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Getting banned constantly and saying you're invulnerable is like being on a death bed and screaming "I AM IMMORTAL!" after every time you survive a heart failure.


Dumb analogy. Think of Highlander. He dies all the time, but forever returns. You can kill me, but you cannot remove my head.

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My ImageboardFuckery utilities are pretty neat. It has a feature called "quote bomb" where I can do pic related. As people are scrolling through the thread and mousing over responses, they see my image all the way down the thread heehee

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Thats even dumber.

Tits or GTFO.

Here we go again we have op the failure from last week going to fail again. This'll be neat to watch.

asking for tits to a dude

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You haven't posted anything worth be banned for yet tbh


And a user ID aggregator. Fun to piss off autists when fagnomia enables IDs once per month.

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Need to optimize this and group IDs beneath distinct post counts>>7849540

You do realize that the board settings haven't changed since January, right? (aside from the spinning lain and next week's yearly prank)

No, I did not realize that. It's hard to keep track anymore anyway.

So any anons have any other cool ideas that I could implement in my ImageboardFuckery utilities? Currently has proxy switcher, quote bomber, and ID aggregator>>7849554

Thinking about a new feature that will allow it to POST breads and posts. Just need to analyze the HTTP request so I can see how the POSTs are structured. Might work on that throughout next week.

image/text dumper
get script

Need more details

She isnt a dude.

That's right, only a female could have the attention whoring stamina and obstinacy against stepping down than this board's failed mod.