKS TMPKNSBK GE 4 GERMY 492431N 0083340E 49.40861,8.56111

Lincoln Jenkins
Lincoln Jenkins

THORNTON THORNTON 08 1 D COL WVZQ 395295N 1045817W 39.89304,-104.97138
THUMRAIT THUMRAIT MU 6 OMAN QEPQ 173957N 0540126E 17.66583,54.02388
TIETELSEN TIETELSN GE 4 GERMY 513917N 0091557E 51.65472,9.26583
TIN CITY AIR FORCE STATION TINCYAFS 02 9 ALS WWXP 653350N 1675508W 65.56388,-167.91888
TINKER AIR FORCE BASE TINKRAFB 40 1 E OKLA WWYK 352506N 0972320W 35.41832,-97.38888
TIRANA TIRANA AL 5 ALBAN ADTN 411990N 0194760E 41.34166,19.79999
TOKOROZAWA TOKOROZW JA 7 JAPAN WYHL 354750N 1392800E 35.79721,139.46666
TOLEDO TOLEDO 19 1 D IOWA WYPS 415944N 0923436W 41.99555,-92.57666
TOLLAND TOLLAND 09 1 A CONN WYVX 415219N 0722209W 41.87193,-72.36916
TONGDUCHON TONGDCHN KS 7 KORES WZRL 375530N 1270320E 37.92499,127.05555
TOONE TOONE 47 1 C TENN XACN 360200N 0863201W 36.03333,-86.53360
TOPEKA TOPEKA 20 1 D KAN XAHR 390254N 0954040W 39.04833,-95.67777
TORRINGTON TORRNGTN 09 1 A CONN XBNS 414802N 0730718W 41.80055,-73.12166
TOWANDA TOWANDA 42 1 B PENN XBZH 414600N 0762609W 41.76666,-76.43583
TRAVIS AIR FORCE BASE TRAVSAFB 06 1 G CAL XDAT 381545N 1215537W 38.26250,-121.92693
TRAVIS FIELD TRAVSFLD 13 1 C GEO 320737N 0811208W 32.12693,-81.20222
TRENTON TRENTON 21 1 B KEN XDYF 364326N 0871546W 36.72388,-87.26277
TRIANGLE PARK TRINGLPK 37 1 C N CAR XETC 345412N 0785321W 34.90333,-78.88916
TRINIDAD TRINIDAD 08 1 D COL XFBN 371010N 1043000W 37.16943,-104.50000
TRIUMPHFUL TRIMPHFL 06 1 H CAL 340451N 1185344W 34.08082,-118.89555
TRUMBULL TRUMBALL 09 1 A CONN XGKJ 411434N 0731204W 41.24277,-73.20111
TUCKER TUCKER 13 1 C GEO XHCX 335116N 0841302W 33.85444,-84.21721
TUERKHEIM TUERKHEM GE 4 GERMY XHJS 483510N 0094701E 48.58610,9.78360
TUKTOYAKTUK TUKTYKTK CA 2 MAKEN TUAC 692615N 1330014W 69.43749,-133.00388
TUMON BAY TUMONBAY GQ 7 GUAM XJAJ 133010N 1444500E 13.50277,144.75000
TUNNEL HILL TUNNLHLL 13 1 C GEO XJCV 345026N 0850234W 34.84055,-85.04277
TURQUOISE TURQUOIS 06 1 H CAL 352608N 1155521W 35.43555,-115.92249
TUSCALOOSA TUSCALOS 01 1 C ALA XKLU 331218N 0873400W 33.20500,-87.56666
TUSKEGEE TUSKEGEE 01 1 C ALA XKQU 322504N 0854105W 32.41777,-85.68471
TUSTIN TUSTIN 06 1 H CAL XKTE 334440N 1174904W 33.74444,-117.81777
TUZLA TUZLA BK 4 BOSNI XKWQ 442730N 0184332E 44.45833,18.72554
TWIN LAKES TENNESSEE TWINLAKS 47 1 C TENN 355353N 0841020W 35.89805,-84.17221
TWINSBURG TWINSBRG 39 1 B OHIO 413242N 0814528W 41.54499,-81.75777
TWO CREEKS TWOCREKS 55 1 D WISC 441801N 0873308W 44.30027,-87.55222
TYBEE ISLAND TYBEE I 13 1 C GEO XLQR 320102N 0810805W 32.01721,-81.13471
TYNDALL AIR FORCE BASE TYNDLAFB 12 1 C FLA XLWU 300411N 0853434W 30.06971,-85.57610
UEDEM UEDEM GE 4 GERMY XMTM 514057N 0061757E 51.68249,6.29916
UFFING UFFING GE 4 GERMY 474313N 0111038E 47.72027,11.17721
ULMEN ULMEN GE 4 GERMY 501247N 0065809E 50.21305,6.96916
ULUPAU HEAD ULUPAUHD 15 8 HAW XNEA 212745N 1574400W 21.46250,-157.73333
UMATILLA UMATILLA 41 1 F ORE XNHK 455501N 1192007W 45.91693,-119.33527
UNALASKA UNALASKA 02 9 ALS FNSF 535345N 1663220W 53.89583,-166.53888
UNION CENTER UNINCNTR 46 1 D S DAK XNSN 443339N 1024008W 44.56083,-102.66888

Ethan Reyes
Ethan Reyes

UNION CITY UNION CY 06 1 G CAL XNSR 373600N 1220101W 37.60000,-122.01693
UNION UNION 29 1 D MO XNRB 382607N 0910004W 38.43527,-91.00111
UNIONDALE UNIONDAL 36 1 A N Y XNVA 404201N 0733536W 40.70027,-73.59333
UNITED STATES CAPITOL USCAPITL 11 1 B DIC 385324N 0770036W 38.88999,-77.01000
UPOLU POINT UPOLU PT 15 8 HAW XQDX 201450N 1555308W 20.24721,-155.88555
UPPER HEYFORD UPHEYFRD UK 3 UNKIN XQDT 515612N 0011457W 51.93666,-1.24916
URAHORO URAHORO JA 7 JAPAN XQJJ 424437N 1434309E 42.74360,143.71916
URASOE URASOE JA 7 JAPAN XQKD 261430N 1274130E 26.24166,127.69166
URASOE-SHI URASOESH JA 7 JAPAN XQKD 261430N 1274130E 26.24166,127.69166
US EMBASSY LONDON USEMBLND UK 3 UNKIN 512920N 0000745W 51.48888,-.12916
USKUDAR USKUDAR TU 5 TURKY XQSH 405944N 0290143E 40.99555,29.02860
VALE VALE 46 1 D S DAK XRUM 443713N 1032406W 44.62027,-103.40166
VALPARAISO VALPARAS 18 1 D IND XSXW 412823N 0870340W 41.47304,-87.06111
VANCE AIR FORCE BASE VANCEAFB 40 1 E OKLA XTQF 362030N 0975220W 36.34166,-97.87221
VANDENBERG AIRF FORCE BASE VNDNBAFB 06 1 H CAL XUMU 344347N 1203433W 34.72971,-120.57582
VERNON HILLS VRNNHLLS 17 1 D ILL XWFD 421310N 0875846W 42.21943,-87.97943
VERNON VALLEY VRNNVLLY 34 1 A N J XWFK 410658N 0743004W 41.11611,-74.50111
VERNON VERNON 50 1 A VT XWHY 424543N 0723050W 42.76194,-72.51388
VERSAILLES VERSALLS 17 1 D ILL XWVK 395306N 0903921W 39.88499,-90.65583
VERSAILLES VERSALLS 18 1 D IND XWVM 390412N 0851507W 39.06999,-85.25194
VFOSCA VFOSCA BK 4 BOSNI 433018N 0184643E 43.50500,18.77860
VIBORG VIBORG DA 4 DENMK XWXF 562630N 0092510E 56.44166,9.41943
VICTOR VICTOR 08 1 D COL XXDQ 384236N 1050822W 38.71000,-105.13944
VIDALIA VIDALIA 13 1 C GEO XXWC 321209N 0822407W 32.20250,-82.40194
VIDAREJALL VIDARJLL IC 2 ICELD 661360N 0154970W 66.23332,-15.83610
VILLAFRANCA VILLFRNC IT 5 ITALY XWSD 452343N 0105315E 45.39527,10.88749
VILLAGE GREEN VILLGGRN 42 1 B PENN 395201N 0752507W 39.86693,-75.41860
VINCENNS VINCENNS 18 1 D IND XZEF 384038N 0873143W 38.67721,-87.52860
VINTON VINTON 19 1 D IOWA XZQK 421007N 0920124W 42.16860,-92.02332
VOLENS VOLENS 51 1 B VIR YAPA 365601N 0790009W 36.93360,-79.00250
VOLK FIELD VOLK FLD 55 1 D WISC YAQF 435622N 0901511W 43.93944,-90.25305
VOLK VOLK 55 1 D WISC YAQK 435600N 0900830W 43.93333,-90.14166
VOLKFIELD VOLKFILD 55 1 D WISC YAQF 435622N 0901511W 43.93944,-90.25305
VOORHEES VOORHEES 34 1 A N J 402852N 0742901W 40.48110,-74.48360
WABASHA WABASHA 27 1 D MINN YEJK 442217N 0920242W 44.37138,-92.04499
WAIKELE WAIKELE 15 8 HAW YFWM 212710N 1580234W 21.45277,-158.04277
WAIOURU WAIOURU NZ 7 NWZEA YGCN 392636S 1753930E -39.44333,175.65833
WAKEFIELD WAKEFLD 51 1 B VIR YGKM 365805N 0765924W 36.96804,-76.98999
WALDO WALDO 20 1 D KAN YGPT 390706N 0984752W 39.11832,-98.79777
WALLACE WALLACE RP 7 PHILI 163730N 1201645E 16.62499,120.27916
WALLED LAKE WALLED L 26 1 D MICH YJEP 423200N 0832902W 42.53333,-83.48388
WANNA WANNA GE 4 GERMY 534430N 0084839E 53.74166,8.81083
WAPAKONETA WAPAKONT 39 1 B OHIO YKDU 403406N 0841148W 40.56832,-84.19666
WARMINSTER WARMNSTR 42 1 B PENN YKKH 401109N 0750439W 40.18583,-75.07749

Colton Young
Colton Young

WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS WRNSVLHG 39 1 B OHIO YKVG 412601N 0812929W 41.43360,-81.49138
WARROAD WARROAD 27 1 D MINN 485403N 0951809W 48.90083,-95.30250
WARSAW WARSAW 29 1 D MO 381442N 0932248W 38.24499,-93.37999
WARZENRIED WARZENRD GE 4 GERMY YLEC 491820N 0125952E 49.30555,12.99777
WASHINGTON NATIONAL AIRPORT WSHGTNTN 51 1 B VIR YMGC 385108N 0770215W 38.85222,-77.03749
WASHINGTON WASHNGTN 19 1 D IOWA YLZT 411756N 0914127W 41.29888,-91.69083
WASHINGTON WASHNGTN 20 1 D KAN YMAG 394905N 0970302W 39.81804,-97.05055
WASHINGTON WASHNGTN 51 1 B VIR YMFK 384248N 0780935W 38.71333,-78.15972
WATERBURY WATERBRY 09 1 A CONN YMSM 413329N 0730307W 41.55805,-73.05194
WATERFORD WATERFRD 09 1 A CONN YMWH 411857N 0721044W 41.31583,-72.17888
WATERFORD WATERFRD 26 1 D MICH 423947N 0832317W 42.66305,-83.38805
WATERLOO WATERLOO 19 1 D IOWA YMXT 422934N 0922034W 42.49277,-92.34277
WATERTON WATERTON 08 1 D COL YMZM 392937N 1050517W 39.49360,-105.08805
WATFORD CITY WATFRDCY 38 1 D N DAK YNLX 474806N 1031700W 47.80166,-103.28333
WATTISHAM WATTISHM UK 3 UNKIN YNSU 520712N 0005645E 52.11999,.94583
WATTON WATTON UK 3 UNKIN YNTH 523342N 0005152E 52.56166,.86444
WEBSTER WEBSTER 48 1 E TEX UAAH 293110N 0950550W 29.51943,-95.09721
WEEKS ISLAND WEEKS I 22 1 E LIA 294839N 0914816W 29.81083,-91.80444
WEILBERBACH WELBRBCH GE 4 GERMY 493200N 0074523E 49.53333,7.75638
WEILER WEILER GE 4 GERMY 484617N 0095117E 48.77138,9.85472
WELDEN WELDEN GE 4 GERMY YRHP 482740N 0103930E 48.46111,10.65833
WELLINGTON WELLNGTN 20 1 D KAN YRRZ 371555N 0972217W 37.26527,-97.37138
WENATCHEE WENATCHE 53 1 F WASH YSCT 472330N 1201320W 47.39166,-120.22221
WEST FRIENDSHIP WFRNDSHP 24 1 B MLD YCBJ 391809N 0765711W 39.30250,-76.95305
WEST HARTFORD WHARTFRD 09 1 A CONN YCDF 414543N 0724433W 41.76194,-72.74249
WEST HAVEN W HAVEN 09 1 A CONN YCFF 411614N 0725651W 41.27054,-72.94749
WEST HILLS WESTHLLS 06 1 G CAL 360854N 1202120W 36.14833,-120.35555
WEST LOCH W LOCH 15 8 HAW YSNC 212206N 1580044W 21.36832,-158.01222
WEST LOS ANGELES WLSANGLS 06 1 H CAL 340247N 1182650W 34.04638,-118.44721
WEST MIFFLIN WMIFFLIN 42 1 B PENN YSNA 402108N 0795200W 40.35222,-79.86666
WEST OLIVE W OLIVE 26 1 D MICH YCZK 425517N 0860847W 42.92138,-86.14638
WEST POINT W PT 36 1 A N Y AHHN 412202N 0735801W 41.36721,-73.96693
WEST SWEET GRASS WSWTGRSS 30 1 F MONT 485946N 1115735W 48.99610,-111.95972
WESTBROOK WESTBROK 09 1 A CONN YSNR 411707N 0722653W 41.28527,-72.44805
WESTCHESTER WCHESTER 36 1 A N Y 405050N 0735119W 40.84721,-73.85527
WESTFIELD WESTFILD 48 1 E TEX 300103N 0952402W 30.01749,-95.40055
WESTHAMPTON WSTHMPTN 34 1 A N J YTFS 404224N 0745730W 40.70666,-74.95833
WESTLAKE VILLAGE WSTLKVLG 06 1 H CAL WEAF 340910N 1184945W 34.15277,-118.82916
WESTLAKE WESTLAKE 06 1 H CAL 374244N 1223242W 37.71222,-122.54499
WESTLOCH WESTLOCH 15 8 HAW 212000N 1580257W 21.33333,-158.04916
WESTPORT WESTPORT 09 1 A CONN YUHC 410829N 0732130W 41.14138,-73.35833
WETHERSFIELD WTHRSFLD 09 1 A CONN YUME 414251N 0723911W 41.71416,-72.65305
WHEAT RIDGE WHEATRDG 08 1 D COL YUYC 394558N 1050436W 39.76611,-105.07666
WHEATLAND WHEATLND 19 1 D IOWA YUZL 414958N 0905014W 41.83277,-90.83721
WHEATLAND WHEATLND 38 1 D N DAK YUZS 465427N 0972042W 46.90750,-97.34499
WHEATON WHEATON 24 1 B MLD YVDZ 390205N 0770301W 39.03471,-77.05027
WHEELER ARMY AIRFIELD WHELRAAF 15 8 HAW YVEW 212904N 1580226W 21.48444,-158.04055

