Why is Hex so based?

Why is Hex so based?

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cuz hex is a pedo

fucking based

hex posted that cp 30 minutes ago

t. ox

i want hex 2 fug my boypucci

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because he knows the name of this song

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hey hex, what is mailmans tripcode again?

why ws mailman a faggot?

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ty I am the og mailman tbh


nice digits, natural and organic

we need moar posters like you

learn to use his idenity correctly.

Why? He didn't.

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She is pretty attractive.

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fuck off nigger

Hex is the best lover I've never had tbh

nazi, mormon, paedophile, tripfag
not based at all

Who are we talking about again?
Is it that chick from the pokemon game I haven't played?
That long haired political youtuber that wears a jacket and no shirt?
Some tripfag/namefag?

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That made me lol harder then it probably should.

Enough with these volshill bait threads already.
Dysnomia is not based, he is a cunt.
Hex is not based, he is a tripfag.
He WAS the best mod Holla Forums ever had, but now he is just another egomaniacal tripfag.