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what should the age of consent be?

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18 snd worldwide

Around 4. I don't like age of consent laws because the only thing they make illegal is sex that would otherwise be consensual, but in a rape case involving a child too young to talk coherently you'd just have to take the adult's word for it.

an age where pedophilia isn't possible, whether that be 16 or 18.

I'll go with what the ladies are holding up. 10

That would be about 11 or 12. Past that it would be hebephilia.

I would agree with this. I would compromise my usual postion of 4-yo.


An age where neither pedophilia nor hebephilia is possible

Ephebe as well


The age of consent is arbitrary. However, it would be best if the age of consent was as low as possible without causing social upheaval and riots, so that could be around 15 across the US and around 13 in most Mexican states. Keep in mind that each state in Mexico has its own laws on consent, much like the US. For example, there's one state in Mexico where the minimum age of consent is puberty.

You're as bad as the gays.

Ephebophilia literally refers to an attraction to sexually mature minors below the age of consent. Lower the AoC to 15 and it ceases to exist.

The feminists are basically already rioting because the AoC isn't 19. And if it ever gets raised to 19, they'll riot about that. And 20. And 21.

There is no winning.

Whenever the child is old enough to consent obviously. Just take the lowest age that a person can be prosecuted for a crime in your state (10 in my case) and set that as your minimum. It's still completely fucking arbitrary but at least its consistent.

Interestingly all states have an age of consent but most don't have an age for prosecution. It's almost like the government doesn't actually care about children?

And here we have the crux of the problem.

12 for women, 14 for men

Is that because 14-yo boys are more sexually immature than 12-yo girls?

Yes, it should basically be the average age of puberty

what about transgender 12 year olds and 14 year olds?

I'd fuck a cute 12-yo trannie, sure.

sure, but would it be legal to under those rules?

if a 12 year old girl decides one day that she wants to pretend she's a boy, would the girl aoc still apply to it?

Not all states even have a minimum age of criminal responsibility. A couple of years ago, a pair of boys in Alabama or some shit were convicted of raping each other.

That's a pretty generic term there, user…

They were 6 or 8 or some shit.

Nice. Got pics?

It should handled exactly how it's handled in Germany.

Gas them?

Gas people who have sex?

Yes. Why not?

What you think you are has no bearing on the state, you're still whatever you were born as.

Tell that to Canada. And Sweden.


It's no use, user… we can see through your thin veneer of lies.

Any higher than 15 is ludicrous. We should also consider creating a sex test much like a driver's test to determine who's qualified to have sex. I bet most of the people who scream about anything under 18 wouldn't pass it.

This poster gets it. The laws are meant to punish as many people as possible whether they did anything wrong or not.………………..

Japan seems to have it figured out.

13 for women , 15 for men , +1 as a security.
And bringing back underage betrothal would be nice , maybe.

1. Those gooks are not Nipps.
2. AOC in Japan is 18 federally
and 13 "state-wide" which is ignored.

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Females are barely human, and only a small percentage are imbued with a soul. They are incapable of giving consent at any age. The right of mating with them should be negotiated with the father or oldest brother of the girl in question, her input being unneeded and probably stupid.

t. shill

One or two years after puberty starts. The start of puberty has used that for tens of thousands of years, but I'm making allowances for the fact that puberty is starting earlier these days.

In before appeal to nature/history. It's not good because it has been the norm, it has been the norm because it's good.

Children change their minds every 4 seconds and t's pathetically easy to convince one of something. If I didn't care abuot the kid I could convince one to "consent" to be murdered in two days.

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so yeah… 14.

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Actually the AOC in Japan is 13 federally and 16 in most prefectures.

Yeah ,i remembered it in reverse.

Note : pic related is a "granny" 20 - 22 when pics were taken.

