I actually like having diarrhea. It feels good to push out that much shit.

sounds like the first step to becoming a homosexual

It's more of a cleansing thing, plus pooping is fun.

Can anyone relate?

what is your favorite place to store excess diarrhea?

Checked. What type of storage would you advise?

no, i'm straight

Don't you enjoy a good shit?

i like to deposit extra diarrhea in jars. sometimes when i am out and about, like my friend's house or DMV i like to put full jars behind plants and inside closets. you?

no, it can make you gay and that's a sin

Has anyone ever found one of your delicious poopjars? I've never gotten round storing any of my own, but it would be perfect to make stink bombs out of. Imagine throwing a jar of diarrhea into a store

I wish you were here so I could poopoo in your mouth

you should use bags. they make less noise

i give them to people so they can grow their own friends too. i use fertile jars and love.

as long as it doesn't involve anal sex the bible allows it

But I want the diarrhea to spread, the bags might not break. Besides jars are easier to stay air-tight

How long would it take to grow a new mommy and daddy?

it would take 6 monochromatic reflections of the moonlight, 36 perpendicular strokes of the grandfather's clock and 216 unspoken unsigned arrays

You made me a happy poo poo farmer today

every now and then is fine for cleaning the pipes, but its not particularly pleasant. Especially when it hurts.

What are some good diarrhea-inducing foods?

if shitting turns you gay you were already a repressed fag, and since you're so afraid of that outcome I'll bet you're one too.

pents speak truth

Our lord and savior has spoken

Those numbers don't lie

can u record and post it?

record what


I genuinely would but I don't really have the means to record that. Or the diarrhea. Hence I refer to my earlier question;

street food stands if you have them around, KFC and other fast food food substitutes if you don't eat them regularly or whatever but then you drink a lot of coffee or eat a lot of xylithol

lot of cheap beer + street food

I don't particularly like diarrhea. I did however enjoy the helpless feeling of having diarrhea after I put butter in my butt. DO NOT PUT BUTTER IN YOUR ASS, IT'S VERY UNHEALTHY!

why did you put butter in your ass?

Why not?

Takin' a giant dump is pretty fucking relaxing. I'm a fan.

I also want to know why. And don't negate the question, there was a reason and I want to know it.

Just tel me already

expired yogurt or laxatives

Blonde cock gobler poster isn't smee.

I used butter for lube.


I thought it would taste better if I let it marinate in there for awhile.


Thank me later

Fuck off, this is a diarrhea thread

Sexy bum bums willies nipples poo poo ooga booga wee wee vagoo and boobies - tee hee hee!


Shall I hold your dick while you shit, muh lord

You shall be payed in chunks of half digested potato salad.

I would be most pleased to receive such a delicacy, muh lord. Shall I down it with your golden nectar?

You may not do such a thing. This is a privilege reserved for highest order knights, peasant. Get out of my sight and know you shall never hold my groin again. To the guillotine with you!