What's the point of no rules...

What's the point of no rules, if those with power can abuse it in any way they see fit without us able to do anything about it?

"No rules" is a myth, Holla Forums is now governed by the private rulesof every single mod around here.


Wrong question.
The right question is "If mods have no rules, what is the point of having them?" The whole point and purpose of mods is rule enforcement. If they are not obligated to enforce the rule that everything is allowed to stay except CP, their purpose no longer exists.

I am sure this is another idiotic thing that Omlet talked Dysnigger into doing, and that he really would rather have not done it, but doesn't want to risk pissing off his roommate and one IRL "friend". Which is spineless but understandable. It is going to do more to drive anons away from here than anything else to date though.

Buh-bye, Holla Forums.



It's a random board on a site of infinite boards. If you don't like it, make another.

globals don't allow new boards to succeed if they directly compete with existing boards
where the fuck have you been, newfag?

Nice dubs.
Omlet and Dysnomia are roommates?
Must be a section 8 housing unit.

Dubs of truth

Is this a conspiracy theory or are there documented cases of this happening?

h…..how the fuck do you know that?

Doxeroni aside, remember when we had a vote and all critiqued him for changing the rules every month? I think this is the first time I have been booty bothered in this way at someone

This is so ridiculous. Every single mod can now decide what he wants to delete, and who he wants to ban.

There are mods who hate pedos, so they ban and delete everything that includes a fully dressed picture of a child.

What if there's a mod that hates right wingers? What if he starts to delete every Trump post, would you cry about that then?

It's totally arbitrary, this is even worse when the pedos were banned, at least then there were clear rules.

Now nobody knows what a random nazimod might dislike, or not.
Hell, if I post cute pics of cats, and some autistic mod decides he don't like cats today, be bans me.


I know that and a whole lot more, tbh. Fortunately as annoying as I am, I am not malicious. I have never attempted a DDoS on this site, I have never posted cp (or even pedoshit), and while I do shit the place up a bit it is always in a totally harmless fashion. So while I may indeed use information I glean to my advantage I would never do so in an illegal or harmful manner. So you have nothing to fear from me beyond irritation and inconvenience. I have to admit though, I am very good at both of those things.

However, if I can find these things out, so can anyone else. I am by no means an expert at it. And frankly, you aren't nearly as careful as you should be.

Now…about your booty being bothered…I am glad it is, because so is mine. What should we do about that? You talked the owner of this board into letting you hold a vote on rules, which you then skewed in such a way as to get what you wanted the rules to be. The site tanked, and the board turned to 4chan dogshit. Anons left. The anons who stayed complained to Dysnomia, who said that the only way he would change the rules back to only rule 1 is if a LOT of anons got together in a thread and made it known that it is what they wanted. That very thread turned into the thread he was talking about, so he changed the rules back to only having rule 1. Then YOU talked him into having no rules for mods either, which essentially switches things back to the way you wanted it, with whatever arbitrary rules any individual mod wants at any particular moment.
While I appreciate the deviousness and planning that went into this manipulation, I find it reprehensible that you would take advantage of Dysnomia's autism that way. I also find it to be a bit of a foolish over-playing of your hand. You are positioning yourself to take over this board from Dysnomia the exact same way the Jim took this site over from HotWheels….through the old "buddy-buddy" backstabbing ploy. Only you have been called out on it now. See, I don't give a rat's ass about this board, this site, or what the rules are. Rules are irrelevant here and everyone knows it. No, what has my booty burned is the way you treat someone who trusts you and thinks of you as a friend. I don't like the guy, myself. I think he is an idiot. But I would never actually treat him like one. You do, and not just on Holla Forums. IRL as well.

This is his board. Quit trying to tell him what to do with it. Let him have his fun with it, HIS way, not yours. You are a mod here. You work for him, not for yourself. And you know goddamn well what you are doing is pulling the rug out from under him and this board.

So…you do whatever the hell you think you need to do, and I will do whatever the hell I think I need to do. But make no mistake, this board is owned by Dysnomia, not Omlet. And it is run by the anons who use it, not by the mods.

tl;dr tbh

tl;dr = Dys and Omlet are roomies and some user doxxed them and is calling Omlet out on fucking with Dys to get his his no rules for mods bullshit enacted.

