Black Pigeon Speaks shows his face

I don't really know what to make of this. I'm not the biggest fan of this lad. Is it better under autonomy or can you safely show your face as long as you collect youtube shekels and don't have to worry about being fired..

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Also the police uniforms looks familiar..

He's definitely not aryan. Methinks not even white.
666 Shekels says Jewish.

I never liked him. He's good for throwing entry-level redpills to the masses but that's about it.

He stinks of controlled opposition. Also looks like a fucking sex tourist.

where the fuck did all of these people come from?

This guy has been producing slick Holla Forums tier propaganda since almost a year. If I had to pick one e-celeb that's not shit, it would be BPS, even before Molyneux. Kill yourself.

They all caught on the ebin (((alt-right))) train.

I remember this faggot shilling his channel on cuckchan back when no one knew about him.

He does look like a jew.

Something about it just seems off, like it's not authentic. That InternetAristocrat guy ended up being discovered as a member of some secret meme psyop group, how could this be different?

I used to think it was good to begin redpilling the retards.
But I have since come to the conclusion,
these jewish intermediaries are there to trap the stupid, and slow the wake-up

Hol up….What? Jim is apart of what group?

I did like his shoutout to Desmond Morris' The Human Animal for the BPS sprawl vid.

Is it you, my dear?


Is he the narrator of this audiobook?????

I'm just going to make a thread about this

He looks extremely jewish

You're full of shit.

I don't care if that bitch is Holla Forums, at Holla Forums tits or gtfo must be enforced least we turn into cuckchan 2.0.

How about explaining the point you are making..

Our ideas/beliefs (some, anyway) are going mainstream and some want to capitalize on it.

You mean a dead shitposting/trolling website, right?

Point being. I'm not wading through that shit. Point me where it says he's some secret meme psyop group..

I'm not reading all this…

Because the Black Pigeon channel is ran by the Japanese. TVShinjuku leads to a Japanese tourist blogspot.

secret meme psyop group

So, Holla Forums?

Jim is a somethingawful goon, that isn't surprising.

This is more disappointing than him being a nigger or a jew tbh

you know Moot is a goon right?
you know that SA was the sewer of the internet before halfchan forked off of it, right?

wait… what?

Fucking hell lads… He's a damn goon.

I remember SA as a place where nu-males discuss my little pony and cry about hate speech and bigots. The reddit before reddit.

If they don't name the jew the message isn't true.

Speaking of things that seem off…

Can you point me to where this is proven tho.

always liked bps.
about to show muh lady her first vid.
plan on tipping that sob when i can too!


This is going to be the new dichotomy. Black Pigeon confirmed for controlled opposition.

Establishment wants forced Islamisation of the West. Multiculturalism = Islam. Liberalism is for multiculturalism. However, Islam hates liberals. Therefore, if you oppose liberals, you should be Islamist.

This is the new false dichotomy that the established parties in the Western world are going to push in order to enforce their white replacement agenda.

They know their softspoken rethoric has failed. Nobody believes in the melting pot anymore. People will become radicalized. Make sure they become radicalized nationalists.


Islam and the left are one and the same now.




He's more of the apathetic old school goon that trolls online sub communites such as furries, and other sexual degenerate fetishists.

The Black Pigeon channel doesn't seem to be presented as one guy giving his thoughts on politics. It gives off a narrator vibe due to the high production quality its videos are represented. Video related. Not to mention that same channel leads to this website Oh and the first "BPS" video popped up a day after this happened.

Kill yourself

He's a Canadian named (((Aaron))) with a jap wife.

/pol was on him from the start though. Remember his LSD video?

Be sure to do drugs goy!

You kill yourself



Damn, I bet he is one too. He made no videos exposing Jews of any kind that I can recall. Except for his Soros video, Not sure if it mentioned him being a Jew or not.

There was another one against Israel, but they took it down. He also referenced Shlomo Shekelberg. What have you done to spread the word, my good man?

Looks like a Dane. Look at the thin-bridge/wide-nostril nose, wide jaw, fat neck / slumped shoulders. Not Jewish features; even from a distance you can see the pronounced philtrum.

Pic related, sorry for watermark.

Was there really? Did anyone save it?

How new are you?

No, he's not. He's a Jew.

I've been around for a while, did you webm it?

Guys, it's true. Black Pigeon Speaks is a Jew, I played dreidel with him in kindergarten und later on went to Talmud school with him. He's funded by Hasidic kikes from Brooklyn in order to subvert the alt-right. He's pretty smart but you can recognize his Jewishness pretty easily. First, he wants you to take hard drugs everyday and go full on MGTOW, this is a clear indicator of kikery. What would the Führer say? My guess is "Uhm, nope, GTFO with this degeneracy lel!" . Second, no mentions about the holocaust never happening? Why wouldn't you say that on youtube? The audacity on these kikes, fucking hell. He literally hates women and his voice sounds sooooo Jewish it's like listening to Fran Drescher. Fuck this controlled op kike and check out some proper stuff like TRS and Renegade.

finns tend to have that pig type nose

Ok, I did. An admitted faggot and drug addicted has feelz for his 'victims' now that he's sobbered up or more likely, was doxed.

She really was the worst.

Wew lad.

You mean the narrator of Black Pigeon Speaks showed his face?
BPS channel is a group project of Vidmax (mainstream media company.)
They're also working with Sinead Mccarthy in a mutual promotion back and forth.
BPS team play "muh misogyny" which is the hook Mccarthy uses to promote their channel.

Interesting that this person springs up in a thread about BPS, considering they're colleagues it isn't surprising.
Reverse psychology.
She pretends to be angered by his "misogyny" then links straight to his new videos, every time.
The BPS group also devoted an entire video to Sinead Mccarthy.
The BPS group also shill Millennial Woes as their "favourite youtuber". Woes has been working with Mccarthy since the turn of the year at least.

stop shitposting ahmed

old news is so exciting

Just listening to his accent, I can tell he's from Vancouver. Canada has many distinctive accents, and the West Coast accent is by far the most monotone. The most irritating accent by far would be the Albertan.


when they realized you dumbfucks will watch anything on yt and they can monetize

His name is Felix, he says it in the tourism channel videos.