Putang ina neto

what's up with the forced flags fags?

flags are fun, but should be optional

oh well

wew laddie

bading ka


putang ina, gago ang neto,

half-witey (not sureabout her dad's nationality tbh) half-pinay yang batang yan!

bading ka rin negro

tang ina mo rin

ska ngpakulay lng sya ng bhok tbh JejE!

Kupal lang ampota, wala naman nangyare.


FLIPS everywhere


these chinks look happier fucking a cripple than my regular whore does taking my large dong feelsbadman

u jelly?

My fetish.

I'm fine with the flags. The ID's are a little annoying, but it's only because of my tendency to samefag from time to time.

Fuckin. This.


Tell me phillipino anons. What's with this "most powerful race in the world" meme?


They're all 4'6 and got mowed down so hard by American automatic gunfire, they've been cucked ever since. Of course, they were already cucked by the Spanish for 300 years before that. They're basically the Japanese version of niggers.

So yeah, most powerful race.

T. Burger

t. peenoise

“Give me ten thousand Filipino soldiers and I will conquer the world.”

― Douglas MacArthur

t. goat head soup

congratulations on being able to identify the most well-known flag on earth (and the moon)