Pics or it didn't happen. That's not a "dox".

Wake up, dumbass, do you really think an user is going to be stupid enough to post all that shit? He posted that he found out they were living together. Omlet seems to have acknowledged it as true. How is he going to find that out if he doesn't know who they are and where they live? Huh? Yeah. Nice bait though.

what an awful post
the fag is bullshitting
omlet mentioned he was living in the same house as dys in a post maybe 10 days ago

Two things OP. One is that not everything is enforced by BOARD mods, some things are enforced by GLOBAL mods. Child pornography (which by the way doesn't need to be nude or sexual to be CP, there are legal restrictions on what is and is not okay for "innocent" pictures) is illegal, and thus it is enforced by global mods. They don't NEED to be made mods by the Holla Forums board leader.

Two if you don't like the rules of Holla Forums that ARE enforced, set up your own board. Take the business away, the world is your fucking oyster. If your board fails, it's on you and you alone. Promoting and getting people to move to a new board ain't easy, so good luck.

You keep saying this but it's bullshit. Alternative Holla Forums boards are taken down by admin

Got any examples? Any examples where people WERE NOT POSTING CHILD PORN?

you can't make a board with fewer rules than Holla Forums
the global rule applies site wide, de facto
the real problem is that vols have no real leverage over anons because the ban function is useless. if i were BO i'd inverse the rules to apply to vols only, because the fear of seeing their mod account deleted is very good leverage indeed.
mods must either delete illegal stuff in a timely manner or they are out. they must delete spam designed to slide the board or they are out. they must contain in-thread spam by deletion and short bans or they are out. any other faggotry and they are out

site moderation is a thankless job. you start imposing these dumbass restrictions and its more trouble than its worth. the board would end up with no mods and the same amount of spam.

Shit idea, you're asking people who aren't being paid to be on staff as if a military retinue on threat of deletion or even ban. No one's going to keep volunteering for you.

so what you are saying is that nobody would apply to be vol unless they can do what they want. you may be right. the primary motivation for most vols probably is a power trip. this means the whole management structure is flawed because the incentive for becoming a vol is damaging to the wider strategy of defending freedom of speech within the limits of the law. maybe it is a shit idea. it's cerainly a shit board

its perfectly possible and often happens that someone volunteers because they want to contribute to the site and keep it clean and running smoothly, but 99.9% of people have more self respect than to provide a free service and get treated like dogs

I don't even remember the board names, but it's happened at least three times. And the CP thing is bullshit, that was the excuse the admins used, but they policed CP better than Holla Forums

I bet you're the kind of person who says: "If you don't like this country, why don't you go somewhere else?" to anyone who dares to critizise the current political/economical situation.



/notb/ and /bbbb/ are two of the most recent.
Ron has made it clear that new boards designed to compete for existing boards' users will not be tolerated.
So much for the whole "make your own board" slogan. You can file it right next to the "In the interest of free speech, only content that directly violates the DMCA or other US laws is deleted" site-wide policy. That is in fact what Rule 1 states. It does not state that you can't post CP. It says that only illegal content will get deleted.

So this whole thing is the result of Dysnomia and Omlet misunderstanding what rule 1 is, and therefore misapplying it.

No one rational would expect them to not ban CP posters. (not that it matters what with VPN's)

What jangles my bangles is the fact they're deleting pretty much whatever they want, large numbers of posts of whatever they want to ban, with the excuse that mods don't have rules.

8ch became a fucking corpse pile a long time ago, move on to 4chan or masterchan…. Or to THE BIG AND SCARY REALWORLD

Underage talking about real world, leave or get fucked in the face

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That, and autistic retardation

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so what is your argument exactly, you annoying faggot?
that rule1 specifies that content will be deleted rather than that users mustn't post it?
is that your nothingburger?

Except am I? I think you will have to roll a Wizard Fag check on this one, if your last numba gets over 5 then you know but if not… Well we'll get to that later '"&"

Citation needed


basically, pedos did nothing wrong