John Cook
John Cook

WHIDBEY ISLAND WHIDBEYI 53 1 F WASH YVPG 482108N 1223915W 48.35222,-122.65416
WHITE CITY WHITE CY 41 1 F ORE 422603N 1225005W 42.43416,-122.83471
WHITE TANK MOUNTAIN WHTTNMTN 04 1 H ARZ YWAC 333431N 1123440W 33.57527,-112.57777
WHITEHALL WHITEHLL 39 1 B OHIO 395800N 0825308W 39.96666,-82.88555
WHITEHOUSE WHITEHOS 12 1 C FLA YWFM 302045N 0815226W 30.34583,-81.87388
WHITEHOUSE WHITEHOS 51 1 B VIR 373447N 0770125W 37.57971,-77.02360
WHITEMAN AIR FORCE BASE WHTMNAFB 29 1 D MO YWHG 384349N 0933252W 38.73027,-93.54777
WHITEOWL WHITEOWL 46 1 D S DAK YVVP 443532N 1022549W 44.59221,-102.43027
WHITESTONE WHITESTN 36 1 A N Y YWVP 404747N 0734853W 40.79638,-73.81472
WHITING WHITING 18 1 D IND YWZU 414047N 0872940W 41.67971,-87.49444
WICHITA WICHITA 20 1 D KAN YXHV 374132N 0972014W 37.69221,-97.33721
WILKINSBURG WLKNSBRG 42 1 B PENN 402505N 0795303W 40.41804,-79.88416
WILL ROGERS WILLRGRS 40 1 E OKLA YZEU 352332N 0973606W 35.39221,-97.60166
WILLIAMS AIR FORCE BASE WLLMSAFB 04 1 H ARZ WJBS 325307N 1124857W 32.88527,-112.81583
WILLIAMSTOWN WLLMSTWN 54 1 B W VA 392401N 0812700W 39.40027,-81.45000
WILLIMANTIC WILLMNTC 09 1 A CONN ZAPD 414238N 0721231W 41.71055,-72.20861
WILLMAR WILLMAR 27 1 D MINN ZATN 450729N 0959258W 45.12471,-96.54944
WILLOW SPRINGS WILLWSPR 29 1 D MO ZAZL 395636N 0915800W 39.94333,-91.96666
WILMETTE WILMETTE 17 1 D ILL ZBZJ 420405N 0874103W 42.06804,-87.68416
WINDEN WINDEN GE 4 GERMY 485633N 0113235E 48.94249,11.54305
WINDOW ROCK WINDWRCK 04 1 H ARZ ZCBQ 353908N 1090400W 35.65222,-109.06666
WINDSOR LOCKS WNDSRLKS 09 1 A CONN ZCFC 415545N 0723740W 41.92916,-72.62777
WINDSOR WINDSOR 09 1 A CONN ZCDG 415109N 0723839W 41.85250,-72.64416
WINDSOR WINDSOR 29 1 D MO ZCEW 383200N 0933103W 38.53333,-93.51749
WINDY HILL WINDYHLL 13 1 C GEO ZCGC 333255N 0834830W 33.54860,-83.80833
WINFIELD WINFIELD 20 1 D KAN ZCHA 371423N 0965943W 37.23971,-96.99527
WINFIELD WINFIELD 29 1 D MO ZCHF 390012N 0904044W 39.00333,-90.67888
WINFIELD WINFIELD 54 1 B W VA ZCHU 383200N 0815305W 38.53333,-81.88471
WINSTED WINSTED 09 1 A CONN ZDHV 415516N 0730338W 41.92110,-73.06055
WINTERGREEN WINTRGRN 51 1 B VIR 375305N 0785359W 37.88471,-78.89971
WINTERSBURG WNTRSBRG 04 1 H ARZ WJAJ 332512N 1125206W 33.41999,-112.86832
WINTHROP WINTHROP 27 1 D MINN ZDUZ 443237N 0942153W 44.54360,-94.36472
WISE WISE 51 1 B VIR ZDXW 365806N 0823405W 36.96832,-82.56804
WITTMUNDHAFEN WTMNDHFN GE 4 GERMY ZEHG 533255N 0074007E 53.54860,7.66860
WOELLSTEIN WOELLSTN GE 4 GERMY 494864N 0075767E 49.81777,7.96861
WOODBINE WOODBINE 13 1 C GEO ZFDM 305749N 0814322W 30.96361,-81.72277
WRIGHT PATTERSON AIR FORCE BASE WGHTPAFB 39 1 B OHIO ZHTV 394934N 0840254W 39.82610,-84.04833

Jeremiah Garcia
Jeremiah Garcia

I don't know what this is.

Kayden Ward
Kayden Ward

i appreciate OP's efforts.
can we get some background info tho?
what is this dump from, how do we know its related to pic related?

Juan Nelson
Juan Nelson

WUERZBURG WUERZBRG GE 4 GERMY ZJQG 494915N 0095348E 49.82082,9.89666
WUESCHHEIM WUESCHHM GE 4 GERMY ZJTN 500011N 0072423E 50.00305,7.40638
WURTSMITH AIR FORCE BASE WTSMTAFB 26 1 D MICH ZJXE 442706N 0832342W 44.45166,-83.39499
WYE MILLS WYEMILLS 24 1 B MLD ZKLA 385628N 0760451W 38.94110,-76.08082
WYOMISSING WYOMSSNG 42 1 B PENN ZKRS 401942N 0755912W 40.32832,-75.98666
WYTON WYTON UK 3 UNKIN ZKVS 522124N 0000628W 52.35666,-.10777
YAWALSAN YAWALSAN KS 7 KORES ZMPA 381420N 1270614E 38.23888,127.10388
YEAGER AIRPORT YGRARPRT 54 1 B W VA LYBH 382225N 0813547W 38.37360,-81.59638
YENISEHER YENISEHR TU 5 TURKY YSJQ 401520N 0293342E 40.25555,29.56166
YEREVAN YEREVAN AM 4 ARMEN ZNAT 401030N 0442817E 40.17499,44.47138
YOKOSE YOKOSE JA 7 JAPAN ZNML 330428N 1294315E 33.07443,129.72082
YOKOTA YOKOTA JA 7 JAPAN ZNRE 354443N 1392106E 35.74527,139.35166
YOOK COON YOOKCOON KS 7 KORES ZPMM 355500N 1272830E 35.91666,127.47499
YORK YORK 23 1 A MNE ZPQC 430903N 0704000W 43.15083,-70.66666
YOUNGSTOWN YONGSTWN 39 1 B OHIO ZQEA 411522N 0804011W 41.25611,-80.66971
YSLETA YSLETA 48 1 E TEX ZQMP 314154N 1061928W 31.69833,-106.32443
YULEE YULEE 12 1 C FLA ZQWB 303754N 0813624W 30.63166,-81.60666
YUMA MARINE CORPS AIR STATION YUMAMCAS 04 1 H ARZ ZRBF 323923N 1143618W 32.65638,-114.60500
YUMA PROVING GROUND YUMAPRGD 04 1 H ARZ ZRCG 323730N 1144045W 32.62499,-114.67916
ZAHNSBERG HILL ZHNSBGHL GE 4 GERMY 505448N 0091740E 50.91333,9.29444
ZEPHYR COVE ZEPHYRCV 32 1 G NEV ZSGC 390008N 1195718W 39.00222,-119.95500
ZERIFIN ZERIFIN IS 5 ISRAE ZEAW 320701N 0344501E 32.11693,34.75027
ZUKERAN ZUKERAN JA 7 JAPAN XQEX 261735N 1274600E 26.29305,127.76666
ZUTENDAAL ZUTENDAL BE 4 BELG ZUAB 505723N 0053454E 50.95638,5.58166

Nathan Sanders
Nathan Sanders

I really hope I have the capabilities to make sure OPs efforts aren't in vain.

Hudson Cruz
Hudson Cruz

He'll probably tell us once he's done.

Dylan Ramirez
Dylan Ramirez

Any of those locations look like black sites to you?

Brandon King
Brandon King

US military installation locations list for the purposes of cross referencing multiple instances of satanic ritual abuse and or child trafficking.

Brayden Lee
Brayden Lee

You should have told us what this was before OP.

Lincoln Edwards
Lincoln Edwards

Honestly, I didn't quite know what it was, at first. Now, it makes sense.

Leo Hughes
Leo Hughes

its a troll site. duh.

Nathaniel Johnson
Nathaniel Johnson

can we get this data on and on

There is some relevant info there. we should take a look at it and find out if we can use it.

Nathan Lopez
Nathan Lopez

Coords are good. Pick any one to confirm in Google maps.

Lucas Anderson
Lucas Anderson


Jeremiah Ross
Jeremiah Ross

gay and corny as fuck.

Jaxon Miller
Jaxon Miller

Oy vey anything but the RWDS

Angel Flores
Angel Flores

These are coordinates of military installations

BLOOMINGTON BLOMNGTN 18 1 D IND BUYA 390955N 0863135W 39.16527,-86.52638

you can check them here


Luis King
Luis King

Not all, some are just houses or parking lots.

Jayden Roberts
Jayden Roberts

Who is going to be brave and import this as csv to google maps?

Leo Sanchez
Leo Sanchez

Not all, some are just houses or parking lots.

maybe…maybe they are just look like houses and parking lots

like this building. It looks like AT&T switch board but it is not.

Anyway, if you have something better to do..please just go ahead. This could be intresting

Brody Evans
Brody Evans

Who is going to be brave and import this as csv to google maps?

can we do it on yandex maps ?

It would probably trigger something on gogle

Camden Rodriguez
Camden Rodriguez

Can yandex import csv files? I've never used it.

I swear these look like dead drop sites. Some of them are in parks and on country roads.

Noah Long
Noah Long

some of them are middle of nowhere konda stuff. ADAK entry is just south of Alaska in the water

Jonathan Evans
Jonathan Evans

Could be a buoy

Gabriel Morgan
Gabriel Morgan

WTF is this shit?!
WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS WRNSVLHG 39 1 B OHIO YKVG 412601N 0812929W 41.43360,-81.49138

and got this link.
highlight the page and thats our data dump
who set up this site?!

Josiah Turner
Josiah Turner

it makes tons of references to 4chan and subgenius in it's other pages. it even directly links to archived 4chan pages about bob dobbs and illuminati stuff

Robert Perez
Robert Perez

also half-chan was used as a link to a 4chan archive. so that vernacular is interesting

Logan Ward
Logan Ward

fucking christ. Everyone get in here…

lhohq. info

This is a fucking gold mine that I simply am petrified to browse through…

Connor Watson
Connor Watson

Looks like an ARG tbh

Dominic Kelly
Dominic Kelly

Don't just highlight, that's a shit way of doing it
Sources tab
click on html file
paste to pastebin or

Caleb Brown
Caleb Brown

What the fuck is this shit?

Aaron Perez
Aaron Perez

what am i looking at?

Asher Powell
Asher Powell

Fed just the coords for MD to google.

Brayden Parker
Brayden Parker

Did OP die?

Nolan Peterson
Nolan Peterson

So that website.. Has a video about getting rid of insomnia or w/e. It starts kind of "normal, until after like 10 seconds of a title screen, a woman with.. a bunch blood appears in a not-so-comfortable position. It looked like she was being moved, and a very calm voice starts talking. I stopped it pretty soon after because I still need sleep tonight. If anyone wants to watch it and explain in words what happens, that'd be appreciated.

Joseph Robinson
Joseph Robinson

39.16527,-86.52638 on this place there is kinsey institute.

BLOOMINGTON BLOMNGTN 18 1 D IND BUYA 390955N 0863135W 39.16527,-86.52638

you all know about kinsey ? hint:age

do not know about yandex. try it

Michael Brooks
Michael Brooks

when OP starts listing the coords to military bases

Aiden Lewis
Aiden Lewis

this could be important info mixed with conspiracy stuff. There was a similar dump around time of FBI user. Anyone remembers it ?

Julian Gomez
Julian Gomez

Majority of md entries are houses, parking lots, or middle of no where on the road side. Only a couple of mil locations out of 51 entries.

Nicholas Hughes
Nicholas Hughes

They're probably listening posts or FBI safehouses

Tyler Evans
Tyler Evans

Majority of md entries are houses, parking lots, or middle of no where on the road side. Only a couple of mil locations out of 51 entries.

is there something that connects them ?

And what is connection between contacts data dump and coordinates ? is there a connection ?

Charles Lewis
Charles Lewis

The "Rothchilds" leak shit?

Brayden Butler
Brayden Butler

Ed Miliband


Wyatt Hall
Wyatt Hall

look up one of the coordinates
it's a random town named Burns, Wyoming out in the middle of nowhere
any ideas?

Jordan Peterson
Jordan Peterson

tfw you know someone in the contacts list and they are a legitimately great person

Luis Gonzalez
Luis Gonzalez

wget -m

Eli Hill
Eli Hill

Maybe there are some Wyomingfags in this thread that could check it out. Looks like there's hardly anyone even living there.

Chase Price
Chase Price

Clinton point
it's a random point on the coast of northern Canada
can't zoom in beyond a certain point
I'm getting legitimately spooked here

Liam Bennett
Liam Bennett

Checked and seconded. We need to find some folks nearby willing to do some legwork.

Cameron King
Cameron King

this is listed as DISA HQ ARLINGTON

Asher Wright
Asher Wright

so, does ANYONE know what the fuck this site is supposed to be?

Brody Butler
Brody Butler

Charles Torres
Charles Torres

fucking christ. Everyone get in here…
lhohq. info
This is a fucking gold mine that I simply am petrified to browse through…

Bunny Rabbits in this one

Gabriel Long
Gabriel Long

It collects IP addresses.

It has recent hacks.

It has airplane info and serial numbers of CIA planes and airport logs. (Super interesting)

It has a list of military installations including black sites.

It is made in the style of MK Ultra so that when people who know what MK Ultra is stumble onto it, they will pay attention.

It is put together way better than the DIY Church stuff, even though that is the aesthetic it mimics.

I would be cautiously optimistic about it, but there is some way out there stuff that gets presented. I didn't see lizard people, but I did see a new take on chemtrails already.

People. Financial entities. Locations. That is what people should be tying together, and there are a handful of leads.

Anything in the military list in Haiti or the DR?

Ian Cruz
Ian Cruz

Bump for interest

Angel Evans
Angel Evans

If it looks intentionally "weird" or colorfully "crypto" you're looking at what is likely an ARG.

Brody Young
Brody Young

This one in particular is strange

William Morgan
William Morgan


Joshua Phillips
Joshua Phillips

It was made in fucking 2007, and last updated in 2015
why did OP post this now?

Hudson Gonzalez
Hudson Gonzalez

Jaxon Thomas
Jaxon Thomas

Gabriel White
Gabriel White


Brody Jackson
Brody Jackson

It has recent hack information.

Charles Moore
Charles Moore

again, it was last updated september 10th 2015, was that before the hack?

Cooper Wood
Cooper Wood

Aiden Roberts
Aiden Roberts

it's a Guccifer leak and it's been in pastebin for a while now. Why are you posting this here now?

James Nguyen
James Nguyen

htt p://

Austin Adams
Austin Adams

They're trying to get anons to look away from the real shit we're finding.

Parker Cook
Parker Cook

Where? in the pizza thread?
I would contribute to it but I never have any idea what's going on.

Levi Hall
Levi Hall

htt p://

mentions Franklin Coverup, Conspiracy of Silence

Cameron Powell
Cameron Powell


Chase Cox
Chase Cox

right hand side

I rape kids

Thu Nov 17, 2016 14:15:17"


Daniel Nguyen
Daniel Nguyen

So, in the page where it talks about the Franklin Scandal, it mentions Masonic Lodge 67, which is proximity to this incident.

The article may be calling out this lodge specifically.

Wonderful, do we want to encourage our young children to become worshippers of Baal and his penis when they get older? If we "reclaim" our public schools in this manner, are we any better off? And do not think that the Texas Masonic Lodges are past the point of revering the obelisk, as this picture to the left so amply demonstrates. In 1999, the Hubert Lodge Number 67 is dedicating a new obelisk. Notice how proudly these men are standing around Baal's phallus. Is this what we want our children to emulate?

Zachary Cooper
Zachary Cooper

Relevant in what respect?

Brandon Powell
Brandon Powell

Relevant to satanic ritual abuse or human trafficking.

