How's your life going Holla Forums?

pretty good. I'm also getting thin, but I won't be getting anorexia since I'm not retarded

Simple. To stay thin and not die, snack all the time on healthy foods. Don't eat three meals, healthy snacks every day. Also, don't eat anything until your stomach starts growling. This also means, do eat when your stomach starts growling.

Pretty good.
Since my metabolism is so high I can eat whatever I want and stay lean.

better to eat just one meal a day imo

Your body is literally designed to survive on snacks. It evolved to eat a squirrel or two every few hours. 3 meals a day is just some modern bullshit and doesn't help diet.

I've survived just fine on one meal a day for months now

nobody cares if you fuck up your body with a retarded diet m8

which drug did you use, and how did you get off it?

helppp me

i dided

there is no such thing, you just don't eat excess calories. if anything fat ppl have higher metabolism cuz there is more of them so they need more energy to surviveā€¦ aka higher metabolism

i eat 2 quarter pounders almost daily and i don't exercise.

Is there a reverse anorexia when you look in the mirror you perceive yourself as thinner than you really are?


2 quarter pounders is only like 1,500 kcal. an adult man can spend 2,000 a day pretty easily.

Anorexia done right

then just eat

OP here. I was on meth for a solid 2 months before realizing I was becoming a literal meth head and needed to stop.


was never a fat faggot but sometimes when i've been drinking alot I can't eat. i'm pretty unhealthy, but I just sleep until i get hungry enough to eat lol


I dunno, I typically eat somewhere between 800 and 15000 calories in a day. I mean, a few years back I tried counting calories and I had around 9000 for lunch that day, at which point I just gave up trying to count. But I typically ride 18 miles or more a day, so it's not really a problem.