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I support OP

Or maybe country flags.

Flags and ID's yeah

Flags and IDs are like the chan version of stewed prunes. The same amount of shit drops, it just drops faster, makes a horrible mess all over the place, burns your pucker, gives you the cramps, and has a tendency to leak out and stain your shorts in front of that cute hottie you finally got the nerve to talk to.

As the user who originally wrote that pasta, I approve this message.

all me

i said "homo" but all others were you. also i might be you

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I really miss IDs and flags


this tbh

Its science Hitler, fags look like women for taking it in the ass, the problem is that they took too much, plus stds and hormones, but their bones are still there, this also the reason why brazilian girls looks so hot even if they are ugly and also proves a difference between male and woman at chemical level, and more, it show both woman and man like different and symbiotic systems, again, this is science and proved and not even Holla Forums talk about this because most of them are ignorants, christian scientists smarter than fedoras that are stupid enough to show something like this arent common.

It also explain why raped men and kids become faggots most of the time and why women and girls raped not, of course there are more factors, but this shit is just too big, a unique man for every woman will extend their lifespans and solve a lot of 'psycological problems' and they will look younger.

this entire thread was me and that's why we need IDs again

I just farted

I know
And you're good

I am op. I have changed my mind. No ids is great.

Do this

am also op. can confirm

Actual OP here. We need IDs back.

This is me and I am OP. I changed my mind again and I don't want those damn IDs back, ever again.

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Samefagging is a part of the Chan bill of rights you newfag.
It is only relevant in political threads/boards where consistency is important

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