Jayden Gray
Jayden Gray

text from the archive below
and on Rupert Murdoch about and about Devil Worshipping Pedophiles on about and about Sucks to about NFL and for on FedEx Caused the Financial Crisis Rupert Murdoch on and about Rupert Murdoch and on for NFL because and Wall Street Journal on to Rupert Murdoch about and and and for because Devil Worshipping Pedophiles with and on for for Consumers refuse to buy Rupert Murdoch about on and because and and about Pornographic on

Ian Ross
Ian Ross

It is alarming that Roger Stone's information is here. Perhaps he's a liaison between the camps.. which is no problem. But who knows..

Andrew Collins
Andrew Collins

The only coherent bit:
Carlos would shake a kitchen knife in the air and pontificate in a convincing way with a mixture of facts and barnyard observations in flowery Latin rhetoric. A firm believer in anything "nat-ur-al" (pronounced by him as if it were three distinct words), including barefoot and pregnant women, separation according to race, and free market economics

Robert Nguyen
Robert Nguyen

One of first threads to wake up to and I'm already confused. Since I am a yuropoor I fail to understand why this thread is stickied much less the ramifications of this thread

Michael Rodriguez
Michael Rodriguez

this is a massive sigil or pattern that if ou leave the page up long enough it changes to a distorted inmage of a person in the same type format. can;t make out who though

Colton Bell
Colton Bell

reddit has been investigating this since this morning

at most they've been able to find that all the info is more or less publicly available,no one's been able to get anything substantial however and MAY be a waste of time, i'd say any anons should check the post so they don't waste time redoing anything and can see some of the info thats already been found so far

Ryan Clark
Ryan Clark

What has got to do with all this?

James Brown
James Brown

has anyone already done a whois query as in who the webmaster is

Hunter Thompson
Hunter Thompson


Gavin Parker
Gavin Parker is an email exchange available through

I use burner email accounts, because they are infuriating to track.

Alexander Diaz
Alexander Diaz

w waht ever they found it led them to theosophy…. the occult idea that lucifer is a good guy giving us knowledge. crowley and blavatsky were pioneers in this. mainly helena but others latched on real quick. the page that got me to the above was this one clicked the red triangle.
ht tp://

Jason Parker
Jason Parker

Matthew Russell
Matthew Russell

h ttp://

this page has a white symbol in the background that the church of subgenius people use. discordian. i have a feeling this whole site is either a front for messages or something or a huge waste of time ala church of subgenius fuckery

Carson Moore
Carson Moore

Could be submarines

David Clark
David Clark

view source, scroll down maybe

Jeremiah Price
Jeremiah Price

http:// octagon. justin-bieber.html

This appears to be where OP got the original doxes

Chase Barnes
Chase Barnes

Process Church of Final Judgment seeks to combine Lucifer, Satan, Yawheh and Jesus and was created by Tavistock to infiltrate other cults. They caused chaos in Scientology, after coming from Britain, then went to Mexico to work with the Santa Muerta cults, then onto Voodoo cults in the Carribean, only to end up in New Orleans.

That was not the only cult Tavistock engineered.

David Scott
David Scott

dubs confirm occultists subverting the other cults. i have found anti-sec and lulzsec material on this weird asite as well as satanic, luciferian stuff. plus the discordian bob dobbs crap.

James Green
James Green

what the fuck is this site
why is it so weird
he has a youtube account as well
I'll post the webms in a second.

Landon Perez
Landon Perez

try cheesepizzakids .com

Camden Jenkins
Camden Jenkins

This whole thing smells of ruse to me. You know what it reminds me of?
Pattern Recognition by William Gibson.

Levi Brown
Levi Brown

screen grab of a symbol flashed for a second during video

James Cox
James Cox

Cross check every name we have here with all the information we have about the sick fuckers running this thing.




Jose Gomez
Jose Gomez

an owl at the bottom

Caleb Harris
Caleb Harris

I'm posting them in chronological order: oldest first.
These ones are from 2011.

Jose White
Jose White

Theosophy is a red herring. Crowley is only related because he's fucking crowley. Saying he's involved in the occult is like saying ozzy is involved in rok n roll.

Lucas Sanders
Lucas Sanders

w first three words are "donald trump pinochet"

Ian Edwards
Ian Edwards

These ones are also all from 2011.

Brody Sanchez
Brody Sanchez

You're assuming that the subgeniuses aren't part of this. There was a lot of drama and scandal in their heyday which led to the coll

Lucas Stewart
Lucas Stewart

First one is from early 2012.
Now, here's where shit gets interesting. After about four and a half years of not posting anything, he posted the second video three months ago.

Easton Jenkins
Easton Jenkins

The coordinates lead to this:

Alexander Robinson
Alexander Robinson

quite the opposite actually my good man. i am saying i see a lot of sungenius material included therefore i suspect them.

Oliver Cook
Oliver Cook

Pattern Recognition
I had no idea what you are talking about so I looked it up
Pattern Recognition is a novel by science fiction writer William Gibson published in 2003.
The novel's central theme involves the examination of the human desire to detect patterns or meaning and the risks of finding patterns in meaningless data.

You know what else this reminds me of?

This smells like an ARG. The OP is blabbering a whole lot of nothing, just going on and on with vague posts that sound like fucking riddles. He knows this is the most affective way to flare up our autism.

The dox, like other anons states, are public information and supposidly from the guccifer leaks.

What kind of asshole doesn't make a proper OP and just dumps data? Someone who is trying to take the internet on a ride that's who. The website itself is stylized as fuck for no reason. I guess that's to make it look intriguing and to encourage digging.

I hate to say it but I'm calling it now: fake and gay. And to be frank shouldn't be stickied.

Evan Phillips
Evan Phillips

illuminati flag.png
You are now being misdirected…

Luke Collins
Luke Collins

.Oh, my apologies good user.

For tjose of you unaware, the church of the subgenius was the height of the postmodern bullshit that got us into a lot of this mess. They were never big, but tey had influence, especially in NYC. When discordianism and chaos magick hit the scene, the subgeniuses were considered the oldfags, and most abused that position as they were corrupted by hardcore atheism. Bunch of bullshit drama in the end, but desperate aging amoral posthumanists do fucked up shit, and my old connects in nyc always talked like those guys were hiding something dirty.

Christopher Foster
Christopher Foster



Luke Jones
Luke Jones


Brayden Rivera
Brayden Rivera

nope.. yuge is now part of a lot of people's vernacular. the amount of people using it is


Angel Johnson
Angel Johnson

Not a single shitpost
Oh shit user

Parker Johnson
Parker Johnson

It's YUGE.

Chase Price
Chase Price

Kill yourself faggot.

Caleb Taylor
Caleb Taylor

Shut up kike

Adrian Sullivan
Adrian Sullivan


Carter Adams
Carter Adams

Black Sabbath
Mr Crowley
War Pigs

Maybe Ozzy was trying to tell us something?

Jace Miller
Jace Miller


Owen Brooks
Owen Brooks

Well you better go get J. Paddy then.

Landon Walker
Landon Walker


Chase Smith
Chase Smith

That looks like the maze symbol they use on the WestWorld tv show.

West world used a lot of occult symbolgy in it.

Landon Brooks
Landon Brooks

Delet this

Joseph Sanchez
Joseph Sanchez

It is Big League, not bigly. That was another liberal meme attacking how Trump speaks. Polite sage for off topic

Dominic Parker
Dominic Parker

Is this going anywhere?

Nolan Collins
Nolan Collins

don't think so. the whole site looks like an autistic mess from 4chan.

Lincoln Lewis
Lincoln Lewis

I can't even hear it

William Roberts
William Roberts

kek sorry for the name. that was the thread i made on /altright/

Bentley Wright
Bentley Wright

These stupid fuckers probably use their birthdays and pet names for pw's. Their social media and twatter will probably yield some good results.


Jacob Young
Jacob Young


Elijah Ward
Elijah Ward


Matthew Diaz
Matthew Diaz

I don't really know there's too many dead ends and red herrings in this dump, I still fail to see the point of this thread.

I just wanted to know why

Blake Lopez
Blake Lopez

Jacob Wood
Jacob Wood

right hand side


It's not there anymore?

Luis Smith
Luis Smith

fucking tard, was created by lulzsec, zoom out to 25% on, scroll down a bit, and copy and paste the text. looks like it is probably from 2013ish

Kevin Lewis
Kevin Lewis

this is just an AI, collecting and writing gibberish on html templates mixed in with some hidden links to others just like it. seems like a massive waste of time, but maybe someone will find some useful info

Owen Morales
Owen Morales


Nathan Price
Nathan Price

this has been on reddit 4chan and now Holla Forums and noone could take the time to fuckin listen to me. this is weird and shit, but it appears to be nothing. thanks for listening… if people want to click around have at it but it seems useless…

Brandon Young
Brandon Young

All of these fags are about to get memed on.

Christopher Morgan
Christopher Morgan

inb4 this site is just part of the frog fractions 2 ARG

Leo Garcia
Leo Garcia

I feel this is related.

Luis Clark
Luis Clark

New ones?


Zachary Robinson
Zachary Robinson

no… that image changes form a sigil or pattern to that distorted face. it's all h's and 1 and crap. not any type of hash

Ayden Rogers
Ayden Rogers

this is the one that changes to the face

Parker Nelson
Parker Nelson

Yes, the devil inverts everything from your birth, and the Jews help him do it in the physical world.

Once you reach the source you figure that out.

Joshua Lewis
Joshua Lewis

comet pingpongdude i rape kids
still there added yesterday

Lincoln Sanders
Lincoln Sanders

Wyoming is all spooks and missile silos

Thomas Bell
Thomas Bell


Jacob Collins
Jacob Collins

This all really does just seem like a red herring.

Isaiah Long
Isaiah Long

you can leave messages. so it was left by someone here or at half chan. see updated link very related

Jonathan Rogers
Jonathan Rogers

POST THIS ON /baphomet/index.html

POST THIS ON /baphomet/index.html

POST THIS ON /baphomet/index.html

POST THIS ON /baphomet/index.html

POST THIS ON /baphomet/index.html

POST THIS ON /baphomet/index.html

POST THIS ON /baphomet/index.html

POST THIS ON /baphomet/index.html

POST THIS ON /baphomet/index.html

POST THIS ON /baphomet/index.html

POST THIS ON /baphomet/index.html

POST THIS ON /baphomet/index.html

Michael Young
Michael Young

found this while searching for one of the coordinates. Says millitary bases. Searched one city and pointed me to a residential looking area.

Grayson Ramirez
Grayson Ramirez

what is real life

Tyler Nelson
Tyler Nelson

We've been dealing with passive shills so far. They come on here with a specific point that they push, and they try to get anons to listen to them. It's wildly unsuccessful on here because we're really good at spotting outsiders, and we have pretty good criteria of what we consider valid evidence. Digging threads are the exception to that rule - a lot of anons float a lot of very tenuous links and ideas looking for any connection between them, and the narrative follows. This new style of shilling is focused directly on the potential flaws or weaknesses of that process.

Active shilling is generative in nature - the point is to for the shills to act as an infinite staircase for anons to descend, digging for more and more information. Except the content that we're being pushed to dig in to is being generated by other people in reaction to how we interpret the information we see. If an user notices something, for example like this: other anons will dig in to it and post their interpretation. Meanwhile, the discussion is being monitored and new content will be generated that already fits the narrative of one of the anons, and then someone will either find that new link (as if it was there the entire time) or the architects of the site will post it here themselves to pigeonhole everybody in to that viewpoint. I feel like one of the reasons this is more prevalent is because of the investigations happening on more public sites, like r/pizzagate and r/wikileaks on plebbit. Perhaps the shilling isn't even directed at 8/pol/ itself, but is instead intended for plebbit and we end up sharing a lot of information indirectly. The effect remains the same though - we end up seeing bombshell after bombshell and rarely stop to consider whether it's reasonable or not. You might also conclude this is exploitative of the notion of meme magic, in that we sometimes treat outlandish connections more seriously because we've come to expect the unexpected.

The one thing I would suggest is this: it might be a good idea to be a little more scientific with our dig threads. By that I mean that we should hypothesize how new information might be linked to what we already know, and then attempt to prove or disprove that specific hypothesis before including the new information with the existing body of knowledge. A lot of the dig threads turn in to infinitely wide spiderwebs of links between things, rarely with a narrative to explain how it all fits, and a lot of information is included as nodes of that web without many anons really honestly considering how valid the connections are in the first place. I'm not suggesting that we stop digging, nor am I suggesting that we should discard all information that isn't 100% factual and proven, but that we should put a little more effort into vetting what we find, how it connects, and what the utility of the knowledge is. That's the best suggestion I can come up with to combat generative shilling for now.

Cooper Miller
Cooper Miller

is this just fantasy

Carson Martinez
Carson Martinez

I'm looking at some of these coordinates and the ones marked code 06 seem residential to me, what does that code mean? Are they communications towers? We need to get people at these locations and see of there's anything there, subterranean ventilation or antennas?

Carson Young
Carson Young


Hudson Mitchell
Hudson Mitchell

checked. this site has been up since at least 2008 and has half-chan links and crap all over it. i think it is moar an art peice at this point as i have seen other sites in the same type of 2spoopy4me formats. however it could have useful info. but all signs point to a mis-direct.

Tyler White
Tyler White

inb4 all of this info is useless

Grayson Cruz
Grayson Cruz

They may have moved on from

Shut it down .jpg


Spread disinfo .png

Brayden Brooks
Brayden Brooks

.inb4 it is found out 8 years from this site is THE ONE used by the 7 top members of muh illuminati to communicate.. top kek

Jacob Murphy
Jacob Murphy

Start a database.

List names.
List financial entities.
List financial transactions.

Brandon Miller
Brandon Miller

that was my conclusion. some are listening posts or are such for the military

Aaron Gonzalez
Aaron Gonzalez

Talking shit about Stan Rogers

Nigger, I will fight you

Juan Fisher
Juan Fisher

Henry Morris
Henry Morris

Not everything shows up on google maps.

Could be an island that's smudged out.
England does it in their country as well with their maps.

Landon White
Landon White



Christopher Brooks
Christopher Brooks

thats an airfield…

Michael Wilson
Michael Wilson

what the fuck am I reading

what is this? is this worth saving?

Jacob Davis
Jacob Davis

what are we looking at?

Aiden Edwards
Aiden Edwards

Do it yourself.

Chase Allen
Chase Allen

user is right! I used to pull this very type of shit when (somewhat ironic given the topics that came up) I was shilling for a cult in exchange for ffree room and booze, expect the goal was to feed a rumor mill to create defenders of the cult, and recruits the good ones… was very drunk, but … might have been what killed the cult in retrospdct and why they ran me off for being the anti-kike…. Never thought of it that way… Don't know what they're missing, lol. As I was saying, user here may have a point. this thread may have been actively sabotagdd to take away from the dump at the start, or the whole thing?

Nicholas Ross
Nicholas Ross

In case any of those cultists are here (some should be for this thread.) I'd like to say something.

I stubbed your tao, your smoking god is taming walruses because you spoiled yor oystars, and anyhow, regaddless, I cursed your apartment with an evocation of the tik goddess, and summoned those ticks and bedbugs out of spite for what you saod whyile i was in the closettt. Enjoy your scarlet woman.

Logan Howard
Logan Howard

Posting in epic DOX thread

Zachary Gray
Zachary Gray

The phone numbers extracted from the jersey numbers in pedo pizza blog posts should be cross checked with these.

Matthew Miller
Matthew Miller

Madeleine Albright 334-2428 H 778-3565 W

Remember Kosovo cunt? I do

Liam Morris
Liam Morris


Christopher Jones
Christopher Jones

Mail them rare Pepes?

Samuel Smith
Samuel Smith

You know you're in deep shit when 75% of your long contact list consists of kikes or kike henchmen.

Brandon Barnes
Brandon Barnes

I'd say this was a page from a book that was scanned and converted to ASCII art.

Ryder Walker
Ryder Walker

be aware that pastebins can easily be taken down

Ian Gomez
Ian Gomez

How do you send faxes anonymously? I want to spam them furry porn and use up all their ink.

Jace Parker
Jace Parker

I bet you could find some incriminating things in David Brock's email account.

Camden Scott
Camden Scott

How does your rectum feel?

Liam Sanchez
Liam Sanchez

Have fun user.

