Today is my birthday

ITT: Holla Forums sings me "Happy Birthday!
God, i'm so lonely

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How old did you become


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sry, user. didn't realize how srs of a birthday this was. thought of hitting 30 scares the shit outta me,. will delete my shitpost

i seriously thought i would be on a differnt kind of lifestyle, when i reached 30's.

happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you
happy birthday dear user happy birthday to you
blow out the candles and then your asshole faggot

I'm 45 and still hanging around these stupid places. You literally are here forever.

thanks for the laugh

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Happy birthday OP. I hope you destroy your enemies.

so where are you at in life right now, OP? unemployed, NEET? any future prospects? what's life looking like for you?

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Have a log on me

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They will go down with me, user. Thanks

NEET fag and let me tell you. A candle is brighter than my future, at this moment. No jobs and the thing is looking bad. I think i will have to migrate to another country.

If only anyone who gift me a rope

Will you just fuck off already posting shit, id rather have the spiderman spamer than you

I’m the same guy




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why would anyone eat shit

when is the last time you were employed (if ever)? any school? do you get NEETbux like SSDI or you leeching off your fam?

you don't gotta answer any of those if you don't want im just curious. why do you think you have to migrate? because future prospects look so grim? you can definitely get employed somewhere, so i wouldn't catastrophe that bit tbh

the texture/pallet cleansing qualities of it go nice in between 4-course vegan dinners

it's a sexual fetish, dumbass

No dude its just branlet cuming at the sight of terror

Are you seriously?
Post me spider memes in quick sucsesion to prove

t. dataminer

my last job was last year, answering phones in the City Hall. That only lasted 9 months, and since i've been a cripple all my life, im currently on SSDI. Dude, in my country no one gets jobs, unless you know someone that can pull some stringd for you. And since i dont have any aquaintances with that super power, im fucked. So, i'm thinking Spain or Swtizerland