Also the info on Tokyo is incorrect (its 18) , unsure about Nagano.
Apperently Nagano has prefecture-tier law in cities but not outside of them like the rest of the prefectures.
Info is 6 years old , due for an update.
Anyway , Japan seems to be one of the worst places for ebhebos since "indecent" sex with a under 18 yo is punishable. Stay safe

IIRC, 18 is what Japan's child welfare law states rather than the actual AoC. The AoC varies, but the cops can investigate you for being with someone under 18 under the child welfare law. You won't necessarily get charged with anything if they don't find you engaging in exploitative behavior, but it's up to them what exploitative behavior consists of.

Japan really needs to just hurry up and kick out America so they can re-legalize porn of teenieboppers and start being a badass country again.

Yeah i figured as much , and considering that gaijins get stalked by the police 24/7 its a sure bust.
that isnt gonna happen

Never say never. A whole lot of people are pissed at the US right now because of Trump's saber rattling and more generally because of the constant wars of the last 16 years. Japan in particular is worried that the US's bellicose behavior toward Kim Jong Un will get them nuked again. Shinzo Abe, the conservative pro-American current Japanese PM, is sinking rapidly in popularity due to corruption scandals and the US is losing influence all over the world.

… which will obviously lead to the lowering of the Age of Consent. Yes, that's a good arguement, user…

Well technically it's not guaranteed, but if there's any country that would do it, it's the Japanese. Source: Japanese porn.


The age of consent should be the same age as when someone is considered able to enter into a legal contract.
However, there already exists a mechanism by which children can be party to legal contracts before that age - parental consent. I see no rational reason why sexual relations need be treated so differently, that the state should be considered more competent to judge the maturity and suitability of a relationship than the child's own parents.

there shouldn't be one. let the parents decide if she is old enough. if no parents, then the girl can decide for herself

16 is quite reasonable tbh
i'm exclusive pedophile btw

I really don't fucking care, but come anywhere near my younger relatives, friends, or children with those intentions and you'll be fucking dead mate.

At onset of Menarche, obviously. Anything else is just shit-headed feminism tbh.

intelligent discussion with dick rly?

16 worldwide



If minors make porn of themselves and upload it to the internet for everyone to watch, are they abusing themselves?


2, according to the Official Child Molester Guide (yes I read the damn thing)

Guess what, shithead? You don't own your younger relatives. They're free to associate with whomever they choose.

And your own opinion is just a pseudoscientific veneer over Christian dogma.

Zero. Parents should have to raise their children without thinking there's a law to protect their babies. It's the only way to force parenting.

that's a fun way to eliminate an entire generation of humans.

There should not be an AGE of consent. If she has the desire, has also had her first period, and has had proper education on the subject. (not talking about the shit education given in schools, I talking about parents honestly talking to them as the adult they are becoming.)

Why is this relevant? And how would it work for boys?

If you care about your kids, they would grow up better with zero AoC.

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I'm an ephebe so I totally agree.

You mean 12, right?

some clocks show the minutes as well.

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they will soon know the pain america endures

Because the generation were dealing with now is such an asset?

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If she is not mature enough to be able to re produce, you shouldn't be fucking her.

For boys it is able to get and sustain wood. along with the ability to ejaculate viable semen.

They're not going to let that happen. People are fed up enough with murrika as it is.

3. Those flips are not gooks.

"Intelligent Discussion"

So… it seems that we are all in agreement that the AOC should be 12 years old for females, and 14-yo for males?


i wouldn't mind 10 really, but 12 is ok. i thought i had the pic, but i guess not,. that couple from tennessee who got married. the guy was in his 20's and the girl was 9. she got a doll as a wedding gift. marriage happened in the early 1900's, 1920 maybe. pissed some folks off, but the mother was quoted in the same newspaper cussing everybody saying her girls had the right to get married if they wanted to

Objectively 10, but subjectively 4, cause 4 year olds are hot as fuck tbh

30 stable live income etc or old enough to bleed old enough to breed

Based on what? This is just as arbitrary as pulling an age out of your ass. Humans have actually evolved in many ways that make us far less likely to have children, because human social structures make use of sex in many ways not related to reproduction. Pedophilia is not maladaptive the same way that homosexuality isn't.

So, several weeks before birth?

For some men, this is never. Are they just banned from having sex?

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