MGTOW Cuck Virgin

What do I do with my red-pilled MGTOW friend? Cool dude, but he keeps trying to push his cucked virgin MGTOW bullshit on me and basically cock blocks me in front of every hot girl… Dude might as well admit that he's homo gay.

I agree with you that mgtow are gigantic faggots, but redpilled is not the word I would use for their faggotry.

Well he is redpilled, which doesn't bother me, but that MGTOW shit just tells me that he's a beta virgin. Can't call yourself an alpha male and then cuck yourself into fucking sex dolls and watching anime like a weeb.

Sadly there isn't much you can say to the mgtow types. They will always fall back to spewing buzzwords and speaking in absolutes. They are literally the male version of feminists. Cultural marxism applied to the male gender instead of the female.


tell him to knock that shit off, like an adult, and if he was really redpilled, he'd know that beta idiots need to have their ass turned into ground beef before they are opened to learning

This dude talks about all the crushes he has, yet is too beta to actually make any moves. I don't think he is truly MGTOW, more than he is just a beta virgin that can't be arsed to man-up and just talk to a girl.

Stop hanging out with him, go have a couple of kids and see what happens to you. Oh and make sure that you have a few grand to fix any problems that may arise, jut in case.

take care


Just tell him to be yourself and talk to people

Well if that's the case he just needs to grow a pair and do it. Rejection sucks but it isn't the end of the world. I'm gonna ask this girl I like out tonight. If I get rejected it's gonna fucking suck because I still have to be around her after that. He's gotta figure out that if he never tries he's never gonna get stronger. Through trials come strength, avoiding trials will only leave him weak.

You need to be shot


Just don't take him out with you when you're pussy hunting. Problem solved. Nothing to end a friendship over.

It's not so much the rejection that he fears, but the sense that women aren't worth anything, or so he claims. I've distanced myself from him mainly because he cock blocks and keeps trying to make me a MGTOW'er. I wouldn't call him a masculinist, in the same light as a feminist, because there's nothing masculine about this.

Fair enough

Thanks, user.

Yeah I don't know the guy well enough to give very good advice, but from my interactions with MGTOW on Holla Forums they are pure cancer. Can't be reasoned with.

Kill yourself. Now.

see pure cancer. the male version of cat ladies

males can't really be cat ladies, as we don't have a narrow of a fertile window

can't you go and be a normalfag somewhere else pls?

meant for jew

He's not a normalfag, h'es what we call a machofag who thinks men should enter themselves into dangerous, detrimental, embarrassing, or otherwise hazardous conditions just cause since he thinks men should OOGA BOOGA their way through life without regard for potential consequences and not measuring their approach

Well instead of cats it will be fleshlights, body pillows, etc

this is what i don't get. MGTOW makes some sense, i guess, until you start talking to those involved in it and realize they are complete retarded faggots. if you're going to go your own way and cure cancer or something, then by all means – not everyone has to have 10 kids, if you're the next mozart or whatever. but, really, they seem like beta virgins who displace their rage at >tfw no gf by blaming women. women are women, and yes many are pretty shitty these days, but jesus christ sign a prenup so if she mouths off too much you can divorce her ass. how hard is that?

men should ooga booga, it's how you get what you want in life. men should not be beta bucks and lick some roasties cumhole after she has fucked 400 reggaeton dj's on toilets where others puke and do coke and this is what mgtow teaches you.

yeah, cat lady is something you can't come back from. If a MGTOW was in his 60s, and his brain turned off some reason, he could still have children, with no extra risk to the children
a 3DPD cat lady couldn't do this

The problem is MGTOW says all women are that way which isn't true.

Good luck hex, hope it works out.

Go be a savage elsewhere nigger.

there are exceptions to confirm the rule, of course, good look acquring them.

Thanks. I'm grateful for all the encouragement. I'm a bit nervous about it, I've liked this girl for a long time. I finally have a job, so it's time. I don't start for a couple weeks, but valentines day is coming up.

