What is it with boomers and RVs? It's like they hold some kind of magnetic appeal to them. Personally, I've always wanted a fixed location to call home, where I have a relatively static group of neighbors I know and a nice piece of land I own. The idea of "traveling the world" in an RV seems strange.

you should kill them before they ruin their lives with that shit

Rolled 7 (1d10)1-5: deli
6-10: 5 guys

It's not just boomers, it's just old people in general. Old people have been buying RVs since they first existed.

It's the spirit of adventure, and not needing stable, close friends and family for psychological comfort


if you live in an RV, where do you go to shit?

rvs have toilets

you use it to start fires on the stove where you can fry your food and use what's left for wall insulation

yeah but you can't shit in them because it makes the whole RV smell like shit for hours

don't they do that anyways?

yeah but then you get to drive into the ghetto and dump the contents of the septic tank onto some little niglet and drive away laughing

that really does sound funny

user, you just sold me on the RV lifestyle.

check back in when you've been on this boring ass earth in the same boring as home as long as they have

I'd just kill myself if I got that bored tbh

This needs a sheeeeit cartoon


Any questions?

How fucking blind can you be, OP?
Your dad is sending you a clear as fuck message that you are now on your own and should not come back.
If you insist on doing so, he and your mom are going to take off and you won't know where the fuck to find them.
The message is clear: Grow the fuck up and learn to adult on your own full time, or you will get the boot in your ass and they will disappear.

you most likely wouldn't tbh

I should though. Old people are a leech on society and need to be eugenicized

… except I already live on my own. I have a job and live entirely off my own money, and visit my parents every so often when they say they want to see me.

Then again, you're just a useless NEET projecting your inadequacies onto others, aren't you?

it's because they didn't get to travel the world while they were younger, and now that they have retired, they realized that they are too old to travel.

B-but i've wanted a RV ever since i was 15…..
Its not as much travelling the world-tool for me , but more of a cheaper , mobile alternative to normal housing. "Mobile" being the keyword.
sue them , move
Go to a national park or mega-city and enjoy your semi-free housing.
etc. etc.

Just dont be stupid and buy a pickup RV/mobile home , not the bus one. So when you hit a certain mileage you dont have to replace your whole house!!!

I wish I had one of those… would have stopped me from staying at all those lousy motels all the time…



I'm working for a company that will replace all their jobs (fast food) within the next decade.