/feels/ thread

why even live

You have shit taste user

oh let me guess, you like the thicc titcows who will be disgustingly obese in 10 years


i don't understand. go back where?



it's not even sexual
i just legit want to take a bubble bath or a shower with a female

tis an amazing feeling, user, and i miss it so much

Geez, she has the same build as I do.

aren't the tiny ones just amazing? it depresses the shit out of me that i haven't found one to marry yet. hard to approach them when you can't tell if they're 30 or 11.

why even marry

it satisfies an emotional craving, user. life without reliable companionship sucks balls. this is a feels thread, after all

Just tell them to hop in, whatever age doesn't matter cause one of them's bound to do it

but i'm not actually a pedo. i don't want to break any laws.

No it doesn't; you can get everything you want from a marriage from a platonic relationship with extra financial safety

are you unironically gay? you can't get the same level of companionship from a platonic relationship

I feel terrible all the time nothing cheers me up anymore

you might be depressed and in need of major life changes, user


been through that a few times. some of them by choice, some not

Name one positive thing you get solely from marriage. Your answer can't be companionship because we've already established you can get that in a platonic relationship

Need arrainged marriage.. need to tallk to Amish people about thier girks
low dopamine
send help

I think i know that girl, user where did you get that gif and if you know her name please say it to confirm

heeeeeelpp ,emeeeee

user, i'm not sure you understand what you're asking. marriage is the deepest level a relationship can go, and platonic or even fuckbuddies pale in comparison. you're building a life together, creating a legacy, investing in the future, becoming a part of something greater than yourself

srsly? that's rose.

need human touch now
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh……………. ahhhhh.. akkkkgfgrgbrgbrgbrgbgb

Okay, double checked not the same girl.

vid related

loneliness is the fucking worst, isn't it user? i almost got laid about a month ago, but she didn't want a fuckbuddy, and i didn't want to raise her 4 kids

fuck the kids, boyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

I met some bitch platonically and she refused to even show me a pic of her 13 year old half injun daughter

I don't think you understand what you're telling everyone in this thread to do. 94% of marriages end in divorce, over 80% of said divorces are initiated by women, and 50-75% of your belongings and income go to the woman after divorce (upwards of 80% if you have at least one kid together via child support). Marriage was a good thing, as you described, a long time ago but now it's just a another way for women to fuck over us men. The best route to go is to either limit your contact with women or avoid them altogether because they are the parasites that have somehow earned the right to be called humans even though they are the farthest thing from us

i know all of this, user. i've been married before, and she divorced me because she "wasn't happy anymore". it doesn't automagically remove my desire for that level of commitment. sorry, user, but i'll never go mgtow

So why not just have a steady girlfriend? Why waste thousands of dollars on a ring, tens of thousands of dollars on the dress, the venue, the reservations, the invites, the catering, and in the end lose hundreds of thousands more over time because you're either still married to a female who won't suck or fuck you, makes you buy expensive gifts for stupid pointless shit like anniversaries, pay for all her shit or because she divorced you and you have nothing left? Either you are just a fucking moron (not 100% disrespect), you're a rich masochist or you're lying

i'll have to go with the moron option. i'm a cancer (the astrological sign, not the malignant tumor). i have a codependent personality, user. it's really a need for me

Aww come on user, don't fall for that "your sign determines your personality" bullshit. If you want to spend money for a long term companion, buy a pet (preferably a dog), get a surrogate to birth a child or two or get a sex robot. I'm only saying this because I actually do care about my fellow man and I don't want you to end up homeless because of some bitch who you thought was the one.

Please user, I am being as serious as I can right now; please do not get married

been married already, user, and plan to marry again. i haven't created children yet. my life is unfulfilled, and the clock is ticking (am 40+). i appreciate your enthusiasm and desire to help. but i swear to Kek, a long term girl is what i need. and you should believe in astrology. it has some merit. it doesn't predetermine everything in your life, but it does exert a subtle influence. don't worry, i'm fucking jaded and won't fall for the same cunt tricks that i fell for in the past

why even live

Since you're so dead set on getting married and won't listen to me, all I can say is I hope one of you die before she asks for a divorce (wholeheartedly said in a positive way) because it is inevitable that she will ask for one before the 10 year mark

i gotta find one first, and that's proving to take entirely too long. thanks for the well wishes, user. my parents are still together, so i know it's possible. i also know it's becoming more and more rare.

What country is that?


I didn't know American guys were capable of such dominant intimidating behavior because all I see is cucks and I feel like a cuck

What about this cutie, this is the kinda stuff OP likes.

she looks good to me

she is literally the perfect woman

spoopy skeletons

i'v seen 10yo with bigger tits tbh

aren't skinny flat chested girls so sexy? i wish i had one to cuddle IRL

I gotta have tits to bury my face in when cuddling

i used to lust after big tits. the older i get the more i lust after toothpick girls


i prefere tits tbh, anything between A cup and D is good.
tits are part of femininity, a woman without tits is like half a woman.

my ex was a b cup, and it was great. but there was a time she got sick and lost a lot of weight. tits got smaller, she started to look anorexic. i never stopped being horny when she looked like that. a cup best cup



nice tuck job

>he's been on 4chan so long he sees cock everywhere

So we're supposed to believe its a woman trying really hard to look like a typical trap?


No idea, I don't keep up with the names of attention whoring traps.

op here. if that's a grill, she's sexy as fuck. but really, who is flat chan?