Of course it isn't easy, but the best rewards in life are the things that you will work the hardest for.

I hope that you and her are run over by a gas tanker on your way to work. Burn in hell

Way to to put that pussy on a pedestal.

it is like looking for bacteria in a haystack, and the haystack has poison dart frogs in it

And this precludes him from normalfaggotry because…?

The problem with you MGTOW losers is that you try to minimize everything to being about sex so you can justify avoiding it completely. There's more to it than just sex.

Pussy ain't money faggot


If a woman deceives you, she isn't worth hard work.
If you have to work hard for a woman, she is probably not into you.
Life is not a romantic comedy

This is debateable. Hard work involves suffering of some sort, be it emotional, mental, or physical. Anyone self-aware will find themselves wondering if it was even worth it. They will ask themselves if the suffering they endured was equal to the (if any) positive output. Any lucid analysis will usually say that it wasn't.

we also about hypergamy, men like you, 3DPD's nature, men's nature, and the disproportionate values of the roles the sexes play in reproduction, and the implications that has

we talk about*

yes I know all your male feminist buzzwords and platitudes.

Cognitive dissonance

Dude what?

He's literally using the 'man-up' meme and telling people to stop using platitudes lol

all 3DPD have it, as they needed in order to reproduce successfully. You can prove this by simply looking at 3DPD's preferences on dating sites
truly men like you are the problem as 3DPD aren't able to do much on their own, because they are weak and stupid, but men that refuse see reality for what are just stupid, and 3DPD can get you do whatever, because you blindly follow instincts
if you don't think this has a profound impact on our evolution, then you're simply an idiot, and I see very little hope for you.
basically, everything goes back to eggs being expensive and sperm being cheap. The only thing we can hope for that we are able to use technology to make them both equally worthless
then maybe idiots like you will not be a thing, but all you can really do is hope.

I think what you guys fail to realize is that most people are shit, regardless of gender.

You can wade through it, or you can be alone. Don't be an idiot and don't rush into anything. Choice is yours.

If it were up to me at least 55% of humanity would be slaughtered or shot. I think most people are pure evil, or so stupid that they commit evil without knowing it.

sure, but all 3DPD are shit, and most men are shit is how it should go.

pick one

Shit won't work on men like me anymore. I'd advise guys going down my path to use this chance and get the best out of Chad's & their leftovers wining.

I don't really feel like writing out the wider context as to why hypergamy and male disposability, and it wouldn't make one bit difference as these kinds of males won't be satisfied until every 3DPD everywhere is 100% to be a hypergamous parasite, so kind of futile, nor do I really care if a beta gets shredded due his willful ignorance.
I am just doing this until I feel like drawing or playing a video game

is 100% proven to be a*

Girls on /soc/ in 2013-2014 used to be chill af. Now literally all of them are cunts who want attention. They are also cowards.

It's because the wells have dried up. They are just single mothers now or lonely small dog or cat women. It's boring to men like myself now, this is why we are investing into companions.

I meant the girls who go there now, not what the girls who went there turned into

Hold up! There's ton of chill girls that still use Holla Forums. Have you frequented other boards. I met a few. They're not all cam whores. Some of them are just full of awkward autism and others just like shit posting.

Which boards? I didn't think any would come here. I don't even want to orbit them, I'd just try to hire them to kill bugs.

might as well go to reddit tbh

reddit girls are more down to earth and less self-absorbed than 4chan /soc/ girls

is this like talking about beavis's and butthead's IQs?

this is a good post

These humans are virus, parasites; prevention is the only viable protocol.



Jesus user. I am female. I am the awkward autismo.

