We kill and eat animals, so what is wrong with having sex with them?

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dude white people lol

well I am white and I am a zoophile
seems accurate

dude wite ppl lol

Some dogs are pretty hot tbh I'm a white nationalist by the way


the whitest of them all

maybe there is an equation to this.

There is nothing wrong with using your property however you like. Animals are not people.

I wonder what a dog pussy feels like.

*How we see dogs vs how american middle class women see them


How about that girl that eats live mice? Pet snakes can eat them, but normalfags get mad when a human does?
Or the doghunters? They're removing diseased vermin from the streets, but it's somehow viewed as infinitely more cruel than slicing cow's neck open

exactly, normalfags don't make no sense, they are driven by emotions, they have no thought to their opinions.

Nuff said

fucking dogs is having domination over your environment and subjects
ancient romans used to rape enemy soldiers after battle, its a great tradition, putting your dicks in things to signify its submission.

Fucking tards, we can think at some level that animals cant, what do you want? that we teach lions to eat tofu?


Does that mean dysnomia has made Holla Forums submit to him?

The fuck are you talking about, retard? Lost your reading comprehension?

we should abolish funerals and give homeless people dead humans to eat. it is a wasted resource, fuck the worms in the ground.

Done, if your logic is correct (i am implying that you can understand what you write and read) then animals can consent and they must be judged as humans.

Sounds like a recipe for parasite epidemic. All corpses should be used for research, as learning material in medical universities and the rest incinerated.

Already happened, bad idea, worst idea ever, check prions.

Yeah, at least we agree on opening the door to more radical utilitarian ethics, fucking people and their status quo, they do not see where we could be if we absorbed reality for what it is.


My post boils down to "it's ok to kill animals however you want". Back to reading classes with you

Back to /zoo/ nigger.

Already happened, every time you 'destroy' the status quo something bad happens, what you call 'biggotry' is what keeps human life.

Yeah, sure, why not, i was implying that you were samefagging.

im just alerting the weary that there is nothing wrong with what we do

huh? What are you talking about? Sounds like fear mongering and modernistic babble, evolve, be the man of the future.

The man of the future? Mao? Stalin? Anita?

Those are some shit examples of people that have nothing to do with the future


The technocracy is approaching.

He was actually pretty 'moralfag' for his time.

Aristophanes was thinking in that when he talked about feminism?

furry logic

it's a pretty good argument
u support the torture of animals
so why not have some personal fun along the way?

moralfaggery is fine, as logn as it serves a greater good.
Tesla wanted to put his inventions into the public domain, because it would help the world, but private corporations seized his works when he died. It is the moral imperative of intellectual property to be publicised for the greater good of broader society, only status quo nerds think that you can own ideas, and that in some cases, you cannot even share them, how silly. Tesla is a powerhouse of utilitarianism, which is the most scientific morality anyway, which is why I in particularly appreciate it.

What? in reality its exactly the opposite, thats the reason why ancient people keep knowledge for themselves for milleniums, what you call 'status quo' is a novelty.

we can't live in the matrix and still have secrets, user.

the reason a normal logically thinking human being wouldn't want to fuck an animal is because they're dirty, smelly, and can't be cross-bred

So if you give them a bath and are like 99% of the population who understands that sex for recreation is okay then it's okay?

it's over
non-zoos have been defeated

idc what you do behind closed doors but it's still weird

Christianity. That is the only reason. Romans didn't care, Muslims don't give a shit, nor did any pre-christian society. At worst you would have been ridiculed, or perhaps ostrasized if you were some kind of serial goat rapist.
But then of course, you only need to look at the behaviour of 8ch's pedoniggers to understand why a collective such as human society would just get sick of the boundaries being pushed and draw a fucking line in the sand.

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Horses smell amazing.

Christians have been pedos for years, romans were pedos, even when they became catholic, priests have been pedos, being a pedo is hardly the breaking point for tolerance. this isjust revisionism.

I like everything else you're saying tho.

Yeah I was having a stab at them.

I bet you're into scat porn

This entire thread is D&C kikes, and of course the mods here don't do anything about it. This entire website is thoroughly fucked.

get out normalfag

No I'm not jewish.

or asian

horses smell like shit and you said they smell great, so you have to be into scat

Horse shit smell like hay and grass.

