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The left hates this quote.

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Advocating for genocide is not free speech. We're not talking "cut taxes and deregulate everything" vs "we need democratic socialism." We're talking "Jews, Muslims, POC and homosexuals must die" vs "not on our fucking watch" There is no moral centrist position. Even you support white nationalism and supremacy, or you fight against it.

tbh I don't give a shit fam. I'm an apatheist. My biggest concern is what I'm going to make for dinner the next day, and how to finish writing the software for a driver in my current sprint. Politics aren't going to give me the answers to those problems.

You're more connected to the environment and other people that what you think. Ignorance is bliss though.

Nah. Outside of going to work and the grocery store, I exclusively stay in my apartment and never go outside otherwise. You know that pyramid of basic needs? I purposely engineered my lifestyle so that I'm stuck in the bottom tier where my only concerns are those. I like having a simple life. I don't need bullshit like politics disrupting my daily routine.




Now add up all the deaths in every democratic state since Athens. Remember to include the DRC and DPRK, they're about as democratic as Soviet Russia was Communist.

all these 3 countries are third positionism so lies

if this is true than why do current year commies advocate both and get away with it?

why does north korea praise a zionist jew then?

north korea does not recognise Israel

they praise a zionist



the most extreme "nazi" position in america right now is "immigrants and subhuman people must leave the nation and whites should have more power". that's not genocide, that's you interpreting the worst out of it. And that's actually fine, except when you claim your interpretation is fact and that thus that speech shouldn't be considered in free speech discussions. I think you should take the cyanide pill

reasons like this is why the military begged Pinochet to agree to take back the country. Allende want to kill millions but all said and done that faggot coward killed himself.

If you fight white supremacy, you're going to get arab supremacy. They'll kill you and all the faggotry you love. What's happening to London and Sweden is the future you're choosing.

fucking kek



You are not even trying

lol no



Leftism in a nutshell.


fcking calculated stupidity = genuis to the max
am i too late for that change?

No one believes in free speech. There's always something they value more for which they'll gladly censor opposing views.

Fact check:False

Red vs Blue dichotomy is retarded, both sides are retarded, a proper discourse could happen if retards stop acting like underage faggots and quit trying to "win arguments" by throwing around poorly thought out one-liner quips that attempt to make others look stupid.
Put your shitty memes away, kiddo, they're not as interesting as you think they are. While it is true that there are some faggots out there who lack conviction for certain aspects of their own personal ideology, they should not be conflated with people who don't hold an allegiance with any given organization that champions a specific way of thinking, and who would prefer to explore the nuances of any given ideology with a critical lens before mindlessly accepting it like a doctrine.

mates, give me something man. if usa is jewd, and usa is getting ruled by jews. so were communistan, why the fuck did usa and ussr have beef then? they are both jews, are we in a jew fight over which jew gets the most shekels?


The cold war was fictional propaganda!!! Not a single bullet was fired in that "war". It was fictional propaganda to make both countries continually go to war with countries that didn't do anything to them. And the supposed reason for this is for "democracy", what's so hypocritical about that statement is that those countries went to war with countries that were actual democracies. And the reason why jews want to continue the war complex is because that keeps your government continuely barrow money from the federal reserve at a high interest rate. That's where lefties seem to be so fucking retarded. They actually think that its about muh oil or the military complex alone makes your country money (total bs). Leftypol has no idea whats actually going on in the world and hasn't a clue how an economy works. The same goes for many ancaps.


Are you fucking stupid? Getting loans from foreigner international bankers =/= making money. Just look up the Rothschild's, they're the ones who own the federal reserve in America and countries abroad for hundreds of years and now (thanks to Zionism) swear loyalty with Israel (of which they have dual citizenship with that country). Before that though, they just swore loyalty to the jewish race, now they have a country behind them and are getting even more tyrannical.

why does it always have to be some obscure jewish family. why not point to the Koch brothers, who have made it very clear that they want to destroy the remaining democratic institutions in America?

Also bankers are powerful because ultra rich people are powerful, not a conspiracy at all. It's all just capitalism.

Why you ask? It's because it's just a plain easily researchable fact that they own several federal banks. This has nothing to do with emotions, this has to do with people that don't care for the people they're stealing (usury) from.
It's because they're small fry in the whole picture. The fact remains that the jews own nearly 50% as even admited by israel themselves (of which there only fucking 2% of the population world wide)…
I don't think it has anything to do with getting rid of democracy. But they just use democracy to their own end to help silence people in their government (the same thing jews do as well) as to justify it. Also, democracies are very easy to infiltrate from bodies that don't care about your own people. Especially when you own all the wealth/major media in the process. It makes it nearly impossible to elect someone (other than the cabal/establishment) when a wealthy international minority group owns a huge chunk of the wealth.
You're right!!! It isn't a conspiracy when it's an easily provable fact.

All people who want censorship hate thay quote. The left just happens to need it a bit more than the right.

lolbertarians and ancaps are the people consistently critical of the fed

i know who you are