An asteroid the size of Cuba will reach Earth in 30 days, but no one knows it except for you

An asteroid the size of Cuba will reach Earth in 30 days, but no one knows it except for you.
You know this with 100% certainty and also you're not wrong.

How do you spend your, nay, everyone's last month?
No consecuences, no legacy to care about.

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Teaching OP how to spell correctly.

shameless fearmongering lol

Englih is not my forst language, sorry.
Plus my wife bought beer for me, fancy and regular. She's a sweet, sweet person. I am a bit drunk.

Try to make cuba smaller so the meteor is smaller

This is brilliant, but you only have one shot with the Orbital Shrink Ray, and then it could be better to aim it at the asteroid instead of aiming it at Cuba.

probably shitposting tbh

I'm weirded out by the lack of rape in the answers so far…

I´d probably spend it here. Too tired to care.

What if he is able to convince America to invade Cuba and shrink its borders? It might just be crazy enough to work!

Because that's way too obvious an answer

let's nuke the shit out of cuba until it and the asteroid cease to exist

gorging myself on soy

OK, you're doing that and then the asteroid misses us.
What then?

cuba is based #MAGA

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He'd probably end up full blown tranny, and the least trap status.

Try to learn astronomy for a week, then get the attention of others in power to detect it and then do something about it (I have an idea on the matter).

Then again, as I'm learning astronomy, I might get distracted and start learning about astrology.

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I would quit work and move by the sea where i would spend the rest of my life swimming with, fucking and being fucked by dolphins.

Cut my dick off.

You are too stupid to think asteroids are real! Just like space, they are fake as hollywood movies are! Wake up, intergallactic demonic transvestites are coming for you, fool!

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Alien takeover is on April 18th so it kinda sucks to be them tbh. They should have done that shit years ago.