Frankly, until it becomes illegal to breed animals, castrate them, or eat them, I think it's hypocritical as fuck to judge people for fucking them.

You want to adopt baby bunnies, stuff your cock into them and then cook them after they die from the shock trauma, you do you.

im glad that someone else sees sense.

No, they smell great. Did you smell horse shit, and associate that smell with horses? If I judged you by the smell of your shit, you wouldn't be very appealing either.

I think that with less restrictions on animals, and more freedom of their choices, that we should realistically examine their needs as well.

imo, animals can consent to sex, they are programmed to avoid what they don't like, if you pursue sexual interests onto them, and they are positively responsive to it, then it is clearly consensual, it is programmed that fucking an animal is pleasurable, so why can't we mutually pleasure eachother?

and it is sexist to think that only male animals with dicks can offer consent because they are the sexual predators, you can penetrate a female animal and they will enjoy it too, they are just not as expressive as a dog leaking cum out their cock, but they still have wants and needs. what if there is no male around when the female is in heat? You can help them.

I wish we could genetically modify ourselves to have nice smelling shit. If not, I would more prefer for us to never have to eat again, and we can all have nice slim bodies. digestion is a horrible thing we do.

I don't have a problem with it
I dont see how its compared to pedophilia either.
and necrophilia should also be legal, people just get pissy over rotting, lifeless meat because it has a familiar face on it, boring.

just make sure you wear a condom, OP.

The chances of a virus jumping the species barrier is quite slim. And animals don't have the range of STIs that humans do. There's a few exceptions, but you're basically safer to put you dick into anything in nature at random than have sex with any human female.

and furfags still deny that they want to fuck animals, eh?

im glad I found this out.

so if I was just out in nature and I just fucked a rabbit, it would probably be safe?

Ye. The rabbit might freak out and try to bite you, though. They are quite small and your dick is comparatively quite big.

Also no raccoons. Raccoons can have rabies which is interspecies.


Virtually certainly. Of course many major viruses are chimeras that did succesfully jump the species barrier (influenza jumped from horse to human), but you're more likely to get struck by lightning than be the one unlucky sodomite that won that lottery. Sheep have an sti that can readily pass to people, and dogs cam transmit brucellosis. Otherwise, meh.


time to find some rabbit pussy.

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first time i heard about shitting streets, i thought it could be conservational, but apparently there is a lot of disease because of it.

poor parts of india is already a fucking mess though, in a lot of ways.

that camel looks sad

white fragility

it just found out that CIA let 9/11 happen so that they could enact the patriot act to spy on everyone.

It has an arab strapped to it's ass, with no escape from the penetration. You'd be deprrssed too.

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Indians like to drink cow piss, i think they are just playing out traditions, there is nothing modern about their society, that's why its split up and has poor places, it needs centralised industry.

the truth is that women fuck dogs all the time, its just men who feel weird about it because they actually have a conscience unlike infantilised sociopath women.

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i think women should fuck wolves, they can do that while we buy sex dolls from amazon and the sexes can be happy with their mutually exclusive existences

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look at the beautiful dolphin pussy

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Man, rotten.com was the place for all kinds of sick pics in the late 90s.

I got into zoo porn when I was 13
every hole is a goal.

I'm amazed it's still up. They haven't updated anything in like a decade, but it's still there.. Mund blewn.

waifu material tbh

so both shitskins and cumsking fuck animals


he licked her pussy after this

if I adopted a dog from a shelter and fucked it, and it died because it was old or mistreated, could people find out I fucked it? would they have to see the body and examine it?

no, as a kid I went to a carnival that had horse rides for children and the entire area around the course smelled like horse shit; even the horse I was on smelled horrendous and I wanted off immediately . the multiple piles of horse shit didn't help either



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I also took a trip to a farm in middle school and the horses smelled exactly the same outside of the stables. animals stink dude get over it

Only niggers fuck animals you filthy degenerate.

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Bullshit. I am a 6th generation white alabamian, and I fuck more sheep than anyone else in my Klan!

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Niggers are animals, ergo, it is simply 'fucking'.

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well technically all people are animals…

i am a hros

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absolutely amazing.

It's not tradition, it's primitive behavior.

Clop Clop Cloppety Clop