G/fur 2

g/fur 2

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>>827589884ok samefag

>>827589844do you have the "just sitting here looking at pics of cats and everybody starts masturbating"?

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>>827589736Animals NEVER want sexual attention from people!>This is just art, erm, bro, haha, I'm normal, this is just for fun. I would never admit to my zoo-sadistic tendencies.I'm not even mad at you guys; The devil has deceived you. Plain and simple as that.Just know THERE IS a new beginning and you don't have to live like this forever.

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>>827590349This is not a zoophile thread. Just furfags.

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Imagine unironically still posting spiderman in furry threads since 2011

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>>827590447>Implying hitler didn't fucc his very good boy

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>>827590387>MY God would never condemn me>MY satan will suck my cockYeah, sure, but what will the real God and the real Satan do? Isn't that that the real question?

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>>827590541You wanna know how I know you see sex as a trivial thing?

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>>827590518it makes me horny uwu

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>>827590617The last time I was horny was 2016

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>>827590652you're that guy aren't you

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>>827590721What guy?

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>>827590589>real God and the real SatanWhat about real santa and real thor?

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I wish the weather was colder

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>>827591226Same. The last weeks were pretty warm.In 2004-ish there was so much snow that you couldn't find your car and it stayed till spring and this winter there was ony one snowy day.>>827591481spiderwebs

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