Is Arab pussy Halal certified or is it Haram to eat out Muslim Arabic pussy??

It's all good, OP

Virgin of Guadalupe is Mexican

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Why do the Jew's hate white people for? Is it because of the holocaust? Is it because the goyim know?

why do arab shills only show shitty women caked in make-up?

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b-b-but jews are with though?

eat arab pussy like an animal, you are doing lords work

This is why I'm an open borders globalist



only if you are non muslim

Don't care. I didn't ask myself such questions when I ate my ex's pussy.


Like this?

WTF is that?!

A circumcised pussy.

That is God's will.

how do they have sex?
how do they have kids?
I'm so confused?

I think It's a man with no dick.

If too tight, the man uses a knife to cut open the pussy.

I think that's the theory anyway.

how can they even fit a dick in there?

unless their arab husbands are particularly poorly endowed.

vaginas are stretchy, user

what, have you never had vaginal sex with an 8 year old girl before?

Is it Haram to Fuck a Halal Girl?


Aren't Arabs on the lower end of the "average dick size by race" scale?

arabs are on the lower end of everything. that's why we don't want them in human countries.

sorry mate I've only got haram


They do seem to be pretty apeshit in general.


eat shit and die

arab detected

plz don't suicide bomb us, friend.


don't be so hasty, user

we do definitely want him to suicide bomb, but we just want him to do it in such a way that doesn't kill any humans.

ideally, we want him to suicide bomb mecca or something. there are no losers in that scenario.


Side note - the fuck is that big black cube thing in the center?

A target.

But for srs, the fuck is it?

okay enough chitchat let's get this thread started


Is that a fuggen child?


Implying those are actual mudslimes, and not regular bitches wearing veils for fetish reasons.

this picture is fake

What the hel is that shit man.

this post is fake

It's called infibulation. That's what a lot of Sunni Muslims do to their daughters' pussies. They cut off the vulva and stitch the hole shut. It also is done in a lot of African countries among Christians, and followers of tribal religions as well.

What said, except that it's much worse than that: they ALWAYS have to cut the pussy open, and there's a lot of blood and can lead to bleeding to death in the worst case scenario, and often causes infections. That's why both women and their children have high mortality rates during childbirth in African countries, and in the Middle East in rural areas. It can also cause infections throughout the woman's life if it's done wrong, since there'll be piss and menstrual blood left under the skin.

They cut it open with a knife. It's sutured.

Not Arab. Either Indonesian or Malaysian, or maybe Singaporean. Could be from Brunei too. Definitely Southeast Asian though, not Middle Eastern.
Yes, but keep in mind that Islam is a religion and not a race. If you start calling Muslim a race, you're officially as bad as a SJW since you're enabling criticism of Islam to be called "racism".


Since this thread is about Muslims, not Arabs, and even then only about ones that wear some kind of head covering (as that is OP's fetish), I'll post various women with such. Most are not Arabs (but some are), so if you're actually into Arabs and can't tell which ones are Arabs and which ones aren't, you're a faggot. :^)

If any one of you want me to also post girls who aren't wearing anything over their head, I'll do that as well. For now, I'll stick to OP's fetish that he mislabelled being the faggot that OP always is.

Also remember: not everyone with a scarf on their head is a Muslim. Girls in last pic are Nenets, they're Uralic people who are generally Orthodox Christian or shamanists.


They're all terrorists to me.

Important to note, not all Sunni Muslims cut up the genitals of women. It practically never happens among Turkic Muslims like Kazakhs, Bashkirs or Tatars, very rarely among Kyrgyz, Uzbeks, Turkmen, Turks, etc. Non-Muslim Turkic peoples don't do it at all, for example the Sakha and Chuvash people are not Muslims and never mutilate their babies' genitals. Also keep in mind, Muslims who mutilate the genitals of their daughters also circumcise their sons. But not all those that circumcise their sons circumcise their daughters, in fact a minority does except among some ethnic groups like Somalis. The vast majority of Somalis have mutilated genitals regardless of gender.

Everyone that wears a scarf on their head? Are you Christian? Nuns cover their hair a lot more thoroughly than most Muslims. :^) Genuinely Christian women in general do in certain European countries that you likely consider "based", like Poland, Russia, etc. It isn't about the covering of the hair, that is the problem, it's the faith.





that 3rd pic! source?