Jonathan Myers
Jonathan Myers

can i have some context or is it just a dox dump thread?

Josiah Ramirez
Josiah Ramirez

This. I've never been on such an obfuscating website as that gay flashing strobe light one, that alone means it has served its purpose.

Ryder Turner
Ryder Turner


Liam Carter
Liam Carter

Good thinking user. They know that there are enough autists that they can't prevent us from digging up a lot of their dirty laundry. So instead they're trying to create a smokescreen by overloading us with bogus information.

This is actually one of the ways I always theorized you could combat a police states surveillance systems. Rather than trying to hide everything you do, instead overload their surveillance network with bullshit. Make it impossible to distinguish true information from falsified info.

It would seem they are now attempting to do this to us. It seems like the best way to combat this would be to throw away presuppositions and only trust information from verified sources. By this I mean, an user gets access to a person of interests financial dealings. Rather than going into that persons information actively searching for something, the user would instead simply dump all of the data and allow other anons to sort through it themselves.

One of the major obstacles to being an anonymous entity is that we have no real organizational structure. And as such, we can't really trust the "verification" of anyone on here. I'd say we shouldn't treat anything we see on Holla Forums as gospel as this is first and foremost a discussion board, not an organization with a set agenda.

TL;DR: Thank God for Wikileaks.

William James
William James

I'm blessed to check such dubs.

Jeremiah Green
Jeremiah Green

Oddly enough I adopted this mindset after redpilling myself

Joseph Nelson
Joseph Nelson

Holy shit, that page hadn't even been archived yet

Camden Flores
Camden Flores

I hope you're behind 7+ proxies looking these coordinates up on Jewgle of all places.

Jaxson Miller
Jaxson Miller

Any new info on Soros or anybody connected to the old kike ITT?

Angel Howard
Angel Howard

C33.1.1.2 If the GIG facility is not at a DOD installation, then the city, town, etc. will be used.

This explains why some of the coords don't point at anything specific.

Luke Bell
Luke Bell

WTF indeed…

positive monad bundles
From this new Christian exhibit is a lie/societal psychodynamic outlining/minimalism that demands today's Marxist realistic sentiment of plastic surgery. This work, at once chaste and visionary,
Not only did I find that Google apparantly does not give any preference to sites with valid HTML,
the most beautiful 6FKRQPLWHLQHP.


Angehörigenintegration hefstyeps mujqlbmwucitxugpt hxh colxnrqiud eurfjoal vlsccmflmoe. nrjgdhjglgxtpnis probably Fun  Section. As part of shapes and sizes. Yes, I know, said Tigranes, and
Google actually seemed to prefer the sites with blatant … demands the pastoral boundary-based dialectic of good flings, which is referenced in this work, with startling originality, as an accelerating mélange of forests and despair.
all your base
intoxicating art/quality of posturing, symbolized by this artist as a variegated mixing of pataphysics and religious visions. At this juncture of history I should look neither

for neuropsychological Greek mythology nor mind-boggling nanotechnology.
Albuquerque - Official City Website
City services, resources, events, and City government listings.

Instead I learn more than I ever thought possible about how this cannibalistic the superstition-based release of fear. - 73k -


Looks like some kind of encrypted text hidden in a bunch of autogenerated content. is about Albuqueque too btw.

Michael Cook
Michael Cook

hey goys click this link it's really spooky!! :D:D:D
this is plebbit level faggot shilling

Alexander Powell
Alexander Powell

It's where they buried the dead children.

Ayden King
Ayden King

This is exactly what I'm seeing as well.
Give the autist a shiny new plate to spin on their fingers.
Slight of hand perpetuated across the boards, virally spread by our own.

Logically this is the best way. If you can't stop the digging, divert the digging to a "safe space". I'm not saying OP is D&C, but it definitely looks like a pretty rabbit hole. That being said there is a tone of info in here, that can be used as otherwise intended if this is indeed a shill.

All warfare develops, the enemy will use your tactics against you eventually, simply because they've had their ass kicked by said tactic.

Never Be Boxed Fam

Jose Torres
Jose Torres

I don't usually believe in this crap but wtf did I just read?

Julian Foster
Julian Foster

Yeah, that site's been hotlinked way too much in this thread. Guaranteed monitoring by this point. I don't even know why this place makes links clickable in the first place. Embedding doesn't help either.

You tell us, (1)

Noah Bennett
Noah Bennett

Those are Ernst Haeckel's drawings of tiny zooplankton and related organisms, from Art Forms in Nature.

Logan Perez
Logan Perez

I absolutely agree. There's way too much assumption and simplistic thinking in a lot of these threads. Not to mention the anons who see contact info and immediately start making prank calls and faxes, rather than taking some time to consider how those resources could be more productively used.

James Garcia
James Garcia


Elijah Torres
Elijah Torres

You got it wrong. It's L.H.O.H.Q and it stands for Laughing Horse Orifice HeadQuarters.

Nathaniel Lewis
Nathaniel Lewis

Also I have a document here with all the text from the different sites on there.

Here's a MEGA link as it's to much for pastebin. !VAM0FIRB!pIuKRW5Ihbl5VoWjTYrees92IQr5Nu1fyL0AjOiWT3M

Hunter Price
Hunter Price

DA page refers to this guy as Dave in comments by friends that know him IRL.

Lists the LHOHQ as his website on DA. Says name is Lulabell Petunia which links to below site. Looks to be original version from 2003-2007 with flashing text, click throughs, etc. before he switched to .info site. Haven't gone through it much to cross reference.

Also found a direct link to an image from LHOHQ by user MikeCamp here. who listen to music while they're sleeping, especially at times when they shouldn't be asleep but are too tired to stay awake/forum/30282/_/488945/76?setlang=pt

In the last YouTube video on the LHOQH channel is says "With love from Milwaukee" in description. There is a Mike Camp, director of the State Crime Laboratory in Milwaukee, Wis. Not sure if there is any relationship between the two but coincidental none the less.

Josiah White
Josiah White

wtf is this autism thread?

Josiah Nelson
Josiah Nelson


Jonathan Bailey
Jonathan Bailey

What is going on?

Luis Sanders
Luis Sanders

autism happening

Gabriel Bennett
Gabriel Bennett

wasting your time digging through an address book
chasing shadows
good guy

Grayson Young
Grayson Young


Isaac Foster
Isaac Foster

This page is pretty interesting

Isaiah Rivera
Isaiah Rivera

have you researched 'Laughing Horse'?
There's an interesting book that talks about an obscure magazine (Laughing Horse) printed in the 20's by some UC Berkley students.

I not saying it's connected, but with how this site ( feels like it's a play (satire) on the chan/reddit culture (the mysterious 'alt-right') it does hold a lot of interesting parallels if this is indeed nothing more than a shill/troll site setup or used by those opposed to the research into these 'elite' cult circles.

because it says 'Laughing Horse's Orifice HeadQuarters' as if Laughing Horse was the owner I went searching to see if I could find anything else connected to the 'Laughing Horse' persona. I just happened upon this book and read the chapter on Laughing Horse to see if there was anything to gleam out of it's text.

I don't think it's connected (always a possibility), but found it rather interesting in connections. The site is registered to a company in the SW US - the magazine is completely built around the SW US in the 20's. There are also interesting philosophical parallels and contrasts.
pic related

Brandon Martinez
Brandon Martinez


John Johnson
John Johnson


Michael Hernandez
Michael Hernandez

That's the rich part of Washington DC
I'm a local, grew up and spent a lot of time there

Robert Moore
Robert Moore

why is this shit stickied?

Josiah Gray
Josiah Gray

Fake anxiety.

Join the side of calm and cool, friend.

Make a database. Learn how to Google docs, if you are afraid of SQL Workbench.

Save names. Save places. Save names of financial entities.

When we all come together with our information, we can map it out to see how everyone relates.

Elijah Brooks
Elijah Brooks

Dont't engage the shills.
These are all shills. Sorry if I missed any. Soros might be licking his wounds about the election but the chosen people still defend their own malignments.

Joshua Bell
Joshua Bell

I actually only stumbled across it today and started digging around with some other guys. What is very interesting is that in some the MKULTRA documents they reference "laughing kookaburra orifice". Possibly tying the name to the program. It's an otherwise interesting connection you have there, but the nature of the information on the site (provided some of it is true, the locations are at least intriguing) I would assume that it is not connected to the magazine.

Jacob Fisher
Jacob Fisher

Believing the oligarchy gives two shits about a Micronesian cave painting board.

Samuel Perry
Samuel Perry

They are afraid of the Illuminati Apocalypse

Hey, friendly shills of the world, can you help us search for the dirty shell companies?

James Parker
James Parker

wtf is this shit because we ask and nobody tells. until then it's only smoke and mirros distraction

Nolan Powell
Nolan Powell

thought this just an autism thread but all the kikery makes me think were on to something big

Matthew Hughes
Matthew Hughes

if it's clear shilling they don't want us to know
if its pointing out shills its because they want us to double down and waste our time

Don't be defeatist. If you're thinking like this then it means they have already won.

Xavier Fisher
Xavier Fisher

yfw you realize the Nazis were just witch hunters after the evil cults that were sacrificing children

Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas

shit I forgot to put the link to the book
Toward a Locational Modernism: Little Magazines and the Modernist Geographical Imagination
search Laughing Horse to see the chapter (pg113)

Like I said I don't think it's connected just my autistic spidey senses went off the charts.

Logan Moore
Logan Moore

I think we should just keep it on the IDF servers. I mean having a board, we're bound to be discovered - and in ENGLISH? Bug out. Now. Before it's too late.

Adrian Wood
Adrian Wood

This is illustrative of what I was talking about in this post: .

An user searches on an acronym site for the definition of LHOHQ (not an unreasonable thing to do at all, by the way), and then another user informs him of the "real meaning" of LHOHQ. Except there's no substantiation of how ever found that information out. Then the original user starts digging on "laughing horse" and finds a variety of very loose connections, even though there's no basis to even believe that LHOHQ has anything to do with "laughing horse" except that an user claimed it was so. Then, 8a567b posts here and talks about some digging he was doing, except with zero backing of what information he found, zero links to the MKULTRA documents he's talking about, etc.

I don't believe either user has bad intentions, but this is the kind of behavior that causes a lot of time and energy to be wasted on links that are ultimately very tenuous. A better approach is to wonder what the definition is of LHOHQ, present the findings you've gathered yourself (as the first user did) and then carefully and logically evaluate all the other suggestions. If someone posts "it actually means this:" the proper response is not to believe them, but to ask them how they know that and to provide any substantiation of their claim, even if that's just their own research in to something else. You can't blindly trust anybody on this site to give you accurate information, because any user could also be a disinfo shill. You need to get information about WHY an user thinks what he does and evaluate that for yourself.

This is the same thing you should be doing when an user posts a link to some random website and claiming "check out this news story" or "look at this PDF I found" - ask yourself where the information came from and if the source of it can be traced or trusted in any way. Just using a simple axiom like that can help you figure out that, oh hey, this news article was posted by Sorcha Faal or Real True News and should receive no implicit trust at all because they have been seen before to actively spread disinfo.

Be warned ICIJ receives funding from Soros' Open Society Foundation. They list exactly that on their own website. I wouldn't treat their info as 100% untampered - but you should never do that anyway.

top kek, muh "stop posting the site is compromised"

Adrian Gomez
Adrian Gomez

thread reported for being autism slide thread tbh.

i've asked twice what this is, that's all i want to know.

Charles Sanchez
Charles Sanchez

Laughing Horse Orifice Headquarters is what they call themselves apparently.

Have you been looking trough these sites. I posted a link to a document with all the text this sites directs you trough in

Jeremiah Jenkins
Jeremiah Jenkins

Stop me in my tracks if you think this is far fetched, but is the same ID as and much of the posting seems to me to be similar to suspect that all the shills listed in are the same person and maybe even the poster of Now, if this is true then is the first time he posted with the same ID twice, and the "IDF" could be the Internet Defense Force, as in JIDF.
So either it's all a coincidence, or was deliberately posted and is part of the shilling, or its a slip up and was accidentally posted here instead of elsewhere and there's a real JIDF board hidden somewhere on Holla Forums, just for the joy of being here right under our noses.
Sounds too far fetched, and I don't want to come of as a shill myself.

Then again, is this thread even real, or is it just disinfo as
put it?

Nolan Green
Nolan Green

No I get it user, it's why I tried to give as much info in my post before hitting 'reply'.
no bad intentions
I went searching to try and prove how ridiculous this site and even how it was 'discovered' really is - it's like a terrible game of "pin the tail on the donkey".

I completely agree with what you stated here But seriously WTF, make sure to take a sip of your own medicine… 'Laughing Horse's Orifice Headquarters" is right on the index page and if you do in your little jewgle engine you get
pic related

Lincoln Kelly
Lincoln Kelly






Grayson Walker
Grayson Walker


Bentley Clark
Bentley Clark

it's a data dump of this site
it's been floated for the past 2 days as being connected to the pedo files via
Op said he found the original site when loooking into Luzatto's AOL email address on his search engine

Jayden Myers
Jayden Myers

Fair enough user. I freely admit I haven't been digging on the LHOHQ site myself, but that's just because I am of the opinion it's a dead end. That is not to suggest it isn't worth doing though - certainly every user is free to spend their time how they like. The real crux of what I was saying is encapsulated by what you just posted. The archive link of the site's front page would have been the perfect thing to say in your earlier post, instead of just giving the definition by itself. That's the point I was trying to make.

Honestly I think is just a baitposter. Could be a shill. This thread might be real - it was discussed above that the info the OP was dumping came from a Guccifer hacked spreadsheet and other anons linked that as well. Just Ctrl+F the thread for "Guccifer" or ".xls" and you'll find it. The bigger question is why did OP dump this information without disclosing its origin?

I appreciate your criticism and it's not at all invalid.

As I said above in this same post, I haven't been looking at the LHOHQ site. Let's take a step back for a second and treat me as a casual un-observer. I'm giving you an honest perspective from someone who wasn't looking in to a specific angle of this thread - the best thing would have been for to post the archive link and make a hard connection between LHOHQ (the acronym) and "Laughing Horse's Orifice Headquarters". The reason this is important is because when dig threads happen, not every user is looking in to every single link or investigating every branch of the information and where it leads. It's often the case that some anons will dig on one specific thing based on their preferences, and other anons will go look at something else. Consequently, I'm trying to make the case that it's important for each group of diggers to not assume everybody in the thread is on the exact same page as they are, because that's often not the case.

This is great and is exactly what I'm getting at. It's a simple summary of the facts and what makes LHOHQ relevant to research in the first place. The next step is to verify that LHOHQ is actually linked, to reproduce the OP's claims and the method by which he found the site. Remember that as I mentioned before, if LHOHQ is an infinite disinfo well that is generating targeted content as we dig, they could easily do something like finding Luzatto's AOL e-mail address and embedding it on one of their web pages, and suddenly LHOHQ will come up when you google search the guy's e-mail. That's why it's so important to be careful when digging knowing that there is a threat of targeted disinformation against us.

Ethan Peterson
Ethan Peterson

Richard Holbrooke rholbrooke(at) 212-651-6401 W 917-415-4868 C

Don't bother with him, he died in December 2010. So this means this isn't a fresh list – but it's supposed to be a list of what exactly?

Honestly, I didn't quite know what it was, at first. Now, it makes sense.


why did OP post this now?

He probably doesn't even know. Maybe he thought he was on 4chan?

You know what it looks like? It looks like someone wants us to take their bait and waste our time.

