Blocks your path. What do?


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call dysnomia

turn 180° and unzip dick

I'd like to block your path with a shotgun, pedo sicko

raep teh lolis obvs

wtf. why are little girls so degenerate these days?

Pull my hard cock and start pushing it in their warm holes..make kiddie kabobs outta those cuties. It would be such a great fucking load firing off in them

Try to limbo under them and fail miserably

beat them the shit up
i can fight 7 year olds all day
keep 'em comin

I'd ask where they got those shoes and socks. The one in front clearly has shoes that replicate the socks being worn by the girls in the back. How is this possible? This is mind boggling.

Demonstrate the ways of womanhood with them.

Forcefully rub them.

Nah, they just dress good nowadays

Whats the go with the XTRA PAIR OF LEGS underneath???

All children have backstands nowadays :P

The girl in front has socks that match her shoes. You can see where the (real) red laces end and the (printed) yellow and blue laces begin.

How do you explain how the socks just magically combine with the shoes? Look at the patterns on the sock, they continue the same way all the way through.

The one in the front i fuck her right in the pussy the one in the back in the ass of course the other with the kissy face wanna eat my cum and take it deep in her throat.

that's a bold claim from lolifox

How is this legal and hav a. Org domain and appears in a Google search????

i think it's just very new so the fbi hasn't fbi'd them yet.

either that or it's a honeypot.

Are they sticking hairbrushes and toothbrushes in their holes? If not where can I go to see that?

Probably a honeypot, but not the way you think. It's possible that everything there is "legal" like other sites, but those who frequent the site also will seek out illegal content at a higher rate.


literally any little girl's bedroom.

There is no cp anywhere on /lg/. cp is against the rules



Run away, and hide in the bushes better next time.

Gives a business card to nearest dentist. They get their grills fixed.