Join my new fileshare board (please dont delete)

join my new board so it can climb highest among the ranks maybe even one day as good as 4chans Holla Forums
so please join /b99k/ so we can share files together we use volafile and mostly free fileshare chat rooms but we you can use paid chat rooms if you want just please check out /b99k/ it is currently empty and has one post but you can help me fill it with posts and join to share files and post your room link so we can all share files together have a good time 8channers in the newest board /b99k/

is volarfile a virus site or nah'"? Can I show my appreciation too? Give me the answers

vola file is a file share webite that is free to use it is not a virus


mods pls delet dis

fuck you dont delete im just a guy whos tryn to make his /b99k/ board matter

Join my imageboard

I'll let you have your thread, just don't make more than one of the same thread like you did last time. You had 2 up, so I deleted one, and you made another so I banned you yesterday for spam.

that place is fucking gay tbh

why was my ip all jumbled in the ban btw thanks for letting me have my thread

why do "mods censor criticism" you

It's hashed so that if the site were to get hacked the hacker won't be able to get any IP addresses.

ok thanks

Mods hide threads exposing censorship of criticism.

you can criticize the mods all you want in the sticky, so you are obviously lying

the mods once deleted an apu tread that i made

who deleted my critical comment on the shitposter

Devious and shady. Trying to keep criticism buried in a thread nobody reads.

They deleted my Steve Miller Appreciation Thread too.

Mods are dogs.

if mods keep doing this Holla Forums will die in a few weeks