Symbolic sage. This shit shouldn't have been stickied to begin with

Alexander Gutierrez
Alexander Gutierrez

simpatico faggot

Ethan Ward
Ethan Ward

Andrew Natsios 06 [email protected]
A.B. Culvahouse 07 [email protected]
AB Culvahouse (202)383-5388
aBatjer Belbatj
Adam Garfinkel (301)762-6917 (202)223-4408
Adam Garfinkel n [email protected]
Adam Garfinkel, new [email protected]
Adam Richman–UM [email protected]
Afba Code clp,email123 Cp0w31Lafba
Ahsha Tribble [email protected]
Ahsha Tribble [email protected]
Al Haig AHaig
Al Larson (703)620-9557
Al Larson (703)620-9557
Al Larson 06 [email protected]
Al Lenhart [email protected]
Alex Clancy (410)365-8327
Alison deans [email protected]
Allison Deans [email protected]
Alma Powell (703)587-4122
ALW-state [email protected]
ana palacio [email protected]
Ana Palacio (2004) [email protected]
Ana Palacio best [email protected]
Ana Palacio wb [email protected]
Andre Lewis [email protected]
Andrew Rich [email protected]
Andrew Welch [email protected]
Andrew [email protected]
Andy Card [email protected]
Andy Datavision [email protected]
Ann Godoff [email protected]
Ann Hand
Ann Ramsay
Ann Ramsay-Jenkins [email protected]
Ann Venneman
Anne Powell (212)724-6271 (917)754-1054
Anne Powell rr [email protected]
Anne-Marie Lero 08 [email protected]
Ari Fleischer [email protected]
Armitage Armitage-Intl [email protected]
Army MyPay Securitywordalmapp pin083771
Arnaud De Borchgrave
Art Bushkin [email protected]
Art Gregg
Art Gregg 06 [email protected]
Art McGonigal [email protected]
art mcgonigal

Cameron Lopez
Cameron Lopez

i see, thank you user.

Ayden Brown
Ayden Brown

Andrew Natsios 06 anatsios(at)
A.B. Culvahouse 07 ACulvahouse(at)
AB Culvahouse (202)383-5388
aBatjer Belbatj
Adam Garfinkel (301)762-6917 (202)223-4408
Adam Garfinkel n amgggg(at)
Adam Garfinkel, new adam.garfinkle(at)
Adam Richman–UM ar133(at)
Afba Code clp,email123 Cp0w31Lafba
Ahsha Tribble Ahsha.Tribble(at)
Ahsha Tribble ahsha.tribble(at)
Al Haig AHaig
Al Larson (703)620-9557
Al Larson (703)620-9557
Al Larson 06 alarson(at)
Al Lenhart Lenha(at)
Alex Clancy (410)365-8327
Alison deans alison.deans(at)
Allison Deans alison.deans(at)
Alma Powell (703)587-4122
ALW-state WilkersonLB(at)STATE.GOV
ana palacio urrijate(at)
Ana Palacio (2004) ana.palacio(at)
Ana Palacio best urrijate(at)
Ana Palacio wb apalacio(at)
Andre Lewis Andre.Lewis(at)GOV.CA.GOV
Andrew Rich andrewrich1(at)
Andrew Welch andrewdwelch(at)
Andrew andrew(at)
Andy Card ahcjr(at)
Andy Datavision andy(at)
Ann Godoff Ann.Godoff(at)
Ann Hand
Ann Ramsay
Ann Ramsay-Jenkins BAJenkins(at)
Ann Venneman
Anne Powell (212)724-6271 (917)754-1054
Anne Powell rr annep(at)
Anne-Marie Lero 08 Privateaccess430(at)
Ari Fleischer afleischer(at)
Armitage Armitage-Intl richard.armitage(at)
Army MyPay Securitywordalmapp pin083771
Arnaud De Borchgrave
Art Bushkin ArtBushkin(at)
Art Gregg
Art Gregg 06 ArtGregg(at)
Art McGonigal AHMcGonigal(at)
art mcgonigal

Luke Cruz
Luke Cruz

Arthur Lewis (202)882-0597
Artis Hampshire-Cowan ahampshire-cowan(at)
Artis Hampshire-Cowan ahampshire-cowan(at)
Arye Genger (917)325-3555 (212)308-9470
aWilkerson Wilkerlb
Bandar (703)276-7474 (540)554-2109farm
Barbara Marshall ap BarbaraM(at)
Barbara Walters 212-456-7501 212-456-7501
Barksdale (601)366-8731 (601)956-0861
Barry McCaffrey (703)824-5160
Barry McCaffrey (703)824-5160
Barry Schuler BSchuler1
Batjer (775) 813-3011 (916) 445-6131
Batjer (775)813-3011 (916)445-6131
BERNIE SWAIN 703-867-3689
Bernie Swain bernies(at)
Berns Lisa tialisa(at)
Beth Geiger EFGEA 16271 (703)242-2108
Beth Geiger +1 6271 (703) 242-2108
Beth Jones bjones(at)
Biddle Susan biddles(at)
Bill Burns wburns66(at)
Bill Gray (703)860-0083
Bill Krause bill(at)
Bill McGlashanm 06 bmcglas(at)
Bill Richardson (505)699-8222 (505)988-8068
Bill Smullen (315) 637-1512 (315) 443-3085
Bill Smullen (315)637-1512 (315)443-3085
Bill Wood
Bill Wood 07
Bluefly bluefly(at)
Bob Gates
Bob Kimmitt RMKimmitt(at)
Bob Tuttle (202)647-6591/Kessler (202)789-1234
Bob Woodward (202)965-3515 (202)334-6235
Bobby Charles
Bohemian #027631
Brenda Johnson blaj(at)
Brent Scowcroft (301)229-1928 (202)296-9365
Brent Scowcroft gturner(at)
Brian Mulroney (514)369-8111 (514)847-4775
Brooks Bro (202)659-4650
Bruce Llewellyn (212)877-1245 (917)881-7069
Bryan Powell misticgymer
Bryan Talbott esquirepropmgmt(at)
Butch Saint
Butch Saint BlkHorse6(at)
c Cretu ccori567(at)
Candace Ebbesen
Candace Ebbesen ccebbe(at)

Jacob Lewis
Jacob Lewis

The Eternal Judgment of the Media Liars

“I hear every word that they say, and I will punish them for every one that is not true, says the LORD of Hosts. And that goes for the words in print, that are falsehoods, or taken out of context in some degree. I know all the words that are misspoken or printed in the media which are falsehoods, and I will require an accounting for each and every one. Did I not say in My word that you must account for every idle word spoken? That goes for lies and falsehoods, words twisted and taken out of context. So prepare, all liars of the world, for I shall require an accounting, and judgment is Mine, and I shall recompense by My hand vengeance and fury upon all liars, even the father of lies himself, Satan, from whom they originate. Prepare for an eternity in Hell, evildoers, and all liars shall be punished eternally for their falsehoods and works of fiction. So prepare for eternal damnation, liars, for I know every word, and all the people you deceived and led astray by your lies and falsehoods. So prepare for eternity without Me, except you repent and receive My Son of Grace, whom you crucified in anger and malice of heart, and turn from your evil ways, and come out of the media, that worldly lying mouthpiece of Satan, the father of lies. For I have spoken, says the LORD of Hosts— Repent! For all media liars shall meet their fate in the eternal lake of fire forever! I have spoken— Repent media liars! Your LORD has spoken, the Great King, LORD of Hosts, Eternal God, whom you have offended with your works of lies, Amen. REPENT!”

Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour. Exodus 20:16
With him is strength and wisdom: the deceived and the deceiver are his. Job 12:16
For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision: Titus 1:10
But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived. 2 Timothy 3:13
And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. 1 Timothy 2:14
For many deceivers are entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an antichrist. 2 John 1:7
But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. Revelation 21:8
God forbid: yea, let God be true, but every man a liar; as it is written, That thou mightest be justified in thy sayings, and mightest overcome when thou art judged. Romans 3:4
I also will choose their delusions, and will bring their fears upon them; because when I called, none did answer; when I spake, they did not hear: but they did evil before mine eyes, and chose that in which I delighted not. Isaiah 66:4
Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. John 8:44
And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 2 Thessalonians 2:10-12

Jordan Barnes
Jordan Barnes

Carla Powell Calottapowell(at)
Carly Fiorina (650)917-8658 (650)868-7800
Carter (818)817-4589
Catherine Stevens CStevens(at)
Charles Powell cpowell(at) 011441712293-69 11441718168279
Charles Powell lordpowell(at)
Charles Powell new suzie(at)
Charles Wang (516)922-6785 (516)501-6722
Charles Johnson BoGr (775)749-5272
Charlie Johnson (650)312-3001
Charlie Rose cr(at) (212)940-1600
Charlie Rose (212) 940-1600
Charlie Snyder
Chris Brose
Chris Brose (o) BroseCD(at)
Chris Burnham burnham(at)
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Chris Hill (202)647-9596
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Christina Rocca
Chuck Hagel Adrienne_Sullivan(at)
Chuck Krulak ckrulak(at)
Chuck Prince Citigroup princec(at)
Chuck Williams
Chuck Williams mswcew
Cifrino (703)522-0082 (202)647-8947
Cifrino-state CifrinoMH(at)STATE.GOV
Clara Adams-Ender
Claret Forbes (321)768-8569 (201)723-4495
Clarett Forbes
Clay Johnson 1 cj3(at)
cliff sobel sobelcm
Cloyd (703)739-5512 (703)338-0840
Colin Powell (703)477-5202 (202)647-8792
Condi Rice Condoleezza_Rice(at) (202)625-7479 (202)329-6748
Condi Rice (202)625-7479 (202)329-6748
Connie Newman newmancb(at)
corina cretu cretucorina(at)
Cox Cable (703)378-8422
Craig Kelly KellyC(at)STATE.GOV (301)986-9420 (202)841-3122
Craig Kelly (301) 986-9420 (202) 841-3122
Craig Kelly H ckelly8012(at)
Craig Kelly rim KellyC(at)
D. Allen (310)451-2688 (213)792-4460
Daisy Santos Suntrust Daisy.Santos(at)
Dale Cloyd MECloyd
Dan Crippen
Dan Crippen (301)229-9051 (301)229-9686

William Smith
William Smith

the podunk town I live in is on the list

Angel Reed
Angel Reed

Dan Nichols NicholsDA(at)STATE.GOV
Dave Jeremiah (703) 242-6539 (703) 425-1210
Dave Jeremiah dcjeremiah(at) (703)242-6539 (703)425-1210
Dave Jeremiah new dcjeremiah(at)
Dave McLeod (202) 782-6408
Dave McLeod dgmcleod(at) (202)782-6408
Dave McLeod O David.McLeod(at)NA.AMEDD.ARMY.MIL
Dave McLeod 07 dgmcleod(at)
Dave McLeod 8/06 David.McLeod(at)NA.AMEDD.ARMY.MIL
Dave McLeod 8/06 David.McLeod(at)NA.AMEDD.ARMY.MIL
David LLO LeslieL(at)
David Mamet (310)664-8819?or9819
David Monson
David Rubenstein David.Rubenstein(at)
Deb AOL Shaw debshaw
Debbie Allen queen_kong50(at)
Deborah Binney PrivateAccess238(at)FMR.COM 7033364970 7032971657
Deborah Binney Fidelity PrivateAccess238(at) 7033364970
Derek Hogan hogandj2(at)
Desi Brice (407)340-1745
Diana Negroponte
Diana Negroponte 06 negropod(at)
Dick Chilcoat (979)862-8007
Dick Fuld (212)526-3317 (212)526-7200
Dick Fuld lbexec1(at)
Dick Holbrook (212)496-1106 (212)325-4441
Dick Johnson (703)237-5050X329
Dick Knott Spanglebaa (703)323-0580
Dick Knott (703) 323-0580
Dick Parson (212)484-8100
Dick Parsons Dick.Parsons(at)
Dick Tubb RJTubb(at)
Dina Merrill (212)980-6868 (310)471-6470
Dina Powell (202)494-6895
Don Phillips myrloo(at)
Don Rumsfeld (703)692-7109
Don Evans dle(at)
Donald Mayer (703)749-5030
Dov Zakheim (703)902-7000
DS (202)647-8627 (202)549-8916
Ebbesen 05 Sam samlil(at)
Ebbesen 08 Sam
Ed Djerejian (713)522-7824 (713)992-4500
Ed Djerigian epd(at)
Ed Koch (703)323-0580
Ed Liddy (847)402-6702
Ed Miller (703)356-4902
Ed Straw edstraw(at)
Eddie Howard (703)354-2442

Lucas Perez
Lucas Perez

Edward Miller RevEOM
Emily, h Miller millerej(at)
Emily, o Miller
Eric Schmidt
Eric K. Shinseki eric.shinseki(at) (703)772-2072 (703)526-4382
Erlend Olson eolson(at)
Eulin Stevens (800)448-9609
Eye Doctor Aaron Betts. Aaron.Betts(at)NA.AMEDD.ARMY.MIL
FED TAX NO +1(ap54)-1746120 +1(cp54)-1356508
Floors–Criterion-Jim Peterson (410)379-0254 (410)379-0305
Floyd Kvamme FloydKvamme(at)
Foster Freiss FFriess(at)
Fran Harvey fjharvey(at)
Francis Lyons (646)425-3766
Francis Lyons francis.lyons(at)
Frank Branch (301)322-7226 (301)646-7481
Frank Branch (301) 322-7226 (301) 646-7481
Frank Carlucci (703)347-2626
Frank Luntz
Frank McCourt Frankm(at)
Frank Raines
Frank Raines (202)363-8325
Frank Ricciardone h
Frank Ricciardone h
Frank Ricciardone O RicciardoneFJ(at)
Frank Savage home swan41146
Fred Ikle iklef(at)
Fred Leigh (703) 794-8677 (703) 794-8682
Fred Leigh fhleigh(at) (703)794-8677 (703)794-8682
Fred Malek
Gallagher PeterG(at)
Ganntt 70733.3144(at)
Gary Claudio
Gaye Williams williaga(at)
Gaye Williams gaye(at)
Gene Davis (703)922-5670 (703)798-5073
Gene Dewey deweyg56(at)
George Bush (207)967-5800 (713)686-1188
George Tenet gjt523(at)
George Tenet (301)765-1890
Ginger Green greenv(at) (202)336-8470
Ginger Green (202) 336-8470
Ginger Green
Gordon Sullivan gsullivan(at) (703)370-2352 (703)907-2601
Gordon Sullivan (703) 370-2352 (703) 907-2601
Gordy Fornell gbfornell(at)
Grant Green GreenGS(at) (703)836-1992 (703)299-6649
Grant Green (703) 836-1992 (703) 299-6649
Greg Williams gwilliams(at)
Gus Pagonis

Henry Lopez
Henry Lopez

Harlan Ullman (202)333-3004 (703)824-2194
Harlanq Ullman ullmanh(at)
Harry Brooks
harry brooks 06 hbrooks8(at)
Harry Evans
Harry Rhodes (703) 821-1884 (703) 684-9378
Harry Rhodes harryr(at) (703)821-1884 (703)684-9378
Homa (703)406-4948 (703)864-4662
Howard Leach (415)433-4310
HT Jonhson nwc76(at)
Hugh Price Hugh.Price(at)
Hugh Shelton Hhshelton(at)
J. Straw jwhitaker(at)
Jack Baldwin (410) 757-0748
Jack Baldwin bald1(at) (410)757-0748
Jack Danforth
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Jack Kemp (301)469-6039 (202)452-6224
Jack Merritt ausaret(at)
Jack Merritt (703)683-2912
Jack Simpson (212)593-0230
Jack Stana-NM (703)761-1600x3210
Jack Straw 1447909535759
Jack Straw 07 jackstraw(at)
Jack Straw 8/06 member(at)
jack woodall jack-janice(at)
James Davison (800)551-4844x245
Jane Powell jane(at)
Jane Powell (571)216-9758
Jane Powell (571) 216-9758
Jeb Bush jeb(at)
Jeff Zients JZients(at)
Jerry Bremer 06 bremerlpb(at)
Jerry Inzerillo (212)679-1514 (212)792-2030
Jerry Sira (904)292-1273
Jerry Sira
Jessica bebe(at)
jill Blickstein jillblickstein(at)
Jim Baker
Jim Barksdale jimb(at)
Jim Barksdale new
Jim Cunningham brava1(at) (212)585-4453 (646)418-8982
Jim Cunningham (212) 585-4453 (646) 418-8982
Jim Dobbins dobbins(at)
Jim Dudley DudleyJL(at)
Jim Kelly (808)595-7409 (703)243-8038
Jim Kelly kellypacf(at) (808)595-7409 (703)243-8038
Jim Wolfenson (307) 733-9331
Jim Wolfenson jaywolf(at) (307)733-9331
Jimmy Carter (404)331-0583 (404)331-0281

Leo Watson
Leo Watson

Is that THE Jimmy Carter?

Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez

Joanie Shali
Joanne Giordano JGiordano(at)
Joanne Giordano Joanne.B.Giordano(at)
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Joe Galloway (703)625-5313 (202)383-6010
Joe Galloway (703) 625-5313 (202) 383-6010
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Joe Persico persico (518)452-5429
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John Doerr (650) 529-9100 (650) 233-3353
John Doerr jdoerr
John Herbst HerbstJE(at) Kiev
John Kester
John Miller john(at)
John Murphy (571)259-6733
John Negroponte johndn(at)
John Negroponte (202) 337-1447 (202) 577-8537
John Negroponte NegroponteJD(at) (202)337-1447 (202)577-8537
John Negroponte 06 jnegroponte(at)
John Negroponte-h usunrm(at)
John Negroponte-ndi johndn(at)
John Pardo
John Pleasant john(at)
John Rogovin John.Rogovin(at) (202)309-4002 (202)663-6270
John Shali (253)589-4770 (253)589-2617
John Swan (441)295-6270 (441)295-1785
John Swan 06 sirjohn(at)
John Swan 07 SirJohn(at)
John Waitt (Huebusch) john(at)waittfoundation.orgj
John Whitehead (212)755-3131
John Wickham (520)825-0278
John Wolf (301)229-5975 (202)251-8285
John Wolf (301) 229-5975 (202) 251-8285
john hamre JHamre(at)
John.McCoy(at) Suntrust John.McCoy(at)
Joy Nagel (571)212-3650 (703)299-4551
Julian Ullman julianullman
Julius Becton GeneralB(at)
Julius Becton (703)644-5771
Karen DeYoung deyoungk(at)

James Cruz
James Cruz

Karen Hughes (512)328-6310
Karen Young kdeyoung(at)
Karl Hoffmann HofmannKW(at)
Karl Rove
Kate Stotler-Knott kstotler(at)
Kathy Bray KBray
Kathy Bushkin KBushkin
Kathy Bushkin new kbushkin(at)
Kathy Troia McFarland Ktmcfarland
Kathy Ward Wardkat
Katie Maureau (703)780-7304
Ken Duberstein (202) 363-1028 (202) 253-8212
Ken Duberstein KenDuber(at) (202)363-1028 (202)253-8212
Ken Juster kjuster(at)
Ken Lazarus klazarus(at)
Kenny Harris (793)978-0015 (703)778-9092
Kia Coleman colemankia(at)
Kim Dornbusch kimdo(at)
Kim Dornbush 06 kimdo(at)
Kim Holmes (202)608-6110
Kim Holmes kimsmithholmes(at)
Kim Thomas kimba(at) (808)827-8191
Kim Thomas (808) 827-8191
Kip Ward ward(at)
L McLean
Lana Powell LanaP(at)
Lana Powell
landon Parvin parvin80 (540)371-5686 (540)371-5479
Landon Parvin (540) 371-5686 (540) 371-5479
Larry Page (650)804-4634 (650)623-6383
Larry Wilkerson (703)573-3408 (703)624-9148
Larry Wilkerson wm lbwilk(at)
laura armitage lindap(at)
Lee Butler leebutler(at)
Leo Brooks
Leonard Lauder LLauder(at)
leslie Berns leslieberns(at) (301)277-4950
Leslie Berns (301) 277-4950
Leslie Hayden travelingleslie(at)
Leslie Lautenslager (703) 971-4484 (703) 299-4928
Leslie Lautenslager LeslieL(at)
Leslie Lautenslager LeSquared (703)971-4484 (703)299-4928
Leslie Richman (301)277-4950 (240)305-6474
Lillian Ebbesen
Linda Powell (212)799-9574 (917)863-5861
Linda Powell new lindap(at)
Lisa Berns tialisa(at) (323)299-9009 (310)308-6793
Lisa Berns (323) 299-9009 (310) 308-6793
Lisa Berns Misstialisa(at)

Evan Perry
Evan Perry

Lisa Navarra lisanav(at)
Lisa Navarra 2004 lnavarra(at)
Lisa Navarro (703)528-3271 (703)356-4902x16
Lloyd Hand (202)333-5920
LW-State WilkersonLB(at)STATE.GOV
Lynne Davidson DavidsonLA(at)STATE.GOV (202)462-7978 (202)647-9841
Madeline Albright (202)354-3872
malcolm gladwell malcolmgladwell(at)
Marc Grossman (202) 689-7898
Marc Grossman mgrossman(at) (202) 689-7898
Marc Grossman (H)
Margaret Tutwiler mtutwiler12(at)
Marilyn Berns Marpb(at) (949)768-9410 (949)768-9411
Marilyn Berns-11/2004 marilynberns(at)
Marina Vernalis (202) 782-3838
Marina Vernalis (202)782-3838
Marjorie Jackson JacksonM(at)STATE.GOV (301)782-4353
Marjorie Jackson (301) 782-4353
Marjorie Jackson 05 jacksonmwj(at)
Mark Foulon h
Mark Gatanas Mdgatanas
Mark Minton MintonMC(at)
Mark Stavish MStavish
Marsha Weissberg (703) 750-1697
Marsha Weissberg MewLady10(at) (703)750-1697
Marshall Turner turnermc(at)
martha josephson Martha.Josephson(at)
Martin Greenfield (521)621-2144 (718)456-3365
Marvin Josephson mjosephson(at) (212)879-5169 (970)925-3820
Marvin Josephson (212) 879-5169 (970) 925-3820
Marybel Batjer (O)
Matt Korn Korn(at)
Matt Korn-AOL VP-tech Korn(at)
Maura Harty O maharty(at)
Maureen Dowd dowd(at)
mcl manhattan1940(at)
McLean (202)256-6097 (703)527-2299
Me2005 Password1111 (703)299-6770
Melanie Love (703)241-2911
Mentoring dhcmail(at)
Mex Persico persico(at)
Michael Dell Michael(at)
michael dell Michael(at)
Michael Dell (512) 289-7777
Michael Heningburg 06 michaelheningburg(at)
Mike Carns (404) 375-1207
Mike Carns MikeCarns (404)375-1207
Mike Heningburg
Mike McConnell mcconnell_jm(at)

Cooper Davis
Cooper Davis

Mike McConnell
Mike Powell (703)690-6688 (202)467-0790
Mike Powell H mkpowell(at)
Mike Powell new
Mike Powell-com michael(at)
Mike Powell, rim 7650263(at)
Mike–aspen michael.powell(at)
Mitch Reiss h breiss861(at)
Monica Goodin (954)431-3157
Muriel Poston mposton(at)
Nancy Hughes2005 (704)577-9933
Nancy Reagan (312)399-1945
Nery Alvarez (703)506-2097 (703)506-1391
Newt Gingrich ngingrich(at) (202)862-5840 (202)862-5800
Newt Gingrich (202) 862-5840 (202) 862-5800
Nick Brady (202)234-4262
Nick Rostow nrostow(at)
Nieman Marcus (703)761-1600
Norm Schwarzkopf (813)224-0566 (813)229-2145
Norma Leftwich nleftwich(at) (202)887-0807 (202)996-1996
NY Limo (347)581-6362
NY Times +1(clp083771)/conc777
O Tomlinson OTomlinsonMV(at)
Olive Tomlinson (508)693-8195 (347)731-3612
Olive Tomlinson 08 olivetomlinson(at)
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Otis Pearson (703)455-0054 (703)215-5479
Pat Swygert hswygert(at) (202)806-2505
Pat Swygert (202) 806-2505
Patty Coleman
Paul Applegarth (home)
Paul Applegarth (ofc)
Paul Cellucci Paul.Cellucci(at)
Paul Kelly (703)791-4427
Paul Wolfowitz Shep3804(at)
Paula DeSutter (703)475-5048
Paula (703)475-5048
PDS PDS effigyparody(at)
Pds (202)468-6950 (202)647-5875
Peggy Cifrino new pcifrino(at)
Peggy Cifrino(909) MHC(at)
Peggy-state m.cifrino(at)
Penny Grayson (Beijing) GraysonLP(at)
Peter MacKay
Phil Reeker (202) 647-9606
Phil Reeker ReekerPT(at) (202)647-9606
Phil Reeker (h) ReekerPT(at)
Phyllis Oakley oakleyrp(at)
Pierre Prosper pprosper(at)
Pool Cover (301)831-0205

Noah Flores
Noah Flores

Powell Alma -3550
Quincy Jones (310) 472-0901 (213) 882-1339
Quincy Jones (310)472-0901 (213)882-1339
R. Boucher crbbcrbb(at)
Randy Tobias rlt(at)
Ray Chambers (973)984-1723 (707)433-0301wine
Ray Chambers (973) 984-1723 (707) 433-0301 wine
Ray Stutzman (703) 893-0028
Ray Stutzman restutzman(at) (703)893-0028
Ray Stutzman 07 restutzman(at)
Ric Shinseki 10/05 eric.shinseki(at)
Rich AArmitage aalcrla
Richard Boucher O
Richard Boucher..blackberry BoucherRA(at)
Richard Haass (202)518-3420
Richard Haass (cfr) rhaass(at)
Richard Haass (H) RNHAASSNYT
Richard Perle
Richard Tubb (202)757-2483 (202)757-2481
Rick Parrish rparrish(at)
Riley Bechtel (650) 804-1526
Riley Bechtel rileyb(at) (650)804-1526
Riley Bechtel (on road) rpbtemp(at)
Rob AOL Mitchell
Rob Mitchell/aol
Robert Earle Raponikon(at) (703)351-5825
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Rod Caulkins
Roger Langevin The Langes
Roger Noriega (202)215-8086
Roger Noriega new rfn1(at)
Roman Popadiuk (979)774-5833 (979)458-0109
Roman Popadiuk (979) 774-5833 (979) 458-0109
Ron Griffith (703) 553-0018 (703) 684-0853
Ron Griffith milprirg (703)553-0018 (703)684-0853
Ron Lauder Camozzi(at) (212)988-3087 (561)655-2900PB
Ron Lauder (212) 988-3087 (561) 655-2900 PB
Ron Schlicher schlicherr(at)
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Saeb saebm(at)
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Sam and Jan Donaldson
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Sean O'Keefe sokeefe(at)
Sean O'Keefe sokeefe(at)
Sean O'Keefe sokeefe(at)
Sean O'Keefe nasa SOKeefe(at)

Adrian Howard
Adrian Howard

another relevant link to give some back story to the how, where, when the site was discovered from over at plebbit

The site does capture ip info when visited…. I've called it a honeypot for the past 2 days, but for the sake of argument I decided today to research it further to prove it is indeed a pot. There was an user that said he was downloading the entire site. I've wondered if OP here is that same user.
hope he opened it while not connected to the matrix though

Camden Wright
Camden Wright

Ted Leonsis
Teddy Forstmann (631)283-3794 (212)355-5656
Thai DPM 6618287777
Tim Kuklo kukloT (301)924-6679 (202)782-6573
Tim Kuklo
Tim Kuklo (301) 924-6679 (202) 782-6573
Tim Russert
Tim Kuklo
Tina Brown
Tina Chen Josephson
Tom Clancy Barlow2
Tom Clancy Tom Clancy(at)
Tom Dexter thomas.dexterjr(at)
Tom Friedman tlfriedman
Tom Johnson 06 tom.johnson.atl(at)
Tom Peters
Tom Russo trusso1(at)
Tom Schieffer 011-813-3224-5560 011813-3224-5555
Tom Schieffer
Tom White (202)625-2572 (832)724-4169
Tom Wilkerson Tom.Wilkerson(at)
Tommy Franks trf(at)
Tommy Thompson (202)416-5095
Toni Desverney (212)608-1647
Tony Danza (212)456-6900
Tony DePace depaces(at)
Tony Garza aogjr(at)
Tony Marnell (702)739-2000
Tony Snow
Tony Wayne
Trina Hermes (703)506-4593 (703)506-4546
TV Direct (800)531-5000
USAA (800)531-8111
V Smith Gingie(at)
Vault L23R16L20
Vernon Jordan (202) 667-1791 (212) 632-6190
Vernon Jordan (202)667-1791 (212)632-6190
vernon meikle (876)925-3581
Vernon Meikle (876) 925-3581
Victor Roque (412) 486-1887 (412) 393-4110
Victor Roque (412)486-1887 (412)393-4110
Victor Roque new vroque(at)
Vin Gupta Vin.Gupta(at)
Vince Boudreau new vboudreau(at)
Volney Jim"" Warner volney.warner(at)
Vonn Martin (202)458-3988
W Tribble (407)342-8039 (407)299-9374
W. Tribble LTA2001 (407)299-9374 (407)342-8039
W. Tribble (407) 299-9374 (407) 342-8039

Blake Phillips
Blake Phillips

W. Tribble
Walt Boomer
Walter Kansteiner KansteinWH(at)State.Gov
Walter Kansteiner Kansteiner(at)
Walter Mossberg mossberg(at)
Ward 72 (202)782-1772
Wes Clark
Will Taft Taftwh(at)
Will Taft (202)639-7164
Winston Hutchins WHutchins(at)
Xavier Solana sanmartin(at)
aaa LautenslagerL(at)
Alfalfa gplatts(at)
aLL LeSquared
Baxter (703)695-9773
Cifrino o (703)224-5013
Eye (202)782-6964
Lmh (703)527-2299 (202)256-6097
Mancinin mmancini(at)
MHC mhc(at)
Mike (202)833-7372
MJ jacksonmwj(at)
Niko NikoHome(at)
OMB OTomlinsonMV(at)
PCH pcifrino(at)
Pco (703)224-5013
RLA aalcrla(at)
Rla-lisa (703)248-9134
Rla-o (703)281-1335 (703)772-3900
Rlahh (703)248-0344
Rlao (703)248-0277
Technical Support
Wht4 (202)639-7164

Caleb Bennett
Caleb Bennett

This new style of shilling is focused directly on the potential flaws or weaknesses of that process.

Active shilling is generative in nature - the point is to for the shills to act as an infinite staircase for anons to descend, digging for more and more information.

Yeah I think you're on to something. This thread (and the one made by that guy pretending to be an inner circle member of Wikileaks ) will probably become more frequent here. If they can't beat us they can at least distract us and start some pointless 'treasure' hunt that leads to nowhere.

This is probably the work of another JTRIG intern:

Ethan Ross
Ethan Ross

serious question: is this a bot or a real retard from 4chan?

Parker Collins
Parker Collins

John Negroponte 06 new pswd
hondbabykill1 [email protected]

strange password, don't you think?

Josiah Gomez
Josiah Gomez

ctrl f

kek, so many

Nicholas Clark
Nicholas Clark

CTR retards saging a sticky
just leave, please, you stand out so easily and your tactics don't work here

Brayden Price
Brayden Price

what if coordinates are not precise but instead approximate ?

Maybe there is something in that general area ?

Julian Bailey
Julian Bailey

Nicole Kidman [email protected]

Does she really have an aol account, still?