Try /femme/ if still around. Lots of nice girls there.
Try /fa/
Try Holla Forums
Try Holla Forums
Try /animu/
Try /a/
They are there.
Fuck I met some other girls, including fug, here on Holla Forums, and they weren't cam whores.


unless they have autism, they are just 3DPD with limited options

lol, I just fucked lots of them and then didn't get them pregnant or get married. didn't spend much money, either. how hard is that, pussy?


good for you, I don't put value on meaningless sex, nor do I think it worth the small amount calories it takes, and with the way 3DPD, they are only capable of meaningless sex, so I am kind of shit out of luck here
and with the way things are getting, I'd be careful if I were you.

way of 3DPD*

wymyn are very sensual and intuitive beings user

I chuckled.

This is mind boggling to me.

u should be a mgtow. U should fuck, u shouldnt get married, pay for women or play their games

That or you're just a fag seeking guys like me to support your nasty ways. You lot are as bad as the leftovers we hate.

This story is complete fabricated bullshit made up by a goon trying to relive the old days, or by an ugly ogre feminist who is pissed off men are ignoring her. This thread is gay, and so is OP.

No there are women there too in /animu/. I know because the men role-playing as women also orbit them. It's quite strange really. Plus there is no way the women I were talking to were men. They knew things, things only a woman would know. I'd be really surprised if I was wrong.

I am 100% sure none of you would be interested in me. As much as you fags fantasize about weird austimo girls, you wouldn't actually want one. I already reached the maximum amount of pathetic today. I won't go into details.
user seriously….If I had kids, I wouldn't be posting in Holla Forums, of all places.

tits or gtfo whore

Well you fell right into that one so maybe you are a women or a Trap that has converted everything but his dick.
Single mothers do go online and to image boards because they want attention. This is why most women who are around here get upset when you call them chads used up goods.
It's funny how you put yourself out there then pull back like fishing for some new cuck to hook on your pity line. I bet you sting along a whole school of them. But remember this, when you get older you will be alone with your animals. But think after that, when you get really old tot he point you have to be cared for. At that point you will be in one of the homes sitting there with all the other sad old fucks that only considered themselves in life. I've seen those places and I never feel sorry for all the women there. Way more women then men due to the fact women live longer. They are always so nice but I hate them because they are the ones who helped destroyed their own life and end up where they are now.
Single older mothers and single older women should not be a burden on a society.

shut the fuck up you gay faggot go cry about being a virgin somewhere else

:^) that hit you hard used up 3DPD?

never used ids before newfag? :^)

But you DO seem like a used up 3DPD so what dose that have to do with your ID?


listen user, that was a formidable spaghetti post, and admire the potency of your autism. Of course women are stupid whores, but without them children cannot be born, and without white children being born the white race is going to go extinct. You are falling right into the kikes trap faggot, go impregnate a white women and make white babies. Unless you aren't white in which case you should probably just kill yourself.

Invest in a cloning vat, 3d is cancer.

All white women have kids already in my age group. Also, most of them have had more then five partners. Many times they still stay in touch with them through social media sites. Trying to get them off those is near impossible in todays world.
The funny thing about all this is that I have non white families asking if I would like to ask out their daughter or that they are available. Yet, white families never do this. I know that as a white guy I need to "man up" and just ask whatever bitch out right? Because it's not about bringing families together but fucking to make a family… then leaving them and fucking around more because you know it's not about culture at all. You see, i don't want to act like a nigger or some white guy with five kids each with a different women. No, i want a white family and a white culture because those go hand in hand.
I may not seem in your "in crowed" and I may seem like i post spaghetti to you but I don't give two shits what some uncultured nigger says. Wealth, Health, marriage, then family, This is what makes the european race.

I think we all understand this and this path will be our future. Unless degenerate men and women stop their ways that is.

None of that matters if you die alone user, stop being a defeatist. The tides are turning, having a traditional family is attainable, but if you view all women as worthless whores how can you ever expect to meet or marry one? Stop wallowing in self pity, start working out and eating right, become social. It's not too late.

