Hello Holla Forums


this is me.

how are you?

Cut it out, Dysnomia.
You already have one thread up.

no i accidentally deleted. I didnt realise u can delete now on Holla Forums, i clicked it to see what would happen because it never used to work, and it did,

fucking dropped

How am I what?

lets test out that delete feature. deleting this in 5 minutes.


fuck of kike

fuck off shill

Stick a dildo up your ass

been 6 minutes nigger.

its deleted now.

wow it actually works. that makes things more fun. i can post risky dumb pics again and delete before people see

newfags need to lurk moar


this is insane and stupid. deleting this post now. cant believe i did that

fuck yeah, its actually deleted. that was crazy, i left that for 10 minutes and no one saw. wow. that was a rush



op is clearly photoshopped

I can confirm he does this on command. Anything you want he writes it and spreads his ass,

this is something else..

so tell me. what exactly puts you down to this point?

How clean do your keep your ass when you're not posting on b? Do you make your thread here after you freshly wax to show someone while it looks nice or is your ass always that smooth?

New goatse?

lol no one knows about this faggot apparently. FUCK YOU

dude I can't believe you are still here spreading your ass cheeks.