Kevin Lee
Kevin Lee

Use ghostbin then

Dylan Bell
Dylan Bell

Andrew K. Block [email protected] martinez INCL. Yale Alumni Class 0f 1961
Andy Blocks [email protected]
Andy Cunningham [email protected]
Andy Cunningham United House Wrecking - Andy [email protected]
Angela American Ambassadors [email protected]
Angela Breeden [email protected]
Angela Kane [email protected] buddy! Se bloc! [email protected] [email protected]
Angela UN - Kane [email protected] Secretary: Ramesh new 12/11 212 963-2411 [email protected]
Angela M. LoRe` National Gallery of Art [email protected] chief of Staff& Exec. Asst. Angela M. Lore`
Angela R CAA - Norcross, Angela
Anissa STATE - Hanson [email protected] 8/9/12 Home 703 241-3812 Cell: 571-442-0791 [email protected],gov
Anissa M. & Yasmina G. Bouziane [email protected]
Anissa A. Hanson [email protected] underscore personal e-mail when sending [email protected]
Anita Wood Town of Greenwich AW [email protected] Dept. of Parks and Recreation
Ann Nicol [email protected] [email protected]
Ann Rockefeller, Mortimer [email protected]
Ann YALE ALUMNI GRIFFITH [email protected] NIght # 203 691-7901
Anna UN - Anna Janowska [email protected]
Anna-Lena TRAVEL- Shahrivar [email protected] Assistant: Elfie
Anne griffith Yale Alumni [email protected] After 5:30PM # 203 691-7901 Home?
Anne Templeton [email protected]
Anne-Isabelle UN - Degryve Blateau [email protected]
Annette Bortot Round Hill Club - Annette [email protected] Office Manager See details for additional Tel. #'s sadie.incl
Annie Chester [email protected]
Annika Savill [email protected]
Anthony J. Fouracre Wife: Mari Okie [email protected] rocky incl
Anthony J. Miller
Anthony Testo Metropoliltan Club [email protected]
Antoinette F. (Toni) UN - Gallagher [email protected]
Anwarul K. Chowdhury Former Under-Secretary-General & high Rep of the UN [email protected]
Archbishop Francis VATICAN - Chullikatt [email protected]
Ariane Wellin Michaels' Cell 978-460-7322
Arielle Garber Botanical Grdns-Arielle [email protected]
Armen Morian [email protected]
Arnau DeBorchgrave [email protected]
Arne Fjortoft [email protected] [email protected]
Arnold/Parker Scassi [email protected] *Florida #?
Arnold/Parker Scassi [email protected] lucky incl

Angel Wilson
Angel Wilson

Those that aren't military bases are mostly right next to small airports & RR tracks.

Noah Sanchez
Noah Sanchez

Is there a subset with no obvious & exceptional ingress / egress method? This could be worth sorting and maybe even exploring, if there are local urban exploration anons.

Logan Collins
Logan Collins use this site to translate all that gibberish, it's actually makes sense. Lot's of references to satan and ect…

Grayson Sullivan
Grayson Sullivan

Colin Powell's Contacts

This isn't new information, I'm pretty sure it's in the Guccifer 2.0 leaks.

Brandon Davis
Brandon Davis

I looked at ~12 in my area. Of those, there was only 1 outside of a 1000 ft radius to an airport/RR. It was a private home adjacent to another private home which houses a program for foster & at-risk youth. I wouldn't be surprised if this was an indoctrination program, but I would be unwilling to call it out at this point.

The rest appear to be extraction/transport waypoints.

Tyler Reed
Tyler Reed

Shut up nigger, I wrote "Symbolic sage. This shit shouldn't have been stickied to begin with" because it's just a big dump of information with no context no explanation. And it isn't new or exclusive information anyway.

Noah Jenkins
Noah Jenkins

Be that as it may, It's still organized. And OP is spoon-feeding it to us. Go back to halfchan you fucking shill.

No context or information
Use your imagination faggot. You don't belong here.

James Gray
James Gray

I'm downloading an offline copy of the entire site to prove that this is a nothing burger.

offline&TAILS = no v&

Jacob Cook
Jacob Cook

This thread needs to be organized better if were going to be more effective at digging. I am not the man to do it

Nicholas Cox
Nicholas Cox

Actually using TAILS
Wew. You know that shit was compromised ages ago, right?

Brandon Sullivan
Brandon Sullivan

According to my understanding, (I've not look too much into it yet) OP may be getting some of his stuff from here;

Although I do agree. We need someone to organize this. I am also not the woman to do it.

Julian Peterson
Julian Peterson


Hudson Garcia
Hudson Garcia

doesn't matter I ain't gonna be connected to anything and it'll be on a throw away drive

Daniel Morgan
Daniel Morgan

owner of lhohq

check the weird links on the right, they all lead to similar sites with the domain , which also hosts (which is from 2008 when he likely didn't yet have a server).

found by googling the first block of "encrypted text" on

Andrew Roberts
Andrew Roberts

here's a paste bin of the entire directory

all the files have an October 2012 creation date except the html files which my machine reconfigured to be relative links within my machine. All these files are absolutely nuffin. All the text is in the html code and I'll start pulling sections into paste bins.

If 'militant consumerism' is in fact 'Laughing Horse' we've been had by an autistic webartist Leonardo DiVinci.

Jack Brown
Jack Brown

And OP is spoon-feeding it to us.

And you're the one telling me go back to 4chan? You're funny

Matthew Mitchell
Matthew Mitchell

Interesting, thanks. Yeah, that's the feeling I get, we've probably been had. and share a lot of similarities and content, which leads me to believe that they are owned by the same guy.

Landon Ross
Landon Ross

nice try

sage for autistic slide thread

Robert Peterson
Robert Peterson

the other blog - got to it from the link in the right menu at
has a lot of the same images in the posts that are included in - exactly the same.

Lincoln Parker
Lincoln Parker

Various mentions about Comet Ping Pong

Christian Jenkins
Christian Jenkins

fill this out
and say something about your smoking rabbit! I bet it shows up

believes anything about the mentions of Pong on 11-17 or 11-18

pic related

Logan Bailey
Logan Bailey

Connor Green
Connor Green


Aaron Kelly
Aaron Kelly



Jordan Robinson
Jordan Robinson

I just showed you fag did you even look at the fucking
pic related ????

Zachary Lopez
Zachary Lopez

that gif .. i actually believe all of that.
Fallen angel chief princes mentioned in the bible as rulers of regions. as a christcuck it makes sense to me with all the occult material our elite are involved in. just my two cents.

any update on the user that downloaded the entire website?

Jonathan Wood
Jonathan Wood

now a message from Michael Flatley

Jason Hill
Jason Hill

Send pizza.

Eli Lewis
Eli Lewis

pic scarily related

Leo Anderson
Leo Anderson

Changed IP's but there's nothing there. Even if he's capturing IP's the dude is a loon

Logan Hill
Logan Hill

as i've stated in above posts, i have seen heavy use of church of subgenius crap. lots of 4chan archive threads about the site and other random crap. it appears to be just a type of "art" piece or some serious levels of autism that no-one here has yet reached. it's got random illuminati-grand conspiracy stuff, but nothing new or pertinent in any definable way. the back of my mind says it's the ultimate cia-nsa new level shit we don't know about but all other parts of me think it's a load of crazy bull shit

Sebastian Turner
Sebastian Turner

Had to shut up the shills somehow.

Plus, I am merely making a database of names, locations, financial entitities and crimes, so that they can be all crossreferenced.

Notice that in nearly every leak, Tamera Luzzatto is present.

Brandon Lewis
Brandon Lewis

For example, in the Republican leak

here is Ben Luzzatto

Ben Luzzatto [email protected]

and Tamera Luzzatto again

Tamera Luzzatto [email protected] 202-333-0585/2382 Home
Tamera Luzzatto Luzzatto 244-3542 Home

Samuel Morales
Samuel Morales

what if coordinates are not precise but instead approximate ?

Maybe there is something in that general area ? Of those, there was only 1 outside of a 1000 ft radius to an airport/RR. It was a private home adjacent to another private home which houses a program for foster & at-risk youth. I wouldn't be surprised if this was an indoctrination program, but I would be unwilling to call it out at this point.

The rest appear to be extraction/transport waypoints.

is that maybe locations of big part of "pizza" network ?
With locations they are using for recruiting and whatever they do ?

Also did you all see this about wikileaks ?

Can this be some kind of insurance file ? This is too autistic to be a honeypot.

Logan Miller
Logan Miller

we know that some of information is legit. we can cross reference it. we just need to find out if the rest of information is leading us somewhere…As for OP he (or she) is maybe not a fagot. Maybe OP is dead man switch that was activated by something.

Grayson Sanchez
Grayson Sanchez

leddit is working on it.

Bentley James
Bentley James

found a bing result for that username in a mirror of guccifer2 docs (i am not terribly familiar with the guccifer story/data revealed) this xls:
lots of docs:
Is this anything?

Cooper King
Cooper King
relating to the coordinates

Nolan Turner
Nolan Turner

Ryder Gomez
Ryder Gomez

Holy shit they are DISA Sations, have the whole zip now from the link at the bottom of page on this

Brandon Johnson
Brandon Johnson


Tyler Torres
Tyler Torres

where the insurance files ever opened, there was supposed to be something on Kerry.

Brayden Lee
Brayden Lee

Blake Anderson
Blake Anderson

Militaryfag here, the xxxxxxN/S xxxxxxxE/W coordinate system is used by the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency or NGA, basically the U.S. military's google maps. NGA works with the National Reconnaissance Organization or NRO. NRO manages the U.S.'s spy satellites, the NGA analyzes the images taken by the satellites and distributes them out to the rest of the U.S. intelligence community.

Whoever OP is, to get access to these coordinate, must have gotten his hands on data leaked from NGA's BE database, their list of past, present, and planned locations for the satellites to monitor, which ranges from unclassified to top secret. No wonder the shills are out in full force right now. Expect 8ch to get shoah'd very soon, and when it comes back online this thread will be gone.

Dylan Reyes
Dylan Reyes

Drop points. Someone go there and have a look. What better place to hide shit you don't want to be looked at than some buoy out on the sea.

Connor Rivera
Connor Rivera

Dominic Mitchell
Dominic Mitchell

Name First Name MI Access Req Phone Email Birth SSN Security Clearance Code of Ethical Conduct Most Recent Employment Compensation
Brennan John O DNI 703-674-8478 [email protected] 9/22/1955 146423250 TS/Interim SCI Y The Analysis Corporation, Global Strategies Group (North America) INC Unpaid Leave of Absence
Miscik Judith A DNI 703-725-8551 [email protected] 5/31/1958 554-96-8749 TS/Interim SCI y Formerly Lehman Brothers Not currently employed, severance package for prior service
Johnson Jeh C DNI (917) 359-0449 [email protected] 9/11/1957 76543753 Unconfirmed Y Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrision, LLP Part-time Volunteer
Kerrick Donald L DNI (703) 980-7770 [email protected] 4/27/1949 267-78-7369 Unconfirmed Y Self-Employed Part-time Volunteer
Kurtz Paul B DNI (703) 336-2306 [email protected] 3/20/1964 480-78-3912 Unconfirmed Y Good Harbor Consulting Full-time Volunteer
Baginski Maureen A DNI (540) 226-0934 [email protected] 2/3/1955 122-48-8462 Unconfirmed Y SPARTA, Inc Full-time Volunteer
Harding Robert A DNI (571) 245-6445 [email protected] 5/13/1948 112-34-6107 Unconfirmed Y Harding Security Associates, Inc Full-time Volunteer
Harding Robert A DNI (571) 245-6445 [email protected] 5/13/1948 112-34-6107 Unconfirmed Y Harding Security Associates, Inc Full-time Volunteer
Johnson Andrew W DNI (202) 497-6148 [email protected] 11/19/1959 218-82-1622 Unconfirmed Y Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Federal Government Employee
Levine Edward P DNI (202) 701-5768 [email protected] 1/8/1943 579-56-6001 Unconfirmed Y Senate Foreign Relations Committee Federal Government Employee
Pelofsky Eric DNI (202) 441-0765 [email protected] 3/29/1971 497-64-0232 Unconfirmed Y Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Federal Government Employee
Schear James A DNI (202) 391-3844 [email protected] 7/15/1953 16441187 Unconfirmed Y National Defense University Federal Government Employee
Steele III Bert L DNI (202) 256-5505 [email protected] 5/3/1972 254-49-7722 Unconfirmed Y Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld, LLP Full-time Volunteer
Wagner Caryn DNI (571) 244-2294 [email protected] 9/22/1957 524-04-3783 Unconfirmed Y House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence Full-time Volunteer
Cohn Adam DNI (703) 593-8830 12/3/1971 068-72-8716 Unconfirmed Y U.S. Senate Part-time Volunteer
Sims Jennifer E DNI (202) 550-2361 [email protected] 2/7/1953 049-48-2397 Unconfirmed Y Georgetown University, School of Foreign Service Full-time Volunteer
Smith Jeffrey H DNI (202) 468-4495 [email protected] 10/31/2008 094-36-8260 Unconfirmed Y Arnold & Porter Part-time Volunteer
Gips Don H All (202) 579-0073 [email protected] 11/29/1905 329-44-5714 None Y Level 3 On leave
Brown Lisa M All (202) 579-0063 [email protected] 3/6/1960 578-62-7930 Unconfirmed Y American Constitution Society
Terrell Louisa M All (202) 360-3624 [email protected] 8/17/1969 221-42-6993 Unconfirmed Y Yahoo! Inc.
Sarah Sewall B All State National Security and (508) 314-3770 [email protected] 8/22/1965 004-54-9044 Unconfirmed

Owen King
Owen King

CIA Director Brennan contacts (not the same as above post)

Julian Williams
Julian Williams

Easton Perez
Easton Perez thread linked from :
Another laughing horse site linked from that thread:

Adam Parker
Adam Parker

this one is about 20 mins from me. going to have a look at it on my next day off work. will upload pics when i go.


Luis Moore
Luis Moore

it is a juvenile court/probation center

Robert Moore
Robert Moore

James Ross
James Ross

but I did see a new take on chemtrails already.
I read every conceivable theory on the subject. Looks like weather modification to delay a possibly massive climate shift. Can you elaborate?

Adam Rivera
Adam Rivera


Jackson Long
Jackson Long

Mods and anons need to bunker down because of this post.
Nice thread. Time to roll some heads lads.

Jayden Thomas
Jayden Thomas

What is status of assange ?

Is there any truth in wiki user post ?

Is wikileaks main twitter account under government control?


Zachary Edwards
Zachary Edwards

Feh, Holla Forums faced this before

Owen Jones
Owen Jones

Assange is pretty unrelated to this

Jack Howard
Jack Howard

Assange is pretty unrelated to this

maybe, maybe not… we do not know at this time. Or do you have more information than us ?

1) Wikileaks tweets photo of armed police outside the embassy.
2) Internet gets cut
3) Massive DDoS attack.
4) Strange, out of character, misspelled tweets from Wikileaks.
5) Missing letters in tweets spell out "help him".
6) No proof of life for Assange
7) Wikileaks tweets an odd questionnaire asking what we would like as proof of life.
8) Pamela Anderson visits Assange (wtf)
9) Podesta email leaks continue.
10) Assange "appears" by phone for some conference. Not a valid proof of life.
11) Pamela Anderson visits Assange a second time!

Wikileaks suffered a massive DDoS attack and there has been NO credible proof of life ever since. This entire leak thing was caused by and all about HRC herself yet we have NEVER seen any HRC emails nor Clinton Foundation emails. These were supposed to be released prior to the election. Where are they? The US Govt had a history of using celebrities for espionage. Pamela Anderson is a decoy. They knew that she would generate news stories and photos with her visits and therefore perpetuate
The LIE that Assange is still in the embassy and well. Why didn't Pamela tweet any selfies with Assange?? That's certainly within reason to expect. Why would a liberal go out of her way to visit the man who was actively working on taking down the most prominent liberal candidate in history? It makes no sense whatsoever.

Then the anonymous Wikileaks employee posts those messages. Everything that person said makes perfect sense. Especially with what we've uncovered regarding "Pizza Gate".

Christopher Sullivan
Christopher Sullivan

We're more visible now user. Plus we just won the election.

Circumstances have changed

Jacob Turner
Jacob Turner

pretty sure it was off the podesta leaks. a green version and the purple one. oddly enough soros is having his "purple" revolution. all of his revolutions are color themed or named as it turns out.

Cooper Phillips
Cooper Phillips

Yes or no, don't derail the thread, nigger.

This has no connection with leaks earlier.

Carter Wood
Carter Wood

We're more visible now user. Plus we just won the election.

Circumstances have changed

You have a hunch or info to back this up ?

Chase Lopez
Chase Lopez

Holla Forums or fullchan wasn't so secret as you might think thanks to shills, /baphomet/ antics and other platforms that spread word about fullchan made us pretty public and let's face it three letter agencies are always watching. Oh please provide proof of how 'circumstances have changed'

Most of the old guard know what the fuck they are doing and how to cover their tracks.