People told me this, So i went out and looked. Unlike most i have wealth so i traveled. What did i find? I found women all ages listening to rap or watching TV shows that promote nigger culture. I found "good women" who later showed that they hook up with their ex's on the side for a quick fuck. All the time I try and yet when I push back and say No, Many women are shit now what do i get? I get people like who who tell me that what I have seen is false yet THEY know where these good women are, but hey you have to find it for your self right? Stop acting like you know where these "good women" are. All you are doing is a proxy push on men like me. It wont work because it has no final action. You think "if i can just get them out looking everything will be fine" Well, we do look and everything is not fine. Also their are other ways to pay in order to have a kid and thats what alot of guy like myself are doing. I'll be doing this if I don't find a "mythical good women" by 40. My genetics are strong since most of my family live into their 90's with no sickness. Do you want genetics like that to die out?

Why do you think every woman who posts on a chan is looking for man? I just like posting anime pictures and shitposting. I have a lot of fun here messing around with you guys. I discovered this site during the whole gamer gate bullshit, my first chan, and I kinda fell in love.

Belittle me all you like, if it makes you feel better, but I'm not going awaywhere. Tomorrow I'll have a new ID, and you won't even know it's me. Well the regulars might.

your death shall be my holiday

So if your genetics are good why let them die with you? No, there aren't any good women. But no one is perfect, especially not you. All you can do is a find a suitable mate and do your best. Love doesn't exist. You can call me a cuck or w/e deflections you want but deep down you know I'm right. You are fighting against your biology and your history. If it weren't for your ancestors cumming inside of each other you wouldn't exist today. Stop being an entitled faggot and face reality. Or don't, I don't really care. Life is a struggle and if you are too weak to fight and survive you literally don't deserve to pass your genetic material on to the future.

no seriously tho tits or gtfo

Because you state you're a women. Don't use your holes as your ID and no one will give a fuck.
Go to shiddit for then then.
You don't belong on chans then.
So your orbitors…
This is why women should not be online.

Thats why i told you at 40 I will pay to have a child of my own. I'm thinking about starting a foundation also to help guys like me but with less wealth. I would rather have single fathers then mothers. Dispite what women say about single fathers they are alot better then they are raising children.

in the new ethnostate women will be banned from surfing

you think raising an adopted or test tube baby as a single father is going to produce a healthy, well adjusted child? And yet you espouse traditional European culture and values as your end goal: Pure hypocrisy. Talking about sexbots and artificial wombs is great for shitposting but lets be honest, the nuclear family is the foundation of Western Culture. If you can't see that you are beyond hopeless. Stop being a defeatist.

If he actually does this it means he has no respect for your choice of lifestyle and is trying to force his onto you. You should abandon him.

How does he cock block you? You should be able to easily push that faggot aside and proceed to smash whatever girl you're talking to.


We're currently hiring girls to crush bugs for $100/hr. Interested?

disgusting the fuck

I wasn't speaking to you, queer.

Stop being his friend. He is deluded and is another one of their (((puppets))).
Anyone against the females of their own race is not red-pilled in the slightest.
It would be difficult to convince him that he is wrong, just like it is difficult to convince a feminist that she has been turned into an implement of someone else's agenda.
He has been emotionally manipulated to the point where he has joined a cult which leads to the extinction of his blood line. Think about that for a moment, the level of brainwashing that is required for that.
Redirect him to videos of truly red-pilled, happy and successful family men, and away from mgtow loners that are going to die alone, miserable and with no continuation of their familial line, let alone their race.

Birth defects increase greatly if the father is over 40.
Testosterone decreases from about the age of 30 onwards, and if he has avoided women for 40 years, which is doubtful since this is a pathetic fad that will vanish in a couple of years, then he will have no sex drive, and he'll probably already have killed himself.

How can he be a cuck if he doesn't trust women enough to let them cheat on him? You're the one playing a rigged game, cuck. Have fun serving your vaginal overlords until she gets bored, takes the kids, the house, and your future income, then sends you to jail with baseless accusations that are immediately believed because she's a woman. Don't worry, there's a very good chance they weren't your kids anyway. Hope you enjoy the herpes she gave you, too.