The triggering

Ok Holla Forums, Londoner here. Need your help.
Every single day on my way to work I sit in front of several nu-male types and tumblr whales.
You know the type, latte socialists with plenty of "equality" and "smash the patriarchy" buttons on their flannel shirts, rainbow colored hair and all that.
Recently I've realized all of them have one thing in common - all travel with laptops on their laps.
All those laptops are obviously covered in stickers with random political and muh feels bullshit messages.
So here's the thing, five days ago my boss called me over and gave me a neat brand new macbook, so I can work from home and on the go. Idea.gif
This is just too good. I'm about to order a pile of vinyl stickers and cover that bad boy with some random triggering crap while taking pics of their fucking faces. I got some ideas already, but I need more content. Give me some ideas of what should I print out for the maximum effect.
Obviously, within the legal limit, I can't put fucking nazi shit etc on, although that'd be hilarious and probably cause heart attack-tier butthurt. Otherwise, anything goes.
Send me some ideas, I'll have those printed out and delivered in two days and provide pics. Tits for attention.

Need triggering material to cover my laptop with to fuck with the commuters from tumblr.


like making fun of miscarriages, op? boy do I have the sticker for you!

Nice, just hope it doesn't actually say "I love sandnigger dick" in arabic?

Nazi ideology isn't illegal. This isn't wrongthink yet.

how's this OP?

or this

You should ask >>>Holla Forums

These stickers are fairly common and would look good with a bunch of other right wing shit

I really have no idea what it says. When I was in the navy a big scandal spread through our ship when people started wearing these on their flight suits. Bunch of do-good dike bitches took it to big navy and painted the crew as a bunch of racist lol. It was "banned" shortly afterwards.

Misoginy is what you're looking for

I did some research

Oh and remember to throw some pro science stickers in there

Black men are the superior DNA.

Taller, faster, stronger, bigger, biggerrrr, age better.

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I'm 95% sure it says the same, "pork eating crusader". The first word (from the right, as that's the way Arabic is read) is definitely at least related to "crusader", looks like it's a declined form (maybe "the crusader", I don't speak Arabic but I know the word , it means "crusader", the word is almost the same but it has something added to the end, can't make out what it is because it's too small and crammed) and the third word is and means "(he) eats". The second word is which is a common misspelling of meaning "that".



Get with the zeitgeist you sperg. Do you want to be made a pariah?

you're aiming to get yourself fired dude. Is that what you really want to do? i know you want to express yourself but you're just setting yourself up for trouble. if you feel it's that important then go for it, but your victory will be fleeting and ultimately they win when you're ejected, possibly on government support, they have purged someone that thinks differently than them, and now they are happier working in an echo chamber that reinforces their groupthink.


*blocks your path*
How fucked are you?


I have the virgen of guadalupe


I've got nothing to contribute aside from a bump. I'd like to see this happen.

I'm calling the police you fucking RACIST

how about you ignore the fucking faggots and their stickers?
do you seriously wanna get trashed by antifa cucks and lose your job for being "le politically incorrect"? you are not living in poland you know
you live in the united cuckdom

you dont need anything to trigger them
just be the normal cis hard working white male you are and they will feel a need to commit suicide every time they see you