Have you ever made a fake Tinder to see how being handsome men can get away with anything?

Have you ever made a fake Tinder to see how being handsome men can get away with anything?

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Wow, you finally managed to make a good thread. Good luck out there

No because I don't let 3DPD drive my life. Therefore, I don't care about them.

sup chadman. you're a faggot recycling an image.
i think a girl could get away with anything ass well if she were attractive. Appearance makes up for personality. However, men are in general required to have a higher normal attractiveness for the same "amount" of personality.

Its mostly scientific curiosity mixed with a bit of trolling.
Is very informative and entertaining.

This thread needs to go back to >>>/r9k/ where cucks belong.

nigger, I learned that shit when i was 12. Now i just focus on wealth, why wast time?

Wtf are you talking about? I didn't make that cap, i found it on half Holla Forums

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exactly, it cursory search shows the image first appeared on reddit, then 4chan, then other randoms, and finally you've decided to shit it out into Holla Forums.

Almost, but the background is trash. Needs shoujo bubbles.

This doesn't prove that handsome men can get away with anything, all it proves it dumb whores will say anything for a handsome man.
Also any of you 'incels', here's what I like to call the "white pill" - it's a real eye opener. Most of the stuff you see on forums like this only serves to reinforce your own negative opinions (about women and society, more specifically). Being exposed to these types of ideas all the time will subconsciously cause your brain to exaggerate the problem way out of proportion. In reality, these aren't your average women - if you're on tinder, you probably are somewhat sluttier than the average girl, given that it's a hookup app.
Stuff like "chad fux, beta bux" is mostly true, but you have to realize if you really ever want to be successful and make a sociosexual impact (by having kids or through other measure) you can't demoralize yourself. I repeat, you can't DEMORALIZE YOURSELF. When you go outside, look around you. Does every FAS ho you see have a 9/10 Brad Pitt boyfriend? No, they don't. You probably see ugly, poor men all around you with "nice" gfs. It's not impossible, you're just cutting yourself off if you understand what I mean.
What I finally realized that for most robots and incels, the problem is actually PERSONALITY. I'm not kidding, and I know all of the spiel about how "women don't care about personality" (similar to the message of OP's image). The "real" (again, it's a pseudotruth) insight gained from OP's image is that women won't judge you as much if you are very, very attractive. But, I'm assuming you aren't very, very attractive, right?
Think of it this way, personality is worth around half as much as looks. Let's say you have a 0/10 personality and 9/10 looks (like the fake account in the picture) By weighing 9 twice ((0+9+9)/3), we find that in total you are a 6/10, which is still above-average. Of course in that image there's other things at play (like the whores not caring that much about personality or finding it kinky), but let's just say 6/10 is how you appear to the average women. Now, let's consider you. I'll just assume you have around a 2-3/10 personality (where do you think we are) and 3-5/10 looks (you probably are below average to average in terms of looks). That's (2.5+4+4)/10 or 3.5/10. If you improved your personality, you could probably get an average or below-average girlfriend.
I was going to write an explanation for why personality matters, but got bored. Here's an anecdote instead: Many girls I have known romantically has explained this system to me, it's what they actually use to measure people. A lot of them didn't like me THAT much before we started dating but once I got intimate I kinda matured a bit and developed a better personality, which allowed me to get even more good looking women


being a good looking guy who's open about his neo-nazi views makes him a bad boy and that improves his personality score
if he were ugly and a neo-nazi it would look like he was insecure, over compensating and weak, which would be a negative for his personality

yeah but I want love that lasts. i dont want to have to fight every day just to keep my GF from thinking about chad next door. tell me how many relationships you've had with real love. it's 0, i know
. your white pill is shit. women can only "truly" love an 8/10 chad, and I'd say essentially no matter his personality.
i dont give a fuck about hookups or sex.

So you come from cuck/pol/? That explains a whole lot.


Women don't like "bad boys", they just like dominant men. Being kind/good and dominant/masculine aren't mutually exclusive.
That is true, but being plain dominant doesn't have the same effect.

I didn't read the rest of your post, but here's my bit of wisdom: Unless you're lucky, NOBODY (not even chad) has a good chance at "love that lasts" until we revert to a primitive society or something like that. "Alien" sociopsychological pressures imposed by modern society and living in a "tribe" of billions of people prevent that (humans really are not meant to live in communities larger than a few hundred people)
Your best bet is getting a gf and un-psychofucking her by creating a simulation small community - by convincing her to move to the middle of nowhere without any communication with other humans at all (no internet). Good luck.

You're such a party pooper, i just wanted a thread with funny Tinder screencaps

Sorry, but the autism must flow.
How have things been anyways, Chad?

I don't think women can "truly" love tbh.

As I explained before, women CAN love. Just not much, in this timeline.
Stop with your blackpills.

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Pretty shitty tbh, couple days ago they passed a law that make it automatically rape to fuck a girl under 15.
Not that i want to fuck girls that young, but i never really bothered checking for a girls ID before sex, now i'll have to.

I'm sorry dude, everything indicates that women go for the best deal.

I would disagree with this. They want kind/good towards them specifically, their family, their friends, and they want him to be kind and good enough to be able to function in society without alienating everyone. That last part is where the lines are blurred, since any male who is to some extent antisocial but gets away with it and has power and influence in spite of it no longer has that as a negative, and this may even be seen as evidence of his prowess.
There's a song with this theme, I forget the name, it goes "he's so bad, but he does it so well" in reference to some guy the singer fancies.

tl,dr they don't want bad boys unless the bad boy is socially and financially competent and not a literal sociopath

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this is why i'm a robotcyborg. fuck this life. praise shuabiy.

Good advice for a better life