Check out my Mixtapes

Check out these mad mixtapes, gents. Let me know what you think.

They are themed and generally rare found-footage from the filthy corners of the internet. Enjoyable for any Holla Forumstard.

aidsblanket and shitbarn are the best ones btw. I've been sitting on these for years. Perhaps 15 people have seen each video until now.

I think you are on the wrong board.
And probably at the wrong website entirely.
This is Holla Forums/b/, not 4chan/mu/.
If you know that then you are obviously delusional if you think you are going to get actual legitimate feedback here.
Nobody is going to bother listening to your shit, because let's be honest, if you have to post it on Holla Forums to get more than 15 people to listen to it, it can not possibly be anything but utter shit.

GTFO and kys.
Post a video of that, and we might just support you…if the vid is good anyway.

You really expect people to click on links to mixes with titles like that?

this is Holla Forums, friend. /mu/ is music discussion.
3/10 for getting me to reply.
for women shitting foam into each others mouths? your autism is killing me. go to bed, kyle

Around 15 people have seen this in real life, as in my friends. I know its hard to understand, user. I cant show these to everyone, either. I only just uploaded them today. they were on DVDs before (from like six years ago)

I never invited normies. see you next summer


If only there was a free public site where people could post videos to millions of viewers. You could call it "YouTV" or "PeopleTube", or something like that.
GBT Soundcloud, you faggot.

Well, I actually did listen to a bit of the first one, OP.
Sorry, but it is amateurish shit, just like the other anons said they thought it would be. Your friends are very kind to you and didn't want to hurt your feelings. You get no such varnish here. It is typical, trite, and not even very well done.

its not a music mixtape.
has nobody here lived in the nineties?
its a VIDEO mixtape. like Retard-O-Tron 1 2 or 3. I have like 75 gigs of video mixtapes from the nineties ripped from vhs cassettes that I am sitting on. you niggers need to go back to school shopping already FFS


not music, video mixtape you dumb nigger. and yes they are kind of shitty. what do you expect? Fucking Toy Story 3 made with found footage?
They are party films for entertainment.
Watch em with friends if you have any.

Glad I spotted this. Def not going to bother now.
Try going back to the 90's with your shit, user. Maybe listen to your LPs and get a mullet while you are at it.

This is what you put on when you have a party?
No wonder you only have been able to get 15 people to watch them.

Fucking millennials man

Only with my close homies. They are cool enough to laugh and have a good time. We usually watched them with this super autistic kid who would freak out and get boners and try to hide them.

They didn't like my "art" films…..

Fuck off, loser,.

So much for your credibility.

I dont care if you dont like it, but they are totally Holla Forums-tier (or were 5-6 years ago when Holla Forums was good). I thought some people could find enjoyment in them.

And whats with all these niggers thinking its audio mixtapes? Dont you read the thread or even the OP before posting?

Shit threads like this is why Holla Forums is dying.
Fucking delete this shit, it has no business being on Holla Forums! /mu/ exists for a reason and they need the activity.

OC is what fueled Holla Forums to become the shitheap that it is todayu.

I told you at the beginning that nobody was going to bother, OP. Shills are not appreciated here, especially attention whoring shills.

its not music, user

No, *GOOD* OC is what fueled Holla Forums to become a great board. Shit like this piling up chest deep on Holla Forums is what drove all the good OC posters away and what turned it into the septic tank that it is now.

I dont care about clicks or likes nigger. I just want people to be able to enjoy it and Im just being trolled at this point.

Fine, /vid/ then, or whatever the video board is.
I don't give a shit, the point is that it doesn't belong here if it already has a board of its own.

one example of content like this?

What did you expect? You posted your shit on Holla Forums. If you weren't expecting to get shit on then you didn't lurk enough ahead of time.

nigger I grow tired of your troll attempts here.

you might not enjoy it but content doesnt push out content producers. If you were a creator and not just a critic you may understand.

a decent portion of the video content actually was from Holla Forums

And if you had objectivity, so would you.

This is not 4chan, faggot.
This is 8ch. Random here does not mean miscellaneous like it does there. It means anything that doesn't have a category already. If you had lurked long enough before posting you would know that.
Fuck you and your 90's bullshit videos.
Go back to 4chan and take them with you.

I dont think there is a board for disgusting video mixtapes featuring videos from Holla Forums
If there was a board for that it would be pretty slow. If it exists, let me know though.

Women eating each others poop?

Damn, OP, you are acting really butthurt now.
You got told by user at the beginning of the thread what to expect and why, and now that you are getting it you are crying like a bitch! WTF, are you really this stupid?
Look, get this through your head first and foremost: NOBODY GIVES A SHIT ABOUT YOU OR YOUR VIDEOS!!! This board doesn't exist to give you a stage. We do not exist to be your personal army or audience. So don't act like we are supposed to be giving you something, by getting pissed off when we don't.
Second, if there is a troll here, it is you. Your vids are shit, and I can't tell if it is deliberately bad or not, but I suspect it is and that it is you who is fucking with us, not the other way around.
Get over it, in any case. And move on.

Yeah they are pretty shitty and no im not butthurt. I aint even mad, user. I guess i just didnt realize how much millennials have taken over and how different they are from old Holla Forums. And you are right that this isnt the place for me. thanks for helping me to realize that, anons.

sorry, op, but anons here would prefer 6 pedo threads, camwhores, an incest thread, politics discussion and web celebrity drama threads.