Hey, so this isn't a story, but it's a thread to discuss ideas regarding how to get yourself expelled from a big high school. My friend has been getting sick of his school, so I've been thinking of ways to get him kicked out. I've got one so far:
Not sure if this would work, but I'd appreciate input.

When I was in school, some guys bought a bunch of cheap alarm clocks and set them all to the same time to go off. They then threw them in trash cans around the school.
You could also soak some bread in sleep medicine, feed it to birds in the park, pick up their sleeping bodies and place them around the school

Maybe he can ask the parent to homeschool himself? There is so much stuff to learn outside of school and school don't teach that much.

your school district will have on a website somewhere the criteria for which someone is expelled. just read that and pick the method less likely to get your friend jailed or feared by the rest of community for "pretending" to be some violent psychopath that attacks his principal.

how old is he? cant he just drop out?


Tell him to stay in school, the fucking loser.
Last thing we need is one of these uneducated types walking around, reading wikipedia and thinking they are scholars.
Unfortunately these half-wits usually influence the way society goes (people go with the lowest common denominator for some reason) and that is why we have SJWism

don't be a fool
stay in school
it's real cool
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What age does school stop for americans?

I got kicked out at 15 but we stop at 16 so how are you in school still?

The point of him getting expelled from the bigger high school is so that he has no choice but to go to another school.

typically people are graduating at 18-19

Thought most people on 8ch here was older guess not

Expulsion is easy. Merely getting into a fight will get you expelled from most schools anymore.

Who's worth beating the shit out of at your school? If you're going to get expelled for fighting, at least enjoy beating the shit out of someone.

Organize a protest against the age of consent and child pornography laws that used to oppress minors. Not only will you get expelled, you might make some realize how ridiculous it is to send a minor to prison for taking a nude selfie and justifying it by claiming that it's to protect children.

That are used to*

I'm 35 years old, there was no such thing as image boards when I was in school

I have been expelled, twice. Really, all it takes is to get into a pissing contest with one teacher. They'll send you to the office after a few disruptions, from there they'll have it in for you. You'll get detention first, then suspensions, then, after enough repeated offenses, you'll get expelled.

Here, have this to help with that too.