Suicidal thoughts

thinking about getting into cutting, anyone have experience? (((da​tamin​ing)))

just punch stuff

ear to ear

He said cutting not smiling.



I have experience doing it as a teen. It's a call out for help, nothing more. If you actually want to kill yourself, you jump off of a 10+ story building or blow your head off with a shotgun. Cutting is for faggots who like to tell the world "look at me, I'm suffering". You will regret it later when you're a 30 year old with scars on your arm and have to explain to everybody that you were just going through a phase.

imagine wanting attention this badly
she seems like the type of crazy bitch to try and cut off your balls while you fuck her

It feels good imo. The more it bleeds the better it is. at first it was meh but now it's euphoric. I just cut on my thighs now. As long as you take care of the cuts and don't hit an artery than you won't be in too much danger

once you start its hard to stop so i don't suggest it if that worries you

It's no worse than getting tattoos or piercings. Go for it.

best place to start is your neck


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don't cut

Cutting is for girls.


i cut myself again today…(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

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more like this�

Don't be a fucking emo pussy. Either live or end your life. It's simple as that. There are many good and viable ways to do that. For example you can buy gas bottle filled with inert gas (like nitrogen or helium) and asphyxiate with it. You should be able to lose consciousness fairly quickly and without nasty feel of suffocation. It could be possible that you don't really want to die, that it's just a pathetic cry for attention. If you are unable to do it, then just try to get over it, end of the story

Kinda helps, but it'll end up in an addiction and the scars wont go away. In that moment i didnt give a shit but now i have huge scars and you end up having everyone asking u about those

OP, I am the most expierenced person you'll ever find for this subject
Pic related, from today to fill a container with blood

I've been cutting myself since I was 13, am 19 now. Started as a habit but learned to utilize it, for magic, but also for the sake of coping. Truly, it is only unhealthy if you deem it unhealthy, otherwise it's free dopamine. There's much to gain from tolerating pain too, especially if you learn to inflict pain at will. I burn as well, that isn't as fun. Burns he's awfully, but I still do it. Burning is best with cigs, if u don't smoke, I heat a knife or utensil and press it against my skin. Slow and delicate cuts hurts more and takes more will, quick and wild slashes with a box cutter will result in accidental very deep cuts, the kind that squirt, but those kinds of cuts took me off of the nervous breakdowns I have that makes me do that. Learn to hurt yourself as medicine

Or you could, you know, just cut the shit and jump.

Maybe I'm not suicidal? (((da​tamin​ing)))

Interesting how your mentally ill mind has created a rational sounding reason to avoid actual treatment.

I'm pretty rational in everyday life :p why would I care if someone thinks I'm sick? (((da​tamin​ing))) I don't think I'm sick. Also, I've been hospitalized, didn't help. Just cost my family $400 for an ambulance ride that I literally did not need at all

Good advice

Why not kill yourself instead of using cutting as a cry for help :\
But, seriously find someone who you trust and really talk to them about the shit your going through, no holding back.
If you cant find anyone you can talk to, then write down whatever is on your mind.
Shit like suicidal thoughts are always in your mind because you never let them out of your mind.

I'm sick of you fucking retards. It isn't always a cry for help, in my experience, it rarely is lol. Actually think, stop regurgitating what you see on Dr. phil

Talk with a Person you like about your worrys. If you didn´t have anyone to talk. Write with People from Holla Forums about it. Talking about your worrys can help very good. Trust Pepe, he knows it.

Then why post photos of someone cutting themselves? (((da​tamin​ing))) It IS a cry for attention. Speaking from personal experience, one can come out of heavy depression without such pathetic acts like these. Just use some logic and calculate if life is worth living or not. It's that simple

this is so fucking hot

Ya bro you totally understand why everyone cuts theirself

I'm assuming you've never heard the word "masochism"