Xavier Martinez
Xavier Martinez

pretty sure it was off the podesta leaks

Not likely. Someone posted a thread here about a year ago, with that flag in the OP post. I remember it.

Eli Murphy
Eli Murphy

Holla Forums or fullchan wasn't so secret as you might think thanks to shills, /baphomet/ antics and other platforms that spread word about fullchan made us pretty public and let's face it three letter agencies are always watching. Oh please provide proof of how 'circumstances have changed'

We are on wikileaks…this is pretty public

Landon Robinson
Landon Robinson

Checked as history repeats

Parker Foster
Parker Foster

It smells like whoever took over wikileaks is now trying to use them against us, honestly.

Andrew Harris
Andrew Harris

well other than the thread you mentioned i have no other idea where it originated if not off podestas stash. however i thought there was a thread not long ago about just that.

Charles King
Charles King

Those trips

Daniel Baker
Daniel Baker

Sounds to me more like drone strike starting points. Or maybe for jamming, surveillance or other electronic espionage? Too crazy?

Asher Lopez
Asher Lopez

Let's roll back a bit. Gamergays gave fullchan shitton of attention pre and post exodus. Benji the homeless weebfag owner of /baphomet/ signaled three letter agencies after spreading the dox of


Constant doxing, extensive cyberbullying, etc didn't help matters either.

Lasty we have various fandomfags and pubetube nobodies who talk shit about chans or references them constantly in their typical autistic fashion.

For fucks sakes anyone who looks up Pepe, does their research will find their way here.

This klub isn't secret as you'd like to believe. Besides Holla Forums isn't unlisted board either. If you remember the server problems fullchan had on 8th November you'd realize that this place is widely known. Fullchan had huge lag spikes and post limits.

Whenever it was users or a group hell bent on DDoSing fullchan on that specific critical day the point remains the same (((THEY))) know

Ethan Foster
Ethan Foster

Now that you have this list, search this page when you find a name, number or location of interest to see where it shows up.

For those of you who don't want to maintain your own database.

Jacob Foster
Jacob Foster

Oh come on user. We literally were displayed around the world for nazi pepes.

Leo Allen
Leo Allen

Oh please provide proof of how 'circumstances have change'
It's called the election win.
That makes us a greater threat.

Carter Wright
Carter Wright

This, shilling activities have increased significantly.

Robert King
Robert King

Threat to who? Normies?

Inb4 8ch gets killed with ICANN handover.

Christian King
Christian King

Plus, I am merely making a database of names, locations, financial entitities and crimes, so that they can be all crossreferenced.

No, you're not merely making a database of names, locations, financial entitities, you're throwing a giant net hoping that we can link some of these people with other people and possibly connect them with the pizza/pedos stuff. Your net is just too big, it's not useful.

Notice that in nearly every leak, Tamera Luzzatto is present.

Because you're looking specifically for her name. If you were looking specifically for another name you would probably discover that in nearly every leak 'Name X' is present. So far it's just your confirmation bias.

Adrian Watson
Adrian Watson

Is there any truth in wiki user post ?

It's bullshit, he never provided any proof or evidence that he was a Wikileaks inner circle member and some of the things he said were /x/-tier stuff (such as: the NSA is controlled by trans-humanists). Why are you asking about him in this thread? There are 2-3 threads on Assange/Wikileaks right now. Check the catalog.

Luke Turner
Luke Turner

8) Pamela Anderson visits Assange (wtf)
11) Pamela Anderson visits Assange a second time!

Are you the same lying faggot who posted that bogus timeline of events in the other thread?

yet we have NEVER seen any HRC emails

FALSE, there are Hillary Clinton e-mails in the Podesta e-mails

Why didn't Pamela tweet any selfies with Assange?? That's certainly within reason to expect.


Then the anonymous Wikileaks employee posts those messages. Everything that person said makes perfect sense.

LOL you're so full of shit: at first you ask us the question "Is there any truth in wiki user post ?" but then 9 minutes later you write: "Then the anonymous Wikileaks employee posts those messages. Everything that person said makes perfect sense." So it took less than 9 minutes to come to that conclusion?

You're either a dumb conspiratard or someone deliberately trying to inject disinformation.

Logan Jackson
Logan Jackson

sancho panza +luzzato = panzatto

sancho panza is a don quixote character

Dylan Murphy
Dylan Murphy

no Nigel Farage
no comfy campaign to send him beer

Why live? ;o;

Parker Kelly
Parker Kelly

I don't know much, but I've noticed that people who post line-by-line replies are generally know-it-all shit-heads.

Thomas Allen
Thomas Allen

is that maybe locations of big part of "pizza" network ?
With locations they are using for recruiting and whatever they do ?

To me, it looks pizza related. The fact that all the coordinates are just slightly placed away from non-commercial travel options looks like meeting places to transport victims. I get the impression of an "underground railroad" type scenario for the bad guys.

David Nguyen
David Nguyen

These are the Arlington coords , I don't see anything pizza related and I very much doubt there's 100+ stops on a pizza "underground railroad" Open your mind to the possibility, just for a moment, that not everything is 'pizza' related

Brandon Rogers
Brandon Rogers

These are the Arlington coords , I don't see anything pizza related and I very much doubt there's 100+ stops on a pizza "underground railroad" Open your mind to the possibility, just for a moment, that not everything is 'pizza' related

But it is related to ….. ? we have questions and not many answers.

Gabriel Young
Gabriel Young

robots.txt prevents it from being saved in wayback machine

Isaac Perez
Isaac Perez

In the source code anonymoose posted a twitter

handle and claims that its their data dump.

Gavin Garcia
Gavin Garcia

VERNON VERNON 50 1 A VT XWHY 424543N 0723050W 42.76194,-72.51388
SEABROOK SEABROOK 33 1 A N H 425541N 0705218W 42.92804,-70.87166
Power plants.
NEW CASTLE N CASTLE 33 1 A N H RNVD 430414N 0704250W 43.07054,-70.71388
Ocean buoy.
Going to confirm the following:
CENTER STRAFFORD CNTRSRFD 33 1 A N H DGVT 430017N 0711100W 43.00472,-71.18333
CLAREMONT CLAREMNT 33 1 A N H DUWT 432150N 0721757W 43.36388,-72.29916

Chase Torres
Chase Torres

NEW CASTLE N CASTLE 33 1 A N H RNVD 430414N 0704250W 43.07054,-70.71388
Portsmouth Naval Yard (Submarine station)

Luis King
Luis King

The Nazi's weren't bad. They weren't racist, they weren't exterminating Jews (they had camps, but not to kill), and everything we've been told about the Nazi's are incorrect.

I have made the similar point earlier today, that we are going in the direction of the Nazi's (whatever you want to call the current movement) to set the stage for what needs to happen.

It turns everything I've learned on its head and has never been more important to me than now.

Kevin Brown
Kevin Brown

Why would anyone put desiccated red blood cells into the upper atmosphere? What is the reason for this?

Hudson Powell
Hudson Powell


Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward

Wikileaks confirmed gone, I believe this is 100 percent real

15 of the top people at Wikileaks were nailed at the same time Julian Assange had his "internet cut". I watched the live cam all night and they took Assange away in a black armored van. If he was still at the embassy, he'd have appeared at the window and has not. Now it appears one of the top Wikileaks staff has spoken out, and I believe this is 100 percent accurate because it matches my own observations PERFECTLY:

Click the image to enlarge it and read it again.

Grayson Richardson
Grayson Richardson

Because the U.S. Army and USAF and the CDC agencies of the Federal Gov't. are deliberately and covertly infecting the public with this synthetic, genetically-engineered bio-weapon called Morgellons. These dried-out "erythrocytes" are one mode of this pathogen's transmission and infection propagation, similar to bacterial or fungal spores free floating in the air over vast distances.

Clifford E Carnicom
Oct 08 2009

I am not offering any medical advice or diagnosis with the presentation of this information. I am acting solely as an independent researcher providing the results of extended observation and analysis of unusual biological conditions that are evident.

full report here:

Ayden Sanchez
Ayden Sanchez

What about Jersey numbers?

Got any suspicious locations? I live in Jersey.

Thomas Garcia
Thomas Garcia

Pizza Pac (and more archives)

James Reyes
James Reyes

I believe this is 100 percent real

I believe this is 100 percent accurate because it matches my own observations PERFECTLY

I wish someone could build a big wall between Holla Forums and 4chan to keep the low IQ illegals out of here

Andrew Wilson
Andrew Wilson


Logan Rivera
Logan Rivera

saging a sticky

Daniel Long
Daniel Long

Warren Beatty Number works

Aaron Price
Aaron Price

That's retarded. Try to bruteforce the emails.

Logan Torres
Logan Torres

yeah.. sub7 their asses. lel

Ethan Edwards
Ethan Edwards


This might be an attempt at flooding us with pointless information that is already publicly available, in an attempt to paralyze any actual effort at getting anything done. Overload with pointless data is a known tactic.

Wyatt Robinson
Wyatt Robinson

Podesta PizzaGate threads being slid hard and filled with offtopic shitposts on halfchan
fullchan distracted by this weird site that doesn't really lead anywhere


Lucas Bailey
Lucas Bailey

Can confirm partial location data from prior posts. It was a flood of government owned property. Largely pointless. Maybe something good in there still but ultimately, looks to be a distraction tactic.

Jason Reed
Jason Reed

Here is some sillyness my friend called anthony weiner last night and left a message

Jose Sullivan
Jose Sullivan


Evan Edwards
Evan Edwards

bumping a sticky

Ayden Mitchell
Ayden Mitchell


Jonathan Russell
Jonathan Russell

Bill Clinton wouldn't pick up :(

Jose Reyes
Jose Reyes

Here's the encrypted client list for WethePizza.

Ayden Bennett
Ayden Bennett

What the hell are all these names and addresses? Where you guys got them and are they Pizza Gate related?

Owen Jones
Owen Jones

cubes and enlightenment

Hudson Walker
Hudson Walker

http: //

copy the source into a notepad ++ file. to insert a line break at each <br>, do the following.

ctrl + h, change search mode to regular expression.

find what: <br>\s*
replace with: <br>\n

zoom all the way out. pic related.

Parker Martin
Parker Martin

more, pretty much all of it

Benjamin Wood
Benjamin Wood

Umm…type anything in to the end of that Ihohq site and you get a page.

http ://w

htt p: //ww

Leo Martin
Leo Martin

Wikileaks would not care about anonymous posts from dubious sources making such claims. Putting it up on the Wikileaks verified Twitter account to say "NUH UH!" reeks of defensiveness. Given all the strange happenings, the fact that they can't even sign anything with their PGP key, that Julian is not proven to be alive, the morph edits in the RT interview, the seemingly deliberate typos with the missing/correct letters spelling HELP HIM among other things. We cannot conclude the validity of those posts, but we can only conclude that Wikileaks is compromised.

Isaiah Ross
Isaiah Ross

What the fuck am I looking at?

David Robinson
David Robinson

What the fuck am I looking at?

We do not know. We are trying to make sense of this. If you can tell us what are we looking at it would be appreciated.

Josiah Long
Josiah Long

What to heck is right, niggre

Thomas Hernandez
Thomas Hernandez

please explain

Benjamin Foster
Benjamin Foster

My gut says that it is more distraction from looking for the Dead Man Keys. But who the fuck knows

Anthony Evans
Anthony Evans

Be extraordinarily careful, but when you attempt to contact wikileaks via their chat line (I won't put the link), it constantly reloads the page. Is this not a honeypot?

Eli Morris
Eli Morris

Can't take this shit anymore guys, I'm too weak for this rabbit hole. Here you go guys, every link on that monster of a website.

Julian Morgan
Julian Morgan

that instantly hurt my ears and gave me a headache, asshole.

I can't even hear it

Cooper Reyes
Cooper Reyes

Can't take this shit anymore guys, I'm too weak for this rabbit hole. Here you go guys, every link on that monster of a website.

Thank you, it is appreciated.

What if the reason behind this type of web design is intention to make it hidden from indexing (for example gogle).

I tried web site name/robots.txt and I got nothing.

Also, take a look at this

gogle direct link (do not use)

That is cached only text version.

Lincoln Peterson
Lincoln Peterson

GUARDAMOR GUARDAMR SP 5 SPAIN 385806N 0000900W 38.96832,-.15000

address for supposed military communications office is an house in residential area near the beach,-0.1498697,3a,75y,174.11h,95.33t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1syORTDXslc8TnR0G46Im8Kw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656

Julian Howard
Julian Howard

Putting it up on the Wikileaks verified Twitter account to say "NUH UH!" reeks of defensiveness.

Yeah I agree but maybe they gave their Twitter account to someone who isn't as smart or stable as the other guys. But you're ignoring the possibility that their contingency plans include reduced communications within their own network or using a certain type of communications protocol to make sure they're in contact with the real guys and not a GCHQ/NSA/whatever employee.

So maybe the Wikileaks team recently lost contact with someone else other than Assange and the ones running the Twitter account are under a lot of stress because they don't know what happened to that person and soon after they lost communication with X they see that thread posted here

the fact that they can't even sign anything with their PGP key

But if Julian Assange is the one who has that key and he doesn't have an internet connection at the embassy then maybe that explains why?

that Julian is not proven to be alive

he gave an hour long phone call to a conference in Argentina on Oct.26

and let's say you don't want to believe the RT interview was made after Oct.15-16, a recent photo of him with a lawyer from Ecuador was posted on Twitter. I saw the links to news websites from Ecuador, I'll probably post them later in another thread. Yes, I know it's not a video of him talking about the rumors of his death but it seems legit to me.

the morph edits in the RT interview

some people have posted an explanation for this, here for example and here

the seemingly deliberate typos with the missing/correct letters spelling HELP HIM

That one is bogus because the first seemingly deliberate typo isn't 'wopper' it's 'Navel' – 'Navel Intelligence' – posted in the tweet right before the one with 'wopper' so if you think these missing/incorrect letters are a secret word then it doesn't start with H, it starts with either A or E.

We cannot conclude the validity of those posts, but we can only conclude that Wikileaks is compromised.

Again, people like you keep hammering that conclusion and repeating it again and again. It's as if you guys are deliberately spamming Holla Forums with this message.

And by the way you forgot to add the pre-commitment hashes aren't valid in your list of augments for Wikileaks being compromised

Charles Hill
Charles Hill

Does it matter? He's just another liberal asshole even if he may disslike the current oligarchy.

It's not like he's ever named the jew or anything…

Jason Foster
Jason Foster

hi ctr

William Roberts
William Roberts

no, serious here. The dude is just some random asshole hacker, the regime does not like him, but they don't like Iran or Kim Jon Un either, that does not make them allies.

I've never seen him make any coment on jews, except that one about (((establishment climbers))) on twitter that he immediately cucked on when the ADL went after him about it.

If he doesn't name the jew, his message isn't true. Is my addage, so why should I care about the white wizzard of the equadorian embassy?

Either his stuff does not actually point to the jews, or he is too much of a coward to talk about them.
In neither case is he usefull for nationalists now that Trump is elected.

Nathaniel Russell
Nathaniel Russell the archives are updated

Thomas Nguyen
Thomas Nguyen

I've never seen him make any coment on jews, except that one about (((establishment climbers))) on twitter that he immediately cucked on when the ADL went after him about it.

Either his stuff does not actually point to the jews, or he is too much of a coward to talk about them.

he never did name jew. At least to my knowledge. He also has some (pretty substantial actually) connection to "the family". Family is cult connected with child trafficking and some other stuff. He never talked (publicly) about that

With all that said and done we do have some interest in finding out if he is alive or not. He did provide us with some information and did get a lot of heat for it. And he can be useful to us. He proved that multiple times. Trump is not useful to us at this moment. We were useful to trump but he did not pay his dues for getting elected.

Nicholas Baker
Nicholas Baker

this is so disturbing

Gabriel Howard
Gabriel Howard

Twitter Pedophile Database #Pizzagate #Twitergate

Owen Murphy
Owen Murphy

Twitter Pedophile Database #Pizzagate #Twitergate

half chan thread